Entry Book: November 1683, 1-15

Pages 934-952

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 7, 1681-1685. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1916.

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November 1683

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Nov. 1. Same for 100l. to William Lowndes, gent., without account, for his charges in making a large book for his Majesty's service which is to contain an abstract of all grants from the Crown of lands, rents, etc. with the reservations [of rents, etc.] thereupon. (Money order dated Nov. 1 hereon.) Money Book IV, p. 281. Order Book XXXIX, p. 108.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to take from the Receiver of Plantation goods in London port, bonds to the value of 4,000l. on the additional duty on tobacco and to immediately deliver same to William Hewer, Treasurer for the affairs of Tangier, as in satisfaction of his tally for 4,000l. struck on the Customs Oct. 25 last, which tally is to be given up in return for said bonds. The computed mercantile discount on said bonds is also to be paid to said Hewer. Money Book IV, p. 282.
Nov. 1. Treasury allowance of the 1683, Michaelmas quarter's salary bill of the Customs London port: (total 5,449l. 19s. 3d. whereof 5,343l. 14s. 3d. is for established salaries and 106l. 5s. 0d. for additional salaries). Money Book IV, p. 282.
Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners to send to the Treasury Lords forthwith the informations against _ Say. Out Letters (General) VII, p. 224.
Royal sign manual for 2,399l. 1s. 5d. to Henry Guy for secret service without account: to be issued on the privy seal dormant of Oct. 31 ult. (Money warrant dated Nov. 1 hereon. Money order dated Nov. 1 hereon.) King's Warrant Book IX, p. 218. Money Book IV, p. 281. Order Book XXXIX, p. 107.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ Edmo. Bostock as a watchman, London port, loco James Hurst, lately deceased. Out Letters (Customs) VIII, pp. 229, 230, 231, 232, 233.
Saml. Baker (an extraordinary tidesman ibid.) as a tidesman in fee ibid. loco William Pickett, lately dismissed.
Ralph Archbold as waiter and searcher Berwick port loco George Selby, lately deceased.
Hoo Steward (an extraordinary tidesman London port) as a tidesman in fee ibid. loco John Langdon, lately dismissed.
Luke Lock (a same ibid.) as a same ibid. loco Francis Ellerby, lately dismissed.
Thomas Coxe (a same ibid.) as a same ibid. loco Henry Crane, lately dismissed.
Furner Strange (a same ibid.) as a same ibid. loco Thomas Syms, lately dismissed.
Richard Clarke (a same ibid.) as a same ibid. loco Arthur Nicholson, lately dismissed.
George Wilcocks (a same ibid.) as a same ibid. loco Christopher Allison, lately dismissed.
John Gretton (a same ibid.) as a same ibid. loco Thomas Potter, lately dismissed.
James Parker (a same ibid.) as a same ibid. loco William Rogers, lately dismissed.
Edward Euston (a same ibid.) as a same ibid. loco John Smith, lately deceased.
William May as an additional boatsman at Whitby at 15l. per an. as by the order of July 26 last.
Peter Ceoly (a land carriageman, London port) as searcher and to attend the coast business in Exeter port loco George Beck, presented to be surveyor ibid.
Christopher Needle as land carriageman, London port loco abovesaid Peter Ceoly.
Samuel Barrow as warehousekeeper, Yarmouth port loco John Nelmes, who is made tidesurveyor ibid.
Peregrine Parlabein as tidesman, Exeter port loco William Marshall, who declines same.
William Roberts as waiter at Aberthaw in Swansea port loco William Powell, lately deceased.
John Mytton as one of the seven additional boatmen, Exeter port.
Samuel Clarke, the surveyor of the warehouse, to have 100l. per an. additional to his present salary of 200l. per an. in view of the increase of his labour in accounts and having no perquisites; and also a further 50l. per an. to breed up a young man under him. 100l. to be paid for a house for the two boatmen at Berdsey Ferry and their families to live in: the collector and surveyor of Ipswich port having agreed with Sir John Barker, lord of the manor there, for him to build said house and to lease same to Charles Osborne for the King for 10 years at a peppercorn rent.
The office of Henry Wilkins, deceased, one of the landwaiters, Liverpool port, is to be sunk and his salary of 30l. per an. to be divided between three tidesmen and boatmen to be added to said port as additional to the three new tidesmen and boatmen which were desired by the Customs Commissioners 1681–2, Jan. 16, and approved 1682, June 15. Further 10l. per an. is hereby to be added to the salary of these six additional tidesmen and boatmen and to two ditto on the old establishment to make them equal with the salary of the two remaining ditto on said old establishment.
Richard Steed (an extraordinary noontender, London port) as a noontender ibid. loco Capt. William Crane, superannuated and willing to resign.
Thomas Hart (formerly a tidesman at Hull) as tidesman at Plymouth loco Thomas Smith, lately dismissed.
John Dunnell as waiter and searcher at Mumbles, Swansea port, loco John Secum, lately dismissed.
James Wych as collector and Surveyor General of the Plantation duties at Ashley river in Carolina.
John Jefferies as landwaiter, Sunderland port, loco Stephen Graves, who declines same.
Nov. 1. Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to make forth a Commission in the usual form under the Exchequer seal to the Mayor of Stockton, Henry Brabant and Henry Ball, customers of Newcastle port; Ralph Williamson, comptroller ibid.; John Tempest, searcher ibid.; Henry Mountford and Richard Potts, gentlemen, for the setting out of quays and wharves in the port of Stockton (a member of Newcastle port): all as by the Act of 14 Car. II. [c. 11, § 15] and of 1 Eliz. [c. 11, § 1] and by reason that the quays and wharves there have through tract of time become unsettled, unbounded and unlimited. Out Letters (Customs) VIII, pp. 234–6.
The Treasury Lords to the [Earl of Arran] Lord Deputy of Ireland. Take the opinion of the King's Counsel in Ireland on the following observations which we have made upon the draft commission sent by you to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland for confirming defective titles [to lands in Ireland]. We cannot report to the King without such opinion. Out Letters (Ireland) III, pp. 202–4.
