Glamorgan County Records: Cardiff District Order Books, 1780-1811

Pages 257-266

Cardiff Records: Volume 3. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1901.

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Cardiff District Order Books. 1780—1811.

[Square 8vo. paper book bound in boards.] 24 June 1780 to 4 July 1795.

Cardiff District.

At a Meeting of the Trustees for the said District Held at the Dwelling House of Edward Thomas known by the Name of the Red House Inn in Cardiff aforesaid on Saturday the 7th Day of August 1784 Before John Price, Edward Morgan, John Bassett, William Pryce, John Richards, John Wood & Richard Evans Clerk and other Trustees of the said District.

The Accounts of John Price Esquire Surveyor of the Cross Vane Road, were then Examined & Allowed of, when there appeared a Ballance of 15l 18s. 10d. due to Mr Price which is to be paid by The Treasurer.

Ordered that Posts be putt up on each side of the Road, where wanted, from White House Bridge to Canton, and that John Richards and John Price Esqrs. or either of them be requested to erect the same.

Ordered That Posts be putt where necessary on the Road on Ely Common, and that John Price, John Bassett Esqrs. and Richard Evans Clerk be requested to do the same.

Ordered that Posts & Rails be erected at Penhill where necessary and that the same be done under the Direction of John Price Esqr.

Cardiff District.

At a Meeting of the Trustees of the said District held at the dwelling House of Edward Thomas, known by the Name of the Cardiff Arms on Saturday the 3d Day of February 1787 being the first Market Day in the said Month Before John Richards Junr, John Price, William Gibbon Esqrs, Bloom Williams Gent., Jno. Richards the Elder Esqr. & Nicholas Price Esqr & others Trustees of the said District:

Ordered that the Treasurer apply to the Overseers of Roath to repair the ffoot & Horse way on Roath Bridge, & in case of their refusal to proceed to Indict the same at the next Genl Quarter Sessions of the peace to be held for the County.

1788. Herbert Hurst of Gabalva, esq., a Trustee.

June 7 Saturday.

Whereas the Tolls of Landaff Gate are defrauded by sevl Persons passing thro' the River under the pretence (fn. 1) of an Old accustomed Road And Whereas some steps have been taken to prevent the same & sevl Persons have been thereof convicted but it being apprehended the Parties so convicted mean to dispute & Litigate such Convictions Now We do hereby agree to support such Convictions & also to defend & support any other Measure that may be deemed necessary for the same And order and direct the Treasurer and Clerk to take such Steps as may be deemed necessary to support the same, and that the Expences thereof be defrayed out of the Monies arising from the Tolls of the District.

1789 October 3 Saturday.

The Treasurer having produced a Bill to the amot of 39l 16s. & 4d. the Expences of an Action in defending & supporting the Convic tion of James Harry for defrauding the Tolls of this District, & the said James Harry having been taken in Execution on the Judgt & Verdict obtained agt him & having since taken the benefit of the Insolvent Act, We do hereby, Order the payment of the said Sum of thirty nine pounds sixteen shillings & 4d. and which the Treasurer is hereby directed to discharge accordingly.

1793 September 7 Saturday.

[A Road Surveyor was appointed, thus putting an end to the system whereby various Trustees surveyed and repaired roads. The first Surveyor appointed was William Edwards, of Whitchurch, yeoman, whose salary was £40 a year. But a couple of years later the old system was reverted to for a time.

1794. Anthony Bacon of Landaff Court, esq., a Trustee.

Lord Bute erected a new Turnpike Gate and Toll House on the Old Road adjoining the White House Bridge, in consideration of the former gate and house being conveyed to him.

1795. James Capper of Cathays, esq., a Trustee.]

II. 1 August 1795 to 8 July 1805.


Benjamin Hall, clerk, a Trustee.

Robert Rous of Court yralla, esq., do.

Oliver Robotham of Maeslech in the parish of Radir, gent., do.

