Entry Book: January 1687, 1-4

Pages 1115-1140

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 8, 1685-1689. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1923.

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Letters Patent, Privy Seals, Royal Sign Manuals and Warrants, Treasury Warrants, Commissions, Orders, Letters, Memorials, Reports and Other Entries: All Not of the Nature of Treasury Minutes.
Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
1686–7. Jan. 1. Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to Edward Ange to detain 375l. out of the moneys remaining in your hands of the fines and forfeitures of Dissenters or Recusants; 250l. thereof to be for salary to said Ange and the remaining 125l. for his clerks, in both cases for 2½ years' service to Christmas last; said Ange having been appointed by the late Treasury Lords 1684, July 16, as manager of the revenue arising by said forfeitures and having been reappointed by Treasurer Rochester 1685, June 6, but having hitherto had no consideration for said duty; wherefore Richard Graham and Philip Burton have proposed an allowance of 100l. per an. to Ange and 50l. per an. to his clerks. Money Book VII, p. 10.
Jan. 2. Royal sign manual for 3,600l. 11s. 4d. to Henry Guy for secret service: without account: to be issued on the 20,000l. privy seal dormant of Nov. 24 last. (Money warrant dated Jan. 2 hereon. Money order dated Jan. 3 hereon.) King's Warrant Book XI, p. 241. Money Book VII, p. 4. Order Book I, p. 172.
Jan. 3. Money warrant for 1,370l. 10s. 9d. to Richard Kent and Charles Duncomb for 5 per cent. interest on several sums by them lent for the service of the late and present King: as by an account thereof made up to Dec. 25 last by Auditor Aldworth and allowed Dec. 31 last by Treasurer Rochester. (Money order dated Jan. 3 hereon.) Money Book VII, p. 3. Order Book I, p. 172.
Same for 54l. 15s. 0d. to William Shaw, as assignee of Treasurer Rochester, for half a year to Christmas last on said Treasurer's fee of 6s. a day as Keeper of his Majesty's New Park near Richmond. Money Book VII, p. 3.
Same for 569l. 5s. 7d. to William Hewer for 6 per cent. interest up to June 24 last on several sums by him advanced for his Majesty's service: as by an account thereof made up by Auditor Aldworth and allowed by Treasurer Rochester Dec. 31 last. (Money order dated Jan. 3 hereon.) Ibid, p. 4. Order Book I, p. 173.
Same for 294,519l. 6s. 6d. to Richard, Earl of Ranelagh, Paymaster of the Forces, as imprest for the service of the Guards, Garrisons and Land Forces; and is for six months from Jan. 1 inst. (Money order dated Jan. 4 hereon.) Money Book VII, p. 5. Order Book I, p. 173.
Jan. 3. Money warrant for 853l. 1s. 1d. to Sir William Trumbull, late Envoy Extraordinary to France, for two bills of extraordinaries 1685, Sept. 2, to 1685–6, Mar. 2, on that service after the disallowance by Treasurer Rochester of four articles in said bills. (Money order dated Jan. 4 hereon.) Money Book VII, pp. 5–7, 8. Order Book I, p. 173.
Appending: said two bills (1) from 1685, Sept. 2, to Dec. 2, as allowed by Secretary Sunderland Mar. 4 last.
l. s. d.
charges for passing my privy seal [in the Office of the] Signet [and the] Secretary's Office and for an order from the Admiralty 26 15 6
fees paid at the Exchequer on 500l. for equipage and [on] three months ordinary 24 2 0
fees at the Treasury for a warrant and letter to the Customs officers 2 5 0
paid at the Custom House 2 3 0
for a large barge and boats to bring myself and servants on board the yacht 3 6 0
for porters and boats to carry my goods on board the yacht, and the vessel for Rouen 10 0 0
for the captain of the yacht who carried me to Dieppe 25 0 0
to the master and seamen of the yacht 7 0 0
for mourning cloth for myself, coaches and servants 66 10 0
for Communion plate for the [my] Chapel 33 2 11
for [Prayer] books for my chapel 7 13 0
for the expense of my coach horse, and servants from London to Dieppe 20 14 0
£228 10 11
Livres Tournois [sols.] [dens.]
for the vessel that transported my horses to Dieppe and [for] the Custom House officers there 357 0 0
for the carriage of the goods (that came in the yacht) from Dieppe to Calais 354 0 0
for my journey from Dieppe to Paris, being six days 1,519 13 3
for Gazettes and intelligence to the 2nd of December 153 0 0
to the officers of the Douane at Paris 64 0 0
for my expences the first day I had my audience at Versailles 118 0 0
given according to custom to the Guardes des Portes, the coachman of the King and [of] Mad[ame] la Dauphine, the servants of Monsieur de Croissy, the Introducteur des Ambassadeurs and his Lieutenants 290 0 0
for my other journey to Versailles 49 10 0
for the expence of making my mourning equipage, for myself, coaches and servants 1,033 13 0
for stationery ware 33 0 0
3,972 2 3
l. s. d.
which at 1,230 Livres Tournois to 100l. sterling makes 323 9 2
Total bill £552 0 1
(2) for the period 1685, Dec. 2, to 1685–6, Mar. 2, as allowed July 6 last by Secretary Sunderland.
Livres. sols.
for postage of letters to Jan. 1 247 19
for new year's gifts to the officers at [the French] Court and the servants of the Introducteurs as usual 259 15
for bringing the rest of my goods, furniture and household stuff from London to Rouen 852 10
for bringing them from Rouen by water to Paris 582 0
to the douaniers at Paris for visiting them 64 0
for the right of entrie of the port of Paris 75 0
for benches, pulpit and other furniture requisite for my chapel 174 0
for Gazettes, prints and intelligence 719 18
for several journeys of myself and servants to Versailles 511 10
expences of the rejouissances on the day of his Majesty's happy coming to the Crown 358 10
interest of plate for half a year as has been formerly allowed 399 0
for stationery ware 88 9
for portage of letters from Jan. 1 to April 1 445 2
4,777 13
l. s. d.
which at the above rate of exchange (as usually allowed) makes 388 8 6
(The four items disallowed by Treasurer Rochester are marked in the margin. They are 33l. 2s. 11d. for Communion plate; 7l. 13s. 0d. for books for the chapel; 174 livres for benches, etc. for the chapel and 399 livres for interest of plate.)
Jan. 3. Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners to pay the outports salary bill for the quarter ended Christmas last (being 4,845l. 14s. 0d. for established salaries and 565l. 10s. 0d. for additional salaries, or 5,411l. 4s. 0d. in all). Money Book VII, p. 7.
Money warrant for 237l. 10s. 0d. to Thomas Agar and the executors of Charles Strode for 4¾ years to 1682, June 24, on the annuity or fee of 50l. per an. granted to them or to the longer liver of them by the patent of 1673, Sept. 8, which granted them the office of Surveyor of Woods Trent South: the said Strode having died in France 1682, Sept. 13 or 14, as is certified by Adam Coleclough: and further for 62l. 10s. 0d. to said Agar for 1¼ year on said fee to 1683, Sept. 29. Ibid, p. 9.
Jan. 3. Money warrant for 1,000l. to the administrators of William, late Earl of Kinnoul, for one year due on the annuity of 1,000l. to him and his heirs. Money Book VII, p. 9.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to William Hewer, Treasurer for the late Garrison of Tangier, to pay 410l. 13s. 9d. to Dr. Thomas Lawrence, physician to the said late city and garrison, being due for his arrears of pay 1682, Oct. 1, to 1684, May 1, according to the establishment and muster rolls and after all deductions. Ibid, p. 10.
Same by same to same to pay to Ensign Bernard Tessine his pay as ensign in Capt. Chantrell's Company from 1682, Oct. 1 (to which time he is already paid in accordance with the warrant of 1685, Dec. 1, supra p. 453), to 1683, Oct. 1 (when he appears to be again entered on the muster rolls there according to the order of the late King restoring him to his said employment). Ibid, p. 11.
Same by same to Auditor Done to allow in account 40l. to Edward Seymour, Deputy Clerk of the Hanaper, for the expence of passing his [Hanaper] account for the year ended Sept. 29 last, as allowed in former years; he having delivered in said account to said auditor. Ibid, p. 12.
Allowance by same of the bill of charges paid by Richard Kent as Receiver General and Cashier of Customs in passing his account for the year ended 1684, Sept. 29 (being 155l. 8s. 0d.); and the bill of charges laid out by him for portage of money to the Exchequer, receipts upon bills of exchange and loss of money for same year (being 226l. 16s. 0d.: total of both bills being 382l. 4s. 0d.). Ibid, pp. 12–16.
