Appendix: Mayors and sheriffs of London, 1199-1470

The Historical Collections of a Citizen of London in the Fifteenth Century. Originally published by Camden Society, London, 1876.

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'Appendix: Mayors and sheriffs of London, 1199-1470', The Historical Collections of a Citizen of London in the Fifteenth Century, (London, 1876), pp. 241-258. British History Online [accessed 23 June 2024].

. "Appendix: Mayors and sheriffs of London, 1199-1470", in The Historical Collections of a Citizen of London in the Fifteenth Century, (London, 1876) 241-258. British History Online, accessed June 23, 2024,

. "Appendix: Mayors and sheriffs of London, 1199-1470", The Historical Collections of a Citizen of London in the Fifteenth Century, (London, 1876). 241-258. British History Online. Web. 23 June 2024,

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(See page 57, note.)

As there are some inaccuracies in the list of Mayors and Sheriffs contained in Gregory's Chronicle, it was my intention at first to have corrected them in footnotes on comparing them with other lists; but I found that the errors were in some cases very complicated, and that there is no such thing as a complete and accurate list existing. Very often, both in this and other Chronicles, the city officers for one year are assigned to another; sometimes the years are transposed; and sometimes the lists for a whole sequence of years are put one year too early or too late. Further, there are very great variations in the names themselves, many of which are obviously due to transcribers' errors, while many others are genuine aliases, owing to the frequent use in early times of different surnames for the same person. But as it is not in all cases certain to which particular cause each variation is due, and which authority is to be preferred, I subjoin a list, compiled from various sources, of the Mayors and Sheriffs from the beginning of King John's reign to the ninth year of Edward IV., showing all the variations and discrepancies to the end of Edward I.'s reign.

For the Sheriffs the most certain authority is the official list of Sheriffs compiled from the records of the Exchequer, which is printed in Report XXXI. of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records, page 308. This is referred to by the letter O. There is, however, no similar list of Mayors. The other authorities referred to are as follows:—

Fabyan's Chronicle, referred to by the letter F.
Liber de Antiquis Legibus A.
Short Chronicle in Appendix to the preceding Ap.
MS. Harl. 565, referred to by the letter H.
MS. Cott., Jul. B. I. J.
MS. Cott., Vitell. A xvi. V.
Year. Mayors. Sheriffs.
1 John, 1199 (1198, A., Ap.) …     …     … Arnulfus fiz Arnulfi; filius Athelhulhi, A.; Arnaud filius Aluf, Ap.; Arnold fiz Arnold, F.; Arnaldus filius Alulfi, O.
Rychardus fiz Barthi,—filius Bartholomei, A., or filius Barthelmeu, Ap.; fiz Darty, F.; Ricardus Blundus, O.
2 John, 1200 (1199, A., Ap.) …     …     … Robetus Deserte; Rogerus de Deserto, A., O.; Roger de Desert, Ap.; Roger Desert, F.
Jacobus fiz Barthyn; Jacobus Aldermannus, A., O.; Jacob Alderman, Ap.; Jamys fiz Barth, F.
3 John, 1201 (1200, A., Ap.) …     …     … Wyllelmus fiz Alysie; filius Alicie, A., O.; filius Alize, Ap.; fyz Alyze, F.
Simon de Aldermanburye, G., F., A., Ap., O.
4 John, 1202 (1201, A., Ap.) …     …     … Norman Blunden; Normannus Blundus, A., O.; Norman Blondell, F.; Norreman le Blunt, Ap.
John Ely; or, of Ely, F.; Johannes de Kayo, A.; Johan de Kai, Ap.
5 John, 1203 (1202, A., Ap.) …     …     … Walterus Browne, G., F.; Brun, A.; Brunus, O.; Waltere le Brun, Ap.
Wyllelmus Chambyrlayne, G., F.; W. Camerarius, A.; Willam le Chaumberleyn, Ap.
6 John, 1204 (1203, A., Ap.) …     …     … Thomas Havyrylle, G., F.; de Haverille, A., Ap.; de Haverhella, O.
Hamonde Bronde, G., F., A.; Brande, Ap., O.
7 John, 1205 (1204, A., Ap.) …     …     … John Walhame; Walgrave, F., H., J.; Walraven, A.; Waleran, Ap.; Walerain, O.
Ricardus Wynton; de Wyntona, A., O.; de Wincestre, Ap.; of Winchester, F.
8 John, 1206 (1205, A., Ap.) …     …     … Johannes Holylonde, G., F.; Heliland, A.; Elylond, Ap.; Johannes filius Elinandi, O.
Edmundus fiz Gerardi, G., F.; filius Gerardi, O.; Eadmundus de la Hale, A., Ap.
