Charter VI: A confirmation of charter V (1358)

Pages 27-29

Cardiff Records: Volume 1. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1898.

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Charter in the custody of the Town Clerk. 18th June, 1358.

Edwardus le Despenser dominus Glamorgancie et Morgancie Omnibus balliuis nostris et aliis ad quos presentes litere peruenerint salutem Sciatis nos inspexisse cartam bone memorie Domini Hugonis le Despenser auunculi nostri nuper domini Glamorgancie et Morgancie quam fecit burgensibus de kaerdif de libertatibus eorum in hec verba [Hic sequitur prout in carta originali.] Nos vero predictus Edwardus le Despenser dominus Glamorgancie et Morgancie pro salute anime nostre et animarum patris nostri et matris nostre et omnium antecessorum et heredum nostrorum omnes donaciones concessiones et confirmaciones supradictas Ratas habentes et gratas eas pro nobis et heredibus nostris predictis burgensibus nostris et eorum successoribus concedimus innouamus ratificamus et confirmamus imperpetuum volentes et concedentcs quod ista carta in omnibus suis libertatibus firmiter et inuiolabiliter observetur imperpetuum aliqua interrupcione non obstante In cuius rei testimonium huic presenti carte nostre sigillum cancellarie nostre de kaerdif duximus apponendum Hiis testibus venerabilibus viris Henrico abbate de Margan Thoma abbate de Neeth Johanne de Couentre archidiacone Landauensis Dominis Gilberto de Ellesfeld tunc vicecomite nostro de Glamorgancia. Ricardo de Turberuille. Oliuero de sancto Johanne. Johanne le Norreis Edwardo de stradelinge militibus. Willelmo ffleminge Thoma de Baudrupp et aliis. Datum apud kaerdif xviij° die Junij anno regni Regis Edwardi tercij post conquestum trecesimo secundo.

Endorsed:—"Dat. huis. carte xxx° E. tertij." "Carta dni. Edwardi le Despensr fact. Burgensibs. de Kaerdif de libtatibs. suis confirmatis." "Carti Dni. Edwardi le Spensr. dat. ao. Edwardi tercij 32°."

Note.—This Charter is in poor condition, stained and rust-eaten, as though by some corrosive liquid dropped on it. The Seal, largely repaired, is affixed to the skin by cords of green silk. It is of dark green wax, and represents, on the observe, an escutcheon bearing:—Quarterly I. and IV.: A bendlet. II. and III.: Fretty. The shield is surrounded by a collar, and above are traces of a bird's plumage. Reverse: The grantor in armour, on horseback; shield and caparisons charged with the above arms. The crest appears to be a bird with wings extended, on the coronet over the helmet. Legend—"Sigillum domini Edwardi le despenser dni. Morgancie et Glamorgancie."


Edward Le Despenser, Lord of Glamorgant and Morgant, unto all Our Bailiffs and others to whom the present letters shall come, greeting. Know ye that We have inspected the Charter of the Lord Hugh Le Despenser, of good memory, Our uncle, formerly Lord of Glamorgant and Morgant, which he made to the Burgesses of Kaerdif concerning their liberties, in these words: [Here follows as in the original charter.] Now We the aforesaid Edward Le Despenser, Lord of Glamorgant and Morgant, for the health of Our soul and of the souls of Our father and Our mother and of all Our ancestors and heirs, ratifying and allowing all the gifts, grants and confirmations aforesaid, for Us and Our heirs do grant, renew, ratify and confirm them unto Our aforesaid Burgesses and their successors for ever, willing and granting that that Charter shall be firmly and inviolably observed in all its liberties for ever, any interruption notwithstanding. In witness whereof We have caused the seal of Our Chancery of Kaerdif to be set to this Our present Charter. Witness the venerable men Henry, Abbot of Margam; Thomas, Abbot of Neeth; John of Couentre, Archdeacon of Landav; the Lords Gilbert De Ellesfeld, Our Sheriff of Glamorgant; Richard De Turberville, Oliver De Saint John; John Le Norreis, Edward De Stradelinge, knights; William ffleminge; Thomas De Baudrupp, and others. Given at Kaerdif on the eighteenth day of June in the second year of the reign of King Edward the third after the Conquest [1358.]