Entry Book: November 1681, 16-30

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 7, 1681-1685. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1916.

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November 1681

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Nov. 16. Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal as follows in the form of an indenture between the King of the one part and George Dashwood, Charles Duncomb, Thomas Rowney, Samuell Dashwood, Felix Calverd, John Friend, William Strong and Edward Buckley of London, esqrs. of the other part: all for a security to the said Dashwood, et al. for a loan of 40,000l. as follows. The said present indenture recites the previous indenture of 1678–9, Mar. 13 (ut supra, Calendar Treasury Books, Vol. V, p. 1260) for the farm of the Excise to said Geo. Dashwood, Tho. Rowney, Sam Dashwood, Felix Calverd, Jno. Friend, William Strong and Edward Buckley, and the clauses therein relating to the Excise surplus; and further that the King by privy seal gave notice of his pleasure to have said farm surrendered and voided whereon [an agreement was made and thereon] an indenture was passed under the great seal June 3 last for revoking the said notice and for confirmation of the farm to said Farmers, the said Farmers therein covenanting to pay 6,600l. weekly upon account of their rent over and above the stipulated detainers and deductions, and also 1,400l. per week upon account of the surplus etc. all ut supra, Vol. VII, p. 101. Now whereas the said Farmers together with Charles Duncombe, have agreed to lend 40,000l. to the King (over and above the moneys advanced and to be advanced under the abovesaid indentures) of which 10,000l. has been paid before the sealing of these presents and the remainder is to be paid 10,000l. on Dec. ] next, 10,000l. on Jan. 1 next and 10,000l. on Feb. ] next: now therefore for their further security for said loan (as the said lenders very much doubt that the produce of the Excise during the remainder of their term will be insufficient to answer their weekly payments, and their allowances and repayments) the King hereby demises and grants to them the Excise to hold from 1683, June 24, until such time as they shall be repaid all the moneys which at the end of their farm they shall be found to have over paid on their rent and on the surplus and 6 per cent. interest and also until they be repaid the present loan of 40,000l. and 6 per cent. interest thereon, which interest the King hereby covenants to be paid quarterly, the first payment on Lady day next. Further, in so holding the Excise the said grantees as herein shall hereby be entitled to all the allowances as covenanted in the farm of the Excise, ut supra, ibid. In order to their repayment the King hereby directs tallies of pro to be struck on the Excise and to be delivered to the grantees herein for 15,000l. every half year from June 24 last during the remainder of the existing term of the Excise farm as an additional security towards repayment of whatever they may ultimately be found to have overpaid as above on their rent and on the surplus and likewise tallies for 40,000l. as an additional security for repayment of said 40,000l. loan. But these tallies are hereby to be of no use and shall be delivered up to be vacated if the grantees herein continue in the quiet enjoyment of the Excise as aforesaid, or if they be repaid their moneys sooner as aforesaid. On their part the grantees herein covenant hereby to pay the remaining 30,000l. of their 40,000l. loan as above and also to permit the sub-Commissioners of Excise in the counties to see the receipts of the Excise and to peruse all contracts and compositions and vouchers, and also every six weeks or two months to transmit to the head office in London and also to the Comptroller of Excise accounts of the receipts in the counties and in London, and all vouchers, etc. and an account of all fines, penalties and forfeitures and to submit to Treasury control as to said accounts and to send weekly certificates to the Treasury of their receipts: and further that when they are repaid all their moneys as above they will resign and yield up the management of the Excise to the King. Finally, the King covenants for their quiet enjoyment of the Excise from 1683, June 24, as above, and that in the meantime he will not let the Excise to any other persons to commence at any sooner time than the present grantees' satisfaction as above: and further to give them and their agents and officers, etc. such commissions and powers for the execution hereof as they shall reasonably desire. King's Warrant Book VIII. pp. 260–75.
Nov. 17. Treasury warrant to the Excise Commissioners to receive from George Dashwood and partners, ut supra, p. 303, the several sums amounting to 40,000l. as loan: and to keep same in hand until the Treasury Lords' particular direction for issuing the same or for paying it into the Exchequer. Money Book III, p. 166.
Money warrant for 150l. to Phillip Packer, Paymaster of the Works, as imprest for the repair of the Mews, stables and buildings thereto belonging. (Money order dated Nov. 25 hereon.) Ibid, p. 167. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 263.
The Treasury Lords to Col. Henry Norwood at Leckhampton, co. Gloucester; to be left at the Post House in Gloucester. ("Sent away according to Mr. Blathwayt's instructions 19th Nov.") We have under consideration the state of his Majesty's revenue in Virginia. We find that by patent of 1650, Sept. 22, his Majesty granted to you the office of Treasurer and Escheator of that colony and in pursuance thereof you have for many years continued to receive the quit rents due to his Majesty for lands possessed by the Planters. By other letters patent dated 1672–3, Feb. 25, the King granted to the Earl of Arlington and Lord Colepeper the quit rents of Virginia with all arrears thereof since 1669, May 8. "So that you remain accomptable unto his Majesty for all quit rents received by you [1650–1669] by virtue of your patent as aforesaid. You have not given any direct and satisfactory answer to two letters written to you by our order and by directions from the Committee of Foreign Plantations. You are without further delay to return a particular accompt of the quit rents of Virginia accruing to his Majesty within the terms (term) aforementioned, otherwise we shall order you to be charged therewith in the Exchequer and process to issue. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) I, pp. 94 5. Out Letters (General) VI. p. 336.
