Volume 269: Miscellaneous 1728

Pages 546-554

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 6, 1720-1728. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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Miscellaneous 1728

Documents for which a brief description suffices.
Date. Description of Document. From To Purport.
2 Jan. 1.
Certificate -
Lord Halifax - As to the amount at the Receipt of the Exchequer as surplusage of the funds granted to the South Sea Company. 1 page.
3 Jan. 2.
Memorial -
Sir John Hobart, Bart., “Treasurer of his Majesty's Chambers.” Lords of the Treasury. For a new privy seal and order thereon to be made in his name for 60,000l. 1 page.
8 Jan. 3.
John Eckersall - “My Lord” - Asking him to remind Sir Robert Walpole of his promise that he should have his letters free.
Minuted: — “Prepare a King's Wart. for allowing to John Eckersall Esqre. as Secretary to the Queen the privilege of sending and receiving his letters free of postage.” 1 page.
[? About 9 Jan.] 4.
Lists of warrants
For repaying the sheriffs sums disbursed, signed and not signed, before the King's demise.
also List of Certificates. Delivered into the Treasury since the Accession.
On the back is:—“List of the sums unpaid to Sheriffs upon the rewards granted by Parliament for apprehending highwaymen, &c.
Memorandum. Justice Vaughan for 75 [pounds] expended in the late King's time for taking examinacõns abt. a ryot.”
Minuted: — “9th Jan. 1727–8. To be paid by Mr. Lowther 75li.” 2 pages.
10 Jan. 5.
Warrant -
Privy Council - Lords of the Treasury. For allowances to the Under Clerks of the Privy Council. 1 page.
16 Jan. 6.
Treasurer of the Chamber (Sir John Hobart, Bart.) Of sums paid for the Christmas quarter 1727.
Minuted 31 [Jan.]:—“Order'd.” 5 pages.
3 Feb. 7.
Certificate -
Noblemen and gentlemen of the co. Lincoln. Chancellor of the Exchequer. On behalf of Carr Brackenbury of Spilsby, co. Lincoln, gent. recommending him to be Receiver of Land Tax and other taxes for Lindsey.
Minuted:—“To be brought in when the Commissions are renew'd.” 14 June 1727 (sic) appointed. 1 page.
Jan. and Feb. 8.
Certificates -
[Comrs.] for Wine Licences. Lords of the Treasury. Payments and remains of the revenues arising by wine licences. 2 pages.
21 Feb. 9.
Memorial -
Officers of Ordnance (by J. Plumptre). Do. - For a supply of money to their Office (particular annexed). 4½ pages.
23 and 29 Feb. 10.
Two Letters -
H. Pelham - - John Scrope, Esq. As to 2d. a day additional to corporals of dragoons in Ireland.
One is minuted:—“Prepare a letter for the King's hand to Lord Lieut. to establish the addl. pay accordingly.” (27 Feb. 1727.) 3 pages.
5 March 11.
Letter - -
G. Medcalfe (Custom House). Do. - As to money seized by Custom House officers at Yarmouth. 2 pages.
12 March 12.
Do. - -
The Duke of Newcastle. Lords of the Treasury. Notifying the continuance of Mr. Theocaris Rali Didichi as Interpreter of the Oriental languages for directions to be given for his having his allowance of 80l. per ann.
Minuted: — “Prepare a warrt.” 1 page.
19 March 13.
Thomas Hammond, of London, merchant, for himself and sureties. The King - For leave to apply to Parliament to compound with him and his sureties for his debt, each paying 100l.
In the Minute Book, vol. 26, p. 123ƒ, 19 July 1728, is:—(After stating that the report on this case had been read and pursuant to a late Act) “The composicõn agreed to, to wit, 300li. in case it be paid on or before the 29th of September next, according to the Report.” 1 page.
24 March 14.
A. Elton and George Caswell. For the delivery at the Mint in the Tower of London, of 40 tons of malliable British copper in fillets to be cut into blanks for half-pence and farthings. 1 page.
