Entry Book: July 1681, 4-9

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 7, 1681-1685. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1916.

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July 1681

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
July 4. Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for tallies of pro or assignment for 35,000l. to be levied on the Hereditary excise and to be issued to Nathaniell Hornby, of London, goldsmith, in repayment of the like sum by him lent into the Exchequer, viz. 15,000l. and 5,000l. paid in by him June 14 last and 15,000l. on June 27 last. The said Hornby to first deliver up to be cancelled the tallies of loans for his said three payments. Further, the great seal of 1677, April 30, granted to Joseph Hornby, of London, goldsmith, his heirs and assigns for ever (in satisfaction of a debt due to him from the King), the yearly rent of 1,352l. 17s. 10d. out of the Hereditary Excise. It is hereby directed that on the said Joseph Hornby surrendering the sum of 600l. per an. in part of the said 1,352l. 17s. 10d. per an. tallies of pro or assignment for 10,000l. are to be levied on the Hereditary Excise for the said Joseph Hornby in consideration of the said surrender. Further, it is hereby agreed and declared that all the said tallies are to be satisfied out of the said Excise by 1,000l. a week, the first payment to be made April 1 next, and the Excise Commissioners and Farmers are hereby directed to pay same accordingly, notwithstanding any other charge, incumbrance or anticipation on the said revenue. Finally 6 per cent. per an. interest is hereby to be paid to said Nathaniel Hornby on said 35,000l. and a gratuity or reward of 2 per cent. more for 15,000l. part thereof from June 24 last until it be satisfied; and 6 per cent. interest to said Joseph Hornby on said 10,000l. from June 24 last until the payment thereof. [The great seal hereon is dated July 13.] King's Warrant Book VIII, pp. 191–3.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal to release, discharge and acquit Tho. Blagrave, his heirs, etc. his and their lands, goods, etc. from the several debts of 25,475l. 12s. 11d. and 22,405l. 15s. 10d. (or 47,881l. 8s. 9d. in all) owing to the King under the agreement indented under the great seal dated 1668, Aug. 18, between the King of the one part and John Wadlow, Thomas Coates, John Billingsley, John Saier, Richard Kensey, Thomas Blagrave, John Henderson, Tho. Dyos, William Hargrave and Richard Dormer of the other by which in consideration of 300,000l. to be paid by them they were to receive all the money arising by the [First Wine] Act of 20 Car. II. or the [Second Wine] Act of 22 Car. II. or one of them, upon the credit of which Acts or one of them said 300,000l. was to be paid: "which [moneys of the said First Wine Act] they received accordingly, but failed to perform their part of the said agreement," whereupon the Attorney General in 1669, Michaelmas term, exhibited an English bill in the Exchequer against said Wadlow, Hargrave, Saier, Henderson, Kensey, Billingsley, Dyos, Blagrave, Dermer and other defendants for an account of the money received by them upon the said Acts, to which bill they put in their answers, and upon hearing were ordered to account for all such moneys as had been so received by them: and upon the stating of the said account it appeared that there remained in their hands 25,475l. 12s. 11d. due to the King besides 22,405l. 15s. 10d. which they craved to be allowed for orders charged upon the said Act which they pretended to have satisfied and were ready to be delivered into the Exchequer to be cancelled: but as the same were never brought in, the Exchequer Court decreed that said defendants should be charged therewith, so that all and every the said persons were charged with both the said sums. Ibid, pp. 194–8.
The present release is granted on the petition of said Blagrave, ut supra, p. 118.
July 4. Royal sign manual for 75l. 4s. 9d. to John Warner, Master of the King's Barges, for 6 per cent. interest for one year to Sept. 29 last on 1,254l. due to him on an order No. 781 registered on the Hearthmoney for [the purchase price of] two houses at Greenwich which the King purchased of him. (Money warrant dated July 6 hereon. Money order dated July 9 hereon.) King's Warrant Book VIII, p. 198. Money Book III, p. 100. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 230.
Treasury reference to Philip Burton of the petition of Jon. Sewall, gent. referring to his previous petition which the Treasury Lords deferred reporting on till the King's Bench had set the fine therein referred to. Said Court has now set the fine to 100l., on which an execution is taken forth. Besides the damage from Wade's false prosecution petitioner has expended 100l. in the prosecution. Prays a grant of the said fine. Reference Book I, p. 297.
Hereon said Burton is to certify whether the said fine is within Mr. Bromskill's receipt of the Greenwax.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 591l. 12s. 0d. to Visct. Falkland out of the loans made by Mr. Hornby. Disposition Book II, p. 79.
