Wills: 1470-1611

Pages 102-118

Cardiff Records: Volume 3. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1901.

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Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

Somerset House. (fn. 1)

Godyn fo. 30.

Thomas Mathewe of Radyr, esq.

dat. 4 Augt. 1470.

prob. 22 Augt. 1470.

Executors: Wife Katherine and eldest son David.

To be buried St. Mark's at Gaunts near Bristol.

Legacies to St. Mark's, the cathedral churches of Worcester and Llandaff, and to son John. Residue to Executors.

Wattis fo. 1.

Reynborn Mathewe of Mavelma [? Gabalva], esq.

dat. 20 Octr. 1470.

prob. 15 Mar. 1470.

Executors: Wife Isabella, and John Boteler, esq., his cousin.

To be buried in chapel of Virgin Mary in church of St. Mark at Gaunts near Bristol.

Property at Lanharry, Landaff, Coyty and Glynogor. The latter two, which descended to him from his father David Mathew, to be divided equally between his own heirs male and those of his deceased brother Thomas, according to his father's appointment. Remainder to Executors, for providing marriage portions for his daughters, and other purposes.

Holgrave fo. 12.

David Mathew of Totworth, co. Glouc., esq.

dat. 2 Apr. 1504.

prob. 4. Jul. 1504.

Executor: John Boteler.

To be buried, if he die in London, in the church of the Friars Preachers in London.

Property to be divided equally between wife, daughters and legatees.

Legacies to church of the Friars Preachers, the church of Radyr, the church of St. Fagan's, the parish church of Totworth, the cathedral church of Worcester; to servants, to Philip Gibbon, Lewis ap Llewelyn, the abbey church of Neath, the abbey church of Lanternam, the Grey Friars of Cardiff, the Friars Preachers of Cardiff, and his brother William Mathew.

His purchased lands to be divided between his 6 daughters equally, and his lands in Singhenyth, in parish Llanlylor (?), to Morgan Mathew, son of Morgan Mathew, and to his heirs.

Llandaff Diocesan Probate Registry. 1504.


In the Name of God, Amen. The 16th day of February in the year of our Lord God One thousand five hundred and four. I, Sir David William, Rector of the Parish Church of Saint John Baptist, of Newton Nottage, being of sound mind and whole memory, do make my Testament in manner following. Firstly, I bequeath my soul unto God the Father Almighty, to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to all the Saints of God; and my body to be buried with ecclesiastical sepulture in the church of Saint John Baptist in Newton aforesaid. Item, I bequeath to the fabric of the Cathedral Church of Llandaf ijs. To the Friars Preachers of the Town of Kerdiff vs. To the Friars Minors of the said town vs. To the lights of the church of Saint John Baptist of Newtown xijd. To the fabric of the chapel of Saint Margaret of Coedfrank ijs. I bequeath unto Mathias Cradock, esquire, xls. Unto John Turbervill xxs. Unto John Turbervill one best bed with its appurtenances. Unto William ap David two steers. To the said William 4 bushels of wheat, 4 bushels of barley and 4 bushels of oats. To John Cradock xs. To John Phillip xs. To Thomas David and Philip David all my goods, moveable and immoveable, to be divided between the said Thomas and Philip. The residue of my goods not above devised I give and bequeath unto John Cradock and William Phillip, whom I make, ordain and constitute my executors, well and faithfully to order and dispose for the good of my soul, as to them may seem most expedient. Item, I constitute Mathias Cradock, esquire, overseer of my testament.

Witnesses: Sir John William, curate of Kenficke.

Dyo Baron, and others.

(Proved February 1504.)

P.C.C. 2 Bucke

William Mathewe [of Castell y Myneich].

dat. 21 Dec. 1550.

prob. 28 Jan. 1550.

(Administration granted to relict Alice.)

To be buried in church of Pentyrch.

Legacies to churches of Landaff, Pentyrch, Llwyn Lyddon, Llanwensan; to Cardiff bridge, Landaff bridge, and bridge of Ynys Wern.

To 2nd son Robert 2 tenements of lands in Kayre, co. Glam., now in hands of Mathew Griffith and Llewelyn ap Jenkin; 10 bullocks, &c.

