Corporation Miscellanea: Miscellaneous documents

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Cardiff Records: Volume 2. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1900.

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Bonds. 1687–1701.

[On several slips of paper, tied in bundles.]

2 January 1687. Herbert James, stonemason; Thomas James, stonemason; and Richard Davies, sailor, are bound to John Richards and Alexander Pursell, Bailiffs. Witnessed by Charles Davis, Christopher Mathews and William Thomas.

1691. Bond by William Jones, Alderman, and Cradock Wells, Alderman, to Cradock Nowell and Lewis Cox, Bailiffs of Cardiff, and their successors for the time being, for the payment of £5 and interest, to the use of the poor of the Almshouse. Signed in the presence of W. Thomas & William ffrinche.

1691. Bond by Cradock Nowell and Lewis Cox, as above. Signed in presence of the same as last. To Edward John and Edward Thomas James, overseers for Saint John's parish.

1691. Bond by Alderman Alexander Pursell and William Richards to Cradock Nowell and Lewis Cox, Bailiffs.

1691. Bond by Thomas Williams and John Archer, Aldermen, to the same.

1691. William Thomas, gentleman, and Joseph Hoare, mercer. William Murton, "sallarius," and William Miles, "galler." (fn. 1) William Lambert, maltster, and Christopher Mathew, surgeon.

1699. Bond by George Stephens, Esqe, and Robert Thomas, chemist, to William Lambert, Bailiff. Signed in presence of Lewis z Cox and William Lloyd.

1700. Bond for payment of 50 shillings to George Stephens and William Lambert, and their successors, Bailiffs of Cardiff for the time being, to the use of the poor of the Almshouse. Signed &c; by Henry Hamond, "Malster," and Nathaniel Wells, cordwainer, in presence of Emanuel Miles and W. Thomas.

1701. Bond by Emanuel Miles, feltmaker, and Alexander Pursell, goldsmith, to George Stephen and William Lambert, Bailiffs. Signed in presence of W. Thomas and Nathaniel Wells.

Notice re Capt. Price's Charity. 1734

[One leaf of paper.]

To the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of Cardiff in the County of Glamorgan.

Whereas we have had Notice from you or some of you after reciteing amongst severall other things that Capt John Price late Comander of the Barflewr Man of War by his last Will and Testament did give and bequeath one Hundred pounds to be payd to the Church wardens and Overseers of the poor of Cardiffe to be placed out at Interest and the Interest thereof to be annually applyed in putting out one or more poor boys Apprentice or Apprentices And that he also gave another one Hundred pounds to the said Town and parish to be put out at Interest and the Interest thereof to be applyed annually in buying bread for the poor And that William Richards Esquire Dece'd (to whom we are Executors) got the said two Hundred pounds into His Hands and gave his Bond to Sir Edward Stradling Barrt and to Alexander Pursel and William Lambert Aldermen for the same and that severall Actions or Suits were depending about the calling in of the said money And that you were desirous to preserve the sd Charity money from being misapplyed or spent in Controversies and willing that the same should be placed out at Interest upon Land Security and not to remain upon the sd Bond requireing us to pay the said two Hundred pounds and Interest either to the said Sir Edward Stradling or to you the said Churchwardens and Overseers of the poor We the persons Subscribing the Executors of the said Wm Richards to shew you that our hole Intention is to preserve and secure the said Charity money and prevent the same from being imbezled or misapplyed Do give you Notice that we are ready and willing to give Land Security for the sd Charity money and to Convey and Assign a Mortgage in ffee of all that Capitall Messuage or Mansion House called Duffryn with the Lands there unto belonging and severall other Tenements in the parish of Aberdare in the sd County from James Jones Gentleman and his Wife to the sd William Richards for the principall Sum[m]e of Seven Hundred twenty and three pounds and four shillings as such Security in such manner as Councell shall approve and to make out a title to the same to the Satisfaction of the Councell for the sd Sir Edward Stradling. Wittness our Hands the 28th day of January 1734.

Mich. Richards

Hum. Jones

Hen. Llewellin.

[On the back is written:—]

In Chancery. 11th Novr 1777.

Between the Att'y General at the Relation of Thos Edwards Esqr & Powell Edwards Cl'k, and Wm Richards Esqr

Deed of Appointment. 1741

[Fonmon Muniments. Long strip of parchment.]

Cardiffe Town. Whereas in pursuance of an Order of Councell made at the Guildhall in Cardiffe on Thursday the fourth of March 1741 by the Majority of the Corporation then present it was amongst other things Ordered that Roger Powell the Younger and Edmund Lloyd Esquires or either of them, Were appointed and Constituted to receive Contributions towards the Building of a New Town Hall for the said Town and afterwards to pay and account for ye same as ye majority of this Corporac'on shall direct By Vertue of which said Order We Do hereby Appoint and Constitute them the said Roger Powell and Edmund Lloyd or either of them to receive such Contributions and Sumes of Money as have already been Contributed or shall hereafter be Subscribed or Contributed towards the Building or Carrying on the said building Designed for a Town and County Hail In Witness whereof We have hereunto Sett our Hands and Caused our Common Corporation Seal to be hereunto affixed this 4th day of March in the year of our Lord 1741.