Same to the Navy Commissioners to apply the above-said 591l. 12s. 0d. to discharge a bill of Samuel Lake, master and part owner of the Prudent Mary for freight to Tangier, which bill was for 1,029l. 2s. 0d., whereof 437l. 10s. 0d. was imprested, leaving said 591l. 12s. 0d. due thereon. Ibid.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of Mr. Hornby's loans: viz. to Mr. Hewer 4,227l. 4s. 9d. as follows: Ibid, p. 80.
l. s. d.
for the Victuallers of Tangier 2,259 0 0
for bills of exchange 1,816 4 9
for Cornet Windham 87 0 0
for James Stuart 20 0 0
for And. Arbuthnett 17 0 0
for William White 14 0 0
for John Bell 14 0 0
And 4,000l. to the Treasurer of the Ordnance (1,500l. thereof to be for beds and match); and 455l. to Visct. Bodmin on his ordinary. (Same to the Ordnance Commissioners to apply 2,500l. of above-said 4,000l. for the ordinary of the Ordnance Office and the remaining 1,500l. for match for Sir William Pritchard and for beds for the Mews.)
Same to Sir Jon. Nicholas to inform the Treasury Lords whether the Committee of Council for the Affairs of Tangier have not taken into consideration the allowing 40l. a man [as the price] for redeeming the captives taken at Sallee out of the charity money raised by [royal] briefs and what order is made thereupon. The Treasury Lords desire a copy of the order of Council for them to take care of the whole number of captives. Out Letters (General) VI, p. 270.
July 4. Henry Guy to Mr. Burton to forthwith pay Mr. Bolron the residue of his money remaining in your hands of the 70l. received by you for him and Mr. Mowbray. Take a recognisance from Bolron that he attend at York assizes next to give evidence on his Majesty's behalf against Sir Miles Stapleton and others there to be tried. The Treasury Lords specially direct that you serve Bolron and Mowbray with subpœnas to attend at the trials. Out Letters (General) VI, p. 271.
Money order for 150l. to Visct. Grandison, Edward Villiers and Elianor Villiers, executors of Dame Barbara Villiers, for 1681, June 24 quarter, on his 600l. per an. out of the Coinage money. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 228.
July 5. Treasury warrant to the two Chamberlains of the Exchequer or their deputies, the Auditor of the Receipt, the Clerk of the Pells, et al. to take in and vacate the tally struck 1677, Sept. 28, for 1,000l. to P. Packer for the Works (being struck upon said Packer himself on the purchase money which he agreed to pay for 71l. 13s. 5¾d. per an. of fee farm rents pursuant to the privy seal of 1672, July 22); and in lieu thereof to levy and deliver to said Packer two tallies of the same date struck upon himself for the sums of 223l. 1s. 0½d. and 776l. 18s. 11 ½d.; all by reason that on his proceeding to perfect his contract with the Fee Farm Trustees it appears that the same cannot be effected according to the powers and directions given to said Trustees unless the said tally be split into two sums as above; only the former of the said two sums being applicable to the perfecting of the contract upon the said privy seal. Warrants not Relating to Money VIII, p. 354.
Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the petition of the Royal Africa Company to the King, ut supra, p. 92, praying liberty to export 5,000lb. weight of cruell to the North of Guinea as granted formerly by order in Council dated 1669–70. Feb. 4. We transmitted said petition to the Customs Commissioners and submit to your Majesty their report thereon. Ibid, p. 355.
Prefixing: said report dated June 22 from the Customs Commissioners to the Treasury Lords. The Acts of 12 and 14 Car. II. against the exportation of wool prohibit the export of all woollen yarn. The Act of 33 Hy. VIII, made perpetual by 1 Edw. VI. imposes a penalty of 40s. per lb. of worsted yarn not wrought or made into cloth, if exported, being spun and made within this realm. We have consulted with the searchers of London port whether cruell be to be understood to be yarn under any of these qualifications. They seemed to be doubtful therein in regard several manufactures as stuffs, stockings, lace and fringes, etc. are and may be made thereof. We are credibly informed that no manufacture [of cloth] is made [out] of cruell in those parts [of North Guinea], so that the proposed export will be no prejudice to the manufacture of England.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to forthwith issue process of extent against Jon. Basier, Receiver General of the late assessments in cos. Northumberland, Durham, Cumberland and Westmorland, who is considerably in arrear upon the Eighteen Months' Assessment and Six Months' Assessment for said counties; and likewise against Mansell Stradling as late Receiver for the said Eighteen Months' Assessment for South Wales and co. Monmouth, he being much in arrear on that tax. Likewise to issue scire facias against their respective securities. Ibid, p. 356.
July 5. Treasury reference to Richard Graham and P. Burton of the petition of Robert Lee, gent. praying to be made Receiver General of the forfeitures of Popish Recusants in cos. Norfolk, Suffolk, Huntingdon and Cambridge loco Major Clerke, deceased. Reference Book I, p. 298.
Same to [Mr. Agar, one of] the Surveyors General of Woods, of the petition of Abraham Clarke of Flaxley, praying the Treasury Lords to direct a survey of Abbots Wood in Dean Forest. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Hughes Howell for a tidesman's place, London port. Ibid.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue, out of Wine Licence money now remaining in the Exchequer, 270l. to me [Guy] for secret service and 50l. to Lady Sanderson. Disposition Book II, p. 81.
