Volume 228: May 4-September 29, 1720

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Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 6, 1720-1728. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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May 4–September 29, 1720

4 May. 1. A paper docketed:—“A. Cracherode's [Treasury Solicitor] state of causes under prosecution for Easter term, 1720. 4 May 1720.” Lower down is:—“Some of these states are read and minutes set on the side.” Dated 4 May 1720. 13 pages.
7 May. 2. Comrs of Revenue, Ireland, to the Lords of the Treasury. Have been directed by their Lps to use all possible endeavours to detect and prevent agents from France from buying up wool in Ireland to be carried to France. State what they have done to prevent this “pernicious practice.” Their endeavours have been so successful that there have been more than double the convictions, both for wool and ships, since the King's Accession, to what there had been in the previous fourteen years. By the measures they have taken they have reason to hope that any agents who shall be sent over for this purpose will be detected and prevented. Custom House, Dublin, 7 May 1720. 2 pages.
12 May. 3. Duke of Bolton to the Lords of the Treasury. Encloses petition of Major General Wynne praying for an allowance of 310l. 5s. per ann. on the establishment till a troop shall be given to him; which allowance is equal to the pay of a captain of horse in Ireland and which his predecessor General Davenport enjoyed in lieu thereof. As the Major-General would be a sufferer by having the regiment of horse, late Major-General Davenport's, conferred on him, without this allowance, desires that his Majesty's warrant may be obtained for the same. Dover St, 12 May 1720.
The petition referred to. 2¼ pages.
[? About
18 May.]
4. Petition of Captain Francis Stevens to the Lords of the Treasury. Petitioner was appointed by Sir Solomon de Medina in the year 1711 to solicit and obtain for him his several demands for bread and bread waggons, &c. due in the late war. Has brought these affairs to a conclusion, and Sir Solomon refuses to pay what he contracted for. Hopes to have his demand adjusted by the Comrs of the Army debt out of the 2,880l. in the hands of the Duke of Chandos. Prays their Lps to order petitioner's accounts to be laid before the Comrs to prevent his utter ruin.
Minuted:—“18th May 1720. This matter is not before my Lords.”
Also a letter and five certificates in favour of the petitioner's claim. 7 pages.
19 May. 5. Copy of the Resolutions of the Court of Directors of the South Sea Company sent to the Lords of the Treasury, relating to the terms and prices to be allowed to the proprietors of the Long Annuities, 9 per cents, and tickets of Lottery, 1710. The Court was held 19 May 1720. 1 page.
25 May. 6. Report of Hugh Cholmley, Esq., Surveyor General to the Lords of the Treasury, on the state of repair of the gaol and Court House of the Manor of St Mary's without the walls of the city of York. Has caused an estimate of the repairs to be made. The jurisdiction of the manor is very extensive and the repairs necessary. May 25, 1720.
Also the memorial of the Steward and Bailiff on which the report was made, and the estimate. 4 pages.
31 May. 7. Duke of Bolton to the Lords of the Treasury. Representing the deficiency of the wool licences from which he derived his revenue as Lieut.-General and Governor General of Ireland, and that it was usual for his Majesty's predecessors to make up the deficiency out of the revenue at large in case it fell short of 4,000l. per ann. Obtained his Majesty's warrant for the deficiency of the last year. Asks now that his Majesty's warrant may be obtained for the present deficiency, and that a clause may be inserted empowering him whenever the wool licences fell short to make it up whilst he continued Governor. 31 May 1720.
Abstract of the produce of the wool licences from 27 April 1719 to 26 April 1720. 3 pages.
31 May. 8. The same to the same, advocating an increase for five years of 300l. per ann. of Lord Blainey's pension, which was 182l. 10s. a year, as he had conducted himself with a becoming zeal and a firm attachment to his Majesty's interest, and was at present in circumstances too low to live suitably to his quality, or to exert his endeavours for the public service so far as he was desirous. 31 May 1720. 1 page.