Appending: undated, unsigned report [from W. Blathwaite] to the Treasury on the abovesaid business of Col. Norwood. I have lately by your Lordships' order discoursed with said Norwood concerning the quit rents of Virginia for which he remains accomptable to the King and have received from him the annexed paper [missing] in that behalf, for presentation to your Lordships. The state of the case is as follows. The patent of 1650, Sept. 22, dated at St. Johnstoun [Perth], granted Norwood the office of Treasurer of Virginia during pleasure, and that of 1672–3, Feb. 25, granted to the Earl of Arlington and Lord Colepeper the entire region and dominion of Virginia for 31 years with all manner of quit rents and arrears thereof from 1669, May 8, but by covenants with them the said Norwood was during the said term to enjoy a third of such profits and advantages. Therefore Norwood remains accomptable up to 1669, May 8. In his abovesaid paper Norwood alleges that Cleybourn and other former patentees received the quit rents without account by virtue of their grant and that by the same reason he is not accomptable for them to his Majesty. "It is humbly answered [hereto by me Blathwayte] that the said Cleybourn by his patent dated the 6th of April, 1643, had no such power given him and remains yet accomptable in the same manner as Col. Norwood for the rents received by him during the term of his office."
In my report of Oct. 13 last to your Lordships I desired your orders for demanding an accompt from Sir Jonathan Atkins of seizures and other parts of the [revenue] received and disposed of by him during his government.
I herewith also present to your Lordships the state of an accompt [missing] of the present farm of the Four and a Half per cent. duty in the Charibbee Islands to Christmas last.
Nov. 17. Treasury warrant to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of a tenement in the manor of Shippon, co. Berks, with a view to a new lease thereof to Tho. Saunders for 99 years at the old rent of 67s. 8d. and fine of 120l. Reference Book I, p. 410.
Prefixing: (a) note of said Saunders' petition: (b) Treasury reference dated 1681, July 19, thereof to the Surveyor General: (c) said Surveyor General's report dated Aug. 6 last thereon. Said tenement is the scite of manor of Shippon called Calcott's Place, held for petitioner's life under a grant dated 1662, Aug. 15, under the old rent of 3l. 6s. 8d. By the survey taken soon after the Restoration the tenement is valued at 30l. 6s. 4d. per an. including the rent.
Treasury reference to Auditor Stephens of the interest account to Nov. 24 inst. for the 40,000l. lent to the King by Thomas Ducke upon credit of the Customs. (Total interest, 1,916l. 11s. 3d.) Ibid, p. 411.
Same [to the Customs Commissioners] of the petition of Edward Blackington, master of the ship Prosperity of London: petitioner shewing that he sailed in an English built ship of 200 tons burthen with 16 pieces of ordnance and 32 men, which is two men to each gun, that on his homeward return the King's ships in the Straits pressed four of his men and six deserted for fear of the press: therefore prays to be freed from the demand for the one per cent. duty. Ibid.
Same to same of the petition of Peter Ceely for a place as landcarriageman, London port. Ibid, p. 412.
Henry Guy to the Ordnance Commissioners not to pass any debentures for interest or for charges of passing privy seals till the Treasury Lords have spoken with you. Out Letters (General) VI, p. 335.
Same to the Excise Farmers to forthwith pay 10,000l. to the Excise Commissioners according to agreement, the King having signed the patent for the security for 40,000l. loan. (Same to the said Commissioners to pay same forthwith into the Exchequer. Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to reserve same for the Treasury Lords' directions.) Ibid.
Nov. 17. Henry Guy to the Ordnance Commissioners for a certificate of the debt returned upon Col. Gilby, deputy Governor of Hull, upon account of embezzlements of lead, stores etc. in that garrison. Out Letters (General) VI, p. 335.
Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the petition of the Duchess of Richmond for a reversionary term of 40 years in the office of Aulnager of the Old and New Draperies. The subsidy and aulnage of said draperies, together with a moiety of forfeitures for not making and sealing of cloths according to statute, were granted in 1661 to the Duke of Richmond for 60 years under several rents making together 997l. 1s. 11d. per an. The Surveyor General [of Crown Lands] reports the improved value thereof above said rents to be about 2,000l. per an. and that the Duchess having a jointure in the premises and [having] agreed with her lord's executors for the whole term in being (viz. 44 years from Dec. 18 last) he estimates that a further 40 year term therein is worth 3,000l. [But] we certify your Majesty that we have formerly by your leave and approbation agreed on a rule to advise your Majesty against making any reversionary grants for periods in all (with the term in being) exceeding 31 years. We conceive your Majesty's service extremely concerned in the exact observance hereof. Warrants not Relating to Money IX, p. 11.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ Robert Thirkhill as surveyor between Wisbech and Fosdyke in Boston port to prevent the frauds in the Customs practised in those wastes: with the salary of 35l. per an. and to maintain a horse, to which Thirkhill has agreed: all as proposed by said Commissioners in their memorial of the 12th inst. Out Letters (Customs) VIII, p. 30.
Nov. 18. Privy seal dormant for the issue to Sir Jno. Buckworth, kt., Charles Duncombe and James Hoare, the present Commissioners for executing the office of Master and Worker of the Mint, of such sums as the Treasury Lords shall from time to time find necessary for the service of the Mint in the same manner and as fully as it was provided for by the Acts of Parliament [of 18 and 19 Car. II. c. 5, and 25 Car. II. c. 8 for the Coinage] before the expiration thereof: all by reason that the King did by Order in Council of Oct. 19 last, for the benefit of the trade of this kingdom and out of favour and grace to his people, direct and order that allowances shall be made for defraying the charges of the Mint as fully as it was provided for before the expiration of the abovesaid late Acts which provided for that charge. (Royal warrant dated Nov. 4 to the Clerk of the Signet for said privy seal.) King's Warrant Book VIII, pp. 256–7.
Nov. 19. Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt, forwarding, on reference from the Treasury, Mr. Dering's petition and an order annexed [missing]. Reference Book I, p. 412.
Henry Guy [to the Customs Commissioners] to send an officer to the Muscovite Ambassador's house to open and visit his goods. Reference Book I, p. 412.
Treasury reference to same of Roger Cooper's petition for a coastwaiter's place, London port: he having been bred a merchant in London. Ibid.
