Volume 98: April 1-June 29, 1706

Pages 427-446

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 3, 1702-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1874.

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April 1–June 29, 1706

April 1. 1. “Abstract of respitts to the 23th of Decemr 1705, for some regts, and to the 24th of Febr[uar]y for the guards & garrisons.” Dated Pay Office, 1 April 1706. 1 page.
April 1. 2. Copy of “report on the memorial of Colonel De Lalo, touching a detachment of 200d men out of his regt into Col. Handasyd's regimt for ye West Indies.” Dated 1 April 1706. 1 page.
April 5. 3. An affidavit of John Jemmett, gent., as to a proposal made by Mr King for 20 guineas to save his (Jemmett's) employment. Certain brandy was seized and carried to King's warehouse in New Romney, of which he could get no account. Dated 5 April 1706. 1¼ pages.
April 6. 4. Memorial of the Cofferer of the Household to the Lord High Treasurer, asking that 2,500l. might be paid to him. Dated St James's, 6 Apr. 1706.
Letter of the Board of Green Cloth to the Ld High Treasurer on the same subject.
Minuted:—“13th Apr. 1706. Orderd.” Parts of 2 pages.
April 12. 5. Letter of the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Duke of Ormonde, as to a warrant for Captain Morris's 150l. out of military contingencies. At the next meeting of the council a motion should be made in favour of Mr Hullin. What his grace desired as to a licence for Captain Cornwall, who held a patent office in that kingdom, to continue in England for four or five years, was not usual. Sir Richard Vernon's and Major Butler's commissions should be disposed of as his grace directed. In the enclosed his Grace would see a particular account of the drafts given to the three regiments lately embarked at Kinsale for Catalonia, &c. Dated Dublin Castle, 12 April 1706.
Accompanied by an account of the men detached out of several regiments to complete the three regiments of foot commanded by Lord Dungannon, Lord Mohun, and Col. Toby Caulfield, on their embarkation. 4½ pages.
April 13. 6. Report of the Duke of Ormonde to Sir Charles Hedges, on the petition of Major Edmund Power, as to what was due to him and his troop when it was “broke” some time after the siege of Limerick. His grace's opinion was that the debt claimed was due to him, and that he should have applied to parliament as Col. Rice did last session. He had such a good character of the major, that he might deserve to be put on the list of half-pay officers at 4s. a day, until otherwise provided. Dated 13 Apr. 1706.
The petition and copy of a warrant. 4 pages.
April 15. 7. Letter from Col. Philip Howard to the Lord High Treasurer. He had for a long time wanted all manner of necessaries belonging to the meanest life, but now the Lord Berkshire being dead, he hoped his Lordship would consider him and his family as his relations, and that there was a decency to be performed, which the housekeeper's place would not afford. Dated Apr. 15.
Minuted:—“16 Apr. 1706. 100li out sec. ser.” 1 page, quarto.
[? About
April 16.]
8. Petition of Charles Kickesies, Esq., to the Ld High Treasurer, for 100l. per ann. to be added to his pension. The allowance of 100l. per ann. was so low and inconsiderable, that it lessened the credit of his debt, and might influence parliament rather to continue him on the establishment than pay 1,997l. 4s. the principal money. He had faithfully served her Majesty in the parliament of Ireland, as appeared by the Duke of Ormonde's letter.
Copies of the Duke of Ormonde's and Lord Nottingham's letters on the same subject.
Minuted:—“16th Apr. 1706. My Lord will speak wth the D. of Ormonde.” 1 page and 2 halves.
April 16. 9. “Auditors of imprests rept about a warrt for allowances on Mr Howes acct.” Dated 16 April 1706. 1 page.
[? About
April 16.]
10. “An accot of ye disposic[i]on of tallies on low wines received on account for guards, and 5,000d men, &ca for the service of the year 1705.”
Minuted:—“Read 16 Apr. 1706. Orderd as in ye the Minute Book.” 2½ pages.
April 16. 11. Letter of the Comrs of Prizes to Mr Taylour as to certain wine sold to Capt. James Clarke. They desired to proceed at law against Mr Glover in relation thereto. Dated 16 April 1706.
Minuted:—“17th Apr. 1706. My Lord agrees that the Comrs go on wth their prosecution.”
Copy of the Comrs report on the same subject. Dated 28 Nov. 1705. 2 pages.
April 16. 12. Letter from Sir Charles Hedges to the Lord High Treasurer, sending an extract from Ambassador Methuen's letter for consideration. Dated Cockpit, 16 April 1706.
The extract referred to, viz., as to the sailing of the convoy and a ship with stores, &c., which Lord Galway ordered to be bought for the works at Gibraltar; also as to the payment for the same. Parts of 2 pages.
April 17. 13. Certificate signed “Rich. Savage” as to Edward Wardour, Esq., a landwaiter, and afterwards a land surveyor in the port of London. Dated 17 Apr. 1706.
On the dorse is:—“He was once a land-waiter, afterwards a land survr, but being much incumbred wth debts was forced to leave that imploymt, was afterwds put into ye Charter Ho, and is now in ye 35li p[er] an. list of tydesmen; but doth no duty.” ½ page.
April 19. 14. Copy of “an act for advancement of trade and erecting ports and towns in the province of Maryld.” At end is her Majesty's assent thereto on April 19, 1706. 21 pages.
April 19. 15. Report of the Controllers of the army accounts to the Lord High Treasurer, upon the memorial of Col. John Livesay, as to allowance for clothing the regiment, &c. Dated 19 Apr. 1706.
Minuted:—“Read 24th Apr. 1706. My Lord agrees to this rept.” 2 pages.
April 22. 16. Memorial of Mr S. Travers, Surveyor General, to the Lord High Treasurer, for money to be ordered for the building a bridge at Datchet, timber having been felled in Windsor Forest and drawn for that purpose. Dated 22 April 1706.
Minuted:—“Read 24th Apr. 1706. 500li to Mr Roberts paymar of Windsor upon accot towards the charges of building a bridge at Datchet, and to be paid over according to such ordrs or significac[i]ons as he shall receive from Saml Travers, Esqre, survr genll, for the service aforesaid.” 1 page.
