Volume 28: May 16-July 27, 1694

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 1, 1556-1696. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1868.

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May 16–July 27, 1694

May 16.
1. Report of the officers of the Mint to the Lords of the Treasury, as to what quantities of old farthings and half-pence might come in to be exchanged; what would be the loss? and at what rate the new designed farthings and half-pence of English copper could be made, if done to the intrinsic value? and also if the loss of rechanging the old ones should be ordered out of the new ones, and how they could best be made? Replying that there had been upwards of 65,000l. by sale of tin farthings and half-pence, made and disposed of, and there could not be above 40,000l. by tale to be re-changed. The loss by exchange of the 40,000l. would be about 30,000l. The Copper Company would deliver 100 tons of copper a year for seven years, at 11d. the pound weight. The workmanship would be 5d. the pound weight, and the intrinsic value would be 16d. the pound weight. If the loss on the exchange of the old coins should fall on the new, it was hoped that it might be done in seven years; but 10,000l. must be ordered to be used, as a stock for providing copper and paying workmanship; and the farthings and half-pence must be cut at 20 pence the pound weight, with a remedy of three or four farthing pieces in the pound weight, as it was in the late reign of King Charles II. Dated 16 May 1694. 2 pages.
May 16.]
2. Petition of Arnold Verhorst, “Secretary of Warr” to the Dutch forces, praying that their Lordships would provide the Comr Van Esche, with the 687l. 4s. due to him; or so much as would enable the petitioner to pay his creditors, and his necessary equipage; as he was ordered forthwith to Flanders.
Minuted:—“16 May 1694. Referred to Ld Ranelagh.” 1 page.
May 16 and
3. Memorial of the Comrs for sick and wounded seamen, &c., to the Lords of the Treasury; setting forth the state of the debt and praying that 10,000l. might be ordered to carry on their business. Dated 16 May 1694.
Another memorial in the same terms, five days later. Dated 21 May 1694. 2 pages.
May 17.]
4. Papers relating to certain guns which had been sunk in their Majesties' ship the “London,” near the buoy at the Nore, which guns Sir William Pritchard had entered into agreement with the Office of Ordnance to recover, receiving half the value, and, having recovered them, refused to deliver the half of them on account of a debt due to him for stores. Including the Solicitor-General's opinion thereon; signed “Tho. Trevor.”
A report on the subject is dated 17 May 1694.
There is the following entry in the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 112, 26 Nov. 1695: “Officers of Ordnance and Sr Wm Pritchard abt ye guns taken out of ye “London” wreck 17 or 18 years ago. He took them up on articles to have half; he would have ye ks half towd an old debt in ye Office of Ordnce. My Lords cannot pay this debt.” 4½ pages.
May 18. 5. Letter of Mr. Sotherne, Secretary of the Admiralty, to Mr. Guy, with a copy of a letter from Mr. Langhton, deputy to the Vice-Admiral of Lincoln, complaining that no money could be got from the collector of the customs at Hull, towards defraying the charges in impresting seamen; requesting the same to be laid before their Lordships. Dated 18 May 1694. 1½ pages.
May 21. 6. Report of the officers of the Mint to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that they had considered the proposals of Abel Slaney and Daniel Barton, for making half-pence and farthings of English fine copper, for seven years, and it was the same in substance as Mr. Neal's proposal, with certain additions as to changing, melting, and working up the tin. Dated 21 May 1694. 1 page (torn).
May 21. 7. Two separate Reports of Mr. Aaron Smith and John Smith, Esq., Receiver of their Majesty's Revenues in the county of Middlesex, on the petition of William, Lord Montgomery, as to the admission of him as tenant of the manor of Hendon, showing the yearly value, the fines, and divers other particulars about the same. Dated 21 May 1694. 7½ pages.
May 24. 8. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Nicholas Parke, setting forth that the petitioner, being one of the King's waiters in the port of London, was desirous of surrendering it to Mr. Edward Lawford; stating that they saw nothing to object. Dated 24 May 1694.
Also the petition. 2 pages.
May 25. 9. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Bohum Fox, son of Thomas Fox, late collector of excise in the East Riding of York, in favour of the discharge of the collector from 85l. 18s. 1d., he having fallen into a melancholy madness, through a robbery of his account books by the Danish soldiers. Dated 25 May 1694.
Minuted:—“Agreed to the report.”
Also the petition. 2 pages.
May 25. 10. Report of Mr. Aaron Smith to the Lords of the Treasury on the petition of Mr. Thomas Rymer, who was employed to transcribe and publish the ancient leagues and treaties between the Crown of England and other nations, and prayed for the after-mentioned 200l.; certifying that Gervase Cartwright, late of Belgrave, in the county of Leicester, gent., was convicted at Leicester as a Romish priest, and part of his estate was seized, of the value of 200l. and remained in the hands of Mr. Willm Bentley, late Mayor of Leicester. Dated 25 May 1694.
Minuted:—“A letter to the late Mayor to pay this money into the Exchequer.”
Accompanied by the petition. 2 pages.
May 26. 11. Report of the Comrs of Excise, upon the annexed petition of George Mathewes, for remission of duty paid upon some Spanish brandy, found to be worthless. Recommending an abatement to him of 45l. 6s.d. Dated 20 May 1694.
Accompanied by the petition. 2 pages.
