Wills: 1702-1717

Pages 138-158

Cardiff Records: Volume 3. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1901.

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Thomas Charles, of Llandaff, yeoman.

1702 March 27.

To son Thomas "one great Board or Table lying in ye Crosshouse, ye lesser brass pann, one Iron Crock, one feather Bed, one dust Bed now lying in ye Chamber over ye Kitchin, one feather Boulster, four Blanketts, one green Rugg being ye best, a paire of Curtains & Vallians now being in ye Kitchin with ye Bedstead there. Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Mary Charles one feather Bed now lying in ye Kitchin . . . . . . Item I give and bequeath to my s'd son Philipp ye greatest brass Kettle and ye biggest brass Crock, one Cup-board, one pewter platter, two Cupboard Cushions, one Table Board and Binch now lying in ye upper Roome, one wooden Chaire, three Blanketts, four pewter dishes hanging over ye sd Cup-board, one wrack-Cloth Sheet, one Chest lying in ye Kitchin, one diaper Table-Cloth, one white Rugg, one little Table, one old Coffer att ye Cross-house inner Roome."

To son Thomas "one Chest in ye Upper Roome, one fowling piece, three green chairs, one nurseing Chaire, one paire of iron Andirons, four Diaper Napkins, one brass Skillet, one little Kettle, one wooden Settle."

To daughter Mary "two pillowper-Cases, one old pewter platter, one Trunck being formerly her mother's and a red Christning Mantle edg'd abt w[i]th a Silver Lace."

William Turbervill of Wattrell in Radyr parish, gentleman.

1702 August.

Son Edward.

Anne Jones, of Llandaff, widow.

1702 October 16.

"To Mary ye wife of Morgan Robert of Weddle one Petticoate and Mantua."

Philipp Evan, of Landaffe's parish, yeoman.

1702 November 16.

Devises the moiety of Pontganna lease to son Philipp, after death of wife Margaret, and other moiety to daughter Catherine; remainder to nephew Henry David.

Guardians and overseers: William Morgan of Coed-y-goras, and William Gwallmay.

Thomas Edwards, of Maes-y-Bryn in the parish of Llanedern, yeoman.

1702 December 11.

Devises Maes-y-Bryn, containing 10 acres of Welsh measure, to wife Luce for life; remainder to sister Blanch Richards, of Llanedern.

To Henry Richard junior, of Llanedern, "one Bedstead now being in the Room or Parlour adjoining to the Hall in my dwelling House and the Cupboard and small press now being in the same Roome one Cupboard one Chest and two Benches or Settles now being in the said Hall one ffrench Bedsteed one Castor and which now being in the upper Chamber in the said House two Tables in the Buttery there all the Dressers in my Kitchen one Brass pann that was my ffather's . . . . . . "

John Thomas, of Llanishen, yeoman.

[No date.] Proved 1702.

"Item I give unto my Grandchild Dorcas William one Chest. Item I give bequeath and devise unto my well beloved wife Anne Lewis one Bed where we lies in and what belongs to it dureing her n'rall life." Four "joynt-stools."

Robert Thomas, Alderman of Cardiff.

1703 April 2.

Lands in Lanilid, Lanharan and Coychurch.

To nephew William Thomas "my Silvert guilt Tankard, my Silver Sword and my Gun."

To brother "my silver Tumbler."

To Alderman Lewis Cox "a broad piece."

Robert Bawdrey "of Place-Turton, near the town of Cardiff," yeoman.

1703 April 30.

To wife Margaret my 2 feather beds and bedsteads, bolsters, pillows, bedclothes &c. Also 6 pewter platters which I bought of Samuel Challener or his wife, "and ye two least of my three brass panns." Leases in Place-Turton and Canton. Residue to daughter Mary Bawdrey. Brother John, executor.

Joan Thomas, of Cardiff, widow.

1703 January 24.

Legacies to persons in the parish of Lanvabon.

To daughter Catherine Thomas "all my Cloaths & wearing Apparell (Except my black and white Stuffe Mantoo and Coate one Suite of Head-Cloaths and one Dowlas Shift)." The latter to sister Gertrude Lewis.

William Thomas, Town Clerk of Cardiff, to be overseer and guardian.

Rowland Williams of Marshfield, gentleman.

1703 January 30.

To Llandaff cathedral 2s.

