Minute Book: August 1675

Pages 324-326

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4, 1672-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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August 1675

Aug. 4. A letter to be written to the Commissioners of Assessment for Middlesex [to the effect] that it was the Lord Treasurer's opinion that the Commissioners of Appeals for Excise ought not to be taxed, being a Court of Judicature, and that they shew cause for their taxing them.
[Warrant for] 14,300l. for one quarter for Tangier : to be placed on the Hearthmoney [due] in March next : with interest at 6 per cent. till time of payment.
[Warrant for] 2,800l. for Lord Berkeley's equipage and ordinary ; to be placed as above.
The Lord Treasurer desires to know the names of the tidewaiters criminal, by whom recommended and their particular crimes.
Mr. Bertie to attend the King's Counsel to know how to make Mr. Kent's office such as may beget a credit. And Sir George Downing to be desired to advise in it.
The Lord Treasurer to have an account of the money in the outports and the value of bonds.
To have also a state of the Navy.
To know what six months' pay for the foreign ministers [ambassadors from England] comes to.
To have the votes of the House of Commons of 12 Dec., 1667, touching grants of the lands of the Duchy of Lancaster, &c.
Acquaint the Lord Treasurer [as to] who collects the rent of 1,836l. 12s. 6d. per an. reserved upon coals and how it is charged and whether Lord Crofts' 1,000l. is paid thereout.
Enquire of Viscount Ranelagh if he has drawn his paper for letting the Irish [Revenue] farm.
The Lord Treasurer to speak with the Lord Keeper and the Attorney General about the Law duty.
A King's warrant for a privy seal for 550l. to Mr. Greenvile.
[Order for] 12,000l. to be sent for [from Mr. Mounteney to be paid into the Exchequer] from the Customs. Out of this the following sums are to be paid.
s. d.
To the Wardrobe 2,000 0 0
" " Robes 500 0 0
" Mr. Greenvile 550 0 0
" Sir T. Chicheley, for Sheerness 2,000 0 0
" the Privy Purse 1,200 0 0
" " Lord Privy Seal 724 0 0
" Mr. Elliot 325 0 0
" Mr. Savile 125 0 0
" Mr. Lane 125 0 0
" Mr. Killigrew 125 0 0
" Mr. Godolphin 125 0 0
" Mr. Progers 125 0 0
" Mr Seymour 125 0 0
" Mr. Walter 125 0 0
" Mr. Greenvile 125 0 0
" the Earl of Rochester 250 0 0
" Viscount Grandison 420 0 0
" Mr. Chiffinch 50 0 0
Mr. Hen. Fanshaw (in the margin paid already) 180 0 0
Mr. Whittle 190 0 0
Mr. Peirce 140 0 0
Mr. Wroth 30 0 0
Sir Fr. Leake 93 17 6
Mr. Gargrave 640 0 0
Mr. Pudsay 100 0 0
Mr. Ross 100 0 0
Sir Ch. Windham 30 0 0
Lady Windham 100 0 0
Vicar of St. Peters 23 6 8
Christ's Hospital 250 0 0
Sir Edwd. Carteret 100 0 0
Serj. Harsnet 25 1 10
Earl of Suffolk 250 0 0
Sir John Heath 40 0 0
Sir Jon. Otway 40 0 0
Dr. Gibbon 25 0 0
To 18 of the music 345 12 4
Total 11,621 18 4
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 34-5.]
Aug. 4. Order for 2,500l. for the Works : to be disposed as follows :
For the remainder of the Extraordinary of the Works last year 200
The remainder of the Ordinary last year 520
St. James's Park wall, in supply of Ruthin rents 300
On the Extraordinary this year to supply 100l. disposed to Mr. Lightfoot on the Extraordinaries last year 100
On the allowance for the Ordinary this year 920
On the allowance for the Extraordinary this year 460
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 36.]
Aug. 5. The Lord Treasurer directs 300l. to be paid to Sir Stephen Fox for secret service.
Also 335l. 10s. 0d. to Mr. Felton and Mr. Chiffinch for a quarter to the Hawks.
Sir Thomas Kniveton to have 25l. from Sir Stephen Fox : for a quarter.
Capt. Coke's interest upon his orders is to be paid.
Notice to be set upon the Treasury door that the 4th Sept. next is appointed for receiving proposals concerning the Irish [Revenue] Farm.
[Ibid, p. 35.]
Aug. 14.
Mr. Shale writes word that the Lord Treasurer will speak with the King on Mr. Morgan's business.
That a warrant must be drawn for Mr. Mounteney to allow the East India Company the discompt of their bonds at 6 per cent. : which [warrant] he [my Lord] will send as soon as signed. In the meantime the thing to be done by [authorisation of] Mr. Secretary's letter [probably means not the Secretary of State but the Secretary of the Treasury].
The Lord Treasurer directs notice to be set up at the gate for proposals [tenders] to be given in [to the Treasury], on the 8th Sept. next, concerning the Law [duty] farm.
Write to Mr. Kent to pay 3,000l. to Sir Ste. Fox.
The accompt of money due pro bonds in London and the outports is to be sent down.
The payment to the Privy Purse to be continued.
A letter from the Lord Treasurer to Mr. Secretary Bertie concerning Mr. Kent's being made one of the Commissioners of Excise. A clause to be inserted empowering the Lord Treasurer to appoint a receiver of Excise. He [my Lord] is not against the great seal for payment of tallies in course. Mr. Peregrine Bertie to be one of the Commissioners of the Alienations in the room of Alexander Halsall : by the King's grant so to pass. Entered at large in the Book not relating to money for 1675, p. 161.
[Ibid, p. 36.]