May 30. 12. A state of the subsistence, half-pay, and other sums (given in detail), for the forces in Flanders, during the years 1693–1694. 2 pages.
13. Copy of a report of Mr. Charles Fox to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Capt. John Hawkins, of the regiment of foot late under the command of the Earl of Roscommon, praying for payment of arrears; certifying that there appeared to be due to him 141l. 17s. 11d.
Also a certificate dated 3 May 1694, and copy of the account of sums due to the petitioner. 4 pages.
[? About
14. Memoranda made by some person, whose name or office does not appear, stating that one of the papers delivered him related to 825l. laid out by Col. Kendal, on account of sick and wounded seamen, in the West Indies, for which bills of exchange had been drawn by him; and the other paper related to several bills of exchange drawn by Col. Kendall on the Treasurer of the Navy, amounting to about 2,500l., &c.
Docquetted:—“Delivered May ye 30th 1694.”
Accompanied by the papers. 5 pages.
June 1. 15. The Earl of Ranelagh's memorial to the Lords of the Treasury, concerning bills drawn on him for the subsistence of the forces in Flanders. Dated 1 June 1694. 1 page.
June 2. 16. Report of the Comrs for Transportation to the Lords of the Treasury, on the account of Mr. Daniel Butts, commissary to the Irish forces, transported from Ireland to Brest, by virtue of the capitulation at Limerick, in the years 1691 and 1692; finding that there was due to him 4,564l. 9s. 11d., taking it for granted that the late Col. Sarsfield was allowed to carry certain French goods, and that Mr. Butts had authority to detain the transports for that purpose, &c. Dated 2 June 1694.
Minuted:—“My Lords allow that the ships shall bee paid to the time of their discharge, but to bee done with a memorandum that this matter bee further enquired into, & now my Lords do not thinke it convenient to stop the whole account for it.” 2 pages.
June 5. 17. Letter or memorial of officers of the Ordnance to the Lords of the Treasury, referring them to their last memorial of 22 May, as to the want of money for the land service, and transmitting a petition of their “poor artificers relating to the 2 per cent. extraordinary, long since promised by their Lordships, upon the 50,000li tallies struck upon ¾ of the customs.” Dated 5 June 1694.
Also the petition. 2 pages.
June 5. 18. Memorial of the Comrs for sick and wounded, &c., to the Lords of the Treasury, showing that they had received the royal commands to hasten to the outports to see all things provided for the sick and wounded, &c.; reiterating the state of the debt, and praying their order for 10,000l. to pay part of the quarters at Portsmouth and elsewhere, where the seamen must be entertained on the return of the fleet. Dated 5 June 1694. 1 page.
June 5. 19. “A list of ye English & Dutch ships designed for ye Mediterranean, compared with ye French ships there.”
The English commanders are also given. Dated 5 June '94.
Enclosing a list of ships yt are gone for ye Streights.” 1 page and 3 parts of pages.
June 6. 20. Letter from John Shale to Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, advising as to the way to defeat the merchants in their combination to raise the price of hemp to the Government. As their Lordships were under no want of money, there was no doubt of their keeping down the price, and having the goods too; provided a line or two were sent to the Navy Board to advise them not to contract at more than 26l. per ton for the best hemp, without their Lordships' approbation. Dated 6 June 1694. 1½ pages.
June 6.]
21. Petition of John Dutton Colt, Esq., collector of customs in the port of Bristol, respecting certain “calemint” shipped, on which an impost of 20s. a ton was laid retrospectively, in consequence of which the petitioner's account was surcharged; praying that the surcharge might be taken off.
Minuted:—“The surcharge to stand, in order to recover ye mo from the mercht. But so much to be respited upon the collrs acct.”
Also Sir Edw. Ward's opinion thereon. Dated 6 June 1694. 2 pages.
June 6. 22. Report of the agents for taxes to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Samuel Bradshaw, gent., Receiver-General for the first 4s. aid and review of the quarterly poll for the county of Derby, and the particular of his extraordinary charges; recommending the allowance of 100l. to him for the latter. Dated 6 June 1694.
Also the petition and the account. 3 pages.
June 6. 23. Report of the same to the same, on the petition of John Newsham, gent., Receiver-General for the same first 4s. aid and review of the quarterly poll in the county of Warwick and the city of Coventry; recommending the allowance of 114l. to him for his extraordinary charges. Dated 6 June 1694.
Also the petition and his account. 3 pages.
June 6. 24. Report of the same to the same, on the petition of Thomas Trueman, gent., Receiver-General of the same first 4s. aid and quarterly poll review for the counties of Nottingham and Liecester; recommending the allowance to him of 145l. for his extraordinary charges. Dated 6 June 1694.
Also the petition and account of his disbursements. 3½ pages.
June 7. 25. Letter from Wm. Blathwayt to Mr. Guy, sending the petition of the Earl of Scarborough and Mr. Allen, received by the King for the examination of the Lords of the Treasury, and their opinion. Dated, Camp at Valduc, 7/17 June 1694.
The petition is not now with it. 1 page.
June 7. 26. “A certificate of such salaries, pensions, and other sums of money, which are payable by dormant warrant out of the land revenue of South and North Wales.” Signed “Cha. Chetwynd, dept audr.” Dated 7 June 1694.
