Charter XII: On powers of the Town Court (1451)

Pages 38-41

Cardiff Records: Volume 1. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1898.

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Charter not in the possession of the Corporation. 12 March 1451.

Ricardus Neville Comes Warwici Dominus le Despenser Glamorgancie & Morgancie et Anna uxor eius Omnibus presentes literas nostras inspecturis salutem Inspeximus literas patentes Charissime Matris nostre Isabelle nuper Comitisse Warwici Domine ladespenser Glamorgancie & Morgancie factas in hec verba [Hic sequitur prout in carta originali.] Et preterea nos siquidem considerantes fidelitatem magnam intimumque amorem quod prefati burgenses erga nos & Antecessores nostros continue habuerunt & qualiter ipsi in manifestam fidelitatem & amoris huiusmodi probacionem & ostensionem villam nostram predictam tam in muris turribus portis & fossatis quam aliter non absque eorum maximis labore custibus & expensis iam tarde multum laudabiliter forticauerunt munierunt & pararunt vnde grandem indignacionem odiumque ab exterius commorantibus diuersimodo habuerunt & incurrerunt & sic habent & incurrunt de presenti Volentesque per inde ipsos pro meritis suis in hac parte condigne premiare de gracia nostra speciali concessimus pro nobis heredibus & successoribus nostris prefatis burgensibus & residentibus Ville nostre predicte & libertatis eiusdem ac heredibus & successoribus suis quod eorum nullus pro aliquibus feloniis transgressionibus conuencionibus seu contractis extra villam nostram predictam & libertatem eiusdem factis alibi quam coram Constabulario ville predicte & balliuis eiusdem ville pro tempore existentibus seu in absencia prefati Constabularij coram dictis balliuis implacitetur inquietetur molestetur in aliquo seu grauetur nisi fuerit ita quod talis Burgensis siue residens extra villam & libertatem predictas cum manuopere de felonia captus fuerit Et quod prefatus Constabularius et balliui seu in absencia Constabularij predicti balliui predicti pro tempore existentes habeant plenam cognicionem omnimodum placitorum tam de feloniis transgressionibus debitis conuencionibus & contractis quam de libero tenemento & alijs accionibus querelis & denariis quibuscunque infra villam & libertatem predictas factis & emergentibus & quod omnia huiusmodi placita acciones querele & demanda per prefatos Constabularium & balliuos seu in abscencia eiusdem Constabularij per dictos balliuos & non alibi triati sint iudicati discussi & remediati Et insuper de ampliori gracia nostra & pro melioracione ville nostre predicte volumus & concedimus pro nobis heredibus & successoribus nostris prefatis burgensibus & residentibus & successoribus suis quod si quis ad villam & libertatem predictas venire & ibidem stare & morari voluerit ipse abinde pro aliqua transgressione debito compoto conuencione seu aliquo alio contractu quocunque nullo modo trahi debet nec amoueri: sed si aliquis versus eum in premissis vel in aliquo premissorum conqueri voluerit siue prosequi coram Constabulario & balliuis ville predicte pro tempore existentibus seu in abscencia eiusdem Constabularij coram balliuis eiusdem ville pro tempore existentibus, prosequatur iusticiam coram eisdem Constabulario & balliuis seu in abscencia dicti Constabularij coram balliuis dicte ville pro tempore existentibus & non alibi super querela sua celeriter habitur hiis Testibus venerabile patre Nicholo Episcopo landauensis Johanne Abbate de Neeth & Thoma Abbate de Morgan carissimo fratre nostro Thoma Nevell vicecomite Glamorgancie & Morgancie milite ac dilectis nobis Edwardo Stradeling milite Johanne Nanfan Dauid Mathew Thoma Colt Thoma Porthallyn Johanne Eyre & aliis datum in Castro nostro de kardiff xij° die Marcij anno regni Regis Henrici sexti post conquestum vicesimo nono.


Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, Lord Le Despenser of Glamorgant and Morgant, and Ann his wife, unto all who shall inspect Our present letters, greeting. We have inspected the Letters Patent of Our dearest mother, Isabel, formerly Countess of Worcester, Lady La Despenser of Glamorgant and Morgant, made in these words : [Here follows as in the original Charter.] And moreover We, considering the great fidelity and close affection which the beforementioned Burgesses have continually borne towards Us and Our ancestors, and how they, in manifest fidelity and in proof and testimony of such affection, now lately have very laudably fortified, defended and furnished Our aforesaid Vill, as well in the walls, towers, gates and trenches as otherwise, not without their very great labour, costs and expences, whence they have in various ways had and incurred, and at present have and incur, great indignation and hatred from those dwelling outside it; And willing on that account worthily to reward them for their deserts in this behalf, of Our especial favour have granted for Us, Our heirs and successors, unto the before-mentioned Burgesses and resiants of Our aforesaid Vill and the Liberties of the same, and to their heirs and successors, that none of them for any felonies, trespasses, agreements or contracts, made outside Our aforesaid Vill and the Liberties of the same, shall be impleaded, vexed or in anything molested or sued anywhere but before the Constable of the aforesaid Vill and the Bailiffs of the same Vill for the time being, or, in the absence of the before-mentioned Constable, before the said Bailiffs, unless it shall be that such Burgess or resiant shall have been taken outside the Vill and Liberties aforesaid with mainour of felony; and that the before-mentioned Constable and his Bailiffs or, in the absence of the aforesaid Constable, the Bailiffs aforesaid for the time being, shall have full cognizance of all manner of pleas, as well of felonies, trespasses, debts, agreements and contracts as of freehold and other actions, plaints and moneys whatsoever done and arising within the aforesaid Vill and Liberties ; and that all such pleas, actions, plaints and demands be tried, judged, discussed and remedied by the beforementioned Constable and Bailiffs or, in the absence of the same Constable, by the same Bailiffs, and not elsewhere. And further of Our more ample favour, and for the bettering of Our aforesaid Vill, We will and grant for Us, Our heirs and successors, unto the beforementioned Burgesses and resiants and their successors, that if anyone shall have chosen to come unto the aforesaid Vill and Liberties and there to stay and abide, he must in nowise be drawn away or removed thence for any trespass, debt, account, agreement or any other contract whatsoever ; but if anyone shall will to proceed against or prosecute him in the premisses or in any of the premisses, he shall sue for justice before the Constable and Bailiffs of the aforesaid Vill for the time being or, in the absence of the same Constable, before the Bailiffs of the same Vill for the time being; it shall be speedily had, upon his plaints, before the same Constable and Bailiffs or, in the absence of the said Constable, before the Bailiffs of the said Vill for the time being, and not elsewhere. Witness the Venerable father Nicholas, Bishop of Landav; John, Abbot of Neeth, and Thomas, Abbot of Morgan; Our very dear brother Thomas Nevill, Sheriff of Glamorgant and Morgant, knight, and Our wellbeloved Edward Stradeling, knight; John Nanfan; David Mathew ; Thomas Colt; Thomas Porthallyn ; John Eyre, and others. Given in Our Castle of Kardiff, on the twelfth day of March in the twenty ninth year of the reign of King Henry the sixth after the Conquest [1451].