9 John, 1207 (1206, A., Ap.) (9 John, 1208–9, F.) (fn. 1) …     …     … Henricus de S. Albano, G., A., O.; de Seint Auban, Ap.; Hugh of Seynt Albon, F.
Serle, mercer, G., F.; Serlo le Mercer, A., Ap.; Serlo Mercerius, O.
10 John, 1208 (1207, A., Ap.) (9 John, 1207–8, H.) (fn. 1) …     …     … Rogerus Wynchester, G., F.; Robertus de Wintona, A., O.; Robert de Wincestre, Ap.
Edmundus Hardell, G., F.; Willelmus, A., Ap., O.
11 John, 1209 (1208, A., Ap.) Henricus filius Alwynne; fiz Alwyn, F.; or filius Eylwyni, A. (fn. 2) (The first mayor.) Petrus Bukke; Duke, F., H., J.; le Duc, A., Ap., O.
Thomas fiz Nele; Thomas Neell, F.; filius Nigelli, A.; filius Neal, Ap.; Thomas Aldermannus, O.
12 John, 1210 (1209, A., Ap.) The same Petrus Josowe; Petrus Josne, H.; Peter Yonge, F.; Petrus Junior, A.; Peres le Juvene, Ap.; Petre le Joesne, J.; Petrus Neuelun, O.
Willelmus Blunte; Wyllyam Elande, F.; William Gland, H.; Willielmus Wite, A., Ap.; Willelmus Blundus, O.
13 John, 1211 (1210, A., Ap.) The same Adam Whytteby; Whateley, H.; Whetely, J.; Whetley, F.; de Wyteby, A., Ap.; de Withebi, O.
Stephin Grace; le Graas, F., O.; Stephanus Crassus, A., Ap.
14 John, 1212 (1211, A., Ap. 13 John, G.) (fn. 3) Henricus filius Al wynne Joseus filius Pers; Josue fitz Pet, F.; Joceus filius Petri, A., O.; Goce fiz Peres, Ap.
John Gerlande or Garlonde, G., A., Ap., O.
15 John, 1213 (1212, A., Ap. 14 John, G.) The same Rafe Holylonde; Helyland, A.; Eylande, F.; Rudulfus Elyland, Ap.
Constantinus Joswe; Constantyne le Josne, F.; Constantinus Junior, A.; Costentin Juvenis, Ap.
16 John, 1214 (1213, A., Ap. 15 John, G.) Rogerus fiz Aleyne Martyn fiz Alesye; Fiz Alis, F.; filius Alicie, A., O.; fil Aliz, Ap.
Petrus Batte, G., F., Ap.; Bath, A.
17 John, 1215 (1214, A., Ap. 16 John, G.) Serle, mercer Salman Rasynge, G.; Salomon Basynge or de Basinges, A., O., F., Ap.
Hugo Basynge or de Basinges
18 John, 1216 (1215, A., Ap. 17 John, G.) Willelmus Ardelle; Hardell, F., A. John Travers, G., F., A., Ap.
Androwe Newland, G., F.; Nevelun, A.; Vevelun, Ap.
1 Hen. III. 1216–7 Jas. Alderman; afterwards Solomon Basing Benedictus Campanarius, A; or Benoit le Seynter, Ap.
Willelmus Blundus, A., Ap.
[Fabyan repeats the names of the mayors and sheriffs of 17 John under this year, and the official list of sheriffs is blank for this year; and the official list of sheriffs Ricardus Sumpturer and Wyllelmus Blome Travers, and V. Richard Sumpte and William Blonte.]
2 " 1217–8 Robert Serle, mercer Thos. Bukrelle
Ralph Gylonde or Helylaunde; Elinant, O.; Eylond, V.
3 " 1218–9 The same John Vyele
John Spycer, G.; Spencer, V.; Goce le Peseur, Ap.; Joceus Ponderator, A., O.
[Fabyan gives as sheriffs Benet le Ceytur (? Ceyntur) and Will. Blounde, who appear to have been sheriffs in the first year; after which he places all the mayors and sheriffs a year later than they ought to be till the ninth year.]
4 Hen. III. 1219–20 Robert Serle, mercer Ric. Wimbledon
John Vyele; or Wayell, F.
5 " 1220–1 The same Ric. Renger
John le Joswe; Joseus le Josne, F.; Joceus Junior, A.; Goce Juvenis, Ap.; Josceus filius Willelmi, O.
6 " 1221–2 The same Ric. Ronger; Renger, A., Ap.; Reinger, O.; Joyner, F.
