Volume 166: November 2-30, 1713

Pages 521-528

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 4, 1708-1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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November 2–30, 1713

Nov. 2.
1. The Earl of Peterborough to the Lord [High Treasurer]. The Queen having ordered two men above the establishment in each troop of his regiment to be continued in pay, the Secretary-at-War required a particular order from his Lordship. Dated Nov. 2, 1713.
Minuted:—“6 Nov. 1713. Signifye the Q's p~l to Sec[reta]ry-at- Warr.”
Again:—“Workes Est.” 1 page.
Nov. 2. 2. Report of the Attorney General (Northey) “on the affaire of marine respits & the cause now depending in Chancery about ye same.” Dated 2 Nov. 1713. 4 pages.
Nov. 2. 3. Postmasters General (Frankland and Evelyn) to the Hon. Thomas Harley, Esq. Had entered into agreements with persons (who for many years, during the late war, behaved themselves faithfully in the service of the packet boats on the Falmouth, Harwich, and Dover Stations) to build and provide the five boats required. They also agreed that in the meanwhile, the captains should carry on the correspondence by hired boats. Four of the new boats were nearly ready, and a fifth would be as soon as the intercourse between England and France should be opened. It would not be in their power to make any alterations in the agreements they had entered into. Dated General Post Office, 2 Nov. 1713.
Minuted:—“11 Novr 1713. A case of Mr Walkers read at same time and ordered to Postmrs.” 1½ pages.
Nov. 3. 4. Report of Thomas Andrews and Nicholas Terrell to the Lord High Treasurer, in answer to his Lp's commands to them to extract from the Port Books in the Remembrancer's office the value of the exports and imports between England and France, from Michaelmas 1662 to Michaelmas 1663, and from the same feast 1665 to 1666. They give the following account of the books and place of deposit:—
“There are three rooms in the Remembrancer's office in the Court of Exchequer wherein the said books were contained; vizt. one a large ground room under part of the Court of Exchequer of about 14 yards long and 8 broad, the floor whereof was all cover'd for above two feet deep with loose parchment books, bonds, and papers, all in the utmost confusion; several of which parchment books near the bottom were totally rotted, and even grown of a peice with the boards on the floor. In order to give your Lordp the best account that possibly could be had of them, we caused the parchment books which were sound to be picked out from the bonds and loose papers, and to be carried up into an empty room behind the said court, where we examined them book by book, and laid those for the service required in order, according to the respective years they belonged unto. Wee then proceeded to look into two upper rooms behind the Court of Exchequer, which are each of about 18 yards long and 5 wide, the first whereof contain'd on one side, several books for the port of London from the year 1660 placed in presses; the other side of the room from the one end to the other for above a yard deep, and the further end above two yards deep, was covered with books from the out ports, promiscuously heaped together in the greatest disorder, all which wee carefully examined likewise book by book, and placed them for the years required with those which were set apart for the same service. The other room adjoyning to the former was cover'd with books, bonds, and papers, about two feet deep, like that on the ground floor, which upon examination wee found to consist generally of those of very antient dates from K. Henry the 7th to the end of K. Charles 1st, and that none appear'd to be there of any date since the Restauration.” If the books had been perfect no certain account of the imports from any distinct country could have been collected from them; and it was their misfortune that they could not make an extract of the exports and imports between England and France for the years required. Dated Custom House, London, 3 Nov. 1713.
A list of the books and other particulars about them.
Minuted:—“To Sr Chr. Wren to send an estimate of ye charge of presses, &c. L~re writ to Andrews & Terrell.” 5 large pages.
Nov. 3. 5. Commrs of Ordnance to the Lord High Treasurer. Had consulted with Brigadier Richards, chief engineer of Great Britain, from whose report, which they enclosed, it appeared that no part of the land surveyed by her Majesty's Comrs for the fortifications at Portsmouth, Chatham, and Harwich was requisite to be purchased. Dated Office of Ordnance, 3 Nov. 1713.
Minuted:—“To be sent to ye Comrs of enquiry when ye Comon is passed.”
The report named. 2¼ pages.