25 March 15.
Luke Gardiner, “Deputy Recr. Genl.” Payments made in the Treasury Office, Dublin, on account of military contingencies for year ending Lady day 1728. 3 pages.
25 March 16.
Similar account.
Do. - - On account of the Concordatum, same period. 3 pages.
25 March 17.
Do. - -
Do. On account of barracks (Dublin, &c). 3 pages.
25 March 18.
Account -
Money due to Richard Marshall, his Majesty's studmaster, for keeping the stud at Hampton Court. 1 page.
26 March 19.
Rd. Arnold - - Christopher Tilson, Esq. The additional pay of 2d. per diem to the corporals of dragoons, to commence on 1 March last.
Minuted:—“Wt. signed & filled up,” &c. 1 page (quarto).
6 April 20.
Of expenses of prosecutions for penalties and duties in the Western Ports. “Pr. Mr. Wyat, Sollr.” 1 page.
8 April 21.
Of compositions made by persons who were prosecuted for duties or penalties for run goods “since 25 Dec. 1723 to Lady day 1728.” 6 pages.
8 April 22.
Anthony Cracherode Lords of the Treasury. For 1,000l. to be imprested to him to carry on his Majesty's causes. 1 page.
13 April 23.
Of arrears of land taxes and duties on houses standing out. 4 pages.
30 April 24.
Of expenses of prosecutions for run goods and duties from Mich. 1723 to Lady day 1728 (Custom House, London). 4 pages.
30 April 25.
List -
Alphabetical lists of the names of such persons as are now under prosecution for the duties or penalties for run goods. For the port of London and the Northern ports. Also for the Western ports. 22 pages.
30 April 26.
Warrant (copy).
The King - Lord Wilmington For making out debentures for the pay of the Four Regiments at Minorca. 1 page.
7 May 27.
Of money due from the Exchequer to the Ordnance Office. 1 double page.
10 May 28.
Warrant (copy).
The King - Appointing Gilbert Fleming, Esq., Receiver of moneys arising by the sale of the French lands in St. Christophers. 3 pages.
30 May 29.
John Plumptre for the Officers of Ordnance. Lords of the Treasury. Encloses copy of a letter from the Officers of the Ordnance, asking to make renewed solicitations to the Treasury for money to carry on the service.
Also an account of money immediately wanted. 3 pages.
[? About May.] 30.
Petition and other papers.
John Macarell, of the city of Dublin, merchant. Lord Lieut. of Ireland. As to his claims as contractor for transporting the troops lately sent to Gibraltar. 20 pages or parts of pages.
6 June 31.
Letter -
Lord Carpenter - Rt. Hon. Sir Robt. Walpole. As to a Treasury Minute for 20s. per diem to be paid him out of the Royal revenues and patrimony of the Island of Minorca.
In the Minute Book, vol. 26, p. 110 c, is:—“Prepare a warrant to be signed by the King for paying to my Lord Carpenter 20s. p[er] diem from Xmas last out of the Royal revenues and patrimonies on his Mats. Island of Minorca by the hands of Joseph Gaiscoign, Receiver General thereof.” 1 page.
11 June 32.
Anthony Cracherode Lords of the Treasury. For a half year's salary (250l.) and allowance for clerks; and for a further sum of 100l. upon his allowance of 200l. per ann. for perusing and observing upon newspapers and pamphlets, 1 page.
15 June 33.
Letter -
Thomas Clutterbuck Mr. Scrope - For the payment by the Deputy Vice-Treasurer of Ireland of arrears due from that kingdom for the pay of the regiments on the Irish Establishment which have been subsisted by Great Britain. 1 page.
22 June 34.
Petition -
Nathaniel Halhed, of Petersham, Surrey, gentleman. The King For a noli prosequi to stay proceedings in a case of seizure of 3,700l. by the Custom house officers: the owners satisfying the officers.