Prefixing: details of both bills as sworn to by said Kent and as certified by Brooke Bridges and Tho. Done, Auditor of Imprests.
The like allowance of the like bills in the succeeding year's account of the Customs ended 1685, Sept. 29; said bills being respectively 122l. 12s. 10d. for charges of passing his account and 365l. 11s. 0d. for incidents ut supra. Ibid, pp. 17–20.
Prefixing: said bills in detail ut supra.
Money order for 100l. to Henrietta Yarburgh, Maid of Honour to the Queen Dowager, for a third of 300l. due for 1683, June 24, to 1684, Christmas, on her annuity of 200l. per an.: and in accordance with the privy seal of Dec. 31 last and the intention of an order of Council of 1686, April 16: to be paid out of the new imposition on tobacco and sugar. Order Book I, p. 174.
Henry Guy to the Customs Cashier to forthwith pay into the Exchequer 1,441l. 15s. 6d. to be issued to me [Guy] for secret service. Put this money in your next [weekly Customs cash] certificate. (Same dated same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue same to me [Guy] for secret service on such warrant as you shall receive.) Disposition Book V, pp. 85, 86.
Same to same to pay Mr. Shaw 322l. for Treasurer Rochester's use, as for 322 days on his lordship's fee of 20s. a day [payable to him out of the Customs as Lord Treasurer]. Ibid, p. 85.
Jan. 3. Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue to the executors of the Earl of Kinnoul the 1,000l. which was formerly advanced out of the Customs for said Earl. Disposition Book V, p. 86.
Same to same to issue to Sir William Trumbull the 800l. of Hearthmoney [formerly] advanced to him [Trumbull]. Ibid.
Likewise to issue to Visct. Falkland, Treasurer of the Navy, the 369l. 7s. 6d. (directed Oct. 24 last to be) advanced to his lordship out of the loans on French linens: same being intended for Capt. Aylmer.
Also to issue to Mr. Cockaine the 300l. of the Letter Office money, reserved for Mr. Burton. (Same to Mr. Stephens, [cashier to the Navy Treasurer] to take care that the above 369l. 7s. 6d. "be regularly discharged" [by proper issue thereof in the Exchequer and by due payment thereof to said Capt. Aylmer].)
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed two bills and a draft warrant [all missing] for the King's Remembrancer. Out Letters (General) X, p. 80.
Same to the Earl of Middleton. I have read your letter of the 30th ult. concerning the petition of William Darnell, Jno. Darnell and Patrick Whitty. What Treasurer Rochester desired to know by my letter of the 28th ult. was the sum which petitioners reasonably deserved for their services. Please certify this. Ibid.
Same to Sir Christopher Wren to see that such repairs as follows be done at the Mews as you certify to be necessary in your report of Nov. 16 last. Ibid, pp. 81–3.
Appending: detailed schedule of said repairs, viz. in the stable and lodging of Sourton, coachman; Dormer's stable where the Queen's travelling set of horses stand; the stable of Claire, coachman; the stable of Dormer, where the town set [of horses] stand; the stable of Hooper, coachman; ditto of Dixy, coachman; ditto of Eggerton, coachman; ditto of Welsh, coachman; ditto of the Master of the Horse; the back gates of the Mews (a new pair of gates all iron work; and to pave and make good the way adjoining, otherwise people cannot pass); Mr. Buckingham's house (the opening and shutting of this gate hath much impaired the adjoining house which if not repaired is in danger of falling down); the house of Dix, his Majesty's own coachman; the King's Pad Stable and Green Mews; the dunghill yards; the stable belonging to the Master of the Horse to the Queen; the house of Doumer, coachman; the house of Welsh, coachman; the paving in Hedge Lane before the house of the Master of the Horse; three new coach houses to be built against the Hay barn, "there being not sufficient in the Mews for their Majesties' coaches, some now standing exposed to the weather openly"; the cistern to be railed in and new lock and keys for the horse pond to prevent the town horses and diseased horses from washing there; the house of Mr. Pudsey, the yeoman rider, and Mr. Lewis, the riding purveyor; the lodgings of Mr. Naylor; (total 677l. 16s. 0d.): together with certain further repairs desired by Capt. Griffeth and accidentally omitted from the above estimate: viz. in the Queen's Pad Stable; the farrier's office; one of the Groom's lodgings; the King's Parade House Stable; the Yeoman Riders' stable; the King's Body Coach house; the house of Mr. Smyth, the Pad Groom; the tiling over the King's and Queen's stabling: (total 112l. 16s. 0d.: together with 164l. left in arrear upon the last account. Full total 954l. 12s. 0d.).
Jan. 3. Treasurer Rochester to the Sheriff of co. Somerset. Reginald Tucker, who was in the late rebellion, is now taken and in prison and to be tried the next Assizes. If you can find any part of his personal estate you are to secure it for the King to prevent spoil and if the lands are untenanted take care that no waste be committed and no rents paid till the trial be over. I recommend to you Edward Cheeke of Brereton for the management of this affair. Out Letters (General) X, p. 85.
Reference to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of John Stevens for the place of Mr. Haughton, one of the accountants of the Excise, deceased. Reference Book IV, p. 16.
[?] Same by same to Bartho. Fillingham, Thomas Hall, William Lowndes, Philip Ryley, Agents [for the Arrears of Taxes], and to Robt. Humphreys, Deputy Auditor of the premises [i.e. Deputy Auditor for co. Pembroke], of the petition of William Williams, complaining of divers grievances committed in the town of Haverford West. Ibid.
Jan. 3. Warrant by same to the Clerk of the Pipe, for a lease to myself [Treasurer Rochester], my executors, etc. [struck through and replaced by] William Shaw, his executors, etc. [as trustee and nominee of Treasurer Rochester] of the mansion house in the parish of St. Margaret's, Westminster, and adjoining the Sphaeristerium or Cockpit there and late in the tenure of Thomas Cooke, esq., together with a piece of land or yard adjoining, 62 feet in length: all as demised 1675, July 30, inter al. to Charles Cornwallis, esq., now deceased, in trust for the said Cook and as assigned to William Shaw by indenture under the hand of Thomas Cooke and Sir Rice Rudd, bart., of Aberglasney, co. Carmarthen, and Mary Williams of Arbermarles [Abermarlais], co. Carmarthen, spinster, surviving executor of Sir Francis Cornwallis, heir of the said Charles Cornwallis. Warrants not Relating to Money XI, pp. 435–6.
Likewise of another mansion house in the abovesaid parish and adjoining the abovesaid premises and near the north end of King Street, extending thence 78 feet and south and west adjoining an angle of the Privy Garden and extending 46 feet in breadth and abutting north on the said Garden and east on the mansion house now in the tenure of Henry Guy; the said premises being now in the occupation of said Earl of Rochester.
The present lease to be for 31 years from date hereof for the letter set of premises which are out of lease and for 21 years from 1697, Lady day, for the premises purchased of said Cooke et al.: the rent of the whole to be 6s. 8d. per an.: but with a clause of resumption to the Crown on payment of 4,500l. for the lessee's expenses in purchasing and building on the premises.
Prefixing: constat of the premises and ratal thereof by John Fisher, Deputy Surveyor General of Crown Lands, in accordance with the directions of Dec. 31 last for a lease thereof to said Earl of Rochester, being "all the houses, buildings and premises last mentioned now in the tenure and use of the said Earl and part thereof lately enlarged and new built towards the said Privy Garden at his Lordship's own proper cost and charges."
Jan. 3. Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Deputy Surveyor of Crown Lands for a particular of the premises (Sutton Pool) as follow with a view to a lease thereof to Richard, Lord Arundell of Trerice under the Exchequer seal for 11 years in reversion of the term in being upon both the old leases, at the rent of 13l. 6s. 8d. per an. reserved upon the last lease and without fine, but all arrears on both the old rents (viz. of 13l. 6s. 8d. per an. and 40s. per an.) to be first paid. Warrants not Relating to Money XI, pp. 444–6.
Prefixing: report dated Dec. 20 last from John Fisher, said Deputy Surveyor General, on said Lord Arundell's petition, ut supra, p. 595. Charles II by lease dated 1660–1, Feb. 7, granted to petitioner the water and soil called Sutton Pool with its appurtenances near Plymouth for 31 years at 45l. per an. rent; and his Lordship met with very great opposition from that town and expended very much money in law suits in asserting the King's title; and for his further encouragement the King granted him in 1676, August, a second lease for 15 years more with the rent of 45l. reduced to the old rent of 13l. 6s. 8d. and fine of 50l. and 221l. 13s. 4d. for taking off the increased rent, which fines appear to have been remitted as they are not mentioned in the lease, though he then cleared all the arrears of rent for the 16 years past at the full rate of 45l. per an., though upon a survey about that time they did not fully arise to that value. In both leases there was liberty to build houses and warehouses upon the premises, but no houses have been yet erected. The new lease may pass under the Exchequer seal, which the Act of Parliament admits of, [the premises] being within the Duchy of Cornwall. Petitioner has not yet been able to recover quiet possession [of the premises] or the due profits incident thereto.
