Volume 181: October 2-November 15, 1714

Pages 13-24

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 5, 1714-1719. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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October 2–November 15, 1714

Oct. 2.]
1. Petition of Charles Dering, Esq., to the King. Obtained a warrant from her late Majesty to exchange the lives of John Champante and Robert Curtis, Esqres, joint patentees for the office of Auditor of the Imprest in the Kingdom of Ireland for the lives of his two sons Edward and Henry Dering, but her Majesty died before he passed it under the great seal of Ireland; praying his Majesty's warrant.
Minuted:—“Warrt signed 2d Octobr 1714. 1 page, quarto.
Oct. 4. 2. Lords of the Admiralty to the Lord Viscount Townsend. Relating to the furnishing of the garrison of Gibraltar with provisions. Furnishing provisions to the garrison is entirely remote from the navy, and Parliament has made no provision for it. Send copy of the orders given to the Comrs for Victualling to furnish the provisions, that his Majesty may signify his pleasure whether the Spanish inhabitants in Gibraltar shall be victualled in like manner as the officers and soldiers in garrison. Admiralty Office, 4 Oct. 1714.
Five enclosures. 11 pages.
Oct. 8. 3. “The accounts of the cost of a present from his Majesty to the Emperor of Morocco. 8th October 1714.”
They probably included one or more papers not now united. This is merely an invoice of four bales of cloth. 1 page.
Oct. 11. 4. Memorial of the Hon. Major Thomas Caulfield, Lieut.-Governor of the garrison of Annapolis Royal, to the Lord High Treasurer, praying for consideration, in being so long without pay, and for having pawned his credit for support of the forces. Encloses copy of—
“An account of wooding and other contingent charges of this his Majesty's garrison of Annapolis Royal, paid by the Honble Major Thomas Caulfield, Lieut.-Governor, from Nov. the 7th 1713 to May the 1st 1714. Annapolis Royal, 11th 8ber 1714.” 5 pages.
Oct. 12. 5. Mr Carkesse to William Lowndes, Esq., Secretary to the Comrs of the Treasury, in respect to a title to be made out to Dr Ratcliff of houses and lands (under extent) of Mr Edward Carlton, at Cashalton, and for allowing officers a moiety of their seizures. Custom House, London, 12 Oct. 1714. 1 page.
July 30 and
Oct. 13.]
6. Petition of Charles Godolphin, Esq., to the Lord High Treasurer. Served the Crown 23 years in the commission of the Customs without any just reproach, and made no advantage but his regular salary. When he could no longer do the public any service he petitioned to be discharged, which her Majesty allowed, expressing her special satisfaction with his services. Was not a little surprised to find his legal salary struck off by a stretch of the late Lord Treasurer's pleasure before the new commission passed the seal, which was unprecedented. Asks how it was done, and whether he deserved any such rigorous treatment.
Minuted:—“Granted to be paid from X~mas to 17th May, the date of the new Comon.” 1 page.
[? Between
July and
Oct. 13.]
7. J. Addison to his Grace the Lord Treasurer, for the issue by the Paymaster-General of 200l. to Captain Monroe, “M.P. for Scotland,” who was on his departure thither upon business that required the utmost despatch.
Docquetted:—“Mr Addison. 200l. advance to Coll. Monro, on accot of cleargs to ye Regt of Orkney.” 1 page.
[? After
Oct. 13.]
8. Memorandum in the following terms:—“Ld Shrewsbury told me twas his Matie's pleasure that the Lds Morley, Willoughby, Evers, Culpeper shou'd have somthing given them in present till his Matie was ready to make some competent provision for their maintenance.”
In the docquet there is:—“For his Matie's pleasure therein.” 4 lines.
[After Oct.
9. Petition of Edward Strong, senior, and Edward Strong, junior, masons, to the Lords of the Treasury. There is an arrear of 7,314l. 16s. 4d. due to the petitioners for materials and work at Blenheim House. When the building was stopped the petitioners applied to the Treasury several times but without success. Conceive that the sense of Parliament is that they ought to have been paid in full. Undated. 1 page.
[After Oct.