Geo. Watkins

John Okey

Will. Mathew

David Owen

Jno. Tanner

R. Jenkins

Thos Seabrook

Jas Owen

Moses Morgan

Jon Thomas Jr

List of Apprenticeship Indentures. 1739–1818.

1739 June 28. Pethuel Meredith, son of John Meredith, shoemaker, deceased, apprenticed to Richard ab Evan, shoemaker. Henry Llewellin and Alexander Purcell junior, Churchwardens of Saint John's; Ralph Bowen and Walter Rosser, Overseers of the same parish; Gabriel Evans and Isaac Rosser, Churchwardens of Saint Mary's; and John Howell and William Brewer, Overseers of the same.

1739 July 12. Thomas, son of Lionel Stibbs, peruke maker, apprenticed to Philip Meredith, shoemaker.

1740 May 24. Edward, son of Edward Price, glover, deceased, apprenticed to John Hussey junior, shoemaker.

1742 April 17. Henry, son of Henry Watts, victualler, deceased, apprenticed to Nicholas Jayne, blacksmith.

1745 November 27. James, son of Ann Jenkin, widow, apprenticed to Thomas Thomas, farrier.

1748 April 8. William Thomas apprenticed to Emmanuel Jones, shoemaker.

1751 May 20. James Thomas apprenticed to Gabriel Lewis, feltmaker. Henry Williams and William Jones, Churchwardens, and Michael Brewer jn'r and John Carey jn'r, Overseers of Saint John's; and John Watkins and John Howell, Churchwardens, and the said John Watkins and William Jones, Overseers of Saint Mary's.

1754 November 4. John Morgan apprenticed to William Foord, shoemaker, of Saint Mary's parish. Thomas Lewis and Isaac Rosser, Churchwardens; Thomas Lewis and Hezekiah Hopkins, Overseers. (Printed form).

1755 May 17. Isaac Rosser apprenticed to Isaac Rosser senior, glazier.

1757 August 24. Anthony, son of William Ford, shoemaker, apprenticed to his said father.

1759 September 21. Samuel Phillips apprenticed to Christopher Phillips, tailor.

1818 William, son of William Williams, of Roath, miller, apprenticed to Samuel Dimond, baker and confectioner.

The above (except the last) are expressed to be apprenticed as poor children, under the Will of Capt. Price, who left £100 for that object. The counterpart Indentures were produced in the Chancery suit of 1777, in which the Attorney General, at the Relation of Thomas Edwards, Esqr, and Powel Edwards, Clerk, sued William Richards, Esqr, for £30 arrears of interest owing by his grandfather and himself as Trustees of the Charity.

Precept re Licensed Victuallers. 1792

Cardiff Town to wit. To the Constables of the said Town. By virtue of a Warrant from his Majestys Justices of the Peace acting in and for the said Town to us directed you are hereby required to give Notice to all Licensed Innkeepers and Alehousekeepers and Licensed Brandy Sellers or other retailers of distilled Liquors to be drank in their Houses within the said Town and also to all persons unlicensed (so far as the same shall come to your knowledge) who do intend to offer themselves to be Licensed at the next General Meeting of the said Justices for that purpose that they do Personally appear before the said Justices at the Guildhall in the said Town on Saturday the 19th day of May Instant at the hour of Eleven in the forenoon of same day to take or renew their Licenses for the year ensuing And also to give them Notice that every person then and there to be Licensed must Personally enter into a Recognizance in the sum of Ten Pounds together with two Sureties in five Pounds each or one surety in Ten Pounds that they will not do or suffer any unlawful Games and that they will keep good order and Rule within their respective Houses and other places and if any shall be hindred by sickness or other reasonable Cause to be allowed by the said Justices that he must procure two sureties then and there to be bound in the like manner in Ten Pounds each.

And unto such Persons as have not been licensed for the year preceding You are further to give Notice that no license will be granted to any of them unless he also at the same time and Place Produce a Certificate under the Hands of the Minister and the Major Part of the Churchwardens and Overseers or else of three or four reputable and substantial householders of the said Town Setting forth that he is of good fame and of sober life and conversation.

And you are to make a return to the said Justices at the same time and place in writing under your hand containing the names of all such Persons as you shall have summoned so to appear before them as aforesaid together with the Dwelling Places and the Signs by which their Houses are known. Hereof fail not at your Peril. Given under our Hands the 16th day of May 1792.

J. Bird.

Thomas Davis.


William Rees mason Armes.

John Richards unicorn.

John Bird Red Leyon.

William Priest.

Edward Rowland Rose and Crown.

Morgan Richards glove and shears.

Thomas Evans Bores Head.

Thomas John Cros keys.

Marey gedrych new grene Dragon.

william Reese ould grene Dragon.

