Entry Book: July 1688, 11-15

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 8, 1685-1689. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1923.

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July 1688, 11-15

July 11. Money order for 125l. to Sir Job Charlton for 1688, Trinity term, on his allowance as Chief Justice of Chester. Order Book II, p. 163.
July 11. Money order for 1,695l. 10s. 0d. to Henry Guy, for secret service, without accompt: to be issued on the 20,000l. privy seals dormant of Mar. 22 last and May 25 last: as by the royal sign manual of July 10 inst. and the money warrant of July 10. (The said sign manual and money warrant which should authorise this present money order are not entered in the Treasury records.) Order Book II, p. 163.
Report to the Treasury Lords from William Blathwayt on the petition of Capt. Daniell Jones, late commander of the King's ship Diamond, shewing that he seized a vessel belonging to John Sutton of Barbados for trading contrary to the Royal Africa Company's charter and to the Navigation Acts; that after condemnation Sir Richard Dutton, Governor there, possessed himself of the ship and goods to the value of 1,000l., paying petitioner but 100l. as a third part thereof and accounted to the King for only 100l. as the King's third. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) I, pp. 302–3.
Hereon Blathwayt reports that Sir Richard Dutton has declared that said ship and negroes were sold by inch of candle for 300l. and an accompt has been made up and stated before the late Treasurer [Rochester] accordingly and Dutton has obtained a privy seal for the allowance of same. To support his valuation of the ship Dutton has produced the affidavit of James Reeves, coxswain of the Diamond. I think petitioner has his remedy at law against Dutton for his share of the true value of the ship and negroes; which [action] will be likewise a good service to the King, to whom there will accrue an equal third.
Prefixing: note of said petition and of the order of reference, ut supra, pp. 1952–3.
July 12. Money warrant for 536l. 1s. 4¾d. to William Blathwayt, assistant to the Clerks of the [Privy] Council attending the Committee for Trade and Plantations, being for two quarters to June 24 last for salaries and incidents for the Plantation Office. (Money order dated July 16 hereon.) Money Book IX, pp. 25–6. Order Book II, p. 164.
Appending: said bills: (1) for 1688, Lady day quarter (total, 267l. 6s. 4¾d.): (2) for 1688, June 24 quarter (total, 268l. 15s. 0d.), as attested in each case by several Lords of the Privy Council.
June [sic for July] 12. Henry Guy to Capt. Shales. The Treasury Lords have read your letter of to-day. When you have cleared your last year's accounts [for provisions for the encampment on Blackheath] they will advance you a further sum of money; but till you do that they do not think fit to advance you any more. Out Letters (General) XI, p. 411.
July 12. Same to Mr. Grahme to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of the King's tenants, inhabitants of Bray, co. Berks, praying an order for felling sufficient pollard oaks in Winsdor Forest to repair several common bridges in the said manor. Ibid.
Treasury reference to Mr. Blathwayt [as Auditor General of the Plantations] of the petition of Fran. Burghill, shewing that in obedience to the late King's commands he brought a quo warranto against the Bermudas Company's charter, whereby the King is invested in 130 shares of land there: that he hopes to make it appear that the King is defrauded of 23 shares of land belonging to the late Regicides: therefore prays a grant of such proportion of the said lands as is usual in such cases [of discoveries]. Reference Book V, p. 286.
[sic for July] 12.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Hen. Bulstrode, shewing that he was surety in 50l. for one Ludlow, a tidewaiter, London port, who was since removed to Bridgwater port, and there misbehaved himself, and petitioner's bond is put in suit: therefore prays relief. Reference Book V, p. 289.
July 12. Same to same of the petition of Richard Lockheart for a King's waiter's or undersearcher's place: he having been an old servant to the royal family. Ibid, p. 294.
Same to Mr. Hewer of the petition of [some] inhabitants of Tangier, praying payment of the arrears due to them from the officers of the Earl of Dunbarton's Regiment. Ibid.
Same to the Treasurer of the Chamber of the petition of Rachell Graves and other artificers, praying payment of 792l. 12s. 10d. due to them for building barges, shallops and boats for the late and present King. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Samuell Eyre and Jo[h]n Bowells, merchants; petitioners shewing that for 12 months past galley tiles, Delft red and counterfeit china wares have been prohibited, to the great loss of the Customs and almost to the ruin of the retailers in those wares: therefore pray a licence for seven years for the sole importation of said wares "by reason whereof the manufactury in time may be draw'd out of Holland hither." Ibid.
Same to same of the petition of Moses Mocata, merchant, shewing that he ordered in Holland 1,400 cwt. of Cauca nuts in several parcels and lacking there a fit market would have brought them to London but for the Navigation Act being against him, as they are of the growth of America and not of Europe: therefore prays liberty to import same from Holland. Ibid, p. 295.