Same to same to issue as follows out of such Excise money as is directed to be this week paid into the Exchequer, viz.: Ibid, p. 83.
to Mr. Johnson for the Forces 2,000
ditto for off-reckonings 2,000
to me [Guy] for secret service 200
to the Cofferer of the Household 1,000
Same to the Navy Commissioners. The Treasury Lords have considered how the 1,000l. which they have lately directed to the Navy Treasurer for the service of the new ships might be so applied, with respect to regularity in payment, [as] to put the three ships at Deptford, Woolwich and Portsmouth into such a forwardness as to be launched this summer. They wish it issued in satisfaction of bills in course entered and numbered in the Navy Office, "which their Lordships conceive will gain you such credit with the merchants that usually deal with the Navy that they will furnish his Majesty with materials for those three ships such as shall be necessary for putting them into the water. But if any materials shall be wanting which such credit cannot furnish, in such case their Lordships desire you to employ so much of the 1,000l. in those materials for which you cannot find such credit." Out Letters (General) VI, p. 271.
Same to same. The abovesaid 1,000l. is to be applied with respect to regularity in payments in course upon account of the [Act for the] thirty new ships. Ibid, p. 272.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to hear the complaints of Capt. Jon. Baines against Adrian Collis, one of the tidesmen of London port. Ibid.
Money warrant for 97l. 6s. 8d. to Sir Thomas Daniel, Captain of his Majesty's forts at Dover, for one year to 1679, Sept. 29, on [his] fee of 16d. a day and 8d. a day each for pay of four gunners and two soldiers. Money Book III, p 95
July 5. Money warrant for 37l. 10s. 0d. to Jon. Sayer for 1679, Sept. 29 quarter, on his fee as his Majesty's master cook. Money Book III, p. 95.
Same for 27l. 4s. 2d. to Anthony Segar, whereof 17l. 4s. 2d. is for disbursements for the Treasury Office for 1681, June 24 quarter, and the remaining 10l. is for same quarter's salary for attendance on the Treasury Lords. (Money order dated July 6 hereon.) Ibid, p. 96. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 230.
Same for 576l. 12s. 0d. to John Chetwind, esq. yeoman of his Majesty's Horse, whereof 176l. 12s. 0d. is for so much by him expended over and above the 1,000l. for buying of horses for his Majesty's particular use as by an account thereof attested by Sir Stephen Fox, Sir Richard Mason and Thomas Windham, three of the Commissioners for executing the Office of Master of the Horse; and the remaining 400l. to be as imprest towards the said service for the year beginning May 1 last. (Money order dated July 7 hereon.) Money Book III, p. 96. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 231.
Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt [sic for to the Customs Cashier] to pay 15l. 3s. 4d. to John Langwith for last June 24 quarter on his 3s. 4d. a day for his service as messenger appointed to attend the affairs of the Customs. Money Book III, p. 96.
Treasury allowance of said Langwith's bill for same quarter for his attendance upon the Treasury Lords, viz. 15l. 3s. 4d. for 91 days at 3s. 4d. per day. Ibid, p. 97.
Treasury warrant to the Treasurer's Remembrancer in the Exchequer and to the Clerk of the Pipe and Comptroller of the Pipe to make allowance to James Pitt (in his account as sheriff of co. Worcester for the year ended 1680, Sept. 29) of the two sums of 20l. disbursed by him for the expense of juries, messengers, bailiffs, witnesses and the like in the execution of his Majesty's process against Popish Recusants and 13l. 4s. 0d. for petitioner's fees at 12d. per £ for levying 264l. 8s. 0d.: it appearing from the petition of Tho. Astley, gent, undersheriff of said sheriff, that he did find by inquisitions filed in the Exchequer several estates of the said Recusants before Mr. Langley was appointed Receiver of Recusants' Forfeitures for said county, and that he has levied thereon said sum of 264l. 8s. 0d. Ibid.
Money warrant for 375l. to John, Earl of Radnor, President of the Privy Council, for last June 24 quarter on his allowance of 1,000l. per an. in lieu of diet (10 dishes of meat) formerly allowed to the Lord President of said Council and upon his allowance of 500l. per an. as royal bounty. (Money order dated July 6 hereon.) Ibid, p. 98. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 229.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to direct the Collectors of the outports to pay last June 24 quarter's salary bill of the outports. (Total, 3,462l. 7s. 2d.) Money Book III, p. 98.
Money warrant for 1,800l. to John Birch, Treasurer of the Indigent Officers, for the use and behoof of the said officers to be distributed amongst them in accordance with the provisions of the respective Acts of Parliament relating to the distribution of 60,000l. granted to them; all as by the privy seal of June 22nd ult. ut supra, pp. 183–4. Same is to be satisfied out of the like sum now remaining in the Exchequer paid in by Roger Jackson and Robert Chappell, gent. upon the account of William Broxholme, ut supra, ibid. (Money order dated July 9 hereon.) Ibid, pp. 98–9. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 230.