April 22.]
17. Memorial of Ensign John Folliott of the Coldstream Guards to Prince George of Denmark, Ld High Admiral. In defence of Gibraltar he received two dangerous wounds, and was eight months under the surgeon's hands, who advised him to come to “the Bath.” On his passage he was taken prisoner and barbarously used. He was three months prisoner in France, and came to England on parole for the cure of his wounds. He had languished 15 months, and as yet had no hopes of recovery; praying intercession with her Majesty for her bounty.
Referred to the Secretary at War. 22 April 1706. ¾ page.
April 23. 18. Memorial of the Duke of Ormonde to the Lord High Treasurer as to the supply of 10,000 muskets to Ireland to be contracted for by the gunsmiths of Holland, and as to the payment for the same. Dated 23 April 1706.
Minuted:—“A warrt to be prepared for this out of the revenue of Ireland at large.”
Copy of letter of the officers of ordnance on the same subject. 3½ pages.
April 23. 19. Memorial of the Duke of Ormonde to the Lord High Treasurer. Mr Bourchier had come to England and attended the auditor to pass his account for money for purchase of horses; there was a balance due to the revenue of Ireland for that service of 431l. 1s. 10d.; asks that it might be paid. [Minuted:—“Agreed.”] His grace thought he deserved 150l. for recompence. [Minuted:—“Agreed.”] He also recommends the case of William Jemmet, Esq., collector of Cork, who had attended the embarkations from Cork. The Duke advises that he should have 60l. out of contingencies for the Portugal service.
[Minuted:—“Agreed if the Comrs Transports think it reasonable, & to be ref. to them.”] Dated Whitehall, 23 April 1706. 1 page.
April 23. 20. Memorial of the Duke of Ormonde to the Ld High Treasurer about the charge of shipping from Ireland the regiments of Lord Mohun, Lord Dungannon, and Col. Caulfield, and the detachments of 900 men from the regiments of Col. Wynne, Col. Lillingston, and Col. Lyell. Dated Whitehall, 23 April 1706.
The minutes are in the margin. 3 pages.
April 23. 21. Memorial from the same to the same. For the better disciplining the troops in Ireland they had been made to encamp for the two past years. Two majors of brigade had been employed for the same, viz., Col. George Freke and Col. Brudenall. Recommending the allowance of 250l. between them. Dated 23 April 1706.
Minuted:—“Agreed to & a wt to be prepared accordingly.” 1 page.
April 24. 22. Letter from Mr. Thomas Hewett, Surveyor of Woods, Trent North, to John Taylour, Esq., at the Treasury Chambers, as to claims of the Verderers of Fee Trees. Including several queries about the same. Dated 24 April 1706. 2½ pages.
April 27. 23. Commissioners of Prizes' presentment for James Smith to be agent for prizes on board the fleet in the Mediterranean, with informations against Mr Marke Proudfoot, the late agent. Dated 27 Apr. 1706.
Also two papers as to Mr Proudfoot's malpractices. 3 pages, 2 halves.
April 29. 24. Letter signed “Hen. Cartwright” to John Taylor, Esq., for the Lord High Treasurer's direction as to certain tallies in payment of Sir Theodore Jansen's bills of exchange for the Duke of Savoy's subsidies. Dated Whitehall, 29 April 1706.
Minuted:—“Orderd.” 1 page.
April 30. 25. Memorial from the same asking his Lps directions as to certain “subsidies” to the King of Prussia, the Landgrave of Hesse Cassel, the Elector of Treves, and to the Elector Palatine. Dated 30 April 1706. 1 page.
April 30.]
26. Petition of Sir John Crew, chief forester in fee and bailiff of Her Majesty's Forest of Delamere, in the county palatine of Chester, to the Lord High Treasurer. Petitioner and his ancestors had held the same office for 500 years and upwards. King Charles II. granted to his father the fishing of the forest. There was a pool therein called Fish Pool, the banks of which were cut down in the civil wars, the petitioner repaired the same and stored it with fish. There was another pool called Hatchew Mere. Sir Ph. Egerton, Knt, by surprise obtained a grant of these pools in 1678 for 31 years; prays that no lease of these pools might be granted without hearing the petitioner.
This was on 30 April 1706 referred to the Surveyor Genl.
Minuted:—“Read 6th June 1707. My Lord thinkes it is reasonble to renew the lease to Mr Egerton, because my Lord thinkes it would be a hardp to him if a lease of the premisses should be made to any other person.”
“This to be read with Mr Surveyrs report on Sir John Egerton's petic[i]on.” 1 page.
May 1. 27. Letter from Mr Secretary Hedges to the Ld High Treasurer as to Mr Broughton's bills and what he had expended in forwarding letters and packets into Italy and for subsisting seamen. Sending also extract of a letter of 11 Feb. from Col. Dudley, Governor of New England. Dated 1 May 1706.
Letter from Mr Broughton to the Ld High Treasurer as to passing his accounts. He had spent above 4,000l. of his own in the public service. He had often been suspected by that senate, and had presented several sharp memorials with commands from court, &c. Dated Venice, 16 June 1705.
Minuted:—“16 May 1706. Acquaint Mr Secry Hedges with my Lord's last answer to Mr Broughton's application.” 3 pages, quarto.
May 1. 28. Presentment of the Comrs of Prizes for William Rock, Esq., the judge advocate on board the fleet, to be joined with Mr Smith in the agency in the Mediterranean in the room of Mr Mark Proudfoot Dated 1 May 1706.
Minuted:—“Read 2 May 1706. A warrt to be prepared accordingly & that to Mr Smith to be vacated.” 1¼ pages.
May 2. 29. A state of the debts of the kingdom of England. Dated 2 May 1706. 2 pages.
May 2.]
30. Petition of Richard Elford, gentleman of her Majesty's Chapel, to the Ld High Treasurer. Her Majesty had granted him a pension of 100l. per annum as an additional allowance in consideration of his constant attendance on her Majesty Asking for a warrant to render the grant effectual.
Minuted:—“2 May 1706. To be laid before ye Q.” 1 page.