The salaries, &c. were chiefly to officers in Wales. 1¼ pages.
[? About
June 7.]
27. Report of the Earl of Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, on the memorial of Sir William Scawen and Henry Cornish, Esq., as to the debt of 30,920l. 12s. 8d., demanded by them for clothing of several regiments. Dated 7 June 1694.
Minuted:—“16 June '94. To be consider'd with ye rest of ye petns rel. to ye clothing of ye army.”
Also the petition. 1 page and 2 half pages.
[? About
June 7.]
28. Report of Sir Robert Cotton, Knt., and Thomas Frankland, Esq., Postmasters General, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Geo. Warburton, Esq., deputy postmaster of Ireland, on the state of his accounts; recommending that the auditor-general of the revenue of the Post Office should depute some person to go over and state the accounts there, and make an exact report thereon, &c. Since they came into office they found him very careful and industrious to improve the revenue and exact and punctual in his payments. Without date.
Annexing a state of the account as he stood charged in the books of the office.
Accompanied by the petition referred to them on 7 June 1694. 3½ pages.
[? About
June 7.]
29. Report of the Comrs for managing the new duty on paper, &c., to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of the stationers and others dealing in paper, parchment, &c., stating that the clause in the Act (fol. 412) did not direct them to make any allowance on payment of the duties, but advising that all who brought a quantity of paper to be stamped, the duty of which should amount to 100l. should have some allowance. Without date, but the petition above alluded to was referred on 7 June 1694.
Minuted:—“13 June '94. It is conceived that the Act doth not empower my Lords to do as desired.”
Also the petition, which states that there were in and about the cities of London and Westminster 100 stationers, who would be totally ruined if some allowance were not made to them. 2 pages.
June 8. 30. Order in Council on a letter from the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Rt. Hon. Mr. Secretary Trenchard, touching the petition of Sir Wm. Ashurst, Lord Mayor of London; praying a grant of the forfeited estate of Richard and Andrew Dalton, late of Dublin, merchants, toward the payment of the debts due to the petitioner and other creditors of the Daltons; referring the same, together with the report of Sir Rich. Levinge and other papers, to the Lords of the Treasury, to report their opinion. Dated 8 June 1694.
Minuted:—(1st) “To lay it before the Queene concerning my Ld Maior's single debt.” (2.) “Granted as to what relates to my L. Mayor's particular debt.”
Accompanied by all the papers. 18 pages and 3 halves.
June 8. 31. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Thomas Wolstenholme, son of Sir Thomas Wolstenholme, Bart., setting forth that for a debt of 9,555l. 10s. 4d. due to his father, the King had granted an annual rent out of the hereditary revenue of excise, but there was now an arrear on it of 6,000l.; confirming the statements of the petitioner, and leaving it to their Majesties to stay process against him, for a debt of 200l. for money borrowed of Michael Wicks, receiver of customs in London. Dated 8 June 1694.
Minuted:—“A stop of processe till farther order.”
The petition and a report on the same case, signed Ri. Hutchinson. 3½ pages.
June 11. 32. Report of Lord Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, on the account of Capt. Embree, late captain of the regiment of foot, formerly commanded by the late Colonel Foulks, and now by Col. Lillingston, stating that if their Lordships ordered him the 55l. 17s. claimed, it must be charged to the account of the regiment. Dated 11 June 1694.
Minuted:—“To be put on my Ld Ranelagh's memorial.”
The account and a certificate. 1 page and 2 halves.
June 12. 33. Memorial of the Officers of Ordnance to the Lords of the Treasury, complaining that they were seven quarters in arrear for the land service and were then entirely at a stand; assigning as one cause of the failure of that service that their Lordships were so behind in allotting what the parliament had given them. They had received but 59,500l. out of 210,000l. allowed them for that year; which was all swallowed up in providing for the Flanders train of artillery, and for the “present expedition,” &c.; saying further they could not acquit themselves for using all the arts and contrivances they could to prevail on the poor people to trust them, &c.; representing also the state of the sea service. Dated 12 June 1694. 1½ pages.
June 13. 34. Memorial of the Comrs for sick and wounded seamen, &c. to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that the fleet had returned, and numbers of men were expected on shore, where they would find cold entertainment, unless the quarters were paid at Portsmouth, Gosport, and Dartmouth, to the 24th of June 1693, &c.; praying an order for 8,000l. &c. Dated 13 June 1694. 1 page.
June 14 35. Report of Lord Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Mary Bradly, widow, offering no objection to the stoppage of the 100l. prayed for, which was due to the petitioner from Capt. John Redish, in Col. Stanley's regiment. Dated 14 June 1694.
Minuted:—“Ordered to bee stopt.”
Also the petition, in which she charges the captain with fraudulently transferring his estate. 2 pages.
June 16.]
36. Petition of the vicar and churchwardens of the parish of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, to the Queen, showing that Anne Burlace, late of that parish, in her last sickness, being siesed of certain messuages in Bedfordbury and Kennaston's Alley, of about 30l. per ann., when above four score years of age, was prevailed on to make a will and appoint one Mary Portington (who kept a nunnery in St. Martin's Lane) her executrix; but in truth the devise was to superstitious uses, and for masses to pray the testatrix's soul out of purgatory. After proceedings at law the judges recommended the estate should be employed for religious uses. The petition prays that this forfeited estate might be given to the use of the poor of St. Martin's parish. Signed by the vicar and churchwardens.
