Appendix V

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 5, 1676-1679. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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Appendix V

Entry Book Of Signed Warrants. (fn. 1)
Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
1676-7. March 16. Mris. Bott, warrant for particular.
Lord Viscount Hereford, creation money : blank.
Mr. James Davis, fee of Wardrobe Keeper of Windsor : blank.
Lord Berkley's extraordinary 1,889l. 12s. 0d.
Sir Leolyn Jenkins 1,300l. for three months' entertainment.
Dover Castle, etc., warrant 2,831l. 1s. 11d. for arrear and 2,137l. 6s. 0d. to Michaelmas, 1676.
Sir Robt. Vinor, warrant for 36,106l. 9s. 0d. for interest, etc.
Child and Bowles' account.
Earl of Bath's account.
Edw. Master's account.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 1.
March 19. Lord Latimer. Ibid.
March 20. Lord Inchequin : to draw order for 883l. 8s. 2d.
Mr. Polsted's warrant.
March 21. Sir Allen Apsley.
Mr. Northcote's discharge.
Mr. Agborowe, Pricker of the Stilyard.
Treasurer of the Chamber 7,500l. for a quarter.
Sir Tymothy Turnor : 62l. to the executors.
Mr. Jackson 40l. seized.
Mrs. Mary Boynton : blank.
Mrs. Jane Berkley 50l. for one quarter.
Edw. Glynne 30l. one half quarter for Jolly [the] Harborer.
Sir John Clayton, stay of process.
Thom. Landry, warrant for particulars.
Sir Henry Coker, stay of process.
Mr. Brown's particular and warrant for a lease.
Mr. Brisbane to draw orders for 364l. for three months' entertainment, and 50l. for ½ year for a clerk.
Mr. Robin's particular and warrant thereon.
Mr. Lawrence Hyde's three accounts.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 2.
1677. March 26. Mr. Smyth to be Receiver of Somerset and Dorset.
Mr. Colwall's fiat.
Mr. Cofferer's warrant for 924l. 2s. 7d. for interest : my Lord Latimer : the account thereof signed.
Mr. Boon for payment of his order on the subsidy.
Mr. Secretary Coventry : 3,000l. : secret service.
Sir Alex. Frazier, 2 docquets.
Cooke, Onby, etc., 1 docquet.
Herbert, 1 docquet.
March 28. Sir Leolyn Jenkin's order underwrit on hearthmoney.
Mr. Stanhope to draw orders for 1,000l.
Peter D'Avaux, picture drawer in miniature, 50l. for half a year's pension.
Mr. Adderley, stop of process.
Mrs. Carlisle : blank.
Mr. Bridgman's goods.
Mr. Felton and Mr. Chiffinch, Masters of the Hawks.
Ibid, p. 3.
March 30. Sir Robt. Cotton, warrant ; discharge of a Baronet fee.
Mr. Noell for Lindhurst : King's warrant.
Mr. Emmett, bricklayer : King's warrant.
Mr. Mitton for Mr. Warner's bond : King's warrant.
Mr. Ellesdon : King's warrant.
March 31. Mr. Strod and Mr. Agar : blank.
Sir Tymothy Tirrell 50l. for half year's payment at Ladyday last.
Mr. Manwaring, discharge.
Privy Purse : 5,000l. upon seizures.
Sir Wm. Haward's fee farms.
Monday, April 2. Mr. Mitton's docquet.
Lord Berkley's extraordinaries 1,889l. 12s. 0d. underwrit on Hearthmoney Sept. next.
Mr. Henshaw : blank.
Mris. Ince, etc., for the Greyhound Inn, in Newmarket.
Mr. Perenant : blank : King's warrant.
Countess of Bristol 500l., King's warrant.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 4.
April 3. Lord Privy Seal, 1 docquet.
Mr. Emmet, 2 docquets.
Rich. Story, waiter at Carlisle.
Mr. Pigott to unlade mats.
Earl of Carlisle 125l. ½ quarter.
Discharge of Tredue &c. [as] security of Docton.
April 4. Sir Robt. Viner, particular account.
Alderman Backwell, Mr. Whitehall, Mr. Welsted, Mr. Portman, Mr. Snow, Mr. Horneby, Mr. Turnor, Mr. Snell, Mr. Rowe, Mr. Collier and Pardoe, Mr. Lindsay : bankers' accounts cast up and declared to 1st January, 1677.
Mr. Chudleigh, order for 366l. underwrit on Hearthmoney.
Mr. Serjeant Knight : blank.
Earl of Strafford creation money : blank.
Mr. Warner, Master of the Barges, for his fee : blank.
Sir Robt. Viner, pension : blank.
The King's cases : 8.
Discharging a seizure of some things of the Spanish Envoy.
Sir Robt. Jenkinson's things.
Countess of Penalva : goods.
Sir John Howell's docquet.
Mr. Mosman for 10l. paid by a dearstealer.
Ibid, pp. 4-5.
April 6. Mr. Vincent's accompt of the Law duty.
3 King's letters to Jamaica to Lord Vaughan about the product of the negroes taken by Capt. Gallop.
Ibid, p. 5.
April 7. The Navy orders.
Sir Thom. Maleverer's goods.
Morice and Cleyton : warrant to Sir Cha. Harbord for particular.
Sir Robt. Viner : to draw order for 43,115l. 2s. 7d. and 3,300l. and 460l. : King's warrant.
Capt. Bulkeley 300l. : Holder's fine : King's warrant.
Sir Fra. Willughby's discharge of a Baronet fee : King's warrant.
April 9. Mr. Segar's warrant : blank.
Mr. Pepys for Lord Inchiquin, order for 883l. 8s. 2d. underwrit on Hearthmoney.
Countess of Newburgh : [in] full.
Lord Lucas : blank.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 5.
April 10. Letters to the Justices about tobacco.
Warrant for 100l. upon the fee of the Customer of Barnstable ; which is to be part of 200l. offered by Tredue and Hooper to be discharged.
Ibid, p. 6.
April 11. Mris. Inze : order underwrit on Hearthmoney [due] March last.
The Cofferer's order for 924l. 2s. 7d. underwrit on Excise.
Mr. Sayer's reference.
Mr. Perenant : 1 docquet.
The warrant touching the town of Southampton.
Mr. Long 60l.
Warrant to deliver Mr. Warner's bond.
April 12. Lady Bristol : 500l.
Henry Foreman, brewer : petition referred to the Excise Commissioners.
April 16. Monsieur Sesac's plate.
Monsieur Crequi's goods.
Ibid, p. 7.
April 18. Bulkeley grant of Helder's fine : docquet.
Sir Jno. Bendish, etc., Law duty : King's warrant.
Lady Dallison King's and Treasury Lords' warrant for 50l.
Earl of Berks : creation money.
Marquess of Dorchester : creation money.
Mr. Welsted account [struck through].
To enstall Mr. Pretiman's debt : King's warrant.
Queen Mother's arrears : King's warrant.
[King's warrants for the] bankers, viz., Backwell, Whitehall, Hornby, Portman, Welsted, Rowe, Snowe, Turnor, Snell, Collior, Sir Ro. Viner, Lindsay for Colvile.
April 21. Navy, for 35,000l. by tally on the Excise.
Alderman Backwell for a year's interest of 11,663l. 4s. 9d.
Sir Robt. Viner 5,883l. 3s. 6d. for two years' interest of 46,875l. 2s. 7d.
Warrant to discharge Mr. Northcote's interest of 12l. per cent.
Earl of Lindsey [et al. Gentlemen of the Bedchamber, Grooms of Bedchamber, Maids of Honour and Queen's Dresser as on p. 604 supra].
Mrs. Isabella Boynton.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, pp. 7-8.
April 24. Sir Robt. Viner's account.
Mr. Serjeant Bishop : attending the House of Commons.
Tho. Ravenscroft, keeper of the Council Chamber.
Mr. Gregory 15l.
Thom. Sandys, Esq., Page of Honour to the Queen.
Mr. Cary, ditto.
Mr. Sayers, ditto.
Mr. Martyn.
Sir Robt. Viner, 2 docquets.
Alderman Backwell, 2 docquets.
Gilbert Whitehall, 2 docquets.
Joseph Horneby 2 docquets.
Spanish Ambassador's goods.
Sir Edw. Bish.
Mr. Lound's warrant.
Law Duty farmers, 2 docquets.
Ibid, p. 9.
April 25. Sir Edm. Jenning's bill as sheriff. Ibid.
April 26. Sir Robt. Viner's warrant for orders. Ibid, p. 10.
April 30. Mr. Tooker's reference. Ibid.
May 2. Sir Robt. Clayton's warrant to Sir Cha. Harbord for particulars.
Mr. Langley's security to be taken.
Docquets severally for Mr. Tomkins, Mr. May, Mr. King, Mr. Collier, Mr. Lindsey, Mr. Snell, Mr. Turnor, Mr. Portman, Mr. Rowe, Mr. Welsted, Mr. Snow.
Mr. Bertie, 1 docquet.
Mr. Goodwyn's security.
Sir Tho. Chicheley — of his fee of 175l. 18s. 4d. per an.
Mr. Carpenter to be Deputy to Fra. Dackett, King's waiter.
Eight blank warrant for Receivers' securities.
May 3. Sir Henry Morgan's entertainment.
Col. Bretridge and Mris. Willoughby.
Sir Martin Wescomb's order underwrit on Hearthmoney.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 10.
May 4. 10 Commissions for Receivers. Ibid, p. 11.
May 7. My Lord Berkeley order for 1,300l. underwrit on Hearthmoney.
Mr. Newsham : for his security.
Col. Stapylton's order of 700l. underwrit on Hearthmoney : ditto for 4,556l. 14s. 0d. on ditto.
May 9. Warrant for Mr. Whitley security as Receiver of his Commission.
Mr. Porter, Page of Honour.
Mr. Staggins, Master of Music, Rich. Dorney, Mr. Pursell, Mr. Beckett, Mr. Cruys, Mr. Hopper, Mr. Evans, Mr. Lock, Mr. Hawes, Mr. Harding, Monsieur Robert, Mr. Lanier, Mr. Hooton, Mr. Clements, Mr. Fitz, Mr. Gamball, Mr. Palgrave, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Mason, Mr. Marsh, Isaac Staggins Nath. Watkins, Mr. Blow, Mr. Goodgroome, Mr. Gregory, Mr. Cleyton, Mr. Coleman, Mr. Turnor, Mr. Lilly, Mr. Strong, Mr. Banister, Mr. Bates, Mr. Flower, Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Blagrave.
Mr. Tho. Windham.
Mrs. Winifred Windham.
Lancelot Thorneton.
Lord Frescheville.
Capt. Buckley for Helder's fine : per tally.
Tangier : warrant for goods to be shipped.
Mr. Worth, Page of Honour.
Sir Fra. Willoughby, discharge of Baronet fee.
Earl of Bridgwater, creation money.
Ditto as Viscount Brackley.
Patent officers of the Out Ports.
Mr. Duncombe security as Receiver of Bedfordshire to be taken.
Mris. Bott's particular for a lease.
Ibid, pp. 11-12.
May 11. Warrant for taking Mr. Davy's security : ditto Mr. Harrington's security : ditto Mr. Woodcock's security : ditto Mr. Norrington's security : 5 commissions. Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 12.
May 14. Mr. Long's warrant to change the lives in the office of head searcher : King's warrant.
Duke of Ormond : King's letter.
Capt. Willis : free gift : King's warrant.
Berwick bridge.
Rowland Oakley to be landwaiter.
Mrs. Carter 50l. one quarter.
Warrant for liveries for one Trumpet and two Kettle drums.
Sandford, 1 docquet.
Ibid, p. 13.
May 17. Sir Robert Viner's order of 1,400l. underwrit on Law duty.
Plantation officers.
Hill to be surveyor at Bridgwater.
Colby and Hall, two of the Queen's Grooms : Robinson and Lowe, two other grooms.
Mr. Hyde's order of 2,500l., whereof 1,750l. remained unsatisfied, underwritten on the Customs for said 1,750l.
R. Leake to be coalwaiter at Newcastle.
Guernsey : warrant for shipping out goods for provision of that Island.
John Tyler to have a commission to seize prohibited goods.
Elias Scot to be waiter at Wooller.
Cowland, tidesman at Lynn.
Geo. Cruft, tidesman at Poole.
Dutch ambassador.
Mr. Brisban.
Edw. Teare, 20l.
Warrant to take Mr. Jennyson's security [as Receiver] for Nottingham : ditto Col. Rooke for Kent : ditto Capt. Cooke for Surrey ditto Mr. Bridges for Norfolk.
Lady Kinnoul : blank.
Mr. Cradock to be landwaiter, loco Mr. Walmesley.
Walter Hill to be waiter, searcher and surveyor at Bridlington.
Two blanks for Receivers' securities.
May 18. Two blank commissions for Receivers.
Mr. Kennidy's warrant for 100l.
Five blank Receivers' warrants.
Four commission[s for said Receivers].
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 14.
May 19. Earl of Plymouth for 4,000l. per an. from Lady day. 1677 : King's warrant.
Extraordinaries of the Works : King's warrant.
Charles Shoare to be boatman at Hull.
Collector of Southwold.
Pollard to be tidesman at Weymouth.
May 21. Col. Buller's petition referred to Sir Cha. Harbord.
Peter Lely : blank.
Fellows, etc., of Emanuel College : blank.
Sir Fra. Compton per Mr. Gregg 22l. 7s. 2d.
Sir Wm. Swan's horses.
Two blanks for Receivers' securities : 2 blank commissions.
Mr. Kent's 2 docquets.
Capt. Wetwang, 2 [docquets].
Master of the Wardrobe, 1 [docquet].
Earl of Lindsay and his wife 1,000l. per an. : King's warrant.
Mr. Gregory 1,000l. out of decayed stores : King's warrant.
Countess of Bristol 1,000l. per an. out of First Fruits : King's warrant.
May 25. Mr. Canham to be Receiver of the Law duty by Privy Seal, 3l. 10s. [paid as fee for said privy seal in the Treasury Office].
Books, beads, etc., to be delivered to the bishop of London.
Mr. Gregory, 1 docquet.
Mr. Ellesdon, 2 docquets.
Mris. Thomas, 2 docquets.
Pictures, etc., for the King : per William Chiffinch.
A letter to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland approved and certified by my Lord [Danby].
Mr. Hartopp's security for Leicestershire to be taken.
Mr. Shales : stop of process.
Mr. Lebas, 2 [docquets].
Sir Tymothy Turnor, 62l. 0s. 3d.
Receiver's commission signed to Wm. Christian but to be altered.
Ibid, p. 15.
May 28. Mris. Bolton : blank.