There is an increased rent of 40s. per an. on a tenement in Crannow in the manor of Treworgie formerly assigned by Henry Seymour to said Lord Arundell. The arrears hereon were cleared by his lordship on the renewal in 1676 of the lease of Sutton Pool and same is in arrear since then.
Report by same to the King on the petition of Richard, Earl of Ranelagh, ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. VII, pp. 1422–4. I find that the late King granted to petitioner and William, late Lord Brereton, a privy seal dated 1673, July 12, for 8,397l. 2s. 4½d. out of the revenue of Barbados, that sum being due from the King to their father-in-law Francis, Lord Willoughby of Parham: that in pursuance thereof tallies were struck for 5,638l. 11s. 2d. thereon, but for the remainder of 2,758l. 11s. 2d. no tallies were struck, all further proceedings upon the said privy seal being stopped by order in Council till further pleasure therein, which order was grounded on a petition of Francis Tirwhitt, who alleged a considerable debt was due to him from petitioner's said father-in-law: said Tirwhit being soon after left to law filed a bill against petitioner in the Chancery of the Exchequer, where after several hearings his debt was allowed to be 4,203l. 0s. 6d., and it was there decreed that said privy seal was chargeable with said debt. The present petitioner is threatened with the execution of this decree. Ibid, pp. 447–9.
I think that petitioner has right to receive the 2,758l. 11s. 2d. remaining of said privy seal towards enabling him to pay what is justly due from him under said decree: said remainder to be payable out of the revenue of Barbados and the Leeward Isles accruing for this next year ending 1687, Dec. 25, after payment of the established charge of the Government of said islands for said year, "by which time it is humbly conceived all the anticipations on that branch of your Majesty's revenue on account of the charge of that government will be fully cleared and paid off."
As to the second part of petitioner's prayer, it is not possible at this time for me to report on it as I referred same to the Auditors of Imprests, who have not yet reported thereon.
Appending: said petition, in substance ut supra ibid. save that the prayer of the petition is for payment of 2,758l. 11s. 2d. ut supra, and (2) for an examination whether the 2,867l. 10s. 0d. decreed to be paid ut supra out of petitioner's privy seal is included in the accompt made up of the debt due from the late King to Francis late Lord Willoughby. (b) Reference, dated Whitehall Nov. 4 last, from the King to Treasurer Rochester of said petition.
Jan. 3. Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Treasurer's Remembrancer, the Clerk of the Pipe, the Comptroller of the Pipe and to Edward Ange to supersede and stay, till the King's pleasure be further known, all process against the following persons and against their lands, goods and chattels, and against all leases of the two-thirds of their estates: all in accordance with the privy seal of Mar. 11 last, ut supra, pp. 610–11 [see also the royal warrant of 1685, May 11, supra, p. 176]: the Lord Treasurer being certified that the said persons or their parents or nearest relations have been sufferers for their loyalty to the Crown and have behaved themselves dutifully towards the King and peaceably towards their neighbours. All moneys levied on them and not answered to the King are to be restored; and the sheriffs charged therewith are to be discharged of same as by the Lord Treasurer's warrant of 1685, July 7, supra, p. 255. Warrants not Relating to Money XI, pp. 450–6.
Appending: schedule of said Recusants.
co. Warwick.
Mr. William Barnaby, of Rugby; William More, of Rugby; William Miles and his wife, of Eythorpe [Eathorpe]; William Eborall, of the same; Elinor Perkes, of the same; John Hewitt, of the same; Susanna Kellame, of the same; Thomas Chambers and his wife, of the same; Henry Cayell, of Weston; Lucy East, of the same; Sence Hitchins, of the same; Sabrine Eborall, of the same; William Saredd and his wife, of the same; Thomas Fell, of the same; Ann Hayward, of the same; May Chapplaine, of the same; Jacob Patt, of the same; Hen. Witham and his wife, of the same; Andrew Gambole, of the same; Mr. Robert Atwood, of Rowington; Mris. Mary Atwood, of the same; Roger Payne, of Rugbrooke [Budbrooke]; Mary Benson, of Rytor [Ryton]; Thomas Wallis, of Kenilworth; Francis Gibbards, of Weston; Ann Gibbards, of the same; Thomas Shipton, of Rowington; John Creswold, of the same; William Shackbere, of the same; John Over, of Bradwell; Rowland Dormer; William Stanford; George Ferrers; John Skynner; Edward Griffin; Rich. Betham; William Bishopp; Thomas Reeve; Francis Garrett; John Gardiner; John Cooke; John Gardner, of Moreton; William Cowper; William Shakespere; William Shakespere; Frances Atwood; George Nicholls, of Wamsmore; Thomas Ward, of Aston Camplough [Cantlow].
These following are in another certificate [? partially duplicate: if so, with many variants in the names].
Francis, Visct. Carrington; Thomas More; Thomas Farefax; Ann Ingram; Edward Griffold; Richard Sheperd; John Thompson; Francis Green; Edward Biddle; Francis Farr; William Brent, of Ilington [? Ilmington]; Rowland Dormer, of Grove Park, esq.; William Stanford, of Salford, esq.; George Ferrers; John Skinner, of Shelfeild, esq.; Edward Griffin, of Bickmarsh, esq.; Richard Betham, of Rowington, esq.; Thomas Reeve, of the same, gent.; Francis Garrett; John Gardner; John Cooke; John Gardner, of Moreton; William Cowper; William Shakespeare; Francis Atwood; George Nicholls, of Wamsmore; Thomas Ward, of Aston Cantlow; William Burnaby, of Rugby; William More, of the same; Richard Miles and his wife, of Elthropp [Eathorpe]; William Eborall and his wife, of Wappenbury; John Eborall, of the same; William Bishopp, esq.; Joane Howett, of Wappenbury; Elenor Perke, of the same; Susanna Kellurne [? Kellume], of the same; Eliz. Kyte, of the same; Thomas Chambers and his wife, of the same; Henry Copell, of Weston; Lucy East, of the same; Sence Hitchins, of the same; Sabrine Eborall; William Shredd and his wife, of the same; Thomas Fell, of the same; Ann Hayward, of the same; Mary Chaplain, of the same; Jacob Ratt, of the same; Henry Witham and his wife, of the same; Andrew Gamble, of the same; Robert Atwood, of Rowington; Mary Atwood, of the same; Roger Payne, of Bugbrook [Budbrooke]; Mary Benson, of Ryton; Thomas Wallis, of Kenilworth; Francis Gibbards, of Weston; Ann Gibbards, of the same; Thomas Shipton, of Rowington; John Greswold, of the same; William Shackbere. of the same; John Over, of Bradwell; Mary Clayton, alias Freeman, widow; Mathias Clayton, alias Freeman, and Robert his son; Ann Gregg, widow; Mary Beavan; Elizabeth Hawkins; William Whitmore and his wife, and John and William their sons; Richard Broughton; Henry Beavern; Joseph Peirce; Elizabeth Morris; Sarah Greaves; Leo. Randolph; George Vaughan and George, Thomas, Mary and Ann his children; Robert Grassingham; Ann Anderton; Humphry Sarrah and Anne his wife, and John and Richard their sons; Francis Copage; Eliz. Copage; Joseph Hartell; Elizabeth Cowper; Ann Deely: Thomas Moore; Francis Granger; John Astly; Ann Suffolke, and John, Mary and Anne her children; Margaret Swinglar; Jacob Smith and Bridgett his wife, and Richard and Elizabeth their children; Rooke Smith; Joseph Smith; Philip Loxly and Penelope his wife, and Phillip and Dorothy their children; Margaret Jackson, widow; Samuel Lempster and Sarah his wife, and William, Robert, Frances and Mary their children; John Poole and Elizabeth his wife; Elizabeth Whyan; Mary Whyan; James Cooper; Eliz. Jourden; Robert Taylor; Robert Field, alias Poynter, and Robert, Mary, Winefred and Eliz. his children; Ann Waldern, widow, and William, Joseph, Richard, Anne, Christian and Mary her children; John Probe and Ann his wife, and Leonard and Joseph their children; Frances Ryley; John Probe and Margaret his wife; Bridget Bunce, widow; William Bunce; Andrew Fulford; John Hunt and Mary his wife, and Bridgett and Sarah their children; Lawrence Hadly, and Lawrence and Joseph his children; Elizabeth Pershall, and Francis, Eliz. and Joseph her children; Joseph Garrett; Francis Stokes; Robt. Haywood; William Morgan.