Appending: said observations: (1) some of the clauses on pp. 5, 9, 11 and 12, are very large and of doubtful consequence, and some may concern the late or former Farmers of the Revenue of Ireland either by entitling them to defalcations or by discharging their own lands when passed in new patents. (2) as to the proposal on pp. 6 and 7 for power to create new corporations without number and with all franchises, etc., none of all this will tend to settling men's minds or quieting their estates "and if duly considered possibly the multiplying of corporations and inferior courts of judicature is rather a hindrance than an encouragement to plantation. (3) as to the proposal on p. 11 (that books and fiants subscribed by the Attorney or Solicitor General should be a sufficient warrant for the commissioners to pass them) this differs from the commission of the year 1639, in which one Cusack, a King's Counsel, was added to the Attorney and Solicitor General. (4) as to the proviso on p. 14 (that all rents due to the King and paid for the greater part of seven years past shall not be lessened) this is the only clause for the King's security and ought to be penned with the greatest caution. It ought not to be limited to the greatest part of seven years but to any time within seven years. For possibly the Farmers may have been remiss in collecting it: there may have been suits at law, absence or infancy, several quit rents have been respited and many lands granted within the last four years and so cannot have paid quit rents for the said period and so also for all the lands that are yet concealed. This clause is the more carefully to be penned in regard there is a power given to the Commissioners to subdivide lands and rents as shall be desired by the patentees; in which case if the Auditor and Surveyor be not very careful the King may be prejudiced and great confusion brought into those offices. (5) The clause for abating the arrears of quit rents may entitle the late and former Farmers of the Irish Revenue to defalcations for what incurred before 1682, Christmas, and will directly concern the King for what incurs after that date to the time of passing the new patent and if any money remains yet unpaid of the year or year and a half's value, doubling ordnance money or other sums charged by the Acts of Settlement and Explanation 'tis doubtful whether the new patentee may not be hereby freed from such other payments. "To consider it in general it [this Commission] seemeth a matter of very great moment and not fully warranted by the precedent of 1639, for in that the King disposed only of what was absolutely his own and that, as it seemeth, [was] chiefly by way of releasing some advantages which he might have taken upon some defects in former patents. But in this Commission it seemeth that nine parts of ten of the subject matter will be what is vested in the King by Acts of Settlement and consequently not to his own use but as a royal trustee to the uses of the Acts and many of those uses being not yet satisfied 'tis doubtful how the lands can be diverted from the said uses otherwise than by Act of Parliament, nothing else seeming to be of validity enough to put a final conclusion to all pretences, especially of those who are yet deficient and think themselves entitled by the said Acts to a precedency of satisfaction before others, out of lands yet concealed and undisposed.
Nov. 1. Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the petition of Col. Theodore Russell. We think petitioner should deliver in a particular of the lands he desires to be granted to him. When same is certified to us we will report thereon. Out Letters (Ireland) III, pp. 205–6.
Prefixing: (1) petition to the King from Col. Theodore Russell, Governor of the town of Galway, shewing that in 1673 he was made Major to the Regiment of Foot under the Marquess of Worcester, now Duke of Beaufort, which Regiment was soon after disbanded before petitioner could recover the charge he was at in equiping himself for same: that in 1677 he came out of Ireland and was by the King's command appointed Major to the Duke of York's Regiment of Horse and bought all the clothing for his troop and furniture for their horses so that each man cost him 10l. 12s. 6d.: that said Troop was disbanded before he could be reimbursed and there is unpaid five months on his pay as Major, so that upon the whole he is 1,000l. out of purse. Therefore prays a grant of a few acres of land in Ireland lately found to be in the King's dispose. (2) Order of reference dated Windsor, June 2 last, from the King to the Lord Lieutenant of said petition. (3) Report dated Hampstead, June 14 last, from the Duke of Ormonde thereon. Petitioner may be granted forfeited concealed lands to be discovered by himself, provided no new Commission of Inquiry issue to the disturbance of the country. (4) Reference dated Windsor, June 18 last, from the King to the Treasury Lords of said report.
Nov. 3. Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of such Excise money as is directed to be this week paid into the Exchequer, viz.: Disposition Book II, p. 275.
to the Paymaster of the Forces 4,000
to the Cofferer of the Household 1,000
to me [Guy] for secret service in part of 5,000l. 200
Same to same to issue as follows out of Customs money similarly directed to be paid in, viz.: Ibid.
l. s. d.
to the Treasurer of the Navy for one week's money, whereof 1,000l. is to the Victuallers 2,500 0 0
to the Treasurer of the Ordnance one week's money 500 0 0
to the Treasurer of Tangier for Mr. Price's bills of exchange 400 0 0
to the Auditors of Imprests 94 3 4
to the Privy Purse 1,000 0 0
£4,494 3 4
Same to the Excise Commissioners enclosing a letter of Mr. Yeard's to the Lord Keeper. Consult the books of the brewers' entries referred to and attend the Treasury Lords next Tuesday with your opinion what may be done therein for his Majesty's service. Out Letters (General) VII, p. 225.
Same to the Customs Commissioners. The Treasury Lords learn from Mr. Duck (who is a worthy person) that Tho. Cupper, surveyor of Exeter port, whom you have dismissed, is a loyal, honest man and a good officer. They have therefore stopped George Beck's warrant whom you have presented for said post. They desire you to hear Mr. Duck and to send Cupper a copy of the charge against him. Ibid.
Nov. 3. Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners to report on the order in Council (a) infra. Out Letters (General) VII, pp. 225–6.
Appending: (a) order of the King in Council dated Whitehall, 1683, Oct. 31, made on the petition of John Banks of London, merchant, for a grant of freedom to his ship Theodora, now at Alexandria freighted for Leghorn, as in lieu of the freedom formerly granted to petitioner's ship the Danby. which was taken in her first voyage by seven Turkish men of war under French colours. On reading said petition the King in Council hereby refers same to the Treasury Lords.