John williams Three Tuns.

Edwd Whiteing.

Williams Ewins Three Casels.

marey Johns Ship and Castel.

Thomas Dalton.

William Prichard with Lion.

William Westmacutt Greyhound.

Robert Thomas Five Bells.

Edward Thomas Cardiff Arms.

Jn° Lewis Globe.

Thos Graves.

walter Phillips the Red Cow.

James Thomas Cardiff Bote.

Winnefrid Gedrych the Ship.

Mary Thomas Black Lion.

Edward Ellis Blue Anchor.

Thomas Lewis three Crans.

William Williams Plow & Harrow.

Paul Price Kings Head.

William Stone Shoulder & Mutton.

Wm Brewer Ship & Dolphin.

John Bradley angel.

Notice re Capt. Price's Charity. 1767

[One leaf of paper.]

Having recd a written Paper dated the 23 Inst. signed by you as Bayliffs of the Town of Cardiff, intimating that Capt. Price had given the sum of one hundred pounds; the Interest whereof was to be yearly applied for the placing out of Poor Children of the Town of Cardiff Apprentices, and that the same was deposited at Interest in the hands of my Grandfather Wm Richards, and that six Years Interest amounting to thirty pounds now remains due from me as Representative of the said Wm Richards, and by order of Comon Councel requiring me to pay into the hands of Henry Williams Tallow Chandler one of the Common Attorneys of the said Town the said Thirty pounds on or before the 5th day of October next for the purposes aforesaid This is to give you Notice, that I shall on the said fifth day of October at the hour of four o'clock in the afternoon attend at the Dwelling House of the said Henry Williams and will be ready to pay into your hands, or into the hands of the said Henry Williams all such principal money and Interest as may be made to appear that my said Grandfather owed or myself owe, or ought to pay on the account aforesaid, and on having up and receiving such security or securities as were given for the same. As Witness my hand the 28th day of Septr 1767.

Wm Richards.

To Thos Edwards & Alexr Purcel.

[On the back is written:—]

The Att'y General at the Relation of Thos Edwards Esqr & Powell Edwards Clerk is the Informant, and Wm Richards Esqr Deft

At the Execution of a Co[m]mission for the Examination of Witnesses in this Cause this paper Writing was produced & shewn to John Priest Gent. and James Owen and by them deposed unto on the Part of the Informant to the 15th Interr'y by and before us

Will. Rees

Edwd Lewis

Thos Williams Jr


28th Septr 1767. Notice from Wm Richards Gent. abt the Poor Apprentices money.

In Chancery 11th Novr 1777.

Edwards Cl'k Informant, and Wm Richards Esqr Deft

At the Execution of a Com[m]ic'on for the Examination of Witnesses in this Cause this paper Writing was produced and shewn to John Lewellin Esqr, Henry Yeomans Esqr, John Priest, Henry Lewis, Elizabeth Purcell & James Owen and by them severally deposed unto to the 6th 7th & 8th Interr'ies on the Part of the Informant by and before us

Edwd Lewis Will. Rees Thos Williams Jr


Notice for Captain Prys's Money.

Warrant in Bastardy. 1771

[One sheet of paper.]

Cardiff Town in the County of Glamorgan.

To the Constables of the said Town and to Evan Thomas Sworn Constable to execute this Warrant [struck out.]

Whereas Elinor Cattwck of the Parish of Saint John the Baptist in the Town of Cardiff aforesaid in the said County of Glamorgan [spinster] Singlewoman hath by her Voluntary Examination taken in Writing upon Oath Before Me Alexander Purcel Esquire One of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and for the said Town of Cardiff this present Day declared herself to be with Child, And that the said Child is likely to be born a Bastard and Chargeable to the Parish of Saint John the Baptist aforesaid And that William Stone of the said Parish of Saint John the Baptist in the Town of Cardiff aforesaid Perukemaker is the Father of the said Child; And Whereas Thomas Stibbs One of the Overseers of the poor of the Parish of Saint John the Baptist aforesaid in Order to Indemnify the said Parish in the premisses hath applied to me to Issue out my Warrant for the Apprehending of the said William Stone: I do therefore hereby Command you immediately to Apprehend the said William Stone And to bring him before Me or some Other of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said Town, to find security to Indemnify the said Parish of Saint John the Baptist in the Town of Cardiff aforesaid or else to find sufficient Surety for his Appearance at the next General Sessions to be holden for the said Town, then and there to abide and perform such Order or Orders as shall be made in pursuance of an Act passed in the Eighteenth year of the Reign of her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth concerning Bastards Begotten and born out of lawful Matrimony. Given under my Hand and Seal this 28th day of February in the year of our Lord 1771. Alexr Purcel. [L.S.]

Town Court Papers.

The following papers are connected with the Town Court, as to which see also later in this chapter.

[Half a sheet of small notepaper.]

Cardiff Town Court of Record.

Rickett Willett agt John Short In Debt 39/11d.

