Volume 262: 1727. Classified Part II

Pages 485-487

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 6, 1720-1728. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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1727. Classified Part II

1727. 1. Various papers of a financial nature, such as accounts of income and issues out of the Civil List revenues, balances from Paymasters of the Lotteries, sums remaining in the Exchequer of Receipt, state of the South Sea Company's funds, produce of duties arising by licencing hawkers and pedlars. State of public debts provided for by Parliament, with a view of the sinking fund, &c. 33 pages or parts of pages.
2. Letters of the Lord Lieut. of Ireland (Carteret) to the Lords of the Treasury. (1.) For his Majesty's signature to a letter securing the purchasers of Mr. Pratt's Estate from: any claim of the Crown. (2.) For similar signature for granting the profits of the See of Derry during the vacancy to the Right Rev. Dr. Downes, the present Bishop. (3.) For payment of 60l. to the Lord John Kerr, Brigadier General of H.M. forces in Ireland, who had received that amount short of his pay as Brigadier General. (Also report enclosed.) (4.) For the proper instruments to be prepared for the augmentation to eleven battalions in Ireland of one serjeant, one corporal, one drummer, and as many privates to each company as can be raised and paid from the savings on the Irish Establishment by the removal of four regiments specified [Minuted:—“Wt signed 23 March 1726]. (5.) In favour of the petition of Alexander Cairnes, Baronet, who prayed an addition of two lives to the Grant he has of the Lodges of the Deer Park at Dublin. (6.) For 4,034l. 5s. from Ireland for arms sent out of Ordnance stores. (7.) About increase of pay to the Deputy Commissaries of the Musters in Ireland. (8.) About new arms for the regiments of horse and dragoons upon the establishment of Ireland. (9.) About the deficiency of fees for licences for exporting wool from Ireland to Great Britain; the fees forming a considerable portion of the Lord Lieuts income. (10.) For the proper instrument to be prepared for the Royal signature to place Capt. Edward Columbine upon the establishment of half pay in Ireland as captain of foot. (11.) As to fees due for Public Bills to the Usher of of H.M. Council Chamber in Ireland. (12.) As to a grant of letters patent prayed for by Lawrence Esmond, for reducing the Quit Rents on the lands mentioned in a report of the Comrs of H.M. revenue. (13.) As to the balance due to his Majesty, on the Vice-Treasurer's accounts (Ireland). (14.) For H.M. warrant for payment of the charge of providing 400 barrels of gunpowder for Ireland. (15.) Respecting the grant of the rents, &c. of the archbishopric of Cashel, during the vacancy of the see, to Dr Timothy Goodwin, who was presented thereto. [Minuted:—“Ordered.”] (16.) Respecting the petition of Major Claudius Testefolle, late of the regiment of horse commanded by Col. Ligonier. The major prayed to be placed on half-pay. (17.) For Captain Edward Columbine to be put on half-pay as captain of foot. (18.) For a sign manual to be obtained for 80l. to make up the pay of Lord John Kerr equal to other brigadiers, and for the continuance of the increased allowance, the late King's letter in his favour not having been put in execution by the demise of his Majesty. (19.) For Michael Smith, Esq., Captain of a company in H.M. own Royal regiment of foot in Ireland, to be placed on half-pay, in consequence of his labouring under a disorder which has affected his senses. (20.) Respecting additions to the establishment of Ireland, viz. Theophilus Clements, Esq., & the Marquis of Miremont, and for each of the other brigadiers general on the military establishment of Ireland to have 20s. per diem; for Capt. Alexander Guibert de Sissac, Capt. Alexander Duvernier, Capt. John Meissonier, and Capt. Edward Columbine to have half pay as captains of foot at 4s 9d. per diem each, and Lieut. John la Bastide and Lieut. Joseph Meissoniers as Lieutenants of foot at 2s. 3d. per diem each.
Several of the above have enclosures, but in others the enclosures are wanting. 44 pages.
3. Three papers relating to payments made in the Treasury Office, Dublin; (1) on account of military contingencies; (2) for the use of the barracks; and (3) by several warrants of concordatums. Signed “Lu Gardiner Depy Recr Genl.” 18 pages or parts of pages.
4. Memorials from the Treasurer of the Navy to the Lords of the Treasury applying for moneys for payment of wages; paying off ships; victualling, &c. Signed by “Pattee Byng” or by William Corbett, his substitute. Many of these have minutes on the back such as “L~re signed,” &c.
There are also a few other subordinate papers connected with the navy. 26 pages or parts of pages.
5. Memorials from the Paymaster General of the Forces to the Lords of the Treasury for payment of subsistence and other moneys for the troops. Signed “S. Compton,” or by his deputy.
Many of them have minutes on the back such as “L~re signed,” &c. 14 pages.
6. Edmund, Bishop of London to the Lords of the Treasury. Asks their Lordships to order the payment of 20l. each for his Majesty's bounty for the passage of the following persons:—
The Rev. Mr Matthias, appointed a minister in Jamaica.
The Rev. Mr John Becket, A.M., appointed a minister in Virginia.
The Rev. Mr Richard Watts, do.
The Rev. Mr Henry Caner, A.B., appointed a minister in the Province of Connecticutt in New England.
The Rev. Mr Patric Rose, A.M., appointed a minister in Barbados.
The Rev. Mr John Miln, appointed a minister in Albany in the Province of New York.
The Rev. Mr Joseph Smith, appointed a minister in Virginia.
The Rev. Mr Ebenezer Miller, A.M., appointed a minister in the Province of Massachusetts in New England.
The Rev. Mr Henry Husband, A.M., appointed a minister in Antegoa in America. 9 pages.