3 June. 9. Report of A. Cracherode to the Lords of the Treasury on the petition of Benjamin Mence of the city of Worcester; in which he sets forth that he expended a considerable sum in proclaiming his Majesty in the city, of which he was sheriff; and in the following year, when mayor, was active in suppressing many rebellious mobs in the city, and in assisting Col. Newton in raising his regiment of dragoons in Worcester; for which services he was frequently insulted by the enemies of his Majesty and was put by, at the end of his mayoralty, from being an Alderman, contrary to the common practice; and has been ever since a great sufferer in his trade as a glover, on account of his known zeal for his Majesty and Government. Is of opinion that he might well deserve 200l. as his Majesty's bounty.
The petition and an affidavit. 2 pages and 2 halves.
3 June. 10. Duke of Bolton to the Lords of the Treasury. Sends memorial of Lieut.-Col. Richard Cole, lately presented to his Majesty, together with a copy of letter from the Secretary-at-War, signifying his Majesty's pleasure that he should find out some expedient to make up the Colonel's half pay to whole pay, till he is otherwise provided for. Also another copy of a letter. Has no other expedient to propose, than that he should be placed on the Military Establishment of Ireland by way of pension, at an allowance of 16s. 6d. a day.
The papers referred to. 5 pages and 2 halves.
9 June. 11. J. Craggs to the Lords of the Treasury. Transmits copy of an anonymous letter received by his Majesty concerning some fee-farm rents belonging to the Crown for consideration and report.
The letter referred to, which concerns property granted in fee in divers counties to William Berriff and others. 2 pages.
16 June. 12. Docketed:—“Duke of Bucks' case as to alienacion fine on subscribing annuities settled on his wife.” Copy of a memorial on behalf of the Duke of Buckingham. His grace and the duchess have agreed “to write into the South Sea 1,000li per ann. of the long annuities, part of her Grace's Jointure.” They are advised to levy a fine, and the Comrs of the Alienations insist on 2s in the pound. If mitigated to 6d in the pound it will prevent him and others from bringing an amicable bill into Chancery, which will be a less expense and answer the end as well. Also copies of a report of the Comrs of Alienations, an opinion of the Attorney General thereon, and the Report of the Lords of the Treasury advising that the lowest fine ought to be accepted, viz, 25l. for the pre-fine, and 37l. 10s. for the post fine. The last dated 16 June 1720. 2 pages.
17 June. 13. “A particular of the causes now under prosecution with states thereof.” Docketed:—“A state of the causes under prosecution for Trinity Term 1720. 17 June 1720.
Signed:—“A. Crachcrode.” 5½ pages.
22 June. 14. A paper docketed:—“A memorandum, with the Prince's Attorney and Solicitor General's opinion thereupon.” As to an allowance of taxes claimed by the farmers of the pre and post fines. The opinion was that they ought not to have the same allowed for the rents reserved upon their several grants, &c. Dated 22 June 1720. It is a copy. 2 pages.
23 June. 15. Warrant of the Duke of Newcastle to the Treasurer of the Chamber for the payment of 292l. 19s. 7d. to Mr John Howard, joiner, of the Privy Chamber, for carved gilded frames and cases provided for pictures of her late Majesty and for gilded frames for several other pictures, &c. Dated 23 June 1720.
The allowance for her Majesty's pictures (which were whole length) was 12l. each, and they were for the following persons:—Charles Cesar, Esq., Treasury of the Navy, Lord Pagett, the Duke of Buckingham, Lord Bingley, Mons. Pless, and the Earl of Strafford.
The list of pictures is curious.
Minuted:—“Warrt signd 15th Septr. 11 pages.
[11 July
16. Petition of George Tushingham, Gent., to the Lords of the Treasury. King Will. III., on 18 Aug. 1696, demised to petitioner certain lead mines in Grinton and Fremington (co. York) for 31 years at 40s. per ann. and 1/10th of the profits. The mines have been for several years very poor and in decay. Petitioner has been at great expense to improve them. Prays for a further term to make up his present term to 31 years, as his lease has eight years to run, under the old rent.
Undated, but by comparison with an entry in a Register of Treasury papers read at the Board on 1 July 1720 the date is fixed. 1 page.
[? About
5 July.]
17. (Docket):—Petition of the Heralds for their Largesses for creations of peers and for their waiting at festivals.
On the back of a “List of Nobility created.”
Minuted:—“5 July 1720. To be read when Lord Sunderland is here.” “Respited.” Again:—“9th Feb. 1721–2. Enquire if this has at any time been allowed.