Elton, Witherden and Change, three Grooms of the Queen's.
Lord Geo. Berkley as Keeper of Nonsuch Park.
Drums and fife : blank.
8 blank warrants to take Receivers' securities.
Lord Lindsay, 2 docquets.
Sir Walter St. John, etc., for Lady Lichfield, 2 docquets.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants. pp. 15-16.
May 31. Col. Thom. Napper's petition referred to Mr. Attorney General.
Mr. Canham, 1 [docquet].
Bishop of London, 1 [docquet].
Instructions to the Commissioners of the Customs.
Mr. Smyth's petition referred to the Commissioners of the Customs.
Mr. Penn's Navy bill referred to Auditor Aldworth.
Mr. Finnie's warrant on particular.
Mr. Powney's warrant for particular.
Mr. Thornebury, customer of the Great Customs of London.
To cancel Mr. Le Gouch's tally and strike new ones.
John Green, Keeper of the Mews.
Mr. Stanhope for orders for 2,150l. on Mrs. Price's privy seal.
Warrant for the office of undersearcher to Evans and Clough on surrender, etc. ; King's warrant.
A grant to Mr. Whitgraves' son of the like annuity as his father after his father's death : King's warrant.
A confirmation to Mr. Peregrine Bertie, etc., of their office in the Alienation : King's warrant.
Bishop of Llandaff : per Ellis Lloyd : King's warrant.
Mr. Pretiman : enstalment of his debt : King's warrant.
Ibid, p. 16.
June 1. Mr. Mountague, order for 1,300l. due 1 Jan., 1677.
Warrant, Hackshaw.
Mr. Whyniard, 31l. 18s. 0d. for 3½ years to Lady day, 1677.
Sir Fra. Leake : blank.
Mrs. Golding, 180l. for 1½ years at Lady day, 1677.
Mr. Andrews and Mr. Morris, comptrollers of Cardiff, to appoint deputies.
Russell, 2 docquets.
[Warrant] for renewing the Commission of Appeals.
Sir John Narborough, discharge.
Sir Edw. Wood's order for 184l. 15s. 0d. for extraordinaries under writ upon the Hearthmoney pay able 15 March, 1678.
Mr. Bennett : account.
Mr. Barnard's Account.
Duchess of Ormond.
Hats and breeches for Tangier.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, pp. 16-17.
June 2. Col. Villers, Governor of Tynemouth.
Sir Robt. Vinor, Aldm. Backwell, Gilbt. Whitehall, Joseph Horneby, dormant warrants on their patent.
Ibid, p. 17.
June 6. Samuel Lome for discharging 170l. in money.
2 warrants for the Queen Mother's arrears.
Mr. Christian : reference to the Commissioners of the Customs.
Sir John Shaw's reference to Sir Cha. Harbord.
June 7. Sir Tho. Ingham : blank.
Col. Wallis. 100l. on privy seal dormant.
Ibid, pp. 17-18.
June 8. Sir Wm. Haward, 1 [docquet].
Mr. Addison's Searcher of Carlisle : blank.
Mr. Lownds, 100l. on the privy seal dormant : King's warrant.
Mr. Ashmole : King's warrant.
One Irish letter from the King : one from my Lord Treasurer.
Ibid, p. 18.
June 9. Monsr. de Canaples, warrant to carry out some goods.
Sir Denny Ashburnham, Mr. Cofferer, Sir John Narburgh ; one docquet each.
James Burkin referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Mr. Whitgrave's docquets, 2.
Rene Petit's warrant.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 18.
June 13. Sir John Erneley's docquet for Maitland.
Mr. Pretyman, 1 docquet.
Mr. Lloyd for the Bishop Llandaff, 1 docquet.
Sir Leolyn Jenkins, 1,300l. for 3 months' entertainment.
Mr. Bertie, 10,000l. secret service per tally on Excise.
Ibid, pp. 18-19.
June 14. Mr. Arundell's report touching Stoke Bruerne Park. Ibid, p. 19.
June 16. Mr. Price, 1 docquet.
Sir Geo. Reeve, 2,000l. free guift by 400l. per an.
Mr. Greenvill, 227l. 6s. 3d. due for the tenths of Chichester.
Mr. Symon Bennet, 433l. 7s. 8d. in satisfaction of 7,223l. 4s. 7d.
Mr. Barnard, 171l. 14s. 4d., in satisfaction of 2,862l. 0s. 5d. : King's warrant.
Sir Edm. Windham, etc., 1,000l. of the Law Duty forfeitures : King's warrant.
Sir John Corryton, 400l. per an. : King's warrant.
Lady Langhorne : King's warrant.
June 18. Prince Rupert.
Earl of Cardigan, creation [money].
Mris. Grove, 52l. : one year of her husband's arrear.
To stop process against Mr. Churchill.
Ibid, pp. 19-20.
June 20. Mr. Portman's dormant warrant.
Mr. Singleton, Mrs. Madge : musicians.
Earl of Bath : warrant for particular.
Thomas Laundry : warrant on particular.
Wm. Browne, transcript.
Walter Robins, transcript.
Ibid, p. 20.
June 22. Commission for Receiver of Northampton.
My Lord Treasurer's fee of 20s. 0d. per diem out of the Customs.
Mr. Francis, 2 docquets.
Paymaster of the Works, 1 docquet.
Mr. Serjeant Payne : blank.
The works : order on extraordinaries under writ on Customs for 979l. 17s. 5½d., remain of an ordinary of 3,000l. ; ditto underwrit on ditto for 3,500l.
Serjeant Hardresse : dormant warrant.
Lord Chief Justice, etc., for Law duty, orders [to the] King's Bench : ditto to the common Pleas.
June 23. Mris. Buckley, 300l. per an. : King's warrant.
Loans on the additional Excise : King's warrant.
Mr. Guy, for collecting arrears : King's warrant.
The Hearthmoney of Northampton for building churches : King's warrant.
Capt. Mansell, 200l. per an. for his wife and two sons : King's warrant.
Sir Geofry Shakerley, 154l. per an. to make 8s. a day [into] 300l. per an. : King's warrant.
Madam de Board's 200l. per an. for life on surrender : King's warrant.
Lord Clifford, 300l. per an. : King's warrant.
Richard Foliard, the King's Barber, 100l. per an. extraordinary.
Lady Craven : blank.
Earl of Chesterfield, 20l. one year's creation money.
Mr. Fabian Phelipp's : blank.
Sir Andrew Henley's order of 200l. on fee farms underwrit on the Exchequer.
Sir Edw. Bish : blank.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, pp. 20-1.
June 25. Earl of Lindsey, ½ year pension. Ibid, p. 21.
June 26. Mr. Watts, my Lord [Danby's] tailor, [warrant] for bacon and tongues.
Navy, 20,000l.
Turnor, Row, Snell : Bankers.
Mr. Baker, 1 docquet.
Serj. Norfolk, 100l. 7s. 0d.
My Lord's [Danby's] report upon an Irish letter for borrowing of 13,000l.
June 27. Countess of Bristol, 250l., etc. : dormant warrant.
Mris. Skelton, 455l. for 3 months' entertainment.
Dr. Taylor for Duke of Richmond.
Prince Rupert : dormant warrant.
Countess of Brentford, 125l. one quarter.
Queen's Progress, 2,000l. for orders.
Mr. Cox to be boatman at Rochester.
Mr. Cowell to be weigher at Torquay.
Mr. Gib[s]on's instructions.
Mr. Gregory : dormant warrant.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, pp. 21-2.
June 28. The Consul of Tripoli, 150l. for half a year's advance.
60 load of Timber to build Prince Rupert's stables at Windsor : King's warrant.
Mr. Tho. Killegrew, 1,437l. 10s. 0d. by tally on wine licence.
Ibid, p. 22.
June 29. Docquet to inspect accounts of the Stores and Yards. Ibid.
July 2. Rogers, 2 docquets.
Shakerley, 1 docquet.
E[arl of] Sunderland, 1 docquet.
Mansell, 2 docquets.
Mrs. Buckley, 2 docquets.
Mr. Bernard, 2 docquets.
Bern. Greenvill, 1 docquet.
Mr. Bennet, 2 docquets.
Sir Geo. Reve, 1 docquet.
Loans upon Excise, 1 docquet.
John Gilbert, 40l. for prosecuting Papists.
Works : [warrant for] extraordinaries for this year.
Mr. Colier, 107l. 1s. 1d. per an.
Sir Edm. Turnor : blank.
Some riband for Mr. Bertie.
Town of Northampton, one docquet.
Mr. Guy : one docquet.
Sir Wm. Turnor for Londonderry report.
Ibid, pp. 22-3.
July 5. Earl of Carlisle's docquet.
Lord Sunderland, 530l. for his voyage to Calais.
60 load of timber for Prince Rupert's stables.
Mr. Brisbane : 389l. for 3 months.
2 letters for Mr. Basier per Serj. Ramsey.
Ibid, p. 23.
July 6. at Sheen. Mr. Packer : for orders [for] 2,018l. for the Mews.
Capt. Young and Capt. Gunman's accounts.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 23.
July 8. at Sheen. Mr. Hyde's docquet.
Wardrobe, 6,915l. per tally on the Customs.
Sir Nich. Cryspe, Collector outwards, 276l. 13s. 4d.
Sir Tho. Williams : blank.
Edw. Bertie : Collector of wool, etc., dormant.
Lord Falkland : blank.
Mr. Beresford.
Chancellor of the Garter : dormant warrant.
Lord Arundell : blank.
Mr. Culliford : dormant, 200l. per an.
Discharging the seizure of gum Seneca.
My Lady Hervey's petticoat, etc.
Master of the Hawks, one quarter at 1677 Midsummer, 335l. 10s. 0d.
Duchess of Cleaveland's plate.
Woodward of the New Forest.
Ibid. pp. 23-4.
July 9. Mr. Hyde : 1,500l. equipage and three months' entertainment.
Sir William Farmer's goods.
Jeremy Snow : for his interest, 3,586l. 17s. 0d. per an.
Mr. Lindsay : ditto for 5,149l. 17s. 4d. per an.
Ibid, p. 24.
July 13. Mr. Chace : for ½ year, 57l. 10s. 0d.
Mr. Mountague's order for 762l. 2s. 6d. for extraordinaries : on the Hearthmoney due in March.
Mr. Skelton's order for 455l. three months' entertainment : on same.
Col. Gifford : 37l. 10s. 0d., one quarter at Midsummer.
Ordnance : for 10,000l. in the July and 10,000l. in August, per Mr. Kent.
Mr. Bradshaw, stop of process.
Earl of Lindsey : for the Keepers at Waltham.
Mr. Flory : stop process.
Col. Whitley : Post [Office] defalcations 4,447l. 4s. 7d., per tally on the Customs.
Mris. Winifred Windham.
Lord Lucas : 125l. one quarter at Midsummer.
Mris. Hext : 50l. one quarter ditto.
Mr. Perwich, order for 366l. underwrit on the Hearthmoney payable in March.
Mr. Thompson to be solicitor for the toll [poll] in London and Middlesex.
July 16. 10 tons of timber for repairs of Woodstock Park.
Windsor : 100 load of timber to repair the bridges at Cookham.
Navy : King's warrant for a new privy seal.
Sheriff of Norfolk.
Kenedy, 1 docquet.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 24.
July 18. Woodward, 2 docquets.
Capt. Lane, 500l. per an. King's warrant.
Mr. Masters : for new Park : King's warrant.
Sir Edw. Hale : 500l. per an. : King's warrant.
Lord Gerard : 1,000l. per an. pension on Customs : dormant [warrant].
Ditto : 1,000l. per an. on ditto as Gentleman of the Bedchamber : dormant.
Letter of direction on C. Bertie's 1,000l. for secret service : for Sir Courtney Pole.
Mr. Gregory, 15l. 3s. 4d. for a quarter, [payable] in Exchequer.
Earl of Northampton : fee as Constable of the Tower.
Mr. Bridgeman : upon his annuity of 400l. per an.
Duke of Newcastle, Earl of Lindsey, Lord Manchester, Lord Sunderland, Earl of Ossory, Earl of Middlesex, Duke of Albemarle, gentlemen of the Bedchamber : blank.
Earl of Bath, 2,000l. per an., ditto as Groom of the Stole and First Gentleman, etc.
Ibid, p. 25.
July 19. My Lord of Bath's order for 1,000l., whereof 132l. is paid, is underwrit on the Exchequer in general.
Ditto for 3,488l. 8s. 3¼d. underwrit on Customs.
July 20. Rich. Cow's petition referred to Sir Cha. Harbord.
John Gubbs et al. referred to ditto.
Ibid, p. 26.
July 21. 500l. per an. to Mr. Griffin : Lord Hunsdon : King's warrant.
100l. per an. to Mr. Dryden added to his 200l. per an. : King's warrant.
For renewing the Commission of Appeals : King's warrant.
Same for repairs at New Park (struck through).
Madam de Bord, 200l. per an. for her life : King's warrant.
300l. per an. to James Vernon during pleasure, Col. Scott : King's warrant.
Sir Robt. Hamilton's report.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 26.
July 23. 4,456l. 17s. 0d. per orders on fee farms.
4 warrants on Mr. Guy's privy seal.
Earl of Northampton : pension.
French Ambassador to Poland.
July 24. Newdegate : to discharge a baronet fee : one docquet.
Mr. Jones, Apothecary : blank.
Earl of Strafford, creation money as Viscount Wentworth.
Mr. Coling as keeper of the Council Chamber.
Mrs. Mary Boynton, blank.
Mrs. Isabella Boynton : blank.
Mr. Thom. Wyndham : blank.
Mris. White for a lease of the Pre fines of Wales.
Lady Killegrew : blank.
Lady Frasier : ditto.
Abell Daniel, Arthur Wichells, Silvanus Rowley, John Osboldston, Wm. Russell, Geo. Russell, jun., Geo-Russell, sen., James Russell, Wm. Sakins, Tho. Dechamps, John Silvester, Tho. Duffield, Mr. Conway, Coll. John Legg, Wm. Poulton, Rich. Edey, Jasper Everard, Andrew Holmes, Christoph Barker, [falconers].
Lady Wych.
Monsr. Lebas.
Mr. Guy.
Mr. Savile, 500l. per an. pension : King's warrant.
Mr. Guy : 1,096l. for Sir Antho. Cope : King's warrant.
Creswell and Godfrey for the office of Gravesend Searcher on surrender of Cresswell and Hussy : King's warrant.
Mr. Bertie : 10,000l. for secret service.
Ibid, pp. 27-8.
July 25. Mr. Rumbold's petition referred. Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 28.
July 26. Pierce and Clough, 2 docquets.
Earl Rivers : creation money : blank.
