Volume 264: Miscellaneous, 1727

Pages 491-501

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 6, 1720-1728. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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Miscellaneous, 1727

Documents for which a brief description suffices.
Date. Description of Document. From To Purport.
[After 1726.] 1.
List -
Of offices in Scotland during pleasure. 4 pages.
1 Jan. 2.
Francis Burton, Recr. Genl. of Deductions. Of the deductions of 6d. in the pound from 30 Nov. to the 31 Dec. 1726. 1 Jan. 1726. 1 page.
9 Jan. 3.
Lord Chamberlain (Grafton). Lords of the Treasury. For a present of 500l. to the Ambassador from the Emperor of Morocco, who was about to return home, and of 100l. to his mufti secretary and kinsman, and 30l. to his interpreter, and 100l. for clothing to the Ambassador's slaves. 1 page.
2 Feb. 4.
Account -
The above Francis Burton. Of the receipt, payment, and remains of the deductions of 6d. in the pound for Jan. 1726. 1 page.
16 Feb. 5.
Balance sheet
The Public Treasury's Account of cash in New Providence. Sworn in Council. 2 pages.
21 Feb. 6.
Letter -
Excise Comrs., Edinburgh. Lords [of the Treasury]. As to sums due to their Collectors for salaries, &c. paid by them. 1 page.
24 Feb. 7.
William Moore, Esq., Deputy Muster Master General. The Lords Justices Genl. and Govrs. of Ireland. For his Majesty's letters for replacing and continuing several battalions of foot which embarked from Ireland, and which are to be paid on the Irish Establishment. [Minuted:Wt. Signed. 23 March 1726.] 2 pages.
27 Feb. 8.
Bills - -
John Harper and Jonas Morris. Made out to the Hon. Col. Jervais Parker, Quartermaster-General of H.M. Forces, for provisions for men, for shiphire, &c. 5 pages.
8 Mar. 9.
J. Gilbert, sub-almoner. The Lords of the Treasury. For money due for discretionary and daily alms.
Minuted:Ordered. page.
10 Mar. 10.
Duke of Grafton - Do. - For orders to be given for new flooring with right wainscot all his Majesty's appartment in the lower lodging at Kensington. 1 page.
10 Mar. 11.
Of the charge of the taking and removing the deer from Hampton Court House Park, and delivering them at Portsmouth to John Russell, Esq. His Majesty's Consul by Charles Howard, Keeper of the Duke of Somerset.
Referred 11 March 1726. 2 pages.
13 Mar. 12.
Balance sheet of the York Building's Company, in account with the Government in connexion with the Widdrington Estate. 1 large page.
14 Mar. 13.
Of Peter Fowler of Dublin, tobacconist, as to fraudulent shipping of tobacco for the drawback: it being good for nothing either to smoak or chaw. 1 pages.
18 Mar. 14.
Letter -
H. Pelham, Secretary-at-War. John Scrope, Esq. Encloses copy of charter party, and desires the Lords of the Treasury may be moved to issue money to the Paymaster-General for transport of troops from Ireland to Gibraltar. 2 pages.
21 Mar. 15.
Letter -
The Earl of Stair - His brother is one of the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland, and held the place from Queen Ann, of discoverer of concealed rents of the Crown in Scotland, with a salary of 100l. per ann., which is unpaid. Reminds his correspondent that he (the correspondent) thought the Baron should have the salary for life. Asks him to give directions thereon. 2 pages.
23 Mar. 16.
Account -
Of the gross and net produce of the stamp duties. 1 page.
23 Mar. 17.
Bill -
William Smith Comrs. of the Navy. For bedding for a detachment of foot guards of Col. Clayton's regiment bound for Gibraltar. 1 page.
24 Mar. 18.
Certificate -
Lieut. Governor of Gibraltar. Lords of the Treasury. Of provisions in store in the garrison. 1 page.
29 Mar. 19.
Account -
Do. - Of the debt of the Jewel Office. 1 page.