Allowed them by warrt under his Mats Royal Sign Manual, dated 30th Septr 1715. Several sums in the paper annexed, amounting to 632li.”
On another paper annexed is:—“Allowed them by warrt under his Mats Royal sign manual, dated the 30th Septr 1715, vizt.:—
For Peer on his Mats Coronacon - - - 100li
For sevl scarlet robes at the same time - - 167
For Peer upon his Mats assuming his seat as sovereign of the most noble order of the garter - 40
For Largesses upon ye creation of his royal highness ye prince of Wales - - - - 10
For do on ye creation of 63 noblemen, 5l each - 315
1 page and two parts.
[? About
5 July.]
18. Memorial of Simon Clement in behalf of Mrs Penn, the widow of Wm Penn, Esq., late Proprietor and Governor of the Province of Pennsylvania. Represents that Mr Penn whilst he was in treaty for the sale of his powers of Government to her late Majesty, being taken sick, made his will and devised the government to the Earls of Oxford and Powlet in trust, and with intent that in case of his death they might be able to complete the sale and convey the same; but Mr Penn recovering, afterwards in the year 1712 finished the contract himself, and agreed to resign his powers of Government to the Crown for 12,000l., whereof 1,000l. was then paid in part, but before the conveyances were perfected he was again seized with an apoplectic fit, so that he was never capable of executing the same before his death in 1718. The power of conveying the government seems now to be vested in the before-mentioned Earls. But William Penn, Esq., heir-at-law to the deceased, disputes this will, and the Earls are unwilling to act in the trust without a decree in Chancery, so that Mrs Penn, the widow and executrix, is advised to bring a bill to have the determination of that court thereon, and is advised that their Lordships must be parties: prays permission for the same.
Minuted:—“5th July 1720. Agreed to.” 1 page, quarto.
[? About
5 July.]
19a. “The case of Katherine Roos, relict and adminx of John Roos, Esq., late Engraver of his Maties. seals.”
A bill for 788l. 15s.d. was laid before the Lords of the Treasury in 1716 by John Roos, Esq. (since deceased), for furnishing silver and engraving several public seals, including the great seal and privy seal for Ireland, amounting to 240l. The Lords of the Treasury thought these should be paid for by the Treasury for Ireland, and ordered the bill to be paid with this exception. The widow petitioned the [English] Treasury thereon, stating that the seals for Ireland were always paid out of the treasury of this Kingdom. Their Lordships thereupon referred the petition to the officers of the Mint, who made their report, now in the hands of Mr Frecker, one of the Clerks of the Treasury. Undated.
Minuted:—“To be p[ai]d here.”
The Report referred to, dated 5 July 1720. Also the petition. 3 pages.
[? About
5 July.]
19b. Petition of Captain Charles Morgan to the King. Petitioner's father, Major Thomas Morgan, being Major of the Marquis De Montandre's Regiment and captain of a company in the same, in the year 1711 obtained leave to resign his company to petitioner, who accordingly had a Commission and served as Captain till the year 1712, when being dangerously ill he had leave to give back the company to his father, who was again commissioned thereto. In 1713, the regiment “being broke,” petitioner, with his father's consent, was put upon half pay as Captain, his father contenting himself with half pay as Major, and the Captain's half pay was continued to petitioner upon the two establishments made for Ireland since H.M. accession, but received no pay since Christmas last, and is struck off the Establishment because he was not “actually broke” with the regiment. Petitioner has been nineteen years a commissioned officer, and was a sufferer by being taken prisoner at the battle of Almanza. His family are reduced to great straits. Prays for a royal letter to the Lord Lieut. to restore him to half pay or for other provision.
Minuted:—“5 July 1720. To Lord Lieutt of Ireland.” 1 page.
20 July. 20. Report of A. Cracherode to the Lords of the Treasury on the petition of William Harper, printer, whereby he sets forth that since the execution of “young Matthews” he has been insulted after the most barbarous manner imaginable for discharging his duty, in giving a full and impartial evidence against the said Matthews for printing a treasonable pamphlet called Vox populi vox Dei. By the disaffected parties' interest the petitioner has lost all hopes of getting his bread in his business, and prays to be provided for. Certifies that the petitioner was a material evidence and had a reward of 200l. Is of opinion that it will be a great goodness of their Lordships to bestow on the petitioner some small employment. 20 July 1720.