Thomas Lambert
7 " 1222–3 Ric. Ronger; or Reynger Will. Joyner
Thos. Lambert
8 " 1223–4 The same John Travers
Andrew Bokerell
9 "1224–5 The same The same. But G. and V. give as sheriffs the names of those of the tenth year, and put all the sheriffs following one year too early till the thirty-ninth year
10 " 1225–6 The same Roger Duke
Martin Fitz William
11 " 1226–7 The same The same. F. gives the sheriffs of the twelfth year as those of the eleventh, and like G. antedates all the shrievalties following to the thirty-ninth year
12 " 1227–8 Roger Duke. F. dates Roger Duke's mayoralty in the eleventh year Stephen Bukerel; Butler, G.
Henry de Cokham; Colleham, G.; Cobham, F., V.
13 " 1228–9 The same The same
14 " 1229–30 The same Walter of Winchester
Robert Fitz John
15 " 1230–1 The same Richard Fitz Walter; Fitz William, G., F.
John Wouburne or Wodeborne
16 " 1231–2 Andrew Bokerelle. F. continues Roger Duke this year, but old ed. has A. Bokerell Michael de Sancta Helena
Walter Denfelde, G., F.; Walter le Busle, A.; le Bufle, Ap.; le Bufler, O.
17 Hen. III. 1232–3 Andrew Bokerelle. Henry de Edelmeton
Gerard Bat
18 " 1233–4 The same Simon Fitz Mary
Roger Blunt
19 " 1234–5 The same Ralph Ashwy, Aswy, or Eswy; Elwy, A.
John Norman
20 " 1235–6 The same Gerard Bat; Bernardus Batte, G.
Robert Hardel
21 " 1236–7 The same Henry de Cokham; Cobham, G., F., V.
Jordan de Coventre
22 " 1237–8 Richard Renger; Ric. Roger, G. John de Tulesan; Tresalano, G.
Gerard Cordwainer, G., F., V.; Gervase Camerarius or Chamberlain, A., Ap.; Gervasius Chordewaner, O.
23 " 1238–9 William Joyner John de Wylhale
John de Coudres; Goundris, G. Goundresse, F., V.
24 " 1239–40 Gerard Batte Reginald de Bungey
Ralph Ashwy or Eswy
25 " 1240–1 Reginald de Bungey; Remon de Bengley, F. John de Gisors
Remon de Bengley, F. Michael Tovy; Tony, F.; Cony, G.
26 " 1241–2 The same John Viel, son of John Viel, sen.
Thomas de Duresme or of Durham; Durysyne, G., F.
27 " 1242–3 …     …     … Robert Fitz John; John, G., F., H., J.
Ralph Ashewy
28 " 1243–4 …     …     … Hugh Blunt, goldsmith
Adam de Basyng; de Giseburne, A.
29 " 1244–5 Michael Tovy; Tony, G., F. Ralph de Arcubus, spicer
Nicholas Batte
30 " 1245–6 John de Gisors Robert Cornhill
Adam Bentley; Benle, G.; Bewley, F.; de Beverlee, Ap.; de Benetlega, O.
31 Hen. III. 1246–7 Piers fitz Aleyn Simon Fitz Mary
Laurence Frowyke
32 " 1247–8 Michael Tovy again; Tony, G., F. Will. Vyel; John, G., F.
Nicholas Bat
33 " 1248–9 Roger Fitz Roger, G., F.,H.,J. Butaccording to A. Michael Tovy again, and Fitz Roger and the two next mayors each held office one year later than is here stated. Nicholaus filius Jocey; fil. Jocelini, Ap.
Galfridus de Wintona
34 " 1249–50 John Norman, G., F., H., J. Ralph Hardel
John de Tolesane
35 " 1250–1 Adam Basyng Humphrey Basse; Humfridus le Fevre, A., O.; Humfridus dictus Faber, Ap.
William Fitz Richard
36 " 1251–2 F. and G. give in this year the mayor who held office in the thirty-seventh year, and so make the two following mayors also hold office ayear earlier. Nicholas Bat
Laurence de Frowyk (He is inaccurately named in G. as a second mayor instead of a second sheriff.)
37 " 1252–3 John de Tolesano William of Durham
Thomas de Wimborne
38 " 1253–4 Nicholas Batte Richard Picard; Nicholas, G.
John de Northampton
39 " 1254–5 Richard Hardel; Radulfus Hardel, A. Ralph Ashwy, G., F.; Willelmus Eswy or Aswy, A., Ap.
Robertus de Lintona, A., Ap.; Rob. Belyngton, F.; Bylton, G.
These sheriffs were removed, and their places supplied by
Stephen de Oystergate; Stephen Doo, G.