Also an inventory of things seized. 2 pages.
24 June 35.
Account -
Of all moneys arising from Crown rents and casualties payable to his Majesty in Scotland; paid in to the Honble. Charles Cathcart, Esq., Recr. Genl. 1 page.
24 June 36.
Account (copy).
Of the net receipt of the Post Office revenue, Midsummer 1727 to Midsummer 1728. ½ page.
29 June 37.
Report -
A. Cracherode Lords of the Treasury. In favour of the Attorney-General acknowledging satisfaction for a fine of 50l. due to the Crown from John Ash, a poor prisoner, who had remained in Newgate five years for forging and counterfeiting a promissory note. Is obliged in charity to make this report over again, for one who appeared to be a solicitor for prisoner detains a former report and other papers unless paid a sum of money not due to him.
In the Minute Book, vol. 26, p. 133h, is:—“Mr. Cracherode's Report * * * is read and agreed to according to the report.” 2 pages.
1 July 38.
Of [? Francis Burton, Recr. Genl. of Deductions] of the receipts, payments, and remains of the deductions of 6d. in the pound from 1 May 1728 to 30 June inclusive. ½ page.
5 July 39.
Certificate -
Of Thomas Sanderson, Deputy Receiver, viz., of receipts in the Alienation Office. Midsummer 1727 to 29 June 1728. 1 page.
11 July 40.
Extract from Report.
Lords of the Treasury. Viz., the report rendered by the Auditors of Imprests relating to the arrear of the General Accounts of Customs. (4½ per cent, upon the Leeward Islands, &c.) 1 page.
17 July 41.
Comrs. for Wine Licences. Do. - Of not receipts of the revenue from wine licences. 1 page.
22 July 42.
Memorial -
Officers of Ordnance (by J. Plumptre). Do. - For a supply of money for their office. (Particulars annexed.) 3 pages.
24 July 43.
Certificate (copy).
Lords of the Treasury. Of their approval of indentures respecting purchases of lands in St. Christophers. 1 page.
30 Aug. 44.
Letter -
Comrs. of Victualling Secretaries of the Treasury. As to the preparation of storehouses for the use of Mr. Missing, Contractor for victualling the Garrison of Gibraltar, by the Office of Ordnance. 2 pages.
May to Aug. 45.
Accounts -
Docketed:—“Lowes Accot.” Apparently memoranda of the fees paid or charged on the issue of warrants and other documents in the months of May, July, and August.
25 June to 29 Sept. 46.
List - -
Of ships entered inwards at the Port of New Providence. 1 page.
29 Sept. 1727 to 29 Sept. 1728. 47.
Of revenue from fines and forfeitures upon prohibited and uncustomed goods in North Britain. 1 page.
[? About 14 Oct.] 48.
Francis Elcock, one of his late Majesty's Messengers. Lords of the Treasury. There is due to him from her late Majesty Queen Anne 121l. 7s. 2d. for salary and service performed. Prays payment having been out of employment for 12 or 13 years.
Payment out of money in the Exchequer applicable thereto was ordered 22 Oct. 1728. See Minute Book, Vol. 26, p. 163k.
Also an account of the particulars. 2 pages.
17 Oct. 49.
Comrs. of Wine Licences. Lords of the Treasury. Estimating the amount of arrears due to the Exchequer at 1,500l. 1 page.
[After 21 Oct.] 50.
Memorial -
Governor and Court of Assistants of the York Buildings Company. Do. By Act of 12 Anne premiums were granted to persons who brought any trees fit for masts, &c. from North Britain into South Britain. The time limited by the Act has expired. Prays that a bill or clause may be brought in to encourage the importation of naval stores.
Also printed copy of the above Act. 6 pages.
22 Oct. 51.
Report -
Comrs. for Taxes Do. - - On the petition of Richard Lanham, formerly Receiver General of the Taxes for part of the county of Wilts, for allowances to him of expenses in returning the taxes, &c.
