Volume 82: October 13-November 30, 1702

Pages 68-81

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 3, 1702-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1874.

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October 13–November 30, 1702

Oct. 13. 1. Memorial of Samuel Atkinson and Nicholas Roope, Esqres, appointed to take care of the transportation of Her Majesty's forces, as to the provision of accommodation for the shipment of horses at Harwich. Dated 13 Oct. 1702.
Also a letter on the same subject, and copies of two builders' agreements or specifications as to erection of stabling.
Minuted:—“28 Oct. 1702. Read.” 6 pages and 3 halves.
Oct. 14. 2. “Officers of Her Majts works abt ye debt in the office to Michaelmas 1702.” Dated 14 Oct. 1702. 2 pages.
Oct. 15. 3. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer on a claim of Richard Natt, commander of the Shoreham sloop, in the service of the Customs on the Sussex coast, for 160l., the value of provisions on board the ship, which had gone down in a violent storm, the commander being absent on leave; recommending it as reasonable. Dated 15 Oct. 1702.
Also his petition, affidavit, and account.
Minuted:—“Read 19 Oct. 1702. Agreed to the report.” 4 pages.
Oct. 16. 4. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lord High Treasurer about frauds practised by several Excise officers at Bow and Stratford. They would prosecute Thomas Warren, one of their officers, who had received much of the money, but thought it prudent to promise Henry Palmer and James Hurt that they should not be prosecuted, on condition that they made a full discovery. Dated 16 Oct. 1702. 1¼ pages.
Oct. 16. 5. Report from the same as to an allowance to Sir Basill Dixwell, auditor of the Excise, for an additional clerk. Dated 16 Oct. 1702.
Also a letter from him.
Minuted:—“Approved.” 2½ pages.
Oct. 16. 6. Representation by the principal Comrs for Prizes to the Lord High Treasurer, as to three ships lying at Plymouth, advising that they should be brought to London to be sold. Dated 16 Oct. 1702.
Minuted:—“Approved as best for the Queen's service.”
Also as to duties demanded of merchants on prize goods coming from foreign plantations, &c. Dated 16 Oct. 1702.
[Referred to Comrs of Customs.]
A warrant and a computation of the duties referred to. 4 pages.
Oct. 16. 7. Letter from the Earl of Nottingham to the Lord High Treasurer “about the goods plundered at St Maries [in Spain], not to have them landed till her Mats pleasure be known.” Dated 16 Oct. 1702. 1 page, quarto.
Oct. 16. 8. “Debts and interest in the Exchequer upon what fonds first lent, how secured, and the rates of interest now payable for the same.” In tabular form. 1 large page.
[? About
Oct. 16.]
9. The case and humble address to the Queen of Her Majesty's first gentleman of the privy chamber, Sir Robert Killigrew. King William died 400l. in arrear to him. He had been arrested at the Queen's suit for poll money. He had improved the Excise in King Charles' time, for which his father and he had a noble reward. He had lost three sons in the service of the crown. He depended on Her Majesty's bounty, which, when she thought fit to withdraw, he should neither envy such as she should make great, nor murmur at his own misfortunes.
Minuted:—“Read 16 Oct. 1702. The Queen will pay him the 5l. a week constantly.” 1 page.
Oct. 16. 10. “A particular of the payments of the duty of 25 per cent. on French goods from 28 February 1696, to ye 16 October 1702.” 1 large page.
[? About
Oct. 16.]
11. Petition of Thomas Bone, one of the late King's poor tenants in Cumberland, to the Lord High Treasurer. 2,000l. were ordered to be distributed amongst the poor tenants turned out of their farms by Lord Preston, his agents and bailiffs. He only received 50l., and being in debt was thrown into prison: prays assistance.
Minuted:—“Read 16 Oct. 1702. Rejected.” 1 page.
Oct. 16. 12. Presentment of the Salt Office Comrs to the Lord High Treasurer. Their solicitor, Mr. Henry Palmer, was concerned, with others, in several frauds in the revenue of excise on beer and ale. It was necessary to employ some person to go on with process at law, to whom they might entrust the debtor's bonds and securities. Dated Oct. 16, 1702.
Minuted:—“On Tuesda my Lord will speak to Comrs of Excise.” 1 page.
Oct. 16. 13. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lord High Treasurer, in favour of the continuance of an allowance to Thomas Hall, Esq., cashier for the revenue of excise, there being added to his receipt the present duties on malt. Dated 16 Oct. 1702.