House and lands in the parish of Marshfield, in the possession of Edward John, and in the Manor of Welsh Doules, (fn. 1) and 2 acres of land in the parish of Peterston, in the Manor of English Dowles, to granddaughter Elizabeth Lewis and her heirs for ever; reversion to grandson Roger Lewis.

9½ acres land in the parish of Saint Mellon and in the Manor of Yolton, being customary-hold, with 6 acres of the like customary lands in the parish of Peterston and Manor of Rumney, to said Roger Lewis and his heirs for ever.

William David, of Llanishen, yeoman.

1704 April 4.

To wife "ye Bed where I doe ever lye on w[i]thout ye Bedstead And ye two Carving Bedsteads now in ye house where David Thomas lives, one Iron Crock and a brass Skillett . . . . . and her widdowhood Estate in ye Moore grounds." Forty acres of land called Tyr-y-White, and 6a. called Tyr Waine Lloyd, in the parish of Llanishen, purchased by me of Richard Lewis of Corsham, Wilts, esq. (Chattel Lease.)

William Lambert, Alderman of Cardiff.

1704 October 30.

Wife Elizabeth to have "ye use and occupac'on of my Silver Tankard, Silver Caudle Cup and three Silver Spoones dureing her life."

William Morris, "of ye Lower Wedle in ye Parish of St John's in Cardiffe," mason.

1704 December 23.

Son Thomas, residuary legacy.

George Thomas, of Roath, labourer.

1705 August 23.

To nephew George Thomas "one Cow w[hi]ch is now w[i]th William Lleyson att hire," also "ye Lease of ye Land and all ye housholdStuffe in Pont-Llyky house." (fn. 2) Also "one Rick of hay towards ye reparac'on of ye house." To Elizabeth Harry, wife of John Morgan, all my wool. To John Morgan the younger, "my Sadle and Bridle."

13 sheep; mares and horses; two ewes.

"And I doe appoint and ordaine John Morgan to keep ye Lease of ye Land in his Custody till he comes to Sixteen Years of Age then to deliver to ye sd George Thomas. And ye w[i]thin named five Pound I doe ordaine John Morgan to keep them and pay use for them or to Sett them out att use till ye Boy be fitt to be Sett Apprentice that thirteen Years of Age by his Uncles Will."

Howell Jones, of Saint John's, Cardiff, yeoman.

1705/6 January 4.

"One frying Pann, one Iron Pott, one dozen of Trencherns." Alderman John Archer, executor.

Morgan John, of Llanedern, batchelor.

1706 April 13.

Desires to be buried within the parish church of Lanederne, among his interred ancestors there.

Bequeaths 1s. to Llandaff cathedral.

To his worthy and reverend friend Mr. Griffith Thomas, clerk, 10s. to buy him mourning gloves.

Leasehold to Anne Richard and her daughter "for their care good service & Attendance to me haveing been my Tenants for these severall years last past and lived with them in the house who have done me attendance in my sickness & old age to a high degree."

To Anne Thomas, wife to James Morgan, "one sheet with four Tassells or frenge thereto."

Robert Yeorath, of Lavernock, yeoman.

1706 August 26.

To sister Mary "a black Cow her name is Blacky. Item I gives and bequeath to John Rosser a Suit of Cloaths that I wears every day Item I gives and bequeath to Abigall Rosser her Grandmother's Bed when she does marrie."

Thomas Roberts of Llandaff, gentleman.

1706 December 20.

All to his "deare, loveing and painfull wife Alice."

Joan Charles, widow and relict of Edward Charles, late of Llandaff, "Maulster."

1707 June 17.

To be decently buried "in ye Chappell com[m]only called ye Welsh Chappell w[i]thin ye Cathedrall-Church of Landaffe." (fn. 3)

To brother-in-law Lewis Charles (inter alia) "all my Stone-Cole now remaining in ye house in ye Combe."

John Bawdrey, late of "Placeturton" near Cardiff, now of Cardiff, yeoman.

1707 August 15.

Bequeaths his body to the earth, to be interred in Christian burial in the churchyard of Saint Mary's in Cardiff.

Real estate in Saint Athan's to nephew Samuel Bawdrey of Bristol, wine cooper.

£100 to niece Mary Bawdrey, daughter of brother Robert.

£5 in bread and clothes to the poor of the parishes of Saint Mary and Saint John.