Nov. 3. 6. Report of the Secretary-at-War (Francis Gwyn) to Mr Lowndes, as to a proposition for re-admitting several of the invalid out-pensioners lately discharged, whose misery had moved her Majesty's compassion. The charge would amount to 11,908l. 2s. 6d. a year, for which a proposition should be made to Parliament. Dated Whitehall, 3 Nov. 1713.
The second minute on the back is:—
“5 Nov. 1713. No advertisemt but such as shall apply & be found qualifyed to be re-admitted. A separate list to be made of them & their pay.” 2 pages.
Nov. 3. 7. Comrs of Ordnance to Charles Eversfield, Esq., as to the payment of certain gunners at Barbadoes. Dated Office of Ordnance, 3 Nov. 1713.
Minuted:—“6 Novr 1713. See wt has been writ to Commrs Trade abt this affair.” 1 page.
Nov. 3. 8. Saml Lynn to Mr Lowndes. Transmits an account of the number of marines disbanded and paid off since the peace. Dated 3 Nov. 1713. 1 page.
Nov. 4. 9. Certificate from the Jewel Office of plate delivered to the Lord Dartmouth. Dated 4 Nov. 1713.
Minuted:—“To be laid before ye Q.” Again:—“Dec. 29, 1713. Queen allows it.—Wt signd.” 1 page.
Nov. 4. 10. Report of the Comrs of the Navy to Mr Lowndes on the bills of exchange of Mr Edmonds not yet accepted. They can say little more than they said in their letter of 18 May last, which was found among his (Edmonds's) papers and returned herewith, it being entered in their office, as all other letters are. The acceptance of the bills depends on the Lord High Treasurer or the Lords of the Admiralty. Mr Edmonds has not complied with his agreement for exchange. If the money be appointed they will pay the bills. Send a list of all the bills of exchange unaccepted. The accounts in the office which the long war has left in arrear are very numerous. Dated Navy Office, 4 Nov. 1713.
Minuted:—“17 Nov. 1713. An acct to distinguish how much supplyed in money & how much in stores. Fenwill says impossible for him to make, but that ye Commrs Navy may do it from the accts returned.”
The letter of 18 May and the list. 8 pages.
Nov. 4. 11. A paper docquetted:—“Concerning the pensions of his late Royal Highness the Prince's his foreign servants. R. Nov. 4, 1713, from Mr de Plessen.” Marked, “Obsolete.” The names are given, and the total was 7,457l. per ann. 1 page.
[? About
Nov. 5.]
12. Petition of Robert Bedoe to the Lord High Treasurer. Had held the place of keeper of the gates leading out of the Privy Garden into Cannon Row, Westminster, and to the waterside since the year 1690, but had only received his pay to the time of the death of the King. Had continued to look after the gates, through which there was so great a resort, especially in Parliament time, and to keep the same open on committee nights till such time as the committee rose, which was often very late. On making a new establishment for the Treasurer of the Chamber, his allowance was by some mistake left out. Prayed for her Majesty's warrant for the same.
Minuted:—“5 Novr 1713. If he be imployed it is under the housekeeper, and he must pay him.”
There is also a previous petition of his in nearly the same words. 2 pages.
Nov. 5. 13. “Pottomack district,
in Maryland. An acct currant of the 9d p[er] hhd appropriated to the governmt & recd by Mr Dansey, her Majty's receivr of the said district, from the 30 of October 1713 to the 5th of November, anno domini 1713.”
Also another account more in detail. 3 pages.
Nov. 6. 14. Copy of a letter from the Comrs for Licensing Hawkers and Pedlars to Wm Lowndes and Thomas Harley, Esqres, relating to the dismissal, for irregular practices, of Mr Thomas Wells, for several years a riding surveyor. Dated Transport Office, 6 Nov. 1713.
Also copy of a letter from Wells to Mr Lorimer, showing his irregular proceedings. 3 pages.
[? About
Nov. 6.]
15. “Petition and hard case of Charles Palmer,” addressed to the Lord High Treasurer. He and his brother Edward were at their sole expense the projectors for altering the excise on liquors made from coffee, &c. into an impost on the pound weight on dry goods, &c., and expended 1,000l. thereon. Prays for a promised reward of 500l. a year for life and 750l. and upwards expended.