Earl of Peterborough : creation money : blank.
Sir Wm. Armorer, 152l. 10s. 8d. for repairs of his lodgings in the Mews.
Sir John Robinson : 2,680l. 18s. 0d. out of Vaughan's arrears.
Ellis Lloyd upon his annuity of 155l. 5s. 4d. out of the Tenths of Llandaff.
Warrant to issue writs against Recusants.
Robt. Sawle for particulars.
Serj. Strowd, fee 41l. 6s. 10d. per an. dormant.
Dr. Howell for 216l. [as] free gift.
Mr. Nevill, the King's Harbinger : 182l. 10s. 0d.
Earl of Bath's warrant on particular.
Alderman Bence : contract for fee farms.
Ibid, pp. 28-9.
July 27. Lady Clinton, Lady Tuke, Madam de Borde, Mris. Windham, Mris. Cranmer, Mris. Orpe, Mris. Crane, Mris. Fra. Sheldon, Mris. Temple, Mris. Swan, Mris. Walker, Mris. Anne Howard, Mris. Cary Frasier, Mris. Carter, Madam Civet, Mris. Harding, Mris. Graham.
Sir Cha. Windham.
Sir John Shaw.
Earl of Denbigh and Viscount Feilding : creation money.
Mr. Sandys, Page of Honour to the Queen.
Mr. Sayers, ditto.
Mr. Chace, fee farms.
Ibid, p. 29.
July 28. Sheriff of Northumberland.
Tho. Worrall to be a watchman extraordinary and for next vacancy.
Earl Warwick : 1 year's creation money.
Ditto as Earl of Holland, 1 year.
Mr. Robinson, late Searcher at Gravesend.
Mr. Berkley, Page of Honour.
Mr. Prideaux, Page of Honour to the King.
Mr. Cary, Page of Honour to the Queen.
Mr. Porter, Page of Honour.
Mr. Worth, Page of Honour.
157l. for the workmen for the Laboratory : out of Hearthmoney arrears.
Sir Jeffry Shakerley : 38l. 10s. 0d. for one quarter at Midsummer last.
Prince Rupert : fee of 10s. per diem as Constable of Windsor Castle.
French Ambassador's goods to be exported.
Sir Ralph Dalavall for a pension of 500l. per an. for 3 years : King's warrant.
Ibid, pp. 29-30.
July 30. Earl of Plymouth, 2 docquets.
Mr. Guy for the Lady Cope, 1 docquet.
Lord Hatton, 1 docquet.
Mr. Savile, 2 docquets.
Mr. Bertie, 1 docquet.
100 tuns [of timber] to be taken out of the forest of Windsor for the Castle.
Sir Algernon May, fee as Keeper of the Tower Records.
Mr. Serjeant Topham.
Stop process against Jo. Lloyd.
Mr. Dawson, as messenger.
Lady Fisher.
Duke of Ormond.
Earl of Devonshire : creation money.
Mrs. Dyke, 22l. 10s. 0d. for 3 quarters at Midsummer, '77.
For granting administration of Copley's goods to Atfen.
Reference of the Pin business to the Attorney General.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 30.
July 31. Commission of Appeals, 2 docquets.
Madam des Bordes, 2 docquets.
My Lord Stafford : creation money.
10l. per an. to be added to Capt. Fordred's salary of 20l. per an.
Serjeant Newdegate to be discharged of 1,095l. for his baronetcy.
Countess of Neuburgh.
Aug. 1. morning. Sir Nich. Armorer's report.
Nich. Saunders' petition [referred] to the Commissioners of the Customs.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 31.
Aug. 1. afternoon. The Earl of St. Alban's : to confirm and amend his grant.
Sir Ralph Cole, 2 docquets.
Royal Fishery, 2 docquets.
Sir Ra. Dalavall, 1 docquet.
Creswell and others, 2 docquets.
Mr. Dryden, 1 docquet.
Earl of Northampton : for the Tower expenses : King's warrant.
Mr. Bradley, late Consul of Tripoli, for 985 dollars : King's warrant.
Officers of the Pipe and Deputy Chamberlains, dormant.
Earl of Nottingham : pension : blank.
Mris Finch's Report.
Mr. Bagott : blank.
Mr. Peirce : blank.
Mr. Whittle : blank.
Mr. Pyle : blank.
Mr. Brown, clerk of the Estreats in the Common Pleas.
Mrs. Spetney [Stepney] : blank.
Sir Edw. Wood.
Sir Wm. Swan.
Sir John Paule.
Stop process against Alderman Backwell
Aug. 3. Privy Seal for 4,6411l. 9s. 0d. to the Treasurer of the Ordnance for building the first 15 ships as by the seventeen months' tax : King's warrant.
Ditto, 186,600l. to the Treasurer of the Navy for ditto : King's warrant.
Dashwood's account for 6,750l. 0s. 6d.
Aug. 4. Warrant to stay process against Watts's security.
Charles Orchard, 2 [docquets].
Sir George Carteret : to discharge 700l. : King's warrant.
Mr. Kent's under officers.
Stop process against Ellis Cooper.
Sir Robt. Wiseman, 130l. on the letters patent dormant.
5 Under Ushers of the Exchequer : dormant on Customs.
Northampton warrant for Collectors for Hearthmoney.
Mr. Ramsey's salary.
Mr. Bertie, 600l. per tally on Excise.
Kenedy and Wilmot : 2 of the Queen's Grooms.
Major Brett, for interest for 2,000l. : King's warrant.
Mr. Thurston's account.
Ibid, p. 32.
Aug. 5. Sir Rich. Mason and Mr. Raymond (for my Lord Gerard), 5,000l. : [King's warrant for a] privy seal.
King's warrant for a privy seal to discharge Mr. Lanyon and partners, of their imprest for victualling of Tangier.
Warrant for a grant (in reversion upon Long and Danvers, chief searchers in London) to Holditch and Persivall and after them to Fowlys.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 32.
Aug. 6. Treasurer of the Navy, 186,600l. for the hulls, etc., of 15 ships : 51,135l. for the rigging, ground tackle and boats and 20,883l. for boatswains and carpenters' sea stores, 1 docquet.
Treasurer of the Ordnance, 46,411l. 9s. 0d. for guns, etc. [for said ships], 1 docquet.
Mr. Goulston, 1,900l. after the list 1,000l., Lord Yarmouth, 1 docquet.
[Sir Francis] Leek, 2 docquets.
Ashmole, 1 docquet.
Mr. Wicklife to be surveyor of Fowey and Looe.
Edw. Burden to be bayliff of Gillingham and Grain.
Mr. Knight, the Surgeon.
Mr. Cary, Keeper of Maribone.
Capt. Young and Capt. Gunman's accounts.
Ibid, pp. 32-3.
Aug. 7. Sir Rich. Mason et al. for Lord Gerard, 1 [docquet].
Chiffinch et al. for [the Earl of] St. Albans, 2 [docquets].
My. Lord's report of my Lord Arlington and Band of Pensioners' case in relation to Mr. Pretiman's debt.
Mr. Bertie, 3,000l. per tally on Customs for Sir Fra. Chaplyn.
Mris. Elliot's pension : blank.
My Lord's report upon the Irish letter.
Ibid, p. 33.
Aug. 9. Lord Carlisle : on his pension.
Mr. Thynn's report.
Letter to the Commissioners of the Tax for Denbigh.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 33.
Aug. 10. Warrant for the Navy for building 15 of the 30 ships.
Ditto for the ordnance for ditto.
Mr. Bradley, 418l. 14s. 6d. in lieu of 1861 dollars spent at Tripoli.
Warrant on particular of Blackwall's estate.
Aug. 14. Mr. Dashwood's interest account.
Mr. Dashwood's warrant for a lease of the Additional [Excise] duty.
Mr. Goulston for Visct. Yarmouth, 1,900l.
Works : 8,000l. and 4,000l. ordinary and extraordinary for the year from 1 April, 1677.
Mrs. Carlisle.
Mr. Creagh's 30 pieces of crape, etc.
Mr. Pierce and Mr. Clough, under searchers, to be sworn.
Earl of Denbigh, 33l. 6s. 8d. : for 1 year's creation money.
Mrs. Gunter, 50l. for one quarter.
Mr. Emps, hand-gun maker, 4d. per diem.
Cofferer for order for 1,841l. 9s. 2d. on his interest account per tally on Excise.
Ibid, p. 34.
Aug. 15. Mr. Porter, 2 docquets.
Mr. Dashwood to retain 6,750l. out of Mich. quarter's rent for interest and gratuity.
Treasurer of the Ordnance for 200l. for Holy Island.
Treasurer of the Chamber : his order for 7,500l. underwrit on Hearthmoney payable in March next.
To add 10l. per an. for the rent of the Custom House of Bristol.
Sir Phil. Lloyd and others attending the Committee of Council [for Trade and Foreign Plantations].
Mr. Moor of Bristol for 45l. salary.
Sir Herbt. Price, 180l.
Aug. 18. Warrant for demising the ship [Beginning of Bideford] to the merchant, Mr. Davy, of Bideford.
Sir Edw. Hales.
Mr. Kent and Mr. Duncombe to lend 10,000l. on the Additional Excise.
Ibid, p. 35.
Aug. 23. The Chief Commissioners of the Excise to make sub-Commissioners. Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 35.
Aug. 24. To issue process against James Lancashire's estate. Ibid.
Mr. Kent to deliver wine and tobacco bonds for 3,000l. tallies, to Mr. Bertie for Sir Fra. Chaplyn.
Lady Johanna Thornhill.
Aug. 25. Mrs. Mary and Sophia Nevill, 50l. per an. a piece pension.
Mr. Darmott to be surveyor, waiter and searcher at Deal.
Ibid, p. 36.
Aug. 29. Mr. Lane, 2 docquets. Ibid.
Sept. 3. Sir Geo. Carteret's docquet.
Sir Bernard Gascoigne : to cancel a tally of 847l. 6s. 0d. on the French tunnage : to be charged on Mr. Mounteney.
Reynolds, 2 docquets.
Griffin, 1 docquet.
Yeabsley et al., 1 docquet.
Gifford, 2 docquets.
Sept. 5. Mr. Bull, 2 docquets. Ibid.
Sept. 7. Mr. Powney's transcript.
Mr. Bradley to draw an order for 200l. of his salary 1 year.
Mr. Sturt's account of interest, etc.
Ibid, p. 37.
Sept. 12. King's warrant for a patent to Robt. and Wm. Bridges for securing 36,565l. 4s. 0d.
King's warrant for 30 tun of timber for repair of the Lodge in Whittlewood.
Privy seal to constitute Receivers of the Law duty.
Sept. 14. Mr. Elliot, 2 docquets.
The ship Charity made free.
Sir Leolyn Jenkins : to draw orders for 1,300l. for 13 weeks entertainment ending the 9th December next.
Sept. 17. 25 tun of timber and dotards to raise 190l. for repair of lodges in Whichwood forest : King's warrant.
500l. per an. to Mrs. Elliott for life : King's warrant.
Portugal Ambassador's pictures.
Sept. 22. Nath. Bradley, order of 200l. underwrit on the Customs.
Duke of Monmouth, 1,000l. for horses : King's warrant.
Sir Rich. Cust's discharge of 1,095l. as a Bart. : King's warrant.
Sir Robt. Holmes : rents to be put in charge with the Receiver.
Ibid, p. 38.
Sept. 23. Letter to the Mayor of Maldon.
Mr. Osborne, 267l. for riding charges.
Dr. Taylor : to draw orders for 350l. secret service 1 quarter.
Letter to the farmers of his Majesty's Revenue of Ireland.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 38.
Sept. 29. at Newmarket. Mrs. Elliott's 2 docquets. Ibid.
Oct. 5. Warrant for delivering some linen and book for Count Delagards.
An order of Sir Leolyn Jenkins, 1,300l. underwrit on Customs.
Ibid, p. 39.
Oct. 7. Mrs. Mary and Sophia Nevill, 1 docquet.
Mr. Bertie, 20,000l. per an. for 3 years on Excise for secret service, 1 docquet.
Mr. Hyde, 310l. tally on Customs.
Sir Wm. Temple, 1,300l. on ditto.
Col. Stapilton, 2,278l. 7s. 0d. on Hearthmoney due Sept. next.
The same for 700l. on ditto.
Mr. Feilding, 2 docquets.
Law duty Receiver, 1 docquet.
Oct. 16. Earl of Carlisle's pension.
Sir Martin Wescombe.
Bishop of London, 216l. for Dr. Morison.
Ibid, p. 40.
Oct. 18. Mr. Willm. Soames, order for 955l. as Envoy to the Duchess Regent of Savoy, underwrit on Customs.
Privy Seal to discharge Sir James Simeon, Bart., of 1,095l.
Oct. 19. Rogers : to strike tallies for 100l, on the Tenths.
Under Marshalls, for attending on the Lord's house at 40l. each session amongst them.
Sir John Cope, dormant warrant.
Earl of Lindsay's account.
Mr. Mounteney's account.
Ibid, pp. 40-1.
Oct. 20. My Lord Ambassador Hyde's goods. Ibid, p. 41.
Oct. 22. Major Clarke's reference. Ibid.
Oct. 23. Countess of Brentford : blank.
Madam Trevanion's pictures, etc.
Prince of Orange's goods.
Oct. 24. Prince of Orange's goods.
Richd. Change, 32l. 10s. 0d. for one year allowance.
20 load of timber for Prince Rupert's stables : King's warrant.
Sir Joseph Williamson, 2,000l. secret service : King's warrant.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 41.
Oct. 26. My Lord's concurrent report with the Lieutenant of Ireland in the case of my Lady Drogheda and Lord Ivagh.
Mr. Thruston, 2 docquets.
Sir James Symeon, 1 docquet.
Mr. Killegrew, for 225l. for ¼ of his pensions of 400l. and 500l. per an.
Sir Edw. Griffin's orders of 7,500l. underwrit per tally on Hearthmoney due in Sept., 1678.
Mr. Bertie, 20,000l. per an. for 3 years' tally on the Excise.
Sir Tho. Allen as Governor of Sandgate.
Mr. Agar and Mr. Strode, 25l. for ½ year at Mich., 1677.
Mons. D'avaux, ½ year at Mich., 1677.
Duke of Monmouth, 66l. 13s. 4d. as Master of the Horse.
Ditto, 166l. 13s. 4d., as Justice in Eyre.
7 Pages of Honour.
11 Gentlemen of the Bedchamber.
4 accounts of Mr. Kent of interest.
Ditto account of the Excise.
Sir John Lethieullier, order of 135l. underwrit on Excise.
Ibid, pp. 41-2.