Mary Thomas alias William, wife of Thomas Morgan, of Roath, yeoman.

1707 August 21.

£4 to "my Alliesman" William Water, of Roath, miller.

Elizabeth David, of Llanedarne.

1707 September 21.

To sister Christian David "ye Sum[m] of tenn Shillings and ye halfe of ye Bees that is now by David Edward house." To niece Mary John "my best Hatt & black Napkin & a feather Pillow and all ye Bees that is between She & I."

Rebecca Powell, of Cardiff, spinster.

1707 October 19.

Table and looking-glass "to Madam Margarett Mathews ye onely Daughter of Thomas Mathews Esqre formerly of Castle-emenich." Silver caudle-cup to the same.

To Mrs. Margarett Mathews, daughter of Mr. Andrew Mathews of Gabalva, £5, three silver spoons and four holland sheets.

To cousin Ann John "all my Petticoats and Mantues (but one black & white Mantue excepted)."

To Katherine wife of John Hamonds, of Cardiff, maltster, "one scarfe together with one new paire of Shammey Gloves that I never wore."

Jocosa or Joyce Walters, of the White Friars near Cardiff, spinster.

1707 December 15.

Leaves her effects unto her mistress, Madam Jane Herbert of the White Friars.

Morris Vaughan, of Penarth.

1707 December 27.

Chattel Lease called Rogers Moores, in the parish of Penarth, to John Vaughan and Wenllian his wife.

Jane Herbert "of ye White-ffryers," spinster.

1707 January 6.

£600 towards purchasing an absolute estate of inheritance in the names of Sir Edward Stradling of Saint Donat's Castle, Bart.; Edward Herbert of the White Friars, gentleman; George Howells of Bovill, Glamorgan, esq., and their heirs for ever, "in trust for a perpetuall Endowmt of a ffree School to be established and kept w[i]thin ye Towne of Cardiffe And likewise for establishing an Yearly Penc'on or Salary to arise and issue out of ye Rents and Profitts of such Lands & P'misses so purchased to and for ye Master of ye sd School for ye time being . . . . . And I doe allsoe impower my sd Trustees & their heires & ye major p'te of them . . . . . to name & appoint fifteen Boyes that shall be Sons of poor necessitous Parents of ye sd Towne who are to have their Learning and Educac'on in such School free and without any charge or Expence to such Parents in respect of their Learning & Instrucc'on onely . . . . . . Item I give and bequeath ye Sum of Ten Pounds to ye Poore of ye s'd Towne of Cardiffe to be layd out att Interest for them forever in order that Bread may be bought with ye Interest thereof and distributed amongst them in ye Church of ye said Towne upon Every Christmas-day and every Whitsunday Yearly forever by ye Minister of ye s'd Towne for ye time being Item I give and bequeath to my God-Daughter Judith Powell Daughter to Sr Thomas Powell Barrtt my black Ebony Cabinett together w[i]th my gold Watch."

To servant maid Mary Henry £20 and a feather bed.

To the wife of Mr. Howells "one broad Scepter piece to buy her a Ring."

To kinsman Edward Herbert my great silver tankard and also my great silver salver together with six silver spoons and six silver salts.

Residue to niece Anne Herbert of the White Friars, spinster, sole executrix.

Thomas Howell, of Ely in the parish of Llandaff, [yeoman].

1707 February 19.

Grey mare to daughter Elizabeth; sorrel horse to daughter Siscill.

Alexander Lewis, of Whitchurch, yeoman.

[undated] Proved 1708 July 23.

"Imprs I give and bequeath to ye Poore of ye P'ish of Whitchurch aforesd ye Sum of twenty Shillings of lawfull English money to be payd in one month next after my decease."

Messuage with divers parcels of land called Pant Mawr, wherein I now inhabit, held under lease from Edward Lewis of the Vann, esq., deceased, (or for 4 lives), to daughter Elinor Williams.

Other leasehold messuage and lands in Whitchurch to granddaughter Jenett Rees.

Thomas Morgan of Cardiff, gentleman, and Morgan Thomas, of Rhiwbine in the parish of Whitchurch, trustees.

Wenllyan Hodges alias Hedges, of Cardiff, widow.

1708 August 9.

To be buried in Saint John's chancel.

Thomas John, of Radyr, covenant servant.

1708 November 6.

To Evan Richard, of the Groeswenn in Radyr parish, 5s.

