Volume 257: Miscellaneous, 1726

Pages 428-436

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 6, 1720-1728. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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Miscellaneous, 1726

Documents for which a brief description suffices.
Date. Description of Document. From To Purport.
1726. — 1.
Two Estimates
Of the charge of the Office of Ordnance for the year 1726.
Also copy of warrant. 3 pages.
3 Jan. 2.
Abstract of Account.
Of the number of men borne and mustered on board H.M. ships in sea pay in the year 1725. 1 page.
12 Jan. 3.
Her Majesty Q. Anne's 24 Musicians and Instrument Keeper. Lords of the Treasury. Asking them to order that 300l. 7s.d. due to them for arrears should be paid out of money remaining in the Exchequer to pay such debts.
Also a certificate. 2 pages.
29 Jan. 4.
Order in Council.
Lords of the Council Do. - For the usual allowance of 200l. to be distributed among the Under Clerks of the Council.
Minuted:—“23d Feb. 1725/6. Prepare a warrt. for an allowance to the clerks.” 1 page.
1 Feb. 5.
Certificate (copy).
Robert Sedgwick, Clerk of the Jewels. As to the delivery of plate to Lord Bingley, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Queen Ann, and as to what he now stood charged with. 1 page.
2 Feb. 6.
Memorial -
Brigadier Bisset Lords of the Treasury. For directions to the Paymaster General to pay the subsistence of his regiment at Gibraltar. 1 page.
3 Feb. 7.
Do. - -
Comrs. for Hawkers and Pedlars. Do. - - For directions as to the payment of fees upon passing the late Comrs. accounts. 1 page.
4 Feb. 8.
Petition -
Dame Ann FitzHarrey. The Rt. Hon. Sir Robt. Walpole, Knt., First Comr. and the rest of the Comrs. Is a prisoner in Newgate for debt in deplorable condition. Petitioner's father advanced 10,000l. to the Crown, and was killed after 40 years' service. Was allowed 250l. pension, and afterwards only 50l., which was much in arrear. Prays compassion. 1 page.
7 Feb. 9.
Certificate -
W. Keene for C. Stanhope, Esq. As to arrears due from her late Majesty to Francis Clerk, Esq., Clerk of the Cheque, to the Yeomen of the Guard. 1 page.
8 Feb. 10.
Memoranda -
Of proceedings made by Hatch Moody in the accounts of the late Robert Murray, Esq., formerly paymaster of the 1,400,000l. Lottery, 1714. 2 pages.
19 Feb. 11.
Margaret Stanley, widow. Lords of the Treasury. Her husband served on sea and land in King William and Queen Anne's time, and was obliged by gout, wounds and old age to quit his Commission. His father was killed in the Dutch wars. Petitioner's brother, Lt.-Col. James Kirke, of Villers' horse, was killed at Athlone. Is in miserable distress. At the foot is this note:—“This poor widow is an object of great charity. J. Guise.” 1 page.
7 March 12.
Memorial -
Lord Cadogan - Do. - - For a privy seal to discharge him from the plate imprested to him as ambassador to the States General.
Also a certificate of the plate. 2 pages.
24 March 13.
Report -
[Comrs. of Works] Fr. Negus, and Ch. Whither. Do. - - As to the bridge in Hyde Park in the way to Kensington. Advise the building of a new bridge of brick and a brick wall.
Also an estimate. 3 pages.
25 March 14.
State of Account.
Rendered by the Rt. Hon. Geo. Earl of Cholmondely, High Steward of the Manor of Richmond alias West Sheen. 1 page.
28 March 15.
Letter -
Lord Townshend Lords of the Treasury. Signifying the King's directions that Captain Samuel Taylor, master of a sloop, should be paid, according to contract, for bringing over three criminals from Holland concerned in the murder of Thomas Ball.
Also he contract. 2 pages.
29 March 16.
Letter -
Lord Grafton - Lords of the Treasury. For orders to be given for new doors in the galleries at Kensington according to Mr. Kent's design. 1 page.