To younger son John tenement in parish of Pentyrch, called Pant y Corred, with lands called Kae Howell Ychan as it was in the hands of Wm ap Wm, and remainder to Myles Mathew of Kestyll Ymenych; also 87 sheep on said lands.

To wife Alice and son Myles all goods and chattels in Hamston.

To brother Thomas 4 bullocks.

Various other legacies.

Executor: son Myles.

Overseer: Sir Edward Carne, knight.

Llandaff Registry.

In the name of god Amen the xxvth day of october ano dn with tild 1583 I Rees Thomas of Lanyssen in the Dyesses of Landaff and Counte of glamorgan gent. sycke in body neu'rtheles hole in mynd and of good & p'fyckt rememberance Lawde & prayse be unto almyghty god doe make and ordayne thys my testament co'taynynge this my Last wyll in mar and forme folowynge fyrst I come'd my sowle unto almyghty god my maker and redemer and my bodye to be buryed in the cathederall chyrch of Landaffe Item I geave and bequeth to the cathederall chyrch of Landaffe ijs. Item towards the reparatyon of the bryge of Landaffe ijs. Item I geave and bequeve towardes the reparatyon of the chyrche of Lanyssen ijs. Item I geave and bequeve to the poore of the p'ishe of Lanyssen xxty bossheles of barley to be dystrybutyd betwene them by my executor hearafter to be namyd Item I geave and bequeve to thomas Lovell and Johan[n] his wyffe theyr executs and assynges one close newly dychyd owt of a p'sell of ground cawlyd werne Ilew goh ffor the terme and space of xxj yeares next ensuynge yealdynge therfore yearly at eu'y ffeaste of St mychell tharchangell [line worn off bottom of page] with one Cotage wherin one Dauid ap Rees dwellyth w'th a cortlege & garden therunto adjoynynge w'th one acre of Lande no[we] sowen w[i]th whet therunto also adyoynynge to be taken and dychyd out of one close cawlyd Cae garrw to haue and to howld the same to the sayd myrycke and gwenllyan his wyffe and theyr fyrst begotten chyld for the terme and space of theyr naturall lyffes and the longyst lyver of them yealdynge therfore yearly to my heyres and assynges att eu'y feast of St mychell tharchangell 4d. Item I geave and bequeve to grff. hoell a howse place & a garden Cortlege w[i]th one acre of landes uppon my landes neare hewll wellym to haue and to howld the same to the sayd grff. hoell his executs & assynges for the terme and space of xxj yeares uppon condytyon that the sayd grff. hoell and his assynges howldynge the same shall searve no man but me and my heyres yealdynge therfore yearly to my heyres and assynges at eu'y feast of St mychell tharchangell iiijd. Item I geave and bequeve unto . . . . . . euan Lewis [my?] se[ruant?] . . . . . . w[i]th one acre of my landes neare hewll wellym uppon condyton that he and his assynges howldynge the same shall searve no man but me and my heyres to haue and to howld the same to him and to his executs and assynges for the space of xxj yeares yealdynge therfore yearly to me and my heyres at eu'y feast of St mychell tharchange iiijd. Item my wyll is that harry mathow of Rothe gent. my father in Law (fn. 2) shall bynd one wyllym[m] dauid my lade servant to prentyste to shewmakers craft and if he refuse soo to doo then I geave to the sayd wyllyam forty shelynges and iiij bossheles of barley Item I geave and bequeve to Gabryell lewis for the space of xvjn yeares (if he lyve so longe) xvjli yearly to be payed unto the sayd gabryell and his assynge in the chyrche porche of lanyssen at the feastes of phe'p and Jacobe and St mychell tharchangell by evne portyons or wthin xv dayes next after eu'y of the sayd feastes and my wyll ys that the sayd harry mathew my father in Law shall enter into bandes w[i]th suffytyent surtes for the payment of the same in mar as above sayd Item I geave to the sayd gabryell m[y baye?] geldynge w[i]th a . . . . . . [Item I] geave and bequeve to Katherynge vz. John and Elyzabeth vz. John vjli xiijs. iiijd. to be equally devydyd betwen them and my wyll is that my mother and my aunt Anne gwyne shall see themploynge of the same to theyr most Aduantege Item I geave to my Cossynge thomas Lewys xls. Item my wyll is that my father in Law harry mathew shall pay to yether of my systeres anne mathew and katherynge mathew the some of ijc markes towardes the p'ferment of theyr maryage Item I geave to my vnkle John gwyne one yoke of oxen uppon co'dytyon that he doo paye yearly unto my mother and my aunte Anne. gwyne vjs. viijd. a yeare towards the clothynge and keapynge of his ij doghters katherynge and Elyzabeth vntyll suche tyme that they be maryed yff they lyve so longe Item I doo geave vnto John ap yevan ap Rees x bossheles of barley Item I geave to yevan goh sawyer my whyt nage Item I doo geave to myryke yevan iiij of my best hog[ges] Item I doo geave to Elenr thomas iij bossheles of whete Item to Roger lude servant to . . . . . [boss]heles [of] . . . . . . Item to Elyzabeth wm my motheris servant four bossheles of whett Item to maud watkin ij bossheles of barley Item to Robert John iiij bossheles of barley Item I doo geave devyse and bequeve vnto harry mathew and Jenet his now wyffe all and syngular my free Landes and tenemts w'thin the Count, of glamorgan vppon co'dytyon that the said harry mathew doo p'forme this my last wyll and testament to haue and to howld the same landes & tenemts w'th theyr apurtynansses to the sayd harry mathew and Jenet and to the heyres males of the said harry mathew w'ch he the sayd harry mathew hearafter shall begett uppon the body of the sayd Jenett my mother & his now wyffe and for defawltt of suche heyres to the heyres males lefully and ymedyattly begoten of the body of gorge mathew late of the Rader in the Counte of glamorgan knyghte . . . . . . and for Default of suche heyres To the Ryght heyres of the sayd gorge mathew for eu'r Item I geave to James weston xls. Item I geave to Johan Jevan my norse ij yonge mares Coler blake and graye & iiij bossheles of whete the resydew of all and Syngular my goods chateles and Credytes above not bequethyd I doo geave and bequeve vnto the sayd harry mathew whome I doo nomynate co'stytute and apoynt to be my executr of this my Last wyll and testament Item I doo request and desyre mr wyllyam mathew of Rader esquyer and thomas powell of Langynoyd gent to be ou'r seerse of this my sayd wyll.