Henry Walemonde
[The removed sheriffs of this year are placed by G., V., and F. in the thirty-eighth year, and those who filled their places in the thirty-ninth; after which the sheriffs are assigned to their right years by these chroniclers, by F. till the forty-eighth year, and by G. to the end of the reign.]
40 Hen. III. 1255–6 Richard Hardel Matthew Bokerell; Michael, G.
John le Mynur; Lymnour, G.
41 " 1256–7 The same Richard Ewell
William Ashwy or Eswy, draper
42 " 1257–8 The same Thomas fitz Thomas; fitz Richard, G., F.
Robert Catylleyne; Catelyon or Cateleiger, F.
The last-named sheriff died, and Matthew Bukerel was put in his place, but afterwards removed and William Grapefige was made sheriff.
43 " 1258–9 John de Gisors, pepperer John Adrian
Robert de Cornhill
44 " 1259–60 William Fitz Richard Adam Browning
Henry de Coventry; Richard, F.
45 " 1260–1 The same John of Northampton
Richard Picard
46 " 1261–2 Thomas Fitz Thomas Philip le Tayllur (or Cissor); Robert, G.; Richard, F.
Richard de Walbrook; Philip, F.
47 " 1262–3 The same Osbert de Suffolk; Robert, F.; Obertus de Sowtheworke, G.
Robert de Munpelers
48 " 1263–4 The same Thomas de la Forde; Forthe, G.
Gregory Rokisle
[Fabyan gives as sheriffs for this year Osbert Wynter and Philip Taylour, the edition of 1559 giving also Robert Munpilers in the margin as a correction.]
49 " 1264–5 The same Edward Blunt
Petrus de Aungers; Armiger, G.; filius Angeri, A.
[F. gives as sheriffs of this year those of the year preceding, calling the first Thomas de la Fourdeous.]
50 Hen. III. 1265–6 William Fitz Richard (Not mayor as in G. but custos) John de la Lynde
John Walerand, Waleraven, or Walrent
51 " 1266–7 Alan Souche, custos of the city John Adrian
Luke de Batencourt
52 " 1267–8 The same; but during the year he was replaced as custos by Thomas de Eppegrave or Ippegrave, and he by Stephen de Eddeworthe. Walter Hervy; W. Henry, F.
William de Durham; W. Duryseyne, G. (F. places these sheriffs in the fifty-third year.)
53 " 1268–9 Hugh Fitz Otho, custos (Henry Fitz Thomas, G., which is certainly inaccurate, as also F., who calls him Thomas, and H. and J., which call him Hugh Fitz Thomas.) The same sheriffs at first; afterwards
Robert de Cornhill
Thomas de Basings (F. places these sheriffs in the fifty-second year.)
54 " 1269–70 John Adrian, draper (F. calls him vintner.) Philip le Tailur; John, G., F.
Walter le Poter; W. Plotte, G.; W. Porter, F.
[The mayor and sheriffs for this and the remaining years of the reign are placed a year later by Fabyan, who for this fifty-fourth year gives Thomas fitz Thomas as mayor, and William Haddistok and Anketyll de Alverne (de Auverne) as sheriffs.]
55 " 1270–1 The same Gregory de Rokesle
Henry le Waleys
56 " 1271–2 Sir Walter Hervy, Knight John de Bodele; Bedell, G.; Bedyll, F.
Richard de Paris
57 " and 1 Edw. I. 1272–3 The same John Horne
Walter le Poter
2 " 1273–4 Henry Waleys Nicholas, son of Geoffrey of Winchester
Henry de Coventry
3 " 1274–5 Gregory Rokesley Luke Batencurt; Patencourt, F.; Ratyncourt, G.
Henry Frowyke
4 " 1275–6 The same John Horne
Ralph Blount
5 Edw. I. 1276–7 The same Robert Aras; Rob. de Bracy, F.
Ralph Feverer
6 " 1277–8 The same John, son of John Adrian
Walter Englysche; Water Leggleys, Ap.; Walter le Cornewaleis, O.
7 " 1278–9 The same Robert Basing
Will. le Maserer
8 " 1279–80 The same Thomas Box
Ralph de la More
9 " 1280–1 The same Will. Farindon
Nich. de Winchester
10 " 1281–2 Henry Waleys Will. Maserer
Ric. de Chigwell; Roger, O.
11 " 1282–3 The same Walter Blunt; Ralph, G., F.
Ankyn Betnell; Anketillus de Betevilla, O.
12 " 1283–4 The same Jordan Goodeschepe
Martin Box
13 " 1284–5 Gregory Rokesley, and afterwards Sir John Bryton Stephen Cornhill
Rob. Rokesley
14 " 1285–6 Ralph Sandwich Walter Blunt; William, F.
John Wade
15 " 1286–7 (fn. 4) The same (Sir John Bryton, F.) Thomas Gros; Cros, F., G.