Minuted:—“16 June '94. Ref. to Mr. Attorney.” 1 page.
June 16.]
37. Memorial of Richard, Earl of “Scarborough,” and Charles Allen, of London, merchant, to the King, showing that there had been three commissions to seize forfeited lands and goods in Ireland; but His Majesty had been defrauded of a considerable sum; praying for one-third to each of the memorialists of the frauds to be discovered.
Minuted:—“16 June '94. Referred to ye Lds Justices of Ireld.” 1 page (quarto).
June 18. 38. Report of Lord Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, on the memorial of Col. Henry Mordant, as to the off-reckonings due to his regiment, which amounted to 7,010l. 17s. 5d. Dated 18 June 1694.
Minuted:—“To be laid up.”
Also the memorial and the same memorial with slight variations. 3 half pages.
[? About
June 18.]
39. Petition of Charles Chetwynd, gent., Deputy Auditor of Wales, to the Lords of the Treasury, showing that he had prepared for the audit, then at hand, and that it would be very hard of any one to come into his office and reap the benefit of his pains; praying that he might be suffered to execute his office until the return of Mr. Grey, whose deputy he was, (to whom he was under security,) when they could both be heard.
Minuted:—“A copy of this petn was sent to Andrew Newport, Esq., 18 June '94.” 1 page.
[? About
June 18.]
40. Petition of Dame Penelope Tynte to the Lords of the Treasury, showing that she was executrix of her husband, Sir Hugh Tynte, Knt., who was in possession of a patent, granting him all the coal pits, mines, &c., of coal within the manor of Farringdon, Gurney, and Midsummer-Norton; reserving one-sixth of the profits to the Crown; that King Charles II. and King James, for certain arrears due to Sir Hugh, promised to remit the reserved rent for the remainder of the term, being between six and seven years; that one John Mogg and others, tenants of Sir Hugh, assisted by William Harbord, Esq., their Majesty's late Surveyor-General, obtained a grant of the premises, reserving the rent of one-tenth, which was contrary to the Act of 1 Jac. II., relating to leases or grants within the duchy of Cornwall, to which the premises belonged; praying process to be issued against them, and that she might renew her lease for 31 years, after the expiration of the present term, reserving one-sixth of the rent, &c.
Referred to Edward Ward, Esq., Attorney-General. 18 June 1694.
It was also referred to Samuel Travers, Esq., for his opinion. 1 page and a small scrap.
June 19. 41. Letter signed by two of the officers of the Ordnance to Charles Bertie, Esq., Treasurer of the Ordnance; sending an estimate of arms delivered to the province of Maryland, amounting to 170l.; desiring him to move the Lords of the Treasury for money thereon. Dated 19 June 1694.
Also an estimate of the charge of the muskets sent to Maryland. Dated 13 Feb. 1692–3. 2 half pages.
June 19. 42. Report of Lord Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury on the petition of Major Henry Hoake and Major Peter Ceeley, showing that they were successively majors of the garrison of Plymouth, Peter Ceeley succeeding Henry Hoake, who was advanced to be lieutenant-governor, and that no major was allowed on the establishments of the forces; advising that if the allowance were made it would amount to 438l. 4s. Dated 19 June 1694.
Minuted:—“26th June '94. Respited till ye King's return.” And again, “To know the King's pleasure in this.”
The petition and two certificates. 2 pages and 2 quarters.
[? About
June 20.]
43. Petition of Francis Strut, gent., to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that his petition, setting forth a discovery of estates of Popish priests and Jesuits (that they might be applied to the promotion of true piety, and praying for a commission of inquiry for Yorkshire, with the usual allowance), had been referred to their Lordships; praying in the present petition for a commission for Lincolnshire.
Minuted:—“20th June '94. To enquire if there bee any inquisition granted out for Lincolnshire.” 1 page.
June 20. 44. Report of Robert Hewitt, deputy auditor, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Benjamin. Norcliffe, jun., Esq., offering no objection to his appointment as steward of the courts of the late monastery of St. Mary's, in the county of York, provided he enrolled his grant and delivered in every year, duplicates of the Court Rolls to the auditor of the county. Dated 20 June 1694.
Minuted:—“26th June '94. Granted.” Parts of 2 pages.
June 20. 45. Petition of Thomas Papillon on behalf of himself, Sir Thomas Littleton, Knt., heir of Sir Thomas Littleton, Bart., deceased, Sir Josiah Child, Bart., and Benjn. Gauden, for himself and Sir Dennis Gauden, deceased, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, showing that some of the petitioners were contractors for victualling the navy in 1672 and 1673, and that their accounts were not yet passed; praying a time to be appointed for the auditors to attend their Lordships for their directions thereon. Dated 20 June 1694.
Minuted:—“A day to bee appointed on Friday, June 22th. Tuesd. come sevennight in afternoon, put it on the booke.” 1 page.
June 18
and 21.
46. Memorial of Mr. Aaron Smith, to the Lords of the Treasury, for an order for 600l. or 700l. for carrying on the prosecutions and defences on their Majesties' account; with a list or particular of the same. Dated 18 June 1694.
Minuted:—“200l. this week, & 200l. next week, & 200l. week after.”