10. Memorial of Mrs Anna Ramsay, daughter to the deceased Dr Ramsay, late Bishop of Ross, in Scotland, to the Lords of the Treasury. Supported her father and mother on the abolition of episcopacy in Scotland, for which she was ordered 100l. out of the vacant stipends of the churches of Scotland. Afterwards it was to have been paid out of the Equivalent, but the Comrs would not allow it; praying for provision to be made for her. 2 pages.
[After Oct.
11. Memorial to the Lords of the Treasury of Nathaniel Carpenter, in behalf of the regiment of foot, under the command of Major-General Joseph Wightman: praying to be allowed the difference between the English and Irish establishments to the time they landed in Ireland from Fort William in North Britain.
Also an account showing the days on which they landed at Donaghadee. 2 pages.
[? About
Oct. 14.]
12. Memorial of Brigadier Lewis Petit to the Lords of the Treasury, in relation to the debts contracted at Port Mahon for the Government; praying payment, without which he will not be able to go to Port Mahon, where he is commanded to proceed.
Encloses an account of the moneys that remain unpaid upon the Bills of Exchange and notes given by him in connexion with the expenses of the fortifications at Port Mahon.
[Perhaps about 14 Oct. 1714. See Minute Book, Vol. 20, p. 1. Brigadier Petit was to attend on the following morning.] 4 pages.
Oct, 15. 13. Mr Secretary Burchett to Mr Lowndes. The Lords of the Admiralty desire that Mr Lowndes will move the Lords of the Treasury for their orders to the Comrs of Customs to prepare instructions to their officers at the several governments and plantations (in a list annexed) in respect to passes for ships in the plantations trading in the way of the “Argireens.” Admiralty Office, 15 Oct. 1714.
Minuted:—“Wt signed to Comrs Customes, 19th do.” 3 pages.
Oct. 19. 14. Order of Council directing the issuing of one moiety of gold and silver coin exported to the persons seizing the same. Dated 19 Oct. 1714. 2 pages.
[Sept. 18,–Oct. 21.] 15. Certificates by the Duke of Shrewsbury of the admission of the gentlemen and grooms of his Majesty's bedchamber to their offices. Between 18 Sept. and 21 Oct. 1714. 13 pages.
Oct. 22. 16. Report of Auditor E. Harley to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of John Chetwynde, Esq., her late Majesty's Envoy at Turin, for allowances for his services and equipage for the campaign in Piedmont, anno 1711. He claimed, (1) 1,300l. for receiving and paying 273,419l. 15s. 4d., viz., 10s. per cent.; (2) 500l. for his journey to England to make his accounts; (3) 2,083l. 18s. 9d. for maintaining his servants, mules, and horses. 22 Oct. 1714.
Minuted:—“19 Nov. 1714. Read.” 3 pages.
Oct. 22. 17. Comrs of Ordnance to the Lords of the Treasury. Enclose the state of the debt of the office to 30 Sept., amounting to 118,963l. 12s. 1d., with an account of the South Sea Stock, &c., in the Treasurer's hands, and pray for the order of further sums to meet the claims on them. They pray also for money to meet the claims that will be made by owners of lands required for the fortifications.
Minuted:—“3 Oct. 1714. Ordered so much as will redeem the tallys deposited with the Bank out of Lottery money.”
Also the “State of the debt.” 3 pages.
Oct. 22. 18. A state of what is incurred for interest on the tallies and orders deposited with the Bank of England; with the sums due to the Bank for interest of the loans by them advanced on the tallies and orders to the 22 October 1714; likewise the rates at which they may be disposed of. 1½ pages.
[? About
Oct. 22.]
19. Petition of Edward, Earl of Clarendon, to the King. Grants for years were made in King Charles the Second's reign to the late Earl of St. Alban's, or others in trust for him, of lands near St. James's Square. Twenty years of the lease are unexpired, and the houses require rebuilding; prays for a lease thereof for 50 years.
Minuted:—“For a grant of lands. 22 Oct. 1714. Read. To the Surveyor-General for a state of the Bailywick of St, James's.” 1 page.