Nov. 21. Royal warrant to the sheriff of Lichfield to levy the two fines set at the General Session of the Peace de le Oyer and Terminer and Assizes holden at Lichfield, July 20 last, of 200 marks upon Ralph Bamford of Chorley, co. Stafford, gentlemen, "for seditious words by him spoken concerning the execrable murder" of Charles I, and of 40l. on John Johnson, late of Moseley, co. Stafford, "for certain seditious words by him spoken." On the receipt of said fines said sheriff is hereby to pay them to the bailiffs and citizens on account to be applied towards building a house of correction in said city: all by reason that it appears from an extract from the said city's charter certified by Samuel Floyer, Clerk of the Assizes, that the said bailiffs and citizens are granted all fines, issues, forfeitures and amerciaments in any Justice seat or session of the peace holden in the said city or in any general gaol delivery. King's Warrant Book VIII, pp. 276–7.
Royal sign manual for 12,000l. to William Roberts, Receiver of the rents of the Honor and Castle of Windsor, as imprest for the building, rebuilding and repairing the King's houses and buildings within said castle: all as by the privy seal of 1680, Oct. 20: to be issued out of any unappropriated moneys in the Exchequer. (Money warrant dated Nov. 22 hereon. Money order dated Nov. 25 hereon.) Ibid, p. 277. Money Book III, pp. 170–1, Order Book XXXVIII, p. 262.
Treasury warrant to George Dashwood, Charles Duncombe, Thomas Rowney, Samll. Dashwood, Felix Calverd, Jno. Freind, William Strong and Edward Buckley to pay forthwith to the Excise Commissioners 10,000l. of the 40,000l. loan agreed to be made by them (the remaining 30,000l. being to be paid 10,000l. Dec. 1 next, 10,000l. Jan. 1 next, and 10,000l. Feb. 1 next). Money Book III, p. 167.
Same to the Customs Cashier to pay 188l. to the Earl of Anglesea, Lord Privy Seal, for half a year to Sept. 29 last on his fee of 20s. a day out of the Customs. Ibid, p. 168.
Same to same to pay 150l. to George Porter for half a year to Sept. 29 last on his fee or salary as Surveyor of London port. Ibid.
Money warrant for 1,200l. to Edmond Warcup in full of 1,500l. for his pains, etc. in detection and prosecution of offenders in the Popish Plot: to be paid out of Recusants' forfeitures. (Money warrant dated Nov. 23 hereon.) Ibid, p. 168. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 262.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt (in pursuance of the Treasury warrant of April 25 last, supra, p. 121) to strike tallies on the Hereditary Excise for all the perpetual interest due to the goldsmiths and others at 1680, Christmas, who have not already struck tallies for the said quarter. "But you are not to strike tallies for any subsequent quarters till further order in that behalf." Money Book III, p. 169.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 69l. 6s. 8d. to Phillip Warwicke for 1681, Lady day quarter, on his salary as collector outwards, London port. Money Book III, p. 169.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows the 9,030l. 7s. 8d. of Customs money which was paid into the Exchequer on Saturday last, viz.: Disposition Book II, p. 103.
l. s. d.
to the Treasurer of the Ordnance for labourers 2,600 0 0
to Mr. Hewer, Treasurer of Tangier, for bills of exchange drawn from Tangier by Col. Kirke 1,171 11 8
to ditto for the Victualler of Tangier 2,259 0 0
to the Treasurer of the Navy for one week of the Navy's weekly money 3,000 0 0
£9,030 11 8
Same to same to issue (out of moneys of Recusants' forfeitures now or hereafter in the Exchequer) 182l. 5s. 10d. to me [Guy] for secret service, "preferable to all payments charged thereon." Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Robert Sayre for a place as weigher or waterman, London port, having been bred a fell monger of London, but being undone by losses and bad debts. Reference Book I, p. 414.
[?] [Same to same of] an unfinished petition of the master of the Customs smack [? in Poole port]. The former smack was only six tons burden and altogether unserviceable considering her age and the dangerous seas and storms incident to this port. The Customs Commissioners ordered a new boat of 17 or 18 tons at Hampton, but the builder overbuilt himself about five or six tons and made her about 23 or 24 tons. The new boat is not one iota too big but needs two men more than the old smack. Capt. Unglus, the commander of the Hampton smack, though much less, is allowed the same number of men. Petitioner [? whilst awaiting the Customs Commissioners' reply to his memorial] was hastened away by the officers of Poole by reason of many vessels upon the coast and much goods run and smuggled. Ibid.
Nov. 21. Same to same of Robert Hamman's petition for a place in the Customs, having been formerly employed to seize uncustomed goods. Ibid, p. 415.
[?] Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the petition of Samll. Keck and Rob. Heyton. In their petition they set forth that Charles I granted to James, Earl of Carlisle and his heirs the soil and ground between the high and low water mark of the river of Thames from Hermitage wharf to Dick Shoare in Middlesex, whereon some houses and other things were erected: that by reason of the late rebellion said Earl was hindered from a peaceable enjoyment thereof and is since dead without heir general or special whereby the premises are escheated to the Crown. They therefore pray a grant thereof. Ibid, pp. 415–6.
Hereon the Treasury Lords find that Charles I by patent dated 1626, Oct. 9, did for 500l. grant to Daniel Lea and Richd. Smith and their heirs all messuages, lands and tenements lying in or near the parcel of Stebunheath alias Stepney, co. Middlesex, upon or near the South part of Wapping wall, being encroached upon his Majesty's waste, and all those lands, buildings and wharves in or near Wapping between Mill Dock and Wapping Dock incroached from the Thames, the lands called Water Close at Limehouse with the houses and other things then newly built thereon, and all those houses, buildings and wharfs then newly built upon the land derived from the Thames at Limehouse. Chadwell and Wapping wall with the appurtenances under the rent or fee farm of 30l. per an.: that the said Lea and Smith by indenture dated 1632, April 17, declaring themselves trustees for the Earl of Carlisle, conveyed the premises to him and his heirs whose estate therein was confirmed by other letters patent dated July 9 following. The Attorney General is of opinion that by the death of the Earl of Carlisle without heir so much of the lands and tenements mentioned in the petition as were not conveyed away by him and his trustees are vested in the Crown, but it not appearing what those parcels, if any, are which were so conveyed away, he conceives it most proper for a grant to pass in the like general terms with the former and to be recovered at petitioners' cost, which will be good for such part thereof as is not conveyed away and for what has been encroached on since the grant to the said Earl and his trustees. The Treasury Lords hereby agree with the Attorney General's said opinion. A grant may be made to petitioner at the former rent of 30l. per an. "which may be a reasonable consideration for what (as far as we can be informed) no profit hath ever yet accrued to your Majesty."