debita Soluenda.

Inpr'mis to Johan Jevan ij kyne.

Item to Katherynge John ij kyne.

Item to Elyzabeth John ij kyne.........

Item to Rees lley one yearlynge.

Item to gwelym dauid one yearlynge.

Item to gwenllyan vannathe one yearlynge.

Item to Jankin thomas moryse xviijs.

Item to yevan goz ixs.

Item to John dyo gebon xjs.

Item to mr Jevan iijli.

Item to thomas bassett xli.

Item to thomas powell of Langynoyd iijli. vjs. viijd.

Item to thomas smythe of whytchyrche ijs. xjd.

Item to morgan Lewys one q'r wagys vz. xs.

Item to yevan lewys xvs.

Item to grff. hoell xvs.

Item to Edward Lewys vjlt xiijs. ivd.

Item to my syster Katherynge mathew twenty bossheles of barley.

Item to gabryell lewys ixli.

Item to wenllyan wyffe to morgan yevan one yearlynge & iij shepe.

debita petenda.

Inpr'mis of wm lysson, wm gebon & alexander grant ye som[m]e of 30li.

Item of phe'p thomas iijli.

Item of Dauid watkin vjs. viijd.

Item of Dauid gronow xiijs. ivd.

Item of Richard lley xiijs. ivd.

Item of lley ap yevan dee xxs.

Item of Roger phe'p xjs.

Item of John Robert ap yevan viijs.

Item of Edward Lewys Rees vs.

Item of John bassett vs.

Item of lley thomas viijli vjs.

Rees thomas.

Sealyd and d'd in the p'sens of wm mathew Esquier, nycholas spenser and marmaduke [mathew ?], gabryell Lewys, Rees thomas Clearke and John ap . . . . . . prychard.

[Apparently a draft, badly written and much decayed.]