30 Mar. 20.
Letter -
Duke of Newcastle - Do. - For notice to be given to the contractors, &c. for provisions to have the ships ready to carry the same to Gibraltar, to be convoyed by two men-of-war ordered to reinforce Sir Charles Wager. 1 page.
3 April 21.
Report -
Postmasters (Ed. Carterett and E. Harrison). Do. - On the petition of Dorothy Musgrave, who was the widow of Philip Musgrave, late Postmaster of Boston, New England, and was left in indigent condition.
Confirms the truth of the petition.
Also a certificate. 3 pages.
In the Minute Book, Vol. 25, p. 291i, 19 April 1727 is: As the postma'rs report her a proper object of compassion, write to them to know if their officers, like others in the Revenue, have submitted to a deduction out of their salaries to make a fund for age and indigency. 3 pages.
8 April 22.
Abstract -
Of land revenue within Auditor Godolphin's division. 2 pages.
8 April 23.
Account -
Of produce of the petty branches of the Civil List Revenue. Mich. 1726 to Mich. 1727. Excheqr. Auditrs. Office. 8 April 1727. 1 page.
10 April 24.
Memorial -
John Robinson, Searcher in the Port of London. Lords of the Treasury. On the question of signing debentures for drawbacks for refined copper entered outwards as Barbary copper unwrought. 2 pages.
10 April 25.
Of the annual charge of the Receiver General of H.M. land revenue under the audit of Thomas Jett, auditor. 4 pages.
28 Sept. 1726 to 19 Apr. 1727. 26.
Bill -
Of the Apothecary of H.M. Household. 45 pages.
19 April 27.
Certificate -
Of moneys paid into the Exchequer between Christmas 1726 and Lady Day 1727, upon the deduction of 6d. per pound duty on victuallers, &c. 1 page.
26 April 28.
Memorial -
Francis Negus, Esq. Lords of the Treasury. For the issue of money to complete the repairs of Swinley Lodge in Windsor Forest. 1 page.
2 May 29.
Lords Justices of Ireland. Report of the Board of General Officers in relation to new arms for the several regiments of horse and dragoons on the Irish establishment. 2 pages.
[? About 10 May.] 30.
Henry Harcourt, late Controller of the Classis Lottery, Ao. 1711. Lords of the Treasury. For 78l. 15s. to be paid to him by the representatives of John Dutton Colt, who was paymaster of the Class Lottery anno 1711, pursuant to a warrt. from the Treasury.
Minuted:Read 10th May 1727. My Lords order that the said 10l. be satisfyed out of the first money that shall be recovered from the said Colt or his sureties. 1 page.
15 May 31.
Edward Smith - Do. - Is appointed by the Admiralty to cruise upon the smugglers on the coasts of Kent and Sussex. Asks to have a Commission from their Lordships. 1 page.
15 May 32.
Memorial -
Thomas Missing, Contractor for victualling the Garrison of Gibraltar. Lords of the Treasury. That as his lists and vouchers for victualling the garrison cannot now come so regularly by reason of the war, immediate despatch may be given to them by the controllers of the accounts of the army. 1 page.
[? About 24 May.] 33.
Letters and papers.
Copies of Lord Lieutenant's letters and other papers, about a demand by the Usher of the Council Chamber [in Ireland] for his fees, &c.
A note is added:Nothing appears to be due to the petitioner by any of these papers relating to his case. 6 pages.
[? About 24 May.] 34.
Affidavits and a petition.
Respecting silks, tea, &c. shipped from Rotterdam to London, and seized as contraband. 7 pages.
[? About 25 May.] 35.
Letter -
Recommending Mr. Hayes to succeed Mr. Shermer as Receiver General of the county of Berks, the latter having misbehaved himself in his office, being charged with misapplying the public money.
Minuted:25 May 1727. Appointed. 1 page.
30 May 36.
Do. -
Duke of Newcastle Lords of the Treasury. The King has ordered that Mr. Theocaris Rali Didichi, a native of Aleppo, should succeed Mr. Solomon Negri lately dead, as interpreter of Oriental languages. 1 page.