Nov. 21. Treasury reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Hector Phillips, esq.; said petition shewing that the King's weir of Gilgarran [Kilgerran], co. Pembroke, formerly let at 20l. per an. has been long out of lease and totally ruined and in decay so as the King for several years past has made nothing thereof, which decay petitioner believes was caused by the destruction of timber in the forest of Gilgarran during the late troubles, from which the farmers of the said weir had sufficient timber to support the same: [further] that the following two sets of premises or items were let by lease under the Exchequer seal dated 1660, Dec. 12, to George Barlow, esq., his executors etc. for 21 years at the rent of 11l. 11s. 0d. per an. which lease is now expired, viz. [1] his Majesty's fines, issues, amerciaments, heriots and other casual profits, emoluments and hereditaments yearly issuing or happening before the King's stewards or their deputies in the commotes of Mavon, Swyngoneth [Gwynionedd], Ucharden, Kaerwedros, Iscoyd Isherwyn, Senergly [Gleneurglyn], Cruthin [Creuddyn], Perveth [Perfedd]. Mevenneth [Mefenydd] and Hangingock and within the towns of Cardigan and Aberystwith and in any views of frankpledge, Leet, or Court Baron there, or known or accepted as perquisites or profits of court there with the custom called Letherwitt in all the said commotes, all which last mentioned premises are parcel of the possession of the Principality of Wales in the county of Cardigan: and [2] all and singular profits of courts within the towns of Pembroke, West Pembroke, East Pembroke, St. Florence, Emlyn, Dyffrynbryan, Manordevy [Manordeifi or Manerdivy], the Castle and Lordship of Haverford West, Rochpoole, Stainton, St. Ishmaels, Camrose and Rowse [Roose] in co. Pembroke, which last mentioned premises are parcel of the lands of Jasper late Duke of Bedford, and of Rice Griffith, esq., attainted, and formerly belonging to the late priories of the Pill and St. Dogmell in the said county and now parcel of the Principality of South Wales, excepting all goods and chattels of felons and fugitives, felos de se, and sued to the exigent, condemned and outlawed within any of the said commotes. Petitioner therefore prays a lease of the said weir at Gilgarran at the rent of 40s. per an. and of the said profits of Courts and other casual profits at the rent of 11l. 11s. 0d. per an. all for 31 years, as it will be for his Majesty's service to keep the premises under lease as well for re-edifying and supporting the said weir (which petitioner is content to do) as for preserving the said casual profits and the rent thereon reserved at their full and just rates and value, none other appearing to lease the same. Reference Book I, pp. 417.8.
Nov. 21. Henry Guy to Mr. Noell. "The King's warrant [for the great seal for the Excise Farmers' security for the 40,000l. loan] being now entered and ready, for you, to pass further, the Lords of the Treasury desire you to fetch it and expect that the 10,000l. be paid to Commissioners of Excise this day." Out Letters (General), VI. p. 337.
Same to the Auditors of Imprests to attend the Treasury Lords this afternoon with the Earl of Ranelagh's accounts and the accounts of the [Revenue] Farmers of Ireland and Sir John Champante's certificate. Ibid.
The Treasury Lords to Charles Fanshawe, esq., Envoy Extraordinary to Portugal. We have received information that there is money paid to you by the Crown of Portugal in further part of the Queen's portion. We should have been glad to have had this [information] from yourself, together with an account of the sum so that we could have given you better directions what to do therewith. Do not transmit it by bills of exchange, but put it into the weightiest pieces of eight and have them in readiness to send by the next frigate, which shall have direction from hence to bring them to England. Ibid.
Visct. Hyde to the Bishop of Bath and Wells. I communicated yours of the 16th to the Treasury Board where we were very contented you should have the time you desire for payment of the arrear of Tenths on condition you are punctual at that time. Ibid, p. 338.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ Henry Turner (Turnor) as a landwaiter, London port loco his brother Phillip Turner, incapacitated by reason of many distempers contracted in that service. Out Letters (Customs) VIII, p. 31.
Entry of the Treasury Lords' subscription of the docquet of an in custodiam lease under the Exchequer seal to Robert Dring of divers lands and tenements in co. Somerset, being [part of the estate] of Joseph Prickman, junr., outlaw: at a rent of 11s. 8d. per an. and fine of 23s. 4d. Warrants not Relating to Money IX, p. 11.
Nov. 22. The Treasury Lords to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Please direct the Commissioners of Accounts forthwith to inform us whether the rent of the present farm [of the revenue of Ireland] be paid up to 1681, April 30, without days of grace, and if not, what there is in arrear to that time and whether the Civil List in the establishment be paid up to Mar. 25 last, and the Military List to April 30 last, and if not, what is wanting to complete each of them and whether the payments that are made have been by the money due before the said April 30 last, that month being included. Let us have the answer hereto within 10 days of the receipt hereof. We also desire to know what part of the assignments for the payments due to April 30 last do now remain unpaid. Out Letters (Ireland) II, p. 191.
Henry Guy to the Master of the Great Wardrobe to apply the 2,000l. which is directed to be paid to you to the following uses which most necessarily require the same, viz.: Disposition Book II, p. 104.
l. s. d.
for stable equipage 1,500 0 0
for an armed chair and stool for the Vaine Room 18 0 0
for a form in the Withdrawing Room and Gallery 8 0 0
for the Watermen's liveries 300 0 0
for the children of the chapel 100 0 0
for the Yeomen of the Guard and 20 warders 2,100 0 0
increase of the King's linens and laces for 1680, Michaelmas, and 1681, Lady day, and a new cravat 478 10 0
a rich coat and banner for a trumpeter 40 0 0
altering the King's bed 150 0 0
quilts etc. for the Yeomen of the Guard 50 0 0
Portugal mats, trunks and several other necessaries 200 0 0
£4,944 10 0
The Treasury Lords will forthwith provide the remaining 2,944l. 10s. to complete these uses.