Minuted:—“11th Augst 1720. To be provided for by some small employmt when a vacancy happens.”
The petition referred to and an affidavit. 3½ pages.
20 July. 21. Report of the same to the Lords of the Treasury on the petition of John Derby, Keeper of the Marshalsea prison in Southwark, Alexander Bowler, George Halfhyde, Lewis Snagg, and Anne his wife, and Katherine, widow of Thomas Nightingale, deceased, setting forth that pursuant to his Majesty's proclamation, dated 5 May 1716, the petitioners, with the said Thomas Nightingale, discovered and apprehended John Mackintosh, one of the persons in the proclamation named, after which he was committed to Newgate, where he remains, and praying that they may receive their shares of the 500l. in the proclamation mentioned. Certifying that on the 5th of May 1716 his Majesty issued a proclamation reciting that William Mackintosh, Charles Wogan, James Talbot, Robert Hepburn, William Delmahoy, John Tasker, and John Mackintosh, lately committed to Newgate for high treason in levying war against his Majesty, had on the 4th of May escaped, and offering a reward of 1,000l. for the apprehension of the first-named, and 500l. for each of the others. Is of opinion that the whole merit of discovering the said John Mackintosh, and even of forming the stratagem by means of which he was taken, was owing to Philip Reeve, who has been since tried, condemned, and executed for robbing on the high way, and that the petitioners Derby, Bowler, Halfhyde, Snagg, Ann his wife, Katherine Nightingale, Daniel Molloy, and Daniel Chandler do not deserve above 10l. a piece for their respective shares, in case their Lordships are of opinion that the reward ought to be paid at all, and that the intention of his Majesty's proclamation was answered by the apprehending of the said John Mackintosh about three years and three quarters of a year after the issuing of the proclamation; and at a time when he could not by law be brought to justice for his treason. 20 July 1720.
The petition referred to, 3 affidavits, a further memorial and copy of the proclamation. 10 pages.
[? About
21 July.]
22. Petition of Harcourt Goodrick, Esq., brother and administrator to Richard Goodrick, Esq., deceased, for a lease for 50 years of premises at Richmond, late in lease to John Lauze, Gent., under a due proportion of the rent of 10l. per ann., and for the like term for another tenement adjoining; and a barge-house, parcel of the manor of Richmond, together with an addition of 4 feet of ground in length and six feet in breadth, to be added to the ground whereon the barge-house stood, to build coach houses or stables, under the old rent.
Minuted:—“21 July 1720. To Survr Generall.” 1 page.
21 July. 23. Comrs for Forfeitures (Pat. Haldane, Arthur Ingram, W. Hoghton and Robert Munro) to the Lords of the Treasury. Transmit an account of moneys paid into the Exchequer out of the forfeited estates; also an account of the precepts issued by them requiring further payments, for making of which effectual they have ordered the prosecutions in the Exchequer, &c. Edinburgh, 21 July 1720.
Minuted:—“19 Augt 1720. Read.”
[? About
21 July.]
24. Petition of John Annis, master of the “London Hope,” attorney of John Kay, of Philadelphia, Assignee of Captain Matthew Wooton; as to a claim of the latter for 36l. 10s.d. for provisions supplied to Woodes Rogers, Esq., Captain General, Governor and Vice-Admiral of the Bahama Islands, “during the Invasion from the Spaniards against the Island of Providence,” when the Inhabitants and others of that place were forced to continue under arms for a considerable time, and the governor was obliged to be at Extraordinary charge to support near 500 men exclusive of his Majesty's garrison: praying payment.
Also copies of two documents relating thereto; the second is dated 21 July 1720. 3 pages.
[? About
21 July.]
25. Memorial of Mary Murray, widow of George Murray, Esq., deceased, late Paymaster of the 1,400,000l. Lottery, 1714, to the Lords of the Treasury. Has paid 4,215l. 18s. to Robert Murray, Esq., the present paymaster, but as the time allowed has been so short she has not been able to recover several debts. Has good reason to believe that some part of her late husband's effects were at his death in the South Sea Company, of which she has not yet any account. Gives a statement as to which of the accounts had been passed by the Auditor; prays further time to discover her husband's effects.