Also a letter from him, dated 21 June, detailing his grievous want of money, not having received his salary for three years. 3 pages and 2 halves.
June 21. 47. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Moses Medina, respecting certain striped satins, printed calico, and papers of Indian flowers; certifying that they were of the product of India, and ought to have been imported directly from thence, but came from Holland, leaving it for their Lordships' consideration. Dated 21 June 1694.
Minuted:—“The Queene grants her part.”
Accompanied by the petition. 2 pages.
June 22.]
48. Report of [Samuel Travers, Esq., Surveyor-General], addressed to the Lords [of the Treasury], on the petition of Capt. James Greenham, certifying that for several years during the two late reigns, he acted as deputy to Mr. William Legge, in the office of superintendent of the gardens, &c. of the Crown, but had had no employment from the present King. The petitioner prayed that he might be constituted agent or overseer of such mines as should be opened and worked in the county of Somerset, and alleged that he had discovered a mine there, wherein there was a considerable quantity of silver ore. The report refers to the Act of Parliament for preventing disputes about Royal mines, and advises that when their Lordships were satisfied of the probable benefits to the Crown, they might allow him a proportionable part thereof.
Accompanied by the petition referred to the surveyor, 22 June 1694, and another petition from him, on the same subject later than the report. 3 pages.
June 22. 49. An assignment of half the advantages that might arise by four Lottery Tickets, by Mary Humble, spinster, daughter of George Humble, Esq., deceased, to Christopher Tilson, of the parish of St. Margaret, Westminster, gent. Dated 22 June 1694. 2½ pages.
June 23. 50. Copy of report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Mary Peele, widow, setting forth that the petitioner's late husband William Peele, died, indebted upon bonds for customs on tobacco, 1,065l. 15s., part of which she had paid, and prayed to be discharged from the remainder; informing their Lordships, that the petitioner had mistaken her case, &c., and recommending her as an object of charity, she having eight children. Dated 23 June 1694.
Minuted:—“The debt cannot bee discharged, because the money is appropriated.” 1 page.
June 24. 51. Account of sick and wounded seamen and prisoners of war, being the balance sheet made up to 24 June 1694. [On the debtor side it is 15 June.] Parts of 2 pages.
June 25.]
52. Petition of James Abis, John Fellows, William Snow, and Richard Bovett, gent., on behalf of themselves and others, addressed to the Queen; stating that with much searching, they had found that great part of the dissolved priory of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, in the counties of Kent, Surrey, &c., was wrongfully detained from the Crown, and that they were willing to make out the Queen's title to it for the moiety of what should be recovered; praying a lease of the premises for 99 years, &c. Dated at the foot June 25, 1694.
With a note referring it to the Lords of the Treasury, on 28 June 1694. 1 page (quarto).
June 26. 53. Letter of Mr. Aaron Smith to Thos. Rymer, Esq., telling him that Mr. Sergeant Wright, Recorder of Leicester, had asked him what was intended to be done about the money forfeited, on the attainder of Jervas Cartwright at Leicester; and he told him that His Majesty had disposed of it to Mr. Rymer; advising him to look after it speedily. Dated 26 June 1694. 1 page.
June 26. 54. Letter signed Jo. Knight, to the Lords of the Treasury, transmitting a state of the account of money received by him for the province of Maryland, and how it had been paid. Dated 26 June 1694.
Accompanied by the balance sheet. 2 parts of pages.
June 26.]
55. Petition of the Lady Mary Colt, widow of Sir Wm. Dutton Colt, deceased, showing that her husband had for above five years last past, served as Envoy Extraordinary to the house of Brunswick Lunenburg, &c., in which service he not only expended his Majesty's allowance, but his own estate; he had also sacrificed his life and left the petitioner and five children, most of them infants, in a most deplorable condition; praying the King to direct their Lordships to find out some relief for her.
Minuted:—“26th June '94. Respited till the King returnes.” 1 page.
[? About
June 26.]
56. Petition of the Clerks of the Privy Council, to the Lords of the Treasury, praying for tallies for 581l. 8s. 8d., due to them for their salaries.
Minuted:—“26 June '94. To be paid when my Lds have consider'd ye list for salaries.” 1 page.
June 26. 57. Petition of Margaret Maurice, relict of Dr. Maurice, late Dean of Londonderry, deceased, showing that she was remarkable for the greatest losses and sharpest sufferings in the calamities of Ireland, 1st, by the loss of her fortune; 2nd, by two of her sons and seven more of her family being starved in the siege of Londonderry; 3rd, by being left a widow with five children, without prospect of relief, except what was due out of the deanery, and 4th, by the profits [of the deanery] being surreptitiously obtained from the King, then in Ireland; that the King being made sensible of the services of her husband, and the injury done to her, by sequestering the profits of the deanery, referred her to the Archbishop of Canterbury; who awarded her 500l. to be paid in Ireland, when the Archbishop of Tuam and Lord Gallway should think fit; but they, willing to save the King's money, advised his Grace to place it on the patent for coining copper; praying an order to have it charged on the copper mint, or on the First Fruits Office in Ireland. Dated 26 June '94.
Also a certificate respecting the reward of Mr. Clenaghan, a clergyman of Londonderry, out of the sequestration of the deanery. Signed Robert Southwell. Dated 12 Jan. 1692–3. 2½ pages.