Also the petition and two other papers.
In the Minute Book, Vol. 26, p. 166ƒ, is:—“My Lords say that the allowing of such rewards has been, for many years, discontinued, and as arrears of Land Taxes are taken by Parliament tnto the publique supplys of each year they will not revive or give way to these demands.” 4 pages.
26 Oct. 52.
Memorial -
Anthony Cracherode Do. - - For 1,000l. to be ordered, on account, to carry on his Majesty's affairs. 1 page.
[? About 31 Oct.] 53.
Petition -
Mary Brown - [Lords of the Treasury] Is widow of the Rev. Robert Brown, late Rector of Horsington, in the co. of Lincoln. Lives in the house situate in the Strand, on the south side of the way, in the precinct of the Savoy, late in the possession of Mr. Thomas Churchill, bookinder; has laid out money in repairs, &c. Asks for permission to continue in the house.
Minuted:—“31 St. Oct. 1728. Rd. The Lords don't think proper to grant any lease for ye present; but are willing to let ye petitioner continue in possession till further order from their Lordships.” 1 page.
1 Nov. 54.
“Lu. Gardiner, Depty. Recr. Genl.” Lords Justices of Ireland. “About arrears from the late Duke of Ormond,” due to regiments abroad, and to the Exchequer in England. Further as to demands “on account of the Earl of Arran” &c. 2 pages.
[? About 16 Nov.] 55.
Letter -
Thomas Jones - The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Walpole. Represents his service in the Customs in South and North Wales. Annexes a letter as to one Hughes being beaten. Dated 16 Nov. 1728. 2 pages.
2 Dec. 56.
Of deductions of 6d. in the pound for Nov. 1728. Signed Francis Burton, Recr. Genl. of the deductions. ¼ page.
Dec. 57.
Petition -
Susanna Milward Lords of the Treasury. The case of Susanna Milward, late of the parish of St. Margarett's Westm[inster], widow of Thomas Milward, Cornett in Sir John Lancer's troop of Horse. Her husband having sold out before he died she has no pension. Has a charge of children and is in great straights. Prays for assistance. 1 page.
1 July to 31 Dec. 58.
Bill -
For the King's most excellent Majesty for provisions delivered for the foreign beasts kept in Kensington paddock. 1 page.
[After 1727.] 59.
Petition -
John Turner - Lords of the Treasury. Is keeper of the Privy Lodgings and standing wardrobe at Hampton Court in ordinary. Hopes that the salary of 12d. a day paid to his predecessor may be continued to him (the petitioner). 1 page.
[After 1727.] 60.
Isaac Jennings and Tho. Mazine. Do. - Drew up a scheme as to unmalted corn which was presented to the Treasury in Dec. 1727. The same has been so well approved that a Bill is brought into the House of Commons for granting an aid by laying a duty of 6d. a bushel upon all unmalted corn used for distilling. Pray for consideration. 1 page.
[? End of 1728.] 61.
Petition -
John Gill and John Sawyer, Keepers of H.M. Home Park at Windsor. Sir Robert Walpole. For payment of their arrears of salary, viz., six years in the late reign and one and a quarter years in the present. 1 page (quarto).
[After 1727.] 62.
Of the deficiency of the law in relation to trade [and of proposed remedies]. Date uncertain. It chiefly relates to clandestine trade in brandy and horses. 5 pages.
[? About 1728.] 63.
James Cockburn - Lords of the Treasury. As to a debt of 1,605l. 19s. 5d. due in connexion with his accounts for his late Majesty's Household. Prays for relief. 1 page.
1727 and 1728. 64.
“A state of the deductions of 6d. per pound out of the pay of the Hessians for the years 1727 and 1728 and how much thereof hath been applyed.” 1 page.
[? 1728.] 65.
Do. -
“A particular account of the orders passed by the Governour and Council [of Barbadoes] for which there is at present no fund.” Various years between 1714 and 1728. 1 double page.