P.C.C. 54 Spencer

William Mathew, of Radyr, esq.

dat. 27 Jul. 1587.

prob. 13 Sept. 1587.

To wife Margaret, over and above her jointure, household stuff in his house in Drury Lane, London.

To brother Edward household stuff in his house at Cardiff, in occupation of said brother.

To daughter Barbara, for her preferment in marriage, 600 marks out of his manor or lordship of Landaff; said manor to be sold to discharge this and other charges, viz., to Katherine M., daughter to Rimborne M., and Mary eldest daughter of Testator, £100 for marriage portion; same to Mary Turbyewell alias Turbyll; to daughter Barbara £20 per annum till marriage.

To Testator's bastard son Marmaduke M. and his heirs, lands purchased by Testator in parish of Llanwynowe in Hundred of Miskin, the tenement in the occupation of Lewis Williams in the village of Fairwater.

To Testator's bastard son George M. £50.

The bequests to Katherine M. and Mary Turberville to go to their brothers William M. and Wm. Turberville, if the former die before 18.

Testator's manor or lordship of Glaspull alias Tiverton, now parcel of the jointure of Testator's wife, and the reversion of all Testator's other lands conveyed to her for her jointure and not otherwise conveyed to Edmond M., Testator's brother, to one William Mathew the younger, of Landaff, son to Rimburne M. and Mary Testator's eldest daughter, and to the heirs of said Wm M. for ever.

Executors: Cousins Sir Edward Stradling of St. Donat's, knight; and Wm. Lewis of the Inner Temple, esq.

[Testator signs with his mark.]

The executor renounced Probate, and Administration was granted to Henry, brother of deceased, with the consent of relict Margaret and daughter Barbara Mathew.

Llandaff Registry. [1591.]

"In the name of god the fivth daie of January in the yere of or lorde god one thowsande five Hundrett nyntie one I Howell Jenkin of Cayrie in the countie of Glamorgan and diocs of Landaf beinge sicke in bodie nevertheless p'fect of remembraunce lawde and praise be unto almightie god doe make and ordeine my last will and testament in maner and forme followinge first I com[m]ende my soule to almightie god my maker and redeemer and my bodie to be buried in christian buryall It'm I doe give towards the rep'acion of the chathedrall churche of Landaf xijd. It'm I doe give towards my mistithings in the p'ishe of cayre xijd. It'm I doe give towards the rep'acion of the p'ishe churche of cayre xijd. It'm I doe give and bequeath to Juhan my wiefe one halfe and moytie of my howsholde stuffe beinge nowe in my Dwellinge howse att cayrie afforesaide and twentie kyene beinge nowe neer or abouts my said dwellinge house att cairye And one mare and her colte for w'ch seu'all qystes unto my saide wiefe before bequethed my will is that she do keepe and mentaine my daughter Joyce and bestowe her by the discretion of my said wiefe It'm I doe give to the saide Joyce two yerlings to be vsed by the discretion of my saide wiefe to the beneficte of the saide Joyce It'm I doe farther give and bequeath to my saide wiefe all my corne and graine w[hi]ch nowe is in abouts or neere my saide dwellinge house and Barne One Ryke of wheate and Rye and Demie bushells of bareley onlie excepted And in consideracion of the saide corne and graine so bequeathed to my saide wiefe my will is that my saide wiefe shall bring upp and mentaine uppon her costs and chargs my sonne Robert and my daughter Alice untill ether of them doe accomplishe theire seu'all ages of xviij yeres It'm more I doe give and bequeathe to my saide wiefe all the landes and tenements w'ch I holde for anie terme or termes of yere or yeres sett and beinge w[i]thin the said p'ishe of cayrie duringe all the termes thereuppon uppon condicion that my said wiefe doe p'mitt & quietly suffer my daughter Gwenllian and her assignes to have holde and enjoye to her and her assignes one Tenement of landes called Mayse y Saison sett and beinge in the p'ishe of Piterston Uppon Eley in the saide countie to her or theire owne p'per use for and duringe the terme of three yeres next after my decesse if my saide wiefe shall so longe live and yf my saide wiefe shall happne to interrupt the said Gwenllian or her assignes to occupie and enioye the saide tenemt and landes called mayse y Saison duringe the saide terme of three yeres or anie parte thereof then my will is and I doe heareby give and bequeave to my saide daughter Gwenllian all the said landes and tenemts sett and beinge w'thin the saide p'ishe of cayre w'ch I holde for terme or termes of yere or yeres duringe all the saide terme and termes thereuppon . . . . . ."