Craddock Nowell, Alderman of Cardiff.

1708 January 12.

To son Michael house in West Street.

To son Thomas my Tanhouse.

To son Craddock my fulling-mill lease, and the house wherein I now live (leasehold), after widow's death.

Sarah Luly, "wife of one William Luly of the Towne of Cardiffe in the County of Glamorgan," gentleman.

1708 January 21.

House in High Street, Cardiff, between the houses of Thomas Morgan of Lanrumney, esq., and Oliver St. John of Penmark, esq.

Margaret Bassett, of Cardiff, spinster.

1708 January 29.

£3 to Reverend Thomas Andrews for his preaching my funeral sermon and for suffering my body to be buried in the chancel of Cardiff.

To Margaret Evans, daughter of Evan ab Evan, of Cardiff, tailor, "my serge mantue & ten shillings to buy her a pettycoate."

Mary Sweet, of Cardiff, widow.

1708 February 15.

To grandson William Meredith, of Roath (inter alia) a pair of wrought brass andirons.

House in Barry Lane, leased from the Bailiffs and Aldermen, to said grandson.

Philip Herbert of Cogan, gentleman.

1708/9 February 23.

To son Thomas my share of house and freehold lands in Eglwysilan wherein he now dwells, in fee simple. Also leaseholds in Saint Andrew's, Cogan and Merthyr Dyfan.

Legacies to children of son Edward.

To daughter Jane Thomas, 2a. leasehold in Cogan, called Craddock's Close.

Katherine Harry, of Llandaf, widow.

1709 May 12.

To daughter Mary Philip, the wife of William Gwalchmay, of Llandaf, 4a. in Llandaf called Peder Erw St ffagans . . . . . and 1a. called Erw mâes dre ycha, and ½a. thereto adjoining lying in 2a. called Cae yr Wall in the said parish of Llandaf. And 2a. in the parish of Roath called Dwy Erw Sr Harry, and 1a. in Llandaf called Erw wain y Kimthâ.

To son James 2a. in Llandaf called Dwy Erw yr wain gron, and 2¾a. there called mâes y dre isha, and also 2a. called Dwy Erw yr Byriousa . . . . . .

To daughter Catherine 3a. in Llandaf called Tair Erw yr wain grôn and 1a. called Erw pen y sarn and 1½a. adjoining to "Landaffe kimtha or Com[m]on."

Morgan Philip, late of Llandaff but now of Llanedern, tiler.

1709 May 24.

Leasehold and freehold lands and messuages in various parishes.

Joseph Meredith of Roath, gentleman.

1709 December 26.

To servant Peregrine 5s.

To "maidservant Elizabeth Thomas one feather bed and bolster and two blanketts and one Rugg and the Curtains and bedsteed where she now lyeth upon."

David Thomas, of Eglwysilan, yeoman.

dat. 16 March 1709/10.

prob. 30 April 1712.

Desires to be buried in the "Chappell of St Martins in Eglwysilan."

"Item I give & devise all that acre & halfe one acre of meadow or moore Lands whereof I am Seized in ffee simple scituate lying & being in Ely moor in the said p'ish of Landaffe to my said son William David his heirs & assigns for ever To have & to hold the said acre & halfe one acre of meadow or moor Lands with the appurt's to my said son William David his heirs & assigns for ever Nevertheless upon this Speciall trust & confidence & condition that my said Son William David his heirs & assigns shall yearly for ever on every the fifth day of November with & out of the rents issues & p'fitts of the said acre & a halfe buy or cause to be bought given & distributed as much fflannen as the yearly rent of ye p'misses will afford & amount to amongst such poor Labourers poor women & such other poor respectively (as are not Registered as poor of the p'ish of Eglwysilan & soe relieved) of the aforesaid p'ish of Eglwysilan to make of such fflannen Shirts & Shifts for such poore And I hereby nominate Constitute ordaine & appoint my said Son William David his heirs & assigns perpetuall Trustee & Trustees Managers Arbitrers Judges disposers & distributors of this Charity & of the Seu'all & respective p'sons to be admitted & allowed the benefitt thereof from time to time for ever Item I charge my Exr hereafter named & appointed with the yearly payment of the Sum of Six Shillings of like money for ever on every good ffryday for & towards the repairac'on of ye aforesaid Chappell of St Martins and I nominate & appoint the Vicar of the said p'ish & Church of Eglwysilan or other minister or Curate thereof for the time being my trustee disposer & distributer of the said yearly Su? or payment from time to time to demand and receive the same and alsoe to apply it for and towards the purpose aforesaid." (fn. 4)

Elizabeth Lewis, of Whitchurch, widow.