Minuted:—“6 Nov. 1713. My Lord knows nothing of the reward promised of 500li, p[ro] ann., nor anything of his pretensions.” 1 page.
[? About
Nov. 6.]
16. Petition of Thomas Wilkins, late under sheriff of the county of Glamorgan, to the Lord High Treasurer, praying an allowance for his extraordinary expenses in levying an extent against George Howell, Esq., late Receiver General of her Majesty's taxes.
Minuted:—“6 Nov. 1713. To Commrs Taxes.”
Referred to them on the 10th.
The account referred to. 2 pages.
Nov. 7. 17. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer on the memorial of the French Ambassador concerning a French ship seized by the Custom House officers for running brandy. Dated 7 Nov. 1713.
Two papers relating thereto. 3 pages.
Nov. 7. 18. “An estimate of new makeing a road of 1,000 foot long & 25 fot wide betwene ye Themes & ye nue designed wall & iron worke at ye lower end of ye nue plantation now makeing on ye north side of ye castle of Windsor, p[er] Michll Studholme, Novr ye 7th 1713.” ½ page.
Nov. 10. 19. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lord High Treasurer, sending an account of all pensions payable at that office out of the hereditary and temporary excise. Dated 10 Nov. 1713.
The account named. The following were the pensions:—The Duke of Northumberland, 3,000l.; the Duke of Cleveland, 3,000l.; the Duke of Grafton, 2,000l.; and the Duchess Dowager of Grafton, 1,000l. per annum. 2 pages.
Nov. 10. 20. Pensions payable out of the Post Office and paid to Midsummer 1713, viz., to the Dukes of Northumberland and Grafton, 4,700l.; to Henry Earl of Rochester, 4,000l.; the Duke of Schomberg, 4,000l.; the Duke of Marlborough, 5,000l.; Lord Harcourt, Lord Chancellor, 4,000l. Other pensions paid by the Postmaster of Edinburgh, viz., to the university of Edinburgh, 210l., and the professors of Glasgow, 210l. Dated Post Office, 10 Nov. 1713. 1 page.
Nov. 11. 21. “Salt Commrs presentmt [to the Ld High Treasurer] for the suspending for two years the deduction of three pence in the pound out of the officers' salaries towards the Bank of Charity, there being money enough in stock to serve for that time.” Dated Salt Office, 11 Novr 1713.
Minuted:—“13 Novr 1713. To consider whether this surplus mo may not be applyed to ease wt is allowed the offrs for taxes.” 1 page.
[? About
Nov. 13.]
22. Memorial of John Cartlitch to the Lord High Treasurer. Had delivered to the Mint several parcels of fine gold to make the medals her Majesty had directed for both houses of Parliament. Sir Isaac Newton agreed to pay 4l. 9s. per ounce, ready money, being 1s. per ounce less than the same was generally sold for in the shops. Gold and silver were always sold for ready money, and his agreement was for the same. Prayed for interest at 6 per cent. from 13 July last on 2,632l. 10s.
—“13 Novr 1713. To Sr Isaac Newton.” 1 page.
Nov. 13. 23. Officers of Works to the Lord High Treasurer, laying before him “a state of the debts incurr'd & due to the Office of her Majt's Works between Christmas 1709 and June 1713.” As to the particulars, which appeared to be done without warrant from the Ld Chamberlain or Treasury, the Queen had given verbal orders, &c. Dated 13 Nov. 1713. 3 pages.
[? About
Nov. 13.]
24. Petition of the commanders of the packet boats between Harwich and Holland to the Lord High Treasurer, praying to be allowed two more men to each boat, as their complement was so small that it would be impossible in bad weather to weigh their anchors, sail the vessels, or land the mails with safety.
Minuted:—“13 Nov. 1713. To Postmars. A wt signed.”
Referred to Postmasters General on 10 Dec. 1713. 1¼ pages.
[? About
Nov. 13.]
25. Memorial of George French and Richard Oglethorp, gent., to the Lord High Treasurer, praying for speedy redress of the hardship they suffered in not being supplied by the Government, being sent hither from the West Indies.
Minuted:—“13 Nov. 1713. To know wt they recd from Douglass.” 1 page, quarto.