Minuted:—“21 July 1720. Enlarge the time for 3/m further.”
Also copy of warrant. 5 pages.
26 July. 26. Order in Council referring to the Lords of the Treasury the petition of Samuel Slatford to report thereon. The petitioner states that he was an inhabitant of Oxford at the late Rebellion, and was instrumental in detecting many dangerous practices carried on there: in particular by discovering a great quantity of arms designed by the rebels for the use of the Pretender, as appears by the order for apprehending Col. Owen and other dangerous persons. For his zeal had to quit his habitation and livelihood: prays to be allowed a pension or otherwise to be provided for.
Also copy of a certificate of the citizens and inhabitants in his favour.
Minuted:—“19th Janry 1720–21, 20li p[er] Mr Lowther.” 3 pages.
26 July. 27. Report of the Barons of the Exchequer of Scotland to the Lords of the Treasury. Have examined the warrant prepared for his Majesty's signature for granting the lands and Barony of Phantillunds, lying in the Lordship of Lochow and county of Argyle, to John, Duke of Argyle and Greenwich: find that this signature contains a “de novo domus and taxing of the waird holding,” &c. The valued rent is 37l. 2s. 5d. yearly. Exchequer, Edinburgh, 26 July 1720.
Minuted:—“28th March 1721. My Lords order this to be given to Ld Sunderland for his Mats signature: signd, 30th March 1721.” 1 page.
27 July. 28. Report of the same to the same on the petition of Æmilia, Lady Lovat. Are of opinion that the petitioner's distressed condition, and that of her numerous family, make them very proper objects of the King's bounty; and think it very reasonable and fit that the arrears of the annuity of 300l. per ann. should be paid her presently, and that so much should be secured out of the rents and sale of the forfeited estates as would answer the payment thereof for the future; but are at present not in a position to lay before the King and their Lordships any proper forms by which his Majesty's intention may be carried out. Edinburgh, Exchequer Chamber, 27 July 1720.
Also the petition referred to. 2½ pages.
28 July. 29. “Copy of Mr Walpole's memorial to the Rt Honble ye Lords Commrs of his Mats Treasury with a proposal for letting ye French part of St Christophers, at 20s. p[er] acre on his Ma[jes]ties account. Dated July the 28th 1720.” 2½ pages.
28 July. 30a. “Mr Audr Walpole's memorial relating to the casual revenues in the Leeward Charibbee Islands.” Offers to prepare letters for the signature of the Lords of the Treasury to General Hamilton, the Governor of those Islands, to pay to the receiver the balance of the casual revenues which he at present refuses to do. Signed. Dated 28 July 1720.
Minuted:—“28 July 1720. Mr Walpole to prepe l~re accordly.” 2 pages.
28 July. 30b. “Mr Audr Walpole's memorial relating to an act of the Assembly of Barbadoes, directing a 100li to be pd out of the casual revenue towds the charge of the Grand Sessions there.”
The Auditor remarks that instead of answering the expense out of the public Treasury, the Assembly would lay it upon his Majesty's casual revenue, which is already in a very low state. Proposes that the Board of Trade should give the Lords of the Treasury a full account of that matter, and that the latter should instruct the Board of Trade not to present any acts or papers to the King and Council for his Majesty's approbation until such clauses as relate to the revenue of the plantations be first laid before them (the Lords of the Treasury). 28 July 1720. 1 page.
28 July. 31. Report of the Barons of the Exchequer of Scotland to the Lords of the Treasury on the petition of Alexander Ross, the Deputy Clerk to the Court of Justiciary, and of the three Macers thereof, as to the additional salaries asked for by them. Edinburgh, Exchequer Chamber, 28 July 1720.
With this are three petitions, an extract from the “books of adjournall,” “an acct of the Inditemts, Criminall Libells, &c. served on criminalls by the Macers of the Court of Justiciary for his Majty's Advocate.” Also another petition of the Macers. 10½ pages.
28 July. 32. Barons of the Exchequer of Scotland to the Lords of the Treasury. Transmit a certificate of all moneys paid to the Receiver General from the rents of the forfeited estates; to which is subjoined a list of some estates sold by the Comrs and Trustees of the forfeited estates, with the values thereof. 28 July 1720. 5 pages.
