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Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 4, 1708-1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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Kairminnow, the lands of; cli. 8.

Kair Shephardhaugh, lands and miln of; clxiii. 19.

Kane, Col., his regiment; cxxxii. 5.

-, -, Lieut.-Governor at Mahon; clxii. 49; clxv. 12.

-, -, condition of the troops lying at Barcelona; cliv. 16.

-, Richard, as to subsistence for the island of Minorca; clvi. 3.

Katherine, late Queen, Lord Chamberlain of the household of; cxiv. 44.

Kay, or Kaye, Josiah, H.M. locksmith, petition; cxxvii. 27; cxxxv. 50.

Kaye, Sir Arthur, as to Mr. Gowland; clxii. 50.

Keasey, Richard, a serjeant, death of; cxliv. 47.

-, -, his widow, petition; cxlvi. 44.

Keating, John; cxvii. 33.

-, Dr. Michael, physician to the hospital of Gibraltar, petition; clxi. 27.

Keble, John, proposal to make potashes and salt in New Jersey; cviii. 15.

Keigwin, Robert, of Mowsehole, gent., petition; cxxxiv. 32.

Keirie, Charles, deceased, lands in Down; cxlv. 5.

Keith, Mr. William, petition; clxv. 27.

Kelley, or Kelly, Jeremiah, contracting brewer at Deal with the Commissioners of Victualling; cxxix. 3; cxxxix. 8, 49.

Kello; cxxiii. 28.

Kelly, , makes charges of fraud; cxliii. 41.

Kemp, Major, in command of marines; cxiv. 18.

Kempthorne, Capt. Thomas, commander of H.M. ship Burford, burnt an enemy's ship, memorial; cxlvi. 36.

Kennebeck, the river, land seized by the French; clxii. 15.

Kennedy, Sir Andrew, grant of office of conservator and resident set aside; cxli. 4.

-, -, salary of the conservator of the Scots' privileges in the Netherlands, petition; clxviii. 7.

-, Sir William, estate forfeited by; clxiv 26.

-, D., secretary to the Duke of Ormonde; cli. 19.

Kensington; cxxxiv. 30.

-, attendance on Her Majesty at; cv. 52.

-, Court of, at variance with that of St. James'; clxxix. 3.

-, Earl of Portland at; clxxvi. 17.

-, Gardens, &c.; clix. 42; clxxix. 39.

-, guard rooms at; clix. 12.

-, mews at; cxlvii. 39.

-, palace at; clxv. 19.

-, park at, inclosures made from; clxi. 38.

-, Road, repair of; cxlix. 34.

-, stables at, H.M.; cxxxv. 7.

-, works at; cvii. 3; cxxxv. 32; clxiv. 37.

Kent, Walter, Esq., sheriff of Surrey, petition; cl. 9.

-, H.M. ship, forced ashore in Firestone Bay; cxxvi. 4.

-, co. of, certificate from Members of Parliament, &c. in favour of Joshua Paramor; clxxiii. 5.

-, -, justices of the peace of, petition; cliii. 19.

-, -, land tax and house duty for; cxxxix. 45.

-, -, -, in, commissioners, for, complaint of; cxxxvi. 18.

-, -, receiver general for; cxv. 34; cxlix. 10.

-, marines disbanded in; clxvi. 30.

-, -, in, subsistence; cxxiii. 44.

-, Marquis of; cix. 47.

-, -, Lord Chamberlain; cv. 18, 52; cvi. 32; cxiii. 3; cxiv. 36; cxx. 26.

-, shore of, cocoa-nuts run on; cxvi. 8.

Kentish, Richard, petition; cxxiv. 10.

Keon, Christopher, of London, merchant, proposal for victualling Gibraltar and Minorca; clii. 42.

Ker, Collector William, brother to the Duke of Roxburgh, lands of Oxnamside; cxxxv. 15.

Kerby, or Kirby, Mr. Thomas, betrayed General Parke, &c.; cxliv. 19; clxv. 11; clxvii. 16.

Kerr, Col., dragoon regiment, as to pay; clxxviii. 44.

-, -, his regiment disbanded; clxxvi. 16.

-, Lord Mark; clxxiv. 30.

-, -, his regiment; cvi. 57; cxvi. 32; cxxi. 81; clxv. 8.

-, Lieut.-Col. Robert, served 40 years in Lord Orkney's royal regiment of foot, memorial; cxlix. 29.

-, Col. William, difference between English and Irish pay; clxxvii. 12.

Kew Green, a common, as to grant by court roll; cxlviii. 10; clix. 29.

-, hamlet of, within the parish of Kingston-upon-Thames, chapel of ease on Kew Green, petition; cxlviii. 10; clix. 29.

Keys, , concerned in the assassination plot; clxxv. 6.