Lands in Llandaf parish to son Edward, his heirs and assigns for ever.

"It'm I give and bequeth to my sonne Harry Howell the other Halfe and moytie of all my howsholde stuffe sett and beinge att cayrie afforesaide my Wayne and all thapporten'nce used w'th the same and eighte beasts neere or abouts the age of two yeres att Maye next It'm I doe give and bequeath to the said Harry Howell all my Leace and terme of years w'ch I holde uppon parte of Eley ffarme sett and beinge w[it]hin the p'ishe of Landaf afforesaid w'ch I holde of the demise and graunte of Edmunde Mathewe esquier."

To son Rynalde 2 steers, 6 yearlings and a colt. To son William 6 heifers. To daughter Alice one cow and heifer. To son Robert "sixe kyne w'ch are att rent w'th Lewis Mathew of Goldsland. . . . . . . It'm I give unto catherin Richard my neece or grande childe fower Marcks of lawfull englishe monie."

To sister ffryswyth one "kowe."

Bushells of barley to various persons.

"In wittnes heareof James ap Jenkin, Grifith John, James Robert, with others."

"Debts due to be paide to me the said Howell Jenkin

.............. It'm Uppon Thomas William of Place stirton by bill liijs. iiijd. ............

It'm uppon Dauid of Landaff xiiijs.

It'm Harry Powell of Raglande xxs.

It'm uppon Lewis mathew of Tregolde xxs."

[Clearly written on paper, in fair condition.]

John Lewis alias Jenkins, Llanishen.

1597 May 5.

To wife Neaste barn and 3a. land in 2 closes in parish of Lisvane, called Erowe Bant and Kae yr Llether.

4a. of land in Lisvane in 3 closes called Kae Ysse y Gwellith, y Ka Picka and y Koit Kae, to son John ap John.

1a. lying in Lisvane, in 2 closes called Kae Bimsallog and Kae Pen y Lanne.

To eldest daughter Gwenllian £10.

To wife Neaste "all my corne what ben nowe growing w'thin the p'ishe of lanissen."

[Paper will, neatly written, and in good condition. Sealed with an eagle or phoenix within a circle.]

David William, of Llanedern.

1598 October 25.

Towards the reparation of Llandaf Bridge 2s.

For my tithes negligently forgotten 12d.

To daughter Gwenllian David £10.

Household stuff to daughters "(Excepte my best feather bedd w[i]th his app'tenances my best panne & my best brasen crocke)."

To daughter Margaret 20 marks and 6 yearlings.

To grandson Lewis Rees, son of my son Rees David, tenement of lands in Llanedern containing 10a. in occupation of John Goughe and William John Gough, called Kae Lloen ap John and Kae Pluckyn, in tail.

Among daughters the wheat growing on 1½a. of ground in my close called Cae Marle lieing by my dwellinghouse.

[The seal bears the figure of a bird.

The Will is not signed, and the scribe has written down the names of five witnesses.

Short list of debtors is appended.]