29 March 17.
Letter - -
Do. Do. - For orders to be given for five wainscot presses for keeping the records of the German Chancery at St. Jameses. 1 page.
29 March 18.
Of the produce of the duty on coals by virtue of an Act of the first year of his Majesty's reign for making provision for the ministers of the new churches. 1 page.
2 April 19.
Wm. Ashburnham, Cor. Cayley, of the Alienation Office. Lords of the Treasury. Of the gross and net produce of the Alienation Office. 1 page.
[? About 5 April.] 20.
Lady Fitzharris - Do. - - Is now “and for severall reigns past hath been supported by charity of the Crown.” Is arrested and imprisoned for 100l. debt. Prays for relief.
Minuted:—“5th April 1726, 20li. ordered.” 1 page.
21 April 21.
Petition -
Sir Bibye Lake, Bart. Do. - For the estates of Robert Peter to be invested in petitioner or his nominee to reimburse petitioner's debt.
Also a copy of letter to the Attorney and Solicitor General about Mr. Peter's debt. 2 pages.
23 April 22.
State of Accounts.
Of the public taxes behind and undeclared within Mr. Auditor Godolphin's division. 3 pages.
27 April 23.
Report -
A. Cracherode - State of causes under prosecution. 5½ pages.
[? About 27 April] 24.
Caveat -
“Richard Woolaston, Esq., against grant of the fee of the dissolved monastery of Furneis com. Lancastr'.” 1 page.
3 May 25.
Copy of Minute
Touching the employment of under clerks in making up accounts of revenues, &c. See Minute Book, Vol. 25, p. 173n. 1 page.
3 May 26.
Petition -
Thomas Plaisted, of London, merchant. Lords of the Treasury. Petitioner was charged with running 1,000li. weight of snuff, and gave bond for payment of 200l., the amount of the duty. Prays that the bond may be given up on payment of 33l. 6s. 8d. and for a nolle prosequi to be entered.
Also a scheme to prevent the running of snuff. 2 pages.
11 May 27.
Opinion -
The Attorney and Solicitor General's opinion as to the power of the Comrs. of Customs in regard to compositions with offenders against the custom laws. (Copy.) 2½ pages.
13 May 28.
Report -
Of Charles Harrison concerning licences granted by the Court of Exchequer to compound upon penal laws. From the last day of Mich, term 1725 to 13 May 1726. 3 double pages.
[29 May] 29.
Account -
Of the “Fieu and Blench duties” payable to the Crown out of lands specified in Scotland. 5½ pages.
10 June 30.
Report - -
A. Cracherode - As to causes “under prosecution: with the states thereof.” 7 pages.
7 July 31.
Letter - -
Lord Longford - Asks for “that warrant” which he had the goodness to order for his (Lord Longford's) relief. His Majesty's bounty cannot extend to a greater object of compassion. Also Report dated 13 March 1724 of Lord Carteret on the petition of Christopher, Lord Viscount Longford, to be restored to his full pension of 500l. per ann, since reduced to 250l. The petition and the copy of the warrant. The petition states that he forfeited an estate of 12,000l. a year for his adherence to the Prince. 5 pages.
11 July 32.
Report - -
A. Cracherode Lords of the Treasury. On petition of John Pratchet and others for the reward of 40l. offered for the apprehension of one Thomas James, who assaulted and grievously wounded Henry Best, one of the keepers of Enfield Chase.
Also the petition, copy of the London Gazette, a certificate, and an affidavit. 7 pages.
12 July 33.
Charles Stewart Testifying that Mr. Abraham Benider was interpreter in the Spanish and Arabick languages during the time Mr. Charles Stewart was Ambassador to the Emperor of Morocco, and recommending him as a qualified person. ½ page.
27 July 34.
The Duke of Newcastle. Lords of the Treasury. Transmits a letter from the Lord Lieut. of Ireland enclosing a report on the petition of Gerald Fitzgerald, Esq., who prays for a nolle prosequi to a prosecution against him in the Exchequer for recovery of certain effects alleged to be in his possession. The report referred to, at the end of which is the opinion of the Solicitor General for Ireland thereon. 4 pages.
