Volume 251: Miscellaneous, 1724

Pages 305-316

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 6, 1720-1728. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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Miscellaneous, 1724

Documents for which a brief description suffices.
Date. Description of Document. From To Purport.
6 Jan. 1.
Estimate -
Of debt for transport service with covering letter. 2 pages.
7 Jan. 2.
Letter -
Lords of the Privy Council. Lords of the Treasury. For 200l. to be paid to William Sharpe to be distributed to the under clerks of the Council. Council Chamber. 1 page.
8 Jan. 3.
Estimate -
Of the debt of the Navy. 2 large pages.
10 Jan. 4.
Attested copies of Commission.
Appointing George Townshend, jun., and others, Commissioners for duties on Hawkers and Pedlars. 7 pages.
20 Jan. 5.
J. Hancock, yeoman of the Robes. Lords of the Treasury. For the issue by way of imprest of such part of the nine months' salary due to the Officers of the Robes, as their Lordships thought proper.
Minuted: — “12th Feb. Orderd. No further than Michas.” 1 page.
21 Jan. 6.
Letter -
Lord Townshend - Do. For payment of board wages to Mr. George Tilson, Mr. John Wace and Mr. John Couraud; the King having returned from his German dominions to St. James's Palace.
Minuted:—“Agreed.” 1 page.
21 Jan. 7.
Of moneys paid into the Exchequer since Lady Day 1723, from rents, sales, &c., of the Forfeited Estates. 1½ pages.
22 Jan. 8.
Letter (copy)
Lord Lieut. of Ireland (Grafton). Lords of the Treasury. For allowance of the pay of Viscount Shannon whilst attending Parliament in Great Britain, by which he incurred the tax of 4s. in the pound on absentees. The tax was laid on his salary as Commander-in-Chief of H.M. Forces and colonel of a regiment of horse. 1½ pages.
23 Jan. 9.
Letter -
Lord Townshend Lords of the Treasury. For the same present as was given to Mons. Van Borsseles, to be given to Mons. Ernest Pesters on his taking leave of His Majesty when sent by the States-General as their Deputy to the King of Hanover upon extraordinary affairs.
Minuted: — “The usual present.” 1 page.
31 Jan. 10.
Bill -
Officers for Licensing Hawkers and Pedlars. Do. - - Salary bill. 1 page.
3 Feb. 11.
Estimate -
Debt on the Navy and Victualling course. 2 pages.
[? About 4 Feb.] 12.
Petition -
Henry Tyson - Lords of the Treasury. For a year and three-quarters' pay as Messenger of the Robes.
Minuted: — “4th Febry. 1723–4. To be added to ye establ.” 1 page.
[After 10 Feb.] 13.
Copy of Minute
Copy of Minute of Council held at Fort George in New York, Dec. 2, 1721, for an addition to the salary of the Clerk of the Council. 1 page.
Also a memorandum. 2 pages.
17 Feb. 14.
Report -
Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland. Lords of the Treasury. On the petition of Mr. Alexander McBean, minister of Inverness, who had served as schoolmaster for eight years and received no more than two years' salary. Have no objection to his being satisfied the 180l. as prayed.
Also the petition.
Minuted: — “28th Apr. 1724. Agreed to.” 3½ pages.
[? About 18 Feb.] 15.
Joseph Hancock, agent to the Garrison of the Isle of Wight. Do. - - Praying on behalf of the Earl of Cadogan, Governor of the Isle of Wight, that 800l. might be laid out in repairs of the Castle of Carisbrook.
Minuted on 28th Janry. 1722.
It has the following inclosed:—“Memorandm. for the Rt. Hon. Mr. Walpole. Lord Cadogan desires he will be pleased to direct the 800li. for repairs in the Isle of Wight without account.— 18th Feb. 1723. Agreed to.” 1 page.
24 Feb. 16.
Letter - -
Comrs. for Forfeitures. Lords of the Treasury. In answer to one from Mr. Scrope in respect to the affairs of their Commission. 300,711l. 14s. 9d. have heen paid into the Exchequer. There has to be issued to claimants 45,089l. 2s. 3d., and to the Commissioners and other officers, 79,857l. 14s. 11½d.
Also abstract of the produce of the forfeited estates in England and Ireland. 5 pages.
26 Feb. 17.
Account -
Gross and net produce of the duty of silver plate and hops, North Britain. Excise Office, Edinburgh, 26 Feb. 1723–4. 1 large page.