Thos Herne agt Thos Millard In Debt 39/11d.

Please enter the above for Chas Brown, Plts Atty

31st Octr 1811.


[Printed form on paper.]

Cardiff Town to wit. George the Third by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, To the Serjeants at Mace and Constables of the said Town.

We command you that you take James Young, late of the said Town, Yeoman, if to be found in the said town, and keep him in safe Custody, so that you may have his Body before the Bailiffs of the said town, at the next Court to be holden at the Guild-hall for the town aforesaid, to answer to David Gwynne in a plea of debt of fifteen shillings and six pence due from you to him [sic] upon promises; and have you then and there this precept. Witness Henry Hollier, Esquire, Senior Bailiff of the said Town, the 19th day of August in the fifty third year of our Reign.

N. Wood

Plaintiff's Attorney.


Town Clerk.

James Young

You are served with this Process to the Intent that you may by your Attorney appear in His Majesty's Court of Record for the said Town, at the Return thereof, being the 2d day of September 1813, in order to your Defence in this Action.

1837 March 2.

A Process worded as above, returnable on this date, but engrossed on a long narrow strip of parchment, under seal of Richards, Town Clerk, directed to Timothy Thomas, by Henry Morgan, Attorney for the Plaintiff, John Mellard; Charles Crofts Williams being Mayor.


Feby 18th Personally Served a copy of this Writ. David Evans.

Bundles of Vouchers. 1789–1803.

The Corporation of Town Cardiff. 1789 July 1 &c. Work done for the Town hall. To Thos Richards.

To a Bar for the Chymney in the Jury room 3s. 2d.

To a spring and mending the hammer of the Clock 1s. 6d.

Iron work for the Stock of the Bell and ½ day fixing it 5s.

15 squares for the Bench 3s. 9d.

a hand Cuff, 2 staples for d° 8d.

a new pintle and scrolls for the Vane, 2 hoops 7s. 6d.

3 doz. of staynails to hold the Shoots at 2d. Each 7s.

Approved. Sam1 Sabine.

Recd in full by me Thomas Richards.

The Worshipfull Bayliffs of the Corporation of Cardiff. To W. Willson. 1789–1791.

Years Sallary for the hall Clock £1.

Wire & oil for d° 2s.

Steel punch 2s. 6d.

Cleang the Clock before Sessions £1. 1s.

J. Evans. June 1st 1791. Pay the above bill.

B. Williams.

June 27th 1791. Settled the Above with Mr John Evans.

W. Willson.

Mr. Frances Minnit. To Edmund Rowland mason. 1790 May 19.

Work done in Building a Wall between the Hays and the Town ditch and Mending the Stiles.

The Corporation of Cardiff. To Edwd Rowland Mason. 1790 July.

To Seting the Stocks up 2s.

To 2 Sacks of Lime used at the house 1s. 2d.

Cardiff. 21 August 1790. Bloom Williams & John Richards Esqrs Bailiffs. To W. Brewer.

To a New Stocks for Town £2. 2s.

To Makeing Window Curtains for Hall 5s.

J. Richards.

1791. Account of W. Willson.

To half Years Sallery for the Hall Clock 10s.

Wire & Oil for d° 2s.

Two Ink Stands & Bottles for the hall 2s.

Mendg the Large Masses, Sawdering the Armes of the Crowns, takeing out the Bruisses, & Makeing a New Scrole under the Crown, & Silver for D° 7s. 6d.

Mendg the Small Masses, takeing out the Bruisses, Sawdering

the Lozenge Round the Armes, & New fitting up 5s.

To Messrs John and Wm Evans Common Attorneys. Gentlemen please to pay the above Bill.

Sam1 Sabine.

Cardiff June 21th 1791.

The Ringers Beges Leave to Present their Best Respects to the bailiffs of the Town of Cardiff and begs thay will sign this Paper.

Mr John Evans be Please to Pay to the Ringers the Sum of Eighteen Shillings for Ringing Christmas holly Days for the year 1790.

Settled the obove.

Wm Owen.


Recd the 12th of Septembr 1791, of the Worshipful Bailiffs of the Corporation of Cardiff, by the Hands of Mr John Evans their Chamberlain the Sum of Eight Shillings, for drawing Returns of the several Vessels cleared within the sd Corporation, for One Year ended the 1st August 1791.

Rd Price.

1792. Expences Laid out upon The Pillory.

1 hallin ye poste for Cart 1s.

D° Sawing & Carring 2s. 6d.

to My Self 1 Day at 2s.


N° 24. pillory. 5s.

1792. Worck Don upon ye town to and for ye Corporation of Cardiff as followeth

Masonry Worck

David Williams 7 Day at 2d. 14s.

D° John Jenkins Mason for taking up ye Bumb at 2. 2s.

D Labrur D° at 16. 1s. 6d.


John Jenkins Mason Upon ye pump 2. 5. 6.

Cardiff Town 5th May 1792.