Same to the Customs Commissioners, forwarding from the Treasury Lords a paper as follows: Out Letters (General) VI, p. 338.
Appending: memorial dated Nov. 22 from the Master and Wardens of the Stationers' Company, signed by Tho. Newcomb. We are informed that on board [the ships _ and _], Jacob Hendricke and John Woolsters, masters, from Amsterdam, there are several bales of English books ready to be delivered. We desire that they may be delivered into the King's warehouse to be there viewed to the intent there be nothing prejudicial to the Government either of Church or State.
Same to Mr. Jno. Backwell or Alderman Backwell's son to attend the Treasury Lords this day week at the hearing of Mr. Ball on his account between Alderman Backwell and himself. My Lords resent it very ill that nobody attended this day about this business, as I gave you notice thereof the 15th inst. Ibid.
Nov. 22. Henry Guy to the Ordnance Commissioners. The Treasury Lords will order 250l. to be paid to the Office of Ordnance. They design that this be paid to Mris. Archer. Out Letters (General) VI, p. 339.
Same to Mr. Duncombe. The Treasury Lords desire you to furnish forthwith 2,500l. to Mr. Stephens for pay of the Mermaid. He will come to you for it. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Stephens to go to Mr. Duncombe for the above 2,500l. and see that business [of the paying of the Mermaid] despatched. As to the 750l. for the Rose Prince, my Lords desire that sum to be supplied out of the remain in the [Navy] Treasurer's hands [which appears] upon the last [Navy weekly] certificate. Ibid.
Money warrant for 10,000l. to Henry Guy for secret service, without account: to complete 20,000l. for the year ended 1681, June 24, as by the privy seal of 1679. June 30, on which privy seal 20,000l. was paid until 1680, June 24, but the warrant of Mar. 5 last, ut supra, p. 68, having ordered only 10,000l. per an. to be paid on said 20,000l. privy seal for the remaining two years in the term thereof: the King having now [notwithstanding the said last mentioned order] signified his pleasure that [another] 10,000l. should be paid to complete the 20,000l. for the year ended 1681, June 24. The present sum is to be paid out of the 40,000l. loan agreed to be made by Samuel Dashwood, et al. (Money order dated Nov. 23 hereon.) Money Book III, p. 170. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 261.
Nov. 23. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the allegations against Christopher Rousby as in the following Order of Council. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 261.
Prefixing: Order of the King in Council dated Hampton Court, 1681, June 30. Upon reading this day at the Board a letter of the 23rd of April fast from Lord Baltimore, Lord Proprietary of Maryland, to the Lord Privy Seal, setting forth the insolent and unwarrantable proceedings of Christopher Rousby there, tending greatly to the discouragement of the trade and diminution of the Customs and disturbance of the peace and quiet of that colony, it was ordered that the examination of the matters alleged against Rousby be referred to the Treasury Lords, and if they find just cause [they are] to remove him from his employment and to give such order for settling the collecting of the King's duties there as shall be most to the King's advantage and the good of that colony.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of such Excise money as is directed to be paid into the Exchequer this week, viz.: Disposition Book II, p. 104.
l. s. d.
to Mr. Johnson for subsistence [for the Forces] 2,000 0 0
to ditto for off-reckonings 2,000 0 0
to Mr. Toll for interest 2,181 1 3
to me [Guy] for secret service 200 0 0
£6,381 1 3
Nov. 24. Henry Guy to the Ordnance Commissioners to issue (out of the 2,150l. paid to the Treasurer of the Ordnance the latter end of last month out of the East India [Company's] present) 1,000l. to Mr. Sheldon in satisfaction of so much borrowed of him by Col. Legge for the use of the Ordnance. Disposition Book II, p. 105.
Privy seal for 4,000l. per an. to Henry Guy for secret service, without accompt: for three years from Michaelmas, 1680: to be paid as follows, viz. 3,000l. thereof for three quarters to June 24 last and for the future 1,000l. quarterly for the said three years. (Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet, dated Newmarket, 1681, Sept. 28, for said privy seal.) King's Warrant Book VIII, p. 257.
Money warrant for 600l. to Thomas Neale, Groom Porter, for one year to 1680, June 24, on his yearly sum in lieu of all bills for furnishing several sorts of household stuff and provisions which he is to provide for the King's houses by the duty of his office. Money Book III, p. 171.
Same for 300l. to Marmaduke Darcy for one year to 1681, Sept. 29, on his fee as Surveyor of the Great Wardrobe. Ibid.
Same for 300l. to Andrew Newport for same on his same as Comptroller of the Great Wardrobe. Ibid, pp. 171–2.
Same for 50l. to Dame Bridget Sanderson for 1680, Lady day quarter, on her annuity or pension. Ibid, p. 173.
Same for 1,000l. to Henry Sidney, Gentleman and Master of the Robes; 500l. thereof to complete the half year ended 1680, Lady day, on the 5,000l. per an. for the Office of the Robes, and the remaining 500l. as in part of the succeeding half year. Hereof 100l. is to be for his own use without account and the remaining 900l. is to be as imprest for said Office. (Money order dated Dec. 10 hereon.) Ibid, p. 173. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 267.
Privy seal for 500l. to Tho. Chudleigh for equipage and 5l. a day for ordinary as Envoy Extraordinary to the States General of the United Provinces: the first three months' ordinary to be advanced: together with the usual clause for allowance of his extraordinaries. King's Warrant Book VIII, p. 278.