May 2. 31. States of the revenue, public income, and debts of the kingdom. Dated 2 May 1706.
These are drafts much corrected. Of the first there is a fair copy. 25 pages.
May 2. 32. Report of the Surveyor General to the Lord High Treasurer. He had contracted with the corporation of Windsor for the purchase of their mills in “Under Ove” for 650l., and the conveyance was ready for execution. For fees, &c., 750l. might be sufficient to be issued. Dated 2 May 1706.
Minuted:—“Orderd accordingly.” 1 page.
May 3. 33. Memorial of Mr Henry Cartwright to the Ld High Treasurer, for money for bills of exchange accepted by him. Dated 3 May 1706.
Minuted:—“Orderd as soon as any mo.” 1 page.
[? About
May 3.]
34. Memorial of the Earl of Ranelagh to the Lord High Treasurer. It was nearly a year since he gave in his memorial to his Lp, setting forth that he had delivered in to the auditor of imprests his accounts as Paymaster General of the forces. He had been at great expenses about the same. He acknowledged the receipt of 1,000l., and asked for further allowance as he could not disband his clerks till the accounts were passed.
Minuted:—“Read 3 May 1706. Send to the audrs to examine these allegac[i]ons & to certify my Lord in what forwardness these accots are, and whether the necry attendance be given by the accountant, in order to the passing the same.” 1 page, quarto.
May 3. 35. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Ld High Treasurer, touching the dragoons of the regiment of the Rt Hon. the Earl of Essex quartered in Kent. The dragoons were quartered there to assist in preventing exports of wool and imports of silk. Dated 3 May 1706.
Minuted:—“11 June 1706. If this doth not exceed wt was intended by Her Mts warrt of 11th Aug. 1703, it is to be pd out of Civil List mo & a wt to imprest the same to Mr Baker accordingly.”
Eight other documents relating to the same. 17 pages.
[? About
May 6.]
36. Petition of Henry Ballow and John Smith, Deputy Chamberlains for joining tallies in the Court of Exchequer, to the Ld High Treasurer, for a warrant to the auditor of the receipt of the Exchequer, to cause an order to be drawn in payment for their pains.
Certificate of the Deputy Chamberlain in relation thereto. Dated 6 May 1706. 2 pages.
May 6. 37. State of the debts of the kingdom of England. Dated 6 May 1706.
This is in triplicate with some slight variations. 12 pages.
May 7. 38. Memorial from the Officers of Ordnance to the Lord [High Treasurer] as to the difficulties between the East India Company and the powder makers, about settling the refraction of the 1,000 tons of salt petre. The state of powder was at that time very low and it was absolutely necessary they should have the “peter.”
They remind his Lordship of the debt of 8,470l. 6s. due to this office from Ireland for stores, that directions might be given to have it paid. Dated 7 May 1706.
Minuted:—“Read 8th May 1706. My Lord will considr wt mo is owing by the East Inda Compa.” 1 page.
May 7. 39. Memorial of the Comrs of Excise to the Ld High Treasurer. Process had been issued against them for not passing their accounts. They conceived the extraordinary care taken by them would have prevented any such particular direction. They laid the state of the accounts before his Lordship, and observed they were little in arrear, and in greater forwardness than they had been for several years. Dated 7 May 1706.
Three states of the excise in corroboration. 4 pages.
May 8. 40. Cofferers memorial for 500l. for the charges of entertaining the Morocco Ambassador during his Excellency's stay in England. Dated 8 May 1706. ½ page.
May 8. 41. Memorial of the Officers of Works to the Ld High Treasurer, as to a petition for building the clock house in Scotland Yard; praying that the Officers of Works might be heard before a grant was made. Dated 8 May 1706. ½ page.
May 9. 42. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Ld High Treasurer, as to a method proposed by Wm Polhampton to prevent fraudulent drawbacks on tobacco. Dated 9 May 1706.
Minuted:—“Read 2d July 1706.”
Two other papers. 2 pages and 2 halves.
May 10. 43. Letter of C. Hedges to the Lord High Treasurer, enclosing the petition of Major Edmund Power, and the report thereon of the Duke of Ormonde, for his Lps consideration and directions. Dated Cockpit, 10 May 1706.
The petition and report are not now with it.
Minuted:—“My Lord says this doth not come regularly before him.” 1 page, quarto.
May 10. 44. Letter of Mr Richard Savage to Mr Lowndes, sending copy of the report of the Comrs of Customs on cut whalebone. Dated 10 May 1706.
The copy referred to, and another paper on the same subject. 3 pages.
May 10. 45. Memorial of the Officers of Ordnance to the Lord High Treasurer, as to the provision of salt petre and lead for the Duke of Savoy. Dated 10 May 1706. 1 page.
May 10. 46. Report of the Controllers of Army Accounts on the memorial of Mr John Moore of Dublin, merchant, as to a dispute about clothing money, advised to be referred to the Attorney General. Dated 10 May 1706.
Minuted:—“Read 18th June 1706. The partys have agreed this matter amongst themselves, as is alledged by Mr Moore.” 2 pages.
May 13. 47. Certificate of Anthony Anderson, Deputy Clerk of the Pipe, to the Lord High Treasurer, that Henry Andrews, Esq., late sheriff of the county of Bucks, had paid William Nicholls and others 80l. for apprehending Matthew Marsh and Edward Burchall, robbers on the highway. Dated Pipe Office, 13 May 1706. 1 page.
May 13. 48. Memorial of the Duke of Ormonde to the Lord High Treasurer, advising that Mr James Dambon, who was upon the list of French pensioners in Ireland, and was desirous of trying his fortune in Portugal, might resign his pension to the Marquis de Pechels, his relation. Mons. Dambon had already made one campaign as a volunteer. Dated Whitehall, 13 May 1706. 1 page.
May 13. 49. Two memorials of the Duke of Ormonde to the Lord High Treasurer, as to the method of raising a regiment of dragoons, to be commanded by Lord Skerrin. The horses must be bought in England, Ireland not affording such as were proper. The last is dated 13 May 1706. 3 pages.
May 14.]