To Messrs. John and Willm Evans Common Attorneys. Gentlemen please to pay the Bearers three Constables one Shilling and Sixpence Each, who I order'd to attend in the Market in order to see that the Stalions did not parade about Town.

Sam1 Sabine

Recd ye above pr Thomas Leyshon.

John Morgan.

Thomas Newton.

Cardiff Sepr 21st 92. The Corporation to Willm Evans.

For the Men ac Who Asested To Take the Pillory Up an Down at Several Times 8s. 2d.

John Richards & Bloom Williams Esqrs Bailiffs of the Town of Cardiff, To Jenkin Morgan. Oct. 28th 1792.

To 1 quarters Attending the Markett to weigh the Butter, brot for sale 4s.

Jo. Richards.

To Mr John Evans Com[m]on Atty

Pay the Town Clerk five Guineas to be given by him to the Ringers of Cardiff for Bell Ringing on the Marriage of the Rt Honble Lord Vist Mountstuart.

25 Dec. 1792.

J. Richards B. Williams.

December 29, 1792.

For the use of Tom pain.

Hat & Oilcase 3s.

Fales shirt & Cravvet 2s. 6d.

Gloves & Hose 4s. 2d.

Shooes 7s. 6d.

The Carpender wood & Labour 5s.

Black Ribbon 4d.

To making the Efegi of Tom pain £1. 1s.

To three Days serving the pubblications 6s.

£2. 9.6

If the Magistrates will give an order for the Payment of half the above sum, it will be very sufficient.

B. Williams.

7br the 4th/94.

Pay the Sum of one pound four shillings & 9d. to Samuel Philips.

Henry Hollier.

To the Common Atts of the Town of Cardiff.

September 5, 1794. Rd the Contence by John Eavens Commons Atty

Mr John Evans.

Pay Watkin William Hangman the sum of five shillings for Hanging Tom Pain and at last burnt him.

B. Williams.

Cardiff Jany the 9th/93.

N.B. Place this five shillings to Corporation Account.

To Mr Jon Evans, Cardiff Toll Renter.

Cardiff February the 22nd 1793.

Mr John Evans, The bearer Watkin Williams Alias hangman to Tom Pain; was promised half a guinea for the Job.—you have pd him five shillings in part, pay him the remainder and place it to the Corporation Account.

B. Williams

Watkin Williams Pd Mr John Evan, Cardiff.

[2d. impressed stamp. Halfpenny paper-stamp.]

The Corporation of Cardiff. To Theods Benjn Collier. 1793 March 15 &c;.

(Locks, handles, hinges, &c. for the Corporation pews in Saint John's church.)

2 Setts neat Composition Ornaments for 2 Pews £1 4s. Packing Box 2s.

To making a neat Scrowl Iron for holdind the Maces Ornamented with a Coronet painted 3 times & Gilt £3 . 13. 6.

1 Sett Ornaments for a Pew 12d.

[This item is struck out and marked "Returnd."]

Recd for T. B. Collier.

Sophia Collier.

Cardiff 2d May 1796.

To Messrs. Thomas, and Bird, Common Attorneys. Gentlemen please to pay the above Bill.

Sam1 Sabine.

Mr John Evans,
Pay Mr Phillips, the best Cryer ever was in Cardiff 6d.

B. Williams.

March 30th/93.

D° 3 times Crying Markt Measures & Nuisances 1s. 6d. 2s/-

John Evans.

Pay the bell ringers two guineas on account of the happy Delivery of Lady Mountstuard of a Son. Place the same to the Corporation Account.

B. W.

Cardiff Augt 14/93.


The Ringers for Lady Mount Stuart.

1794. Trespasses Allowed David John for destroying part of his Garden in making the Glamorgan Canal near the Blackwares in the parish of St John Cardiff. 10s.

Surveyed and Valued by Wm Morrice Wm Llewellin.

Cardiff Arms Cardiff

The Corporation of Cardiff to Edward Thomas.

1794 June 13t

Twenty Suppers £2. 10s

Wine £3.7.6.

Punch £1.

Brandy 2s. 6d.

Rum 2s.

Negus 3s.

Ale Cyder, & Porter 12s. 4d.

£7 . 17 . 4

Paid me the above Sepr 25th E. Thomas.

John Hussey.

Cardiff Town To Witt. June 14, 1794.

A List of Subscriptions rec'd by the Ringers of the said Town for Ringing on Account of the happy Success of the Brittish fleet.

Mr John Evans. June 14th Give the Ringers £1 . 1 . 0. Cardiff.

Recd ye above per John Hussey Thomas Newton.

The Worshipfull Bailiffs of the Corporation of Cardiff. To W. Willson.

1794 May 29th &c;.

To a Years Sallary for the hall Clock £1.

To three new wires for D° 1s. 6d.

Oil for D° 1s.

Cleang the Clock £1 . 1s.

Repairing the hour & Minnet wheels 2s. 6d.

New Spring wire 6d.

oil for D° 6d.

£2 . 7 . 0.