In the city and county of Coventry.
Thomas Fox and Penelope his wife, and Robert and John their children.
In the parish of Studley.
Leonard Cobage, and Leonard and Thomas his children; William Reeve; Mary Sparker.
The parish of Birmingham.
Thomas Yatts and Joyce his wife, and Abraham, John, George, Joseph, Benjamin, Anne and Sarah their children; Anne, wife to Samuel Lane; Ruth, wife of John Null; Elizabeth Fowell, widow; Eliz. Safford, wife to Richard; William Carloss; John Pooteney; Humphry Hadly, Anne his wife, and Thomas, John, Anne and Margaret their children; Ann Briggs; Thomas Briggs; Anne Dixon; Ambrose Eaves; Ralph Bucknall and Eliz. his wife, and Christopher, Simon, Arthur, Ralph, Eliz. Mary and Margarett Bucknall their children; Mary Blantern; Martha, wife of Edward Stevans; Robert Phillips and Katherine his wife, and Thomas, Robert and Elizabeth their children; John Brown; Martha Edwards.
The parish of Birminghams Aston.
John Dixon and Margaret his daughter; William Aston and Dorothy his wife, and Margaret their daughter; Thomas Dixon; Dorothy Biggs; Eliz. Osbourn, widow; Elianor Wells, widow, and William Wells her son.
The parish of Sutton Coldfield.
Eliz. Lea, widow, and Robert, Mary and Lucy her children.
The parish of Fillongley.
Susanna Brierley, widow; William Brierley and Martha his wife, and Susanna their child; Susanna wife of Robert Sheires; Frances Symes; William Brierley, junr.; Sarah Brierly; Jno. Sadler; Mary Sadler; Thomas Betteridge; George Saunders; Alice Watton; John Cudd; John Bromfeild and Dorothy his wife, and James their son; Jane Barten, and Edwd., Mary, Frances, Ann, Eliz., Hannah and Jane her children.
The parish of Maxstoke.
John Whadcock and Ann his wife, and John and Thomas their children; Ursula Hardicke; Martha Browne; John Rogers; Anne Secrit, widow; John Bissell of Great Packington; Frances Palet and Mary her daughter, of Coleshill.
The parish of Bickenhill.
William Martin and Eliz. his wife, and William and Ann their children; Thomas Sutton; Alice Bidle, widow; Robert Taylor.
The parish of Hampton-in-Arden and Balsall.
John Calloway and Margery his wife; the widow Williams; Katherine Taylor; Francis Farr; Mary Farr; Jane Williams; Margaret the wife of John Meo and Ann Wheatley her daughter; Elizabeth Harod, widow; Mary the wife of John Mathews; Mary Meridow, widow, and Thomas, George, William, John, Mary, Eliz. and Ann her children; Ann the wife of Nathaniell Bisell; Eliz. Hicken, widow; Phillip, Francis and William, sons of the late Richard Hicken; Thomas Soly; Margaret the wife of Thomas Spooner; Anthony Hapmon; George Mathews.
The parish of Berkeswell.
Phillip Fisher, senr.; Phillip Fisher, junr., and Ann his wife; Edward Stone; Stephen Aston and John, Stephen, Mary and Eliz. his children; Mary Hicken, widow, and John, Anthony and Frances her children; Mary Clarke, widow; John Day in the parish of Harley and the widow Musson.
The parish of Solihull.
John Green and Mary his wife, and Richard and Mary their children; Thomas Thorold; Elizabeth Hodgetts; Ann Smith; William Davis and Jane his wife, and William, John, Mary and Ann their children; Mary Davis; Mary Ketle; Anne Ketle; Thomas White; George Heines; Thomas Williams and Jane his wife, and Thomas, Jane, Grace, Mary and Joseph their children; George Smith and Eliz. his wife; Clement Newey and Alce his wife, and Henry, John, Thomas, Mary, Martha, Clement, Richard, Joseph, Eliz. and Elinor their children; John Higginson and Frances his wife, and Charles, John, Mary, Frances and Ann their children; Thomas March; Thomas Smith and [Ann] his wife, and [Ann and] John their children; Robert Smith, alias Grisold; Eliz. Grisold, widow; Thomas Bokes and Alce his wife, and Thomas, Mary and Anne their children; Christopher Green, and Phillip, John, William, Ann, Eliz. and Mary his children; Eliz. Morrice; Elinor Fowler; John Martin: William Smith, alias Gisold, and Margaret his wife; Elizabeth Withis; John Brandon and Edward, Francis, Peter, Mary and Margarett his children; James Cowper and his wife; William Mathews and Joseph his son; Joan Holt; Winefred [ ] and Eliz. her children; John Pittoway and Ann his wife, and Eliz., Ann, Cicily and Margaret their children; Henry Veale; Frances Brookes [and] Robert and Mary her children; Thomas Hatford and Jane his wife; Elizabeth Davis; John Veile and John his son; Elizabeth Madew, widow, and William, John, Elioner, Mary, Elizabeth and Dorothy her children; Leonard Berry and Eliz. his wife, and Leonard, William and Eliz. their children; Mary Madew, widow, and Mary and Ursula her children; Isabell, wife of William Palmer, and Edwd. their son; Mary Heines; Edward Roch and Mary his wife; Joseph Roch; George Grant, senr.; Thomas Kendrick and Dorothy his wife, and Thomas and John their children; Richard Barton and Mary his wife, and John and Magdalen their children; Ann Barton, widow; Elizabeth the wife of John Cotterill and Mary their daughter; Joan Fulford, widow, and John and Elizabeth her children; Joseph Butts and Sarah his wife, and Mary and Elizabeth their children; George Grant, junr., and Eliz. his wife, and George, John, Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah their children; Mary Medcafe; Edward Chaytor and Ann his wife, and John, William and Rose their children.
The parish of Knowle.
Katherine the wife of William Cox and Ann her daughter; Eliz. Bragg, widow, and Bartholomew and Eliz. her children; Ann Halmer, widow; Mary wife to Edward Hailey; George Smith and Elizabeth his wife, and Thomas, George, Eliz. and Anne their children.
In Badgley [Baddesley].
George Ferres and his wife Eliz., and Edwd. their son; Bridget Ferrers, widow, and Henry her son; John Johnson, Ann his wife, and Thomas, John, Mary and Elizabeth their children; Elizabeth Johnson, widow; Ann Barde and Francis, Elizabeth and Mary her children.
The parish of Tamworth.
William Green and Margaret his daughter; Edward Insull; Mary Davis; Edward Hinckly and Mary his wife, and William and Thomas their children; Elizabeth wife to Thomas Gibbing; Francis Fulford and Eleanor his wife, and Mary their daughter; Mary Symmons; Thomas Ebrall and Eliz. his wife, and William, Ann and Mary their children; Richard Brittaine, senr.; Richard Brittaine, junr., and Frances his wife; Frances the wife of Richd. Davis, and Mary their daughter; Henry Briscoe and his wife, and Mary their daughter; John Swatkin, senr.; Katherine wife of William Cotterell; Mary Savage; Mary Everard, widow, and Richard her son; William Tybbatts and Ann his wife; [? Widow Brown and] George, Bridget and Ann Brown, her children; Widow Ballorny; Joan wife to John Feild; Elianer Manchester; Grace wife to Edward Fewster; Mary Turner and John her husband; John [? Joan] Wheeler and Thomas her son; Symon Mathews and Eliz. his wife, and John, Symon, Edward and Elizabeth their children; Ann Kimberley; John Feild and Ursula his wife; Henry Benford and his wife; Mary Feild.
The parish of Rowington.