50. Petition of John Bridger to the Queen. Petitioner had been made Surveyor General of all her Majesty's woods in America, and was required to instruct the people in the way of raising naval stores; prays for an advance of two years' salary, and to be continued in advance; and 50l. a year for a clerk, as he had to report his proceedings to the Ld High Admiral, the Lord High Treasurer, the Principal Secretary of State, and the Comrs of Trade.
Referred to the Lord High Treasurer 14 May 1706. 1 page.
May 15.]
51. Reports, &c. concerning the purchase of Cotton House and gardens at Westminster for the accommodation of the public library there:—
(1st.) Of Mr Lowndes, who recommended the purchase of the fee simple for 4,000l. Dated 13 May 1706.
(2nd.) Address of the House of Lords to her Majesty, recommending the purchase of the same, their Lps being desirous that so great a treasure of books and MSS., so generously given for the public service, should not remain any longer useless, and in danger of perishing for want of due care. The last proposal of Sir John Cotton was higher than the surveyors judged reasonable, but the whole advantage would come to the family, who had given this great treasure of books to the use of the public. In the early part of this address it is stated that a committee to consider of keeping records, had reported that nothing had been done to make the library useful to the public; there was no passage to it set out, so that no persons could resort to it; there was no library keeper appointed to inspect and take care of the MSS., nor any orders or rules appointed for the reading or using the same. The place wherein the library was contained was a narrow little room, damp, and improper for preserving the books and papers. There was only one window at each end, and the arch over one of them in a ruinous condition and ready to fall, as was also the arch upon which the room was built.
(3rd.) Representation of Sir John Cotton, Bart. He was willing that the house and gardens should be leased to her Majesty at such yearly rent as should be agreed upon.
(4th.) Report of S. Travers and Sir Chr. Wren. They thought 200l. a year might be a reasonable rate. It would be better to purchase at 4,000l., but this must be by Act of Parliament, as the estate was entailed.
(5th.) Estimate by Sir John Cotton of the value of the same. Proposes that 400l. per annum should be paid. The ground was capable of great improvements by its near situation to the two Houses of Parliament, where convenience might be made for the accommodation of members of Parliament, by building a square, which might contain 24 houses. The gentlemen of the House of Commons might go directly out of Parliament house into their lodgings.
(6th.) Further representation of John Cotton, Bart., offering to sell the property for 5,000l.
—“15th May 1706. Shew this to the proprietors. Communicaced to 'em 16th do They insist on 5,000li, and will not sell under yt sum.” 8 pages and 2 halves.
May 15.]
52. Memorial of Walter Lord Blantyre to the Lord High Treasurer, praying payment of an arrear of annuity of 1,000l. due to Frances, Duchess Dowager of Richmond and Lennox.
Minuted:—“15th May 1706. The condic[i]on of ye Queen's revenues is such, as will not permit her at present to consider this arrre.” 1 page.
May 16. 53. Order in Council referring to the Lord High Treasurer a report of the Lord High Admiral made on a previous Order of Council, as to a pension or yearly allowance to the widow of Col. Rodney, who was killed in Catalonia. Dated 16 May 1706.
The report mentioned and the order referring the matter to the Lord High Admiral. 3 pages.
May 16. 54. A proportion of ordnance stores, &c. for a train, consisting of 40 pieces of ordnance and six mortar pieces. Dated 16 May 1706.
Minuted:—“To be laid before ye Q.” 9½ pages.
May 16. 55. Petition of Peter Hume, Thomas Cremer, and the executrix of Thomas Cremer, deceased, to the Ld High Treasurer, for a warrant for arrears of salary for examining vouchers paid on annuities at the Exchequer, and for future payment. Dated 16 May 1706.
There is a minute on the back settling the method of payment. 1 page.
May 16. 56. Report of the [Comrs] of Chelsea Hospital to Mr Taylor, on the petition of Mons. Dubourdieu, praying to be established a chaplain at Chelsea College. The hospital had two chaplains according to the establishment, and no other provision could be made for him in the hospital, there being no contingencies, and the revenue was not sufficient to defray the expense. Dated 16 May 1706.
Minuted:—“July 31th 1706. Read.”
The petition referred to. (French.) 3 pages.
May 17. 57. Letter signed, A. Maynwaring [? auditor of imprest]. He enclosed the draft of a warrant for allowing Mr How 1,400l payable to the Earl of Donegall, and had no objection to her Majesty's signing it. Dated 17 May 1706. ½ page, quarto.
May 17. 58. Report of the Surveyor General to the Ld High Treasurer, on the annexed case of the Duke of Grafton. The forest of Whittlewood (Northamptonshire) passed 17 Car. II. to Denzill, Lord Holles, &c. for 99 years, in trust for the late Queen Dowager during her life, and afterwards in trust for the crown. King Charles II. in his 19th year granted her the power of naming, removing, &c. all officers in the forest. The same king in his 32nd year granted the office of Master Forester of Whittlewood to Henry, Earl of Arlington, for life, the remainder to Henry, Duke of Grafton, and his heirs male. The Queen in the 33rd year granted the office to Lewis, Earl of Feversham, for life. The Attorney General had been consulted as to these grants, &c. The value of the office desired by the Duke of Grafton, Mr Wilcox thought, would not exceed 250l. per ann. clear of all charges of inferior officers. The place of Master Keeper he heard had been sometimes sold. As to the coppices in the forest (3,526 acres), he advises that care might be taken to prevent the like damage to the crown, as happened by the grantee in fee of the coppices in Rockingham Forest, where the crown's title was in danger of being lost. Mr Attorney seemed to take both the Lord Feversham's and the Duke of Grafton's title to be invalid, and he (the surveyor) was of opinion the grant of the office was a matter of favour in her Majesty. Dated 17 May 1706.
The case referred, to and the reply of the Duke of Grafton to the above report, signed by him.
Minuted:—“7 Nov. 1706. Lett an abstract be made of all yt relates to this in ye severall reports to be laid before ye Queen.” 9 pages.
May 17. 59. Memorial of Mr Henry Cartwright to the Lord High Treasurer, for an order for 250,000l. for subsistence of Charles Hotham's and Col. Soames' regiments of foot. Dated Whitehall, 17 May 1706.