29 July. 33. An estimate of the charge of the present for the Dey of Algier desired by Mr Charles Hudson, Consul at Algier. Signed:—S. Thomson. July 29, 1720.
With this are:—(1) Letter from Ch. Delafaye to the Lords of the Treasury; (2) another letter from R. Powys to Mr Thompson on the same subject; and (3) a list of his Majesty's present sent in Augt 1715 to the Dey of Algier; and (4) “an extract out of a letter sent by Charles Hudson, Esq., his Majesties consul at Algier.” He says the Governor has not received any compliment from the King since his being made Dey, which he seems to take something amiss. The French in two years have sent two ministers, one of which, Monsr Duscault, has brought the Governor a present from the King of upwards of 1,000l. sterling value, besides others for the leading people in the King's house and marine, which may enable them to carry some points very prejudicial to the trade of our nation, except his Majesty thinks proper to continue the usual presents (which generally come every two or three years at farthest) to support the interests of his subjects.
On the back of the letter from Delafaye is:—“Orderd as usual. 29th July 1721. Warrt signd.” 6 pages.
There are also five invoices and another estimate, which appear connected with this business. 6 parts of pages.
2 Aug. 34. “Mr Audr Walpole's Report upon the petition of Mrs Thomas relating to the accots of her deceased father, late receiver of the Casual revenue [and prize officer] in Barbadoes.” August 2, 1720.
The report recommends the acceptance of the composition of 2s. 6d. in the pound on the debt of 1,457l. 0s. 10¾d. owed by her father, which Susannah Thomas, the daughter, offered as a means to bring Benjamin Bullard, her father's executor, to account.
Minuted:—“4 Augt 1720. Accepted and agreed to, and let a warrt be prepared.” 4½ pages.
2 Aug. 35a. “Comptroller's report on Mr Missing's three lists and one certificate for victualling the garrison of Gibraltar.” There is due to the Contractor 2,680l. 8s. 95/8d. 2 Aug. 1720.
Also “a state of provisions laid into the victling store-houses at Gibraltar.” 2 pages.
9 Aug. 35b. J. Burchett to the Secretaries of the Lords of the Treasury. Sends by command of the Lords of the Admiralty copy of a letter of Mr Bridger, late Surveyor General of H.M. woods in America, relating to the abuses in cutting woods there.
The copy of letter referred to. Amongst other things he says:— “The people are come to that boldness, nay the agent to Mr Taylor agreed with people here to cut such a quantity of mast trees, as should load six ships, without ever giving me any notice, or ever shewing me his order or power to this day for doing so; and here are three ships arrived, and the other three are expected every day to load these trees.” 3 pages.
17 Aug. 36. Petition of Sir Bibye Lake, Bart., in behalf of himself and the other creditors of Robert Peter, formerly Receiver General of the Taxes for the co. of Hertford, to the Lords of the Treasury, praying directions to be given for assigning Peter's estate to him, on condition of his (Lake's) paying the sum of 10,000l. to the Crown, that being the debt due by Peter to the Crown.
Minuted:—“20 Augt 1720. Look out the repts and paps relating to this case.” 1 page.
[? About
17 Aug.]
37. “Petition of several tradesman” addressed to the Lords of the Treasury. Supplied her late Majesty's stables then under the direction of the Hon. Conyers Darcy and George Feilding, Esq, Comrs for the office of Master of the Horse. On her Majesty's death 10,030l. were due to them. No part thereof has been paid but about 1,900l., most of which was paid to one or two persons. Pray for relief.
At the end is a petition in their favour by the above Darcy and Feilding.
Minuted:—“17 Augt 1720. To be read again wn any mo in Exr applicable to these arrears.” 2 pages.
19 Aug. 38. Petition of Edward Bealing, of Penryn, in the county of Cornwall, merchant, to the Lords of the Treasury, praying that directions may be given that no further prosecution be had against petitioner for a supposed fraud in relation to certain salt for the pilchard fishery, landed “at the Parr within the port of Toy,” in the county of Cornwall, about the end of November 1716.
Petitioner in July 1715, some time before the Rebellion, being in France, and zealous for the present establishment, with hazard of his life and much expence, discovered the designs then hatching there against his Majesty and Government, and sailed from France and brought over the Pretender's Declaration and Parson Lesly's letter, which were forthwith by a Justice of the Peace for the borough of Penryn transmitted to a Privy Councillor, &c. 19 Aug. 1720.