Nov. 25. Money order for 70l. 11s. 8d. to John Lawrence, without account: for fitting and renovating the rooms belonging to the late Star Chamber for the Trial of the moneys in the Pix of the Mint and for the charge of the entertainment of the officers of the Mint and the jury of goldsmiths attending that service on Aug. 5 last. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 262.
Nov. 26. Treasury warrant to Visct. Falkland, present Treasurer of the Navy, and to Edward Seymour, late same, or either of them, to pay 881l. 19s. 6d. to Audit or Done, he having cancelled and made void an order No. 806, dated 1670–1, Jan. 18, registered on the Hearthmoney on which order said sum was due to him as the assignee of Robert Moorecock [to whom same was owing] for goods furnished to the Navy. The present sum is to be paid out of the receipts from the sale of decayed and unserviceable stores. Money Book III, p. 172. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 259.
Together with: (a) copy of the order dated 1670–1, Jan. 18, for 565l. 6s. 0d. to Robert Moorecock, with 6 per cent. interest from 1669, Nov. 23, to be registered on the Hearthmoney and to be as in lieu of the like sum due on several orders registered on the Additional Aid for goods furnished to the Navy. (b) Acknowledgment dated 1681, Nov. 18, by T. Done of the receipt of 565l. 6s. 0d. for principal and 316l. 13s. 6d. for interest on said order, hereby released and discharged by him. (c) Treasury warrant to the Receipt dated 1681, Nov. 21, to cancel said order and the registry thereof.
Nov. 26. Money warrant for 1,000l. to Henry Guy for secret service, without account: on the privy seal of the 24th inst. ut supra, p. 313, and as for 1680, Christmas quarter: to be paid out of the Wine Licence revenue. (Money order dated Nov. 26 hereon.) Money Book III, p. 172. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 263.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of Customs money now in the Exchequer, viz.: Disposition Book II, p. 105.
l. s. d.
to the Treasurer of the Navy for one week of the Navy's weekly money 3,000 0 0
to ditto for the Mermaid 2,500 0 0
to Mr. Sidney 2,125 18 6
to Mr. Skelton 1,570 11 4
£9,196 9 10
Same to the Auditors of Imprests, forwarding a state of the Deputy Receiver General [of Ireland's] account from 1680–1, Mar. 20, to 1681, April 30, taken by the Commissioners of Accounts, being an account of all money paid by the Farmers of the revenue of Ireland; said account being in triplicate as enclosed respectively to the Lord Lieutenant, Sir James Shaen and the Earl of Ranelagh. Out Letters (General) VI, p. 340.
Same to the Lord Chancellor to meet the Treasury Lords at the Treasury Chambers on Monday afternoon next concerning the new contract for the [farm of the] revenue of Ireland. (The like notice to the Lord Chamberlain, Earl of Halifax, Earl of Conway, Sir Leoline Jenkins, Mr. Seymour, the Lord President of the Privy Council, Earl of Arran, Solicitor General, Earl of Ranelagh and Mr. Roberts.) (The like notice repeated on the 28 Nov. for Thursday afternoon next.) (The like notice repeated on Dec. 3 for Monday afternoon next, and again on the 5th Dec. for the following Thursday, the King being gone to Windsor and having been pleased to put off the meeting, which was intended to have been this afternoon.) (The like notice repeated on the 10th Dec. for Monday afternoon next.) (The like notice repeated on the 19th Dec. for to-morrow afternoon, the Auditors of Imprests being added.) (The like notice on Dec. 26 for Thursday next.) (And see infra, under date 1681–2, Jan. 1.) Ibid, pp. 340, 342, 346, 347, 354, 364, 371.
Same to the Navy Commissioners to assign (out of the Navy's weekly money) 50l. by way of imprest to Mris. Elizabeth Fowler for one year to Christmas last on her pension. Pay it in five weekly instalments. Ibid, p. 340.
Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners. You have not attended the Attorney General concerning the assessment on you and the other Customs officers. You are to attend him forthwith with a state of your case in three days' time or the Treasury Lords will complain to the Privy Council. Out Letters (General) VI, p. 341.
Order from the Treasury Lords to the Customs Commissioners to observe an Order in Council as follows: Out Letters (Customs) VIII, p. 31.
Prefixing: Order of the King in Council dated Whitehall, Nov. 23. On reading this day at the Board the petition of the East India Company for permission to export to Fort St. George 66 iron guns weighing 986 cwt., they having provided same for the service and defence of said fort, one half of which they shipped some time since on the Resolution now outward bound for the East Indies and made entry thereof Oct. 19 last and paid custom therefor, but now find some obstruction in shipping the remainder by reason of his Majesty's proclamation prohibiting the exportation of iron guns: it is hereby ordered that such permission be given on the said Company's giving security that the said guns shall not be exchanged or any other ways bartered away or disposed of except for the use of said fort.
Treasury warrant to same to employ Richard Butler as surveyor of Plymouth loco _ Pierce, discharged. Ibid, pp. 32, 33, 34, 35.
John Yates as a landwaiter at Bristol loco Thomas Lewis, dismissed.
Owen Conor as a same, ibid. loco Samll. Burgess, dismissed.
Francis Leicester as a same, ibid. loco William Holland, dismissed.
John Whittles (an extraordinary tidesman, ibid.) as a tidesman in fee, ibid.
Samuel Avery (a same, ibid.) as a same, ibid. loco Tho. Cockaine, dismissed.
Tho. Browne (a same, ibid.) as a same, ibid.
George Prowse as warehousekeeper, Bristol port loco William Fordred, who desires to resign.
Adrian Collins as tidesman in fee, London port loco John Cox, preferred to be coastwaiter, ibid.
Peter Ceely as a landcarriageman, London port loco Edward Lane, lately preferred to be tidesurveyor, ibid.
Thomas Lowder (late one of the boatmen, Bristol port dismissed) to be re-established in his former employment as chief boatman at his former salary of 30l. and to have the title of tidesurveyor and an additional salary of 15l. per an.; he having made very considerable discoveries of many frauds committed by officers in that port, which discoveries are greatly to the advantage of the Customs.