April 2 Saturday.

The Clerk is ordered to apply to the proprietors of the Canal for leave to place a chain across the towing path, to prevent persons riding along the same to defraud the Turnpike.

1797. Jeremiah Homfray of Cardiff, esq., a Trustee.

1799. It is Ordered that a Notice be set up that the Commissioners will prosecute any person or persons who shall Land any Goods (fn. 2) on the Turnpike Road adjoining the Friars.

July 14 Saturday.

"Thomas Lewis, Esq., Surveyor of the Road from Blue House to the confines of Caerphilly, being out of the Country with his Regiment, Ordered that his Appointment be rescinded."

Wyndham Lewis of Cardiff, esq., is appointed Surveyor of the road from opposite Blue House to the Brook that divides the parishes of Whitchurch and Eglwysillan.

1800 February 1 Saturday.

"Ordered that the Treasurer pay Mr Anthony Mathews [of Leckwith] Ten Pounds towards making a Bank above the Red Pool to prevent the Water from overflowing the Turnpike Road between Ely Bridge & Canton."

1801. Richard Hill senior, of Cardiff, esq., Trustee.


An Act for Dividing, Allotting and Inclosing the several Common, Waste, and Heath Lands, commonly known by the Names of The Great and Little Heaths, otherwise Mwynydd Bwchan, and Wain Dyval, lying within the several Parishes of Saint John the Baptist in Cardiff, Landaff, Whitchurch, Roath and Lanishen, in the County of Glamorgan.

Whereas there are within the several Parishes of Saint John the Baptist in the Town of Cardiff, Landaff, Whitchurch, Roath and Lanishen, in the County of Glamorgan, divers Common, Waste, and Heath Lands, commonly known by the Names of The Great and Little Heaths, otherwise Mwynydd Bwchan and Wain Dyval, containing together 1200 acres or thereabouts:

And whereas the Most honourable John, Marquis of Bute, and John, Earl ot Windsor, are Lords of Cardiff and the several Manors of Lystalybont and Roath Dogfield, and as such are entitled to the Lord's Rights in the said Common, Waste and Heath Lands:

And whereas the Bailiffs, Aldermen and Burgesses of the said Town of Cardiff and their Successors . . . are entitled to Right of Common on the said Common . . . . ; and there are certain Owners and Proprietors of Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments which adjoin the said Common . . . . who by prescription are entitled to Right of Common . . . .

Commissioners under the Act.

Thomas Browne, of Luton, Beds, gentn

Henry Hollier, of Cardiff, gentn

Thomas Morgan, of Cardiff, gentn

And whereas the Rt Honble Francis, Earl of Landaff, claims, as Lord of the Manor of Landaff, to be entitled to certain rights over such of the said common, waste and heath lands as are situate within the parish of Landaff: And whereas objections have been made to such claim by the said John, Marquis of Bute, and John, Earl of Windsor: The claim to the Lordship of Landaff is to be tried by action at Law, brought by the Earl of Landaff at Hereford Assizes.


Marquis of Bute.

Earl of Windsor.

Cardiff Corporation.

Private Commoners.

Saving to the Lords of the said Manors all incident royalties, seigniories, rents, services, Courts, perquisites, fines and other profits of Courts, goods and chattels of felons and fugitives, felons of themselves and put in exigent, deodands, waifs, estrays, forfeitures &c. (except the right of soil, being the only right hereby compensated for.)

Then follows the MS. Register of the Commissioners' proceedings under the Act. It is dated at the Cardiff Arms Inn, and is bound up with the copy of the Act, in a square 8vo. thin book, in a calf cover.

Ordered the Surveyor to take a Survey of Mr William Williams' Estate claimed in the Parish of Lanishen; together with Lord Plymouth's in the same Parish, adjoining the Great Heath.

List and description of the new roads.