July 5. Money warrant for 26l. 13s. 4d. to Walter Bridall for two years to 1662, Sept. 29, on his fee of 20 marks per an. as Clerk of the Jewel House. Money Book III, p. 99.
The Treasury Lords to the Master of the Rolls. About a year since the Chancellor of the Exchequer wrote to you that the Clerks of the Petty Bag had not for 16 years then last past made transcripts of any grants which had passed the great seal, whereon moneys or rents have been payable or reserved to his Majesty, although by ancient usage such transcript ought to have been made and transmitted yearly to the Treasurer's Remembrancer of the Exchequer: and he desired you to give effectual order to the said Clerks to perform their duty in that particular. Notwithstanding the said letter no such transcripts have been sent to the said Remembrancer. By reason hereof great prejudice has happened to his Majesty, as in particular "there is a great arrear of rent due to his Majesty upon the grant of the French tunnage in England and Ireland made in December, 1675, to Sir William Bucknall and Robert Huntington. And no rent has been answered to the King upon the grant of Carolina in America made to the late Earl of Clarendon and others." Neither of these rents can be put in charge in order to their recovery until transcripts of the said grants be sent into the Exchequer. You are hereby to give effectual order to the said Clerks of the Petty Bag to make transcripts of all the grants of the said nature which have already passed the great seal and which have not been formerly transcribed and to transmit them to the said Remembrancer with all expedition and to hereafter make and transmit transcripts of all such grants. Out Letters (General) VI p. 278.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to order the Customs Cashier to pay 11l. 4s. 0d. to John Brewer, collector of Hythe port, for his charges and expenses occasioned by the riot which was committed upon him by Thomas Bomly, et al. on the 1st of July, 1680. Money Book III. p. 102.
July 6. Entry of the Treasury Lords' signature of an in custodiam lease under the Exchequer seal to Richard Brudnell of divers lands in Foston and elsewhere, co. Leicester, parcel of the lands of John Hanbury, outlaw: at a rent of 11s. 0½d. per an. and fine of 22s. 1d. Warrants not Relating to Money VIII. p. 356.
The like of a similar lease to William Booth by of divers lands in co. Leicester, belonging to the said John Hanbury, outlaw: at a rent of 13s. 8d. [13s. 5d.] per an. and fine of 26s. 10d. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to Tho. Agar and Charles Strode, Surveyors General of Woods Trent South, to fall old decayed oaks and beeches within Dean Forest sufficient to raise 210l. for the salaries of the keepers and other officers of said forest for the year ended Lady day last. The timber to be sold and the proceeds to be paid to Henry, Marquis of Worcester, Warden of said forest. An account hereof to be rendered to the Auditor for co. Gloucester. Ibid.
July 6. Treasury reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Sir John Hendon for a new lease of the hundreds of Cranbrook, Berkeley, Blackbourne, Selbrittenden, Rolvenden and Barnfeild, in co. Kent, of which he has a grant at the rent of 30s. per an. and 10s. de incremento for 21 years, of which two years are yet to run. Reference Book I, p. 301.
[?] Same to Sir Richard Mason, Barth. Fillingham and Mr. Ramsey (on a reference from the King dated Windsor, May 9 last) of the petition of Roger Pope, esq. shewing that he became surety for Robt. Cresset, Receiver General for co. Salop (who became indebted to the King in 2,500l. through the frauds and defaults of persons employed under him) and praying that the [said obligation or surety bond] debt may be discharged as in lieu of a promise of reward which the King made for petitioner's discovery of several great sums in arrear [due to the King] from the Lord Lieutenants and Deputy Lieutenants [under the Act for the Militia money] raised by the Act of 13 and 14 Car. II. Ibid.
July 6. Henry Guy to the Navy Commissioners to apply as follows the 6,452l. 3s. 3d. which the Treasury Lords have directed to be issued to the Treasurer of the Navy: viz.: Disposition Book II, p. 79.
l. s. d.
for the Victuallers on their monthly payment 4,000 0 0
for John Wilmot for freight to Tangier 269 7 2
for Robert Cole for the like 150 0 0
for stores for Capt. Herbert's fleet in the Mediterranean 1,000 0 0
for stores to fit ships abroad 1,032 16 1
£6,452 3 3
[?] Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue abovesaid 6,452l. 3s. 3d. to the present Treasurer of the Navy out of loans made by Mr. Hornby: for the uses as above. Ibid, p. 80.