15th Sepr 1794.

Henry Hollier.

The Corporation of Cardiff To Thos Rees. 1794 Ocbr 17 &c. ¼ Day to mend & put on a Lock on the school room Door in High Street 1d.

1 Stock Loock 2s. 6d.

1 Thumb latch 1s.

2 Days to prepare Joist for Thos John house high Street 5s.

1 Day to trap Door & new Garret door 2s. 6d.

Paid Sawyers for sawing oak 2s.

Paid Wm. Miles for halling timber from the dobinpitts 5s. 1795 March 13, &c.

3 Days to mend Doors & making new Sliders for the Shutters of the Shop 7s. 6d.

½ Day to take the loocks of the Baileys & Aldermen Seats in Church to be repaired & put them on 1s. 3d.

1 Brass Boult for the Bailey Seat 6d.

B. Williams.

The Corporation of Cardiff To Jane Lewis Hallkeeper. March 1795. To Cleaning the Hall after meat &c. was given to the poor 5s. to d° after wheat which remained in the Hall for the poor 5s. 6d. to d° before the Sessions 2s.

12s. 6d.

B. Williams.

Recd July 1796 the above Sum the mark × of Jane Lewis.

The Church Wardens of the Parish of St John the Baptist, Cardiff. 1795 May 14. To the Ringers of said Town.

To Ringing the Bells on Accot of the Corporation Walking the Boundaries of the difft Parish 10s. 6d.

Gentn Please to pay the Ringers the above & place the same in your Accot Pay the above.

B. Williams.

The Worshipfull Bayliffs of the Corporation of Cardiff. To Edwd Jones.

For publishing the Horse 2 Twice 1s.

For Sticking up Several Bills concerning Military Affairs 6d.

Crying the High Markett 6d.— 2s.

To Mr Thos Morgan Cardiff.

The Worshipfull Corporation of the Town of Cardiff To the Ringers of the said Town.

1795 July 1st

To Ringing on Accot of the Victory obtain'd over the French by the Brittish Fleet £1 . 1 . 0.

To the Commons Attorneys of the said Town. Gentn Please to Pay the above & place the same to the Corporation Accot

[In dorso]

As John Richards Esqre ordered you to put on the Ringers you will give them one guinea and place it to the Corporation Account.

P.S.—Remember the Hall Steps.

July 2nd 1795. B. Williams.

To Mr Thos Thomas.

[On a printed form.]

Received the 22d Day of July 1795 of Mr Thomas Jones the Sum of Eight Shillings being 8 Years Burgage Rent due at Michaelmas last to the Right Hon. John, Earl of Bute.

£0. 8. 0. By me

J. Bird.

The Corporation of Cardiff To W. Willson. 1795 Octor 25th
Cleang the Hall Clock £1. 1. 0.

Takeing Down the Dial work of the Clocks inside and putting up, for the Dial to be New Gilded 2s. 6d.

New wire from the Clock to Bell 1s.

Half Years Sallary 10s.

Decr 14th Recd the Contents

W. Willson.

The Corporation of Cardiff To Tho: Morgan. 1795 Augt
2 Sqrs in the Town Hall 1s. 6d. paintg Iron rails 3 times in Oil finished green £3. paintg cupola Iron 1st time gildg ball vane &c; 7s. 6d. 3 books of gold leaf 5s. 3d.

paintg cupola cornice pilasters &c; 3 times in Oyl helping to put lead on 10s. 6d.

3 lights in Thos Newtons shop 10s. 6d.

Dial plate & hands painted & gilded £2.5. 10½. a casemm[en]t lead & 1 Sqr in Jury room 1s. 6d.

1796 March. Mendg hall keepers window 1s. 3d.

Cardiff 25th July 1796.

To Mesrs Thomas and Bird, Common Attorneys. Gentlemen, pleas to pay Jacob Thomas two Shilling for repairing the School House.

Sam1 Sabine.

Cardiff. 28th July 1796.

To Mesrs Thomas, and Bird, common Attorneys. Gentlemen, please to pay Mr John Bradley five Guineas, being the Corporation Subscription to the Races for the year 1796.

£5.5.0. Sam1 Sabine.

Recd 19th Novemr 1796 of Mr Thomas Morgan the sum of Ten Shillings being the usual allowance (for Wine) given by the Corporation of Cardiff in Changeing the Sergeants at Mace.

Thomas Charles.

The Corporation of Cardiff to Jane Lewis.

To Cole at the first Meeting of the Justices to the town Hall 20s.

Pay the above bill.

B. Williams.

Cardiff, Decr 19th 1796.

Ten Quarts of Ale 2s. 6d. to the Ringers by the Orders of Bloom Williams Esqr

March 7th 1797. Mr T. Morgan, Cardiff.


Ale for ringers.

Corporation of Cardiff, Cardiff 22 March 1797.

Bought of Henry Williams, Draper & Mercer, King Street.

Wholesale and Retail.