Also the petition of Thomas Hall. 2 pages.
Oct 17. 14. Letter of the Earl of Rochester to the Lord High Treasurer. He had referred Lord Mountjoy's petition to the Lords Justices of Ireland, and sends their report; and they in their turn had referred it to the Comrs of Revenue, who reported that the castle of Mountjoy and the lands belonging were granted to several persons by King James I. and King Charles II., at the rent of 30s. per ann., and as the petitioner was very deserving the Queen's favour, and the castle and lands were the place from whence he took his title, if Her Majesty thought fit to bestow a further term upon him, it would be a favour very well bestowed. The Earl entirely agreed in the recommendation. Dated 17 Oct. 1702.
Also the petition.
In the Minute Book, Vol. XI., p. 289, 8 Dec. 1702, in relation to this matter, is:—“Granted so far as in Her Mats power.” 2¼ pages.
Oct. 17. 15. Letter from the Comrs for Prizes to Mr. Secy Lowndes, sending a letter received from Mr. Secretary Hedges, asking for directions to be given by the Ld High Treasurer that the officers of customs should aid them in respect to the goods pillaged from the Spaniards at Port St Marie. Dated 17 Oct. 1702.
Also the letter. 2 pages, quarto.
Oct. 18. 16. Copy of a letter from Mr. Secretary Hedges [? to the Comrs for Prizes] on the same subject. Dated 18 Oct. 1702. 1 page.
Oct. 19. 17. Report of the Comrs of Customs relating to the duties on prize goods, particularly prize fish, oil, and muscovado sugar of the French plantations. Dated 19 Oct. 1702.
Also three other papers relating thereto. 7 pages.
[? About
Oct. 20.]
18. Petition of William Delarose to the Lord High Treasurer, asking for a warrant for an allowance of 3d. in the pound on all moneys collected by him when he was collector of excise in Hants and Wilts, &c., or that a proposal which he had made to farm the collection of Hampshire and Wiltshire might be accepted.
Minuted:—“20th Oct. 1702. Read.” 1 page.
Oct. 20. 19. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer as to the appointment of Mr. Thomas Edlin, one of the surveyors of the Port of London, and others, to take charge of the goods plundered from Port St Maries, and brought home in the fleet under Sir George Rook. Dated 20 Oct. 1702. 1 page.
Oct 20. 20. A short note, signed Richard Hosier, to William Lowndes, Esq., asking that the Lord High Treasurer might appoint a time to settle the method to pay the remainder of the money upon the Sebastian compositions. Dated 20 Oct. 1702. ¼ page.
Oct 22. 21. Report of the Officers of Works about Mr. Wise's bill and estimates for the plantations on the north side of Windsor Castle, and for the gardens and plantations at Hampton Court and Kensington. Dated 22 Oct. 1702.
Also the bill mentioned. 2 pages.
Oct. 23. 22. Letter of [Edward, Earl of] Jersey to the Lord High Treasurer, certifying that Sir Richard Blackmore had attended on His Majesty for two years together at Hampton Court and Kensington, as was set forth in his petition, and had received only 200l. a year as physician. He was of opinion he might deserve a recompence for his charges, and for being obliged to neglect his ordinary practice to attend His late Majesty. Dated October 23 [? 1702 or 1703].
Minuted:—“To be layd before ye Qu.”
Again:—200l. pd. 12 Dec. 1 page.
Oct. 23. 23. Letter from Mr. W. Popple to W. Lowndes, Esq. The Queen had approved of Edw. Byrch, Esq., as Governor of the Bahama Islands, according to the appointment of the Lords Proprietors of those islands. It more particularly relates to the security of 2,000l. to be given by him to observe the acts of trade, and to obey instructions to be sent him from Her Majesty. Dated 23 Oct. 1702. 1¼ pages.
Oct. 24.]
24. Memorial of Lieut.-General Churchill to the Lord High Treasurer. Tallies being ordered, which were at a great discount, to pay Prince George's regiment of foot, under the command of the memorialist, he suggests that they be paid in ready money as the men were just ordered to Holland and were ready to mutiny. Undated, but the pay was to 24 Oct. 1702. 1 page.
Oct. 25. 25. “Vigo, Octobr 25, 1702. An account of the delivery of the goods and cargoe belonging to the Mary's galloon [galleon] prize, to the sundry ships aftermentioned.”
“Accot of things taken out of a galleon that was taken by Her Majties ship Monmouth in Vigo Harbour, the 12th of Octobr 1702.” 4½ pages.