1710 May 5.

Profits on lands to son William Lewis. (His grandfather Thomas Panniel and his aunt Hannah Ward.)

To daughter Ann a white-faced heifer of two years old.

Thomas Mathews of Fairwater, gentleman.

1710 May 6.

To daughter Mary house called Ty-draw adjoining to the house of William Lewis, in the hamlet of Fairwater; with 2 closes called Kae yr Berllain and the Hendra.

Rents and profits of the Castle and Arlls in the parish of Llandaff to daughter Ann for certain term.

To son Anthony the feather bed, chest and cupboard which lies in the parlour in my house at Fairwater, and the great brass pot with the little brass pan and what furniture there is of brass and pewter.

Bedding and linen between daughters.

Stock, grain, cattle and sheep between Anthony, Mary and Ann, but not the cow and heifer which my daughter Mary owneth in my dairy.

To son Skern Mathews 5s. in case he ever comes to demand it.

"In case any of my said children goes to Law with each other, he or she that commenceth the first suit shall have but one shilling."

Harry Thomas, of Whitchurch, yeoman.

1710 September 4.

Proviso in case his dear wife "shall happen to marry another husband and go from under my name."

Cradock Wells of Cardiff, esq. (Senior Alderman).

dat. 5 December 1710.

prob. 9 November 1711.

To nephew Alexander Pursell junior, of Cardiff, goldsmith and alderman, and his heirs for ever, messuage in Duke Street alias Shoemaker Street, (fn. 5) in tenure of Morrice Morgan, grocer, charged with an annuity to Ann the wife of Philemon Jones.

Cottage and 2 gardens in Worton Street to kinsman Joseph East, of Cardiff, cordiner, for remainder of lease.

"Item I give & devise unto Craddock Wells the son of Nathaniell Wells of Cardiffe aforesaid Alderman & his heirs for ever all that Tenement of Lands containing by Estimac'on one acre & three quarters scituate in Canton in the p'sh of Landaffe in the said County which I purchased of my Sister Ann Williams widdow . . . . Item I give & devise All that my house in Highstreet in Cardiffe aforesaid wherein William Wade now liveth unto Elizabeth Hopkin . . . . Itm I give and devise all that my part & Share of & in one other house in Highstreet aforesd in the said Towne of Cardiffe wherein John Rees now liveth lying between the house wherein the sd Alexander Pursell the younger now dwelleth & Shoemakers hall on the Northside the Curtiladge & Garden in the tenure of the said Alexander Pursell & Elizabeth Hoare widdow on the East the house wherein William Jones Senior Alderman now liveth on the South and Highstreet aforesd on the west parte or Side thereof with its appurtenances (except only that place or part of the last men'coned & devised premisses where the Cistern is sett & now Stands which was walled out & seperated from the great Court) . . . . . Itm I give & bequeath the Sum[m]s of twenty eight pounds to be paid by my Executor hereinafter named unto my Trustees & Overseers of this my Will hereinafter named & appointed to the intent & Purpose that they the said Trustees or any Six of them shall therewith purchase three acres & a half of Lands that are & lie Contiguous & intermixt with my Lands in Canton aforesaid from Joseph Williams the present owner thereof upon this special trust and condition that the said Aldermen or any six of them shall apply the rents towards the educating and bringing up of so many poor boys and girls of the town of Cardiff at school as shall be named yearly and elected by the said Aldermen that such boys and girls shall be well instructed to read write and cypher." None are to have the advantage of this charity "but those boys and such only who shall condescend to wear a blew bonnet each and those and such girls only as shall likewise agree and be willing to wear such badges as my said Trustees shall order and appoint to distinguish them from other children of the school where they shall be taught in token and remembrance of God's Providence towards them."

"Item to Joseph East my second best bolster and pillow with the appurtenances & also the Press bedsteed in the Buttry the great chest in the Shoemakers hall & one Guinea and I further give & bequeath unto the said Joseph East one drawing Table board & one form or bench now in the house wherein John Rees lives together with my own picture & all my wearing apparell the bed in the Chest in Shoemakers hall and the Press bed in the Buttery. . . . "

Residue to Alexander Pursell, sole executor.