. . . . . . Elizabeth tricesimo octavo I Morgan Nicholas [Archdeacon of Llandaf] . . . . . . Remembraunce (god be thanked and praised for it) Do [make] this my last will and testament in Maner and forme following Imprimis I geve and bequeathe my soule to allmightie god my Redemer and S[aviour] and my bodie to be buried in christian buriall Itm[m] I doe utterly Revoke disanulle and doe hereby make frustrate and voyde all former Wills and testaments by me heretofore made to all intents and purposes and I doe harety geve and bequeath towards the Rep'ac'ons of the cathedrall churche of Landaff the some of vli Itm[m] I doe geve and bequeathe to the poore mens boxe of the p'ishe of Wenvoe xxs. Itm[m] I doe geve and bequeath to the poor mens boxe of the p'ishe of Pendoyloine xxs. Itm[m] I doe geve and bequeathe to my nowe wedded wyffe marie (Soe that she and her frinds doe dischardge my Band that I Sealed vnto them to ensure her of xli by the yere duringe the time that she should overlyve me, and also Release and Dischardge all titles of thirds or any other clayme to any thinge that should come unto her from me or myne, by any maner of meanes) one Messuage w[i]th the Apprtenaunces Scituate and beinge one the key in Bristoll, wherin one Willm Atkyns nowe dwellyth and an other tenemente of free Lands that I doe nowe enyoie att or in the p'ishe of Pendoyloine, for terme of her naturall lyffe; And also the use p'fitts and comodityes of ye one half of the tythinge Barne of Pendoiloine duringe her liffe; (if the lease be of that contynewance) conditionallie that she shall enter into Sufficient bonds to paye the one half of the Rents and other Dueties due upon the same to the chapter of Landaphe att the termes and daies specified in the lease; and Tene Mylche Kyne; w[i]th all her apparell, Jewells and Ringes, w[i]th all other stuffe and plate that she brought or were sente vnto her from Bristoll att any time sythence I was Maried vnto her. And as consernynge all my Lands tenements and messuages w[hi]ch I hold in fee symple, fee tayle, and for yeres I do make my Last Will and testamentt in Manr and forme followynge: (That is to say) my Will is, that this concerninge the same be observed and kepte; first I doe devise geve and bequeathe to my Sonne Ryce Morgan, clercke, mr of Arte, all those my messuages and nowe dwellinge house com[m]onlye called Walstone, w[i]th all other houses, gardens and orchards belonginge to the same, w[i]th all the lands and tenements that I bought of Willm John Vyrick w[i]thin the p'ishe of Wenvo, and one other Tenementt in the foresaid p'ishe that I purchased of one John Powell Love, and three Acres of Medowes that I purchased of Willm griffith, To haue and to hold the said lands tenements and messuages . . . . . [in tail male, with remainder to son Nicholas Morgan in tail male, remr to son William Morgan in tail male, remr to nephew Rinbron John, remr to cousin William Vaghan, remr to cousin Edward Vaghan, remr to cousin Ryce Vaghan] Itm[m] I doe geve and bequeath to my sayd Sonne Nicholas Morgan twentie mylch kyne, Six oxen, one Waine, one payre of harrows, w[i]th the yockes and other thinges belonginge to the oxen [Half the lease of Pendoylan Barn to "Morgan Nicholas, my sonne Nicholas his sonne."]

To son William "two Acres of ground that I toke of Dauid harryes and of Thomas Richards."

To godson Ryce Richards "two beasts goinge to ij yeres old."

To John Llewelyn, my man, 2 other closes that I took of Thomas Richard, and "two kyne ij yerelinges goinge to ij yere old, and ten[n] shepe." To niece Jenett John 4 kine, 2 yearlings, 10 sheep.

"To Sousane Samford my wyves daughter xli."

Granddaughter Lettys William vli.

£5 each to George and John, supposed sons of my son William.

Brother-in-law "Mr Myles Button, esquier," and Mr Robert Button, gent., to be overseers of my Will.

"Debts to be payd as followeth

Imprimis to my sonne John Samford that he tooke upe in Bristoll for me upon interrest, to be payd the xiijth daie of Aprill next, the some of xxjli.

Itm[m] to the chapter of Landaff, the som[m]e of ten I do not Remember, the . . . . . . I do Referr to my Booke and mts. of Accompts and do here[by require] my Executor to pay and dischardge the same accordinge to e . . . . . . trueth; and if he do p'ceve any other debts due upon me I will him lickwise to dischardge the same.

Sealed and delivered to Meredith Powell, clerck, vicar of St lethans, to the use of my Executor herein named; in the presence of John Wrinch.

Robt John love.
Wm Whitt.
Nicholas Morgan.
Rymbron John.
Meredith yevor.
John Adam.

Probatum apud Matharne (fn. 3) 20 Jan. 1598."