(b) said petition: shewing that petitioner was encouraged by the Navy Commissioners about five years since to provide a large quantity of 4-inch plank and crooked timber of the scantlings given him which was then much wanted towards building the 30 new ships and did accordingly provide the same (with the leave of the Duke of Holstein) in [out of] the same wood [forest] which furnishes the King of Denmark and Sweden with their ship timber: but wanting shipping to bring it over he did by an English shipwright build at Ekilford [Eckernförde] in Holstein three square sterned ships called the Danby of 36 guns, the Four Brothers of 40 guns (but could carry 56) and the Theodora of 15 guns; and in the said ships he brought that timber to London and thereupon the King granted petitioner the freedom of the Danby and Four Brothers in exchange of two other ships' freedoms, "which cost your petitioner about 160l. custom of the ship's freedom." The said ship Danby was lost as above as she was just coming into Leghorn Road. Therefore prays an exchange of freedom ut supra for the Theodora "being now at Alexandria freighted for Leghorn and neither made free nor having a Turkish pass the captain, Nicho. Casely, writes to your petitioner that he is in great danger of being taken by the Turks," in which case the ship whereof petitioner is sole owner, would be lost and the whole crew, being English subjects, would be made slaves.
Same to same enclosing an order of Council for a man of war ketch to attend the government of Virginia Report to the Treasury Lords whether you think it necessary that the Captain should have any further instructions. Ibid, p. 227.
Money warrant for 450l. to the Countess Dowager Marischal for three quarters to 1681, Sept. 29, on her annuity granted by patent dated 1676, June 17. Money Book IV, p. 283.
Same for 700l. to Dr. John Taylor for secret service, without account: for half a year to Sept. 29 last on the 1,400l. per an. to him [for the Duchess of Portsmouth]. (Money order dated Nov. 7 hereon.) Ibid, p. 283. Order Book XXXIX, p. 109.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 16l. 3s. 4d. to John Langwith for last Sept. 29 quarter as messenger attending the Customs. Followed by: the Treasury Lords' allowance of said Langwith's bill for the like sum for same quarter as messenger attending the Treasury Lords. Money Book IV, p. 283.
Nov. 3. Money warrant for 150l. to the executors of John Sayers, esq., for one year to 1681, Sept. 29, on his salary as late his Majesty's master cook. Money Book IV, p. 284.
Same for 37l. 10s. 0d. to Nicholas Estoll for three quarters to Sept. 29 last on his annuity or pension. (Money order dated Nov. 6 hereon.) Ibid, p. 284. Order Book XXXIX, p. 109.
Nov. 6. Henry Guy [to the Customs Commissioners] to report on the petition of Roger Pedley recommended to you June 19 last; and also on all other references lying before you from the Treasury Lords. Out Letters (General) VII, p. 227.
Same to same to attend the Committee for Trade and Plantations this afternoon with your opinion upon the two laws of Virgina sent to you on Oct. 9 last ut supra, p. 926. Ibid.
Same to Visct. Latimer to attend the Treasury Lords this day week, at which time Mr. Mounteney's executors are to attend about his account relating to prizes (about money due to his Majesty for prizes). (The like notice to said executors.) Ibid.
Same to Mr. Parry to attend the Treasury Lords on Thursday morning next about your report of the Queen's portion. Ibid.
Same to Sir Richard Mason et al. [late Agents for Taxes] to report on (a) infra. Ibid, p. 228.
Appending: (a) Sir Edward Stradling's proposals to the Treasury Lords: viz. to pay into the Exchequer forthwith 500l. and the rest [of his late brother, Mansell Stradling's, debt as formerly receiver of various assessments in South Wales and Monmouth] by 100l. a year or such reasonable sum as the Treasury Lords shall think fit "which cannot be much greater, his mother being living and has a great jointure and he desires only to live." His estate is let out on old rents which are small but the fines upon the casual deaths of tenants are considerable; the king cannot let leases and the tenants will not bargain with Sir Edward thus encumbered, therefore Sir Edward prays to have his lands conveyed by the King to trustees with proviso for re-entry to the King if Sir Edward default on his payments; and further that the Treasury Lords may order that the money owing by Col. Thomas Stradling to his brother, Mansell Stradling, late Receiver, may be applied to the discharge of what Sir Edward is bound for, as Sir Edward is at the charge of recovering same by English bill in the Exchequer in the Attorney General's name. Also prays to have the nomination of the searcher of Swansea port loco Mansell Stradling and that the profits thereof ought to be sequestered towards the King's satisfaction. Further prays to have the benefit of the King's process against the other sureties of said Mansell Stradling.
Same to Mr. Blathwayte to attend the Treasury Lords next Thursday morning "concerning your and Mr. Parry's report about the Queen's portion." Ibid, p. 229.
Same to the Attorney General to report on the enclosed letter. Ibid.
Appending: letter dated Nov. 6 inst. from Edw. Cane to Mr. Godolphin praying for a warrant to the bailiff of Westminster to seize what is left of Lady Armstrong's goods, otherwise the small parcel of goods left here in town by Sir Thomas [Armstrong] will soon be all embezzled.
Nov. 6. The Treasury Lords to the Admiralty Lords. The King has declared that he will take the management of the Victualling of the Navy into his own hands [out of the Victualling Farmers' hands]. Please give directions to the Navy Commissioners that so many of the offices in the several ports as there may be occasion for to provide victuals and provisions for the Navy may be put into the hands of Sir Rich. Haddock, Mr. Sturt, Mr. Parsons and Mr. Fenn whom the King has appointed Commissioners for this [Victualling] service. Out Letters (General) VII, p. 229.