Same to same of the petition of William Stewart for a landwaiter's place, he having performed acceptable service in the time of the late rebellion. Ibid.
Same to same [sic erratum for to William Blathwayt] of the petition of the Proprietors of New East Jersey to the King; petitioners setting forth that since it is the King's resolutions to join the government of East New Jersey to that of New England they do in order to fulfilling his will surrender the grant they have of that province: but the said grant being both of the soil and the government whereof only the last is to be surrendered, yet their right to both will be avoided as joined in the same deed; they therefore conceive it necessary for the security of their title to the soil that they have a new patent for the same. Ibid, p. 296.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Hannah Larkham, widow [of] Tho. Larkham; shewing that in 1677 Tho. Miller "being Commander in Chief [sic: erratum] and collector of Customs in Carolina" was robbed not only of the King's money but of 1,000l. of his own and after two years' imprisonment in irons made his escape and being afterwards made collector of Poole ran in arrear to the King for which he was arrested and died in prison; and petitioner's husband being his security was arrested and is since dead and petitioner's goods are seized and she turned out of doors; that the said Miller's papers are so embezzled that his accounts cannot be made up; that her said husband had been ever loyal and left her in a miserable condition: therefore prays to be discharged from her husband's bond and that her goods may be restored. Ibid, p. 297.
July 12. Treasury warrant to the Trustees for Sale of Fee Farm Rents to convey to Lord Ossulston certain fee farm rents [not detailed] in cos. Bucks and Norfolk as in lieu of several fee farm rents in the city of Norwich and elsewhere amounting to 29l. 19s. 2½d. per an. and the arrears thereon [the same proving to have been doubly conveyed, or undiscoverable or otherwise unrealisable]: all on the said Lord's payment of 16s. 4d. into the Exchequer. Warrants not Relating to Money XII, p. 339.
Same to Philip Ryley, Serjeant at Arms attending the Treasury Lords, to arrest Thomas Wilson, formerly a carrier, and John Mountaine, as having been conveyors and smugglers of uncustomed and prohibited goods. Ibid.
Same to same to arrest Zachary Bevan, merchant, who has been a smuggler or an employer of certain persons to smuggle and convey to his warehouse at several times divers great quantities of uncustomed tobacco. Ibid, pp. 339–40.
Same to the Mint Warden, Mint Master and Worker and Mint Comptroller to melt down the copper farthings and halfpence remaining in the Mint as follows and to deliver same to William Tayleur: all by reason that said Tayleur has petitioned for delivery of a parcel of such farthings and halfpence detained from him in the Mint; on which petition the Mint officers reported Feb. 18 last that the Order in Council of 1678–9, Mar. 8, directed Henry Slingsby, then Master and Worker, to receive from Henry Wade and James Burkin, merchants, 16,500lbs. of copper blanks fitted for farthings and halfpence and to coin same and thereout to pay to said Wade and Burkin 14½d. per lb. weight; whereupon said Slingsby received and coined same and by warrant of Treasurer Danby, dated [1678–9] Mar. 13, he was directed to deliver to William Tayleur all the farthings and halfpence when so coined, the said Tayleur paying to Wade and Burkin the said 14½d. per lb. weight and satisfying all charges in coining and stamping: in pursuance whereof there has been delivered about 13,900lb. weight: that Mr. Slingsby denied to deliver the remainder, being about 2,641lb. weight, and locked them up in a chest in the Treasury of the Mint, where they are at this time: the said Burkin and Wade having moreover by a writing dated Feb. 18 last agreed that they should be delivered to said Tayleur. Ibid, p. 340.
After the said copper is so melted the charges of melting, not exceeding 6l., are hereby to be put to the King's account and to be paid by the Mint master, and this is to be allowed in his account.
July 12. The Treasury Lords to the Lord Deputy of Ireland. We have received yours of the 22nd and 29th ult. and the 2nd inst. As to the proclamation concerning the value of foreign coin we did by the King's command send the draft thereof to the officers of the Mint, England, and have received a report [missing] from them which we remit to you by the King's direction. When you have considered the estimate therein return same with your approbation or objections to be laid before the King. Out Letters (Ireland) V, pp. 129b–30.
As to the security to be given by Sir Henry Bond and William Doe for their due accompting for their receipts, the sureties [besides themselves] whom they propose, viz. William Gage and William Bond, are in England. Please take care that the principals, Sir Henry Bond and Mr. Doe, execute the bond in Ireland, then send it to us and we will see it executed here by the sureties here.
Herewith you will receive the King's letter for allowing 233l. 4s. 4d. for transporting the 650 men to Chester.