Oct. 26. 26. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High [Treasurer] on the memorial of John Haines to be made a general supervisor in the counties of Hampshire and Dorsetshire, to prevent the transportation of wool; declining to advise the appointment of such an officer, or to recommend a person who had received the censure of the House of Commons on his knees. Dated 26 Oct. 1702.
The memorial and various other papers. 12 pages and 4 parts.
Oct. 26. 27. Letter from the Earl of Nottingham to the Lord High Treasurer. The Queen would have 200l. advanced to Mr. Edmund Hawley for his charges in going abroad on matters of importance. Dated Oct. 26, 1702. 1 page, quarto.
Oct. 26. 28. Presentment of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer. The Comrs had received a letter from Captn Edlin and Mr. Brian, the officers despatched to Portsmouth to assist in securing the plunder expected in the fleet from Port St Mary. From Sir George Rook's inventory there was a much greater quantity of goods than was expected, and there was no convenience for landing or housing them in that port. The prize officers suggested they should be sent to London or Southampton. Asking further directions. Dated 26 Oct. 1702.
[These goods were not landed at Portsmouth, Southampton, or Cowes, where there was some proposal for landing them, but arrived in the Downs on 10 Nov. See Letter Book, Vol. XI., p. 91.]
Also the letter referred to. 2¼ pages.
Oct. 27. 29. Presentments of Samuel Atkinson and Nicholas Roope, appointed to take care of the transportation of the Queen's forces between 11 March 1701–2 and Oct. 27,1702. [Probably a broken series.] 20 pages and 6 parts.
Oct. 27. 30. Report of R. Cotton and Sir Tho. Frankland [? to the Lord High Treasurer] as to the cross road between Bristol and Chester, asking his lordship's directions whether it should be continued. Dated 27 Oct. 1702.
Also an abstract of the account of the profit of the same.
Minuted:—“Read 28 Oct. 1702. A wt to continue it.” 3 pages.
Oct. 27. 31. “Debt of the office of ordnance for stores delivered and services performed to the 30th day of September 1702, with an account of what contracts and warrants for stores before the said time which are delivered in and ready to be delivered.” Dated 27 Oct. 1702. 1 page.
Oct. 27. 32. Report of the Comrs of Prizes to the Lord [High Treasurer] on the petition of the mayor, commonalty, and other inhabitants of Plymouth. They could in no way agree with the petition, being of opinion that all prize ships and prize goods came to a much better market at London than at any other port. Dated 27 Oct. 1702.
Also the petition with 27 signatures. 2½ pages.
Oct. 28. 33. A paper headed:—“An extract of the yearly expence of Her Mats household.”
Docquetted:—“28 Oct. 1702. Memll for ye houshold 4000l. this day orderd upon accot.” 1 page.
Oct. 28. 34. Petition of John Latton, Esq., to the Lord High Treasurer. He had had the custody of the harriers for two and a half years, and after the decease of the King, the Prince of Denmark directed him to keep them until further orders. Since Michaelmas the Countess of Marlborough signified the Queen's pleasure that the harriers should be laid aside. He had 800l. a year, which was three quarters in arrear, amounting to 600l.: prays payment.
Minuted:“28 Oct. 1702. To be laid before ye Queen.”
Again:—“8 Decr 1702. The Queen thinks that 200li is all that ought to be demanded.” 1 page.
Oct 28.]
35. Petition of Thomas, Viscount Dupplin of the kingdom of Scotland, to the Lord High Treasurer as to his arrears on a perpetuity of 1,000l. per ann. out of the 4½ per cent. in Barbadoes.
Minuted:—“28 Oct. 1702. See wt he has recd within a year last past.” Then follows what had been paid, and afterwards this minute:—“23 Dec. 1702. Half a year out of ye 4 & ½ p[er]r cent. in ye Excheqr to be menc[i]ond half a year incurr'd in Her Mats reign to Midsumr last.” 1 page, quarto.
Oct. 28. 36. Petition of Charles Hore to the Lord High Treasurer. He had discovered a considerable fraud in Her Majesty's brewhouse at St Katharine's and received 100l. reward; but had expended more than that amount in the discovery: prays the remainder of Her Majesty's bounty.
Minuted:—“28 Oct. 1702. Upon consulting the late Lord High Admll l00li was thought a sufficient rewd with which he must be satisfied.” 1 page.
Oct. 28.]
37. Petition of Thomas Hyde and Elizabeth his wife, of Poole, in Dorsetshire, to the Queen, praying payment of an annuity of 50l., two years and a half in arrear.