Henry Guy to the Navy Commissioners to state the accounts of Mris. Anne Houlding, widow of Capt. William Houlding, late commander of his Majesty's ship Woolwich, for his victualling etc. the Morocco ambassador in his passage to Tangier, notwithstanding said Captain has not proper vouchers for the whole sum of 189l. 7s. 9d. as you report in your letter of June 15 last. Make her a bill for the whole or for so much as you are satisfied was truly laid out, and also the said Captain's travelling charges from Deal to London and back. Further to similarly allow to the purser of said ship in his account what he disbursed for provisions for the further victualling said ambassador. Ibid, p. 231.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to satisfy as follows the money order for 2,399l. 15s. 0d. to me [Guy] for secret service ut supra, p. 935: viz. 400l. [already advanced to me by the Teller] as by the letter of Oct. 9 last ut supra, pp. 926–7 [and which is now formally warranted by the said money order], 1,001l. 15s. 0d. out of King's Bench fines and 998l. out of sale of lands. Disposition Book II, p. 276,
Same to same to issue as follows the 1,561l. 0s. 1d. of the revenue of the Duchy of Cornwall and the 1l. 9s. 11d. of Hearthmoney [which sums] making 1,562l. 10s. 0d. [are now in the Exchequer] viz.: 750l. to Dr. John Taylor for secret service, 150l. to the executors of Mr. Sayers, 37l. 10s. 0d. to Mr. Estoll, 15l. to Mris. Ursula Elliott, 450l. to Lady Marischal, 160l. to me [Guy] for secret service. Ibid.
Same to same to issue (out of Mr. Sleeman's loan now remaining in the Exchequer) 3,000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy, which is intended for Sir Thomas Beckford, slopseller, for his present current account. Ibid, p. 277.
Royal warrant to Sir Robert Sawyer [Attorney General] to cause satisfaction to be entered on the record on the judgment (given in the King's Bench in Trinity term, 32 Car. II.) against Richard Radley for publishing scandalous words concerning Sir William Scroggs, late Chief Justice of the King's Bench: Radley having stood in several places with a paper on his breast denoting his offence and ever since continued in prison and having humbled himself to said Scroggs shortly before the latter's death; wherefore the King is graciously disposed to remit the fine of 250l. and that Radley be forthwith enlarged. King's Warrant Book IX, p. 219.
Nov. 6. Royal sign manual for 160l. to Henry Guy for secret service, without account: to be issued on the privy seal dormant of May 23 last. (Money warrant dated Nov. 6 hereon. Money order dated Nov. 7 hereon.) King's Warrant Book IX, p. 220. Money Book IV, p. 285. Order Book XXXIX, p. 108.
Treasury signature of the docquet of a lease to Richard Hutton of the tithes of the parish of Hooton Pagnell, etc. ut supra, p. 877. Warrants not Relating to Money IX, p. 236.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to discharge the seizure of the ship Golden Fortune, lately seized in the Hope, same being damaged in a storm and unable to make for Amsterdam and therefore came from the Downs into the Thames. The Royal Africa Company is first to be reimbursed her charges in relation to [the seizure of] said ship. Out Letters (Customs) VIII, p. 237.
Same to same to employ Richard Fisher as landcarriageman, London port, loco John Carrington, lately deceased. Ibid, pp. 237, 238, 239.
John Eden as waiter and searcher at Scarborough in Hull port loco Thomas Lambert, lately deceased.
John Gough as boatman at Harwich loco Robt. Cooke, who has relinquished same.
Robert Mirfin as tidewaiter at Liverpool loco Henry Garrett, lately dismissed.
Elias Drewry as boatman at Burnham in Maldon port, a member of Ipswich port loco William Cliffe, lately dismissed.
William Sammes as waiter and searcher at Havens Mouth in Chichester port loco William Sparke, lately dismissed.
William Stevens (as by the order in Council of Oct. 26 last) to reside in Guernsey with 30l. per an. salary to sign and seal certificates of the landing of commodities to be returned to London for the discharge of securities given here and with other like duties as the like officer in Jersey has by the order in Council of 1679, Dec. 17, for preventing of fraudulent practices.
Same to same to prosecute Richard Strong, a known smuggler on the penalty of 3s. per lb. for felonious transportation of wool, as by the Act of 12 Car. II.; the Customs officers of Weymouth port having informed concerning the transport of a parcel of wool, and he having given frequent trouble and disturbance to the revenue as. Ibid, p. 238.
Same to same to continue William Dyre as Surveyor General of Customs in the several Plantations of America with the salary of 20s. a day; he having been sent to Barbados in January last for said function and there having been found very good effect of his services, his survey of Barbados having discovered great frauds. Ibid, p. 239.
Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the draft royal letter proposed to be sent to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland relating to the Hospital (King Charles the Second's Hospital) near Dublin. We advise that the following particulars be added to the said draft, viz. (a) that Anthony Hungerford, Capt. of the Troop of the King's Guard of Horse in Ireland, and the Capt. of said Troop pro temp. successively shall be always one of the Governors of said Hospital. (b) That the Common Seal of the said Corporation be affixed to any deed by consent of the major part of the Governors. (c) When called upon to appoint the master of said Hospital the Lord Lieutenant shall require the same qualifications in him as would have been required if the Governors had appointed. (d) Some officer to be appointed to account for the 6d. in the £ deduction from the army pay which is to continue till the Hospital's income in lands and tenements be 2,500l. per an. and for the moiety of said deduction when said income is 6,000l. per an. (e) The clause which directs the ceasing of the said deductions, after the said income amounts to certain sums named, to be wholly omitted, "it being a thing wherein your Majesty may give direction timely enough when the said revenue amounts to those yearly sums. Beyond the above points we approve the said draft. Out Letters (Ireland) III, pp. 207–17.