Minuted:—“23 May 1706. Orderd.” ½ page.
May 18. 60. Presentment of the Comrs of Customs to the Ld High Treasurer, as to the appointment of Sir Barnabas Scudamore to the collection of Liverpool, instead of Edward Scarborough, detected of notorious frauds, and since deceased. Dated 18 May 1706. 1 page.
May 20. 61. Letter from H. Bp of London to Mr Taylor at the Treasury, applying for payment of an advance of six months' salary to the chaplain appointed by her Majesty to reside with the consul at Algiers; asking that he might be despatched as he was to go with Sir Cloudesly Shovell. Dated Fulham, 20 May 1706.
Minuted:—“4 June 1706. Give him 50li out of sec. ser. mo and write to the secry that her Maty being pleased to allow 100li a year to this chaplain for ye future, he is desired to acquaint the consul therewth, and that if he inserts it in his bills of extrys it shall be allowed to him. 1 page, quarto.
May 20. 62. Letter signed “Edw. Wardour” to the Ld High Treasurer, asking to be made clerk or register of the tide surveyor's office. Says ħe was a gentleman born and had possessed a plentiful estate. The Duke of Leeds had recommended him, and he had served in the Custom House 14 years. Dated 20 May 1706. 1 page.
May 20. 63. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer, sending an account of what was owing from the East India Company for customs on goods imported. Dated 20 May 1706.
Also the account.
Minuted:—“Read 21th May 1706. Send to ye Comrs Cust. to hasten the compa to pay what is due from them.” 2 pages.
May 20. 64. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lord High Treasurer, on the proposal and claims of Mr Newman for improving the revenue of Excise, particularly the distillery branch. He would not present his proposal unless he received a reward for services already rendered. They hoped that if any further matter relating to these revenues were discussed, it might be in their and his Lps presence, when his Lp would see that this gentleman knew little or nothing of the matter. Dated 20 May 1706.
Three letters relating to the same subject; one is dated two days later. 5 pages.
May 21. 65. Letter of the Duke of Leeds to the Ld High Treasurer, enclosing and recommending the petition of Rebecca Paulden, widow of Captain Thomas Paulden, for the continuance of the pension of 50l. per ann. granted to her husband for his eminent service in taking Pontefract Castle. The widow was 80 years of age, and would starve without the continuance of her Majesty's charity. Dated 21 May 1706.
The petition. 2 pages.
May 21. 66. Letter of the Comrs of Prizes to John Taylour, Esq., as to the produce of Spanish vessels taken as prize, and the shares of the officers of the men-of-war. They would report as soon as they were enabled by Mr Ellis Terrell, agent for prizes at Lisbon, sending the account. Dated 21 May 1706. 1 page.
May 22. 67. Report of the Comrs for Duty on Salt to the Lord High Treasurer, on the memorial of Sir John Delaval, Bart., for consideration of the great charge to which he and his father had been put in building and repairing a pier at Seaton Delaval (Northumberland) for the benefit of trade, and upon the report of the Comrs of Customs thereon. The duties of salt delivered at Seaton Delaval for some years past had amounted to 5,000l. a year, but the duties on salt in general were not advanced by the number of salt pans at Seaton, for the vessels that loaded salt there might as well be supplied from other places on the coasts of Durham and Northumberland, where the salt works were very numerous. It was not a sufficient ground for any allowance to be made towards the building or repairing the pier, in respect of advantage to the salt duties. Dated 22 May 1706.
Six other documents connected therewith. One is “an accompt of the charges in building the new piere att Seaton Sluce.” 9 pages.
May 24. 68. Memorial of Henry Cartwright to the Ld High Treasurer for payment of troops. Dated Whitehall, 24 May 1706.
Minuted:—“24th May 1706. Orderd all but the subsidy to Denmarke.” 1 page.
May 28. 69. Report of the Comrs of Prizes to the Lord High Treasurer, in relation to a memorial delivered to his Lp by Thomas Steele, Esqre, and to the dismissal of Arnold Browne, Esq., agent for prizes, in whose place Joseph Gyde and Thomas Wood, Esqres, had been appointed as agents for prizes at Jamaica. Dated 28 May 1706.
The memorial referred to. 2 pages.
May 29.]
70. Application for the grant of the office of Collector of Customs in the port of Newcastle to Mr John Bell.
Minuted:—“Read 29th May 1706. There is a rule establishd that no body shall be appointed a collr who has not been bred to clerkship in ye Custo house.”
Letter thereon. 2 pages, quarto.
May 31. 71. Report of the Officers of Works to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Thomas Highmore, her Majesty's serjeant painter. There was due to him 163l. 14s. 8d. for painting in the gardens at Hampton Court. Dated 31 May 1706. ¾ page.
May 31. 72. Report of the Comrs of Prizes, to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of William Burnaby, Esq., as to the time he was paid as sub-commissioner for Hull. Mr Gosselin, formerly one of their number, directed to go on board the fleet, was prevented by illness. Dated 31 May 1706.
The petition. 2 pages.
May 31. 73. “Report from ye 6 persons to whom the stating the equivalent was referred on 15 May 1706 to the Lords Comrs for an union [with Scotland] on 31 ditto.” Stating their difficulties and giving certain data as to customs, &c. 10 pages.
June 1. 74. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Thomas Warren, formerly an officer of excise, for arrears of salary. They had discovered that while he was excise officer at Bow he had been corrupted to permit his late Majesty to be defrauded of a great part of the revenue on drink, brewed by one Prisca Coburne, widow, a common brewer. He had been prosecuted and convicted for the same, and lay in prison till the fine was paid. After three years confinement he was released. Dated 1 June 1706.
Five other small scripts and the petition. 8 pages or parts of pages.
[? About
June 1.]