July 6. Same to Visct. Falkland, Treasurer of the Navy, to apply as follows the 2,373l. 9s. 4d. and 591l. 12s. 0d. which the Treasury Lords have directed to be issued to you, viz.: Ibid, p. 81.
l. s. d.
for stores for Vice-Admiral Herbert 1,000 0 0
for the new ships 1,000 0 0
for Capt. Tennant 240 0 0
for Capt. Wyburne 133 9 4
for Sam. Lake, master and part owner of the ship Prudent Mary, [as in] full of 1,029l. 2s. 0d. for freight to Tangier, imprests abated 591 12 0
£2,965 1 4
Money warrant for 100l. to Henry, Duke of Newcastle, for one year to Christmas, 1680, on his fee as Chief Justice in Eyre beyond Trent. Money Book III. p. 99.
July 6. Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 241l. 13s. 4d. to Sir John Shaw for 1680, Christmas quarter, on his salaries of 466l. 13s. 4d. per an. as collector inwards, London port, and 500l. per an. as Surveyor of the Navigation Act. Money Book III, p. 100.
Money warrant for 150l. to Marmaduke Darcy for half a year to 1680, Sept. 29, on his fee as Surveyor of the Great Wardrobe. Ibid, pp. 100–1.
Same for 150l. to Andrew Newport for same half year on his fee as Comptroller of the Great Wardrobe. Ibid, p. 101.
Same for 1,222l. 15s. 0d. to Nicholas Johnson, Receiver and Paymaster of the Forces, as imprest, to be by him paid over to the Lieutenant of the Castle of Dover for one year's pay due at Michaelmas, 1678, to the captains, officers and soldiers of Arcliffe Bulwark, Motes Bulwark and of Dover, Sandown, Deal, Sandgate and Walmer Castles. (Money order dated July 9 hereon.) Ibid, pp. 101–2. Order Book XXXVIII. p. 232.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 50l. to Juliana (Conningsby now the wife of Amias) Hexte for 1680, Christmas quarter, on her pension for faithful services in the King's escape after Worcester fight. Money Book III, p. 102.
Money warrant for 300l. to Edmund Warcupp in part of 1,500l. for his pains and charge in detecting and prosecuting the offenders in the Popish Plot: as by the privy seal of Mar. 14 last, ut supra, p. 75: to be satisfied out of forfeitures of Popish Recusants or out of the profits of the estates of Jesuits and Popish priests or lands settled for Popish or superstitious uses. (Money order dated July 9 hereon.) Ibid, p. 103. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 229.
Henry Guy to the Attorney General forwarding from the Treasury Lords a series of papers relating to a proposal of the Earl of Arlington concerning land in St. James's Park, Sir Christopher Wrenn's report thereon, a draft agreement, plan of the ground etc. Advise my Lords hereon and in particular take care to insert in the grant some clauses to restrain the erecting any walks or mounts in the ground designed for gardens to the houses to be built there which shall look into the gardens belonging to Cleveland House; and a clause to make the grant void if the 33½ acres be not freely conveyed to the King by the time limited in the articles. Out Letters (General) VI, pp. 272-.3.
Same to Sir George Wharton. There were delivered to you some time since several orders registered in the Exchequer and payable to Col. Legg out of the last Disbanding Act, amounting to 4,857l. 11s. 4d. with 8 per cent. interest. The said orders are now in course to be paid or very near it. As the money is paid to you from time to time you are forthwith to repay it into the Exchequer and to levy a tally there upon the account of Capt. Samuell Williams, late Receiver of the last Eighteen Months' Assessment for co. Southampton and Isle of Wight for whom the said Col. Legg is surety. The tally is to express that the payment is upon the last three months of the said Assessment "whereby it will be in the Treasury Lords' power to appoint the payment thereof to you towards discharge of such orders as you have now remaining with you unsatisfied." Ibid, p. 273.
July 6. The Treasury Lords to Mr. Fanshaw. We have sent to Mr. Parry for his opinion concerning the several particulars mentioned in your letter of Mar. 31 last concerning the payment of the remainder of the Queen's [Portugal money or] portion and herewith send you Mr. Parry's report thereon as we conceive it a sufficient answer to most of the said particulars. As soon as Mr. Parry can find some missing papers for your further instruction they shall be sent to you. Out Letters (General) VI, pp. 274–6.