Nov. 14. 26. Report of the Officers of Works to the Lord High Treasurer, as to the quantity and value of the lead taken off the Savoy, over the barracks now built for 500 soldiers. There were 76 tons 18 cwts. sold for 692l. 2s. Dated 14 9ber 1713. 1 page.
Nov. 14. 27. Auditor's state of the account of Launcelot Burton, Lionel Herne, Samuel Edwards, and John Granger, Esqres, receivers under the Act for licensing hackney coaches, &c., and charging new duties on stamped vellum. Signed E. Harley. Dated 14 Nov. 1713. 2 pages.
Nov. 17. 28. Memorial of Wm Dennison, officer in her Majesty's Customs at Edinburgh and Leith, to the Lord High Treasurer. Was well descended, and recommended by Lord Bingley and others of quality, for his loyalty, and was thereupon made an extraordinary riding waiter at Preston Pans: was further recommended by letter of Lionel Norman of 4 Nov. 1713. Prays to be provided for. Dated 17 Nov. 1713.
The letter referred to. 4 pages.
Nov. 17. 29. Memorial of John Anstis to the Lord High Treasurer about the printing the 16th vol. of the Fœdera, praying for an order and warrant for the money for the same. Dated 17 Nov. 1713.
Also the items of the expense amounting to 642l. 17s., and an affidavit of William Bowyer as to the printing of the 15th vol. 3 pages.
Nov. 18.
30. “An account of cash pd to such non-commissioned officers and soldrs of Col. Cha. Churchill's regt as marines, who appear'd at musters the 18th Novr 1713, and were effective the 24th March 1712–3.”
Minuted:—“10 Dec. 1713. Read. The Commrs to speak with Mr Hawes & consider wt will be sufficient for disbanding the two regts in Kent. 1 page.
Nov. 18. 31. Petition of James Nasmith, her Majesty's falconer for Scotland, to the Lord High Treasurer. Has enjoyed the office for 30 years. Prays his Lp's continued goodness to him, that he may be put on the list as formerly, his commission having been stopped at the Exchequer at Edinburgh.
“R. Novr 18, 1713.” 1 page.
[? About
Nov. 19.]
32. Petition of Edmund Williamson, gent., to the Lord High Treasurer. Was appointed a Comr to state the debts of the late reign. The account was returned into the Treasury by the late Mr Gregory King and Mr Willm Van Brugh without the signature of the petitioner, because debts were included to which he could not agree. Was considerably out of pocket by the commission Prayed that his three years' service might be considered out of the 500,000l. granted by Parliament.
Minuted:—“Read 19 Novr 1713. Mr Lowndes to consider wt services he did, & what may be a proper reward for him.”
There are also two other minutes, which show very little more. 1 page.
Nov. 19. 33. Memorial of the Comrs of Chelsea Hospital to the Lord High Treasurer. Draw attention to various alterations proposed in the establishment of the hospital. Hope his Lordship will approve of the establishment as prepared by them. Signed. Dated Whitehall, 19 Nov. 1713. 2½ pages.
Nov. 19. 34. Memorial of Thomas Moore to the Lord High Treasurer, referring to two other memorials, enclosed, of 6 and 11 Nov., as to half-pay. Dated Pay Office, 19 Nov. 1713.
Minuted:—“4 Xber 1713. Mr Merrill to be here on Tuesday, & this to be then considered.”
There are also two abstracts of the charge of half-pay. 7 pages.
Nov. 20. 35. Report of the Postmasters General (Frankland and Evelyn) to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of James Jobson and on the case of Mr Walker, touching the furnishing and maintaining of packet boats on the [Dover station]. They (the postmasters) were strangers to the meaning of the petitioner Jobson that he was kept in suspense, and that he suffered in maintaining three vessels for her Majesty's service. His reflections on account of Mr Pybus and another were malicious, for Mr Pybus had no vote for a member of Parliament, nor had the other (Mr Waddington) any vote. They were young men brought up to the sea, and were very capable to command packet boats. According to Mr Walker's reasoning his second proposal ought to have been rather advanced than lowered. It was judged that the boats on the Dover and Calais stations should not be less than 40 tons. Dated 20 Nov. 1713. [Part of this is torn away.]