ANE INVENTORIE of all the goods and cattels movable and vnmovable of Morgan Nicholas late Arch'on of Landaff . . . . . of Wenvo pr'sed by Edward Button esquier, Will'm Thomas gent John Samford gent a creditor . . . . . . Lewis Mathewe, John Lochor, Willm Vaghan gent the xth daie of January 1598. R. R'ine Elizabeth etc. tricesimo octavo.

Inprimis in Brasse and Pewter, beddinge Napery, other howshould stuff and plate xxxvli
Itm. in Bookes and apparell vli
Itm. in corne in the Barne and by hit in Ryckes & Sixe Acres of Wheatte in the ground xvjli
Itm. one and fyftie kyne lxli
Itm. vj oxen w[i]th a wayne and harrowes w[i]th thapprtenn?cs vli
Itm. in yonge cattell or yerlinges a leaven in Nomber vli
Itm. xj. calves iijli
Itm. xlvij shepe iiijli
Itm. ij Nagges and laboringe horses, two Mares, one coult of ij yere ould and ij Mares coults one yere ould vli
Smā totalis cxliijli

Edward button.
William Thomas.
John Samfford.
I. M.
John Loughor.
Willm Vaghan.

[The above Will and Inventory are contemporary copies. The Will is on brief paper and the Inventory on foolscap—both in bad condition.]

"In the Name of God Amen, the xixth daie of August A° Dni 1600, Anno Regni re'ne n're Elizabethe dei Gracia &c. xlij° I Henry Mathew of Radyr in the co'ie of Glamorgan Esquier sick of body but of p'fect remembrance (God I praise him for it) doe make my last Will and Testament in manner and forme following That is to saie, I comend my soule unto Allmightie God and bodye to be buried in Christian burial. Itm. I geve and bequeath for the reparac'on of the Cathedral Church of Landaff xls. Itm. towardes the reparac'on of the twoe churches in Cardiff St. Marie and St. Jones xxs. a peece. Itm. I do geve and bequeath unto John Ragland, Ievan Lewis and Lewis Fletcher 6£ a peece. Itm. I geve and bequeath unto Edmond Hugh, Morgan Ievan, Edward Willm, Walter Cook and Willm Poell xls a peece, thes legacies to be given unto as many of them as shalbe my servants at the time of my decease. Itm. I doe geve and bequeath unto John Robert and Willm John, twoe boyes in my house xxs. a peece. Itm. I doe geve and bequeath unto my mayd servants Ales . . . . . . xxs., to . . . . . ., to Maud Watkin xls., to Elenorett . . . . . . xxs., to Ann Leizon xxs., to Catherin Henry xls in lik forme to be geven unto as many of them as shalbe my servants at the tyme of my decease Itm. I doe geve devise and bequeath unto my wellbeloved wief Jenett yerely during her natural lief an anuytye of ffower score and ffowertene powndes of lawful Englishe money issuing out of the Manor and Lordship of Landaff and issuing out of other lands lieing in the p'ishe of Landaff. Itm. I geve and bequeath unto my said wief the yerely rent growing and comyng out of three tene'ts of lands w[i]th th'app'ten'ces lieing in Whitchurch in the said co'ie whereof twoe I bought of Morgan Hoell Willm and the other Rees Lewis and alsoe by the Yerely Rents out of those ten'ts following, viz. of one ten'te lieing in Cardiff nowe in the hands of Harry Jones Smith, one other ten'te in Cardiff forsaid now in the handes of Thomas button called the ould Ostry, of one other ten'te late in the hands of Goddy Hancock lieing in Homanby street in Cardiff forsayd and alsoe of twoe ten'ts lieing in Roth called Kaye Eyrwon otherwise called Rough Closies during her naturall liffe. Itm. my will iss and I doe geve and bequeath all thes forenamed lands and ten'ts w[i]th th'ap'pten'ces (except the two ten'ts called Rough Closies) after the decease of my said wief unto my welbeloved brother Edmond Mathew Esquier and to the heires males of his bodye lawfully begotten [remainder to William Mathew of Cardiff, esq.; Humfrey Mathew of Castle Menych, esq.; William Mathew of Saint Nyll, gent., and William Mathew of Ruse, gent., in tail male] and for want of such heires males to the right and next heires of me the said Henry Mathew for ever . . . . . Itm. I bequeath unto my said wief all my household stuff all my plate and jewells fortie kien, sixe oxen and all my corne and two geldings viz. the baye and the black. Itm. I doe geve and bequeath unto Anne my daughter wief to my said sonne in lawe Lamorack Stradling Twentie milche kien of which kien I doe appoint to my said wief twoe and thirtie w'ch are remayning w'th my nephew Thomas Mathew of Radyr and eight other kien w[i]th Elizabeth John of Radyr and the said sixe oxen remayning w[i]th Willm John of the hier Radyr. Itm. I doe geve and bequeath unto my daughter Billingsley xxtie kien whereof there are xvtene w[i]th the sayd Wm John and ffour w[i]th the said Elizabeth Jones. Itm. I appoint the house and tanne house w[i]th th'app'ten'ces in Cardiff now in the hands Robert Grene to be sould by my said sonne in law Lamorack Stradling executrix towardes the paym't of my debts and if the money thereof made be not sufficient to paie my debts and legacies that then my said sonne in law shall sell alsoe the ten'te in the hands of Harry Jenkin in Gabalva for the better dischardg thereof. Itm. I doe geve and bequeath all the rest of my goodds and cattells not before bequeathed (my funeral expenses discharged) unto Barbara Stradling one of the daughters of my said sonne in lawe Lamorack Stradling whom I do name hereby my full and sole Executrix of this my last will and testament . . . . . Itm. I geve and bequeath unto Richard Turbervile clerck viccar of Cardyf xxs., to Mr Geffrey Price of Kaerwent xxs., and to David Lloyd of Cardyf xxs., to Thomas the clerck vjs, viijd., and to the poore of the Alms house and in the towne xxs. In witness whereof I have hereunto putt my hand and seale. Itm. I geve v£ unto my nephew George Mathew eldest sonne to my brother Edmond Mathew.