Oct. 23. 20. Report of the Controllers of the Army to the Lords of the Treasury, on a memorial of the officers of several marine regiments that served in Spain during the time the Earl of Peterborough commanded there, as to an allowance for mules. Controller's Office, Privy Garden, 23 Oct. 1714.
Three other papers on the same subject. 6½ pages.
Oct. 24. 21. A particular of the stoppages to be made in England for the garrisons of Gibraltar and Minorca out of 61 days' subsistence from the 25th August 1714 to 24th October following, inclusive. 3 pages.
Oct. 26.]
22. Petition of Angelo Corticelli and Joseph Como, of London, merchants, and his Majesty's subjects, to the Lords of the Treasury, showing that Mr Luke Justiniano of Genoa stood indebted for 20 years past to the petitioners in about 4,000l. Detailing the steps taken in King William's and Queen Ann's time to obtain payment resulting in the seizure of two Genoese ships by Captain Forbes, which were carried to Port Mahon, on which the Marquis Sauli offered to pay Mr Chetwynd, her Majesty's Envoy at Genoa the debt; provided the ships were released, &c.; praying that a stop may be put to the remittance of the proceeds of the South Sea Stock, which certain trustees of a loan of 180,000l. to her Majesty are directed to sell until the Marquis Sauli has paid the petitioners.
The “case” and a duplicate, the latter minuted:—“26 Oct. 1714, Mr L. to discourse M. Viceti about this, & to acquaint him that my Lords having considered this petn think there is great equity in the petrs case. Their Lo[rdshi]pps recommend it to him that this matter be amicably composed amt themselves without the Governmts interposing in it.”
A report thereon unsigned. There are also various other papers of an earlier date relating to the claim, most of which are enclosures to a letter of “Domco Ma Viceti” on this subject. Dated London, 17 Nov. 1713. 37 pages and 2 halves.
Oct. 26. 23. “A list of the annuity orders after the determination of one and two lives remaining in the hands of Charles Cæsar, Esqre, late Treasurer of his Majesty's navy, with an accot of which of the said lives are fallen into the Government, & the prices they can be disposed of.” 26 Oct. 1714.
Also copies of the two accounts of interest due from the above Treasurer to the Bank made up and stated to 22 October 1714, by Tho. Mercer. 6 pages and 3 halves.
Oct. 26.]
24. Memorial of William Hanbury, Esq., to the Lords of the Treasury. Has had the charge of the Cotton Library ever since it was settled upon the public by his grandfather, Sir John Cotton. The Act securing the purchase of Cotton House to the Crown provides for ways and passages to the library. It being thought convenient to have the kitchen and other conveniences for the Coronation erected in the grounds, Mr Hanbury was informed that the boards and other materials were his perquisites; but Mr Lowndes and Sir Christopher Wren told him they belonged to the Crown. On the day after the Coronation Dr Bently, who has the custody of his Majesty's library in the same house, brought in a number of armed soldiers and seized the materials, worth 500l., and sold them to Mr Wise and another for 120 guineas; and not only denied Mr Hanbury any part thereof, but by force shut him out of the garden and stopped the way to the library from the water gate, the better to carry off the goods. Asks for their Lordships' order thereon.
Minuted:—“26 Oct. 1714. To write to the officers of works to take care to bring these goods into his Maties stores.”
Also some memoranda touching the materials. 1½ pages.
Oct. 26. 25. Copy of a report from the Lords of the Treasury to the Lords of the Council on a report made to her late Majesty by the Comrs of Trade, in relation to the settlement of that part of the Island of St Christopher, which was lately in the possession of the French. Entirely agree with the Comrs of Trade as to the method proposed for selling the lands tothe highest bidder, and for allowing the encouragement to the poorer sort of inhabitants proposed. Have no objection to the restoration of the lands of the French Protestant refugees, which they lost for their religion, whose cases have been reported on. Dated 26 Oct. 1714. [Probably an enclosure to a paper of later date.]
In the Minute Book, Vol. 20, p. 8, is:—“Write to my Lord Presidt that my Lords will be ready with their Report about St Xpophers by Thursda next, if there be a counsel.” 2 pages.
Oct. 26. 26. Memoranda of remains of money at the ports of Chatham, Portsmouth, and Plymouth. 26 Oct. 1714. ½ page.