Appending. said report from Fra. Parry dated London, 20 June, 1681. I will give your Lordships a very full answer to every particular of the said letter as soon as I can procure the papers of the valuation of the houses of Tangier which were delivered into the Treasury and the papers of the state and settlement of Bombay which are in the Plantation Office. But as Mr. Fanshaw desires a sudden answer to those objections that are made against the payment of the 137,056½ cruzados (acknowledged to be due in the certificate given to me Sept. 22 last) I suggest such an answer as will be sufficient to remove those objections and to procure the payment of so much of that sum as the assignments will make good whilst the disputable point of the house[s] of Tangier and the fall of the money shall be in dispute. (1) It is acknowledged by the minister of Portugal that of the 669,093 cruzados due [as] by the adjustment of [the account by] Sir Robert Southwell there still remains due 137,056½ cruzados out of which they [the Portugal Government] pretend to discount for the three particulars following: first for the value of a prize taken by Jon. Rodriquez Sequoria. The case is this. Jon. Rodriquez, capt. of a Portuguese man-of-war, meets with a Bilboa vessel of Portsmouth in 1665, there being then a war between Spain and Portugal, seizes her and brings her into Portsmouth, where upon complaint of divers merchants who had goods aboard her, she was arrested by the Governor [of Portsmouth]. Thereupon Jon. Rodriquez complains to the King through the Portuguese Ambassador. The King out of his great goodness to his subjects ordered their goods to be restored to them and the value of them (12,000 cruzados) to be made good to the King of Portugal out of the remainder of the Queen's portion: so that these 12,000 cruzados must be allowed. Secondly: for the value of the house[s], churches and hermitages of Tangier not yet discounted Mr. Fanshaw may press them, from the arguments in my first report and the inconsiderableness of the value, to cast it on the dispute that will hereafter arise on the 130,159 cruzados still in their hands for the houses of Tangier. Thirdly, for the value of the estates of the inhabitants of Bombay, the Portuguese ministers have declared to Mr. Fanshaw that in case there be no complaints of the Portuguese inhabitants of Bombay they will give over the dispute thereupon. I have made diligent inquiries both at the [Privy] Council and the Plantation Office and I can hear of no complaints depending in either place [Office].
(2) Mr. Fanshaw makes mention of 10,000 cruzados demanded which they did not put to account, but I having never heard of this before and he giving no further account of it then that it was demanded I can say nothing to it. But allowing them this sum and the 12,000l. cruzados for the prize goods they will still be owing upon their last certificate 115,056½ cruzados. For the better payment hereof it may be convenient that the Portuguese ambassador now going home be required to let the Prince his master understand that in consideration of his Majesty's long forbearance of the payment of the second moiety of the Queen's portion, of his generous disposal of every [a very] considerable part of that money by way of gratuity to his subjects in the service of Portugal and of his gracious acceptance of such low and mean assignments for the satisfaction of the remainder his Majesty cannot take it well that they should either divert these assignments or by new and unreasonable scruples evade the payment of so long detained a debt.
During the recovery of the 115,056½ cruzados clearly due Mr. Fanshaw may treat about the 130,159 cruzados deducted for the houses of Tangier and about what is further due to his Majesty upon the rise of 25 per cent. in the Portuguese money since the time the second million of cruzados ought to have been paid.
July 6. Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to certify the Treasury Lords how much remains due to Mr. Duncombe upon the assignments made to him upon the order No. 104, registered on the 412,925l. 14s. 6d. [part of the last Eighteen Months' Assessment] for payment of 18,590l. to Lemuell Kingdon and his assigns. Out Letters (General) VI, p. 276.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Sam. Haine (on a reference thereof from the King dated Windsor, May 15 last); petitioner shewing that in Oct. last, being informed that the Experiment of London, Henry Sutton master, from Barbados bound to Amsterdam, got despatch inwards and outwards at Falmouth for a considerable parcel of goods, to the value of 6,000l., belonging to certain Jews, in the name of Bryan Rogers, English merchant, who paid Custom only as English when it ought by law to pay as aliens, petitioner did seize said goods at Penryn in Cornwall as forfeited, acting therein on advice of the Attorney General and Serjeant Mainard. On unloading said seizure petitioner found about 1,000l. worth of goods under declared, among which was the copper guns, containing 13.054lb. weight hid in the ballast: that he had a trial in Cornwall last Lent Assizes, when the jury gave for the defendants, although it fully appeared the goods belonged to Jews: further that there are many such cheats put upon his Majesty in the western small ports. Therefore prays direction to the Exchequer to try this cause. Reference Book I, p. 312.
July 7. Royal sign manual for 1,500l. to Henry Guy for secret service, without account: to be issued on the 10,000l. dormant privy seal of Mar. 9 last. (Money warrant dated July 11 hereon. Money order dated July 12 hereon.) King's Warrant Book III, p. 199. Money Book III, p. 104. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 232.
July 7. Royal sign manual for 700l. to Henry Guy for secret service, without account: to be issued on the 10,000l. dormant privy seal of Mar. 9 last. (Money warrant dated July 11 hereon. Money order dated July 12 hereon.) King's Warrant Book VIII, p. 199. Money Book III, p. 104. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 232.
Same for 474l. 13s. 0d. to same for same: to be issued on same. (Money warrant dated July 11 hereon. Money order dated July 12 hereon.) King's Warrant Book VIII, p. 199. Money Book III, p. 105. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 232.
Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal as follows for regulating the account of Sir Hugh Cholmely for the mole at Tangier. On a representation dated 1668, Dec. made to the King in Council by the Commissioners for Tangier and relating to the said mole the King ordered that a contract formerly made with said Cholmely and others for making and perfecting the said mole should be dissolved by consent of the said Cholmely, the surviving contractor, and all securities relating thereto be cancelled and that the said Commissioners should forthwith adjust the account of said mole with said Cholmely up to 1668, Dec. 31, making him reasonable allowance for the management thereof, and that for the future they should give directions for carrying on the work of said mole upon account and in order thereto that they should agree with said Cholmely (whom the King then approved of to be Surveyor General of the said work) as to terms for perfecting same. In pursuance of said order the said Commissioners stated said account from Cholmely's first undertaking, viz. 1663, Mar. 25, to 1668, Dec. 31. Said account shewed issues to said contractors of in all 103,965l. (24,840l. paid by Mr. Povey, late Treasurer of Tangier, and 79,125l. paid by Mr. Pepys the then Treasurer thereof). The disbursements [or discharge] consisted of 44,312l. 0s. 2½d. expended in sterling money, 192,391 pieces of eight (making at 4s. 7d. each 44,089l. 12s. 0d.) and 3,493l. 14s. 6d. remained in the hands of the Earl of Teviot and Sir John Lawson (two of the said contractors) at the time of their deaths. The said Commissioners presented said account to the King in Council 1669, Aug. 11, together with a method for the future carrying on of the work, and the officers and salaries necessary, viz. 1,500l. per an. to said Cholmeley as Surveyor General, 500l. per an. to Major Samuel Taylor as deputy surveyor, 250l. per an. to William Wickham as controller, and 250l. per an. to Henry Shere as Clerk Examiner. Said method was allowed by the King and directed to commence from 1669, Oct. 20, but in respect of said Cholmeley's services and of his quitting the said contract the King ordered his salary of 1,500l. per an. to be allowed him from the time of his first engagement, viz., 1663, Mar. 25. In accordance therewith 8,625l. was then allowed him for such salary upon his said account, being for the period 1663, Mar. 25, to 1668, Dec. 31. Thereupon his total disbursements were allowed as being 100,520l. 6s. 8½d. leaving him with a remain of 3,444l. 13s. 3½d. in his hands. Said Cholmeley continued the care of said work as Surveyor General until 1676, June 30. His accounts were then stated by said Commissioners and shewed that from 1668, Dec. 31, to 1669, Nov. 20 (the date when the new model or method was to begin) he received 15,643l. 14s. 8½d. from the Treasurer of Tangier and from 1669, Nov. 20, to 1676, June 30, the sum of 135,500l. and that he had expended for interest and other disbursements at Tangier and in England for said mole 29,569l. 8s. 7½d. between 1668, Dec. 31, and 1669, Nov. 20, and 129,451l. 4s. 9¾d. between 1669, Nov. 20, and 1676, June 30, besides 300l. allowed to Auditor Done and Mr. Creed for stating said account; thus shewing a surplusage of 4,732l. 5s. 5¼d. due to said Cholmeley. Further demands of allowances were made by him of in all 9,818l. 19s. 7d. which demands were presented to the King in Council, 1680, Oct. 27, and were referred to the Treasury Lords. The said Lords having perused said accounts allowed the said surplusage, but only 2,267l. 1s. 7d. towards the said demands, viz. 1,483l. 1s. 7d. for 6 per cent. interest on the money he advanced for the service of the mole for the space of time between receiving the money in England and remitting it to Tangier (the allowance given him being only of [interest on] his disbursements from the time he actually vouches the same to be [by him] paid at Tangier [to the time when he recouped himself], which [time] the [said] accomptant and his agent have sworn to be at least three months' time); 450l. which he actually paid to his agent Mr. Peachman whom he kept on purpose after 1676, June (the time of the end of his account) to assist in making up the accounts; 254l. lost by Cholmeley upon remitting bills of exchange to Tangier and 80l. imprested by Cholmeley to one Mr. Moore of Hull (who afterwards broke) for stores for the mole, neither of which said [last] sums were (as he swears) made good to Cholmeley. The remaining 7,551l. 18s. 0d. demanded by him was disallowed by the Treasury Lords. King's Warrant Book VIII, pp. 201–6.