Henry Mathew. L.S.

Rowlands Morgan. Lamorack Stradlynge. Zach: Preise. George Mathew. Richard Turberville. The mark of Edmond X Will:, Dei Lloyd."

P.C.C. 106 Wood.

Robert Mathew of Cardiff, gent.

dat. 1 Septr. 1608.

prob. 4 Dec. 1611.

To be buried in parish church of Llantwit Vardre.

Legacies to churches of Llantwit Vardre, Landaff, St. Mary's Cardiff and St. Jones Cardiff; to the poor of Cardiff and Llantwit Vardre; to eldest son Thomas; to daughter Jane and her son Christopher St. John; to daughters Mary, Anne, Wenllian and Margaret at marriage; to godson William son of Morris Mathew; and to niece Joan Fleming.

To wife Joan livestock and household stuff, except such as is bequeathed to my son Lamrock, messuages &c. in Cardiff during widowhood.

To second son Harry and his heirs lands in Peterston super Eley, purchased of Henry Richard of Henstod, gent.; in default to Lamrock, my 4th son, and his heirs; in default to son Thomas and his heirs male; in default to 3rd son William and his heirs male; in default, to Robert, my 5th and youngest son, and his heirs male.

To son Harry tenements in Lantrissant.

To son Lamrock and his heirs male 8 acres in parish of Romney; in default to other sons in succession.

If Edmond Mathew of Rader, esq., doth bona fide redeem the manor of Landaff and all lands and tenements in Landaff and Rader which he hath sold to Sir Henry Billingsley of Siston, knight, and if he will entail same to his son George Mathew, then legacy of £50 to said Edmond.

Debt to cousin Elizabeth Prichard.

Executor: Son Thomas.

Overseers: William Mathew of Landaff, esq.

Lamrock Stradling of Roath, esq.

Thomas Mathew of Castle Menych, esq.

Henry Williams of Cardiff, esq.

[Administration granted to Testator's daughter Jane during minority of Thomas Mathew.]


  • 1. Mathern, in the adjoining county of Monmouth, was an official residence of the Bishops of Llandaff.
  • 2. For these short particulars of Wills in the P. C. C. I have to thank Mr. George Frederick Matthews, the great authority on the literature of his and my common surname.
  • 3. stepfather.