Will. Hauteyn
16 " 1287–8 (fn. 4) The same Will. de Hereford
Thomas de Stanes
17 " 1288–9 The same Will. de Betoyne; Byton, G.
John of Canterbury
18 " 1289–90 The same Fulk of St. Edmund
Salomon Lancastre; Langforde, F.; le Cutiller, O., Ap.
19 " 1290–1 The same Thomas Romayn
Will. de Lyre
20 " 1291–2 Ralph Sandwich Ralph Blunt
Hamond Box
21 " 1292–3 The same Henry Belle; le Bole, O.
Elysse or Elias Russelle
22 Edw. I. 1293–4 The same; John Brytton, G. Robert Rokesley
Martin Aumbre or Aumbresbury
23 " 1294–5 Sir John Brytton Henry Box
Ric. Gloucester
24 " 1295–6 The same John Dunstable
Adam Halyngbery
25 " 1296–7 The same Thomas de Suffolk
Adam de Fullam
26 " 1297–8 The same John de Storteford
Will. de Storteford
27 " 1298–9 Henry Waleys Richard de Refham; Ric. Bosham, G.; Riser le Mercer, Ap.
Thomas Sely; Geli, Ap.; Tely, G.
28 " 1299–1300 Elys Russell John Armenters, draper
Henry Fyngrey, fishmonger
29 " 1300–1 The same Luke Haveryng
Ric. Champeis or de Campes
30 " 1301–2 John Blount Robert Caller
Peter de Bosham or Bosenho
31 " 1302–3 The same Simon de Paris, mercer
Hugh Pourte, fishmonger
32 " 1303–4 The same Will. Combmartyn (orCombermartyn)
John Burford
33 " 1304–5 The same John Lincoln, vintner
Roger Paris, mercer
34 (fn. 5) " 1305–6 The same Will. Cosyn
Reynold Thundrylle; Doderell, F.; Sounderle, Ap.
35 (fn. 5) " and 1 Edw. II. 1306–7 The same Geoffrey atte Conduit
Simon Bolete
[After this date I shall merely give names that seem prettywell authenticated, omitting most of the variations. Wherea corrupt form seems to occur in G., I shall print it in Italics within parentheses.]
1 " 1307–8 John Blount Nich. Pygotte (Pycok) and Nigel Drury
2 " 1308–9 Nicholas Faryngdon William Basyng and John Butler
3 Edw. II. 1309–10 Thomas Romayne Roger Palmer and James of St. Edmunde
4 " 1310–11 Richard Roffham (Bosham) Simon Croppe and Piers Blackeney
5 " 1311–12 John Gysors Simon Merwoode and Ric. Wylforde
6 " 1312–13 The same (Kysors) John Lambin and Ric. Lutekyn
7 " 1313–14 Nich. Faryngdon Adam Burton and Hugh Gayton
8 " 1314–15 John Gysors Stephen Habingdon and Hamond Chikwell
9 " 1315–16 Steph. Habingdon Hamond Goodchepe and Will. Redyng (So in G. and F.; but F. gives in margin Bedington, which is also the surname given in J., while H. gives Golith.)
10 " 1316–17 John Wyngrave Will. Caston (or Causton) and Ralph Palmer, Bulmer, or Balaunser
11 " 1317–18 The same John Pryoure and Will. Furneux
12 " 1318–19 The same John Pulteney and John Dallyng
[G. gives the officers of the fourteenth year for the twelfth, and repeats them in their proper place.]
13 " 1319–20 Hamond Chikwell Simon Abingdon and John Preston
14 " 1320–1 Nich. Faringdon Will. Proudeham and Reynold at the Conduit
15 " 1321–2 Hamond Chikwell Ric. Constantyne and Ric. Hakeney (Habeney, G.)
16 " 1322–3 The same John Grantham and Roger (or Richard?) of Ely
17 " 1323–4 Nich. Faringdon (Simon Fraunces, F.) Adam Salisbury and John of Oxenford
18 " 1324–5 Hamond Chikwell Benet of Fulham and John Cawston
19 " 1325–6 Ric. Betayne Gilbert Morden and John of Cotton
20 " and 1 Edw. III. 1326–7 1 Edw. III. 1326–7 The same Ric. Roting (Roting, G.) and Roger Chaunceler
2 " 1327–8 Hamond Chyckewell Harry Darcy and John Hawteyn (Hadden, G.)
3 " 1328–9 John Grantham Simon Francis and Harry Combmartyn (Thonbyrmartyn, G.)