June 27. 58. Letter of Edward Ketelbey to Lord Godolphin, praying that Mr. Aaron Smith might answer his petition for payment of his reasonable demands, for business he had been employed in, by Mr. Smith; in prosecuting disaffected persons, and managing a commission of inquiry into the Marquis of Powys's estate; which answer had been ordered two years before. Dated 27 June 1694. ½ page.
June 27. 59. Memorial of the Officers of Ordnance to the Lords of the Treasury, on the condition of the gunmakers; for renewal of their weekly payments, &c. They had received but 16,000l. out of 30,000l. promised by their Lordships, they were made prisoners, had to abscond, &c. Dated 27 June 1694. 1 page (quarto).
June 27. 60. Memorial of the Officers of Ordnance to the Lords of the Treasury, in favour of contracting with Sir Joseph Herne, for 200 tons of saltpetre at 70l. a ton. Dated 27 June 1694. 1 page (quarto).
May and
61. Five certificates as to the value of the services of Col. Gustavus Hamilton, in the Protestant interest, and that of the Prince of Orange in the war in Ireland, more particularly at Coleraine, where he was chosen governor and maintained the place for five weeks, against two attacks of the enemy and then made an orderly retreat towards Derry; having stayed with one troop, till they had burnt three arches of the bridge. One relates more particularly to his losses of property. Dated in May and June 1694. 6 parts of pages.
July 2. 62. “The Chamberlaines demands for 274,990l. lent on the 2d iiijs ayd stated by Mr. Lowndes.” The amount demanded was 1,076l. 2s. 10d. Dated 2 July 1694.
Minuted:—“3d July 1694, paid.”
Also his petition for the same, the items of his account for paying that sum into the Exchequer, and his affidavit of their truth. 4 parts of pages.
July 3. 63. Memorial of John Murrey, Commissary of Provisions, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury; showing that his attendance on their Majesties' service; had been without salary: praying for payment and to be recommended to an establishment. Dated 3 July 1694.
Minuted:—“3d July '94. To bee allowed after the rate of 10 shillings a day.” 1 page (quarto).
July 3. 64. Report of Sir Edw. Ward, Attorney-General, to the Lords of the Treasury, on a representation of the Comrs of Customs, as to the shipment of certain goods, in lieu of others, which were lost; the second cargo also being lost: the point being whether the third cargo should be allowed to be shipped duty free. Dated 3 July 1694.
Also the said representation. 2 pages.
July 4. 65. Report of Officers of the Mint to the Lords of the Treasury, presenting the copy of their report of 4 Nov. last, in answer to a proposition of the Lord Lieutenant about coining silver money for Ireland, 11 per cent. lighter than at the mint in the Tower; though it was at the rate of 1 per cent. less, and limited to 50,000l, yet to erect a mint there to coin so differently, might prove very prejudicial. Dated 4 July 1694.
The report alluded to is enclosed, recommending the preservation of one certain standard in weight and fineness, in all their Majesties' kingdoms and dominions. It quotes a report of the Committee for Trade and Plantations, dated 21 Feb. 1678/9, as strengthening their recommendation.
There is also the report of the Comrs of Revenue in Ireland, complaining of the great inconvenience arising by the refusal to pass the white half-pence and farthings in England: the poorer sort generally make their payments in white or copper half-pence—the people begin to scruple copper half-pence, the plate money had for some time been sent away privately into England, to save exchange; by which means scarce any silver was left, except duccatoons at 6s. a piece, and not enough of them for trade. The guineas were the chief coin for payments of customs and quit rents: they passed there at 23s. a piece, they heard they were current in England at 22s. Those who brewed and sold ale by retail added considerably to the excise, yet seldom were able to change a ducatoon or “cobb” upon spending a 1s. or 18d., by which it was evident a small current coin would be of great use. They submitted whether 50,000l. silver money, in threepences, groats and sixpences, might be coined for Ireland, at the rate of 10l. per cent. under the standard. 5½ pages.
July 5. 66. Report of Samuel Travers, Esq., Surveyor-General, and [Sir Christopher Wren, Surveyor-General of Works], to the Lords of the Treasury, on the memorial of Mr. Craig, and on the view of a piece of ground therein mentioned, lying behind the clockhouse, whereon an old house or shed stood, called the Hole in the Wall, which was directed by their Lordships' warrant to be passed by lease to the memorialist, which land Sir Humphry Edwin had taken possession of as part of the lands in a grant of the manor of Westminster, made to John Hall, Esq., and assigned to Sir Humphry: in favour of Mr. Craig's claim. Dated 5 July 1694.
Minuted:—“A letter to Sir Humphrey Edwin to deliver the possession back again.”
See also 12 March 1694. Vol. XXVII. No. 6.
Also the memorial and a rough plan.
[Sir Chr. Wren's signature has been cut away.] 3 pages.
July 5. 67. Report of the Comrs of Excise, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Dorothy Penne, widow, addressed to His Majesty, recommending a warrant to discharge certain brewing utensils, seized by the Comrs for a debt to the Excise. Dated 5 July 1694.
Also the petition. 3 pages.
[? About
July 5.]
68. Petition of Stephen Casaubon to the Lords of the Treasury, showing that he was in command as lieutenant-colonel of a regiment of horse lately commanded by the Duke of Schomberg, and then by Lord Gallway, but was wounded, and had the grant of a pension; praying for nine months' arrears, viz., 112l. 10s.