Oct. 29. My Lord Sunderland for 1,000l. per an. out of the Tenths of York, etc. : King's warrant.
Mr. Fryer, 300l. per an. from Lady day, 1677, to Mr. Fryar for Lord Clifford : King's warrant.
Mr. Bertie, 20,000l. secret service : King's warrant.
Sir John Watts to discharge 91l. 15s. 0d. [Hearthmoney duty] for empty houses.
Sir Rich. Bulstrode's entertainment : blank.
Ibid, p. 43.
Oct. 31. Sir Sam. Moreland, etc., Commissioners of Excise, 2 docquets.
Sir Martin Westcombe's order for 366l. underwrit on the Customs.
Mr. Skelton, order of 455l. for entertainment underwritten on the Customs.
Anne and Ely Lawson : blank to be filled full.
Barbados constitution and letter.
Nov. 1. Sir James Symeon's warrant to strike tallies in discharge of 1,095l. for baronet fee. Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 44.
Nov. 2. 20 loads of timber for Prince Rupert's stables.
Sir Tho. Clutterbook's goods.
Nov. 6. Earl of Sunderland, 2 docquets.
Sir Rich. Temple and others, Commissioners of Customs, 2 docquets.
Letter and Constitution for the Leeward Islands.
Major Brett's interest warrant for 2,000l., dormant.
French Ambassador, 6 coach-horses.
Mr. Edm. Portman to bring in all public papers.
Lord Berkeley, 1,000l. due upon his entertainment.
Lady Sayers.
Mr. Griffin, 250l. for ½ a year on his pension of 500l. per an.
Sir Rich. Langley, 33l. 6s. 8d., one ½ year.
Coll. Villers, 115l. 12s. 6d. for ½ year at Mich., '77.
Sir Edw. Griffin, 30l. for the Harbinger.
For a certiorari to the steward of Windsor.
Mr. Segar, 58l., Michaelmas quarter.
Sir Tho. Dolman, 250l. per an., dormant.
Mr. Ford, housekeeper at Newmarket : blank.
Mrs. Bolton : blank.
Mr. Lounds and Mr. Tyre for charges at Newmarket, 12l. each.
Ibid, pp. 44-5.
Nov. 8. Masters of the Hawks.
Mrs. Windham.
Mr. Tho. Wyndham.
Sir Cha. Wyndham.
Ibid, p. 45.
Nov. 9. Duchess of Portsmouth's box.
Mr. Kingdon's order for 4,968l. 7s. 11d. for the Castles underwrit on the Law Act.
Sir Martin Westcombe : blank.
Mr. Bretton as Customer of Sandwich and Comptroller of London : dormant.
Earl of Sussex : blank : creation money.
Earl of Clare, creation money, dormant.
Mr. Oudart, 80l. per an., dormant.
Major Clark's interest account.
Mr. Stratford's interest account.
Mr. Mounteney's account.
Nov. 10. Lady Hatton's goods.
Mr. Thruston, dormant warrant for 312l. 10s. 0d. per an.
Mr. Feilding, 200l. per an. per privy seal : King's warrant.
Master Glasier, grant to John Ireland : King's warrant.
Mr. Geo. Carterett, 1,500l. per privy seal for Lambhay : King's warrant.
Sir James Poole, discharge of Barrt. fee : King's warrant.
Sir Fra. Anderton : discharge of Barrt. fee : King's warrant.
Duke of Richmond, 12d. per chaldron Newcastle : King's warrant.
Coll. Wanklyn, 100l. per an. out of secret service : King's warrant.
Sir James Bradshaw, for Edw. Bradshaw's estate : King's warrant.
Capt. Rainsford, 115l. 11s. 0d. for raising 57 men for Leeward Islands : King's warrant.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 46.
Nov. 12. Mr. Roll's goods to be delivered.
Mr. Warner, Master of the King's Barges, interest.
Mr. Fryer : pension, 2 docquets.
Nov. 13. Holdish and others, 2 docquets.
John Rogers, dormant.
Nov. 16. Mr. Feilding, 1 docquet.
Sir Geo. Carteret, 1 docquet.
Sir James Bradshaw, 2 docquets.
Mr. Ireland, the glazier, 2 docquets.
Mr. Plott, 1 docquet.
Dr. Troutbeck to innovate four tallies for 200l. on Lincoln diocese.
An additional allowance of 10l. per an. to Mr. Vernon for a clerk.
Dormant warrant for 15 of the King's waiters for their salaries.
Ibid, p. 47.
Nov. 17. The patent officers of the outports.
Dormant warrant, Mr. Charnock as King's waiter.
Mr. Maior, 600l. arrears of Hearthmoney and last subsidy.
Mr. Wm. Christian, customer of Carlisle, 26l. 13s. 4d. per an.
Sign manual for Mr. Warner, Master of the King's Barges.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 48.
Nov. 19. This day the Prince of Aurange and Princess set sail towards Holland.
Stephen Tomlin to be waiter and searcher at Milton.
Mrs. Mary Boynton, 30l. one quarter.
Mrs. Isabella Boynton, 50l. one quarter.
My Lord Culpepper for the Post fines : King's warrant.
Nov. 22. Anderson, one docquet.
Legouch, 2,500l. for jewels for Odyke, Benting, etc.
Capt. Rainsford, 115l. 11s. 0d. for raising men for Saint Christophers.
Miles Temple to be waiter and searcher at Exon.
Mr. Christian, 35l. 17s. 0d. allowed for herrings.
Mr. Castleton on his pension.
Mr. Goodday's reprize for fee farm.
Tho. Green, ditto.
Earl of Inchequin, 1,766l., one year's advance : King's warrant.
Mr. Done and Mr. Aldworth, Auditors of Imprests : King's warrant.
Mr. Butler, (Sir Hugh Debrass), 100l. per an. during pleasure : King's warrant.
Ordnance privy seal for building of five new ships, 19,281l. 17s. 10d.
Navy privy seal for ditto, 145,355l. 17s. 10d.
Letter for a Commission to rectify the mistakes in my Lord Anglesey's Irish account.
Ibid, pp. 48-9.
Nov. 26. Coll. Villers, upon his fee of 18l. 12s. 6d. per an. as Keeper of Richmond Park.
Mr. Dugdale, Windsor Herald, on his fee of 40 marks per an.
For a grant of the office to Paymaster of the Works to Tho. Lloyd in reversion.
Ibid, p. 49.
Nov. 27. My Lord Treasurer delivered me a warrant signed by the King and countersigned by himself for granting the inspection of the fines, etc., and Receivership thereof unto my Lord Peterborough, etc., during pleasure, dated 23rd Nov., 1677. Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 49.
Nov. 28. The Navy for five ships of war, 1 docquet.
The Ordnance, ditto, 1 docquet.
French Ambassador's goods.
Nov. 29. Sir Rich. Cust, discharge of baronet fee, 1 docquet.
Sir Geo. Carteret : to draw orders for 1,500l. for Lambhay.
Sir James Poole, Bart. fee, discharged.
Sir Fra. Anderton, discharged Bart. fee.
Rich. King, for the Searcher's place at Boston.
Mr. Progers, 161l. 3s. 4d. disbursements at Hampton Court.
Ibid, p. 50.
Nov. 30. Mr. Done, 2 docquets.
Mr. Pepys, for Lord Inchiquin, 1 docquet.
Suspended debt of the Household.
Dec. 3. 12l. 10s. 0d a-piece to Mary and Sophia Nevill, one quarter.
Mrs. Elliot : blank.
Sir Martin Westcombe's order, 1,828l. underwrit on Customs.
Ibid, pp. 50-1.
Dec. 5. Warrant to issue process against the estate of White Receiver.
Treasurer of the Ordnance for orders for 19,281l. 17s. 10d.
Treasurer of the Navy for orders for 95,300l., 21,853l. and 8,921l.
For paying to Tho. Fairfax upon the annuity of 100l. per an.
Monr. Du Puy, upon his fee of 100l. per an.
St. Mich. Cornhill, perpetuity of 12l. 4s. 0d. per an.
Mrs. Carlisle : blank.
Serjt. Gyde : blank.
Mr. Lely, painter.
Mr. Wheldon upon his annuities, making 240l. per an.
Sir Herbert Price, one year.
Le Gouch, privy seal for sums not exceeding 20,000l. : King's warrant.
Earl of Inchiquin advance, 1,766l. 16s. 4d. : King's warrant.
Widow Lascells and Widow Latley, 100l. each : King's warrant.
Mrs. Skelton, 60l. for interest per privy seal dormant.
Ibid, p. 51.
Dec. 8. Mr. Vernon, 2 docquets.
Serj. Topham, — on his wages and boardwages.
Serj. Williamson.
Mr. Progers, 161l. 3s. 6d. disbursements in Hampton Court Park.
Mr. Knight, surgeon.
Mr. Pierce, surgeon.
Mr. Whittle, surgeon.
Mr. Pyle, surgeon.
Serj. Beck.
Serj. Thorne.
Mr. Sewall and Mr. Rymell, arras makers.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 52.
Dec. 10. The order for the suspended debt of the Household underwrit.
Mr. Allen for goods per my Lady Kath. Herbert.
Lord Campden's creation money.
Mr. Pepys for Lord Inchequin, 1 docquet.
Earl of Carlisle on his pension of 1,000l. per an.
Auditor Aldworth on his annuity of 200l. per an.
Dec. 13. Sir Joseph Williamson, 2,000l. secret service.
Duplicate of the constitution of officer's and letter for the 4½ per cent. duty.
Thom. Lloyd's docquets.
Ibid, p. 53.
Dec. 14. Lady Maynard's goods for Scotland Yard.
Sir Rich. Cust, discharge of Bart. fee.
Mrs. Skelton, 60l. on privy seal dormant, instead of interest for 2,000l.
Sir Robt. Viner on his pension.
Marquess of Winchester's executors for creation money as Earl of Wiltshire.
For a privy seal for 500l. to build a fort at Claverley Point in St. Christopher's : King's warrant.
Privy seal for paying to Capt. Girle the same allowance as Rose had for keeping the garden.
Mr. Emes, King's warrant for a King's waiter in reversion.
Dec. 17. Clerk et al. perpetual interest, 2 docquets.
Curson et al., 2 docquets.
Duke of Richmond, 2 docquets.
Serj. Payne : blank.
Auditor Parsons, of his 200l. per an.
Mrs. Hawke's inquisition.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 54.
Dec. 19. Mrs. Hamilton, goods.
My Lord Dumbarton's goods.
Col. Stalpylton, 1 docquet.
Mr. Thyn, Library Keeper : of their fee of 200l. per an.
Earl of Carnarvon, creation money.
King's Drums and Fife upon their fee.
Sir Edw. Bish, upon his 40l. per an.
The Cofferer for Mr. Dixon, order of 250l. underwrit on Hearthmoney.
Earl of Arlington, creation money.
Letter to the Commissioners [for rebuilding] of Paul's [Cathedral] about money due to the Works.
Sir Robt. Viner's interest account.
New dormant privy seal for 10,000l.
Mr. Sturt. etc., 327l. 19s. 2d. and 41l. 6s. 7d. and 27l. 13s. 10d. perpetual interest.
Sir Gilbert Talbot, 400l. per an. out of New Year's gifts.
Mr. Marbury to have the office of solicitor of the Excise and 200l. per an.
Ibid, pp. 54-5.
Dec. 24. Sir Hugh Ackland, 1 docquet.
Paymaster of the Works, 1 docquet.
Widow Thomas, 100l. : King's warrant.
Mrs. Elliot, 69l. per an. : King's warrant.
Tangier order, 1,766l. 16s. 4d. underwrit on Hearthmoney Sept. next.
Mr. Marryott, Wardrobe Keeper at Hampton Court.
Dr. Taylor, 350l. at Christmas, 1677.
Monsr. Le Gouch, order for 2,500l. underwrit on Customs.
Ibid, p. 55.
Dec. 29. Sir Robt. Viner to have wine bonds for 4,251l. 4s. 11d. for Plate. Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 56.
Dec. 31. A letter to the Major of Hull to execute a judgment against Baumbrough, a brewer.
Widdrington, 1 docquet.
Sir Tho. Armstrong, 1 docquet.
1677-8. Jan. 2. Earl of Clare, creation money : blank. Ibid.
Jan. 3. Sir Geo. Wharton, discharge of Bart. fee.
Dean Forrest, keepers, 105l. half-year at Michaelmas, 1677.
Mr. Kingdon, 500l. to be paid to Col. Stapylton, to build a fort at Claverley Point.
Jan. 4. Killegrew, Wm., for Toms' estate, 1 docquet.
Mr. Fillingham, 500l. for Lord Plymouth's debts.
Ibid, p. 57.
Jan. 7. Mr. Segar, 58l., one quarter's salary and disbursements.
My Lady Newburgh, 150l., one quarter.
Jan. 8. Mr. Guy's warrant to take process against Receivers and Collectors. Ibid.
Jan. 12. Mr. Emms, 2 docquets.
Mr. Foliard, 2 docquets.
Ibid, p. 58.
Jan. 14. Trepier et al., 2 docquets.
Old Houe's letter to recommend him for a Maundy man.
Mrs. Sophia Stewart : blank.
Mr. Harris, chief graver on his fees of 50l. per an., and 6d. per diem.
Dormant warrant for 240l. per an. wages and 320l. per an. charges to Capt. Gurle, his Majesty's gardener, and 80l. to the administrators of Rose.
Ibid, pp. 58-9.
Jan. 15. Mr. Draycott's Irish report.
Mr. Barnwall's Irish report.
Mr. Harrold's Irish report.
Mr. Mortagh Dowling's Irish report.
The Duke of Monmouth's Irish report.
Ibid, p. 59.
Jan. 17. Mr. Elliot, 500l. per an. for all allowances for the harehounds : King's warrant.
To discharge Mrs. Oliver and her husband's sureties.
300l. per an. to Mrs. Anne Sheldon for life as dresser.
Jan. 18. Mr. May, half-year as Comptroller ; Mr. Dickenson, clark ingrosser ; Mr. Rider, master carpenter, Sir Christopher Wren, surveyor ; Mr. Marshall, master mason ; Mr. Kinward, master joiner ; Mr. Phillip, master carver ; Mr. Haughton, purveyor ; Mr. Packer, paymaster, officers of the Works.
Warrants for the Queen's Dressers, Maids of Honour, etc.
Lord Ambassador Mountague's order of 860l. extraordinaries underwrit on Hearthmoney due 15 March next.
Mr. Worrall, 500l. for damage at Greenwich.
Ordnance to be satisfied a tally of 12,552l. by wine bonds.
Auditor Morice on his salary of 200l. per an.
Mr. Thomas, 100l. free gift.