Richard Betham and Mary his wife, and John, Thomas and Mary their children; William and Agnes Ebborall; Alice Sharp; Ann Gressingham; Compton wife to Clement Petty and Katherine their daughter; Dorothy wife to Clement Lucas, and Clement their son; William Cooper and Mary his wife, and Anne, Mary, William, Elizabeth and Winifred their children; Richard Batchenough; Ann Cooper, widow, and Thomas and Ann her children; John Palmer and Mary his wife, and Tho. their son; Richard Collett; Mary Reeve, daughter to the late Thomas; Frances Atwood, widow; Mary Reeve, daughter to the late William; Mary Loe; Richard Nicholas Dalyson; Thomas Reeve and Mary his wife, and Mary their daughter; Elizabeth Grissold, widow, and John, Roger and Thomas her children; Judith Grissold, widow, and Mary her daughter; John and Francis Grissold; Mary Feild, widow; Thomas Whitmore and Mary his wife, and Margaret, Francis and Mary their children; Thomas Shipton and Winefred his wife, and Anne, John, Henry and Thomas their children; Andrew Blyth and Frances his sister; Henry Cooper; Mary Shakespeare and Eliz. her daughter; John Reeve; Hannah Roack; John Juckes and Eliz. his wife, and Edward, John, William and Elizabeth their children; Mary wife to Job Bird and Margaret their daughter; Ann Persall; Richard Saunders [? and his sons] William, Richard; Elizabeth Jackson; William Sanders and Katherine; Isaac Robbins and Elizabeth his wife, and Isaac, Mary and Margaret their children; Elizabeth Shakespeare, widow, and Edward and Ann her children; Samuel Taylor; John Shakespeare; Elizabeth Griffin; Bridget Grafton; William Shakespeare, Agnes his wife, and William and Mary their children; John Hipwood; Margaret Knight; Elizabeth Court; Elizabeth Taylor, widow; Eliz. Blyth, widow, and George and Elizabeth her children; Ann Shipton, widow, and John her son; William Reeve; Eliz. Cooper, widow.
The parish of Packwood.
William Hemery, Frances his wife, and Mary, Katherine, Francis, John and William their children; Ann Whitman and Mary her daughter; John Restall; Mary Bradneck, widow.
The parish of Lapworth.
Edward Bridge, Frances his wife, and William their son; Bridget Grafton, wife to William.
The parish of Heasley [Haseley].
Richard Overs, Katherine his wife, and John, Mary, Katherine and Eliz. their children; Katherine Briers and George her son; Rebecca Watton.
The parish of Hatton.
Mathew Austirrs, Katherine his wife, and Katherine, Mary and Ann their children.
The parish of Budbrooke.
Rowland Dormer; William Collett; William Blick; John Beasley; Richard Mew [? Meld], and Elizabeth his wife; Anne Walker; Francis Ryder; Elizabeth Wilmore, widow, and Rowland, Thomas and Elizabeth her children; Joseph Woodward, Mary his wife, and Mary their daughter; Emme Higgins; George Grant; Amy Morgan; Alice wife to William Lee; Elizabeth wife to John Wilmore; Elizabeth Silvester, widow; Roger Paine, Dorothy his wife, and Edward and John their children; Mathew Paine and Mary his wife.
The parish of Budesort [Beaudesert].
Thomas Paine; Mary Baker wife to Robert and Thomas and Robert their children; Alice Homes, wife to John Tanner.
The parish of Wooten Waven [Wootton Wawen].
Thomas Ferfax, and William, Henry and Mary his children; George Nicholls and Judith his wife; Ann Ingram, wife to John, and Mary and Elizabeth their children.
The parish of Coughton.
Frances Grey, widow; Frances Groves; Mary Hill; Mary Thompson; Robert Waters, Ann his wife, and Ann, Mary and Elizabeth their children; Thomas Battin; John Battin and Ann his wife; Humphry Huggiford and Thomas his son; Ann Reeve; Mary Reeve; George Reeve; Thomas Reeve.
The parish of Claverdon.
Henry Saul and Ann his wife; Ann Brandon; Robert Barnes, Hester bis wife, and Jane their daughter; Frances wife to John Manton; Mary wife to Joseph Edwards; Thomas Ward and Ann his wife; John Paste and Sarah his wife.
The town of Warwick.
Dorothy Holbert, wife to Roger Holbert; Margaret wife to Miles Reading; William Bucknell, Eliz. his wife, and Eliz. their daughter; John Millwood; Lawrence Standish and his wife.
Tutnall in the parish of Tarbick [Tardebigg].
Mary Moore, widow, and Margaret her daughter; Richd. Moore and Tho., Richd. and William their [sic] sons; Richard Mince and John, Ellinor, Mary and Judith his children.
"We do hereby certify that the persons mentioned in the foregoing list, or their parents or near relations, have been sufferers for their loyalty to the Crown and that the said persons and every of them have to the best of our observation behaved themselves dutifully to his Majesty and peaceably towards their neighbours."
Hen. Parker.
Rob. Brent.
Jan. 3. Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Barons of the Exchequer to swear Thomas Lloyd into office as Paymaster of the Works, of which office he had a grant 1677, Dec. 19, in reversion of Philip Packer; the said office being now void. Warrants not Relating to Money XI, p. 465.
Royal warrant to the Attorney General to acknowledge satisfaction upon record of the judgment on the information exhibited in Easter term, 1683, against Ford, Lord Grey of Werke, and others in the King's Bench at Westminster for a riot committed in the city of London whereof said Lord Grey was found guilty, and afterwards fined 1,000 marks in the King's Bench: which fine the King is graciously pleased to remit and forgive. King's Warrant Book XI, p. 243.
Jan. 4. Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for payment of 2,758l. 11s. 2d. to Richard, Earl of Ranelagh: without account: out of the Four and a Half per cent. Revenue arising in Barbados or the Leeward Islands for the year commencing at Christmas, 1686, after the satisfaction thereout of the established charge of the government of the said islands for said year: all by reason that the privy seal of 1673, July 12 (ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. IV, p. 421, where the marginal correction of date is to be deleted, the date of July 10 being correct for the warrant and July 12 for the privy seal) authorised the levying of tallies for 8,397l. 2s. 4½d. to said Earl and William Lord Brereton on which privy seal only 5,638l. 11s. 2d. have been levied, thus leaving the above 2,758l. 11s. 2d. still unpaid. All ut supra, pp. 1121–2. Ibid, p. 244.
Same to same for a same to release and discharge Roger Pope of Wollaston, co. Salop, his heirs, etc. and manors, etc. seized as follows and all other his lands and goods from the liability of his bond in 4,500l. dated 1678, Dec. 28, as surety for Robert Cressett of Upton Cressett as Receiver General, for said county, of the late Eighteen Months' Assessment for the Disbandment, the said Cressett having failed in the payment of a great part of the moneys which he received of the said Assessment and not accounted for the same, whereupon a writ of Extent issued out of the Exchequer 1680, May 24, and by an inquisition thereupon taken at Salop 1680, June 19, the manors of Wossaston [Wollaston], Smethcott, Picklescott, Weebothwood [Leebotwood] in co. Salop and divers messuages in the town of Salop and other lands and messuages belonging to said Pope were seized into the hands of Charles II: but some time before the death of Charles II the Treasury Lords did agree that if Pope would forthwith pay 500l. into the Exchequer and engage in some convenient time to pay 200l. more that he should be discharged from said bond and the said Pope did accordingly pay said 500l. and has now lately Dec. 31 last paid the said 200l. more into the Exchequer. No further process is to be made against said Pope concerning said bond. Ibid, pp. 245–7.
Jan. 4. Royal warrant to Edward Griffin, Treasurer of the Chamber, to pay 200l. per an., during pleasure, to Jeremy Gohory, gent., who was Dancing Master to Charles II and his Consort: to be paid quarterly as from Christmas last, and to be as in lieu of the sum of 140l. per an. payable to him at the Receipt for life by a patent from Charles II and of the allowance of 3s. 4d. a day which he had out of the Cofferer's Office and of 40l. 0s. 6d. per an. which he had out of the Great Wardrobe and in lieu of all other allowances payable to him by reason of the said place of Dancing Master. King's Warrant Book XI, p. 247.
Further, he is hereby to be paid 350l. for 1¾ years hereon from 1685, Lady day, to Christmas last.
Same to Treasurer Rochester for the payment to Richard Graham and Philip Burton of 600l. without account: as royal bounty for their care and expence in prosecuting several suits against Col. Whitley and Lord Ossulston whereby a considerable sum has been recovered to the King. Same is hereby to be paid out of the 20,000l. dormant privy seal of Nov. 24 last. (Money warrant dated Jan. 4 hereon.) Ibid, p. 248. Money Book VII, p. 11.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to Edward Jennings (of the Inner Temple, esq.) of all that capital messuage or tenement formerly inhabited by Sir Robt. Peyton, who stands outlawed for high treason, situate in the parish of St. Dunstan in the West. co. Midd., and fronting to Little Lincolns Inn Fields; which messuage was afterwards in the possession of Sir Edmd. Saunders, bart., since deceased, and is now divided into two tenements, one in the occupation of Edwd. Jenings and the other in that of Edwd. Parry; with a stable, etc. thereto belonging: the whole being part of the inheritance of Sir Robt. Clayton [sic] and forfeited for high treason and lately found by inquisition to be of the value of 40l. per an.: [the grant to be] with the exception of the free liberty and use of the drain or water course passing into Bell Yard through the yard and stable belonging to the premises for carrying away the water falling on the adjacent buildings which formerly belonged to said Sir R. Peyton: to hold to said Jenings, his heirs and assigns, for ever as of the manor of East Greenwich in free and common socage by fealty and under the rent of 6s. 8d. per an. and all other rents and services payable to the Crown at the time of said Peyton's outlawry. All arrears of rent payable for the premises for the 1½ years to Christmas last are hereby likewise to be granted to said Jenings. King's Warrant Book XI, pp. 248–9.