[? About
Oct. 27.]
27. Petition of Thomas Napleton, of Feversham, Esqre, to the Lords of the Treasury. Was one of the first gentlemen of Kent who took arms for the service of King William, when Prince of Orange, and was for that reason, by name excepted from pardon by King James's Declaration, and has always steadily adhered to the Protestant interest and the Hanoverian succession; prays to be appointed a Comr of the Salt Office, or other offices which he mentions. “Recommended to your Ldsps by me, Rockingham.”
Minuted:—“Read 27 Oct. 1714.” 1 page.
Oct. 27. 28. Report of the Comrs for Taxes to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Sir Biby Lake, Bart., in behalf of himself, the sureties and creditors of Mr Robert Peters, late Receiver-Genl of Hertfordshire, as to the acceptance of a proposal for the payment of the debt of the latter. They think it will be “the most effectual means of ending the same.”—Office for Hides, &c., 27 Oct. 1714.
Seven other documents including previous reports and petitions. 10 pages and 3 halves.
Oct. 27. 29. Memorial of Mr J. Howe to the Lords of the Treasury. Lately subscribed to the Trustees for selling and disposing of all the South Sea Stock belonging to the public, viz., 103,427l. 16s. 11¾d. which he had received, and was just then ready to issue for clearings and off-reckonings to the troops. Has daily representations from the clothiers of their sufferings and disappointment, their creditors requiring immediate payment, &c. Asks for payment. Dated 27 Oct. 1714.
“Read 28 Oct. 1714 v. ye Min. Book [Vol. 20, p. 12].”
The minute referred to is:—“Mr Meriel p[re]sents a meml for 103,427l. 16s. 11¾d. in lieu of ye S. S. stock transferred by Mr How to ye Trustees for sale. He will propose the proporc[i]ons in w[hic]h he would receive it.” 1 page.
Oct. 27. 30. Copy of Order in Council on the petition of Stephen Duport Agent for the Island of St Christopher, in behalf of himself, Mary Maillard, Francis Guychard, and others praying to be considered in the distribution of the French part of the island, and another petition relating to insolencies committed by Irish and French papists residing in that island, which the inhabitants prayed might speedily be redressed; referring the same to the Comrs of Trade to consider and report thereon. Dated 27 Oct. 1714.
Also the copies of seven petitions. 10½ pages.
Oct. 28. 31. Order of Council on a representation of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign parts, relating to the great necessity and want the inhabitants of his Majesty's plantations and colonies in America lie under, for want of Bishops to preside there, for the better foundation of their religion and the more orderly administration of the Holy word and sacrament, and proposing a proper maintenance for them. Referring the representation to the Lords of the Treasury to consider and report thereon. 28 Oct. 1714.
The representation referred to. The Society proposed the appointment of four bishops, (1st) for Barbadoes and the Leeward Islands, (2nd) for Jamaica, with Bahama and Bermuda Islands, (3rd) for the continent at Burlington in New Jersey; the district to extend from the east side of Delaware River to the utmost bounds of his Majesty's dominions eastward, including Newfoundland, and (4th) at Williamsberg in Virginia, the district extending from the west side of Delaware River to the utmost bounds of his Majesty's dominions westward.
Also an extract from the journals of the Society. 5 pages.
Oct. 29. 32. John, Bishop of London to the King. Respecting pensions granted by the Crown to ministers of the Protestant religion out of the kingdom. The Bishops of London have always had the direction of the affairs of the Protestant religion as well in the colonies of America, as elsewhere in foreign countries. Informs his Majesty of the pensions granted by the Crown in hopes of their continuance.
King William gave 20l. to each minister and schoolmaster going to the western colonies, and this was continued by her late Majesty. He also granted, and her late Majesty continued, a pension of 40l. to the British chaplain at Stockholm to take care of the French congregation, the laws of the country not permitting the exercise of their religion otherwise than under the protection of the chapel of the British minister.
Her late Majesty gave 100l. a year to each of the Episcopal ministers at Amsterdam.
In the western colonies there are established salaries, viz.:—The “Commissaire” of Virginia receives annually 100l. from certain imposts there.
