Custom House Records: Account Books of the Customs Port of Cardiff, 1733-93

Pages 399-402

Cardiff Records: Volume 2. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1900.

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Account Books of the Customs Port of Cardiff.

1733 to 1793.

[The charges are classified as "Standing Incidents" and "Craved Incidents."]

1733. To the Collr for keeping a Horse to ride the Coast & to Inspect the Officers Journals [per] Order of the Hon'ble Commrs of His MajMaj[es]tytys Customs the 25° ffebry 1730— 2l 10s.

To do for Customho Rent being his own House this Quar' 1l.

Oct. 26. To Willm Richards Surveyr going to Vissit the Iseland fflat Holmes 5s.

For work done to the King's Boat at Penarth 3s.

For six boxes to Carry Accots to London 3s.

For papr Almanacks for the use of the Customho: 6s. 6d.

For Postage of I'res from Bristol &c 1s.

1734 Septr. 27. To William Richard Surveyr going to Barry to Vissit and board Jno Hopkins Waiter and Searcher on the Josilina of & for London from Guinea w[i]th Elephants teeth wax &c; coming in by stress of weather 5s.

1735. Poundage on Coals &c; from ×mas 1735 to ×mas 1736— 13s. 10½d.

1736. For a new Ensign for the King's Boat at Pennarth 19s.

1739. To Rowland Vaughan Tidesman boarded on the Endeavour of Cardiff, Hugh Lewis Master, w&blowssth;th Wine Tobacco & Earthen ware from Bideford & Barnstaple the 10° June 4s.

To William Richards going to Bristol to Receive the Imprest Money to pay the Officers Salarys &c; being 40 Miles Distant and 3 days out 15s.

1742. For Carrying the Box w[i]th Xmas Quars Accots to Monmouth there being no Carrier 6d.

1744. To Will. Richards going to Pennarth, Sully, Barry & Aberthaw to order the officers there to prevent Joseph Haynes (who had Robbed the Princess Amelia) from making his Escape out of this Kingdom 5s.

1745 Octr 14. To Wm Richards Surveyr going to Barry Aberthaw &c; to give the Officers there a Strict Charge for Examg & Stoping all Ships &c; going to Scotland, and all Military Stores from Port to Port, without the Commrs Order— Agreeable to Mr Sec'ry Wood's L're of the 10° inst: 5s.

1747 ffebry 12. To William Richards Surveyor going to Vissit the Iseland fflat Holms to see what Coals &c; was landed there 5s.

Do To Morgan Christopher for Assisting the Boatmen to bring up the Ks Boat from Pennarth (being so leaky) to be Sent to Bristol 1s. 6d.

To John Jones Shipwright for Coming from Bonvilstone to View the said Boat and give his Judgemm[en]tt thereon 3s.

To Wm Brewer for Carrying the sd Boat Upon his Deck to Bristol—being to Leaky to be Towd 5s.

Paid to Captn Priest for Bringing the New Kings Boat from Bristol for Pennarth 5s.

1750. To William Richards Surveyr going to Pennarth &c' to Board Rowld Vaughan Tidesman on the Willmington of St Ives from Boyrdeaux the 24th July 5s.

To Thomas Williams Extraman in Assisting the Boatmen at Pennarth in Rowing to the Holms and Endeavouring to get there 13s. 6d.

To Said Thos Williams Attending the Ks Boat Pennarth at sev1 times Rowland Vaughan having a Sore Leg 10s.

1751. To Wm Richards going to Pennarth &c; to give the Officers a Strict Charge to Search all Vessels from ffrance, fflanders or Holland in regard to a Woman that goes by the name of Chalmers by the Commrs order 5s.

1753. To Nichs David Extraman to assist the Surveyr in Endeavouring to get to the fflat Holms but could not reach it, being 5 days at 1/6d. [per] day 7s. 6d.

1769. To the Collector for sending off an Express to the officers at Newport, with Orders for them to keep a look out for William Shewen late Collector of Swansea, and if found to Detain him for defrauding the Govermt 5s.

1770 May 15. To William Richards Surveyor for going to acquaint the Officers of the Waterguard at Pennarth Barry and Aberthaw of the Pelham Cutter being Feloniously & Piratically attack'd &c; by two large Smugling Cutters & a large Wherry, with Orders for them to keep a strict look out in Order to Apprehend the sd Smuglers 5s.

Augt 26. To D° for going to give strict Orders to the Officers to be very Vigilent in their Duty in Order to apprehend Jack the Batchelor and the rest of the Smuglers being the Persons Suppos'd to have rifled the Pelham Cutter 5s.

1772. Paid the Cryer for Crying the bowfast [of the King's boat] it being Stole 6d.

Octr 20. Paid a Labourer for picking up the Posts that prevents the boat coming on the Quay at high water they being drove away by a Land flood 2s.

Novr 22. Paid for fixing the 2 Posts in the Ground 1s.

Paid for a Rumaging Lanthorn 3s. 6d.

1773. Paid Carriage of a Box of Stationary and Keg of Ink from London to Bristol 4s. 9d.

June 23. To William Richards Surveyor for going to give an Accot to the Officers for to keep a Strict look out for the Fox Cutter which have run a great deal of goods on the Coast of Wales 5s.

Novr 20. To the Collector for sending off an Express to the Officers at Newport with Orders for them to keep a good look out for a Vessel called the King of Prussia, which took in Tea Liquors Sugar &c. &c., with an intent to Smuggle the same in this Kingdom 5s.

1774 May 7. Paid John Watkins my Journey to Monmouth for the Stationary, & for the Carriage of the Jar & Costrel 7s.

1775 Septr 17. To William Mathews for going to acquaint the Officers that they are not to permit Flints fit for any sort of Fire Arms or Stones or Materials of which they may be made, to be taken on Bd Ships or Vessels on any Pretence Whatever &c. 5s.

Paid a man for picking up a Oar of the King's Boat which was lost 6d.

To James Walters Boatman for the use of his small Boat for Boarding Vessels at Pennarth, the King's Boat there being quite unfit for service 1l.

1776 March 14. To Alexander Wilson Surveyor, Horse hire & Expences to Newport, to hasten Sparkes in the repairs of the King's Boat repairing there 7s. 6d.

1780 April 13. To Alexander Wilson for Boarding a Carteel Brig from Bourdeaux with English Prisoners on Bd Lying in Pennarth Road 5s

1779 Octr 14. To 2 New Irons for the Coal Bushels 2s. Mending the Old Bushels 2s. 6d.

1780. Paid for repair of Side Arms 2s.

July 7. To Alexander Wilson Cruising the Channel and Boarding a Brig bound to St Ives 5s.

1784 Jan. 9. To Alexander Wilson for going to acquaint the Officers of an Order in Council that New York is to be considered as one of His Majesty's Garrisons & that Necessary Entrances & Clearances may be granted for the Exportation of Flour to thence 5s.

1782 Augt 22. To Hooping and Chining the Coal Barrells 7s. 6d.

1793 Jany 15. To the Collector his expences to Aberystwith as [per] Order of the Honble Commissioners, vizt. Eleven Days going to Aberystwith making the Enquiry & back at 20/- [per] Day 11l.

Chaise hire from Cardiff to Aberystwith and back 226 Miles at 1/6d [per] Mile 16l 19s. 0.