Minuted:—“28 Oct. 1702. To be laid before the Queene with a copy of the privy seale.”
Again:—Read to ye Queen, 17th March 1702. Her Maty doth not think fit to renew ye penc[i]on.”
Also the copy of the privy seal. 2 pages.
[? About
Oct. 28.]
38. Petition of Mary Shirley, widow and administratrix of Thomas Shirley, late serjeant at arms to his late Maty King William, praying payment of arrears of her husband's salary.
Minuted:—“28 Oct. 1702. To be p[ai]d as other arrears to ye King's servts are p[ai]d.” 1 page.
Oct. 28.]
39. Petition of Thomas Hewitt to the Lord High Treasurer, praying to be confirmed in the receivership of the counties of Lincoln, Nottingham, Warwick, and Leicester.
Minuted:—“28 Oct. 1702. Gilliver to have this unless Hewetts brother obey ye orders for delivering up accots, &c.” 1 page.
[? About
Oct. 28.]
40. Papers entitled thus:—“Abstract of papers to be laid before the Queen,” or “Papers read,” between 5 Aug. and 28 Oct. 1702, containing in nearly every instance the minute of what was done upon them. 11 pages and 4 parts of pages.
Oct. 30. 41. Letter of Messrs Edlyne and Brian [to the Comrs of Customs]. They had viewed all the warehouses at East and West Cowes, and presumed they would hold about 800 tons; they were commodious storehouses. It would save the Queen great charge if the plundered goods were landed there. Dated Oct. 30, 1702.
“Lett Mr Powys attend to morr. as counsel with this & the other papers concerning this matter.” 1 page.
Oct. 30. 42. A short letter to Mr. Lowndes, docquetted:—
“Mr Harnage, about a house to keep Mr Brewer's office in.” Dated Oct. 30, 1702.
Minuted:—“If Mr Brewer has no objection it seems reasonable.” 1 page, quarto.
Oct. 31. 43. Letter to Mr. Lowndes, docquetted:—“Sr Jeff. Jeffrys, recommending Meredith James & Walter Jeffrys to be recrs of the temporaltys of the Bishoprick of St David's in case Mr Lucy is dismist.” Dated St Mary Axe 31 Oct. 1702.
Minuted:—“23 Dec. 1702. Read.” 1 page.
Oct. 31. 44. Letter signed “E. Dummer” to the Lord High Treasurer. The Governors of the Post Office expect an order under the Queen's sign manual for the rate of letters. He intended to have the next vessel at Portsmouth on the 15th or 16th of November. Dated 31 Oct. 1702.
Encloses letter of R. Warr, asking Mr. Dummer when his vessel would sail. 2 pages.
Oct. 31. 45. Letter of the Comrs of Prizes to Mr. Lowndes, in relation to the goods plundered from the Spaniards. They forebore despatching orders for carrying the same to Southampton until they knew whether the Ld Treasurer saw fit to alter his warrant. Dated 31 Oct. 1702.
Two other letters, one being from Sir Geo. Parker reporting in favour of Cowes for landing the goods. 3 pages.
Oct. 46. Letter of Lord Cornbury to the Lord High Treasurer. He had made enquiry after the bond for 10,000l., which Lord Bellomont obliged Col. Fletcher to give, before he allowed him to go to England; it was in Lady Bellomont's hands, from whom he got it with great difficulty. He enquired into the reasons that induced the exaction of such a bond from Col. Fletcher, there being no complaint against him. By the best information he could get, there was no reason at all, and instead of being in debt to the forces, he found he had subsisted the companies there to 1 May 1697, though Lord Bellomont had actually received the subsistence from 1 Jan. 1696–7; so that Coll. Fletcher was then four months subsistence out of pocket, which he was informed Lord Bellomont had not paid. He did not find that there was any complaint against Col. Fletcher for misapplication of the revenue, nor did he hear of any complaint against him by the people of the province. He held that it was a great hardship to exact the bond, and that it ought to be cancelled and his bondsmen discharged. He had written that he had suspended Mr. Weaver from the Receiver Generalship of the province. He ran away from his bail. After a proclamation for his apprehension he was allowed to return to make up his accounts. He (Lord Cornbury) was obliged to go to Albany to visit the frontiers, and when the accounts were made up Mr. Weaver ran away a second time. Mr. Atwood, who had been chief justice, the gentlemen of the council, and others, pursued him as far as Pennsylvania. They had good security for 2,000l. for his appearance, and the bail must pay that amount. He had carried away the books and caused great difficulty. The sickness had raged so furiously at New York that everybody fled into the country who could. By the next conveyance he hoped to send Mr. Weaver's accounts and the accounts of the Comrs, and after that time the quarterly accounts should not fail. Mr. Heathcote and Mr. Wenham, two of the Comrs he had appointed to execute the office of Receiver General, were very good and zealous for the service of the crown, and of good substance; the first was brother of Mr. Gilbert Heathcote of London, and the other was one of those who had supplied him (the Governor) with money for the forces, and likewise one of those that were to be prosecuted for addressing the late King and Parliament. He should be glad if one of these gentlemen should be appointed Receiver General for this province. Dated New York, Oct. 1702.
