Historical Memoranda of John Stowe: The baptism of Prince Arthur, son of Henry VII

Pages 104-105

Three Fifteenth-Century Chronicles with Historical Memoranda by John Stowe. Originally published by Camden Society, London, 1880.

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The Cristenynge of Prince Arthure, sonne to Kynge Henrie ye VII. at Sent Swithins in Winchestar.

Fyrst my Lady Cecily (fn. 1) bare my lord prince to churche; my Lord Marques (fn. 2) and my Lorde of Lyncoln ledde my Lady Cecily; my Lady Marques, and afftar Cheyne as chamberlyn, bare the trayne of ye mantyll; my Lady Anne ye quens sister bare ye crysom. The hole chapell met with my lord prynce in ye qwens great chamber. My Lord Laware, my Lord Widvell, (fn. 3) my Lord John of Arondell, and Master Awdley bare ye clothe of astate. The torches unlight met hym at the steyre foote of e qwenes great chamber, and so went by fore hym unlyght to the chirche. Many ladyes and gentylwomen folowyd hym. Knyston, Geddyng, gentilmen usshers, and Piers Wratton and John Amyas, yomen usshers, had erewle of e conveyaunce of the torches. The sergeaunt of the pantry was redy with a ryche salt, and my Lord of Essyx bare ye same salte by fore my lorde prince to the churche. The sergaint of the ewrey was redy with a payre of coverd basons and a fayre towell lyeng ther upon, and my Lord Stranunge bare them to the churche. Syr Rychard Gyldford, Knyght Constable, and Mastar Troblefylde, had the kepynge of the churche dores with his meyne. Fowre gentylmen and yowmen of the crowne had the kepynge of ye barryers a bowt the fonte, for yecomynge in of the preas. Ser Davy Owen, Master Poynes and iij othar knyghts and gentlymen, had ye Keoynge and charge of the funte. Two gentylmen Usshers had ye Kepynge of yetravers by the fonte where my lord prynce was dysaparilyd, and aftar his cristynynge arrayed, and ther fyar and fumygacions and many royall thyngs don. My Lord Marques, my Lord of Lyncolne, and my Lord Strawnge, served Qwene Elisabethe (fn. 4) at wayshyng after ye cristinynge, and Mastar Weste, my Lorde Laware is brother, and Syr Roger Cotton, servyd the remnaunt of the gossoppes. My Lord Nevyll bare ye taper byfore my lord prynce after the cristinynge to the hyth awllter. Aftar all ye observaunces was gyven spicis and wyne to the states. My lord prynce was had frome the hyghe aultar to Sent Swithins shirne and there ofyryd, and ther was songen Te Deum Laudamus. All the torches lyght browght my lord prynce to his chamber. All the harolds went before bothe to the churche and home agayne. And the trompitis blewe afftar his cristenynge byfore hym home to his chamber. Ser William Stonnar, Ser Charles Somerset, and Sir John Wyngfeld bare thes gyfftes that ye gosyppis gave to his chamber byfore hym. The gyfftes were thes: Qwene Elisabeth gave a cuppe of gold set with stones, my Lorde of Derby a salte of gowlde, my Lorde of Oxenford a payre of basons with a cuppe of assay all gylt, my Lorde Matrevys a cofer of gold set with stones. All the great body of Seynt Swethyns churche to the hygh aultar was hangyd with arras. Ther was made an hyghe stoke for a fonte with grecis round abowght, and the fonte was of sylvar browght from Cawnterbery and a royal canapie over yesame. The gossyppes ben thes: Quene Elizabethe, godmothar, my Lord of Derby and my Lorde Matravers at ye fonte, and my Lord of Oxenforde at ye confirmacion. My Lord of Worcestar cristenyd hym, and his name is Arthure, doughtles a fayre prince and a lorge of bones; owre Lord save hym ! Ther was present v mytars, that is to say: my Lord Sarum, my Lord of Excestre, my Lord of Worcestre, ye abot of Hyde, and ye pryowr of Seynt Swythynes.


  • 1. Cecily, daughter of Edward IV.
  • 2. Marquis of Dorset.
  • 3. Sir Edward Woodville, called Lord Woodville by courtesy, who was slain at the battle of St. Aubin, in Britanny, in 1488.
  • 4. Not the queen of Henry VII., but her mother, the widow of Edward IV., who was godmother to the child.