18 yds green Linds.—1. 1s. 6d.
1½ "      D°       D°—1. d.
1s. d.

Receivd Same Time T. Lloyd.

[The above is a printed billhead, having in the left-hand margin a very good engraving on copperplate of Hope leaning on her anchor.]

Corporation of Cardiff Dr To Jacob Thomas & Jenkin Morgan.

1797 August 15th To Repairs done of the Roof of the Alldermans Ile, and White Washing and Colouring the Same by Agreement of Mrss Thos Morgans Commons Attorneys £1 . 5.0.

Corporation of Cardiff To Lionell Stibbs.

1797 August 20 to weighing 74 Lists of Lead at a penny a list 6s. 2d.

To a strike for the Market House 3s. 6d.

To 2 Iron Hasped Podorons for D° 4s.

To 2 Iron Hasped Quarters for D° 3s.

To a strikeless for D° 8d.

John Hussey.

Setled the a Bove Septr 28/98 by Me Lionel Stibbs.

The Corporation of Cardiff to Edward Thomas. 1797 October 18

To 9 Bottles of Sherry 2s. 6d.

To 42 Bottles of Port 7l 7s. 0d.

To Punch 2l 19s. 0d.

To nutts & Biscuitt 8s. 4d.

Ale order'd the Soldiers 5s. 4d.

Ale order'd the Constables 2s.

Order'd the Waiter 5s.

£13. 17. 2.

John Hussey.

The Worshipfull Corporation of the Town of Cardiff To the Ringers of the said Town.

1797 Octr 18th To Ringing on Accot of the Victory over the Dutch Fleet obtained by Adml Duncan £1 .2.0.

Recd the Contents p' hands of Mr Thos Morgan Mary Gedrych.


Bellringers Acct

The Corporation of Cardiff to Thos Morgan.

1797 Octr 18. To 3lb Candles for illuminating the Town Hall at 9½d., 2s. 4½d.

The Worshipfull Corporation of Cardiff Dr To the Ringers of the said Town.

1797 Oct. 25th To Ringing this Day on Account of his Majesty's Accession to the throne 6s.

To Messrs Thos Morgans Comms Atty's Gentm Please to pay the above & place the same to the Corporation Accot John Hussey.

Recd the Contents in full p' hand of Thos Morgan Jno. Ev. . . .

The Worshipfull Corporation of Cardiff Dr To the Ringers of the said Town. 1797.

Novr 5th To Ringing on Account of the Discovery of the Popish conspiracy 6s.

Gentm Please to Pay the above & Place the same to the Corporation Accot

To Messrs Thomas Morgans Comms Attys Settled Wm Rees. John Hussey.

Corperation of Cardiff to Jn° South.

Augt 8th 1796. bill delivd 12s.

Octr 27th 1797. two Staples 2d.

Mending the lock of Marys at Ship & castel passage 3d.

Novr 22d Strap with two hooks rivets & fixing on Seals of weigh-house 2s. 6d. 14s. 11d. John Hussey.

To John Evans pay ye Overseers of ye poor of ye parish of St Johns 1s. and 2nd poor Rates for ye year 1797 for ye under named premises Charged upon ye Corporation & place ye Same In your accounpt as Ordered by Me.

High Street Ward ye 1st poors Rate

1. The Old School 10s. [struck out].

2. D° the tolls at 2s. in ye £2. 5. 0.

D° to yr Overseers of St Marys ye under Sumes.

In ye 1st poors Rate for ye year 1797.

The Markethouse 7s. 6d.

ye quay D° 7s. 6d.

D° ye 2nd poors Rate In St Johns for ye above year

The late School £1 [struck out].

D° ye toll £4. 10. 0.

N.B. ye Old School Returned Vacant £1 10s.

Alowed £8 10s.

John Hussey.

Cardiff Jany 13th 1798.

Mr Morgans
Please to Give Sergant Dunton The Sum of one pounds one Shilling for the Elumination Night.

John Hussey.

The Worshipfull Corporation of the Town of Cardiff To the Ringers of the said Town.

1798. Spring sessions.

To Ringing on the Judges Account as Customary 6s.

To the Bell Ringers.

1798 June 4th To Ringing this Day being his Majesty's Birth Day as Customary 6s.

John Hussey.

Recd by Mary Gedrych.

The Corporation of Cardiff To Thomas Morgan.

1798 Oct. 4. To 18lbs of Candles for illuminating the Town Hall 13s. 6d.

To 1lb D° for the Artillery Men 9d.

£0. 14. 3d.

Rec'd the above

Thos Morgan.

Nelson's Victory.

J. Richards & B. Williams Esqrs Orderd For The Corporation of Cardiff of Eliz: Young.

1798 October 4. 11½lb Gun Powder @ 2s. £1 3s. 0d.

1799 Jany 16. Setled Eliz. Young.

J. Richards.

B. Williams.


Powder Miss Young. Nelson's Victory.

Cardiff Octr ye 6th 1798.