6. One other publick Carriage Road and Driftway of the like Breadth of forty feet. Except where it passes between old Inclosures called the Cefn'y Coed and Roath Road leading from Cefn'y Coed to Roath Church beginning at Roath Brook where the Cefn'y Coed Road enters upon the Little Heath and proceeding in a Westward Direction towards the Clerks House then turning in a Southward Direction to the East end of Roath Workhouse and continuing in its present track by the Hedges of the old Inclosures towards Roath and crossing a small part of the said Little Heath into the Lane leading to Roath Church at or near a certain House belonging to Charles Morgan Esq. called Castell y Wy at the Entrance of Roath Court Lane.

Mr Samuel Lewis agrees to give up the North end of Castle Field, on Condition that he has an equivalent in lieu thereof allotted to him at the East side of his present Homestead now in the Occupation of Mr John Bird. (Not agreed to.)

The Commissioners gave to Mr Wyndham Lewis the Gravel Pits by Blew House (apparently near Maindy.) Also an allotment by Caetook.

Mr John Kemeys Tynte had an allotment by the Tithe Barn (fn. 3)

Elizabeth Thomas, an allotment by Cocks Ground (fn. 4)

To alter the Road leading to Roath Brook and set out the same 40 feet wide in its present track and continue the private Road leading to the Clerk's House by the Inclosed Lands of Captain Richards, down to and upon the Bridge now across the said Brook, of the breath of 20 feet.

Private road at Little Tredegar.

Cardiff Museum.

Proceedings of the Commissioners under the Cardiff Turnpike Trust, 1805.

[Square 8vo. paper book, vellum bound.]

Glamorganshire Turnpikes.

Cardiff District.

At a Meeting of the Trustees of the said District held at the Dwelling House of Edward Thomas known by the name of the Cardiff Arms Inn situate in the Town of Cardiff in the said County on Saturday the Thirteenth Day of July 1805, being the third Saturday next after passing an Act intituled "An Act for more effectually making repairing and improving several Roads in the County of Glamorgan," for the purpose of proceeding in the Execution of the said Act.

The following Gentlemen Delivered in their Qualifications to Act as Trustees for the said District, Vizt

1. Powell Edwards, of Landaff, clerk.

2. Thomas Davies, of Wenvoe, clerk.

3. John Goodrich of Energlyn, esq.

4. John Key of Ely, esq.

5. Richard Griffiths of Cardiff, esq.

6. John Wood the Elder, of Cardiff, [banker].

7. Thomas Lewis of Newhouse, esq.

8. John Wood the Younger, of Cardiff [attorney].

9. David Davies, of Wenvoe, clerk.

10. John Bassett of Bonvilston, esq.

11. Sr Robert Lynch Blosse of Gabalva, Bart.

12. James Capper of [Cold] Knap, esq.

13. Anthony Mathews of Leckwith, gent. (fn. 5)

The Accounts of Richard Griffiths Esq. Acting Surveyor of the Road from Cardiff to Rumney Bridge were this day settled and verified on Oath and there appears to be a Ballance of Eighteen Pounds & 4d. due to the Accountant, which is Ordered to be paid by the Treasurer.

Ordered that Colonel Capper be requested to report to the next Meeting a proper place to erect a Turnpike Gate on the new Road from Roath Church to the Two Mile Stone on the Heath. (fn. 6)

Ordered that Colonel Morgan and Messrs. Goodrich and Thomas be requested to report to the next Meeting proper places to erect Turnpike Gates on the New Roads from the Quakers Yard to Lanel (fn. 7) Bridge.

J. Goodrich.

J. Capper.

Richd Griffiths.

Thos Davies.

John Key.

Thomas Lewis.

Th° Bassett.

Anth. Mathew.

Jn° Wood, Junr.

[Thus far in full.]

John Wood Jnr, Clerk to the Trustees.