The minister of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania 50l. per ann. from the coast trade. The late Queen promised 50l. a year more.
The late Queen ordered the payment of 100l. a year out of the 4½ per cent. appropriated to the Crown in the Island of Montserrat, to Mr Cruckshanks, the minister, in consideration of his losses by the French invasion.
The Assistant Minister at Boston has had a settled salary of 100l. per ann., payable by Mr Nicholas.
The late Queen gave an annual pension of 555l. to the ministers and schoolmasters in the valleys of Piedmont and to the Vaudois established in some places of Germany, to be received by Mr Hill from Mr Nicholas.
Her Majesty also gave out of her private charity 90 guineas per annum to the late Bishop of London, of which 30 were sent to Mr Holmes, her chaplain at Algiers, to encourage him to master the Moorish, Arabic, and Turkish languages, in which he had made considerable progress, and the remainder was for the education of two young Vaudois who have studied under the direction of the Bishop of London with the design of becoming ministers in their own country; the one is at Cambridge, the other at school, and will be soon ready to go to one of the universities.
King William granted, and the late Queen continued, 15,000l. sterling a year to the French Protestant refugees. (French).
Minuted:—“Read 29 Oct. 1714. To be considered.” 3 pages.
Oct. 30. 33. Memorial of Henry Baker to the Lords of the Treasury. Has attended as solicitor for the affairs of the Treasury for nearly 20 years, at a salary of 200l. per ann., payable out of such money in the Receipt of the Exchequer, as is applicable to the Civil Government. For six years past has received no part thereof; praying directions to be given for the same.
Also certificate of the Deputy Auditors in confirmation.
Minuted:—“This is to be p[ai]d out of ye late Queen's arrears when there is sufficient in ye Excheqr for yt purpose.” 2 pages.
[? Oct. or
34. Petition of John Smith, alias Thompson, and Abraham White, alias Crettall, to the Lords of the Treasury. Praying to be discharged from their forfeiture and imprisonment. They are charged with lading certain wool with intent to export the same.
Another petition and four other papers on the same subject, all of a previous date. 11 pages in a very decayed state.
[? About
Oct. or Nov.]
35. Memoranda as to the salary of Mr Vice-Chamberlain Coke, which he says was settled by her late Majesty at 1,000l. per ann., and to be paid out of the Royal Bounty in order that it might not be a precedent. 850l. was due up to Midsummer. 1 page, quarto.
Nov. 1. 36. Copy of the establishment for the regiments of Orkney, Forfar, Webb, Hill, Orrery, and Sutton. 1 Nov. 1714. 2 pages.
Nov. 1. 37. “Mr Pulteney's report upon the memorial of Mr Walpole, relating to the regulation of subs[isten]ce.” Whitehall, 1 Nov. 1714.
The memorial referred to, and “Regulation of subsistence establish'd by King William in the year 1699.” 5 pages.
[? About
Nov. 2.]
38. Petition of Sir Charles Cox of Southwark to the Lords of the Treasury. Has served 19 years in Parliament for Southwark, to the neglect of his private affairs. Has also lost some thousands of pounds by fire in Southwark; prays for an appointment.
Minuted:—“Read 2 Nov. 1714. To be considered.” 1 page.
Nov. 3. 39. An account of the officers employed in the management of the duties on hawkers and pedlars, and of their respective salaries; and also the annual charge as near as may be relating thereto. Office for Licencing Hawkers and Pedlars, 3d November 1714. Signed by the Comrs. 1 page.
[? About
Nov. 3.]
40. Memorial of the Earl of Dorset and Middlesex. The salaries of the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and Judge of the Admiralty Court at Dover, and Steward of the Court of Chancery are paid out of the profits of the Prize Office. The Earl was constituted Constable of Dover Castle and Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, 8 Dec. 1708, and so continued until June 1713; the Prize Office having been suppressed, he received no salary. The Lord Treasurer (Godolphin) thought the salaries should be put on another establishment, but was removed before the matter was settled.
Minuted:—“3 Nov. 1714. See the accots & how formerly paid.” 1 page.