We represented to the King your statement of the case of John Kirwan; but notwithstanding his confession and submission the King thinks the transporting of wool to foreign parts is such a public mischief that he is not at all inclinable at this time to pardon him or any other for that offence.
As to Mr. John Price, you say he would discharge himself of 13,750l., alleged by him to be sent over, by bills of exchange on Thomas Price, for which he says that the effects of the said Thomas are seized into the King's hands. We have directed Mr. Graham and Mr. Burton to state this matter and enclose to you their report [missing] thereon. It appears thereby that sufficient is seized to cover 6,500l. and on reading our report to the King he was pleased to declare that he would take that 6,500l. and you are to respite only so much on said [John Price's] account and you are to secure the rest which he ought to answer to the King.
Further, Mr. Price demands a credit of 4,984l. 8s. 13/8d. as paid (on account of the revenue which was the King's private estate there) by bills drawn on Mr. Heron. We do not find that any money has been paid into the Exchequer here on that account since Nov., 1686, and having sent for Mr. Heron he disowns that he has any money or bills for that sum or any part of it. Take care to secure the money which Mr. Price owes on account of that [the King's private] revenue. We also observe in Price's stated account of that private revenue as per enclosed copy [missing] that he gives himself credit for 5,397l. 1s. 6¼d., which he alleges was remitted to England in Feb. last. But on enquiry we do not find that to be true or anything more than a mere pretence. You are therefore to take care that this sum be surcharged on him and answered to the King. Upon the whole matter we find Mr. Price so deeply engaged in his accounts to the King that we expect you to see that the money he was to receive from Sir Henry Bond and Mr. Doe shall be applied in discharge of his debt.
We have represented to the King your proposal about paying another month to the Army [Ireland]. It is still the King's intention to have that paid, but he does not think July so proper as winter for beginning it. He will then give direction for it.
July 12. The Treasury Lords to the Lord Deputy of Ireland to report on (a) infra. Out Letters (Ireland) V, p. 130.
Appending: (a) petition to the King from Edward Fitz Gerrald Villers, esq., and Katherine his wife; shewing that Sir Maurice Fitz Gerrald, kt., to whom said Katherine is heir, settled all his manors etc. in cos. Cork, Waterford and Tipperary on trustees for him and his heirs male and, in default thereof, for the Crown; that the said heirs male are long since extinct and the lands concealed from the Crown: therefore pray a Commission for discovery thereof and a grant thereof to petitioners as next of kin.
July 13. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Gyles Biggs and Company, praying the discharge "of the molossos [molasses] except one puncheon to be condemned for an example." Reference Book V, p. 295.
Same to same of the petition of Alderman Page et al., owners of the ship Jo[h]n and Katherine; petitioners shewing that said ship was bought in Sweden, where she was built, was brought into London port and sold there, was taken in pieces, only a part of the bottom was left, valued at 65l., and that covered with English work, she was new built in London, which cost 963l. and will cost 300l. more before she can go to sea; that they are informed by counsel that she is a free ship because she was rebuilt in the King's dominions: therefore pray an order for making her a free ship. Ibid.
Same to same of the petition of John Pearse, inspector of prosecutions in Customs causes; petitioner shewing that upon account from Christmas last to June 25 last he caused 2,494l. 11s. 7d. to be paid into the Exchequer [on the head of compositions] but has received no poundage thereon: therefore prays payment of 124l. 14s. 6d., being 12d. per £. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Fillingham et al. of the petition of Edwd. Mansell, shewing that his father was security for Walter Vaughan, Receiver of the Royal Aid in co. Pembroke, who died indebted in 1,340l. 5s. 6d. to the King on that receipt; that the King has granted a moiety of said debt to Mr. Kekewich, who has extended petitioner's estate and will thereon receive the said moiety: therefore petitioner prays a grant of the remaining moiety "which will not become leviable on petitioner's estate these 20 years"; petitioner and his family having been great sufferers for their loyalty. Ibid, p. 296.
July 14. Money order for 100l. to William Wardour, Clerk of the Pells, for his pains in attending the Treasury Lords for one year to June 24 last. Order Book II, p. 163.
Same for 45l. 8s. 4d. for same for his attendance in vacations in the Office of Clerk of the Pells for same year and in lieu of the sums of 16l. 13s. 4d. and 8l. 15s. 0d. per an. anciently allowed him by tally of assignment out of the Customs. Ibid.
Same for 20l. each to Peter Le Neve and John Lowe, gent., Deputy Chamberlains of the Receipt, for 1688, Easter and Trinity terms, on their additional increase of fee for sorting and ordering the records, foreign and domestic, in the Treasury [of the Receipt] at Westminster. Ibid, p. 164.