1805 August 3. Further gentlemen qualified as Trustees:—

14. William Taitt of Cardiff, esq. [banker].

15. Edward Morgan of Landaff, esq.

16. David Samuel of Bonvilston, esq.

17. Jeremiah Homfray of Landaff, esq.

18. Revd Dr Hall of Landaff.

19. Wyndham Lewis of Lanishen, esq.

20. The Revd William Davies, of Landaff, clerk.

21. Thomas Thomas of Lanbradach, esq.

22. Rowley Lascelles of Cotterel, esq.

23. The Honble Wm Booth Grey of Duffrin, esq.

24. John Price of Landaff Court, esq.

25. William Williams of Roath, gent. (vice John Morgan, of Landaff, deceased.)

26. Charles Morgan of Ruperra, esq.

27. Llewellin Traherne of Coedriglan, esq.

28. William Goodrich of Energlyn, esq.

29. Richard Hill of Cardiff, esq.

30. George Richards, esq.

1805 March 1 Saturday. Ordered that the breach made opposite Kings Castle, into Mr William Westmacutts ffield, be forthwith repaired.

31. Robert Rous of Courtyralla, esq.

April 5 Saturday. Ordered that the Clerk take the Opinion of some eminent Councel as to the legality of erecting a Chain or Stop Gate at the entrance of the Lane from Landaff across the River near the Red Lion public House.

32. John Richards of Cardiff, esq.

33. William Williams of Eglwysilan, esq

34. William Morgan of Watford, gent.

35. Henry Hollier, esq.

36. William Morgan Thomas, gent.

37. William Evans of Fairwater, gent.

38. Robert Jenner, esq.

39. John Jacob, esq.

40. Thomas Thomas, esq.

41. Thomas Bourne, esq.

42. Samuel Homfray, esq.

43. Henry Lewis, esq.

44. John Jones, of Cardiff, clerk.

45. John Harford, esq.

46. Evan David of Fairwater, gent.

47. Howell Williams, of Eglwysilan, clerk.

1808 June 4 Saturday.

Peter Rigby, esq., was granted leave to turn the road near his house, by turning off at or near the pool in the village of Roath, through his orchard.

49. Wyndham Lewis of Cardiff, esq.

1809 June 3 Saturday.

The toll at Popett Lane gate, on the turnpike road leading from Caerphilly to Bedwas bridge, was let to Watkin Price of Popett Lane.

Part of the North Road, from the Ffillog Brook to Tongwynlais, was assigned to the surveyorship of Anthony Mathews of Ty Mawr, gentleman.

1810 July 7 Saturday, being the first Market Day in the month: Ordered that the Clerk give Mr Blethin Matthew of Canton Notice to remove the Nuisance he has Comitted on the Turnpike Road near his House at Canton by opening Two Pig stye Doors into the Road & erecting a Gate in the field above his Orchard opening into the Road.

The like to Mrs Jenkins of Canton for erecting a Gate in the same way near her House & for making a Well upon Penhill.

1811 March 2 Saturday, being the first Market Day in the month: Mr Bradley the Mail Coach Propr having applied for an exemption from Toll for carrying Hay to his Stables upwards of 12 Miles off: It is unanimously determined that Mr Bradley is not intituled to such exemption.

Ordered that a Contract be made near the East [Turnpike] Gate, for the purpose of conveying the Water which now overflows the Road. (fn. 8)

Mr Wm Williams, of Ty Draw, a Commissioner.


  • 1. This "pretence" was certainly well founded. The County authorities are said to have steepened the river's banks at the point where the old road forded the Taff, in order to make fording impossible and so to compel the use of the bridge and payment of the toll.
  • 2. From barges on the Canal.
  • 3. Near Weadal?
  • 4. Tir y ceiliog, in the new cemetery?
  • 5. "Brother to Father Mathew." [Note in pencil].
  • 6. Albany Road ?
  • 7. Lanvihangel.
  • 8. This refers to a pond which lay on the south side of Newport Road, just east of the Rhymney Railway Bridge. The ccach often had to drive through deep water there.