Ralph Merson to be riding surveyor to reside at the mouth of the river Exe in Exeter port and the coast adjacent, and to have the command of a boat, with 60l. per an. salary, he having been dispatched thither by the Customs Commissioners on their receiving information of great frauds in the Customs there.
John Ebden as a boatman at Lynn Regis loco John Hardley, who has relinquished same. In the margin: cancelled 12 Feb., 1681–2.
John Groome (Groomes) to have a commission for six months to seize uncustomed and prohibited goods in Colchester port.
Nov. 28. Money warrant for 955l. to Thomas Chudleigh, 500l. thereof for equipage and 455l. for a quarter's advance of ordinary as Envoy Extraordinary to the States General. (Money order dated Nov. 30 hereon.) Money Book III, p. 173. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 264.
Same for 1,250l. to Mris. Eleanor Gwynne for 1681, June 24 quarter, on her annuity or pension of 5,000l. per an. for support of herself and Charles, Earl of Burford. (Money order dated Nov. 30 hereon.) Money Book III, p. 174. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 264.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Samuel Wetwang for the place of landwaiter at Hull, void by the death of Geo. Lumley. Reference Book I, p. 418.
Henry Guy to Sir Richd. Dereham. Send to the Treasury Lords what account you can concerning the arrears of the Poll money. Out Letters (General) VI, p. 341.
Same to Major Huntington. Attend the Treasury Lords on Thursday morning next on your late paper of demands. Ibid.
Entry of the Treasury Lords' signature of the docquet of an in custodiam lease under the Exchequer seal to Jeremiah Dove and Mary Downhall of divers lands and tenements in co. Leicester [being part of the estate] of John Hanbury, esq., and Richd. Halford, gent., outlaws: at a rent of 33s. 2d. and fine of 3l. 6s. 8d. Warrants not Relating to Money VIII, p. 11.
Nov. 28
and 29.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue to the messengers of the Exchequer Court in further part of their bills the 99l. 17s. 10d. (altered on the 29th to 49l. 18s. 11d., being a moiety of the 99l. 17s. 10d.) remaining in the Exchequer for compositions made in the Exchequer Court which is in the nature of Greenwax money. Disposition Book II, pp. 105–6.
Nov. 29. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to order the Customs Cashier to pay 29l. 13s. 1d. to William King, surveyor of Bristol as royal bounty (according to the order of 1679–80, Jan. 24) for a seizure of French wines and brandy, which were staved by the proprietors before they came to be destroyed according to the judgment which was entered in Michaelmas term, 1680. Money Book III, p. 169.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt. There is now remaining [or soon will be] in the Exchequer the following items, viz.: 1,486l. 19s. 9¼d. of Hearthmoney [part of the farm rent] due at Lady day, 1682, 13,000l. of Hearthmoney which will be speedily paid into the Exchequer [on the farm rent] due at Michaelmas, 1682, and 5,570l. 16s. 3½d. which will also be paid in on the Hearthmoney [farm rent] due 1683, Lady day. These sums, making a total of 20,057l. 16s. 0¾d. are to be issued as follows: Disposition Book II, p. 106.
l. s. d.
to the Master of the Great Ward-robe 5,089 10 0
to Mr. Packer for the ordinary of the Works 1,000 0 0
to ditto for repairs of the Mews stables 150 0 0
to Mr. Roberts for the works at Windsor, being 1,500l. for a quarter for Windsor [works] 500l. for Mr. May, 250l. for Mr. Vario and 150l. for Sir Saml. Morland 2,400 0 0
to the Treasurer of the Chamber 2,466 12 10
to Mr. Darcy and Mr. Newport, 300l. each 600 0 0
to me [Guy] for secret service 740 0 0
to the Mother of the Maids 50 0 0
to Mr. Chetwind to buy horses 500 0 0
to the Master of the Robes 1,000 0 0
to the widow of John Loup, late clerk of the Nichills 20 0 0
to Mr. Seagar 30 18 6
to Sir Algernoone May 250 0 0
to Mr. Swan 40 0 0
to the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield for two years at June 24 last 20 0 0
to Mr. Aldworth 100 0 0
to the Navy for the Eastland mer-chants 3,492 11
to the Ordnance, ditto 2,078 4 8
£20,027 17
The remainder being 29l. 18s. 11¼d. is to be reserved for the Treasury Lords' disposal.
Nov. 29. Henry Guy to the Master of the Great Wardrobe. The Treasury Lords have directed 3,089l. 10s. 0d. to be now paid you. This, with the 2,000l. paid you the 27th inst. makes the 5,089l. 10s. 0d. ut supra. You are to apply the present sum to complete the list of Nov. 22 last, ut supra, p. _, to the total of 4,944l. 10s. 0d. and also to pay 64l. to Francis Churchman, 30l. to Nath. King and 51l. to Mr. Wilkinson's daughters. (Total, 5,089l. 10s. 0d.) Disposition Book II, p. 106.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of such Excise money as is directed to be paid into the Exchequer this week, viz.: Ibid.
to Mr. Johnson for the Forces 2,000
to ditto for off-reckonings 2,000
to the Cofferer of the Household 1,000
to me [Guy] for secret service in part of 5,000l. 200
to the Duke of Southampton 425
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of Charles Temple's petition for a place as a patent landwaiter, Bristol port. Reference Book I, p. 418.
Same to Auditor Stephens of the interest account of Charles Duncombe and Company, as follows: Ibid, p. 419.
l. s. d.
for interest of 10,000l. from 1681, May 12, to Aug. 23, at 8 per cent 225, 15 0
for interest of 6,111l. 16s. 10d. from [? Aug.] 23 to 26 4 0 4
for interest of 1,693l. 16s. 10d. for one day 0 7 6
£230 2 10
Henry Guy to Mr. Blathwait, forwarding papers [missing] relating to the retrenchment of Forces at Jamaica. Out Letters (General) VI, p. 341.