26 Feb. 18.
George, Earl of Halifax, Ranger of Bushey and Middle Parks. Lords of the Treasury. For repairs or new walls, palings, and drains to be made in those parks. 1 page.
27 Feb. 19.
Account -
Of the produce of the duty on home made salt under the management of the Comrs. of Customs, Scotland. From Mich. 1715 to 29 Sept. 1722. 1 large double page.
[About 2 March.] 20.
John Saftin, late collector of Customs at Montrose. Lords of the Treasury. Was removed to be better provided for in England, having been a sufferer in the execution of his office in the rebellion in Scotland.
Was allowed 100l. per annum for subsistence.
Prays to be put on the establishment of pensions until provided for.
On the back are memoranda of the sums paid to him.
Minuted:—“2 Mar. 1723–4. Wt. for 100.” 1 page.
7 March 21.
Letter -
Comrs. of Alienations Do. - - Send account of their receipts and propose to send accounts of receipts and disbursements four times in the year. 1½ pages.
20 March 22.
Bond -
“The Bank's bond for the Receivers of the Lottery on Malt, 1724.”
“David Le Gros, Secretary.” 1 page.
20 March 23.
Bond -
“The Receivers Bond for the Lottery on Malt, 1724.” 1 page.
26 March 24.
Petition -
John Bird of the city of Coventry. Lords of the Treasury. Asking to be appointed Receiver-General of the Land Tax for the county of Warwick and city of Coventry. 1 page.
31 March 25.
Comrs. for Alienations Do. - Of the receipts and expenses of their office. 1 page.
2 April 26.
Comrs. for Salt. Do. - Send list of all superannuated officers who are pensioners, with the amounts received. Also the list. 2 pages.
10 April 27.
Lord Chamberlain (Holles Newcastle). Do. As to having the wine imported by him on his arrival, custom free. Desires that all the favour and civility may be shown to him consistent with the law. 1 page.
11 April 28.
F. Osborne William Lowndes, Esq. Is sorry to see that Mr. Lowndes' father is dead. Hoped he would have got the arrears due to Mr. Osborne. Their misfortunes are so pressing that he (Osborne) ought to try all he can. 1 page.
13 April 29.
Do. -
Sir Isaac Newton Lords of the Treasury. The Clerks and Under Officers of the Mint who have less than 40l. per annum have had their salaries increased by one fourth, except the porter: prays that the salary of the latter may, in like manner, be increased. ½ page.
14 April 30.
Constable of the Tower of London (the Earl of Lincoln). Do. - - Recommending William Butt, one of the yeomen warders, for the allowance of 5s. a day, the same as was allowed to George Kelly and John Plunkett, prisoners. Dennis Kelly, Esq., a prisoner had refused to pay anything to Butt, who had provided everthing necessary whilst he was lodged in his (Butt's) house, St. James's Square. 1 page.
14 April 31.
J. Gilbert, Sub-Almoner. Lords of the Treasury. For money for alms for the poor at the gate, for private pensions, for two Arabic professors at Oxford and Cambridge, and for Lady Frances Keightley.
Minuted: — “21st Apr. 1724. Order'd.” 1 page.
[? About 16 April.] 32.
Isaac Carea, merchant. Do. - - To be acquitted from a verdict of 200l. obtained against him for “running” snuff, on payment of such satisfaction as he can make.
Also affidavit and certificate connected therewith.
Minuted:—“Warrt. signd. 7th Augt. 1724.” 2 pages.
23 April 33.
Board of Trade - [Do.] Their Lordships clerks have detained a portion of the salaries of the members of the Board of Trade, which is treatment they ought not to submit to. 2 pages.
[? About 28 April.] 34.
Petition -
Walter Turner and Edmund Aubery. Do. - - For consideration of their case. 2,481l. 19s. were owing to them for coaches and livery, on contract, during the late Queen's reign.
Minuted:—“28 Apr. 1724. They have been favoured already.” 1 page.
30 April 35.
Letter -
Lord Townshend - Do. - - Mons. van Heck, of Leyden, has disbursed for His Majesty's service 150l. beyond his usual allowance of 200l. His Majesty desired that their Lordships should be certified thereof.
Minuted:—“Orderd. 8th May 1724.” 1 page.
4 May 36.
Do. -
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (Grafton). Do. - - Asking their Lordships to lay before the King the recommendation of the House of Lords (Ireland) in favour of the officers and servants of the house, that a grant of the allowances set opposite their names may be made.
Also a list of the officers and sums. 2 pages.
4 May 37.
Do. - -
“Late” Lord Lieut. of Ireland (Grafton). Do. - - For a recompense to those who attended the late quarentine. 2 pages.