Minuted:—“9 March 1702. Order ye bond of Coll. Fletcher to be deliver'd up.”
With this is a letter from him in every respect the same, the only difference being that it is dated “Orange county, 7ber 29th 1702. 4 pages and 2 halves.
Nov. 1. 47. Copy of Sir George Parker's letter, with an inventory of goods on board the Pembrook, supposed to be plunder, reporting in favour of landing the goods at Cowes. Dated 1 Nov. 1702.
Minuted:—““Send to C. of Customs to know if they have heard anything from these officers on this subject.” 2 pages.
Nov. 2. 48. Account of the Alienation Office Revenue for Easter and Trinity Terms ao 1702. Also to the first day of Michaelmas term 1702.
Also, two other memoranda as to the revenue of the Alienation Office. Parts of two pages.
[? About
Nov. 4.]
49. Petition of John Mathews, vicar of Steyning, in the county of Sussex. His three predecessors in the vicarage had not paid the tenths, and had left 49l. 10s. due. They had died insolvent and left the vicarage house much out of repair and a barn “ruinated;” praying relief from the arrears.
Minuted:—“4 Nov. 1702. To be discharged. Wt signd.” 1 page.
Nov. 4. 50. Application from B. Bridges, auditor, for the Lord High Treasurer's directions as to allowance of interest on certain money connected with the affairs of the Comrs for wine licences. Dated 4 Nov. 1702.
Minuted:—“The inter. to be allow'd from the times the loans were made.” Again:—“18 Novr 1702. The tallys of pro are a sufft wt for this without any further acco.” 1 page.
Nov. 5. 51. Report of the Postmasters General to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition and case of Mr. William Dockwra, who had set up the penny post office. [See Vol. XLIV. 56.] Dated 5 Nov. 1702.
Minuted:—“Read to Queen 17th Mar. 1702. He shall have an employmt when anything happens proper for him.” 2½ pages.
Nov. 6. 52. Docquetted:—“Accot of £46,083 14 10½ received at sondry times towards paying the debt for sick and wounded and prisoners.” 12 pages.
Nov. 6. 53. Comrs for Trade for 2 years & ¼ incidents, amounting to 497li. 11s. 5d.
Md in the said sum is inserted 200li. 16s. for the charge of passing their comission 3 times. Q. if to be allowed. Dated 6 Nov. 1702.
Minuted:—“23 Dec. 1702. My Ld disallows ye 200l 16s for passing ye commissions & directs Mr Popple to distinguish how much became due to ye letter carrier before & after 8th of March.” 2 pages.
Nov. 6. 54. Representation of the Comrs for sick and wounded seamen and prisoners of war, to the Lord High Treasurer, asking for payment. Dated 6 Nov. 1702. 1 page.
Nov. 6. 55. Presentment of the principal Comrs for prizes as to the bringing the galleons and other prize ships taken by the fleet at Vigo under Sir Geo. Kooke to the port of London. Dated 6 Nov. 1702.
Minuted:—“Orderd.” Again:—“The goods from Vigo to be brought to London, the former orders relating only to the plunder at St Maries.” 1 page.
Nov. 6. 56. Presentment from the principal Comrs for prizes for allowing 2li. per cent. to agents for prizes. Dated 6 Nov. 1702.
Minuted:—“Agreed.” 1 page.
Nov. 7. 57. Letter from Wm Lowndes, Esq., to the Auditors of Imprests, directing them to send their draft of the privy seal for passing Sir G. Wharton's account. Dated 7 Nov. 1702. 1 page.
Nov. 8
and 10.