Also at the foot a certificate of the truth of the petition, with several signatures. 1 large page.
[? About
19 Aug.]
39. A memorandum as to the appointment of John Ashley and John Caswell as Collectors General, Receivers General, or Managers of the Duty of 4½ per cent. in Barbadoes and the Leeward Islands. They offer to pay down 5,000l., the half of the sum agreed upon, and the other half the following Midsummer.
Minuted:—“19 Augt 1720. Enqe if Mr Walpole has made any report.”
Also copies of letter from H. Walpole to the above Ashley and Caswell, in respect to their proposal to farm the duty of 4½ per cent., and their reply thereto; and a second letter on the same subject. 6½ pages.
15 Sept. 40. The Attorney General (Robert Raymond) to the Lords of the Treasury. Has prepared the draft of a warrant to be transmitted to the King, to authorize the preparation of bills for the Royal signature, for Charters to pass the Great Seal in favour of the Royal Exchange Assurance for Insuring houses and goods from fire and Assurances upon lives. Dated 15 Sept. 1720. ½ page.
27 Sept. 41. “An accompt of the debt that will [be] due on the pensions payable in the office of Walter Chetwynd, Esq., between Michaelmas last, 1719, and Michaelmas next, 1720.” 27 September 1720.
A List of pensions added in the office of Walter Chetwynd, Esq., since his Majesty's establishment, dated the 25th of August 1718.
A List of persons dead and determined since his Majesty's establishment, dated the 25th of August 1718.
Pensions increased other than those taken notice of in the foregoing List. 7¼ pages.
29 Sept. 42. Account showing (as near as can be computed) the debt due to his Majesty's foreign ministers to Michaelmas, 1720, during one year.
The account shows the names of all the ambassadors, &c., places where residing, rates of allowance, &c. The total was 38,980l. 5s. 7d. 2 pages.
Sept. 43. Memorial of the Court of Directors of the Corporation of the London Assurance to the Lords of the Treasury. The King in pursuance of an Act of Parliament erected the Corporation by his Royal Charter, and in consideration of the benefits thereof the Corporation was obliged to pay 300,000l. at several times into the Receipt of the Exchequer towards the debts of his Majesty's Civil Government. Have already paid 100,000l. and endeavoured to raise 50,000l. more; but such is the pressure of the times, both for money and credit, that they have not any hopes of raising the same before the 22nd instant; but in lieu thereof offer their Lps 11,000l. in money and 39,000l. in tallies upon the plate Act; or to deposit the 39,000l. in the tallies as security: pray for a favourable representation to his Majesty that a longer time may be granted them. Signed:—“Wm Chapman, Sub-Governor.”
In the Minute Book, vol. 22, p. 312, 16 Oct. 1720 is:—“Sir Wm Chapman calld in. He acquaints my Lords that he hath brought the tallys for annuitys on plate amounting to 39,000, according to agreement, to remain as a deposit or security for the 4th paymt to the public. He says he is ready to pay 11,000li in money to compleat the 50,000li, the amount of their 2d payment, which was due the 22d Septr last. Mr Chancellour admonishes him to redeem the tallys so deposited by small paymts, vizt: 5,000li at a time, as the Company shall be able, till the whole be redeemed.”
The following minutes are on a separate sheet:—
“16 Oct. 1720. My Lđs order 6,956l. 17s. 4d., resd of the contri. for us on the plate, but in the hands of the Tr[easur]er of the Navy, to be applyed towards 14,300li demanded for the course of the vict. for [the year?] 1719.”
Again:—“Directors of the Corp. for the Lond. Assurance attend my Lords wth a rep. in writing, whereby they propose to pay 11,000 in mo into the Exchr, and to make a deposit of tallys for 39,000 struck for their plate, 3d paymt of the contrib. for annuitys on the Plate Act, both which to secure the 50,000 wch was due to be pd from them the 22d Septr last for his Mats Civil List. My Lords in this time of difficulty are enclined to indulge them to the utmost of their power, and leave it to Mr Lowndes to treat with them in order to make the proposal practicable.” 2½ pages.
[This is also in the Minute Bk, vol. 22, p. 312.]