4 May 38.
W. Jessop, Receiver (Alienation Office). Lords of the Treasury. Certifying the amount received in the Alienation Office for the month of April. 1 page.
7 May 39.
Do. -
Lords of the Admiralty. Do. - - The salaries of the officers on the “ordinary” and other establishment of the Navy to cease from 25 March last. 1 page.
20 May 40.
Release -
Sir Lawrence Anderton of Lostock, Lancashire, Bart. Trustees for Forfeited Estates in Great Britain and Ireland. For 3,494l. 9s.d. paid into the receipt of the Exchequer by the trustees. There is a note that it is enrolled on the Close Roll. 1 page.
21 May 41.
Memorial -
Managers and Directors of the Lottery for 750,000l. Lords of the Treasury. For 1,200l. to be paid to Christopher Rhodes, one of the managers, for salaries and expenses of the office. 1 page.
22 May 42.
Report -
Deputy Auditor of Imprests (Jeremiah Oakeley). Do. - - On the “occasions” which delay the passing the late Mr. Fernes account as Receiver-General and Cashier of Customs. 1½ pages.
23 May 43.
Letter -
Ann Stanley - Asks for an order for the payment of the arrears due to Sir John Stanley.
Docketed:—“Due to Sir John Stanley on his pension of 400li. p[er] ann. payable by Mr. Chetwynd one year and a half at Lady day 1724, 600li.
Minuted:—“To be paid a year.” 2 pages.
27 May 44.
Statement -
State of the prosecutions carrying on in the Court of Exchequer, in Scotland, by English Bill, against the merchants in Glasgow. 2 large pages.
[? May] 45.
Petition -
Robert Peters, Esq., late Receiver-General of Taxes, co. Hertford. Lords of the Treasury. For 236l. 10s. expended by him in bringing to London the moneys by him received between 1707 and 1712.
Also an affidavit.
Minuted: —“May 1724. Wt. to Audr. to give allowce. in his accot. of 580l. 10s.” 2 pages.
[After May.] 46.
Do. -
John Baskett [King's Printer]. Do. - - For his charges of printing reports and laws for the government service. 5 pages
[? About 9 June.] 47.
Statement -
Docketed: — “Mr. Auditor Harley's case recd. ye 9th of June 1724.
As to auditor's fees and allowances.” 1½ pages.
16 June 48.
Account -
Excise Office - “A compare account of the net produce of the hereditary and temporary rates and dutys of Excise, with the payments into the Exchequer, and the pensions, &c. paid at this office out of the said net produce, from Michaelmas 1715 to Lady day 1724.” Excise Office. 1 page.
[? About 18 June.] 49.
Memorial -
Henry Lowman on behalf of John Fox, Esq., once an Officer of the Board of Green Cloth. The Chancellor of the Exchequer. His pension was reduced in King William's time to 200l. per ann. This he received during Queen Ann's reign, after which he was struck off the list; 15l. per quarter is prayed for him; he being 85 years old, and almost childish.
Minuted: — “18th June 1724. 10li. p[er] Mr. Lowther.” 1 page.
[? About 24 June.] 50.
Account -
Of the gross and net produce on the importation of tea for seven years ending Midsummer 1724. 1 page.
2 July, &c. 51.
Certified copies
Of documents connected with Barbadoes, viz., touching fines at the grand sessions connected with bonds entered into by Philip Kirton, of Christ Church, Barbadoes, gent., and John Goodwyn, of St. Michaels, in the same island, gent., as sureties of Richard Rycroft, of Christ Church, gent., and concerning two courts held at Barbadoes, at the second of which the recognizances of the above sureties were estreated. 12 pages.
6 July 52.
Letter - -
Fr. Negus - - The Rt. Hon. R. … Prays him to direct 250l. for the King's huntsmen. 1 page, quarto.
[? About 17 July.] 53.
Charles Mason, late Treasurer of the Transports. Lords of the Treasury. For a further warrant to Christopher Whittingham, to continue to receive and pay into the Exchequer the rents of his (Masons) estate two years longer; and that any process may be countermanded.
Also a certificate of the Deputy Auditor thereon. 2½ pages.
17 July 54.
W. Powlett - The Bishop of London desires directions to be given for payment of the salary due to the Whitehall preachers. 1 page, quarto.
3 Aug. 55.
Do. -
Roger Hudson - For an order for 450l. for a year and a half's rent for “Moat Park,” to Mr. Arthur Van Sittart. 1 small page.
[? About 7 Aug.] 56.