30 May 37.
Account -
Of the gross and net produce of the duties on Hawkers and Pedlars from 1725 to 1727 both inclusive. Dated 30 May 1727. 1 page.
31 May 38.
[Memorial] -
Ch. Wither - - Lords of the Treasury. For payment for the works and repairs in Richmond new park. 1 page.
31 May 39.
Report -
P. Medows - - Do. - - On Mr. Missing's memorial praying payment of 7,740l. in advance for provisions furnished for the garrison of Gibraltar. Controller's Office 31 May 1727.
Minuted: Prepare a warrt. Wt. signed hereupon. 2 pages.
1 June 40.
Do. -
Comrs. for Hackney Coach Licences. Lords of the Treasury. Have caused Mr. Wharton, the Receiver of the revenue from hackney coaches and chairs to make an account of the gross produce of the same for 3 years. Account annexed. 3 pages.
[? About 8 June.] 41.
Thomas Kennedy, Esq. Do. - For payment of his claim for serving the office of His Majesty's Advocate in Scotland, also for his services as one of the Solicitors in Scotland.
A declaration of Sir Hew Dalrymple, Lord President of the Session, which seems to be referred to in the petition. Dated 8 June 1727.
Also draft of a warrant. 3 pages.
[After 11 June.] 42.
Statement -
State of some remains of Civil List moneys in Scotland incurr'd preceding the 11th of June 1727, unapplyed. 1 page.
12 June 43.
Account -
Of expenses of his late Majesty's Household, Chambers, Chapels, and Stables from 1 July 1726 to 11 June 1727 exclusive, being the day of His Majesty's demise. Board of Green cloth. 1 page.
6 July 44.
Memorial -
Thomas Cornwallis and others. Lords of the Treasury. For reward for their services in taking the lottery tickets for 1726 and signing and delivering certificates in exchange. Lottery office. 1 page.
12 July 45.
Petition -
John Chubb, Surveyor of the Port of Loo in Cornwall. Do. - Prays to be established at his former salary of 60l. per ann. 1 page.
19 July 46.
Comrs. of the Navy - Mr. Scrope - Send copies of letter received, of the progress in taking up shipping to transport soldiers to Ireland.
Also the copies. 4 pages.
[After 2 Aug.] 47.
C. Stanhope, Treasurer of the Chamber. Lords of the Treasury. For a warrant for the salary of Mr. William Keene, his Chief Clerk. 1 page.
15 Aug. 48.
[Lord Chamberlain of the Household], (Grafton.) The Hon. James Brudnall, Esq., Master of H.M. Jewel Office. For delivery of 1,000 oz. of white plate to the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Godolphin, Groom of the Stole. 1 page.
29 Aug. 49.
List - -
Of provisions sent to Gibraltar by Thomas Missing for the use of the garrison from June to 23 Aug. 1727. 1 page.
4 Sept. 50.
Thomas Missing, Contractor for Victualling. Lords of the Treasury. For an estimate to be given of the number of men to be provided for in the Garrisons of Gibraltar, Placentia, and Annapolis Royal in America.
Minuted:The contract subsisting is for 2,000 men at 10d. per man a week, dated 2d June 1726, and to continue for 6/m. certain and afterwards untill 6/m. warning on either side. 1 page.
15 Sept. 51.
James Brudenell [Master of H.M. Jewel Office]. Do. - - For a warrant for Mr. Robert Sedgwick, Clerk of H. M. Jewel Office to renew his patent for holding that place.
In the Minute Book, Vol. 26, p. 31, 21 Sept. 1727k, is:Prepare a warrant likewise for renewing the patent to Robert Sedgwick the present Clerk of the Jewel Office. 1 page.
18 Sept. 52.
Letter -
Master of the Horse (Earl of Scarborough). Do. - For 3,000l. to be issued to him at the Receipt of the Exchequer upon an unsatisfied order for 10,000l. for the Stables. 1 page.
29 Sept. 53.
Account -
Of the sums wanting for three months course of the Victualling ending 31 Dec. 1725. 1 page.
[After 29 Sept.] 54.