Same to Mr. Hewer. Send the Treasury Lords forthwith an account what are the payments, out of the revenue of Tangier, for the charge of the civil government of Tangier and to what persons of that civil government any money of such revenue is paid and what sums to each of them; as also what the certain revenue of Tangier now is and how much it is more that what is yearly now paid to the said civil government. (The like letter to Mr. Creed.) Ibid.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue to the Mint Commissioners all the Coinage money now in the Exchequer, being 280l. Ibid.
Same to the Excise Commissioners. As you receive the 30,000l. which George Dashwood and Company are to pay to you to complete their 40,000l. loan, you are to pay it, said 30,000l., to Charles Duncombe upon the tallies he has stricken on you for that sum, viz.: six tallies for 5,000l. each dated respectively 1680, Oct. 23 and 30, Nov. 6, 13, 20 and 27. Ibid, p. 342.
The Treasury Lords to the Duke of Ormonde, Upon debate yesterday [at the Treasury Chambers by us and others] before the King concerning the new contract for [the farm of] the revenues of Ireland it was alleged that the present Farmers may have pretences to several defalcations. We are commanded by the King to desire you to call on the Farmers there if they have any such pretences, to bring them in forthwith. Examine them and transmit them to us as soon as finished. Out Letters (Ireland) II, p. 192.
Money warrant for 40l. to Robert Swan for half a year to June 24 last on his annuity or pension for his fidelity in the King's escape after Worcester fight. (Money order dated Nov. 30 hereon.) Money Book III, p. 174. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 263.
Same for 250l. to Sir Algernoon May for half a year to 1676, June 24, on his fee as Clerk or Keeper of the Rolls and Records within the Tower of London. Money Book III, p. 174.
Same for 20l. to the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield for two years to 1681, June 24, on their perpetuity of 10l. per an. Ibid, p. 175.
Same for 25l. to Eleanor Mather, widow of Capt. William Mather, for half a year to Sept. 29 last on her annuity or pension. (Money order dated Dec. 5 hereon.) Ibid, pp. 175–6. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 266.
Nov. 30. Privy seal for 40s. a day to Edmund Poley, esq., for his ordinary as Resident with the Elector of Brandenburg: to commence from Sept. 29 last: the first quarter to be advanced: together with the usual clause for his extraordinaries. King's Warrant Book VIII, pp. 282–3.
Royal warrant to the Treasury Lords to direct the Customs Commissioners to permit Nicholas Johnson, Paymaster of the Forces, to export any sum of coin of the realm not exceeding 4,000l. for the pay of the soldiers in Virginia, the export thereof for such use being allowed by the statutes of the realm. (Treasury warrant accordingly to the Customs Commissioners, dated Nov. 30 hereon.) Ibid, p. 283. Out Letters (Customs) VIII, p. 38.
Nov. 30. Royal warrant to Sir Henry Chicheley, kt., Nicholas Spencer, Nathaniell Bacon and Phill. Ludwell. By Order in Council of the 22nd inst. the payments for the two Companies now in Virginia are to cease and determine from Christmas next, and the said Companies are to be then disbanded unless the Governor, Council and Assembly of Virginia shall desire and agree to pay them out of the revenue raised or to be raised within the said Colony for that purpose. You are hereby entrusted with the payment and disposal of the money hereby allotted for the discharge of the quarters of said Companies and for the satisfaction of the officers and privates thereof. As soon as these letters shall come to hand, together with 5,018l. 15s. 0d. (or the balance thereof after the deductions for pay due upon the assignments produced here [in England]) you are in the first place to pay the debts and quarters of the said Companies to the entire satisfaction of the good subjects by whom they have been lodged and entertained. Thereafter you are to proceed to the payment of the said two Companies from 1679–80. Jan. 1, to 1681–2. Jan. 1 next, after the following rates. viz. 2s. a day each to the two lieutenants, 1s. 6d. a day each to the two ensigns, 6s. a day to the six serjeants, 8d, a day each to the six corporals and four drummers, 6d. a day to each private excepting such as are servants to Lord Colepeper and Sir Henry Chichely, 3s. 4d. to the chaplain and 6s. a day to the engineer and his servants This being done you are to declare the royal pleasure not to continue the pay of the said two Companies out of the English Exchequer and in case no fund or provision be then made by Act of the General Assembly for their support you are to cause the said two Companies to be forthwith disbanded and to deliver up into the King's stores all their arms, partizans, halberts and drums. You are to give discharges and passes to such officers and soldiers as shall desire it and are to afford your best assistance in procuring them a safe and convenient passage to such other parts of the King's dominions as they shall desire to repair to; or else to do what in you lies to provide them with such employments as shall be suitable to their respective conditions: "wee being desirous that they be discharged from our service with all favourable encouragement and assurance of our satisfaction in the duty they have expressed towards us." King's Warrant Book VIII, pp. 284–5.
Privy seal for the discharge of the 1,095l. due to the King from Sir George Geffreys (Jeffrys) of Bulstrode, co. Bucks, for his baronetcy fee. (Treasury warrant dated 1681–2, Jan. 12, hereon accordingly to the Receipt for tallies to discharge said fee.) Ibid, pp. 286–8. Money Book III, p. 206.
The Treasury Lords to Sir Henry Chicheley, et al. Nicho. Spencer, Nath. Bacon, and Phillip Ludwell. Use all possible speed and diligence in executing the King's order as above for disbanding the two Companies in Virginia. As directions are therein given for pay of the subordinate officers and soldiers from 1679–80. Jan. 1 (to which time they are already paid out of the Exchequer) to 1681 2. Jan. 1, it appears that the King has not thought fit that the Captains of the said Companies should out of the present provision of allowance have any pay at all after 1679–80, Jan. 1, nor that their servants be paid as soldiers belonging to the said Companies. Be very careful in examining the muster rolls and the accounts of the quarters. We doubt not but that by reason of mortality and other accidents there will be a surplus of money. You are to keep same in your hand till you receive the King's further directions therein. Out Letters (General) VI, pp. 355, 356.