Petition -
Gustavus Hamilton, Esq. Lord Lieut. of Ireland (Grafton). For his half-pay as cornet of dragoons in the late Lord Wharton's regiment from 1710 to 1715.
Also resolutions thereon of the House of Commons.
Minuted:—“Warrt. signd. 7th Augt. 1724.” 3½ pages.
12 Aug. 57.
Richard Hampden, Esq., late Treasurer of the Navy. Lords of the Treasury. For a warrant to the Barons of the Exchequer to stay proceedings on certain distringases, and to stay the levying of an estreat for 500l. 1 page.
[? About 13 Aug.] 58.
Petition -
John Martin, “Keeper of the lyons.” The King - For the grant of that office which (he says) had been unwarrantably possessed, and after several solemn hearings in the Court of Chancery, &c. the fraud was detected.
Minuted: — “13 Aug. 1724. Rejected.” 1 page.
[? About 18 Aug.] 59.
Do. -
Elizabeth Ferne, Executrix of Henry Ferne, Esq., late Receiver General of Customs. Lords of the Treasury. For directions to be given to the Comrs. of Customs to make their report, or order the bonds standing out for interest to be prosecuted, that she may pass her husband's final account.
Referred to the Comrs. on 18 Aug. 1724 to report.
Also a previous petition from her, which was ordered to be reported on 23 July 1724. 2 pages.
17 Sept. 60.
Memorial -
Christopher Tilson and six others. Lords of the Treasury. Ask to be re-appointed as managers for exchanging the tickets of the present lottery (1724) which is above two-thirds drawn.
Minuted:—“17 7br. 1724. Agreed, and Geo. Morley to be added to the No.” 1 page.
18 Sept. 61.
Do. -
Anthony Cracherode Do. - Praying for 1,500l. upon account to pay his Majtie's. clerks in court, and Mr. West, counsel to the Board of Trade.
Minuted:—“23 7ber. 1724. To be consd. with ye cash after Michas.” 1 page.
19 Sept. 62.
Comrs. of Customs, Dublin. Do. - Encloses copy of a letter received from Mr. Hopkins, Deputy Controller of the copper coinage for Ireland, giving an account of half pence and farthings coined by Mr. Wood, the patentee.
The copy referred to. 2 pages.
21 Sept. 63.
Memorial -
Edmund Britiffe, Thomas Newman, and Thomas Guenault, Paymasters of Exchequer Bills. Do. - Crave allowance of 87l. 11s. 11d. disbursed by them.
Minuted: — “8 October 1724. Agreed and ordered.” 1 page.
[? About 29 Sept.] 64.
Letters and account, &c. (Copies.)
Samuel Reed - John Somforth, Esq., Douglas, Isle of Man. Concerning tobacco shipped to the Isle of Man.
The account is from 25 March to 29 Sept. 1724. 5 pages.
29 Sept. 65.
Account -
? Comrs. for Wine Licences. Lords of the Treasury. Of the gross and net produce of that part of H.M. Civil List which arose by wine licences for a half year. 1 page.
[After 29 Sept.] 66.
Memorial -
John Montgomery, Esq., Master of the Mint in Scotland. Do. - - For so much salary for the Mint as their Lordships shall see fit (two years and a half being in arrears).
Also certificate from the “General” of H.M. Mint at Edinburgh as to the balance on his account. Dated 29 Sept. 1724. 2 pages.
6 Oct. 67.
Presentment -
Comrs. for Stamp Duties. Do. - For Mr. George Maccubine to be a stamper in the room of John Cleghorne, deceased.
Minuted: — “Warrt. for John Spicer to succeed Cleghorne. Sign'd 7th Oct. 1724.” ½ page.
8 Oct. 68.
W. Ashburnham and Cor. Cayley (Alienation Office.) Lords of the Treasury. Of the produce of the office. 1 page.
1 Nov. 69.
Letter -
Lord Stair The Rt. Hon. Mr. Walpole. Reminding him that he (Mr. Walpole) thought Col. Kennedy and Dr. Lidderdale should be paid the respective sums of 200l. and 100l.
—“1st 9br. 1722. 100li. bounty to Lidderdale.” 1 page.
6 Nov. 70.
Do. -
Lord Townshend - Lords of the Treasury. For allowance to his secretaries and clerks attending at Windsor.
Minuted: — “11th 9br. 1724. Agreed to.” 1½ pages.
6 Nov. 71.
Do. -
Duke of Newcastle - Do. - Do.
Minuted as above.
[? About 12 Nov.] 72.