Warrant for 10 pollards to repair Low Layton vicaragehouse.
Mr. Sayers, Page of Honor to the Queen : blank.
Lady Lloyd on her pension of 240l. per an. : blank.
Earl of Anglesey, creation money : blank.
Tho. Loop engineer upon his fee of 100l. per an.
Wm. Bedborough : blank.
Mr. Lawrence, account of interest, 456l. 1s. 4d. for 1,000l.
Mr. Legouch, account of interest, 1,299l. 3s. 0d. for 3,995l. 6s. 9d. principal.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, pp. 59-61.
Jan. 19. Duke of Richmond's executors for extraordinaries.
Sir Geo. Reve, 200l. on his 400l. per an.
Lord Campden, creation money.
Mr. Nevill, Knight Harbinger. 385l. 7s. 7d. for lodgings, etc., of the Prince of Orange.
Sir Tho. Clutterbook's goods.
Sir Wm. Bowles, order of 3,000l. underwrit for 1,000l. on Hearthmoney, due 15 March, 1678.
Lord Gerard, privy seal.
Privy seal for 500l. to Mr. Yate for houses in Jamaica.
60l. per an. to Mrs. Elliot.
Ibid, p. 62.
Jan. 22. East India Company, 2 docquets.
Mrs. Annie Sheldon, 2 docquets.
Jan. 25. Warrant for the loan of 110,000l. into the Exchequer.
Signification that Mr. Kent and Mr. Duncombe are to lend 50,000l. of this money.
Sir John Berry, 1 docquet.
Mrs. Oliver, 1 docquet.
Mrs. Elliot, 1 docquet.
Serjeant Bishop : to draw orders for 78l. 11s. 8d. incident charges.
Mr. Syms to be discharged of 51l. 5s. 3d. arrear of rent.
Ibid, pp. 62-3.
Jan. 26. Mr. Cardrow et al., 2 docquets.
Earl of Lindsey, Duke of Albemarle, Earl of Sunderland, Earl of Manchester, Earl of Ossery, Earl of Bath, (2,000l. per an.), Duke of Newcastle, Earl of Dorset, Gentlemen of the Bedchamber, all dormant.
10 Grooms of the Bedchamber.
Mr. Geo. Porter as surveyor General in the Port of London : blank.
Earl of Lindsay for orders for 217l. 15s. 1d. surplus in his account of Havering.
Earl of Bath, 1,000l. per an. in lieu of plate and liveries.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 63.
Jan. 28. Sir Edw. Wood, entertainment : blank.
Sir John Paul, ditto.
Sir Wm. Swan, ditto.
Mris. Godolphin, Maid of Honor, 50l. one quarter.
Jan. 29. Sir James Butler, 40l. per an., dormant. Ibid, p. 64.
Jan. 30. Treasurer's of the Navy interest account. Ibid.
Feb. 2. Privy seal, Navy, 200,000l. : King's warrant.
Ditto, Ordnance, 200,000l. : King's warrant.
Ditto, Cofferer, 100,000l. : King's warrant.
Ditto, Mr. Fosh, for 974l. due from Mostyn for Sir John Typpets.
Excise farm : King's warrant.
My lord Chief Baron's lady's lace.
Mr. Bertie's order of 20,000l. underwrit for 3,125l., vizt., 2,000l. on the Excise and 1,125l. on Hearthmoney already due : [for the] Speaker.
Mr. Fryer, 150l. half year of his pension.
My lord Ranelagh's tally to be split.
Warrant to direct the officers of the Customs about passes.
Feb. 4. The executors and sureties of Tho. Oliver to be discharged.
Mr. Skelton's extraordinaries : order for 500l. 10s. 6d. underwrit for tallies on the Customs : ditto entertainment order for 455l. underwrit on ditto.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 65.
Feb. 5. Treasury of the Navy for 200,000l., one docquet.
Cofferer, 100,000l., 1 docquet.
Treasurer of the Navy : to draw orders for 100,000l.
Cofferer : 16,050l. for orders for the Household.
Sir Hugh Ackland, discharge, 1,095l., Bart. fee.
Feb. 6. Mris. Elliot, 2 docquets.
Frenchman's warrant to discharge the ship Burce from Plymouth.
Feb. 9. To draw orders for 200,000l. for the Ordnance.
Mr. Mathews, for a licence to plant trees against the King's park wall.
Feb. 11. Mr. Foche, for Sir John Tippetts, 1 docquet.
Mr. Boothe, 1 docquet.
Mr. Bertie's order of 20,000l. further underwrit for 1,400l. on Mr. Herbt. Awbrey.
Ibid, p. 66.
Feb. 13. Treasurer of the Navy for 20,000l. [by] tallies on Mr. Kent on the East India money : Mr. Kent to repay this money to the East India Company with interest out of their Customs. Ibid.
Feb. 15. Mr. Neal, 2 docquets.
Letter to the Mayor of York about 700 and odd l. in super on them.
Dr. Wetherley : blank.
Col. Birch, warrant about his accounts as [a] Commissioner of [the Wine Act] Retrospection.
Feb. 16. Sir Thos. Peyton's discharge : King's warrant.
The warrant for the lease of the Four and a Half per cent. [duty in] Barbados : King's warrant.
The Greenwax money for Windsor.
Sir John Lawson's daughters.
Three grooms of the Queen's Chamber.
Lord St. Albans creation money.
Auditor Phelips, 300l. one year and half.
Serjeant Middleton : blank.
Four grooms of the Queen's Chamber.
Ibid, pp. 66-7.
Feb. 19. Excise, two docquets.
Mr. Wingate, 125l. upon his salary.
Ibid, p. 67.
Feb. 20. My lord of Oxford, two docquets. Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 67.
Feb. 23. Sir Tho. Peyton, one docquet. Ibid.
Feb. 26. For discharge of 4 slobbs of tin seized.
Mr. Rodney's warrant : 80l. damages.
Feb. 27. Mr. Warner, master of the Barges : blank upon his fee of 30l. per an.
Mr. Prideaux, Page of Honour : blank.
The warrant about dividing the 12d. per pound taken by sheriffs upon seizures and levying the money thereupon.
Ibid, p. 68.
March 1. Mr. Marbury, two docquets.
Mr. Wharton, 2 docquets.
Wm. Pottell, 75l. three quarters' salary.
Dr. Lloyd's goods to be delivered Customs free.
Earl of Oxford, Gentleman of the Bedchamber.
Sir John Otway, outlawry transcript.
Mr. Mathews, licence transcript.
March 4. Sir Phill. Egerton's warrant on particular for a lease of a pool.
Pages of the Bedchamber, 50l. for New Years Gifts.
Mr. Sandys stop of process.
Lady Fanshawe's daughters, 1,900l. upon old arrears.
Earl of Carlisle, upon his pension of 1,000l. per an. : blank.
Establishment, 1 serjeant, 1 drummer and 50 soldiers for Pendennis.
Establishment, a town mayor, a chaplain, a chirurgeon and marshall, and 2s. per diem for fire, candle, etc., for Plymouth.
Ibid, pp. 68-9.
March 6. Mr. Godolphin, one docquet.
Order of Council touching the iron wire underwrit to the Commissioners of the Customs.
Sir Denny Ashburnham, 250l. for one year's pension.
Rich. Lebas on his fee of 100l. per an. : blank.
Mr. Dryden on his fee as Poet Laureat : blank : ditto on his pension of 100l. per an. : blank.
Serjeant Hatch on his fee and board wages : blank.
Ibid, p. 69.
March 7. Sir Edw. Wood's order 307l. 14s. 6d. extraordinary underwrit on Customs : ditto ordinary 915l. on ditto.
Sir Jno. Paule order 549l. entertainment [underwrit] on Customs.
Sir Wm. Swan 549l. ditto on ditto.
Sheriff of Dorset : allowance of 32l.
Ibid, p. 70.
March 8. King's warrant to discharge Mr. Aubrey from his securities.
King's warrant for 10l. per an. a piece to three new Groom littermen.
King's warrant for 20,000l. to Mr. Bertie for secret service.
King's warrant for 38,000l. for the Privy Purse.
King's warrant for 50l. per an. during pleasure to Mris. Fowler from Christmas last.
Letter to my lord Carlisle about the Customs in Jamaica.
To make Mr. Temple Collector of the arrears of the last poll assessed on the King's and Duke's servants, amounting to 3,419l. 6s. 8d.
King's warrant for 20 tun of pollards in Waltham Forest : my Lord Treasurer's warrant for these pollards.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 70.
March 9. Sir Bernard Gascoigne, 2 docquets.
To stop process against Churchill.
Sir Math. Andrew's reference to Mr. Attorney.
March 11. Mr. Bertie, one docquet.
Mr. Awbrey, one docquet.
Jno. Hayes, 75l. half year's salary about the Law duty affairs.
Mr. Porter, 125l. one quarter as Groom of the Bedchamber.
Ibid, p. 71.
March 15. Mr. Hawley's one docquet.
King's warrant for confirming Mr. Standly's title to the manor of Broughton.
Privy seal to authorize the Lord Treasurer to make Receivers of Poll Bill.
King's warrant : Capt. Gardner 100l. for taking Bacon the rebel.
March 18. Sir John Robinson 2,680l. 18s. 0d. per tally on Vaughan's old arrear.
Sir Henry Barnard, 1 [docquet].
Beckman, engineer, 2 [docquets].
Goodenough, etc., 1 [docquet].
Ibid, p. 72.
March 19. Monsieur Rouvigny's cloths, Custom free.
Mr. Kent's account of interest.
Lord Falkland 200l. upon his annuity of 300l. per an.
March 20. Capt. Gardner 111l. for taking Bacon the rebel.
Carpenter to be waiter at Bristol loco Garwey, dismissed.
Sheriff of Southampton, 30l.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 72.
March 21. My Lord Culpeper for 1,466l. 13s. 4d. : King's warrant.
Bishop of London to be discharged of 254l. 17s. 1d., being the second payment of First Fruits.
Ibid, p. 73.
March 23. King's warrant for 93,000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy for 6 third-rate ships of the 30 [ships as by the Poll Act].
King's warrant : Treasurer of the Ordnance 200,000l. for the French war.
Ditto for the Forces, 400,000l.
Ditto for the Navy, 500,000l.
Copy returned of Mr. Sanson's commission.
For granting to Jno. Smyth two fields in Berkhampstead by copy.
John Berrowe to be landwaiter at Bristol loco Aram.
Warrant for suspending Mr. Pretiman.
1678. March 25. Mr. King et al. for the reversion of the searchers' place at Boston, 2 docquets.
Mr. Aram to deliver the books about the fines.
Mr. Awbrey to be discharged on payment of 1,400l.
Sir Leolin Jenkins, 1,300l. for 3 months' entertainment.
Ibid, pp. 73-4.
March 26. Lord Treasurer for loans [on the Poll], 1 docquet.
Lord Culpeper, 1,466l. 13s. 4d., 1 docquet.
Bishop of London, 1 docquet.
Lieut.-Col. Rumsey, 300l. for 1 year and ½ pension out of the Queen's portion.
Mr. Bertie's order of 20,000l. underwrit, vizt., 8,900l. on Excise and 1,150l. on Customs.
Ibid, p. 74.
March 27. My Lady Brentford : blank. Ibid, p. 75.
March 28. King's warrant to exchange Mr. Bull's life in reversion in the office of Receiver of the Duchy of Cornwall for Jno. Tregagle.
Ditto : to fell dotards in Whichwood Forest to raise 150l. to plant trees, etc., in Woodstock Park.
Ditto : to exchange 3 lives in the office of Searcher at Sandwich for 3 other lives for Mrs. Finch.
King's warrant : perpetual interest of 322l. 4s. per an. to Mr. Legouch in lieu of 5,370l. 3s. 8d. principal.
March 29. Forces for 62,866l. out of loans in the Exchequer. Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 75.
April 2. Warrant to draw orders upon loans on the Poll Bill. Ibid, p. 76.
April 3. For direction to defend the 7 persons that detected a fraud at Newhaven at the King's charge. Ibid.
April 4. Arnold Browne to be Collector at Bristol loco Col. Rumsey. Ibid.
April 6. Mr. Standley, 2 docquets.
Mr. Whitfeild, Clerk of the Estreats in the Exchequer.
Sir Edw. Hales, 125l. one quarter at Lady Day, 1678.
Mr. Kirkby, 37l. 5s. 5d. for prosecuting seizures.
John Harrison, Collector at Maldon, 10l. per an. additional salary.
Earl of Carlisle, creation money, 80l.
East India Company : warrant to be paid their tallies of 40,000l. for salt petre by their own customs.
April 8. Le Gouch for 322l. 4s. 0d. per an. for 5,370l. 3s. 8d., two docquets.
Sir Ste. Fox, 500l. for the Earl of Sussex at Lady Day, 1678.
Ditto for the Lord Lichfield for ditto.
Mr. Tregeagle, 2 docquets.
To take off the embargo from ships employed by the Navy, Ordnance and victuallers.
Lady Newburgh, 150l. one quarter.
Countess of Portland, 250l. 1 quarter.
Lord Gerard's order of 5,000l. underwrit, vizt., 1,500l. on Hearthmoney Sept. next, 1,500l. more in March next, and 2,000l. at Michaelmas, 1679. This is changed to 3,000l. on Michaelmas and 2,000l. at Lady Day.
Ibid, p. 77.
April 9. Mr. Wingate's order of 125l. underwrit on ditto.
Jno. Rogers, Receiver of Poll, co. Lincoln.
April 11. Ordnance, 10,000l. out of loans.
Lord Wotton, 1,000l. per an., blank.
Mr. Windham : lease of his new house in Scotland Yard.
Lease of the Four and a Half per cent. duty.
April 12. Math. Jennison, warrant as Receiver of the Poll, co. Nottingham, dated 20 April, 1678. Ibid, p. 78.
April 13. Privy Seal to install the Archbishop of Canterbury's First Fruits, being 2,682l. 12s. 2d. to be paid by 670l. 13s. 0½d. per an. in four years.
Mr. Godfrey, customer of Lynn, 62l. 7s. 4d. for one year at Lady Day, 1678.
Mr. Segar for Lady Day quarter : blank.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 79.
April 15. Mr. Thom. Windham : blank on his pension of 200l. per an.
Sir Cha. Windham upon his pension of 120l. per an.
Mrs. Winifred Windham upon her pension of 200l. per an.
Sir Richard Head, discharged of Bart. fee.
April 16. King's letter to my Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to permit Mr. Bridges, etc...
To discharge the embargo from ships cleared 20 March, 1678, and those trading to the Baltic, etc.
Eighteen letters to the Commissioners for the Poll Tax.