Nov. 3. 41. Charles Hornby to Wm Lowndes, Esq. As to proceedings in the Pipe Office touching a lease lately passed under the Exchequer seal to Richard Smith, Doctor in Physic, and Johnshall Crosse, Esq., of tithes in Dinton in the county of Bucks. Concludes thus:—“It has alwaies been the custom, as well in the Treãry as other offices, that on any alteration, those in place have proceeded where their p[re]decessors left off: for in so long & expensive a proceeding, if suitors were to begin de novo on a change in the offices through which they pass, the charge and trouble would be so great, as would utterly discourage them from attempting to obtain leases from the Crown, would be a great oppression on the subject, and a lease (sic. ? loss) to this part of the Revenue.”—Pipe Office, Nov. 3, 1714.
[The endorsement states that it was an estate, late Mr Mayne's, forfeited for treason.] 1 page.
[? About
Nov. 4.]
42. Memorial of the East India Company to the Lords of the Treasury. Praying that the proceedings instituted by the Attorney General against them (to compel them, according to a new method of computation, to pay a greater sum than usual, for the duties of several unrated goods), may be stayed till the end of the next session of Parliament.
[The Attorney General gave it as his opinion that the duties should be computed by an operation of algebra. The Company conceive it would be impracticable.]
Minuted:—“4 November 1714. Read. My Lords do not think it advisable to stay proceedings.” 2 pages.
Nov. 9. 43. Petition of Captain Nicholas Masterson to the Lords of the Treasury. Praying payment of his pension, granted for the loss of his leg, and for other wounds received at the battle of Tanniers near Mons.
Minuted:—“5 Novr 1714. Desire Mr Merrel to informe my Lords whether this penc[i]on was comp[re]hended in ye provision by Parlt.”
Mr Merrill's report is indorsed on the petition, giving the reasons why it was not paid. Dated 9 Nov. 1714. 2 pages.
Nov. 10. 44. Report of Mr Auditor Godolphin to the Lords of the Treasury. Annexes a true state of the accounts of the land revenue as they are depending in his office. The report touches (1) the accounts of Roger Whitley, Esq., deceased, formerly receiver for North Wales and the county palatine of Chester, and of his deputies. (2) the account of Mr Rose, receiver for Nottingham and Lincoln, and (3) the account of Mr Gilliver, late receiver for Derby. Dated Nov. 10, 1714. 14 pages.
—“Ult. Xbr. 1717. Send for a new rep[re]sentac[i]on.”
Nov. 10. 45. A state of all accounts of his Majesty's land revenue within the division of Mr Jett, behind and undeclared to Michaelmas 1713 inclusive, with the names of the several receivers thereof. Signed:—“Tho. Jett, Auditor, Novr 10th 1714.”
Minuted:—“Ult. Xbr. 1717. Send for a new state.” 1½ pages.
Nov. 10. 46. Report of Alexander Pendarves, Surveyor-General, to the Lords [of the Treasury] on the methods and rules he had observed in relation to the fines, or prices set on estates petitioned for, either in possession or reversion. His charge was for a full term of three lives, or 31 years'—eight to ten years' value; two lives in reversion of one—three years' value; one life in reversion of two—one year's value. Dated 10 Nov. 1714.
Minuted:—“Read 15 Nov. 1714.” 1½ pages.
[? About
Nov. 11.]
47. Memorial of all the officers of the late General Farrington's, now Lord Mark Kerr's, regiment, to the Lords of the Treasury. On the 22nd of Feb. 1712 they were ordered home from Gibraltar, to be placed at the head of another corps. From 22 Feb. to 24 Nov. following, they had received no pay. Pray for payment.
Minuted:—“11 Nov. 1714. Ref. to Comptrs.” 1 page.
Nov. 11. 48. Copy of a minute of the Trustees for the South Sea Stock made on a minute of the Treasury of 28 Oct. 1714, touching the advance by the Trustees of a loan of 200,000l. It will be necessary to have a warrant from the Lords of the Treasury. 11 Nov. 1714.
Minuted:—“Wt signed.”
Also the Treasury Minute. 1½ pages.