Do. -
Entitled An abstract of what is to be paid.
Docketed: Princess's expences, Mich'mas 1727. page.
30 Sept. 55.
Letter -
T. Plumptre, Deputy Treasurer [? Ordnance]. Lords of the Treasury. Sends copy of a letter and account from the Principal Officers of the Ordnance, applying for money to carry on the service. 4 pages.
[? About 18 Oct.] 56.
Michael Baker, Gent. and St. Lo Baker, his son. Lords of the Treasury. Held the office of Marshal of the Marshalsea of the Court of Exchequer, at Westminster, which devolved upon the above Michael, the son of Michael, for the last seven years by the death of his father, and St. Lo acted for the last 12 years as his grandfather's and father's deputy. Pray that the grant may be renewed to both petitioners.
Also two certificates.
Minuted18th Octobr. 1727 Patent to be renewed. 3 pages.
19 Oct. 57.
Letter -
Lord Kilmallock - 200l. was ordered to him, but owing to his late Majesty's death no settlement was made. Prays his correspondent's intercession with his present Majesty.
Minuted:19th Octr. 1727. To be layd before the King. 2 pages.
[? About 28 Oct.] 58.
William Hall, Controller of Customs, Milford. Lords of the Treasury. For the grant of a fiat for renewing his patent.
Minuted:28 October 1727. Fiant renewed. 1 page.
[? About 14 Nov.] 59.
Alicia Hyde Robert Walpole, Esq., and the other Lords of the Treasury. For payment of his debt of 18l. 5s. for chocolate due from the late Queen.
Minuted:14 Novr. 1727. No such pson. on ye acct. of arrs. 1 page.
11 Dec. 60.
Letter -
Master of the Horse (Earl of Scarborough). Lords of the Treasury. For the further sum of 3,000l. to be issued to him out of an unsatisfied order for 10,000l.
In the Minute Book, Vol. 26, p. 57, 12 Dec. 1727c, is:Issue to the Earl of Scarborough 3,000li. upon account of the Extraordinary expence of the stables. 1 page.
15 Dec. 61.
Letter -
Comrs. of the Navy - Mr. Scrope - Send estimate of the debt of the Navy. 1 page.
20 Dec. 62.
King's Warrant
Appointing Edmund Gooch Gamekeeper within ten miles round Richmond and Hampton Court Palaces in the room of James Stevens. (Countersigned and entered in three offices.) 1 m. (parchment.)
21 Dec. 63.
Treasurer of Greenwich Hospital (Philip Cavendish). Lords of the Treasury. 4,448l. 19s. 11d. is due to the Royal Hospital at Greenwich for abatements of seamen's six pences. Asks that the remaining arrears may be ordered to be paid into his hands. 1 page.
[? About 23 Dec.] 64.
Petition -
John Smith and William Leslie, Deputy Chamberlains, for joining tallies in the Court of Exchequer. Do. - - Praying for a warrant to the Rt. Hon. George, Earl of Halifax, Auditor of the Receipt of the Exchequer, to cause an order to be drawn for payment of 44l. 16s. 9d. for discharging the duties of their office.
Also the Earl's certificate. Dated 23 Dec. 1727. 1 page.
[? After 23 Dec.] 65.
Do. - -
Doctor William Neilson, late Director of H.M. Hospital at Gibraltar. Do. - - Prays for stop of process issued against him for 1,680l. by the Sheriff of Middlesex. Produces his account and copy of a letter dated 23 Dec. 1727 O.S.
On the back is This petition recomended by Mr. Heron. 2 pages.
[? About 25 Dec.] 66.
Statement -
State of the fund belonging to the invalids of Scotland in the hands of Archibald Douglas, of Cavers. Brought down to Christmas, 1727. 1 page.
27 Dec. 67.
Lord Chamberlain (Grafton). Lords of the Treasury. The King's pleasure is that 300l. be paid to Sir Clement Cotterell, Master of the Ceremonies, to be presented to Count Gravenitz, Plenipotentiary from the Duke of Wirtemberg, about to return home. 1 page.