75. An account of the state of Dover Harbour, prepared by Richard Breton. Seven years before the harbour was useless by the quantities of beach cast in by the sea, and upon surveys being made by Sir Henry Sheers and Mr Dummer, the only expedient found was to build a wall across the harbour, with sluices and a pair of large gates to let ships in and out, which cross wall might be a pent for the water at high tide, and by letting it out at low water the force thereof would scour and discharge the beach from the mouth of the harbour. An Act of Parliament was obtained for levying dues upon shipping for this purpose. The cross wall had well answered its design. The Comrs had been unable to repair the breaches made by the great storm in the heads of the harbour, being the old works made in Queen Elizabeth's time, and unless speedy steps were taken the harbour must be destroyed.
Accompanied by (1) the names of the Comrs of Dover Harbour.
(2.) Works propounded to be done this summer for repair of the damages of the pier heads and harbour at Dover, with estimates and instructions. June the 1st 1706.
(3.) A plan, with a minute on the back for the Comrs to attend [the Ld High Treasurer]. 7 pages.
June 1. 76. Instructions for John Jeffreys, paymaster of the English train of artillery, for an expedition by sea wth the Earl of Rivers. Dated Ordnance Office, 1 June 1706. 1 page.
June 3. 77. Letter from C. Hedges to the Ld High Treasurer, sending memorial of the Lord High Admiral, proposing methods for the more speedy manning the fleet, and for increasing the number of seamen. Her Majesty desired they might be sent to his Lp, that he might give such directions to the Comrs of Customs and Excise as were proposed in the memorial. Dated Cockpit, 3 June 1706.
The memorial.
Minuted:—“Read 5th June 1706. A copy of the memll to be sent to ye Comrs of ye Cust. and another to Comrs Excise.” 6 pages.
June 4. 78. Report of the Duke of Ormonde to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Thanet. The grant to her of the penny post office in and about Dublin had been a disappointment. She seeks for a grant of the pensions fallen in, in Ireland, by the deaths of the Earl of Longford, Lady Stephens, and Col. William Legg, amounting to 400l. per ann.; the petitioner's circumstances were so unfortunate as to deserve her Majesty's favour. Dated 4 June 1706.
The petition referred to.
Minuted:—“10th June 1706. 300li p[er] ann.” 2½ pages.
[? About
June 4.]
79. Petition of Richard Kinsman, Esq., and Lucy his wife (daughter to Doctor Robert Hatton, deceased), and Conyers Hatton, Esq., son and executor to Dr Hatton, to the Queen. Edward late Lord Griffin was indebted 1,500l. to Dr Hatton, for which he mortgaged divers lands in Dingley (co. Northampton). Samuel Mumford, Esq., produced a prior mortgage of the same; petitioner prays payment of the debt out of the estate.
Minuted:—“Read 4th June 1706.” 1 page.
June 4. 80. Ordnance memorial about buying horses, &c., for the artillery designed for the present expedition with Earl Rivers, with an estimate of the charge thereof. Dated 4 June 1706. 2 pages.
June 4. 81. Memorial of Henry Cartwright to the Lord High Treasurer, for issue of money for raising men to serve in a French regiment of Dragoons [Minuted:—“Issue this on ye ordr for ye 250,000l”], and for Brigadier Genl Shrimpton for his services at Gibraltar. [Minuted:—“Orderd.”] Dated Whitehall, 4 June 1706. 1 page.
June 5. 82. Short letter, signed Gregory King, to Mr Taylour, which enclosed three papers. The object not apparent. Dated Controller's Office, 5 June 1706. 1 page.
June 6. 83. Memorial of the Duke of Somerset to the Lord High Treasurer, in reply to the answer of Sir Christopher Wren, which was defective and evasive, as to a shed built outside the Duke's garden. The damage done to his trees, wall, garden, &c., was already very visible. This unfair dealing and most egregious trifling would make any man but Sir Christopher Wren blush. If his stating things to his Lp upon all occasions be done with the like sincerity, his Grace well knew what censure it deserved, and could he be persuaded to believe that Sir Chr had not lost his understanding, he should then think his shuffling replies were contrived to lose the true state of the matter of fact. It might be collected that truth was not a suitable object for Sir Christopher's understanding. Dated 6 June 1706.
Minuted:—“Sr Xr Wren will pull down the shed to ye heighth it was before.” 2 pages.
June 6. 84. Memorial of Mr Hen. Cartwright to the Ld High Treasurer, for issue of levy money to Francis Count D'Nassau. Dated Whitehall, 6 June 1706.
Memorial of the Count of Nassau. 2 pages.
June 7. 85. An estimate made by Sir Chr. Wren for several new rooms to be made by her Majesty's direction at Kensington, including a new drawing room; also for ironwork instead of walling between the park and the garden. Dated 7 June 1706. ½ page.
June 7. 86. Memorial or state of the Earl of Ranelagh's case relating to a bond and mortgage due and owing from the late Lord Griffin. The lands mortgaged were in Braybrooke. He asked to have the Lord Griffin's unsettled estate, and that he might, by her Majesty's aid, be able to call Baker and Mountford to account, there being a sufficient overplus of the Lord Griffin's estate at Dingly in Mr Griffin's possession to answer his demands and her Majesty's bounty for the Lady Essex Griffin's support. Dated 7 June 1706. 1 page.
June 7. 87. Representation of the Comrs of Prizes to the Lord High Treasurer, in favour of allowing the resignation of Dr William Oldys, her Majesty's advocate for prizes, and of appointing Dr Thomas Lane, of Doctors' Commons, as his successor. Dated 7 June 1706. 1 page.
June 8. 88. Report of Mr William Blathwayt to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of the executors of Col. Farmer, late president of the Council of Barbadoes, viz., as to his salary and the salaries of the successive chief governors, the Lord Grey, Mr Crow, and Sir Bevil Granville. Dated 8 June 1706.
The petition.
Minuted:—“Read 13th Aug. 1706. When any thing p[ai]d to Mr Crow this to be considerd.” 3 pages.
June 9. 89. Letter from H. Bishop of London to Mr Taylor, asking him to “mind” the Ld Treasurer to despatch Mr George Holme for the half year's advance of the 100l. per ann. allowed him by her Majesty for going as chaplain to Algiers. He had waited five months for his passage. Dated 9 June.
Minuted:—“12th June 1706. 50li p[ai]d out sec. ser. this day. 50 more 19 Feb. 1706–7.” ½ page, quarto.