4 " 1329–30 Simon Swanne or Swaynlond Ric. Lacer and Henry (Ric., G.) Gysors
5 Edw. III. 1330–1 John Pountney Rob. Ely and Thos. Harewold or Harrewode
6 " 1331–2 The same John Mokkynge and Andrew Awbrey
7 " 1332–3 John Preston Nic. Pyke and John Husbond
8 " 1333–4 John Pountney John Hamond and Will. Hansard
9 " 1334–5 Reynold at the Conduit (Ralph Cotymger, G.) John Kingston (Kenton, G.) and Walter Turke
10 " 1335–6 The same Walter Morden and Ric. Upton
11 " 1336–7 John Pountney Will. Brykelsworth and John Northall
12 " 1337–8 Harry Darcy Walter Nele and Nich. Crane or Grave (Grene, G.)
13 " 1338–9 The same Will. of Pountfreyt and Hugh Marberer
14 " 1339–40 Andrew Awbrey Will. Thorney and Roger Forsham
15 " 1340–1 The same Adam Lucas and Barth Mareys
16 " 1341–2 John Oxynford; afterwards Simon Fraunces Ric. Berkyng and John Rokyslee
17 " 1342–3 Simon Fraunces John Lowkyn and Ric. Kislingbury
18 " 1343–4 John Hamonde John Sywarde and John Aylsham
19 " 1344–5 The same Geoffrey Wychyngham and Thos. Legge
20 " 1345–6 Ric. Lacer Edmund Hemnale and John Gloucester
21 " 1346–7 Geoffrey Wichyngham John Croydon and Will. Clopton
22 " 1347–8 Thos. Legge Adam Bramson and Ric. Basingstoke
23 " 1348–9 John Lovekin Henry Picard and Simon Dolsell
24 " 1349–50 Walter (or William ?) Turke Adam Bury and Ralph Lynne
25 " 1350–1 Will. Killingbury John Notte and Will. Worcester
26 " 1351–2 Andrew Awbrey John Wroth and Gilbert Steyndrop
27 " 1352–3 Adam Fraunceys John Peche and John Stodey
28 " 1353–4 The same John (or William?) Welde and John Lytell
29 " 1354–5 Thos. Legge Will. Totenham and Ric. Smerte
30 Edw. III. 1355–6 Simon Fraunceys Thos. Brandon (fn. 6) and Thos. Forster (fn. 6)
31 " 1356–7 Harry Picard Ric. Nottingham and Thos. Dolsell
32 " 1357–8 John Stodey Stephen Caundish and Barth. Frostelyng
33 " 1358–9 John Lovekyn John Bernes and John Bures
34 " 1359–60 Simon Dolsell (Donfeld or Doffelde) Simon Bedyngton (Radyngton, G.) and John Chichester
35 " 1360–1 John Wroth John Deynes and Walter Berney
36 " 1361–2 John Pecche Will. Holbeche and Jas. Tame
37 " 1362–3 Steph. Caundish John of St. Alban's and Jas. Andrew
38 " 1363–4 John Notte Ric. Croydon and John Hyltofte
39 " 1364–5 Adam of Bury Simon Mordon and John of Metford
40 " 1365–6 The same till 28 Jan.; afterwards John Lovekyn John Brikylsworth and John Ireland
41 " 1366–7 John Lovekyn John Warde and Will. Dykman (so F. and G.; but H., J., and the MS. of Fabyan used by Ellis give Thos. At Lee or Otley for the second.)