[Testator signed by making his mark.]

George Mathew, of Llandaff, yeoman.

1711 March 27.

To sister Joan 3 Welsh bushels of wheat, to be paid yearly out of the bakehouse.

Margaret Morgan of Cardiff, spinster.

dat. 18 April 1711.

prob. 13 December 1711.

"Item I give & bequeath the Sum of One hundred pounds to the poore of the p'ish of St Mellans in the County of Monmouth for ever & my Will & meaning is that my Exr hereafter named either in his owne name or in the name or names of one or more Trustees shall with all convenient Speed after my decease lay out & dispose of the said one hundred pounds in the purchase of Lands & tenemts in the County of Glamorgan or Monmouth of the best yearly value that can be had for the Sum aforesd To have and to hold such Lands & tenemts to my Exr & his heirs for ever or else to such Trustee or Trustees as my said Executor shall nominate & appoint & to his & their heirs for ever to & for the charitable use & purpose following that is to Say to the end intent & purpose & upon trust & confidence that the poore of St Mellans aforesaid or soe many of them as my Exr dureing his lifetime shall think fitt to chuse & approve & allow of may have & receive yearly for ever the value of the cleare yearly rents issues & p'fitts of the same Lands & tenemts soe to be purchased either in Bread cloathing or other relief most Suitable to their necessities & Such relief to be equally distributed to & amongst such poore in the presence & by the Approbac'on of the minister of St Mellans aforesaid Item I give & bequeath to the poore of Cardiffe the Sum of five pounds to be paid presently after my decease Itm I give & bequeath to ye poore of the p'ish of Marshfield in the County of Monmouth the yearly rents & p'fitts of the Chappell ffarme & all houses thereto belonging dureing my tearm thereof from the Earl of Pembrock to be distributed amongst them att every the feast of the Nativity of our Lord yearly."

Nephew Thomas Morgan of Lanrumney, esq., ("whome I loved equall to my Selfe"), executor and residuary legatee.

Codicil: Best lace pinner to niece Margaret Morgan, spinster; as also one pair of fine Holland sheets, one pair of sheets that I lie on, all my diaper line, ½ doz. of Dowlas napkin; my little spice box; the great chest and the least table in the outward chamber; four of the best pewter plates, two pie plates, the best bason, a pewter pan, a cheese pan, a pair of candlesticks; all the tin except a pudding pan and one cover; my uncle William's ring; the furnace, the great kettle, the great brass crock, a great skillet, the warming pan, the mortar and pestle, a pair of scales, brass shovel and tongs, 3 spits, pan iron, dripping pan. Little silver tumbler to maid Jane Beamen.

John Williams, late of Llwyn-y-Grant in the parish of Roath, but now of Cardiff, yeoman.

1712 August 11.

To nieces residue of term in lands in Whitchurch called Pendowallt.

Miles Williams, of Rumney, yeoman.

1712 September 3.

To son George "one piece of gold com[m]only called a Scepter piece & alsoe one press Cupboard the long table with ye two binches & Six joint Stooles one Chest & the two great Chairs being all in the Hall the best bedsteed the Cupboard & Settle in the best Chamber the great table in the Kitchin & the biggest brass Crock."

To daughter Catherine "one waine & the dungbutt thereunto belonging."

Profits of 10a. freehold called Tir-pen-yr-hewl; of 5¾a. of "pattenthold land in the Lordship of Rumney," called the Bayly, to daughters Ann and Alice for term of 10 years, remainder to son George.

To nephew John Williams "my biggest Gun & my frize Suit of cloaths & the Suit of Cloaths that I weare every day & my best riding Coat."

Thomas Williams, of Caerau, yeoman.

1712 November 27.

To daughter Mary leasehold lands called Gwynith Cochen, containing 9 acres, in the parishes of Leckwith and Llandaff, adjoining to Canton Common.

Jenkin William, of Canton, yeoman.

1713 February 17.

To son Aaron fields in Canton called Tair Erw bach, adjoining to Llandaff Cimtha, and two distinct and adjoining half-acres called Hanner er Knap and Hanner er fach, under lease for lives.

Edward Thomas, of Lisvane, yeoman.