58. Three letters of Col. J. Dudley to the Lord High Treasurer, as to the clearing of ships in the port of Boston (New England). He was welcome to all who loved the Government or Church of England and the dependence of the plantations. He had visited and “settled all the parts,” and had hitherto quiet with the Indians. The privateers had taken 15 prizes. The provisions were good and as cheap as possible. Dated 8 and 10 Nov. 1702. 4 pages.
Nov. 9. 59. Report of the Comrs of Customs on the petition of Nehemiah Winter, commander of the King William gally, as to the discharge of the seizure of the ship. Dated 9 Nov. 1702.
Also the petition and three other documents.
Minuted:—“Discharge ye seizure giving satisfaction to the officer.” 5 pages.
Nov. 9. 60. Report of the Attorney and Solicitor General to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petitions of Michael Studholme and Andrew Lawrence, Esqres and the representation of Mr. Francis Parry in behalf of Charles Parry, Esq., as to the office of surveyor of the highways and keeper of the King's private roads, gates, and bridges. Dated 9 Nov. 1702.
Also the documents referred to. 6 pages.
Nov 9. 61. Memorial or notice of the Comrs of Customs [to the Lord High Treasurer] that the grand fleet under Sir George Rook, which was expected at Spithead, had arrived in the Downs, so that the measures taken at Portsmouth, Southampton, and Cowes, were broken. Dated 9 Nov. 1702.
Enclosing the letter they had received. 2 pages.
Nov. 11. 62. Letter of William Borrett to the Lord High Treasurer The inhabitants of the county palatine of Chester for the enjoyment of their privileges, had usually paid and of right ought to pay, upon the change of every owner of the Earldom of Chester, 3,000 marks, called a mize, as appeared in the Remembrancer's Office. It was now become a debt to the Crown by the death of His Majesty. Dated 11 Nov. 1702.
Minuted:—“23 Dec. 1702. Mr. Borrett to see when it was last p[ai]d & wt was due from ye county pal. of Chester.” 1 page.
Nov. 12. 63. Presentment of the Principal Comrs for prizes to the Lord High Treasurer, as to the distribution amongst the captors, of a portion of the value of three French prizes, captured by Captain Norris. Dated 12 Nov. 1702. 1 page.
Nov. 13. 64. Presentment of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer. Sir Cloudsley Shovel who had lately arrived at St Hellens, with a part of the fleet, had received orders from his Royal Highness, the Lord High Admiral, for sending round several men-of-war with the plundered goods, &c. Dated 13 Nov. 1702.
Also copy of a letter from Messrs Edlyne, Culliford, and Brian relating thereto. 2 pages.
Nov. 13.]
65. Petition of Reginald Ryley to the Lord High Treasurer, for 75l. 5s.d. due to him, as serjeant-at-arms attending his Lordship.
Minuted:—“To be pd.”
It was paid under warrant of 13 Nov. 1702. See Money Book, Vol. XVI. p. 183. 1 page.
Nov. 14. 66. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High [Treasurer] on the petition of John Provost, merchant, praying to be discharged of a judgment against him for 1,693l. Dated 14 Nov. 1702.
Minuted:—“Read 24 Nov. 1702. My Lord doth not think fitt to admit him to composition.”
Two petitions and another paper relating to the same. 4 pages.
Nov. 14. 67. Report of the Agents for Taxes to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Gilbert Spencer, late receiver general of the county of Kent, for reimbursement of his extraordinary charges in bringing up money to the Exchequer. Dated 14 Nov. 1702.
Also two petitions and four other papers.
Minuted:—“24 Dec. 1702. To be allow'd when there is mony for these services.” 7 pages.
Nov. 14. 68. Order of Council referring the petition of Henry Evans, late one of the messengers of the chamber in ordinary, to the Lord High Treasurer to report thereon. Dated 14 Nov. 1702.
Minuted:—“23 Dec. 1702. He will have his share of ye mo order'd to ye messengrs my Ld knows nothing of his being put out of his place or of his buying it.”
Also another copy of the order and a petition from him, going more into detail; with the same minute. 5 pages.
Nov. 14. 69. Letter of the Earl of Nottingham to the Lord High Treasurer, announcing that the Queen allowed 60l. per ann. to Mr. Alexr Griffith, appointed Attorney General of New Jersey in America, asking the Ld High Treasurer to give the necessary directions. Dated 14 Nov. 1702.
Also a letter from Alexander Griffith thereon.
Minuted:—“19 March 1702. The 60l is paid, but my Lord doth not think fitt to advise ye Queen to establish a new charge on the crowne.” 2 pages, quarto.