42 " 1367–8 Jas. Andrew John Thorgold (Corgold, G.) and Will. Dykeman
43 " 1368–9 Simon Mordon Adam Wymbyngham (or Wymondham) and Rob. Girdeler
44 " 1369–70 John Chichester John Pyell and Hugh Holbeche
45 " 1370–1 John Bernes Will. Walworth and Rob. Gayton
46 " 1371–2 The same Rob. Hatfeld and Adam Staple
47 " 1372–3 John Pyell John Philpott and Nich. Brembre
48 " 1373–4 Adam of Bury John Aubrey and John Fyfhede
49 " 1374–5 Will. Walworth Ric. Lyons and Will. Wodhouse
50 " 1375–6 John Warde John Hadley and Will. Newport
51 " 1376–7 Adam Staple till 21March; afterwards Nich. Brembre John of Northampton and Robert Launde
[52 Edw. III. (fn. 7) Nioh. Brembre (fn. 7) Andrew Pykeman (fn. 7) and Nioh. Twyford (fn. 7) ]
1 Ric. II. 1377–8 Nich. Brembre Andrew Pykeman and Nich. Twyford
2 " 1378–9 John Philpot John Boseham and Thos. Cornwaleys
3 " 1379–80 John Hadley John Heylysdone and Will. Baret
4 " 1380–1 Will. Walworth Walter Doget and Will. Knyghtcote
5 " 1381–2 John Northampton John Rote and John Hende or Hynde
6 " 1382–3 The same Adam Bamme (Wamme, G.) and John Sely
7 " 1383–4 Nich. Brembre Simon Wynchecombe and John More
8 " 1384–5 The same Nich. Exton and John Frosh, Fresh, or Frensh
9 " 1385–6 The same John Organ and John Chyrchman
10 " 1386–7 Nich. Exton Will. More and Will. Staundon
11 " 1387–8 The same Will. Venour and Hugh Fastolf
12 " 1388–9 Nich. Twyford Adam Carlylle and Thos. Austyn
13 " 1389–90 Will. Venour John Walcote and John Loveye or Loveney
14 " 1390–1 Adam Bamme John Fraunceys and Thos. Vyvent
15 " 1391–2 John Hynde or Hende Harry Vanner and John Schadworth
16 " 1392–3 Will. Stawnden Gilbert Mawfield and Thos. Neuton or Newenton
17 " 1393–4 John Hadley Ric. Whittington and Drewe Barentyne
18 " 1394–5 John Frosh or Frensh Will. Brampton and Thos. Knolles
19 " 1395–6 Will. More Roger Elys and Will. Sheringham
20 " 1396–7 Adam Bamme Thos. Wylford and Will. Parker
21 " 1397–8 Ric. Whittington Will. Askham and John Woodcock
22 " 1398–9 Drewe Barentyne John Wade and John Warner
1 Hen. IV. 1399–1400 Thos. Knolles Will. Waldern and Will Hyde
2 Hen. IV. 1400–1 John Fraunceys John Wakeley and Will. Ebote, Enote, or Emot (fn. 8) (John Obete, G.)
3 " 1401–2 John Schadworth Will. Venour and John Fremyngham (William F. in G., which agrees with Arnold.)
4 " 1402–3 John Walcote Ric. Merlowe and Rob. Chicheley
5 " 1403–4 Will. Askam Thos. Fauconer and Thos. Polle
6 " 1404–5 John Hynde Will. Louthe and Steph. Spilman
7 " 1405–6 John Woodcock Will. Crowmer and Harry Barton
8 " 1406–7 Ric. Whittington Nich. Wotton and Geoffrey Broke
9 " 1407–8 Will. Staundon Henry Pomfret and Henry Halton
10 " 1408–9 Drewe Barentyne Will. Norton and Thos. Duke
11 " 1409–10 Ric. Marlowe John Lane and Will. Chicheley
12 " 1410–11 Thos. Knolles John Penn and Thos. Pyke
13 " 1411–12 Rob. Chicheley John Raynwell and Will. (or Walter) Cotton
14 " and 1 Hen. V. 1412–13 Will. Waldern Ralph Lobenham and Will. Sevenok
2 " 1413–14 Will. Crowmer John Sutton and John Michell (Nichole, G.)
3 " 1414–15 Thos. Fauconer John Michell and Thos. Aleyn
4 " 1415–16 Nich. Wotton Aleyn Everarde and Will. Cambridge
5 " 1416–17 Henry Barton Rob. Whittington and John Coventry
6 " 1417–18 Ric. Merlowe Henry Rede and John Gedney
7 " 1418–19 Will. Sevenoke John Bryan, Ralph Barton, and John Perneys (in place of Bryan, who was drowned)
8 " 1419–20 Ric. Whittington Rob. Whittington (or Whytyngham) and John Butler
9 " 1420–1 Will. Cambridge John Butler and John Welles
10 " 1421–2 Rob. Chicheley Ric. Gosselyn and Will. Weston
1 Hen. VI. 1422–3 Will. Waldern Will. Estfelde and Rob. Tattersall
2 " 1423–4 Will. Crowmer Nich. James and Thos. Wandesford
3 " 1424–5 John Mychell Simon Seman and John By-the-Water
4 " 1425–6 John Coventry Will. Milrede and John Brokley
5 Hen. VI. 1426–7 John (or Will.) (fn. 9) Raynwell Rob. (fn. 10) Arnold and John Higham
6 " 1427–8 John Gedney Henry Frowyk and Rob. Otley
7 " 1428–9 Harry Barton Thos. Dufhous and John Abbot
8 " 1429–30 Will. Estfeld Will. Russe and Ralph Holand
9 " 1430–1 Nich. Wotton Walter Chertsey and Rob. Large