Mr. Griffin for orders for 250l. for half year [for] Lord Hunsdon.
Earl of Cardigan, 20l. for one year, creation money.
April 17. Wine Licence quarter bill.
Mr. Ellesden, 2 docquets.
Ibid, p. 80.
April 19. Spencer et al. for the Four and a Half per cent. Barbados, 2 docquets.
Sir Robt. Cann et al., 1 docquet.
Archbishop of Canterbury, 1 docquet.
Masters : for New Park, 1 docquet.
For felling 200 loads of timber in Windsor Forest for repairs of the Castle.
For paying 125l. to Windsor works out of Greenwax money.
Ordnance, 10,000l. out of Poll loans for French war.
Sir Ralph Dalavall, 125l. for a quarter on 500l. per an.
Mr. Whitacre, Foreign Apposer, 40l. for one year.
Stables half year, vizt., 4,000l. for enumerated provisions and 1,000l. for horses.
Cha. Beavoir, undersearcher.
Rich. Goodladd, undersearcher : blank.
Mr. Burton, undersearcher : blank.
John Evans, undersearcher : blank.
Ibid, p. 80.
April 20. Mr. Jennison's security for Nottingham.
For delivering 11 pictures to Van Beuningen Custom free.
Sir Rich. Bulstrode, 227l. 10s. 0d. for 3 months' entertainment.
To discharge Mr. Warcupp and Mr. Downes out of custody.
Andrew Lawrence, 29l. 3s. 4d. for surveying the highways.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 81.
April 22. Mr. Devenish, York Herald, fee 40 marks per an. : blank.
Warrant for passing Mr. Smyth's account of all the five counties in one account.
April 23. Sir Fra. Edwards, 1 docquet. Ibid.
April 24. Sir John Reresby, 1 docquet.
Wardrobe : 5,500l. per tally on Hearthmoney.
Ibid, p. 84.
April 25. Order of Council touching the embargo underwrit to the Commissioners of the Customs.
Commissioners of Wine Licences, incident charges from the 25th March, 1673, to the 24th June, 1673.
Capt. Wetwang for the Water Balliage.
King's warrant for 1,000l. per an. to Geo. Dunstan for Lord Dunbarton.
Privy seal for allowance of 2. per diem to each of 2 new grooms of the Queen's Chamber.
Privy seal for repaying to Mr. Bertie — sum paid by him for buying horses for his Majesty.
For exchange of two lives in the office of Searcher at Hull, vizt., Fra. Weaver, and his son instead of Tho. and Phillipp Nisbet in reversion after the present officers.
April 26. Instructions to Mr. Lowde Cordell for managing Mr. Pretyman's office.
Sir Rich. Bulstrode order of 754l. 4s. 6d. extraordinaries and entertainment underwrit on Customs.
April 29. Bishop of St. David's instalment, 1 docquet
Mr. Fryer, 150l. for half year of his pension.
Mr. Masters, 600l. for New Park.
Lord Culpeper, for orders for 1,466l. 13s. 4d. in lieu of all fees and salaries due to him since Sir Wm. Berkeley's death.
Earl of Clare, 20l. for one year's creation money at Lady Day, 1678.
Serjeant Wm. Bishop (who came in place of H. Graves) : blank.
Tho. Martin to be tidesman in fee in London.
Ibid, p. 85.
May 6. Privy seal for 20,000l. secret service to Mr. Bertie.
Same for 2,000l. secret service to Sir Joseph Williamson.
Sir Tho. Allen for an interest account : King's warrant.
Mr. Parker and others, office, 2 docquets.
Mr. Legg, discharge, 1 docquet.
Spanish Ambassador's goods.
For taking Mr. Levett's security.
For taking Mr. Whitley's security.
For taking Mr. Deerham's security.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, pp. 85-6.
May 8. Mr. Jenman's authority to seize wool.
To take Mr. Rawlin's security.
Nisbett, Searcher of Kingston, 2 docquets.
Lord Wotton, 1,00l. per an. for 6 years, 2 docquets.
Dunstan 1,000l. per an. during pleasure, 2 docquets.
Thackham et al. 2 Grooms of the Queen's Chamber, one docquet.
Mease et al. pardon, 2 docquets.
To take Mr. Cooke's security for Surrey.
Mr. Cooke's security for Norfolk.
Ibid, p. 86.
May 10. Mr. Foley for putting the law in execution against prohibiting foreign wire.
Sir Edward Griffin's orders of 7,500l. underwrit on Hearthmoney 15th March.
Mr. Pepys' orders for 13,858l. 3s. 11d. for Tangier underwrit on the Hearthmoney, vizt., 6,058l. 5s. 11d. on Sept. and 7,000l. on March next.
Sir Edm. Turnor's account of interest.
May 11. Lord Latimer, sign manual 640l. 17s. 2d.
King's warrant : Mr. Kingdon for the Virginia Regiment.
Ditto : Mr. Batty for the King's share of Conventicle money in Norfolk and Suffolk.
Ditto : Mr. Spry for remitting 290l. fines for renewing his estates in Duchy Cornwall.
Ditto : Rich, and Edm. Anguish for the reversion of their father's place of customer of Yarmouth.
Ditto : Mr. Sam. Dashwood to have 100 load of gravel in New Park.
Mr. Secretary Williamson, 2,000l. orders for secret service.
Mr. Cooke to have — of his 400l. per an. out of the Duchy Cornwall.
Serjeant Ramsay for 200l. imprest for law suits.
Sir Tho. Allen : to draw orders for interest due to him.
Ibid, p. 87.
May 14. For taking Mr. Davis' security for Poll Money, co. Wilts.
For taking Mr. Jolley's security for co. Huntingdon.
My Lord Cottington's bonds.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 87.
May 15. Sir James Boyer, discharge of Bart, [fee], 1 docquet.
Sheriff of Northampton, allowance.
Stop a venditioni exponas against Chapman.
Earl of Bath, 60l., three years' creation money.
Mr. Basill Feilding, security for York Poll.
Mr. Russell, security for Bucks Poll.
Mr. Laurence, 512l. 16s. 8½d. for highways.
Ibid, p. 88.
May 17. Mr. Thorn Killegrew, 100l. one quarter.
Serjeant Smyth upon his salary : blank.
Georg Wiltshire, warrant for warehouse, Chester.
May 18. The security of Tho. Duckett for Cambridge and Ely.
Mr. Kindon for the Forces, 1 docquet.
For discharge of 40l. to Timberley : my Lord's warrant for orders.
King's warrant for granting manors, rents, etc. to— —
Privy seal for 1,400l. for building huts at Portsmouth.
Privy seal for Wadlow's arrear.
Ditto for arrears on wine Act.
King's warrant : Sir Tho. Armstrong, pension of 500l. per an.
Ditto : Mrs. Fowler, pension of 50l. per an. out of the Navy.
Ditto : for renewing a lost privy seal.
Ditto : Mr. Morgan, for — reams of paper.
Ditto : 300 tun of timber for buildmg Northampton churches.
Mr. Spry : to the steward of Tinten to admit without fine. The like to the steward of [the manor of] St. Anthony.
Mr. Baker, Consul of Tripoli.
Duke of Monmouth : King's warrant for Disney's estate.
Ibid, pp. 88-9.
May 23. Anguish et al. Collector Petty Customs Yarmouth, 2 docquets.
Anguish et al. Collector old Customs ibid., 2 docquets.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 89.
May 24. Evans et al., office, 2 docquets.
Margaret Professor at Cambridge : blank.
Mr. Brisbane, 389l. for three months.
King's warrant for Post [Office] defalcations for the Duke of York in Lord Arlington's name.
Sir Ste. Fox's 2 accounts and their duplicates.
6 present and 2 quondam Maids of Honour, 15 Dressers and 4 Pages of Honour.
Sir Wm. Scroggs : transcript.
Ibid, pp. 89-90.
May 25. For granting to Nath. and Jno. Cox the office of Customer of Newcastle in reversion on Hen. Ball.
Mr. Chiffinch, 50l. one quarter as closet Keeper.
Sieur. Spanhaime, Envoy Extraordinary from Prince Palatine.
Ibid, p. 90.
May 27. Mr. Norris, the joiner, 14l. 13s. 9d. for three quarters fee and livery.
Report for the farmers of the Four and a Half per cent. [duty in Barbados, &c.].
Treasurer of the Navy to pass his account, 1 docquet.
Ibid, p. 91.
May 28. Lady Vaughan for the estate of a felo de se, 1 docquet.
Wm. Morgan, for 10,500 ream of paper, 1 docquet.
Treasurer of the Ordnance for 1,400l. out of the African Company, 1 docquet.
Sir Edm. Bray et al. for 300 tun of timber, Northampton, 1 docquet.
Mr. Lawrence, Surveyor of the Ways : order of 512l. 16s. 8½d. underwrit for tallies on wine licences.
Mr. Bertie : to draw orders for 20,000l., whereof 1,472l. 7s. 10d. to be paid by money brought in by the Alum Farmers.
Lord Burlington : Irish report.
May 31. Mr. Tregagles order of 588l. underwrit by tally on the Duchy of Cornwall.
Sir Tho. Armstrong's docquets.
June 1. King's warrant : Mr. Agborough to be a King's waiter.
King's warrant : Mrs. Withers and Jone Halsnorth's pension to be transferred from Bedfordshire to the Exchequer in General.
Privy seal for Sir Robt. Vinor for 1,202l. 17s. 0d. omitted and 439l. 11s. 0d. interest and reward of all.
King's warrant for paying John Wickham 33l. 4s. 9d. for liveries, etc.
Mr. Wise, master mason, 2 docquets.
Mr. Cocks et al., Customer of Newcastle, 2 docquets.
Mr. Robinson, musician, 2 docquets.
Mr. St[r]adling's security for South Wales.
Cofferer : for orders for 27,350l.
Ordnance : 10,000l. out of the loans on the Poll Act.
Sir John Oxenden : discharge [of a] bart. [baronetcy fee].
Ibid, p. 92.
June 3. Widow Dodgein, warrant on particular. Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 92.
June 4. Mr. Berkley, Page of Honor.
To take Mr. Williams's security for Hantshire.
An establishment for chirurgeons.
Sheriff of Lincoln.
Lord Arlington for the Duke [of York] for Post defalcations.
June 6. Count Waldestein's goods.
Mr. Ashburnham's order of 27,350l. underwrit on Excise.
Jno. Wickham for 33l. 4s. 9d. for liveries out of the Wardrobe.
200l. for Bushey Park : to the Works.
Sir Robt. Atkins : Law [duty] bill allowed.
Mr. Brisbane's order of 389l. underwrit on Customs.
Mr. Baker's order of 150l. as Agent at Tripoli underwrit on Customs.
Mr. Hydes' order of 1,300l. entertainment underwrit on ditto.
Ibid, p. 93.
June 7. Warrant to draw orders for 100,000l. for the Navy [on the Exchequer] in general.
Ditto, 100,000l. to ditto out of loans on Poll Act.
Mr. Mountagu's order 1,300l. entertainment underwrit on Customs.
June 9. An establishment for 16 Foot Companies.
Ordnance : 1,400l. by tally on African Company.
Sir Robt. Viner for [his] account, 1 docquet.
Sir James Bowyer, discharge [of a] Bart, [baronetcy fee].
Gosling and Sharpe to be the officers at Pemaquid.
Edw. Shaue to be master of the Bristol smack loco Banton.
Mr. Castleton upon his pension of 20l. per an.
Warrant for swearing Mr. Tallman, [as] King's waiter.
Mr. Sidney's pictures.
Sheriff of Warwick, allowances.
Sheriff of Sussex, allowances.
June 12. Mrs. Fowler : pension, 1 docquet.
Mr. Agborow, King's waiter, London, 2 docquets.
Mr. Lynes, searcher at Southampton, 2 docquets.
Sir Leolin Jenkins, 1,300l. for 13 months' entertainment to 9 Jany., 1678.
Heirs of my Lord Kinnoul, 250l. for a quarter at Lady Day, 1678.
Mr. Cofferer's commission for Poll money.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 94.
June 13. King's warrant : Mr. Tregagle for a lease of the Post groates.
Ditto : grant to Tho. Carpenter of the office of one of the King's waiters, London.
Ditto : lease to Mr. Hall of the Manor of Westminster.
Grant to Walter Devereux, Leicester, his son and Leicester Viscount Hereford of the stewardship of the Courts in Carmarthen and Cardigan.
For granting to Dr. Browning and Mr. Gargrave the estate of Gurney.
Grant to Sir Rich. Rainsford of 1,000l. per an.
For borrowing 50,000l. on the next farm of Hearthmoney.
Mr. Aldborough, — bounty out of Recusants' estates.
June 17. 1,525l. for victuals to Jersey and Guernsey : privy seal.
Particular of Dudley Rews's estate.
Duke of Newcastle's fee of 100l. per an. as Justice in Eyre.
Sir Edw. Bish on his fee per an. as Clarencieux.
Six declaratory Establishments or orders.
Ibid, pp. 94-5.
June 18. Lord Treasurer to borrow 50,000l. on Hearthmoney, 1 docquet.
Serjeant Topham.
To stop process against Wm. Cooke, Esq., till further order.
Mr. Ellesden and his wife, 100l. per an. out of the Customs at Lyme.
Ibid, p. 95.
June 20. [King's warrant for a] privy seal for the extraordinaries of the stables 3,673l. 7s. 7d., and 1,122l. for the years 1675, 1677 and 1678, for coaches, &c.
King's warrant for continuing Mr. May's salary at Windsor for one year [to] 1st Sept., 1678.
Privy seal for 3,000l. secret service for Mr. Secretary Coventry.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants p. 95.
June 21. Mr. Arnold and Dent, stop of execution.
My Lord Chief Justice Scroggs : warrant dormant.
Sir Wm. Temple's order for 2,683l. underwrit on Customs.
Mris. Picques, 150l. free gift on privy seal dormant.
Mr. Aldborough, 400l. on Recusants' estates.
Mr. Kingdon's order of 2,500l. for Virginia underwrit, on the Four and a Half per cent.
Mr. Tregagle for the Post Coynage Groats, 2 docquets.
Dr. Browning for Gurney's estate, 1 docquet.
Ibid, pp. 95-6.
June 22. Swedish Ambassadors, equipage from Nimuegen.
Sir Rich. Rainsford's warrant dormant for 1,000l. per an.
Sir Thom. Fanshaw, 30l. 7s. 6d. for two years and a quarter on his fee and allowance.
The poor of Walbrook, 30l. 13s. 4d. for four years' perpetuity of 7l. 13s. 4d. per an.
Mr. Serjeant Fitz Symonds : blank.
Mr. Secretary Coventry, 3,000l. secret service, 1 docquet.