The King hereby approves of the said proceedings and allows said 2,267l. 1s. 7d. and said surplus of 4,732l. 5s. 5¼d. and directs that in the stating of his accounts he be allowed the items of discharge as above, viz., 44,312l. 0s. 2½d., 44,089l. 12s. 0d., 3,493l. 14s. 6d. (being the sum in the hands of the Earl of Teviot and Sir John Lawson at the time of their deaths which the King remitted and discharged by the privy seal of 1669, Aug. 11), 8,625l., 29,569l. 8s. 7½d., 129,451l. 4s. 9¾d., 300l. and 2,267l. 1s. 7d. all as above. Cholmeley's total discharge or credit is therefore 262,108l. 1s. 9¾d. leaving him in surplusage 6,999l. 7s. 0¼d. which surplusage is hereby directed to be hereafter paid by the Treasury Lords or whatever the surplus shall appear finally to be upon the close of his said accounts to be new made up to 1676, Jun. 30. Further in his said account Cholmeley is charged with 1,200l. which the Commissioners for Tangier paid to the abovesaid Major Samuell Taylor whilst in England for provisions for the mole, of which sum said Cholmeley received but 500l., the said Taylor detaining 700l. thereof in his hands for salary. The Commissioners of Tangier have allowed to said Taylor (who is since dead) only 250l. for such salary. It is therefore hereby directed that the remaining 450l. be in Cholmeley's account set in super on the heirs etc. of said Taylor. Further there is an allowance to Cholmeley in his account of 487l. 10s. 0d. paid to John Bowles, merchant, in consideration of his undertaking in Oct., 1676, to remit 9,750 to Cholmeley at Tangier (towards the arrears of the mole) upon tallies then delivered to said Bowles. But Bowles failed therein and the said service was thereby much dissappointed, wherefore the Commissioners for Tangier thought it reasonable that Bowles should repay said 487l. 10s. 0d. Said sum is therefore hereby to be set in super on said Bowles. Further there is an allowance of 500l. in Cholmeley's account as in lieu of an order No. 222 upon the Country Excise, which [order] was deposited in the hands of John Colvile, who received the moneys thereon, but dying [there-after] Cholmeley could never obtain payment thereof. Said 500l. is hereby to be set [in super] upon the heirs of said Colvile as a debt to the King with interest.
July 8. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of John Horrocks, being recommended by the Earl of Clarendon, for a tidesman's or watchman's place, London port. Reference Book I, p. 298.
Same to same of the petition of John England, praying discharge of his bond of 125l. 14s. 0d. to the King, having been a considerable trader and paid the King 1,500l. per an. in Customs, but being reduced by misfortunes to a low condition. Ibid, p. 300.
Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Jasper Kingsman for a further term of 31 years in the hundred of Chafford, co. Essex, of which he had a grant 1665–6, Mar. 2, at 1l. 11s. 5½d. ancient rent and 10l. de incremento. Ibid.
Henry Guy to the Attorney General to consider and report on the following order of the King in Council made upon the petition of Owen Callahan, et al. Report what allowances petitioners deserve with respect to their services. (Out Letters (General) VI, pp. 276–7.
Appending: said order dated Hampton Court, 1681, June 23, referring to the Treasury Lords the petition of Owen Callahan, Mortough Downing, Morice Fitz-Gerald and Jon. Arthur, setting forth that they are the first discoverers of the plot laid by William Hetherington, Bernard Dennis, Jon. McNamarra and the rest of the conspirators against his Majesty and have lain here ever since Jan. last to give evidence for his Majesty without any encouragement or allowance and are reduced to such poverty that they know not how to subsist and dare not stir abroad for fear of arrest and therefore praying some allowance.
July 9. Same to the Treasurer of the Chamber to apply as follows the 1,757l. 10s. 0d. which is directed to be issued to you at the Exchequer: viz. Disposition Book II, p. 81.
l. s. d.
for the Yeomen of the Guard 1,387 10 0
for the footmen 230 0 0
widow[s] of footmen 100 0 0
to discharge a footman 40 0 0
Same to same to issue as follows the 13,000l. which the Hearthmoney Managers [or Farmers] have agreed to pay into the Exchequer on their rent due 1682, Lady day: viz.: Ibid, p. 82.
l. s. d.
to the Master of the Great Wardrobe 3,360 0 0
to Mr. Darcy and Mr. Newport 300 0 0
to Mr. Chetwin, yeoman of his Majesty's Horse 576 0 0
to the Duke of Monmouth on account of the Stables 500 0 0
to the Master of the Robes 1,500 0 0
to the Paymaster of the Works on the Ordinary of the Works 1,000 0 0
to same on the extraordinaries, viz. 100l. for altering the Duchess of York's lodgings at St. James's, 100l. for the addition and alteration of Lord Alington's lodging at the Tower, 420l. for extraordinary repairs in the masonry at the Tower, Westminster and Denmark House stairs 620 0 0
to the Treasurer of the Chamber 1,757 10 0
to Sir Thomas Armstrong 750 0 0
to the Treasurer of the Navy for Mr. Pearce for the Sick and Wounded 800 0 0
to me [Guy] for secret service 800 0 0
to Lady Wentworth 300 0 0
to Lord Alington 500 0 0
£12,763 10 0
The remainder being 236l. 10s. 0d. is to be reserved for the Treasury Lords' disposal.
[? July 9
or 5.]
Henry Guy to [the Master of the Great Wardrobe] to apply as follows the 3,360l. which is directed to be issued to you at the Exchequer, viz.: Disposition Book II, p. 81.
for the Wardrobe 2,400
for Stable equipage, Lady day, 1681 [quarter] 560
more towards this year [? for same] 400