Keysham, Mr., a Barbadoes merchant, bills of commissioners for sick and wounded; cliii. 9.

Kidd the pirate; cxxxiii. 62.

Kidder, Mr., assay master in Ireland; clxxv. 16.

Killaloe, bishop of, memorial on behalf of; clxxix. 30.

Killesell, part of the Earl of Clancarty's estate; cxxxviii. 50.

Killigrew, Col.; cxlvi. 43.

-, Mr.; cxxxviii. 41.

-, Martin, Esq., complains of removal of the station of the Lisbon packet boats; cv. 25, 32.

-, Thomas, Esq., ground at Whitehall; cxxi. 77.

-, Charles, Esq., son of Thomas, petition; cxxi. 77; cxxii. 49.

-, William, Esq., a debtor, shelters himself in the verge of the court; cvii. 30.

Killykihan more and Killykehan begg, the lands of; clxxii. 33.

Kilmainham, the bridge of, over the Liffey, water mills, &c.; clxxv. 10.

Kincarden, or Kincardine, Alexander, the Earl of, with K. Charles II. in exile, contracted debts, &c., lent money to the king; cxix. 7.

-, Earl of, father of Thomas Bruce, memorial; cxxxv. 22.

-, -, pension; cx. 62.

-, lands and tenendry of; clxvii. 10.

Kineir, David, clerk, vicar of Chertsey, petition; cxxxiii. 41.

King, Col., fortifications for Gibraltar; clix. 1.

King David, the ship, seized at Portsmouth; cxvii. 6.

King, Gregory, Esq., secretary to the general officers appointed to regulate the army clothing; cv. 20; cviii. 27; cl. 5; cli. 54; clxvi. 32.

-, James, Esq., son of Lord Kingston, allowance to; cviii. 19.

-, Sir Peter; cxv. 44.

-, Thomas, receipt signed by; clxxvi. 25.

-, Street; cxvi. 48.

-, -, Covent Garden; cxxi. 52.

Kingdon, Mrs. Theodosia, her lodge in the New Forest, petition; clxxvi. 5.

Kinghorn, Earl of. See Strathmore, Earl of.

Kings Cliff, the manor of, in the co. of Northampton; cxxiv. 57.

Kingsmore, near Dartmouth, poor sailors of, petition; cxii. 51.

Kingston, Earl of; cxxiii. 19.

-, John Lord Baron of, petition; cxxxvii. 59.

Kingston-upon-Thames, in the co. of Surrey; cxlviii. 10; clix. 29.

Kinnaird, or Kinard, Charles, Esq., respecting trustees for the heir of John, late Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorn, &c.; clxi. 10; clxxiii. 2.

Kinneir, Sir Andrew, his petition; cxxii. 69.

Kinnoull, Thomas Earl of, the 4 per cent. customs of Barbadoes and Leeward Isles, petition; cxxxi. 53.

Kinsale; clxxviii. 21.

-, arrival of five East India ships at; cxvi. 37.

-, lieutenant-governor of; cxlix. 12.

-, service of commissioners for sick and wounded ceased at; clv. 11.

-, yard, stores carried to; cxx. 50.

Kirkcaldy, collector of; cxxv. 18; cxxvii. 37.

-, port of; cvi. 37.

-, -, inquiry into frauds at; cli. 15.

-, presbytery of, refuse to allow H.M. presentation to the living of Bruntisland; clxxv. 45.

-, salt pans at; clxxii. 3.

Kirkcudbright, the stewartry of; cli. 8; clxiii. 22.

Kirkstall Ing, in co. of York, as to lease; cxxxi. 20.

Kirkwood, Alexander, clerk to the Burrow rolls of Scotland; cxix. 14.

Knackston, John, asks to be made collector of Whitby; clviii. 48.

Knatchbull, Mr.; cxiii. 33.

Kneller, Sir Godfrey, H.M. principal painter; cxxi. 23.

Knight, Humphrey, surveyor of duties on houses for the co. of Hertford; clx. 14.

-, Joseph; cvii. 26.

-, -, waste lands in Ireland, memorial; cvii. 36.

-, Robert, South Sea House; clxii. 55; clxv. 4.

Knipe, Sir Ranalph, joint owner of the Yarmouth, petition; cxx. 50.

Kocherthall, Joshua de, evangelical minister, and other Lutherans from the Lower Palatinate, in Germany; cvii. 10.

Kourakin, Prince, minister from the Czar of Muscovy; cxxxi. 8; cxxxiii. 48.

Kupuis, William, native of the province of Utrecht, naturalised in Jamaica; clxxii. 56.

-, Johanna, widow, petition; clxxii. 56.

Kuremond; clxvii. 2.

Kynaston, Mr. J.; cxxxiii. 73.