—“5th July '94. Ref. to Mr Fox.” 1 page.
July 6. 69. Letter of the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, acknowledging the receipt of their letter and a petition of Lord Viscount Massereene, and transmitting the Solicitor-General's report, stating that the petitioner was removed from lands in the county of Antrim, to the yearly value of 2,700l, by the Acts of settlement and explanation, for which he was to receive equal value, but that he was deficient 522l. per ann. and upwards; declining to advise the issue of a commission of inquiry about the forfeited lands, with the view of making good the deficiency. Dated 6 July 1694.
The report and a second report by him, and divers other papers relating thereto. 16 pages and parts of pages.
July 6. 70. Report of J. Richards to the Lords of the Treasury, on an accompanying paper, charging their Majesties' messengers with making extravagant bills, offering to produce the whole of the bills before their Lordships, presuming that their Lordships would think a great hardship had been done them by bare suggestion or positive affirmation against all, before it was proved against any one of them.
There were 40 messengers in ordinary, and the standing rules by which they made their bills were:—
Sixpence a mile, which they disbursed when sent on post journeys.
Two shillings for every stage (which is 10 miles), that is 20s. for 100 miles.
For every day they were out on any service, 10s.
For going to Edinburgh and back again, 30li.
To Dublin or the Hague, the like.
For keeping a prisoner, 6s. 8d. per diem.
When they kept him, and provided him with all necessaries, 10s. per diem. Dated 6 July 1694.
The following entries in relation to this subject are in the Minute Book, Vol. VI., viz., at p. 50, 24 June 1695:—
“The messengers petition read: My Lords resolve that the 10s a day for riding charges to the said messengers of the chamber be reduced to 6sh 8d a day. And for keeping of prisoners my Lords will allow 5sh a day for dyet and safe keeping, and 2s 6d a day for safe keeping onely, without diett, and no more; and the bills to be made accordingly. These prices are to be observed for the future, and the charge of forreigne journeys is to be moderated.”
P. 55, 3 July 1695.
“My Lords, upon hearing severall of ye messingers concerning their bills, adhere to the reducemt of the 24th June last, with these alterations, vizt, the ½ crowne a day for safe keeping to be 3s 4d per diem, and the ½ crowne a day for diet to be alsoe 3s 4d per diem, and that their paymts be made in ready money.” 2 pages.
July 6. 71. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Col. Philip Howard to the King, praying for a fourth of the arrears for the farm of the customs upon potash, barillia, &c., received by Mrs. Jackson; not objecting thereto, if their Lordships had determined the equity of the widow Jackson's pretentions. Dated 6 July 1694.
Accompanied by the petition. 1½ pages.
July 7. 72. Memorial of the Officers of the Ordnance to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that they had acquainted the gun-makers with the renewal of the weekly payments of 500l., and that that they were forced to let them know that their Lordships had not ordered the 10,000l., forming part of their arrears, which caused so much dissatisfaction that they declared unanimously, they could not proceed in the King's service, &c. Dated 7 July 1694. 1 page.
July 7. 73. Letter of the Duke of Bolton to the Lords of the Treasury, on the appointment of Comrs to inquire into abuses in the New Forest. He says, if their Lordships put in the 10 persons named, “or 10 saints,” it signified nothing, unless he had the naming of an indifferent person to carry the commission, and to have money to defray the charge of it, for if both be put into “Mr. Ryleys, the criminal's hands, he will find some way to evade it, as he has done this two years.” Dated 7 July 1694.
Warrant for viewing the forest and three lists of names of Comrs proposed. The last has the following minute on the back:—“A commission to bee prepared with the names of the Commissioners in this paper, or any 5 of them a quorum.” 5½ pages.
July 9. 74. Letter of the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that they had examined Sir William Courtnay's petition, and the matters therein were properly determinable by the common law; transmitting the Solicitor-General's report, which sets out the whole case; the lands to which it relates were Garryfeine and Cloienefert, in the county of Limerick. Dated 9 July 1694.
There are divers other papers relating thereto. 11 pages and 5 halves.
July 9. 75. Presentment by the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that by the Act for tonnage of shipping the duties were to be paid down, or bonds given within a month after the clearing the ship, and for the former 10 per cent. per ann. was allowed by way of rebate; the Comrs proposed that those who paid within 15 days after the clearing the ship should enjoy the whole month's discount; and after that they should have no benefit for the residue of the month. Dated 9 July 1694.
Minuted:—“Agreed.” 1 page.
July 10. 76. Letter of the Earl of “Romney,” addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, which enclosed a memorial from the principal officers of the Board of Ordnance, relating to the purchase of a house at Portsmouth for the use of the Ordnance office, begging them to consider and give orders about the same. Dated 10 July 1694.
Minuted:—“To send them a letter that they do contract for it at the best rate for the King.”
Also the memorial referred to. 2 pages (1 quarto).
July 11. 77. Memorial of the Comrs for sick and wounded seamen, &c. to the Lords of the Treasury, praying their directions and a supply of money for making a prison at the old mills near Plymouth, for securing prisoners at war. Dated 11 July 1694.
Minuted:—“5 7br. '94. To be consd next time.”
Also an order in council, a previous memorial of the above commissioners, and a report and estimate of their agent; all relating to the prison. 6 pages.