Petition -
Henrietta Ramondon, daughter and executrix of Dr. Thomas Lawrance, 1st Physician to her late Majesty Queen Anne. Do. - For payment of 240l. 5s. 6d. due to her father or a part thereof.
Also a certificate from the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office corroborating the claim. Dated “12th Novr. 1724.” 2 pages.
18 Nov. 73.
Lord Chamberlain of the Household (Grafton). Do. - For 110l. to be paid to John Engliss, Esq., Marshal of the Ceremonies, as a present from his Majesty to Chevalier Espaleta, Secretary to the Embassy from the King of Spain. 1 page.
21 Nov. 74.
Receipts -
J. Bayley - - Henry Kelsall, Esq. Docqueted: — “Rect. of quit rents to Lord Tankerville.” (Norfolk, Hempton Priory.) 2 pages.
21 Nov. 75.
Warrant -
Lord Chamberlain of the Household. Master of the Jewel Office (the Hon. James Brudnall, Esq.). For a new silver trumpet. At the foot is:—“Let this warrant be executed and a new trumpet delivered according to the tenor thereof, provided the old trumpet mentioned therein to be broken and worn out, be at the same time delivered up to the Master of the Jewel Office for his Mat's. use.” 1 page.
[After 21 Nov.] 76.
Account -
Balances due from the York Buildings Company to the public according to the account stated by the Commrs. for forfeitures in Scotland. 1 page.
1 Dec. 77.
Report -
Sir Charles Farnaby Lords of the Treasury. Balances due from George Murray and Robert Murray, late paymasters of the lottery.
Minuted:—“A l~re writ to Robt. Murray.” 1 page.
3 Dec. 78.
Letter -
Duke of Newcastle - Do. - - For directions to be given to defray the charge of the prosecution of Robert Elstone, late master of a merchant ship, for murder of two of his men.
Also copy of a letter from the Comrs. of the Admiralty on the same subject. 2 pages.
4 Dec. 79.
Do. -
Lord Lieut. of Ireland (Carteret). Do. - Recommending Lord Blayney for the continuance of his additional pension of 300l. per annum five years longer.
Minuted: — “14th Decr. 1724. The King's pleasure to be taken hereupon.”
Also the petition to the King of “Cadwallader, Baron Blaney of Monaghan,” Ireland. 3 pages.
8 Dec. 80.
Do. -
Do. - - Do. - - “Transmitting accounts of the overdrawings on the Concordatum [and] military contingencies, between Xmas. 1723 and Michas. 1724, in order to the placing thereof on the revenue at large.” 2 pages.
8 Dec. 81.
Do. -
Do. - - Do. - Recommending Major General Thomas Pearce for an addition of 6s. 83/8d. per diem to his pay as Major General, as he has distinguished himself by his vigilence and care.
Also the Major General's petition. 2 pages.
[? About 17 Dec.] 82.
Roger Garth - Do. - - For a reward for attending their Lordships with evidence against the late Bishop of Rochester.
Minuted: — “17th Decr. 1724. 350li. in full of all his services and expences. Prepare a warrt. to Mr. Cracherode.” 1 page.
19 Dec. 83.
J. Burchett (Admiralty). John Scrope, Esq. As to the charge for prosecution of Robert Elston, late master of a merchant ship, for killing two of his men; the Attorney and Solicitor General having given their opinion that “the fact was not committed within the jurisdiction of the Admiralty,” they (the Lords of the Admiralty) have nothing to do with the prosecution of the prisoner. 1 page.
21 Dec. 84.
Lord Chamberlain of the Household. Lords of the Treasury. His Majesty's pleasure is that they give orders for the payment of 500l. to the Right Hon. the Earl of Essex, as a present to buy a jewel. 1 page.
23 Dec. 85.
Lord Lieut. of Ireland (Lord Carteret). Do. Sends petition of Lieut Anthony D'Orval de Preugnie with copy of another formerly presented to his Majesty, and of the proceedings thereon. Petitioner served in the reduction of Ireland, and left the service for his wounds; recommends him for half pay.
Also the papers referred to. 5 pages.
25 Dec. 86.
The reasons for the increase on salary bills (? Excise) to 25 Dec. 1724. 1 page.
[Undated but ? 1724.] 87.
Report -
Christopher Tilson - Lords of the Treasury. On a claim of Herbert Rudhale Westfaling, Esq., for a years salary for himself secretary, and clerks and for contingencies of the office for stating army debts. The demand cannot be paid unless a new provision be made by Parliament.
Also some further notes on the same subject. 3 pages.