The Worshipful Corporation of Cardiff To James Thomas Cardiff Boat.

To Ale Drank at the Illumination for the Victory of Admiral Nelson's 10s.

J. Richards.

B. Williams.

[The like was paid to the other inns of the town.]

Mr Thos Morgan and Mr Thos Morgan pay William Morgan Thurteen Shillings For His Quarter Salery Due the Eight of October 1798 for Being Clarke of the Corne Market and Place it to the Town account to Thos Morgan and Thos Morgan Commons Attorneys.

Rece'd the 8th of October 1798 of Mr Thos Morgan the full Contents of the above pr William Morgan.

B. Williams.

Cardiff Arms Cardiff
The Corporation of Cardiff to Edward Thomas.

1798 Octr 25. To forty six Dinners @ 2/6d, £5 15s.

To 4 Bottles of Sherry wine 18s.

To 4 Doz. & 2 Bottles of Port £8 15s.

To 2 Doz. & 2 Bottles of Lisbon £4. 11s.

Desert 11s. 6d.

Ale & Porter £1 3s.

£21. 13. 6
ordered the servants 5. 0
£21 . 18 . 6

Mr. T. Morgan, You will be kind enough to pay the bill.

B. Williams.

Cardiff Oct. 28th/98. 80 Bottles wine.


Mr Thomas, Cardiff Arms. Nelson's victory. £21 . 18 . 6.

The elumenation night Cardiff. Nelson's victory.

Octr 1798. Bot of Ann Rees 4lb of powder—2. 8s.

J. Richards.

To the Bell Ringers.

1798 Autumn Sesss To Ringing on Accot of the Judges as Customary 6s.

The Worshipfull the Beylifs of the Corporation of Cardiff To W. Willson.

1798 Novr 29th To a Years Sallary for the Hall Clock £1. Two long wirs at Different times 2s.

Oil for D° 6d.


Pay the above bill immediately, because Mr Wilson is leaving Cardiff for some little time.

B. Williams.

The Corporation of Cardiff To Leonel Stibbs and John Owen Serjts at Mace Going With things on board the Terable Man of War.

To 19 Treaces of Onions at 11d. per Trace 17/5d. for Bread 2s. 6d.

Ale 6s.

Shoulder Mutton 7lb½ at 4½d. per lb. 2s. 9½d.

Chees 2s.

Bottle of Gin 2s. 6d.

Pipes and Tobaco 1s. 6d.

£1 . 14 . 8½

1799 B. Williams.

July 3. Recd by John Owen.



Decembr ye 3th 1799. Recd of Mr Thos Morgan the Sum of One Pound Six Shillings for Half a year Sallery as Clerk of the Corn Markett Due October the 8th Last.

pr William Evans.

Corporation of Cardiff.

Cardiff. Bot of John Hussey, Boot & Shoe Maker.

1800 Jany 10th Ed. Jones a pair of shoes 9s.

Received by the hands of Mr Morgans.

John Hussey.


Shoes Crier.

[The words in italics are stencilled.]

Cardiff March 1800.

To John Thackwell &c.

For Repairing the Large Mace & Burnishing D° 13s.

Mr Morgan, Sir, Be pleased to Pay the above.

22 March 1800.

Will. Prichard.

To the Bell Ringers.

1800 June 4th To Ringing this Day on Account of his Majesty as usual 6s.

Will. Prichard.

The Worshipfull Corporation of the Town of Cardiff To the Bell Ringers of said Town. 1800 Augt 23rd To Ringing this Day on Accot of the Judges as customary 6s.

Will. Prichard.

To the Bell Ringers.

1800 Novr 5th To Ringing this Day on Accot of the discovery of the Popish conspiracy (commonly called Gun Powder Plot) 6s.

John Hussey.

The Worshipfull Corporation of the Town of Cardiff To the Ringers of the said Town.

1801 Octr 12th To Ringing on the Account of Peace between England and France.

Srs We should be much Obliged to you for what sum you think propper.

Mr Morgan, Please to pay the Ringers £2 . 2 . 0 .

H. Whiting.

The Bailiffs and Aldermen of Cardiff To Edwd Thomas Tyler. 1802 March 7th Work done on the school house High Street.


Cardiff Arms, Cardiff.

The Corporation of Cardiff to Edward Thomas. 1802 May 5.

Twenty Suppers £2.

Wine £2 11s.

Punch 19s.

Ale & Porter 9s. 6d.

Brandy 4s.

Sugar 1s.

Biscuits 6d.

Ale order'd the Troops 2s. 6d.

To the Waiter 2s. 6d.

£8 . 13 . 6.

Pay the above. H. Hollier.

To the Commons Attorneys.

Recd the 28th July 1803 of Mr Thomas Morgan the sum of sixteen shillings & 8d. being the Duty Chargeable on sales by Auction for the Old Market House in the Town of Cardiff sold for £20 by

Jn° Bradley


Sale of Market house.


  • 1. Presumably these words mean "salter" and "gaoler."