10 " 1431–2 John Welles John Adyrley and Steph. Browne
11 " 1432–3 John Parneys (or Parveys?) John Olney and John Padysley
12 " 1433–4 John Brokley Thos. Chalton and John Lynge
13 " 1434–5 Rob. Otley Thos. Barnwell and Simon Eyre
14 " 1435–6 Harry Frowyke Thos. Catworth and Rob. Clopton
15 " 1436–7 John Mychell Thos. Morestede and Will. Gregory
16 " 1437–8 Will. Estfeld Will. Chapman and Will. Hales
17 " 1438–9 Steph. Browne Hugh Dyke and Nich. Yeo
18 " 1439–40 Robert Large Rob. Marchall and Philip Malpas
19 " 1440–1 John Paddisley John Sutton and Will. Wetynhale
20 " 1441–2 Rob. Clopton Will. Combe and Ric. Riche
21 " 1442–3 John Hatherley Thos. Beaumont and Ric. Nordon
22 " 1443–4 Thos. Catworth John Norman and Nich. Wyfold
23 " 1444–5 Harry Frowyk Steph. Foster and Hugh Wyche
24 " 1445–6 Simon Eyre John Derby and Geoffrey Feldyng
25 " 1446–7 John Olney Rob. Horne and Geoffrey (or Godfrey) Boleyn
26 " 1447–8 John Gedney Will. Abraham and Thos. Scott
27 " 1448–9 Steph. Browne Will. (John, G.) Cantlowe and Will. Marowe
28 " 1449–50 Thos. Chalton Thos. Canyng and Will. (John, G.) Hewlyn
29 " 1450–1 Nich. Wyfold Will. Dere and John Middelton
30 " 1451–2 Will. Gregory Matthew Philip and Christopher Water (or Warton)
31 " 1452–3 Geoffrey (or Godfrey) Feldyng Ric. Lee and Ric. Alley
32 " 1453–4 John Norman John Walden and Thos. Coke
33 " 1454–5 Stephen Forster John Felde and Will. Tailor
34 Hen. VI. 1455–6 Will. Marowe John Yong and Thos. Holgrave (Oulgrave or Walgrave)
35 " 1456–7 Thos. Canynge John Steward and Ralph Verney
36 " 1457–8 Geoffrey Boleyn Will. Edward and Thos. Reyner
37 " 1458–9 Thomas Scott Ralph Josselyn and Ric. Nedeham
38 " 1459–60 Will. Hewlyn John Plummer and John Stocker
39 " 1460–1 Ric. Lee Ric. (fn. 11) Flemyng and John Lambard
1 Edw. IV. 1461–2 Hugh Wiche John Loke and George Ireland
2 " 1462–3 Thos. Coke Bartholomew James and Will. Hampton
3 " 1463–4 Matt. Philip Thos. Muschamp and Rob. Basset
4 " 1464–5 Ralph Josselyn John Tate and John Stone
5 " 1465–6 Ralph Verney Will. Constantine and Henry Waver
6 " 1466–7 John Yong John Bromer and Henry Brice; and on Brice's death John Stokton
7 " 1467–8 Thos. Holgrave (or Owlegrave) Humph. Hayford and Thos. Stalbroke
8 " 1468–9 Will. Taylour Simon (or Symkyn) Smyth and Will. Haryot
9 " 1469–70 Ric. Lee Ric. Gardiner and Robert Drope


  • 1. According to the Liber de Antiquis Legibus his mayoralty began in 1188, the first year of Richard I.
  • 2. Fabyan inaccurately places the sheriffs (or bailiffs) of this ninth year before those of the eighth; but calls both years "Anno ix." H. and J. give the names of the sheriffs for the tenth year as those of the ninth, and so misdate by a year the officers during the rest of the reign.
  • 3. Our Chronicle leaves the date of the thirteenth year blank, and dates every succeeding year of John's reign one year too early.
  • 4. The sheriffs for the fifteenth and sixteenth years are transposed in our chronicle.
  • 5. The sheriffs for the thirty-fourth and thirty-fifth years are transposed by our chronicler.
  • 6. F., J., and G. give the same Christian name to both the sheriffs of this year; but H. gives their names as Thos. Forster and Walter Brandon; Arnold as Walter Forster and Thos. Brandon.
  • 7. It is very strange that not only G., but F., J., and H. all give a fifty-second year to Edward III., though he died in the fifty-first year of his reign. The confusion doubtless arose from the election of a new mayor in the middle of the fifty-first year; and, as the mayor so elected was re-appointed in the first year of Richard I., the sheriffs of that year are named along with him.
  • 8. Ebote in J., which agrees with F.; Enote in H. and V., which Nicholas has misread Cnote; Emot in Arnold.
  • 9. William in J. and in Arnold; but John in F., G., and H.
  • 10. Stowe and Orridge both give his Christian name as John, but the other authorities all call him Robert.
  • 11. G. makes his christian name John, and Arnold makes it Robert; but it is Richard in F. and J.