Prefixing: said draft. The King thinks it fit some provision be made for officers and soldiers of the army in Ireland who by age, wounds or infirmities become unfit to remain in the army or to maintain themselves; and did therefore direct an Hospital to be erected near Dublin for the reception and entertainment of such and did give 64 acres of Crown demesne formerly enclosed in Phoenix Park, part of the lands of Kilmainham, for said Hospital; the said ground being bounded east and south by the stone wall formerly Phoenix Park wall, north by the Liffey and west by part of the said lands of Kilmainham and now belonging to William Robinson and also by a stone wall reaching to the Liffey from the high way leading from Dublin to Kilmainham. Further the King has placed on the military list of the Irish establishment the deduction of 6d. in the £ out of the pay of the officers and soldiers of the army in Ireland, to be towards the charge of building said Hospital and said deduction has hitherto been wholly employed therein and is hereby to be still continued towards finishing same and providing utensils, household stuff, furniture, etc. therefor, and for the maintenance of persons hereafter to be placed therein and until said Hospital by other ways be sufficiently endowed. Letters patent under the great seal of Ireland are therefore hereby to be passed for making the said buildings containing one large quadrangle enclosed by a stone wall and all the said land into an Hospital for ever for the said persons, such as by the Governors thereof shall be placed therein, with a Master and Chaplain. The same to be called the Hospital of King Charles II for ancient and maimed officers and soldiers of the army of Ireland. The Lord Lieutenant and successors; Michael, Archbishop of Armagh, and successors; the said Michael, Lord Chancellor of Ireland and successors; Francis Archbishop of Dublin, and successors; James, Duke of Ormonde, and his successors; Richard, Earl of Arran, Lord Deputy and Col. of the King's Regiment of Guards there, and his successors, Colonels of said Regiment; Arthur, Visct. Granard, Marshal of the army in Ireland, and his successors, Marshals thereof; Francis, Earl of Longford, Master of the Ordnance in Ireland, and his successors, Masters thereof; Sir William Davyes, Chief Justice of the King's Bench, and his successors, Chief Justices thereof; John Keating, esq., Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, and his successors, Chief Justices thereof; Henry Hene, esq., Chief Baron of the Exchequer, and his successors, Chief Barons thereof; Cary Dillon, Commissary General of the Horse, Ireland, and his successors, Commissaries General; Sir Thomas Newcomin, kt., Major General of Foot, Ireland, and his successors, Major Generals of same; Abraham Yarner, Muster Master General, Ireland, and his successors, Muster Masters General; Col. Thomas Fairfax, Capt. of the Yeoman of the Guard, and his successors, Captains thereof. Sir Charles Fielding, kt., Lieutenant-Col. of the King's Regiment of Guards, and his successors, Lieut.-Cols. thereof; and the Master of said Hospital pro temp. to be Governors of said Hospital and to be created a body politic to hold said buildings and land in franck almoigne without rent and the revenues of said Hospital with power to purchase lands to the value of 6,000l. per an. rent. Power to make leases, to sue and be sued and have a common seal which is not to be affixed to deeds or writings without their consent. A Master and Chaplain and such other officers to be appointed as the majority of the Governors think fit and to take such oaths, have such salaries and obey such rules and orders as same shall think fit. Power to said Governors to displace or suspend such Master etc. for neglect or miscarriage. The master to be of the Protestant religion, a gentleman by descent, above 40 years of age, unmarried, and at least a Captain in the Irish army and of 10 years service at least and never in arms against the King or his predecessors and not possessed of 100l. per an. in estate of his own. The said master to quit his post in the army on election to said post. If all these qualities cannot be found in one person then as many of them as possible to be required. If the Governors do not appoint the master within two months of an avoidance then the Lord Lieutenant to appoint. The Master to have the military and civil government of the Hospital, live there, eat constantly in the Common Hall at a table for himself, the Chaplain, commission officers and officers of the Hospital and not to be absent above a month in the year without leave of the majority of the Governors, he appointing some commission officer in the Hospital to be his deputy during his absence. The Governors to appoint to be maintained in the Hospital officers or soldiers maimed or wounded in the army or aged and unserviceable after at least seven years' service. If vacancies be not filled by them in two months then the Lord Lieutenant to fill same. The Governors, or a majority of them, to make rules and bye-laws for the government of the Hospital and for electing fresh Governors if the present rules as herein for the succession of Governors be laid aside: also to make rules for the election and allowances of the Master, Chaplain, officers and members of said Hospital, provided same be according to the laws of the land and the canons of the Church of Ireland. Power to the Governors to visit the Hospital and reform abuses. The Governors disabled to convey the Hospital or its lands to the King or to any other. The unbuilt portion of the said 64 acres of land to be laid out in outhouses, orchards, gardens and walks. If a governorship expire by the ceasing of any the office as above to which same is attached, the majority of the Governors are to choose a successor to same within three months (provided he be a commission officer in the Irish army) and failing such choice the Lord Lieutenant is to appoint. The Governors to observe such annual, quarterly and occasional meetings as the Lord Lieutenant shall appoint; and thereat the decision of the majority is to be effectual, each Governor having only one vote even though he should chance to hold more than one qualifying office. The orders made at such meetings are to be entered by their register and signed by the Governors present within a month after the making thereof. The Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to have power to determine all doubts arising among the Governors concerning the meaning of any clause in these presents. The Master to have power to determine all differences between the officers or members of the Hospital. The Governors or the majority of them to have power to administer an oath concerning any of the affairs of the Hospital. The Hospital buildings and ground to be for ever free from Hearthmoney and all rents and taxes whatsoever. The deduction of 6d. per £ (from the pay of the army) to be continued to the said Hospital till its yearly revenue from lands or tenements amounts to 2,500l.; thereupon one moiety of the said deduction shall cease [to be applied to the Hospital]; and when said revenue amounts to 6,000l. per an. the whole moiety is to cease [to be so applied]. Proviso for reserving to the Master Gunner and other officers of the Irish Ordnance the liberty to make such use as the Lord Lieutenant shall think fit of the Gunyard, house and butt lately erected on part of the said 64 acres and the ground staked out, east of the said Gunyard, 2,600 feet long by 100 feet broad to exercise the gunners of the train of artillery there.