Nov. 16.]
70. Petition of John Wynn, deputy solicitor for the prizes, to the principal Comrs of Prizes, for an increase of salary.
Minuted by the Comrs of Prizes on 16 Nov. 1702 in favour of an increase. There is also their report recommending 80l. per annum.
Minuted by the Treasury:—“Granted.” 2 pages.
Nov. 17. 71. Report of the Agents for Taxes to the Lord High Treasurer upon the petition of William Kent, late receiver general of Lancaster, for aids, &c.: recommending certain allowances. Dated 17 Nov. 1702.
Also the petition, and a particular of extraordinary charges.
Minuted:—“23 Dec. 1702. To be consider'd when there is mo for these services.” 4 pages.
Nov. 17. 72. Agents of Taxes memorial about extraordinary allowances. Dated 17 Nov. 1702.
Also two other papers.
Minuted:—“200li order'd out of the money in the Exchequer of arrs of taxes unappropriated.” 3 pages.
Nov. 17. 73. “Mr. Attorney Genlls opinion about paying the freight of Lord Peterborough's equipage, &c. to Jamaica.” His opinion was that the charge of transporting the goods, &c. there was part of the charge of transporting himself, the goods and equipage being necessary for enabling him to enter on his government, and therefore (the same being to be defrayed by Her Maty) might properly be reckoned a naval service. Dated 17 Nov. 1702.
Also a letter and estimate. 3 pages.
Nov. 17. 74. Representation of the Comrs for Prizes about deducting the charge of management from captors. Dated 17 Nov. 1702.
Minuted:—“If they have any doubt they must attend Mr. Attorney for his opinion upon perusing ye Queen's declaration.” 1 page.
Nov. 18. 75. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Henry Palmer, solicitor for the salt duties. There was an ill practice amongst the Excise officers in the country of taking leaves out of their stock books, whereby the revenue suffered. There was corruption among the Excise officers at Bow and Stratford, more particularly in regard to Mrs. Coeborne, a common brewer of great trade at Bow. They had cautioned the Comrs for duties on salt as to the petitioner. Dated 18 Nov. 1702.
The petition and four other papers. 8 pages and 2 halves.
Nov. 18. 76. Observations on the Stamp Office.
Minuted:—“18 Nov. 1702. The Comrs stamp duty to be here next Monday morning at 9.”
“Lett an extract of all these articles (except those marked) be sent to ye Comrs to make answer.” 3 pages.
Nov. 20
and 30.
77. “New York in America. An acct containing the charge and discharge of Her Mtys revenue, commencing the 10th of June 1702, and ending 24th of the same month. Caleb Heathcote, Thomas Wenham, Peter Fauconneir, Esqrs, Commrs of Her Matys revenue.”
Certified by A. D'Peyster, deputy auditor, on 20 Nov. 1702, and countersigned by Lord Cornbury.
Also another acct. of the same revenues from 24 June 1702 to 29 Sept. Certified 30 Nov. 1702. 12 pages.
Nov. 20. 78. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of George Mason of Bristol, merchant, as to money fraudulently obtained by the petitioner and then in litigation. Dated 20 Nov. 1702.
Also the petition.
Minuted:—“23d Novr 1702. My Lord doth not thinke fitt to interfere in this matter.” 3 pages.
Nov. 20. 79. Letter of J. Burchett (Admiralty) to Mr. Lowndes. His Royal Highness had sent orders to the lieut. of the Somerset on board the galleon at Erith, &c. Dated 20 Nov. 1702.
Also letter from the Comrs of the Prize Office to Mr. Lowndes, and extracts from letters as to the plundered goods. 11 pages.
Nov. 21. 80. Methods proposed for the improvement of St James' Park in pursuance of Her Majesty's command, that it might be kept more private and in better order than it had been for some years past, viz., the doors and passages through the park to be only so many as Her Majesty thought fit. Persons to be appointed at the doors, and no dogs or rude people to be let into the park. Also a restraint upon the riding or “carting about the park,” and no more coaches allowed to pass through than Her Majesty should order. The water to be kept of such a height that the trees that grow near be not damaged, as they had been of late years. A servant to be kept, to wear the Queen's badge or coat, to look after the sentries, for it had often been observed that the sentries never performed their duty long, so that there was not any dependence on them. The trees to be pruned, &c. Dated 21 Nov. 1702.
Also two estimates of works to be performed about the same. 5 pages.
Nov. 21.]