Jan.Dec. 68.
Account -
Of the sums received [for fees?] from various officers and persons: made up monthly. The object is not apparent. 18 pages.
[? 1727.] 69.
Memorial -
Arthur Vansittart, of Shottesbrook, Berks, Esq. Lords of the Treasury. Prays payment of 900l., viz., for three years rent of Mote Park, which is laid into the Great Park at Windsor, besides fees. 1 page.
[? 1727 or 1728.] 70.
Petition -
Ann Pugh - Do. - Is only surviving child of Captain Richard Pugh, commander of the Norwich man-of-war, who was drowned in a hurricane. At the Accession of his immediate Majesty petitioner was struck out. Prays to be put on the list again. 1 page.
[? 1727.] 71.
Petition -
Richard Evans, the younger, of Great Torrington, Devon, woolcomber. The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Walpole, Knt. In consideration of his trouble and expense in prosecuting Joseph Beale, of Bristol, a tradesman, for sedition. Prays to be made a tide-waiter.
Also two certificates, dated 17267. 3 pages.
[? End of 1727.] 72.
Memorial -
Mary Marshall, widow of Richd. Marshall. The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Walpole, Chancellor of H. M. Exchequer. For payment of the arrears due to her late husband for his late Majesty's stud [amounting to 2,207l. 0s. 10d.] 1 page.
[? 1727 or 1728.] 73.
Do. -
Michael Aiskew, Clerk-Assistant of the House of Commons. Lords of the Treasury. Attends all Committees of the House as clerk; keeps Minute Books, &c. There are no fees but the usual salary out of the Royal Bounty. For the session ended 15 May 1727 received no allowance. Prays relief. 1 page.
[? 1727 or 1728.] 74.
Petition -
Christopher Key, Bailiff and Collector of the rents, &c. of the Bailiwick and Manor of St. James, Middlesex. Do. - For a warrant to the Auditor to give allowance in his account of 15l. per ann. for the fees payable to the Auditor, the salary of petitioner being only 18l. 15s. per ann. 2 pages.
[? About 1727.] 75.
Thomas Robe and John Matthews, Esqrs. Do. - By letters patent of 1 Aug. 1726, petitioners are constituted Clerks of the Market of the King's Household with a salary of 20l. per ann. Have set and estreated fines, and have been ordered to pay them into the Court of Exchequer to the amount of 300l. Pray for payment of the salary.
Also an extract from the patent. 3 pages.
[? 1727.] 76.
Do. -
Henry Lowman, and Mary his wife. Do. - - For the warrant, dated 12 May 1727, for their salary as Housekeeper of the palace of Kensington to be satisfied. 1 page.
[? 1727.] 77.
House of Commons, Ireland. The King - Conveying their thanks to his Majesty for his answer to their address. Pray for 10,000l. to clear the Army for a year commencing 1 July 1724 and ending 30 June 1725.
Also for the Half Pay Officers. 2 pages.
[? 1727.] 78.
Memoranda -
The officer who kept the Council Books of the Prince, when Prince of Wales, says that there is no order entered for the continuance of patents, nor any order relating to Sir Humphrey Howarth till 1725, &c. page.
[? 1727 or later.] 79.
Petition -
William Winde Lords of the Treasury. Was appointed (1 Geo. I.) Inspector of Prosecutions in the Court of Exchequer for uncustomed goods, with fees of 12d. in the pound on moneys paid into court. By a recent Act forfeitures are allowed to be prosecuted before the justices of the peace. Apprehends that he has a a right to the forfeitures. Prays that the Comrs. of Customs may be ordered to pay him his allowance of 12d. in the pound. 1 page.
[1727 or later.] 80.
Account -
Arrears of salary due to the Livery Servants of the late King from 1st July 1726 to the 10th of June 1727, and who are not provided for by his present Majesty nor the Queen nor the Prince of Wales' Establishments. 2 pages.
[? 1727 or later.] 81.
Memorial -
Major-General Wroth Lords of the Treasury. For relief as to a debt long since due. 1 page.