Mr. Meredith, 40s. der diem as secretary to the Dutch embassy, 1 docquet.
Sir Jno. Shaw and partners, discharge of account, 1 docquet.
For permitting 8 horses to be exported to France for the French King's stables.
Polish envoy, goods outward, customs free.
For commissions of seizure to Jno. Slater et al. for the weavers.
For repaying 75l. 16s. 4d. to M. De Gruchoy.
Ibid, p. 96.
June 24. Warrant to discharge the ship Cath[crine] of London. Ibid.
June 25. Receivers General of the Excise to detain 900l., commencing from Dec., 1675.
Mr. Dolben and Mr. Can, clerks of the fines at Ludlow : blank.
For issuing process against Recusants.
Mris. Elliot, housekeeper at Newmarket, 50l. for one quarter due at Christmas, 1677.
Ditto : 125l., one quarter of pension due at same time.
Mr. Wroth, blank on his pension of 120l. per an.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 97.
July 1. Sir Edm. Windham, l docquet.
Countess of Brentford : blank upon her pension.
Mr. Seymour and Mr. Maidwell's allowances.
Fr. Turnor to be waiter and searcher at Queenborough loco Hunter.
John Langwith. 15l. 3s. 4d. : [to be paid] by the Treasurer of the Chamber.
Ibid, p. 98.
July 3. Carpenter, reversion of King's waiter, London, 2 docquets.
Treasurer of the Navy, 1,520l. 8s. 8d. for Jersey, 1 docquet.
Mr. Knight, to be receiver of the duty on wines, 1 docquet.
Randle Dod, warrant for particular.
Sheriffs of London and Middlesex for a record of surplusage.
Martin Sandys, stop process till the end of Mich. term.
Mris. Elliot, 350l. half year pension of 500l. and fee of 200l. per an.
Mris. Jenkins : blank.
Mris. Gunter : blank.
Mr. Nicholas, Surveyor General of the Customs, 250l. for half year.
Mris. Mary Bointon upon her pension of 120l. per an. : blank.
Mris. Isabella Bointon : blank on her pension of 200l. per an.
Lord Falkland : blank on his pension of 300l. per an.
Lord Culpeper, order of 1,466l. 13s. 4d. underwrit on Hearthmoney, March next.
King's warrant for revocation of Sir Jno. Duncornbe's pensions of 2,000l. per an.
Ibid, pp. 98-9.
July 4. Mr. Ryves' grant, 2 docquets.
Stables, 4,795l. 7s. 7d. [for] extraordinaries : orders.
Sir Jonathan Atkins, 200l. for a quarter, Midsummer, 1678.
Mr. Prideaux, page of honour, on his pension : blank.
For permitting 37 fatts of potashes to be reshipped for Dunkirk.
Ibid, p. 99.
July 9. Sir Jos. Sheldon et al. for Mr. Hall, 2 docquets.
To impower Nich. Bayly et al. to seize ships in Ireland.
Mr. Packer, 3,018l. 0s. 5d. upon several Receivers.
Mr. Bannestre, allowance of 30l. as Receiver of the Subsidy.
Mr. May, 500l., one year's salary, 10 Sept., 1678.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 100.
July 10. Mr. Brisbane to be secretary of the Embassy in France. Ibid.
July 11. Treasurer of the Chamber, 400l. per an. for 4 French musicians : King's warrant.
Tangier : postponed quarter, 3,050l. 14s. 10d.
Ditto : 14,300l. for one quarter [due] the last of June, 1678.
Mr. Meredith, Secretary to the Embassy in Holland, 182l. for 3 months.
Mris. Cath. Elliot, 100l. for half year's pension, Midsummer, 1678.
Mris. Duke, a rocker, 30l. for one year at Midsummer, 1678.
Sir Edw. Griffin : 30l. for Mr. Glyn, the Harbourer.
July 13. Mr. Stanhope's order of 2,150l., being formerly underwrit for 1,000l. is now underwrit for the remainder 1,150l. on Hearthmoney (farm rent due], Mich., 1679.
Mr. Devereux, office of steward, &c., 2 docquets.
Navy, 4,000l. per wine bonds.
Six Lords of the Bedchamber, 250l. each, viz., Earl of Sunderland, Earl of Ossory, Duke of Albemarle, Earl of Lindsey, Earl of Dorset, Earl of Manchester.
Lord Gerard : 5 half quarters suspension : ditto half year pension.
Mr. Robt. Ryves' dormant warrant on Excise.
Mr. Chiffinch : 50l. one quarter, Midsummer.
Mr. Sergeant Bishopp, House of Commons, 106l. extraordinaries.
Ibid, p. 101.
July 16. Duchess of York's 3 boxes.
Lord Ailesbury's goods.
To draw orders for Windsor : blank ; King's warrant and my Lord's warrant.
July 17. Mr. Guy, 2 docquets.
Mr. Secretary Coventry : 3,000l. secret service.
Mr. Paul Pauly, for interest, 305l. 4s. 4d.
Mr. Kent's interest account.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, pp. 101-3.
July 20. Capt. Stradling, orderdated 1st Aug., 1668, of 528l. 5s. 0d. registered on the Hearthmoney [is now] underwrit on the Exchequer in general.
Sir Jos. Williamson's order of 7th Dec, 1671, for 160l. on fee farms [is now] underwrit on Exchequer in general.
Ditto : order of loan dated 20th July, 1670, on fee farms [is now] underwrit on the Exchequer in general.
To receive loans in the Exchequer on the Act for Disbanding, &c.,
Jn. Fiske to be a noontender, London, on next vacancy.
5 tun of timber and 20l. in money to repair Shelbrook Lodge.
12 tun of timber and 20l. to repair Shrobb Lodge.
Mr. Hebdon, stop of process till Hilary term.
James Bowles, yeoman pricker, 40l. for one year's fee.
Sir Josiah Child, discharge of Bart, fee, 1 docquet.
Masters of the Hawks, 335l. 10s. for Midsummer quarter, 1678.
Mr. Tho. Windham, upon his pension of 200l. per an.
Mrs. Winifred Windham, upon her pension of 200l. per an.
Sir Charles Windham, upon his pension of 120l per an.
Mris. Strickland, now Lady Dalton, 200l. per an.
Sir Robt. Viner, for orders for 1,202l. 17s. and 439l. 11s. and 1,565l. 10s. 6d.
King's warrant for privy seal to take loans into the Exchequer on the Tax for disbanding the Army.
Privy seal for issuing the money for disbanding the Army.
King's warrant to make Mr. Neale Master Worker of the Mint in reversion.
Privy seal for enabling the Paymaster of the Forces to pay by warrant of the Lord General.
Same for 2,400l. secret service to blank.
King's warrant : 30l. per an. for a minister at Lostwithiel in Cornwall.
Same for renewing the Commission of Excise.
Martin Johnson, Comptroller at Boston : King's warrant.
Privy seal for the gardeners at Whitehall and Hampton Court.
Mr. Skelton : 60l. for interest of 2 000l. : King's Warrant.
Privy seal for 40,000l. for the Great Wardrobe and for payment of what was due in my Lord Sandwich's time.
Alum Farmers : privy seal for settling their account.
Ibid, pp. 103-4.
July 22. Paymaster of the Forces on the New Act for disbanding, 1 docquet. Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 105.
July 24. Mr. Nott, Sergeant Skinner, 36l. 10s., one year of his fee of 2s. per diem.
To draw order for the Forces for 110,000l.
July 26. Paymaster of the Forces for money paid by him by the general warrant, 1 docquet.
Mris. Skelton, 60l. on the privy seal dormant, as interest.
Mr. Windham, for a lease of his house in Scotland Yard.
July 27. A warrant to draw orders for 110,000l. to the Treasurer and Paymaster of the Land Forces. Ibid, p. 106.
July 31. Mr. Culliford to have 295l. 15s. 11d. charges for prosecuting calf-skins.
Warrant to receive loans and draw orders on the Act for Disbanding.
Neale : office of Master Worker of the Mint in reversion, 2 docquets.
Mr. Osborne to have a door into the Alienation Office garden.
Sir Josiah Child discharged of Bart. fee.
Commissioners of Customs : instructions.
For receiving prize goods : King's warrant.
Aug. 1. Sir Denny Ashburnham and others, Commissioners of Excise, 2 docquets.
Officers of the Navy to dispose of old stores, 1 docquet.
Aug. 2. Marquis of Winchester, two years creation money.
John James to be tidesman at Boston loco Graves.
Mr. Hyde, 867l. 12s. 4d., extraordinaries.
Ibid, pp. 106-7.
Aug. 3. Mr. Rich. Courthope, Master in Chancery in the Alienation Office : King's warrant.
Sir Ste. Fox : privy seal to be discharged on account.
Mr. Nevill to be Clerk of the Works in reversion after Rotheram : King's warrant.
King's warrant for renewing the Commission of the Customs.
Earl of Sunderland, 625l. [for the period of the] suspension : on the Customs.
Duke of Albemarle, three orders for 1,000l. each, 2 in the name of the Earl of Ogle and one in Mr. Mules' name, underwrit on next Farm of Hearthmoney.
Ibid, p. 107.
Aug. 5. Mr. Johnson, 2 docquets.
Sir Edm. Turnor, 2 docquets.
2 blanks for the Assessment.
Duke of Luneburgh's goods, customs free, per order of Council.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 107.
Aug. 6. Mr. Bertie, secret service, 1,194l. 13s. 8d. per tally on customs.
Warrant to Phillip Brown, etc., to seize goods.
Ibid, p. 108.
Aug. 7. Royal letter to the Governor of Maine and New Hampshire in New England.
Ditto to Rhode Island.
Ditto to Connecticut.
Ditto to Massachusetts.
For orders for 10,000l. for the Great Wardrobe.
Mr. Mounteney's account of Customs.
Ditto of coinage.
Lord Hatton's accounts.
Mr. Arden's three accounts.
Aug. 10. Mr. Turnor's warrant for privy seal, 500l. per an. Ibid.
Aug. 12. Earl of Sunderland, 1 docquet.
Sir Ste. Fox. 1 docquet.
For tallies for Sir Edm. Windham et al. on Law duty forfeitures.
Ibid, p. 109.
Aug. 15. Mr. Osborne for prize goods, one docquet.
Mr. Staly's interest account.
Dr. Chamberline's interest account.
Sir Edw. Griffin's interest account.
Commissioners and Receivers of Excise, interest account.
Aug. 17. Daniel Hawkins to be waiter and searcher at Newhaven.
Sir Tho. Engham, 155l. as Governor of Walmer Castle.
To take sheriffs into custody.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, pp. 109-10.
King's warrant to the Earl of Ranelagh to pay 4,128l. received in Ireland to Mr. Bertie without deduction for exchange.
Same for a grant of 2.000l. per an. to trustees for the Earl and Countess of Lichfield.
Same for paying 240l. 16s. to Sir Cha. Harbord to be paid over to Mris. Bigs, etc., for land.
Same to Mr. Bertie to pay the 4,128l. to Dr. Taylor.
Joddrell's privy seal for digging for stone, etc., in his copyhold.
Ibid, p. 110.
Aug. 20. Mr. Kingdon : 90,000l., vizt., 40,000l. out of loans and 50,000l. out of the remaine of 206[,462l. 17s. 3d.]. Ibid.
Aug. 22. Mr. Fillingham, secret service, 1 docquet.
Mr. Turnor, 500l. per an. pension, 1 docquet.
Mr. Savage for Mr. Bell's fine, 1 docquet.
Aug. 26. Mr. Kent's interest account. Ibid, p. 111.
Aug. 29. 4 horses brought out of Germany for the King by Mr. Carline. Ibid.
Sept. 2. Windsor. Sir Walter St. John for Lady Litchfeild.
Mr. Bertie's tally for 3,000l. for [the] Lord Mayor [of London] to be paid by tobacco bonds.
Earl of Sunderland's order for 2,800l. underwrit on Customs.
Mr. Green to pay Mr. Lynn 60l. for making the books of arrears.
Mr. Calbeck to be weighing porter on the next vacancy.
Sept. 5. A commission to Mr. Charles Goodwyn to be receiver of Sussex of the tax of 619,388l. 11s. 9d. for disbanding the Army, &c. Ibid.
Sept. 9. Mr. Mountagu's goods from France.
Sir Wm. Dyer, discharged of Bart. [fee].
Sir Fra. Edw[ards], discharge of Bart. [fee].
King's warrant for a reversionary lease of the wood farm after Lord Yarmouth.
Ibid, p. 112.
Sept. 10. Half a year for twenty falconers, detailed [ut supra, p. 1116]. Ibid.
Sept. 16. Bishop of Exeter docquet. Ibid, p. 113.
Sept. 17. Mr. Langley's commission and warrant for security to be receiver of the [Eighteen Months' Assessment] for the county of Worcester. Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 113.
Sept. 23. Sir Christopher Musgrave. 2 docquets.
Mr. Biggs, 240l. 16s. 0d. payable to Sir Chas. Harbord.
French Ambassador for gloves, &c.
Mr. Sidney Godolphin, blank on his pension as Page of Honour.
Process ad computandum against Toby Humfryes.
Ibid, p. 114.
Sept. 28. Mr. Segar, etc., to be paid for journey to Windsor.
To draw orders for 2,400l. to Mr. Fillingham, secret service.
Lord St. Albans : King's warrant to the Queen's trustees to make a further grant to him.
King's warrant for a grant of 1,000l. per an. to Mr. Paston.
Same for a privy seal to pay the Commissioners of the Excise 200,000l, out of the 412,925l. 14s. 6d.
Same for a same to pay Mr. Griffin 3,364l. 4s. 4d. and 1,647l. 19s. 5d. interest.
Same for Sir Wm. Warren, bills to be paid.
Oct. 3. Mr. Bertie's order of 20,000l. dated 28 Sept., 1678, underwrit for 3,200l. to be paid out of imprest money repaid.
Sir Peter Wych, 3l. per diem as Resident at Hamborough, 1 docquet.
King's warrant for the Earl of Bristol's executors to be discharged of arrear of rent.
Same for a reversionary lease of the manor of St. James's for 99 years after the estate in being.
Same for a privy seal for Sir Sam. Moreland for 900l. disbursed.
Earl of Ossory's equipage to be imported.
Sir Ste. Fox, 500l. for a quarter at Michaelmas, 1678, [for the] Earl of Litchfeild.
Dr. Taylor, 350l. for one quarter due at Michaelmas, 1678.
Sergeant Beck for a lease of tolls of Knighton.
Sir William Temple, order of 1,300l. entertainment per tallies on [Richard] Kent.
Ibid, p. 115.