Same to same for a privy seal for a grant to William Conyers, esq., of the several obligations as follows and the moneys due thereon and the sum of 335l. 4s. 2d. and all other moneys found by inquisition as follows and seized into the King's hands: the said Conyers having by due course of law outlawed Henry Lewis of London, goldsmith, in an action of debt, which outlawry was transmitted into the Exchequer and extent thereon issued directed to the sheriffs of London; and thereupon by an inquisition taken at the Guildhall, June 23 last, it was found that Thomas Row and Thomas Green of London, goldsmith, by obligation dated 1681, Oct. 22, became bound to Robert Elton in trust for said Lewis in 2,000l.; and that said Rowe and Nathaniel Stone by obligation dated 1682, Nov. 2, became bound to said Elton in trust for said Lewis in 400l.; of which two sums of 2,000l. and 400l. there was at the time of said inquisition 335l. 4s. 2d. in the hands of James Woods, merchant, Edwd. Palmer, wine cooper, Charles Barkesdale, merchant, Richard Huffam, factor, and Christopher Lethieullier, merchant: all which bonds and said sum so resting as above were seized into the King's hands by said sheriff. Ibid, pp. 249–50.
Jan. 4. Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal to direct John, Lord Ossulston to pay to Philip Frowd to his own use without account 2,062l. 12s. 10½d. on April 4 next and the like sum on July 4 next in part of the sums awarded as follows to be by him paid; and to pay the residue of the said sums, so awarded, into the Exchequer for the King's use: all by reason that by an award dated this day, ut infra, pp. 1139–40, made by Treasurer Rochester, said Ossulston is appointed to pay 12,375l. 17s. 3d. to the King in full of all the King's demands against him: of which sum the King is pleased to bestow 4,125l. 5s. 9d. on Phillp Frowde as royal grace and favour. King's Warrant Book XI, pp. 251–2.
Same to the Attorney General for a great seal for a grant to Sir Richd. Allibon, kt., of all that messuage and 14 acres of meadow in East Barnet, co. Herts, now in the possession of Charles, Lord Dunbarton [sic] and another messuage and 14 acres of meadow and pasture in East Barnet in the tenure of Charles Mavson and 32 acres in Friern Barnet in the tenure of Eliz. Gadsby: all being late the estate of Sir Robt. Peyton: forfeited by his attainder: to hold to the said Allibon and his heirs under the rents and services payable to the Crown before said attainder, together with a grant of the arrears of rent of the premises. Ibid, p. 252.
Two royal sign manuals for respectively 1,000l. and 1,441l. 15s. 6d. to Henry Guy, for secret service, without account: to be issued on the 20,000l. dormant privy seal of Nov. 24 last. Ibid, p. 253.
Jan. 1.
[sic, probably erratum for Jan. 4].
Royal warrant to Charles Fox, late Paymaster of the Forces, to pay 1,386 1s. 4d. to Roger Hewett, without fees or deduction in full satisfaction of the moneys by him paid to divers persons, reformed officers and others, and for moneys by him laid out for the service of the [Army] Pay Office, touching the payment whereof the King is well satisfied. This sum is to be placed upon the Army account ending in December, 1685. Ibid, pp. 253–4.
Appending: particular of said Hewet's payments.
l. s. d.
inter al. for marble hearths for the Pay Office 70 0 0
to Capt. Edward Powell sent to Denmark 100 0 0
to Capt. Savage going for Ireland 100 0 0
to Lieut. Thos. Hawkins 20 0 0
to Ensign Sands 10 0 0
to indigent officers at several times 106 11 8
to Mr. Chiffinch 250 0 0
new year's gifts to the Exchequer and other officers 356 1 8
Jan. 4. Royal warrant to Brook Bridges and Thomas Done, Auditors of Imprests, to allow to Charles Fox in his account as late Paymaster of the Forces the sums of 4,920l. 7s. 5d. paid by him as follows in pursuance of the commands of Charles II signified by the then Treasury Lords; and similarly of 24,525l. 0s. 11d. by him similarly paid in pursuance of the present King's commands signified by Treasurer Rochester, being in both cases for the use of the Forces. King's Warrant Book XI, pp. 234–6.
Further said Fox is hereby to be surcharged in his accounts with such moneys as shall appear to be deducted by him from the Forces encamped on Hounslow Heath in 1685 for bread and other necessaries delivered to them by John Shales, esq., Commissary General for provisions.
Appending: said Fox's bills for said two sets of payments.
l. s. d.
to Hugh Chudleigh, being 500l. to each of the four troops which came from Tangier 2,000 0 0
to ditto more for said troops on account of the month of April in dispute 400 0 0
to William Hewer at several times for the use of the Forces which came from Tangier 2,338 13 11
to Major Collins, Deputy Governor of Pendennis, for the like use 161 13 6
£4,920 7 5
to Sir Henry Sheeres for the use of the Train of Artillery sent against the rebels in the West 1,000 0 0
to John Shales, esq., Commissary of Provisions 2,600 0 0
to Bevill Skelton, esq., upon several bills of exchange for freight and other charges of Forces from Holland 15,145 17 1
to the chaplain of the said Forces 20 6 4
to Capt. Shakirly for victualling of Forces sent to Ireland 155 18 4
to Lady Daniel, as royal bounty 50 0 0
to Lord Ferrers for clothing disbanded men 200 0 0
to the Earl of Peterborough for his Majesty's special service 262 5 0
to Sir Joseph Tredenham for his pay as Governor of St. Mawes 274 1 0
to Sir Cha. Murray for pay of five Companies of the Royal Regiment for 36 days in March and April, 1684 643 4 0
to Lieut. Col. Arch. Douglasse for pay of 16 Companies of the same Regiment for the same time 1,775 8 0
to several soldiers that worked about the pipes at Windsor 7 14 0
to several widows and orphans of such soldiers as were slain in his Majesty's service against the rebels in the West; as royal bounty 1,432 7 2
to Col. Tho. Howard a year's pension to 1685–6, Jan. 1 156 0 0
to Capt. Gwilliam, the like 104 0 0
to Major Markham, the like 104 0 0
to Col. Jno. Legg, the like 100 0 0
to Sir Ralph Freeman, the like 104 0 0
to William Pendrell's two daughters, the like 100 0 0
to Sir Edwd. Fitzharris's three granddaughters, the like 78 0 0
to Sir Robert Welsh, the like 45 12 6
to Lady Thornburgh, the like 18 5 0
to Lady Ognate, the like 50 0 0
to Widow Vanbright, the like 22 16 0
to Widow Maugridge, the like 18 5 0
to Capt. Bridgeman for arrears of Tangier due to several soldiers that were killed by the rebels in the West 57 1 6
£24,525 0 11
Jan. 4. Royal warrant to Richard, Earl of Ranelagh, Paymaster of the Forces, to pay to the respective artificers and others mentioned in the book hereunto annexed [missing] the several sums, amounting in all to 754l. 14s. 10d., due to them for building a Guard House in Windsor Castle, as allowed by Sir Christopher Wren 1685, Sept. 11, and 1686, June 24. King's Warrant Book XI, p. 256.
Same to Brooke Bridges and Thomas Done, Auditors of Imprests, to allow to the Earl of Ranelagh, in his accounts for the service of the Forces, the respective sums of 12,200l. and 60l., he having by Treasurer Rochester's direction advanced said 12,200l. to Jno. Shales, esq., Commissary General of Provisions for the Forces, for providing bread, hay, straw, provender and other necessaries for the Forces encamped on Hounslow Heath the last summer and for finishing the hospital there; and having similarly paid said 60l. upon a bill of exchange for the use of the Forces in the service of the States General of the United Provinces. Ibid, p. 257.
Same to same to allow to the Earl of Ranelagh, in his accounts as Paymaster, etc., as above, of moneys received for the use of the Royal Hospital near Chelsea, the sum of 18d. a day for the person by him appointed or to be appointed for looking after the galleries and taking care of the goods in said hospital as from 1685–6, Jan. 1, and to continue during pleasure; and similarly to allow 1s. a day from 1686, May 1, during pleasure to such of the non-commission officers and soldiers of the said hospital as watch and keep guard there for the better preservation of the same: and similarly to allow 18d. a day for such person as he shall appoint to be a porter of said hospital as from Jan. 1 inst.: and similarly to allow such sums as said Earl hath paid or shall pay to the person by him appointed to receive the rents and look after the buildings of the said hospital for the expense of fire, candle and other contingencies not exceeding 40l. per an. in the whole and as from 1685–6, Jan. 1. Ibid, p. 258.