Minuted:—“3 Dec. Read and approved.”
The two papers referred to. 4 pages.
Nov. 20. 36. Report of the Comrs of the Navy to the Secretaries of the Treasury concerning Mr Edmonds's bills of exchange unaccepted. Dated Navy Office, 20 Nov. 1713.
Petition of the above Benjamin Edmonds, a previous report, two lists of bills, also copy of an earlier report, and another list of bills of exchange. 12 pages.
Nov. 21. 37. Report of N. Arnold, Thomas Railton, and Natha[niel] Collins, Justices of the Peace, to the Lord High Treasurer. They had examined as many of the serjeants' widows as came before them, and it did not appear that they were widows of men killed in her Majesty's service, nor had they any reasonable pretence to receive her Majesty's bounty. They appeared to the justices to be imposters, but were dismissed on promising to give no further trouble. Dated 21 Nov. 1713.
Other reports of Wm Sloper and J. Merrill, and the petition of the 16 widows.
There are three minutes on the back: the second refers the case to the Justices of the Peace, and the last is:—“10 Xber 1713. Read, & the conduct of these gentl. approved.” 4 pages.
Nov. 21. 38. Comrs for disbanding the marine regiments to the Secretaries of the Treasury. Enclose memorial of Col. Charles Churchill. They believed the facts therein. According to the present disposition of the inhabitants of the place, it would be hardly possible for him to march until 1,246l. 7s. 1d. were paid. Dated Exeter, 21 Nov. 1713.
“Answer'd 24th do.”
The case of the memorialist and copy of a letter from W. Wyndham to the mayor of Exeter, authorising the officers to give assignments on the Paymaster General. 3¼ pages.
Nov. 23. 39. A proposal to lay a duty as well on all glass wares made in Great Britain as on those imported. Signed, “Morg. Jones.”
He says that the glass works were then brought to greater perfection than in any other part of Europe. Dated Nov. 23, 1713. 1 page.
Nov. 23. 40. Copy of report of the Comrs of the Navy to [? Mr Lowndes], sending lists of her Majesty's ships paid off, numbers of men, &c. Dated Navy Office, 23 Nov. 1713. 21 pages.
Nov. 24. 41. Pat. Garden to —. As to the objection that might be made in Captain Briscoe's case. The objection was that Col. Handasyde did not know whether Capt. Briscoe had ever received a valuable consideration for his company or no. Dated Nov 24, 1713.
Report of the Duke of Ormonde to the Lord [High Treasurer] as to the half-pay on the establishment in Ireland, of Captain Temple Briscoe.
The petition of Captain Briscoe, and two letters relating thereto. 5 pages, 3 halves.
Nov. 24. 42. Lord Lieut. of Ireland (Shrewsbury) to the Lord High Treasurer. The facts of the memorial of Col. Wentworth Harman were true, as to the clothing of the company of Battle-axe guards. Desires his Lp to move her Majesty for a warrant for 740l. for the same. Dated Dublin Castle, 24 Nov. 1713.
Minuted:—“Prepare a wt.”
The petition. 3 pages.
28 or 29.
43. “The state of my proceedings in relation to severall lycences granted by the Court of Exchequer for compositions from the third day of July 1713 to the last day of Micħas terme following inclusive,” [i.e., 28 or 29 Nov.]. Signed “Charles Harison.” 4 large pages.
Nov. 30. 44. Warrant to the Master of the Great Wardrobe for delivery of scarlet cloth to Alice Blizard, herb strewer to her Majesty. Dated 30 Nov. 1713. 1 page.
Nov. 45. “Report of the Officers of her Majesty's Exchequer upon a reference from my Lord Treasurer to them upon a petition of the Officers of the Mint in Scotland:” viz., as to 12d. in the pound detained from them by the Auditor, Clerk of the Pells, and Tellers out of 600l. paid to them lately at the Exchequer out of the coinage duty. The officers observe that by the ancient custom of the Exchequer, they had detained 12d. per pound for salaries, and 6d. per pound for incidents, and they conceived it was their right so to do, &c. Dated Exchequer, Nov. 1713. 1 page.