Appending: letter dated Sept. 25 last to the Duke of Ormonde from Sir Jo. Temple, Solicitor General of Ireland. I have lately delivered to the Lord Deputy the above draft. It was at first intended to contain several rules and orders relating to the revenue and government of the Hospital, "but I afterwards thought it better to omit many of them, and only to give a power to the Governors to make such rules and orders relating thereunto as they should think fit," as so much easier to be altered hereafter whenever necessary than if inserted in the Charter. The present draft has been read and approved at the Committee for the Hospital. Return it with all haste convenient as the building is now near finished and as soon as the patent shall be passed it will be time for the Master to come over and for the placing some of the poor aged men therein that were lately disbanded and are now many of them in great want about the town.
Nov. 6. William Blathwayt to Henry Guy, forwarding Lord Culpeper's letter as follows, which has been read to-day to the Committee for Trade and Plantations and is by them referred to the Treasury Lords. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) I, p. 123.
Appending: said letter from Tho. Lord Colepeper to said Blathwayt. I desire direction from the Committee for Trade and Plantations in the four following heads: (1) that care may be taken for the return home of my goods and furniture; (2) that I may have the perquisites at least until Lord Howard's arrival; (3) that I be referred to the Treasury about the payment of my Foot Company till 1680–1, Jan. 1, "which I conceive was omitted by their Lordships"; (4) that nothing may be done about Mr. Buller's petition about the deer skins, the case being very clear.
Nov. 7. Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal to instal the First Fruits of John, Archbishop of York: the total First Fruits of 1,448l. 19s. 3d. to be paid as follows, viz. 362l. 4s. 10d. at Michaelmas, 1684, 362l. 4s. 10d. at Michaelmas, 1685, 724l. 9s. 7d. at Michaelmas, 1686: with further provision that if he die or be removed within the said instalments period then the archbishop's bonds are to be discharged and the unpaid balance of the instalments is to be remitted. King's Warrant Book IX, pp. 220–1.
Royal sign manual for 100l. to Hugh Lloyd, clerk, without account, for discovering and causing to be apprehended William Hone, joiner, named in the royal proclamation of June 23 last, who has been since convicted and executed for high treason. (Money warrant dated Nov. 10 hereon. Money order dated Nov. 12 hereon.) Ibid, p. 221. Money Book IV, p. 287. Order Book XXXIX, p. 110.
Privy seal for 2,500l. to be paid forthwith "our dearest beloved nephew," Prince George, Hereditary of Denmark, out of the Excise and that the like sum be continued to him quarterly at Christmas, Lady day, St. John Baptist and Michaelmas "until we shall have perfected the settlement of 10,000l. per an. out of our said revenue according to articles in that behalf made upon the marriage of the said Prince with our most dearly beloved neece the Lady Anne one of the daughters of our dearest brother." The present payment is for last Michaelmas quarter. (Treasury warrant dated Nov. 27, to the Excise Commissioners hereon to pay said 2,500l. for last Michaelmas quarter. Royal warrant dated Oct. 24 to the Attorney or Solicitor General for said privy seal.) King's Warrant Book IX, pp. 216, 231–2. Money Book IV, p. 296.
Nov. 8. Money warrant for 500l. to Robert Squibb as imprest for the redemption of English captives as by the privy seal of Dec. 20 last: to be paid out of the money arisen by the late collection for said use. (Money order dated Nov. 9 hereon.) Money Book IV, p. 285. Order Book XXXIX, p. 109.
Treasury warrant to the Excise Commissioners to pay the 1683, Sept. 29 quarter's salary bill, detailed, of the Excise Office: total, 1,558l. 10s. 0d. Money Book IV, pp. 285–6.
Henry Guy to the Lord Keeper, enclosing the Excise Commissioners' report on Mr. Yard's letter to you which you sent to the Treasury Lords. Please send it by this night's post to Mr. Yard. One of the Excise Commissioners is this day gone into the country to look after this business. Out Letters (General) VII, p. 229.
[?] Same to Baron Worth, forwarding the following papers. Bring the Treasury Lords your opinion thereon next Saturday, viz.: (1) letter dated Oct. 31 last from the [Revenue] Commissioners of Ireland to the Treasury Lords; (2) an account of the particular denomination of [? Sir William Petty's and Mr. Marshall's] lands in Kerry which are subject to the abatement of 1,606l. 18s. 1¾d. per an. if judgment should be given in the Exchequer that the reduced column is the legal measure for quit rents; (3) the Attorney General's state upon the record of Marshall's plea 1671, May 24; (4) the Lord Lieutenant and Council's order of abatement to John Forth and Partners, Farmers of the revenue of Ireland, of 1,071l. 15s. 10¼d. yearly for rents abated by the Court of Claims after the commencement of the [said] Farmers' farm; (5) allowances in the Forth's farm for Sir William Petty's lands in Kerry; (6) a copy of a case concerning Kerry lands and opinion thereon of the Solicitor General [of Ireland]; (7) a copy of the case of Kerry lands and Serjeant Osborne's opinion thereon; (8) copy of the [Irish] Solicitor General's report on the reduced column. Ibid, p. 230.
Nov. 8. Henry Guy to Sir Rich. Dutton. Bring to Mr. Blathwayt forthwith your account of all the public moneys received by you for the King's use and for the [use of the] government [of Barbados]. Out Letters (General) VII, p. 230.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report to the Treasury Lords on (a) and (b) infra. Ibid.
Appending: (a) letter dated Council Chamber, Dublin, 1683, Oct. 29, from the Privy Council in Ireland to the Treasury Lords about the duty on tobacco imported into Ireland; (b) an order in Council made by the Lord Lieutenant and Council in Ireland, 1683, Sept. 10, referring the matter to the Irish Revenue Commissioners and the said Commissioners' report thereon dated Custom House, Dublin, Oct. 1 last.
The Treasury Lords to Lord Howard of Effingham, Governor of Virginia, to the like effect ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. VI, p. 599, viz.: acquainting him with William Blathwayte's office as Surveyor and Auditor General of his Majesty's revenues in America; recommending the encouragement of the said office and the constant transmitting of accounts of revenue and expenditure in said colony six monthly: further, enclosing copies of the King's letter of 1680, June 30 (supra ibid.) and of 1681, Oct. 1 (supra in the present volume, p. 288). Ibid, pp. 231–2.
Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners to forthwith provide for Francis Blyth and Richard Skinner in the outports before the Treasury Lords will give warrant for Gilbert Clifton and James Harman to be watchmen, London port, in place of said Blyth and Skinner. Ibid, p. 232.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue to Sir Stephen Fox (on the privy seal of 1674, July 27, [for the Earl of Lichfield]) the 261l. 4s. 0d. remaining in the Exchequer of 800l. Excise money paid into the Exchequer in March last and then intended to be issued to said Fox on the privy seal of 1674, Aug. 25 [for the Earl of Sussex]. Disposition Book II, p. 277.
Nov. 9. Same to the Navy Commissioners to pay 138l. 8s. 0d. to Samuel Morse, chaplain of his Majesty's ship Tyger, for salary for executing the office of Judge Advocate of his Majesty's fleet in the Mediterranean under the command of Arthur Herbert, esq., late admiral of said fleet: same to be paid by six weekly instalments out of the Navy's weekly money. Out Letters (General) VII, p. 232.
Nov. 9. Henry Guy [to the Auditor of the Receipt] to issue to Mr. Griffith [Treasurer of the Chamber] 1,000l. for mourning, out of the [balance of] Mr. Sleeman's loan now remaining in the Exchequer. Disposition Book II, p. 277.
Nov. 10. Same to same to issue as follows out of such Excise money as is directed to be this week paid into the Exchequer, viz.: Ibid.
to the Paymaster of the Forces 4,000
to the Cofferer of the Household 1,000
to me [Guy] for secret service in part of 5,000l. 200
Same to same to issue as follows out of Customs money similarly directed to be paid in, viz.: Ibid, p. 278.
to the Treasurer of the Navy [for one week of the Navy's] weekly money, whereof 1,000l. is for the Victuallers 2,500
to the Treasurer of the Ordnance [for one week of the Ordnance Office's] weekly money 500
to the Lord President [of the Privy Council] 375
to the Lord Privy Seal 388
to the Treasurer of the Navy for Mr. Mellish's bills of exchange 500
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 300l. to the Duke of Albemarle for one year to 1683, Lady day, on the purchase money of Mote Park, taken into the Great Park at Windsor. Money Book IV, p. 286.
Money warrant dormant for the salaries of 1,000l. per an. each to Sir George Jefferys, kt. and bart., Chief Justice of the King's Bench, and Sir Richard Holoway, kt., and Sir Thomas Wolcott, kt., two of the Justices of the King's Bench. Ibid, p. 287.
Henry Guy to the Earl of Ranelagh. Send the Treasury Lords your answer to the enclosed petition [missing] of Mr. Kingdon. Out Letters (General) VII, p. 233.
Same to Mr. Brisban to lay before the Admiralty Lords the enclosed draft [missing] of a Commission for the victualling [of the Navy]. Send their opinion thereon to the Treasury Lords. Ibid.
Same to Secretary Jenkins to forthwith despatch to Mr. Fanshaw in Portugal the letter and report which were agreed upon yesterday and which will be delivered to you by Mr. Blathwayte. Ibid.
Same to Sir Richard Mason et al. [late Agents for Taxes] enclosing a letter [missing] from the Lieutenancy of Norfolk to the Earl of Arlington and said Earl's letter to the Treasury Lords [being all relating to the Militia money accounts for co. Norfolk]. Ibid.
Nov. 10. Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners to report to the Treasury Lords whether Mr. Roberts and Mr. Rouse have been heard by you. Out Letters (General) VII, p. 233.
Same to same to examine John Smith's fitness for a King's waiter's or land waiter's place London port, into one of which places the King has told the Treasury Lords he would have said Smith placed. In the margin: cancelled 1684–5, Mar. 8. Ibid.
Same to the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland, forwarding to them Mr. Hill's petition to be released from his suretyship for Sir James Shaen and partners, late Farmers of the revenue of Ireland, on his giving counter security. Report to the Treasury Lords on the value of said counter security. Out Letters (Ireland) III, p. 217.
Nov. 12. The Treasury Lords to the Earl of Arran, Lord Deputy of Ireland. Sir Gerald Aylmer's petition (for a grant of certain lands which were restored to him and his heirs male) has been referred to us with your report thereon. He desires the favour in order to be able to sell part thereof to clear incumbrances. We think he should deliver to you a particular of the lands of which he desires the reversion in fee for such purpose and that you should hear all persons who may object to said grant and report to us thereon to enable us to report thereon to the King. Ibid, p. 218.
Henry Guy to Mr. Hewer, forwarding from the Treasury Lords the petition of William Harrison, late a soldier at Tangier. If you find him maimed and decrepid and indigent, like the other poor soldiers returned from Tangier whom you have been ordered to relieve you are to pay him the like sum as royal bounty, he having not received any before. Out Letters (General) VII, p. 234.
Appending: note of (a) said petition: has been two years a soldier in the Earl of Middleton's Regiment under Capt. Giles and received several wounds in said service: (b) said Capt. Giles's certificate of his good behaviour and that he was dismissed by the Governor's order; dated at Tangier 1676, July 10.
The Treasury Lords to Sir Richard Haddock, kt., Antho. Sturt, John Parsons and Nicholas Fenn, Commissioners for managing the affair of Victualling the Navy. Your commission is preparing, but the King's service requires a present supply of provisions before the commission can pass the seal. You are hereby to buy such provisions as are necessary to be forthwith supplied for the Navy. Ibid.
Henry Guy to Mr. Halsey. You have named Jno. Dryden to be inserted in the fiant for the office of collector of the duties on cloth, London port. Bring to the Treasury Lords some authentic certificates from proper persons of the ability and fitness of the said Mr. Dryden for that office. Ibid, p. 235.
Same to the Customs Commissioners. Notwithstanding your report of the 2nd inst. it is the Treasury Lords' pleasure that Daniel Donn and John Probin be forthwith admitted tidesmen extraordinary, London port, as by the warrants of June 21 and 22 last. Ibid.