July 23. 78. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of William Parsons, Esq., showing that he was dismissed from the command of a company in the regiment of guards, having grown infirm by the gout, and was appointed a land surveyor in the port of London, which he exchanged for a King's waitership, though not above half the yearly value, being forced to execute it by a deputy; and praying to be allowed to transfer it to Samuel Gould, gent.; informing their Lordships that the constant and continued practice of the board had been, by all means, to discountenance and discourage any private agreements, for the surrendering or obtaining any of the places upon the establishment; that the filling up the same might be, without any other consideration than the fitness of the person presented; but for patent offices, the Comrs had always looked upon them as bounties in the hands of the Crown, or their Lordships, being generally bestowed upon persons with power to execute by deputy, and therefore the Comrs had always been passive and easy in the transaction of these grants when their Lordships had referred them to the board, not thinking it became them to enter into the consideration of the merits or services for which they were bestowed, nor to concern themselves so much about the qualification of the person as to make provision for good deputies, and especially for such of the patent offices as have been held for life, the board had been always forward to make way for those surrenders, believing it greatly for the advantage of the Crown and the ease of the management to take in those grants and give out others for pleasure; and in the present case they had nothing to object against the transfer. Dated 23 July 1694.
Accompanied by the petition. 2½ pages.
July 23. 79. The demands of Robert Lord Lucas, chief governor of the Tower of London, for safe keeping the prisoners there, according to the retrenchment made by King Charles the Second, &c. They are quarterly accounts from 25 June 1693 to 24 June 1694.
The following are the names of the prisoners:—
The Earl of Clancarty, Col. Mac Elliott, Col. Dorrington, and Viscount Falkland.
The ancient allowance for the Earl and Viscount was 10l. a week, but then reduced to 2l. 4s. 5d. each, and for the others 3l. a week, reduced to 13s. 4d.
With a note that the demands agree with former bills. Dated 23 July 1694. 4 pages.
July 24. 80. Letter from the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Col. Gustavus Hamilton, for a grant of forfeited lands, in a schedule annexed; being the lands forfeited by the outlawry and attainder of Roger O'Shaghnassy, for high treason; recommending him as a fit person for their Majesties' favour; but leaving it to them whether they would grant any of the estates until the forts and garrisons were put in repair. Dated 24 July 1694.
Minuted:—“To tarry till the King comes to determine ye pretenc[i]ons of him & Sir H. Belasyse.” 2 pages.
July 24. 81. Copy of a letter from the Comrs of Customs to the collector of Dover, stating that a great part of the coast of Kent is unguarded, particularly from the North Foreland to Whitstable, and that quantities of wool had been shipped and silk, &c. landed; desiring him to appoint a riding surveyor there, giving him a proper station, with particular instructions frequently to visit Herne Bay and other the most suspicious places. Dated 24 July 1694. ½ page.
July 24. 82. Memorial of Valemon de Medina to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that his friends Machado and Pereyra had “remonstrated to His Majesty,” that it was impossible to provide the army any further, if their arrears were not paid, and the King had assured them that he had given their Lordships positive orders to pay all their arrears to 1 May last; which would amount to about 24,000l., besides what was furnished since; praying that the money might be paid to him. Dated 24 July 1694.
Endorsed:—“Valemon de Medina[s] humble remonstrance.”
[The arrears were due for transporting corn, &c. for the army in Flanders.] See Letter Book, vol. 8, p. 385. ¾ page.
July 24. 83. Report of the agents for bringing in taxes, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of William Cawthorpe and Christopher Rands, gent., receivers-general in the county and city of Lincoln of the first and second 12 months' aid, the first quarterly poll and the review thereof, and the first 4s. aid: recommending the allowance to them of 320l. for their extraordinary charges. Dated 24 July 1694.
The petition and six other documents relating thereto. 13 leaves.
July 24.]
84. Petition of “the three French regiments,” addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, showing their hardships in receiving nothing upon the off-reckonings of the year 1693, which would be their total ruin by the interest they had to pay the clothiers; praying payment.
Minuted:—“24 July '94. Referr'd to Mr. Lowndes.” 1 page.
[? About
July 24.]
85. Petition of Christopher Dodsworth, merchant, for himself and others, showing that there were great sums due to the Crown from the East India and Royal African Companies, for seizing ships and goods from interlopers, trading within the limits of their respective charters without licence, which had been discovered by the petitioners; and the companies, upon prosecution, were ordered to pay 75l. each; but the East India Company had lately had a discharge granted them, both as to the tenths due for what was taken from the Mogul, as also for their Majesties' moiety of what they took from the interlopers; praying for an order for one third of the 130l. paid into the Exchequer.
Minuted:—“24 July '94. This mony is paid to the prosecutors of the East India forfeitures.” 1 page.
July 27. 86. Presentment by the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, referring to their presentment of 2 March last, respecting advances to Vice-Admirals for raising seafaring men for the fleet, and urging that the Comrs of the Navy might have directions to make out the bills for the sums mentioned in the schedule. Dated 27 July 1694.
Minuted:—“To the Commiss. of Navy, that they pay these sums to the severall collectors upon their oaths that they have made payments as is within mentioned, and to charge the several persons to account for it.”
The presentment and schedule referred to. 4 pages.