1713/4 March 22.

To daughter Cicely "two planks to make a new board." To son Thomas one "beetch" and a pair of andirons.

Elizabeth Turbervil of Llandaff, spinster.

dat. 24 May 1713.

prob. 21 June 1714.

"Item I give and bequeath the Sum[m]e of Tenn pounds now in the hands of John Thomas of ffairwater to the Overseers of the poore of the parish of Landaffe ffor the time being to be by them laid out at interest and the interest thereof to be by them divided and disposed of yearly to such old impotent People of Landaffe not receiving alms as shall most stand in need thereof by the direction and with the approbation of the Principall Inhabitants of the said parish."

£1 to the poor of Llandaff, and 10s. to the poor of Radyr.

Blanch Richard, of Lisvane, widow.

1714 April 20.

To nephew Thomas Richard and his heirs for ever 4a. of customaryhold lands fineable, lying in the Manor of Youlton in the parish of S. Mellons, charged with 5s. per annum to the poor of each of the parishes of Lisvane, Llanedern, Rumney and S. Mellon's, on every Good Friday.

One hoop or ¼ of a Welsh bushel of barley.

"One thrum twisted coverlett or brethin eddy."1

One bell-metal crock.

Wooden hutch, witch or guist.

Richard Thomas, of Llandaff, sadler.

1714 June 5

Body to be buried in Llandaff cathedral "according to the custom of my mother the Church of Great Brittain."

Elizabeth Morgan, late of Coedygorres in the parish of Lanederne, and now of Old-Castle-upon-Allem in the parish of St. Bride's Major, widow.

dat. 28 August 1714.

prob. 21 May 1716.

Messuage and lands customary fineable, in the "Commott" of Newton in the Lordship of Rumney, wherein I held my widow's estate, surrendered to son Lewis Morgan and his heirs for ever, in consideration of annuity. "And also whereas my grandson William Morgan is to pay me an annuity of £30 yearly during my life to be paid quarterly as appears by an Indenture with a bond of performance made 9 April 1714 between William Morgan the elder, Elizabeth his wife and William Morgan of the Middle Temple, London, son & heir to the said William Morgan the elder & the sd Elizabeth his wife of the one part & William Morgan the youngest of Coedygorres grandson to the sd William Morgan the elder, Elizabeth his sd wife & son & heir apparent to the said William Morgan of the Middle Temple of the other part. . . ." Daughter Catherine Thomas sole executrix.

[Signed with a mark.]

Luce Evans, of Llanedern, widow.

1716 July 21.

To sister Margaret Morgan, of Llantarnam, a piece of gold of the value of 27s. 6d. "commonly called a Portugall Voyder" (Moidore).

[Vol. 1716–22. Early leaves badly burnt.]

Thomas Morgan of Cardiff, gentleman.

1716 October 5.

Desires to be buried "in the Mathew's Tomb in the Cathedrall Church of Landaffe," in the grave of his late wife Dorothy Mathew.

Trustees: Sir Edward Stradling of St. Donnatt's Castle, bart, and Edward Stradling, esq., his son, and brother William Morgan the elder of Coedygorres, gentleman, for benefit of son David Morgan, who "hath been a very wild expensive & extravagant young man & perhaps is not as yet soe much reform'd as to be fitt to be intrusted at large with the power & governmt of the fortune I shall leave him without any restraint or controul at all And therefore I think fitt & I doe hereby order & appoint to prevent profusion & wastfullness & to endeavour to secure to him my sd son a competent maintenance dureing his life."

Christopher Mathews, Alderman of Cardiff.

1716/7 February 25.