Oct. 5. Mr. Bertie's order for 20,000l. underwrit for 1,936l. 11s. 3d. on Customs.
Lady Stepney, blank on her pension of 200l. per an.
Sir Edw. Wood's order of 910l. for extraordinaries underwrit on Customs.
Ibid, p. 116.
Oct, 8. Mr. Rookes, commission and warrant as Receiver of : Kent [for the Eighteen Months' Assessment]. Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 116.
Oct. 10. To pay the Victuallers of the Navy 6 per cent, interest and 2 per cent, gratuity for money assigned on the Eighteen Months' Assessment, being 44,273l. 12s. 3½d.
Sir Rich. Bulstrode's order of 227l. 10s. 0d. entertainment underwrit on Customs.
Sir Wm. Godolphin, 3,242l. entertainment and extraordinaries underwrit on ditto.
Sir John Lawson's daughters : blank.
Ibid, pp. 116-7.
Oct. 12. Warrant to pay the outports.
Sir Edw. Griffin for interest money, 1 docquet.
Mr. Meredith's order for 300l. underwrit on Customs.
Mr. Secretary Coventry, order of 3,000l. underwrit on ditto.
Mr. Skelton's order of 455l. for entertainment underwrit on ditto.
The ship Diligence discharged.
For exporting some Turkey goods.
Sir Tho. Skip with discharged of Bart. [fee].
Mr. Fillingham's order of 2,400l. secret service underwrit on the Duchy of Cornwall.
Ibid, p. 117.
Oct. 16. Mris. Samson and Mris. Hurford, 2 docquets.
Eight Gentlemen and 12 Grooms of the Bedchamber, detailed ut supra, p. 1141.
Receivers of the Excise for orders for 200,000l. on the New Tax.
Sir Sam. Moreland for orders for 900l.
Ibid, p. 118.
Oct. 18. Mr. Peak to be weighing porter loco Cother.
Mr. Pilkington : 17l. 17s. 3d. which he overpaid on wood ashes.
To discharge the ship Hopewell.
Wm. Talman, King's waiter, for his salary : dormant.
Mr. Peters for a bale of camletts.
Ibid, p. 119.
Oct. 19. Prince Rupert for the house and garden at Windsor, 2 docquets.
East India Company's King's warrant for 30,000l. in money and 20,000l. in saltpetre.
King's warrant for the Earl of Ranelagh to pay 1,000l. per month for Windsor : ditto for ditto to return 5,000l. out of Ireland to Mr. Bertie.
King's warrant for Mr. Bertie to pay 5,000l. to Dr. Taylor.
Oct. 25. Delivered to Sam Langford 18 receivers' commissions and 22 warrants [for the Eighteen Months' Assessment]. Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 120.
Oct. 27. Warrants signed from my Lord Treasurer and delivered to Sam. Langford, vizt. :
Underwritten on an order for Sir John Paul, 546l.
The like for Sir Wm. Swan, 546l.
Mr. May to pay money only for the works at Windsor.
Executors of Lord Bristol to discharge arrears of rent.
Mr. Bertie, 1,000l. per tobacco bonds,
Lord Alington, 125l.
Oct. 30. Earl of Kinoul's heirs, 250l.
Patent officers of outports' salary.
Ibid, p. 121.
Nov. 3. King's warrant for St. Paul's Church and Windsor Works to share a moiety of the Greenwax money etc. Ibid.
Nov. 5. Sir Edw. Griffin to draw orders for 5,012l. 3s. 9d. due on two interest accounts.
Doorkeepers of the House of Peers, 100l.
Lord Alington, 125l
Mr. Fillingham to deliver tallies to — for 2,400l.
Reference : Antho. Vernatty for a lease of concealed lands.
The like on a warrant for Roger Pope for arrears co. Salop.
The like on a petition of Wm. Williams about arrears in Wales, no fees to be taken per order.
Ibid, p. 122.
Nov. 7. John Holland to be collector at Yarmouth instead of John Dawson, deceased.
For Mr. Savile and Mr. Guy for 125l. apiece per tallies on Customs, in lieu of the 2 warrants they had for their quarter as Grooms of the Bedchamber.
For passing the account of Sir John Shaw and partners as collectors of the New Impost for one year and ¼
Account of Mr. Kingdon for money borrowed for the Forces for a year ended 1st Jan., 1676-7.
Nov. 11. King's warrant for Mr. Rowe and partners for their contract for the Hearthmoney.
Same for a patent for 500l. per an. to Judge Twisden.
Warrant for the Foreign Apposer, 40l.
Ibid, p. 123.
Nov. 12. Reference : Mr. John Tailor for a stewardship in Cheshire.
Same on a petition of Serjeant Topham for lands in Eton.
Nov. 15. Warrant for striking tallies on Mr. Kent for the quarter to be paid to all the Gentlemen and Grooms of the Bedchamber payable in the Exchequer.
To issue a commission to Mr. Fanshaw et al. to enquire about prizes.
For Mr. Staggins, Master of the Music, on his fee.
A warrant for a lease to Richard Lansdowne of coalmines in Stratton upon Fosse.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, pp. 123-4.
Nov. 18. Reference on a petition of Nich. Saunders. Ibid, p. 124.
Nov. 19. To discharge Alderman Backwel of 100l. paid for redeeming prisoners in Holland.
Underwritten for 2.863l. 8s. 9d. on Mr. Bertie's order for secret service per tally on Rowe and partners.
Same on an order for Sir M. Westcombe, 364l. per tally on the Customs.
Letter to Chief Justice Scroggs to change the officer of the Law duty in King's Bench Court.
Lady Howard of Escreeke for 500l. per an., 2 docquets. Warrant : Earl of Suffolk, 250l.
King's warrant for a lease of Exmoor Forest to Lord Arundel of Trerice.
Same for 62l. per an. to Manning and Sweet to plant 500 oaks yearly in New Forest.
Same for John Warner, Master of the Barges, 75l. 4s. 9d. for interest moneys.
Same for a lease to Lady Crofts of houses and buildings in Old Spring Garden.
Ibid, pp. 124-5.
Nov. 20. 2 docquets for East India Company's loan of 30,000l. in money and 20,000l. in saltpetre. Ibid, p. 125.
Nov. 21. Reference on a petition of Henry Pomfrett. Ibid.
Nov. 22. Warrants : 25l. for one year perpetuity to the Cathedral Church of Lichfield.
Thomas Carpenter to be searcher at Gravesend.
Dormant warrant : 30l. per an. for the minister of Lostwithiel.
Nov. 27. Transcript of a lease to Mr. Thomas Windham of ground in the Court.
Chief Justice Scroggs to have such allowance of paper, etc., as Lord Chief Baron has.
For allowing 160l. to the fishermen of Yarmouth.
Earl of Carlisle, 106l. as Governor of Carlisle, on his fee.
Col. Villiers, 173l. on his fee as Governor of Falmouth : ditto upon his fee as Keeper of Richmond Park : blank.
Serjeant Topham on his fee as Serjeant : blank.
Underwritten on an order for the Stables 4,795l. per tally on the Hearthmoney.
Same on an order on the Customs 389l for Mr. John Brisbane.
Same on an order 150l. for Mr. Baker, Consul of Tripoli.
1 docquet : Mr. Chiffinch for 100l. per an. for the Keeper of Greenwich Park.
2 docquets for 500l. per an. to Mr. Justice Twisden.
1 docquet for Manning and Sweet to plant in New Forest.
1 docquet for Mons. Wylenbourch, Keeper of Pictures.
Reference to the Commissioners of Customs on an order of Lord Mayor relating to proposals made by one Phripp about measuring keels.
Ibid, pp. 125-6.
Nov. 29. To Mr. Kent to repay 50,000l. with interest to the East India Company.
Williams and Hopkins to seize goods.
Transcript [of a lease] on an outlawry for Wm. Laundrey, co. Lincoln.
Reference on an interest account of Mr. Kent.
Ditto on a petition of Mr. Kymer.
Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 127.
Nov. 30. Underwritten on an order of the Ordnance, 20,000l. per tally on Customs to pay for the saltpetre. Ibid.
Dec. 2. 2 docquets : Rowe et al. to be Managers of the Hearthmoney.
Michael Hancock, yeoman pricker, 40l.
Arthur Nicolson to be tidesman in fee.
Robert Isacks to be watchman instead of John Boone.
Mr. Dryden, ... on his fee of 200l. per an. blank : ditto ... on his pension of 100l. per an. blank.
Mr. Warner, 75l. for interest.
Transcript of a lease to Tho. Turner for Sir Roger Bradshaw of tenements in Suffolk and Cambridge of Nicho. Coats.
Dec. 4. John Sandford to be a landwaiter in reversion.
Mr. Staply, 237l. 3s.
Dec. 6. King's warrant for a privy seal for 2,000l. to Lady Silvius.
Same for a grant to Mr. Stephens of an auditorship in reversion.
King's warrant for a, new privy seal for 20,000l. to Cha. Bertie for secret service.
Sir Tho. Clutterbuck for landing goods belonging to his household from Leghorn Customs free.
Lord Fauconberg : creation money : blank.
Report on the petition of Major Brett.
Ibid, p. 128.
Dec. 7. Reference on an account of Alderman Backwell. Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 128.
Dec. 10. Robert Harwar to be collector at Beaumaris.
Warrant : 875l. for secret service on Mr. Bertie's privy seal per tally on the Hearthmoney.
Sir Thomas Morgan, 535l. 1s. 6d. the King's share of the Elizabeth, 1 docquet.
Mr. Bertie's 20,000l. secret service, 1 docquet.
Ibid, p. 129.
Dec. 11. Reference on Sir John Lowther on a petition. Ibid.
Dec. 13. Prince of Orange for 40,000l. : King's warrant.
Sir Leo Jenkins, 1,300l. on his entertainment.
For raising 200l. by dotards to build huts at Portsmouth.
Lord Mountagu to transport 8 horses.
2 docquets : Lord Arundel for Exmoor Forest.
Excise Managers for their 30,000l. and interest, 2 docquets.
Treasurer of the Navy, 20,000l., 1 docquet.
King's warrant for a new privy seal for 10,000l. to the Jewel House.
Ibid, pp. 129-30.
Dec. 15. Mr. Bertie, 20,000l. for secret service.
Navy : to draw orders for 200,000l.
Ibid, p. 130.
Dec. 21. An order underwritten for Sir Edw. Griffin on Hearthmoney.
Warrant for 18,590l. for the new raised Forces.
Dec. 28. 2 docquets : Mr. Stephens reversion on the Auditors.
1 docquet : Sir Robt. Vinar 10,000l. for plate.
Warrant underwritten on an order of Council to import import [sic for export] iron ordnance for 5s. per ton.
1678-9. Jan. 2. Fiat for Wm. Hayman to be searcher at Bridgwater. Mr. Bertie's fee [hereon] not to be paid ; per order. Ibid, p. 131.
Jan. 7. King's warrant for a privy seal for assigning Mr. Tho. Chapman's bonds to Roger Chapman.
Same for a same for allowing Kingdon's payments made by the Lord General's warrants.
King's warrant for a reversion to Mr. Dereham of the Controllership of Lynn.
Warrant for Sir Tho. Morgan for tallies for the King's share of the Elizabeth.
Jan. 8. Lord Latimer and Col. Milward on their sign manual. Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 131.
Jan. 9. Reference on a petition of Wm. Legg.
Warrant for a particular of Goddard's estate, for Mr. Legouch.
Mr. Vanderhoven's ship Friendship to be registered as free.
King's warrant : Bevis Lloyd's debt to be installed and paid to Sir John Hanmer.
Same : Mr. Kent to be Receiver General of Customs.
Jan. 10. Same for Henry Dering to be Chief Clerk to the Trustees for Fee Farms.
Warrant for the Victuallers 2,800l. on [Richard] Kent and 5,000l. on Hearthmoney.
Prince of Orange, 40,000l.
Forces, 18,590l.
Ibid, p. 132.
Jan. 16. 1 docquet for Mr. Nicho. Dering.
1 docquet for Bevis Lloyd.
Jan. 18. King's warrant : Richard Fownes' reversion of stewardship in Somersetshire per Ld. Hawley.
Same : David Wood 250l. out of money given to popish uses.
Same for renewing the Commission of Appeals inserting Mr. Madocks.
King's letter to Col. Stapleton for observance of the Plantation laws.
King's warrant for a new privy seal for 100,000l. for the Household.
2 docquets : Chamberlain et al. perpetual interests.
1 docquet : Paymaster of the Forces of allowances on his accounts.
Ibid, pp. 132-3.
Warrant for reprisals of rents for Mr. Bucknal.
Mr. Bertie et al. to inspect the payments to be made to Barbados soldiers.
Mr. Segar, 50l. 6s.
Ibid, p. 133.
Jan. 23. Mr. Ramsey for prosecuting law suits.
Warrant for — to be collector at Poole.
Navy : 3,000l. per tallies on Hearthmoney.
Jan. 25. Reference on the petition of Francis Dacket. Entry Book of Signed Warrants, p. 133.
Jan. 27. King's warrant : Thomas Raban to be an auditor in reversion.
Sign manual for Mr. Guy to pay 1,283l. to Wm. Berrington.
1 docquet : Roger Chapman for an assignment of his brother's securities.
1 docquet : David Wood 250l.
1 docquet : the Cofferer 100,000l. on account for the Household.
Ibid, p. 134.
Jan. 28. King's warrant : Sir John Robinson for Tower expences. Ibid.
Jan. 31. Same : John Godwin to be Surveyor of Victuals.
Reference : Sir Timo. Tirrel.
King's warrant : Mr. John Laurence to detain tallies to pay himself a debt.
Same for the collectorship of the petty Customs to Mr. Phillip Herbert's trustees.
Thos. Payn, Serjeant-at-Arms — on his salary.
Mr. Prideaux, 30l.
Feb. 1. Reference on a petition of Sir Richard Pigot et al.
Same on an interest account of Sir John James, etc.
2 docquets for Richd. Kent to be Receiver General of Customs.
2 docquets : Lady Crofts for a lease in Old Spring Garden.
Reference on a petition of George Browning to Sir Charles Harbord.
Ibid, p. 135.


  • 1. The nature of the present record is simply that of a diary or note book in which the Secretary of the Treasury kept a precis of all warrants or orders signed at the Treasury day by day. All the items therefore ought to occur consistently in the present Calendar. But this is by no means the case. Many items duplicate with the entries under the same date either in the text matter (pp. 431 seq. supra) or in the tabular matter (pp. 572 seq. supra). Such duplicate entries when they occur on the same day are here omitted. The existence of the remaining items which do not so duplicate proves that either an Order Book or a General Money Book (probably the former), for the period covered by this Entry Book, has disappeared.