[? About
June 10.]
90. Petition of John Parker, agent for prizes at the port of Falmouth, to the Lord High Treasurer, as to his care of the prizes. His enemies had taken a great deal of pains to represent him guilty of a crime, in letting some of the worthy gentlemen in Cornwall have each a hogshead of claret, they first paying the customs, and being ready to pay the utmost price that the rest was sold for; this being done before the wines were lotted or tasted for sale; prays to be appointed sub-commissioner of the port of Plymouth in the room of Mr Dorritt, deceased.
Minuted:—“Read 10th June 1706. My Lord cannot grant this because he promised Mr Boscowen to give it to Mr Samuel Foot, but my Lord will be willing to gratify Mr Parker when there is an opportunity.” 1 page.
June 10. 91. “Papers to be laid before the Queen.”
A paper so entitled, containing an abstract of the different matters to be considered on [10 June 1706]. It is entered in the Minute Book, Vol. XIII., pp. 240–242. The Queen was present, and the minutes are added in the book, but are not in this paper. 3 pa ges.
June 10. 92. Memorial of the Officers of Works to the Ld High Treasurer, for payment of the charges due in the Office of the Works ending March 1706. Dated 10 June 1706. 1 page.
June 10. 93. Report of Mr Edward Wilcox to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of the under-keepers of Hyde Park, for watering the “Ring.” 12 carts were employed 88 days at 6s. a day for each cart. Dated 10 June 1706.
Minuted:—“Read 20th Janry 1706. Orderd.”
The petition. 2 pages.
June 11. 94. Letter signed “Sarah D'Ore” to the [Lord High Treasurer ?] as to claims she had on one Robert Wrayford, who destroyed himself, and whose goods were forfeited to the crown. She had petitioned the Queen to withhold her bounty from his widow until she returned the clothes and goods of the writer, to the value of 200l., which were unjustly detained by Robert Wrayford. She asks that the Attorney General might be instructed to prosecute Mrs Wrayford. Dated June 11, 1706.
Minuted:—“13th June 1706. The matter is already in a course of law, and doth not any way relate to the Treasury.” 3 pages, quarto.
June 11. 95. Letter from Mr Secretary Robert Harley to the Lord High Treasurer, sending the petition of Captain Cornuaud and the Duke of Ormonde's report thereon, for his Lps consideration. Dated 11 June 1706.
The petition and the report referred to, which is in favour of a pension to the Captain.
Minuted:—“Read 16th Sept. 1706. My Lord says this is a matter not proper for his Lordship's consideration.” 3 pages.
June 11. 96. Letter from Mr St John to Mr Taylor, returning the draft of a representation to the Council about the clothiers of the army. Dated 11 June 1706.
Minuted:—“14th June 1706. Desire the Comptrs of ye Army & Mr St John to attend his Lordp here next Tuesday morning.” 1 page.
June 12. 97. Letter from Mr Tho. Langhorne to the Ld High Treasurer, as to bills drawn. Dated “Genoua,” 12 June 1706. 1 page, quarto.
June 12. 98. Report of the Agents for Taxes to the Lord High Treasurer, on the memorial of the Earl of Rivers, the Earl of Manchester, Lord Fitzwater, and others, in favour of the appointment of John Wroth, junr, Esq., to be Receiver Genl for Essex. He was a captain of horse in the Duke of Northumberland's regiment, and how consistent that post was with that of Recr General they must leave to his Lordship. Dated 12 June 1706.
Minuted:—“Read 18 June 1706. Show this report to my Lord Rivers.” 2 pages.
June 13. 99. Memorial from Mr Charles Fox to the Lord High Treasurer, as to the pay of the regiment commanded by Col. John Hill (late Stanhope's). Dated 13 June 1706.
Another paper on the same subject. 2½ pages.
June 14.]
100. Memorial of Dr Charles Morley. About four years since being in full practice among many noble families, his grace the Duke of Ormonde moved him to go as physician general to the land forces in the expedition to Cadiz. His grace obtained for him the commission for sick and wounded seamen. In the expedition to Cadiz and Vigo he (Dr Morley) was physician general to the land forces and to the general's person, and to most of the admirals and captains of the navy. On his return, being long confined by a dangerous fever, he applied too late for a reward. He had regulated and controlled the surgeons' chests of the navy, and brought them all to be fairly furnished with good medicines by the Apothecaries' Company, and so had prevented abuses heretofore committed, by stuffing the chests with unwholesome and improper medicines, to the loss of many seamen's lives, and he had detected the ignorance of the surgeons and obliged them all to keep regular journals. The sick were put in good hospitals, and at less expense, and many hundred lives had been saved. And yet without charge, complaint, or hearing he was put out of his employment. Prays to be appointed a comr of the navy.
Minuted:—“14th June 1706. My Lord Trea[sure]r doth not appoint either comrs of the navy or sick & wounded.” 1½ pages, quarto.
June 17. 101. Letter of the Comrs of Trade to the Ld High Treasurer, as to the extension of the term of Mr Crommelin's patent for setting up the linen manufacture at Kilkenny, in the south of Ireland. They advise a new patent for 12 years from Lady-day 1707. Dated Whitehall, 17 June 1706.
Minuted:—“18th June 1706. Mr Southwell to be acquainted that when Hr My shall thinke fit to inlarge this term, my lord thinkes it should be undr ye restric[i]on to make only coarse linens.”
Again:—“Read 4th July 1706. Write to the Comrs of Cust. & acqt them yt applicac[i]on being made for enlarging the time granted to Mr Crummelin for improving the linen manufacture in Ireld and desire them to consider & rept.”
Also a previous letter from them on the same subject. Dated 7 May 1706. 4 pages.
June 17. 102. Report of S. Travers, Surveyor General, and Sir Chr. Wren on a reconsideration of their late report concerning the purchase of Cotton House and gardens. Sir John Cotton derived his title to the messuage called Our Lady's Pew, and two gardens, by conveyances under a grant made by King James I., in his eleventh year, to Robert Bowyer, Esq., and to a piece of waste ground lying beside the same, next the Thames, by similar conveyances, under a grant of the inheritance of the soil, houses, and gardens of the old palace of Westminster, in the same eleventh year; but they took the whole to be subject to the Act of 12 William III. for settling and preserving the Cottonian Library. Their valuation was made on a view of the whole premises, and on consideration of what improvements might be made, &c. Dated 17 June 1706. 2½ pages.