Nov. 12. Money warrant for 750l. to Henry, Duke of Grafton, for 1683, Lady day quarter, on his annuity or pension. Money Book IV, p. 287.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 25l. to Thomas Doyly for 1683, Sept. 29 quarter, on his annuity. Ibid.
Money warrant for 60l. to the Dean and Chapter of Westminster for one year to 1683, June 24, on the annuity to them for the minister of the French church in the Savoy. Ibid, p. 288.
Same for 4,000l. to Baptist May, Keeper of the Privy Purse, as imprest for the provision of gold for his Majesty's use in Healing. (Money order dated Nov. 13 hereon.) Ibid, p. 288. Order Book XXXIX, p. 110.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ Capt. Gregory Alford as riding surveyor from Christchurch to Exeter loco Mr. Wolstenholme, removed to the coast of Sussex, where he now resides: and to establish 120l. per an. salary to said Gregory for same. Out Letters (Customs) VIII, p. 239.
Nov. 13. Henry Guy to Mr. Brisban to lay before the Admiralty Lords (a) infra. Out Letters (General) VII, p. 235.
Appending: (a) note of A. B.'s proposals for saving the King 30 per cent. for importation of hemp, pitch and tar.
Same to Sir Richard Haddock to hasten the account requested Oct. 5 last supra, p. 922. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Grahame to send word to Mr. Richard Hawkesworth, an attorney of Ouleston [Olveston] near Thornbury in co. Gloucester, to attend the Treasury Lords as soon as he can. Ibid.
Same to the Earl of Burlington to consider the enclosed copy [missing] of the Countess of Orrery's petition. (The like letter to the elder Countess of Orrery.) Ibid, p. 236.
Same to the Attorney General to consider some papers which the Agents for Taxes will bring you relating to the Militia Tax granted [to be levied] in 1662, 1663, and 1664. Ibid.
Nov. 15. Same to the Navy Commissioners to state the interest to date on two bills of exchange drawn by Admiral Herbert, payable to Mr. Houblon, merchant, one for 583l. 6s. 8d. dated 1682, May 30, the other for 812l. dated 1682, Aug. 29: and make forth bills to the Treasurer of the Navy for the payment of same. Ibid.
Same to the Attorney General. What service has Mr. Doughty performed by your direction in the prosecution of one Rowe for exportation of wool and what money will be required to be advanced to him for carrying on the prosecution? Ibid.
Same to Mr. Bowdler to go down to the ship Unity now at Gravesend and to take an account how many men are now come from Tangier and what Companies, Troops and Regiments they belong to. Ibid, p. 237.
Nov. 15.
Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners, enclosing the warrant for passing, Customs free, the bedding, clothes and other goods of the abovesaid soldiers or inhabitants come from Tangier on the Unity. Likewise enclosing the letter and petition which came from Sir William Poole. (Said warrant dated Nov. 15.) Out Letters (General) VII, pp. 337–8. Out Letters (Customs) VIII, p. 240.
Appending: (a) said letter dated Bristol, Nov. 12 inst., from said Poole to Mr. Shaw concerning a small seizure by Mr. Whittle of 40l. of money made at Bristol aboard a vessel bound for Ireland. The money belongs to a poor widow in Ireland whose husband was a merchant reduced by misfortune and who on his death was forced to come to England and sojourned some years in Bristol; and being sent for to Ireland she left this money to be sent after her, "not knowing the penalty of transporting money": (b) said petition of Ann, widow of William Bradbeare of Cork, to the effect ut supra.
Mr. Warcup desires a caveat may be entered against any patent that shall pass touching the toll of the Hay Market near Charing Cross till he be heard; [and that notice be sent to him] at the sign of the `Guy of Warwick' in Fetter Lane. Edw. Mayo [Attorney for said Warcup]. Entered by order of [Treasury] Secretary Guy. Caveat Book, p. 24.
Mr. John Sheirly in Ireland is possessed of the following lands and prays that no patent be granted for same to Col. Justin McCarty, Mr. Fanning, Mr. Donnogh alias McCarty or any other before notice be given to Mr. John Burt of the `Duck,' near Temple Bar, or to Mr. Richard Mallory at the `Two Black Posts' in the Pall Mall, so that they may shew reason against the grant of such patents. Entered by order of Mr. Secretary Guy. Ibid.
The said lands are as follows, viz.: three plough-lands of Tullilease, three ploughlands of Crockaneglasse alias Killane, three ploughlands of Derenetubrid, three ploughlands of Cooleclogher, three ploughlands of Droamsakane, three ploughlands of Ballyuleghane, three ploughlands of Garranes and Killeteragh, the ploughland and half of Imeribeg, the three ploughlands of Clanbareene and Ilandically and 200 acres of Clongeale.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to receive the 6,500l. which is ready to be lent into the Exchequer by Sir Nathaniell Johnson and Company and to charge same [for repayment] upon the half year's Hearthmoney rent due Lady day next and payable by the utmost days of grace Sept. 19 next. Disposition Book II, p. 278.
Same to same to issue as follows out of the above 6,500l., viz.: Ibid.
l. s. d.
to Mr. Roberts for the ordinary works at Windsor 500 0 0
to ditto for the avenue [to Windosr Great Park] 500 0 0
to ditto for Mr. May 500 0 0
to ditto for Monsieur Vario 250 0 0
to Mr. Packer for the works at Whitehall, on the ordinary 1,000 0 0
to ditto for works at the Mews 58 9
to ditto to fit the lodgings for the Grenadiers there 199 19 1
to ditto for the plantations [in St. James's Park] 118 12 8
to Mr. Lowndes 100 0 0
£3,227 1
Nov. 15. Treasury warrant to Henry Ayloff, the King's Remembrancer, for process of extent against Jno. Basire, late Receiver for Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmorland and Durham of the last Eighteen Months' and Six Months' Assessments and for process of scire facias against his securities. Warrants not Relating to Money IX, p. 237.