81. Petition of John Felton, Esq., high sheriff of Montgomery, to the Queen. The petitioner was under a penalty of 500l. for not making a return of the writ for electing members of parliament for that county. Half the penalty belonged to the person suing him, and half to Her Majesty; praying Her Majesty to remit her part.
Referred to the Lord High Treasurer on 21 Nov. 1702.
Minuted:—“To be layd before ye Queen.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. XI., p. 290, 8 Dec. 1702, is a minute that the prayer of the petition was granted.
Also a certificate that the informer was content to stay all further proceedings. 2 pages.
Nov. 23. 82. “A view of the gross produce of Her Maties revenue in Ireland in the two Quartrs enđ at Michaelmas 1701 & 1702.” Signed, “W. Burgh, Accompt Genl.” Dated 23 Nov. 1702. 1 page.
Nov. 24. 83. Memorial about Mr. Mardock's seizure of money on board the Eaton frigate bound for India, for liberty to pay the money into the Exchequer. Dated 24 9bre 1702.
Minuted:—“Order'd.” 1 page.
Nov. 24. 84. Memorandum touching the Custom House money at Bristol. Signed, Jo. Sansom, Junr. Dated 24 Nov. 1702. 1 page.
Nov. 24. 85. Memorial of the Commrs of Customs on the memorial of two searchers of London, as to a notorious fraud in an entry of French salt. Dated 24 Nov. 1702.
Also the memorial.
Minuted:—“My Lord will speak to ye Comrs of salt dutys.” 3 pages.
Nov. 24. 86. Earl of Ranelagh's and Mr. Blathwayt's report on the memorial of the troop of Grenadr Guards, as to respites. Dated 24 Nov. 1702.
Minuted:—“To be layd before ye Q.” 1 page.
Nov. 24. 87. Report of Sir Edw. Northey to the Lord High Treasurer against the manner of importation of certain goods.
Also report of the Comrs of Customs and the petition of a master of a ship from Lisbon. Dated 24 Nov. 1702.
Minuted:—“This cannot be granted. Shew Mr Attorney's report to the partys.” 3 pages.
Nov. 24.]
88. Petition of Philibert D'heruart, Baron D'heuninguen, late Envoy Extraordinary from their Majesties to the Swiss Cantons. A few days after the arrival of the King in England he was sent into Switzerland, and served there from 15 June 1689 till 24 Nov. 1702, and there were due to him 3,774l.
Also two memoranda of particulars of what was due to him. 3 pages.
[? About
Nov. 25.]
89. Memorial of Maynhard, Duke of Schonburg & Leinster. His late Majesty had granted him a warrant for 1,000l. per ann. His Grace had delayed passing a patent for the same, in hopes to have had a patent for the 1,000l. and the 4,000l. both in one, with a clause for the same to be to him and his heirs general; whereas in the present patent for the 4,000l., it was to the Duke and his heirs male, only; but before it could be perfected the King died; praying for a warrant for the 1,000l. per ann., in such manner as is in Her Majesty's power to grant.
Minuted:—“25th Nov. 1702. To be laid before ye Queen.” 1 page.
Nov. 27. 90. Report of the Comrs of Customs touching frauds on the salt duties. Dated 27 Nov. 1702.
Two papers relating thereto. 3 pages and 2 halves.
Nov. 28. 91. Copy of a letter from Thomas Fowler to the Comrs of Customs. Yesterday there were five French sloops off that place; two came to anchor, and the other three took a ship, supposed to be Dutch, and one went off with the ship for France; the other two pursued a ketch and a pink over the head. One of those at anchor “got out a waft on his antient staff,” and sent his boat out full of men to the shore; but when they came nigh and saw the writer and others on the cliff, went off. About sunset a man-of-war came over Beachy head and fired several guns at them; but the night came on. When the weather was calm the coast was seldom without them. The constable had several times assisted, with some men, to hinder them from committing any ill-practice on the shore. Dated, Bourne, 28 Nov. 1702. 1 page.
Nov. 28. 92. Report of the Earl of Ranelagh [to the Lord High Treasurer] on the petition of several clothiers, as to payment of the off-reckonings. Dated 28 Nov. 1702. 3 pages.
Nov. 30.]
93. Extracts of letters in relation to plunder at Port St Mary and Vigo.
Minuted:—“Read 30 Nov. 1702.”
A letter and inclosure to Mr Lowndes on the same subject. 21 pages.
Nov. 94. Account of goods imported from Pennsylvania from Christmas 1699 to Novr 1702. 3 pages.