June 18. 103. Letter from Col. Handasyde to the Ld High Treasurer, relating to remittances for the regiment in Jamaica, which had been put to great hardships. Unless the col. had borrowed money the men must have starved. He was informed some gentlemen were recommended to be agents for prize there, which office Mr Arnold Brown served. His behaviour had been so zealous for her Majesty that the gentlemen who had brought in prizes had been so incensed against him, that they would spare no pains to ruin him. Who was designed to succeed Mr Brown he knew not, but he had made a general observation, that in those parts those who were faithful servants in their offices were always pushed at and supplanted by some who had friends of their own to put in their places. They had been expecting the enemy would make an attempt upon them, &c. Dated Jamaica, June 18, 1706. 2 pages.
June 18. 104. Memorial from the Pay Office on acccount of guards, garrisons, &c. Dated 18 June 1706.
Also respits upon the muster. 3½ pages.
June 18. 105. Report of the Comrs of Prizes to the Ld High Treasurer, as to embezzlements made from prize ships by Captain Swanton, commander of the ship Exeter, for which he was directed to be prosecuted. It relates also to methods pursued with plunder and prize goods. Dated 18 June 1706.
Minuted:—“Send an extract of so much as relates to ye Admty to Mr Burchet, & so much as relates to Cust. to ye Comrs of ye Cust.”
Also four affidavits. 7 pages and 3 halves.
June 20. 106. Report of Mr E. Harley, auditor, to the Lord High Treasurer, on the memorial of the Earl of Albemarle, master of the robes to King William III., viz., as to items in his accounts. Dated 20 June 1706.
The memoral referred to and another paper.
Minuted:—“Read 14th Aug. 1706. A S. Mll to be prepared for allowing of this 799li 16s 9d.” 5½ pages.
June 20. 107. Letter from Mr H. St John to Mr Whitfeild, as to an allowance of a demand of the Company of Apothecaries for medicines furnished for the marines in garrison at Gibraltar. Dated Whitehall, 20 June 1706. 1 page, quarto.
June 20. 108. Report of the officers of the Mint to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of the gravers of the Mint (John Croker, Samuel Bull, and Gabriel Leclerc). The officers were of opinion that good graving was the best security of the coin, and was best acquired by graving medals, and without exercise in such graving the gravers might in time lose the skill which they had acquired. It was the master and workers' duty to coin the money well. The gravers should have leave to make and sell such medals of fine gold and silver as did not relate to state affairs, and such medals as were made to reward persons by her Majesty for good services, also such as had historical designs and inscriptions for great actions. Dated 20 June 1706.
The petition.
Minuted:—“Read 18th Aug. 1706. Agreed.” 2 pages.
June 21. 109. Mr Fox's memorial for payment of the Earl of Donegall's regiment of foot, and for the levy money for a regiment of foot raised in Scotland by Col. Macartney. Dated 21 June 1706.
Minuted:—“Read 16th Sept. 1706. Orderd.” 1 page.
June 22. 110. Certificate of the Spanish brandy landed at Plymouth from the prize St Antonio de Padua. Dated Excise Office, 22 June 1706.
Also a report of the Comrs of Prizes and an account relating to the same brandies. 3 pages, 2 halves.
June 22. 111. Letter of the Officers for Tin to John Taylour, Esq., as to equal quarterly payments to be made for the coinage of the tin according to contract, and as to a loan at 6 per cent. to the tinners upon their tin deposited at the coinage halls. Dated Tin Office, Truro, 22 June 1706.
Another letter of the same date, and a third paper on the same subject. 3 pages.
June 24. 112. Report of the Auditors of Imprest on a certificate of the Board of Ordnance relating to an imprest to Sir Thomas Cook for the East India Company, vacated. Dated 24 June 1706.
The certificate, with a minute for the discharge of Sir Thomas Cook from the imprest. 2½ pages.
June 24. 113. “Respitts upon the muster for 61 days, guards and garrisons, to 24 June 1706.” ½ page.
June 24. 114. “Treasurer of the Chamber's memorial for the remainder of a quarter's wages, &c. to Midsummer 1706.” 1 page.
June 24. 115. Midsummer
coinage, 1706. An account of the tin coined at the several coinage towns in the county of Devon, and received for her Majesty's use, pursuant to a contract made on her Majesty's behalf with the parliament of tinners at 3l. 10s. per cent. “stannary wt.”
Also an abstract of the tin coined and paid for at the same time. 5 pages.
June 24. 116. A view of the gross produce of her Majesty's revenue in Ireland in the two quarters ended at Lady-day.
Similar view for the two quarters ended at Midsummer. 2 pages.
June 25. 117. Memorial of Henry Cartwright to the Ld High Treasurer, for payment of subsistence of troops, for pay of general officers in the King of Portugal's service, for the subsidy for the Duke of Savoy, &c. Dated 25 June 1706.
Minuted:—“Orderd.” 1½ pages.
June 26. 118. A memorandum, signed H. Furnese, of certain foreign coins bought by order of the Lord High Treasurer. Dated London, 26th June 1706. ½ page.
June 29. 119. Warrant of the Ld High Treasurer, to Henry St John, Esq., Secretary at War, authorising the payments to the Earl of Barrymore's regiment. Dated 29 June 1706.
Written at the end of a report of the Controller of the army's accounts on the same subject. 3 pages.
[? June,
or in a
later year.]
120. Petition of Bridget Darcy, widow, to the Queen. By letters patent of 3 June, 4th year of the Queen, petitioner had a grant of a pension of 400l. per ann., arising from farthings, halfpence, &c., coined; but by the determination of the Commission for this coinage she had been deprived of her pension for a year; praying payment of the pension.
Minuted:—“To bee considered when the agreement is made for coining of farthings.” 1 page.