Nov. 12. 49. Comrs for Wine Licences to the Lords of the Treasury. Transmit a copy of the Establishment of the officers and their respective salaries, and an estimate of the other annual charges taken from the accounts of the year 1713. Dated Wine Licence Office, 12 Nov. 1714. 1 page.
Nov. 12. 50. Report of the Comrs of the Navy to Mr Taylour (Treasury), on the petition of Benjamin Edmonds, merchant, touching the bills of exchange drawn by the commanders of several of his Majesty's ships from New England and New York, which have not been accepted, and for which he desires payment. The contract was at 45l. per cent. exchange. Navy Office, 12 Nov. 1714.
Minuted:—“Read the 24 Nov. 1714, The petr to have a copy.”
The petition and a list of the bills of exchange. 10 pages.
Nov. 12.]
51. The answer of Jane Edmonds, widow of Benjamin Edmonds, deceased, to the report of the Comrs of the Navy, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury. Prays that their Lps will order payment of her bills and charge upon the respective commanders the money they have taken up, &c.
Copy of an order for payment by Sir Hovenden Walker. 4 pages.
[? About
Nov. 12.]
52. Memorial of Richard Topham, Esq., to the Lords of the Treasury. Her late Majesty, by warrant of 5 March, fifth year of her reign, directed the Master of the Rolls to grant to him the office of Keeper of the Records within the Tower of London; the bare fees of the office were not sufficient for the charges thereof, and her Majesty, by letters patent, granted the usual salary of 500l. per ann. during pleasure. The letters patent determined by demise of her Majesty. Prays that the salary may be renewed, as it had been constantly granted to all his predecessors since the taking away of the Court of Wards and Liveries.
Minuted:—“12th Nov. 1714. Order'd accordingly.” 1 page
[? About
Nov. 12.]
53. Petition of the Keepers of the Great Park at Windsor to the Lords of the Treasury. The palings of the park are so ruinous that the deer daily get out and are killed by the country people. The young woods suffer very much from the deer and cattle, and several of the bridges are broken down and impassable, and the repairs of the lodges were left unfinished three years before. Pray directions.
Minuted:—“12 Novr 1714. Mr Wilcox's states of accots wn brot in my Lords will consider wt is fit to be done herein.” 1 page.
Nov. 12. 54. John Rudge to —. Respecting the loan of 60,000l. made by the Bank on the Treasury Minute of 3 Aug. last. There remain 30,000l. of the principal due to the Bank, and interest. Nov. 12, 1714.
Docquetted:—“Govr Bank abt Navy Tallys deposited.” Minuted: —“To be read wn Treãr Navy is here.” 1 page, quarto.
Nov. 12. 55. Memorial of Mary, Duchess of Ormonde, one of the ladies of the bedchamber to her late Majesty at her decease, to the Lords of the Treasury, praying payment of her salary equally with the other ladies, from Lady Day 1714. 12 Nov. 1714. 1 page, quarto.
[? About
Nov. 15.]
56. Memorial of J. Swinford to the Rt Hon. the Earl of Halifax, First Commissioner of the Treasury. Performed the function of secretary to the embassy of the Duke of Shrewsbury, but had no privy seal for any allowance. On his return from France his Grace presented him to the Queen, and recommended him to the Earl of Oxford, then Lord Treasurer, who promised to move the Queen in his behalf, but on the change of affairs nothing was done. Prays that his case may be recommended to his Majesty that his great expense may be allowed.
Minuted:—“Read 15th Novr 1714. It doth not appear that he was appointed by the Queen to be her Secry of ye embassy, & my Lords say it is alwaies necry that they should have a significac[i]on under ye privy seal when any secry is appointed, & of the allowance to be made him before they can direct any payments.” 1 page.
[? About
Nov. 15.]
57. Report of the Comrs of the Navy to Mr Lowndes, on the petition of Robert Knott & others belonging to his Majesty's ship “Hampton Court.” They were not paid when the ship was paid, and consequently are to be paid in the “course of recalls,” when their Lordships shall appoint the money. It is the case of many ships.
Written on the back of the petition, which was referred for report on 15 Nov. 1714.
Minuted:—“My Ld will furnish mo for recalls as soon as they can.” 2 pages.