10 Aug. 35.
Depositions -
“Copy Precognition.” Touching a charge of making counterfeit coin, made at Aberdeen against Isaac Darlington, a soldier in Col. Kirk's regiment. 2 pages.
12 Aug. 36.
Report -
A. Cracherode Lords of the Treasury. On petition of John Gedney. In favour of a warrant being granted to H.M. Attorney General to consent to an order of the Court of Exchequer for 94l. 3s. 8d., which should be paid over to the petitioner for a debt and costs due to him from John Talk alias Taulk.
Also the petition and three other papers. 6 pages.
17 Aug. 37.
Copy of Royal Warrant.
The Lord Lieut. of Ireland, &c. For allowing 100l. per ann. to Lord Kenmaire for the use of his mansion house, called Ross Castle, and ground thereunto belonging, wherein at the reduction of Ireland a garrison was placed. Forces were still quartered there. 3 pages.
25 Aug. 38.
Report -
Secretary - at - War (H. Pelham). Lords of the Treasury. Mr. Missing, the contractor for salt meat for the soldiers at Minorca, to make a return of the quantity he has shipped, as it was apprehended the continuance of the contract would create a disturbance. 1 page.
18 and 30 Aug. 39.
Copy of counsel's opinion “on Mr. Kemp's case in relation to Brigadier Munden's assignment of his salary as outranger.” 1 page.
31 Aug. 40.
For accounts and papers required by the Comrs. appointed to settle the accounts of the York Buildings Co., viz., for estates purchased in Scotland. 1 page.
Aug. 41.
Dr. and Cr. account of fees to the clerks at the Treasury for the month of August 1726. There is also an account of the Deputy Clerk of the Pipe, of fees to be divided for the use of the Lords of the Treasury. 6 pages.
[? About Aug.] 42.
Thomas Maynard, Esq., one of the Comrs. of Customs. Lords of the Treasury. For their warrant to the Comrs. of Customs at Edinburgh to pay him 200l. after his year's residence in the service of H.M. Customs there. Their Lordships always allowed for travelling charges, &c. 400l. to a Commissioner thus employed, and 200l. had been paid. See North Britain Book, Vol 7, p. 408. 1 page.
15 Sept. 43.
Secretary to the Admiralty (Burchett). John Scrope, Esq., Secretary to the Treasury. As to the waste and abuses in cutting trees in New England, whereby there is a difficulty in procuring masts, &c. for the Royal Navy.
Also two copies of letters on the same subject. 8 pages.
27 Sept. 44.
John Comyns - Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Walpole. “For the laying an additional duty of three pence p[er] yard on linnens printed, painted, stain'd or dyed in Great Birtain.” 1 page.
[About 28 Sept.] 45.
Account or bill.
“His Majesty's bill for the servants of his Majesty's Household,” from 20 March 1725–6 to 28 Sept. 1726. It is an apothecary's Bill. The names of the patients are given as well as all the items. 27 pages.
[About 28 Sept.] 46.
“Gold & silver coined from the end of the year 1714 to the 28 Sepr. 1726.” ½ page.
[About 29 Sept.] 47.
Copy of a list of names and amounts for which the warrants of the Lords of the Treasury were required. 24 June to 29 Sept. 1726. 1 page.
[? About 29 Sept.] 48.
James Haye, tailor to the Great Wardrobe. Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Walpole. For payment of his bill. 3 pages.
5 Oct. 49.
Letter -
Board of Greencloth Lords of the Treasury. Encloses two computations of the expense of H.M. Household (1) for three quarters of a year ending at Mich. 1726 and (2) for a year commencing Mich. 1726. 3 pages.
6 Oct. 50.
Comrs. of the Office of Alienations. Do. - - Of the gross and net produce of the office. 1 page.