Jan. 4. Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal to authorise William Hewer to pay to Charles Duncomb and partner (partners) 10,000l. and 1,014l. 1s. 5d. in full for principal and interest due to them for the 10,000l. by them lent to Charles II for the service of Tangier by two bills of exchange payable at Cadiz to George, Lord Dartmouth, viz. one dated 1683, July 30, for 1,500l. and the other dated 1683, Aug. 1, for 8,500l., to be employed by said Lord Dartmouth (in his late expedition to Tangier for demolishing the city, mole and garrison thereof) in such manner as the King should direct: all by reason that the late Treasury Lords supplied said Hewer with said 10,000l. and 1,014l. 1s. 5d. due as above (as by an account stated 1684, Nov. 26, by Auditor Aldworth), but said sums remain in his hands for want of his having regular vouchers for empowering him to pay same to said Duncomb and partner. King's Warrant Book XI, pp. 259–60.
Same to same for a same to authorise Brooke Bridges to allow to Samuel Pepys, in his account to 1671, Dec. 31, as late Treasurer for the garrison of Tangier, 35,628l. 0s. 0½d. for 6 per cent. interest and 4 per cent. reward on several sums of money by him advanced and lent for the service of the said late garrison between 1664–5, Mar. 20, the date of his commission [as Treasurer] and 1671, Dec. 31, to which date the said accompt is made up. Ibid, p. 260.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a privy seal for a grant to John Dixy and William Welsh, two of the King's coachmen, in consideration of their good and faithful services of all and every the Customs, subsidies and impositions which have arisen to the King since 1684–5, Feb. 6, or which may hereafter accrue, for or by reason of the importation of any coach horses, coach mares or coach geldings: to hold to their own proper use during pleasure. Ibid, p. 261.
[?] Undated and unfinished entry, struck through, as follows. The King is given to understand that the following sums and allowances (part thereof due at the death of Charles II and the rest accrued since the present King's accession) do still remain unpaid. [He therefore hereby orders payment thereof,] viz.: Ibid.
for the Queen Dowager's Catholic servants, ever paid by special warrant.
to Mr. Chaplaine, Gentleman Usher Quarter Waiter, and three of his associates for want of allowance of board wages.
to Charles Morgan for books, parchments and writing establishments.
to Mr. Ridges for sumpture cloths.
for the hire of an office for the Cofferer for payment of money: for two years.
for Agnes Massonett, late Laundress of the Board to Charles II.
to Capt. Potts for an ice house at Windsor.
to St. John Mitton, esq., Groom of the Privy Chamber, for want of allowance: for one quarter.
to Jno. Clement, esq., for the hire of carts for the carriage of goods, etc.
Jan. 4. Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Cashier to pay 322l. to William Shaw, for the use of Treasurer Rochester, being for 322 days to date hereof on the fee of 20s. a day payable to the Lord High Treasurer of England out of the revenue of the Customs. Money Book VII, p. 4.
Money warrant for 26l. 13s. 4d. to John Pottinger, Comptroller of the Pipe, for half a year to Christmas last on his allowance for writing the farms and debts of Recusants and summons of Pipe in Pipe hand twice every year. (Money order dated Jan. 4 hereon.) Ibid, p. 11. Order Book I, p. 173.
Two money warrants for 1,000l. and 1,441l. 15s. 6d. to Henry Guy for secret service: ut supra, p. 1131. [The money orders hereon do not appear: but see supra, p. 1118, for a letter of direction concerning the 1,441l. 15s. 6d. This irregularity of procedure is doubtless due to pressure of business at the close of Rochester's High Treasurership.] Money Book VII, p. 12.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of the money of the Letter Office: viz.: Disposition Book V, p. 87.
l. s. d.
to me [Guy] for secret service 72 0 0
to Mr. Segar 101 16 0
to Mr. Fillingham et al. Agents [for the Arrears of Taxes] 495 0 0
£668 16 0
Same to same to pay 300l. to Mr. Agar and the executors of Mr. Strode; out of the moneys, now in the Exchequer, arisen from the sale of dotards in the Forest of Dean. Ibid.
Same to same to issue to Mr. Shaw 54l. 15s. 0d. out of money, remaining in the Exchequer, of goods seized: same being for half a year on Treasurer Rochester's fee of 6s. a day as keeper of Richmond New Park. Ibid.
Same to same to issue 400l. to Sir John Chichley out of any money, remaining in the Exchequer, arising from the Letter Office: being for half a year to June 24 last on his pension. Ibid.
Same [to same] to issue 600l. to Richard Graham and Philip Burton out of the money paid into the Exchequer by Col. Whitley. Ibid, p. 88.
Same to same to issue as follows out of the branches of the revenue directed to be this week paid into the Exchequer with what money is there already: viz.: Ibid, pp. 88, 89.
l. s. d.
Out of the Customs.
to the Earl of Ranelagh for the Forces 3,000 0 0
to the Lord Chancellor for Christmas quarter 1,000 0 0
to me [Guy] in part of 3,600l. 11s. 4d. for secret service 1,600 0 0
to Sir William Villars on account of the Stables 500 0 0
to the Treasurer of the Navy for Mr. St. Michell (Mitchell) to make him up even with the other Commissioners of the Navy 681 3 5
to ditto on accompt of the 400,000l. for the [naval service for the] year beginning at Lady day last 2,000 0 0
Out of the imposition on wine and vinegar.
to ditto on the same account: which with the above 2,000l. is to be towards repayment of what has been advanced for that service out of the Imposition on tobacco and sugar 4,000 0 0
Out of loans on the Linen Duty Act.
to the Treasurer of the Ordnance 1,500 0 0
Out of the Excise.
to the Earl of Ranelagh for the Forces 8,000 0 0
to Mr. Kent and Mr. Duncomb for interest for the quarter ending at Christmas last 1,370 10 9
to Major General Werden in full for the Queen's Stables 290 7 8
to John Darey 200 0 0
to me [Guy] for secret service 500 0 0
to the Earl of Lichfield's trustees: half a year 600 0 0
Out of the Post Office money.
to me [Guy] for secret service 500 0 0
(Same dated same to the Customs Cashier enclosing the paper of disposition of the Customs cash for the present week; said paper including only the above six Customs items.) (Same dated same to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney enclosing the like paper of disposition of the cash of those branches of the revenue: said paper including for the Excise only the above six Excise items: and for the Hearthmoney the following item, viz.: 2,000l. to Treasurer Rochester for his salary for last Christmas quarter: to be paid out of the Hearthmoney which was paid in [to the Exchequer] yesterday.)
Jan. 4. Henry Guy to Mr. Hewer to pay Ewald Tessin late engineer at Tangier, 30l. per an. as from Sept. 29 last as a pension in respect of his long service. great age and necessitous condition: in accordance with the King's pleasure. You are to prepare a warrant to authorise this. Out Letters (General) X, p. 83.
Same to Mr. Knight for a certificate of what is due to Col. Phelips for his service in the Wardrobe. Ibid, p. 84.
Same to Sir Jno. Tippets et al., Commissioners of the Navy, to pay the above 681l. 3s. 5d. to Mr. St. Michell to pay him up to the same time that you are paid yourselves. Ibid, p. 85.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners to allow to William Hurt upon his account as late collector of Customs in Exeter port 37l. 10s. 0d. and 19l. 14s. 6d. as follows, provided he clear his account and pay in the remainder of his arrears: the said Hurt having petitioned shewing that he served for several years as collector at Dartmouth at 70l. per an. and 10l. for a clerk, and was for his good services removed about five years since to Exeter, where his predecessor had 160l. per an. for himself and clerks in regard the trouble and care was much more there than at Dartmouth and the Customs Commissioners made a minute 1679–80, Jan. 28, to allow him that sum and that further he has lost 350l. by bills of exchange: on which petition the Customs Commissioners have Dec. 24 last reported that his [former] salary has been increased by 40l. per an. and though he has received some losses by the remittance of his cash by exchange yet "he does not deny but that he has made some advantages of that way of returning the King's money and in that case he is in no other condition than all other the collectors of England who are to remit the King's money at their own risk and hazard," wherefore they advise only an allowance of 37l. 10s. 0d. for 1¼ years from 1682, June 24, on his augmentation of salary and also 19l. 14s. 6d., being received short by him of what was allowed him by the establishment during his collection in that port, petitioner having been all along a good officer and well esteemed by the Customs Commissioners. Out Letters (Customs) X, pp. 190–1.