To wife Deborah use of various articles in his house at Cardiff; (inter alia) of "a Stilling for a Mashing vate in the brewhouse." Also 1,000 of Cornish tiles. Also a bedstead in "the little forestreet chamber, six black chairs, one case of drawers. . . . . . one fire grate with tongs, slice & pooker," the white curtains belonging to a bed in the same chamber, commonly called the Parlour Chamber; "one small oval wallnut-tree table one midleing looking glass usually in the window of ye sd Chamber"; feather bed in the inner room of the said chamber, and a small "skreen"; one larger chair "with arms & its cushin"; one low black chair, one small oval table "most an end" (fn. 6); all the china ware, tea tables, teapots and all earthen ware, coarse and fine, in parlour, closets, larder or kitchen. (Three closets within the parlour.) My pewter alembick; one powdering tub; pewter dishes; two deep trenchers marked with wife's name and mine; brass chafing dish; two upright brass candlesticks, one brass hanging ditto, one old flat ditto; a pa[ir of snuff]ers with its pan and frame; one large brass ring with its heater; one ham (?) toaster with its hooks and "tinnin" dripping pan; spit; beat box; slice or fire shovel; bellows; copper stew pan; copper coffee pot; brass ladle; brass skimmer; flesh fork; "one midleing brass pott one Copper pott with it's Cover & Ladle of the same; one bell mettle Skillett"; basting stick, in the kitchen. Item to wife my best pillion and cloth; 6 silver forks, 2 silver salts; one silver snuff box; one case of knives. My second best periwig to my kinsman John Lewis of Llantrisant. To father-in-law James Mathews my best hat and the mourning band about it. To Henry Williams, of Cardiff, currier, "one old hat, my best light coloured coat & one druggett wastcoat, a pair of leather britches, a pair of leather spatter dashes & a kersey riding coat." To servant maid Sarah Bembrick my old night gown and a pair of black gloves.

To son William stables, garden and curtilage situate in Howmanby, for remainder of Lease.

If my son should die without leaving lawful issue at the death of my wife, profits of my leasehold dwellinghouse are to be "for & towards the buying of another brass Sconce for the middle Alley of the p'ish Church of St John Baptist in Cardiffe aforesaid and . . . for & towards the raiseing of the ffont Stone in the sd Church beautifyeing & adorning the same."

To son William furnace, boiler, mashing vat, stilling and brewing tubs in the Brewhouse; large trough for salting of meat, in the Larder; flat brass candlestick with a handle to it, copper chocolate pot, tin coffee pot, "one bright Defender or Toaster, w[i]th it's fork &c., one spitt, a pair of pott hangings"; one dog wheel, a yew tree chair, in Back Kitchen. My timber "at the place called the Ruins & Cathays." One back of cast iron in his (my son's) manservant's room. In Hall: 2 great chests, large stand, pewter still, clock with its case, twigging chair, (fn. 7) large sea chest, livery cupboard, desk, window curtains, rods and hangings. Jack for roasting of meat. My box of large sea instruments for surgery, and a box of new steel pocket ones, with its lancet case and salvatory; box of silver pocket instruments with its salvatory; cases furnished with "best lawncetts & Incission knives," three choice "Raizors." "All my Study of books in my Closett or elsewhere particularly Queen Ann's Com[m]on prayer done in her Reign & the large Bible bought at Bristoll." Silver tankard, pair silver shoe buckles, [silver] tobacco box, my camlet cloak.

Arthur Edward, of Llanishen, yeoman.

1716/7 February 27.

To wife (inter alia) iron pot, coffer, backstone. "I give unto my daughter Cissill Arthur two Cows & chuse them from the remaining two Sheels & two Lambs if they be with or else she must take them single." One Welsh bushel of corn to be distributed to the poor within 9 days after my decease—a pedoren for each.

John Bassett of Cardiff, gentleman.

1717 April 26.

"In the Name of God Amen. The assurance of a Desoluc'on and the uncertainty of that time hath bred in me a continuall meditation of death which I do hereby chearfully expect Knowing that my Redeemer liveth and that I shall see him as he is and therefore to prevent all such Impedimts as may hinder me in my Journey unto Glory I John Bassett of the parish of St Mary's in the Town of Cardiffe in the County of Glamorgan gentn do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following."

Miles Williams, of St. Fagans.

1717 February 4.

Lands called the Boot Croft, 12a.; the Gorslon, 8a.; Poinmer Mary Boosh, 5a.—all in the parish of Leckwith.


  • 1. Otherwise called Dowlas Wallia, under Wentloog.
  • 2. A pretty thatched cottage which was pulled down in 1900.
  • 3. The Lady Chapel, in which Welsh services were held, down to a recent date. It is the parish church of Llandaff.
  • 4. I shall be very glad if any of my references to such charities have the effect of securing or recovering the same for the poor people whom they are intended to benefit.—Ed.
  • 5. These streets were not really identical one with the other.
  • 6. Brethyn edau, yarn-cloth.
  • 7. Almost in pieces.
  • 8. Twiggen-chair, i.e., chair made of twigs.