12 Oct. 51.
Receiver General of the Deductions of 6d. per lib. (Francis Burton). Do. - - Encloses copy of a memorial. Has not received any account from the Comrs. of the Admiralty of any deduction upon any payment made by their Lordship's directions.
The copy referred to which relates to “deductions upon the rent of the House where the Admiralty Office is now kept,” &c. 2 pages.
22 Nov. 52.
Certificate -
Of the state of the trial in “Rex v. Laugherne.” [Julyan Laugherne was convicted for striking a Custom House officer of the Port of Fowey.]
Also two letters, one of which is from the Mayor of Fowey and others, pleading for removal of the fine or a mitigation thereof. 4 pages.
28 Nov. 53.
Report and opinion.
J. Willes - - That on payment of 2,100l. a “non pros.” should be entered in the actions commenced against the Executors of Thomas Thruppe; the testator being indebted for duties on run goods amounting to 4,823l. 10s. 3 pages.
6 Dec. 54.
Report -
Secretary - at - War (H. Pelham). Lords of the Treasury. For the Lords of the Admiralty to give directions to the Comrs. for Victualling the Navy to furnish provisions for 645 men to be transported to Gibraltar on four of H. M. men-of-war.
Also, for the contractor to make an additional supply to the garrison there. 2 pages.
15 Dec. 55.
Letter -
J. Burchett - - John Scrope, Esq. The Lords of the Admiralty desire him (Mr. Scrope) to inform the Lords of the Treasury of the necessity of paying the wages of the men removed from the “Union” and other ships to ships about to sail on foreign service. 1 page.
26 Dec. 56.
Do. - -
The Duke of Newcastle. Lords of the Treasury. The King has ordered 500l. to be issued out of the revenues of Ireland to be distributed among the persons who were losers by the burning of a ship at Glendore in April 1721, on suspicion that she came from Marseilles, which was then infected with the plague. The master having prevaricated is not to participate therein. 2 pages.
28 Dec. 57.
The Collector and other Customs officers at Southwold. [Do.] In favour of John Pugh, a good officer at Dunwich, who was diligent in preventing smuggling.
Also seven affidavits. 9 pages.
29 Dec. 58.
Letter -
George Hathaway - The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Walpole. Encloses two schemes for lotteries, viz., one with nine blanks to a prize, the other four blanks to a prize.
Also the enclosure. 2 pages.
1726. 59.
Memorial -
William Hamilton, H.M. Almoner in Scotland. Lords of the Treasury. For 40l. 3s. 5d. sterling to make up the difference on the allowance upon the Establishment, which was increased according to his Majesty's life. 1 page.
[1726 or later.] 60.
Do. -
John Lane, Surveyor of the Horse Guards. Do. - For a warrant for 1,118l. 11s. 6d. for rebuilding and repairing the Office of the Paymaster General, the Office of Commissary General of the Musters, the Office of the Comrs. of Chelsea Hospital, &c.
[Thomas Ripley, Esq., is mentioned as Controller of the Works, and he seems to have been appointed 14 April 1726. See Minute Book, Vol. 25, p. 168c.]
[? 1726.] 61.
Magdalen Jollyvet, widow of Evert Jollyvet. Do. - For three-quarters of her husband's pension at 50l. per ann. 1 page.
[1726 or later.] 62.
Do. -
Evan Morgan, Victualler. The Hon. Richard Arundell, Esq., Surveyor Genl. and the rest of the Comrs. of Works. For an allowance of 20l. He kept a victualling house under the Court of Wards in Westminster, for the use of the footmen of the members of Parliament, and having to move his beer out of the cellar it was spoilt, &c. 1 page.
[Arundell was appointed 14 April 1726. See Minute Book, Vol. 25, p. 168b.]
[? 1726 or 1727.] 63.
Memorial -
Arthur Van Sittart, of Shottesbrooke, Berks, Esq. Lords of the Treasury. Two memorials for rent due from Mote Park, which is laid into the Great Park at Windsor. 2 pages.