Jan. 4. Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners to permit the East India Company to import the following goods with a view to being transported to East India, Sir Benj. Bathurst alleging [on behalf of said Company] that said goods were provided in Holland for the account of said Company "to be sent in two small vessels designed by his Majesty to discover the North East passage to India, but (that design not proceeding) are intended" by said Company to be shipped to the East Indies; the Customs Commissioners having thereon reported that though some of the particulars seem to be prohibited, yet the case being extraordinary and the value of the goods not above 50l. or 60l. they may be permitted to be imported in order to their being so transported. Out Letters (Customs) X, pp. 191–3.
Appending: schedule of said goods.
Same by same to the Auditor concerned (Mr. Morice) to allow in account 150l. to —, Receiver of Recusants' Forfeitures for the West Riding of co. Yorks, being for his charges expended in the country and in journeys and attendance in town about the same; and a further 35l. for the charge of passing his account. Warrants not Relating to Money XI, pp. 440–2.
Prefixing: (a) said Receiver's accounts.
(a) [of his receipts or] of moneys levied by the late sheriffs of co. Yorks in the West Riding by virtue of summons and other process of Pipe against Recusants for fines and forfeitures.
l. s. d.
1680. Received of Symon Scott, undersheriff to Sir Tho. Daniell, late sheriff of Yorks, in full of moneys levied by him as above 447 0
1681. Received of Tho. Jackson, undersheriff to Sir Richard Grahme, late sheriff of Yorks, in full ut supra 771 16 6
1682. Received of John Shaun, undersheriff to William Lowther, esq., late sheriff of Yorks, in full ut supra 445 8 4
1683. Received of Simon Scott, undersheriff to Ambrose Pudsey, esq., late sheriff of co. Yorks, in full ut supra 148 4 10½
£1,812 10
by a surcharge out of the Pipe: received more of Sir Rich. Graham 11 0 0
total £1,823 10
(B) Disbursements and charges, the charges of my Commission 30 0 0
paid to messengers and for their charges and horses to go to constables and churchwardens to make their presentments at the Quarter Sessions 7 15 0
paid the Deputy Clerk of the Peace for a transcript of the convictions 2 10 0
for my own deputy's attendance and charges at the several Sessions and Assizes for four years 40 0 0
paid for duplicates of assessments 0 14 0
paid to the several under sheriffs clerks for copies of their masters' accounts and of the names of those persons who had pleaded off their estates 2 0 0
for my own and deputy's charges in travelling the country to enquire out the estates of Recusants, for making of books to ascertain the number and quality of Recusants, the records of the Sessions being imperfect, for that most of them were convicted four times and some five times over by which the number and revenue arising from them seemed to be far greater than it was 7 0 0
for my attendance upon the several sheriffs several days and times at York to get my Commission allowed and to receive money 12 0 0
for my attendance upon the several sheriffs several days and times when they sat to enquire of Recusants' estates, and to witnesses to prove the same 25 0 0
1681. May 20. paid into the Exchequer 150 0 0
1681, Nov. 10. ditto 350 0 0
1682, May 31, ditto 50 0 0
1682. Dec. 5. ditto 300 0 0
for bills, tallies and coach hire 0 16 0
paid to Sir Tho. Daniell for his poundage fee for money levied by him and by an order from the Treasury Lords 32 17 0
paid to Sir Richard Graham for money levied by him 39 2 0
paid to William Lowther, his poundage fee for money levied by him 22 5 0
paid to Ambrose Pudsey, his poundage fee for money levied by him 7 8 0
my poundage fee for 316l. 13s. 4d., which was levied upon Mr. Gascoigne and repaid by William Lowther, esq., then sheriff, upon a writ of restitution out of the Exchequer Court 23 14 0
my poundage fee for 200l., which was levied on Mr. Middleton and was pleaded off in Hilary term, 25 Car. II 15 0 0
paid for the return of 850l. 10 12 6
for 15 terms' extraordinary charges in coming up to London and attendance in town 150 0 0
this Receiver, having had as much trouble, and his district being as large, and having received and paid in more money than the Receiver of the North and East Ridings of Yorkshire, humbly craves equal allowance for his salary; which is 80l. per an. for four years 320 0 0
and for his deputy 10l. per an. 40 0 0
total £1,823 1 6
thus leaving 8s. 11¼d. due from this accomptant.
(b) Report, dated Clifford's Inn, Dec. 23 last, from Richard Graham and Philip Burton on the above account. Petitioner's demands for his management are reasonable, and may be allowed in toto (together with 35l. for the charge of passing his said account) in regard the accomptant's family have been so loyal and so great sufferers for his Majesty.
Jan. 4. Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to Auditor Done to allow 6,341l. 18s. 7d. to Samuel Pepys in his account as Treasurer of the late Garrison of Tangier, being after the rate of 2d. per piece of Eight and 1d. on each shilling that was by him issued for the pay of said Garrison: the same being in proportion to what was allowed to Mr. Povey, late Treasurer to said Garrison, upon his receipts and issues for the like service. Warrants not Relating to Money XI, p. 450.
Award by same in the case of John Lord Ossulston, against whom et al. Sir Robert Sawyer, Attorney General, exhibited an English bill in the Exchequer in Easter term 2 James II, for the recovery of about 20,000l. received by said Lord out of the late King's treasure under colour and pretence of the said King's privy seal for postage of letters: to which bill said Lord appeared, but applied to his Majesty offering to submit to his Majesty's determination in the premises; whereupon the King referred "his Majesty's demands in the said bill" to Treasurer Rochester, to which said Lord Ossulston consented and gave bond in 20,000l. Nov. 3 last to stand by the Lord Treasurer's award. Ibid. pp. 462–4.
Thereupon Treasurer Rochester has been attended by the Agents [for Arrears of Taxes] on behalf of the King who have exhibited a charge against said Lord Ossulston of 15,588l. 15s. 0d. received by him out of the Exchequer in the name of Henry, late Earl of Arlington, for postage of letters between Mich., 1666, and Mich., 1672, the time of said Lord Ossulston's sub-farm of the Post Office. After hearing said Lord thereon, I [Treasurer Rochester] find that he is and ought to stand charged with said sum of 15,588l. 15s. 0d. On his craving several allowances out of same I have perused the indenture tripartite dated 1666, Dec. 22, between the present King (then Duke of York) of the first part, Henry Earl of Arlington and John Lord Berkeley (both since deceased) of the second part, and Mary Countess of Falmouth (since deceased) of the third part, wherein said Duke of York let to farm to said Lords Arlington and Berkeley the yearly rents and payments therein expressed, with a covenant on their part "that all and singular the letters, pacquetts and despatches ordinary and extraordinary directed or to be directed to or from his late Majesty, his heirs or successors, or from or to the Lord High Admiral of England for the time being, or from or to the Lord Chancellor of England for the time being, or from or to the Lord Treasurer of England or Commissioners of the Treasury for the time being, or from or to the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports for the time being, or from or to the Secretaries of State or either of them for the time being, and also the simple inland letters only of the members of the then present Parliament during the continuance of the session of that Parliament should be conveyed or carried either by the common or ordinary mail or other speedy and safe passage, free of and from the payment of any rate or postage or other charges whatsoever."
And on considering that five years of the said [Arlington's] term of ten years in the said Post Office and all the profits and advantages thereby were assigned to said Lord Ossulston under the rents and covenants expressed in the said indenture tripartite and that he enjoyed same: and that in the said time he received said 15,588l. 15s. 0d., out of the King's treasure, the greatest part whereof was for the very letters, pacquetts and despatches that ought by the covenant to have been conveyed free: and further also on considering the certificate of Auditors John Phelips and Thomas Done as to said Ossulston's demands of defalcations (in which certificate they state that he ought to be allowed only 114l. 2s. 0d.), I do think fit and do hereby decide in accordance with the King's directions to allow said Lord Ossulston 3,212l. 17s. 9d. as a proportionable allowance in gross upon all his demands; this increase in the allowance to him being upon consideration of the King's bounty to Col. Whitley in a case of the same nature, supra, pp. 460–2, the King having therein directed larger allowances to be made to Whitley than he could have had by law, "who being charged with the sum of 28,835l. 19s. 7d. received by him in the said manner by colour of the said privy seal, the aforesaid auditors to whom that accompt was referred could allow him but 995l. 5s. 0d., his Majesty was nevertheless graciously pleased to impower me to increase that sum to the sum of 5,943l. 3s. 8d."
After the abovesaid deduction Lord Ossulston remains in debt to the King 12,375l. 17s. 3d., which he is hereby awarded to pay in full, a moiety thereof on April 4 next and the remaining moiety on July 4 next. His bond as above to be delivered up on his completing said payment.