Augmentation proceedings: 1540-1553

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Cardiff Records: Volume 3. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1901.

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R.O. Aug. Proc. 9/1 1540–53.

Greviously complaynyng shewith vnto yor good Mastershippe yor poor Orator John Lamberd of the towne of Kardiff, in Southwales that where as yor said orator doth hold ffor terme of his lyffe by copie of Court Rolle oon tenement wt thapprtennancs called Crosse byghan p'cell of a manr callid the Graunge sett and beyng in the p'ishe of saynt Johns in kardiff af'rsaid wtin the countie of Glamorgan late belongyng to the late Monastery of Morgan in Southwales. And the same yor said Orator did peaseably occupie possesse and Inioy vntill now of late that is to say the ffirst day of this pr'sent moneth of ffebruary that oon Morgan Hoell Aghan, and Richard Hawkyn of Kardiff aforsaid wt fforce and wtout any good or Just title entred in to the said tent, and yor said Orator therfrom did expulse and putt out. And not oonly did breke spoile and pluck downe the howse and hedgis there but also caried away the ffrith stakes and wodd thereuppon growyng and sett. And the same convertid to there p'per vses and behof contrary to Justice or good consciens to the vtter empourisshing of yor said Orator, vnlesse yor mastershippe's good help and favor be the sonner shewid vnto yor said Orator in this behalf. The prmisses considerid if [sic] may therfore please yor good Mastershipp to grant the kyngs most gracious l'res of privie Seale to be directid to the said Morgan Hoell Aghan and Richard Hawkyn com[m]aunding them and eu'y of them therby p'sonally to appere in the kings cort of augmentac'on of the Revenuys of his crowne at a certeyn day by yor good Mastership to be lymyted, ther to aunswer to the prmysses and ffurther to stond to suche order and direcc'on as then and there shalbe thought good according to Justice and this for godds love.

Aug. Proc. 12/91

[Chancery text.]

To the right Worshipfull sr Richard Riche knyght Chauncellor of the Kyngs honorable Court of the Augmentac'on of the revenuys of his Crou[m].

In most humble wise Shewith & compleyneth vnto yor good mastrship yor dayly Orator John White that wher or Souraign lorde the Kyng by the advyse of his Councell of this honorable Courte by Indenture vndr his great Seale haue [sic] demysed graunted & to ferme lettyn vnto yor seid Orator the howse or hospitall of the ffryers callid the Greyffryers of Kerdyff wt all the housis buldyngs gardyns grounds leses pasturs orchards & medowe thervnto belongyng sett & lyeng in the Town of Kerdiff in Walls in the County of Glamorgan for trme of xxj yers yeldyng vnto his hyghnes and to his Succ' yerly for the same liijs. iiijd. And wtin the same demyse & graunt hath bounden yor seid Orator to the rep'ac'ons mayntenn'ce & Suportac'on therof as by the same dede indentid amongs other covenn'ts & articles therin conteyned more at large it doth appeire So it is if it shall plese yor good Mastrship that on' John Norrys, ll'n ap Morgan, Will'm Giles & John Welym wt force and strenght & of ther extort por wtowt color or good grounde haue entryd into dyu'se p'cells of the seid house And the same haue brokyn & pullid down to the grounde and haue takyn & born away the Stones Tymber Wyndoys & Tylle therof And have bestewid & imployed the same to their own vsis and haue don suche distrucc'on thervpon that yor seid Orator can[n]ott be able to maynten the rest of the same house to the disherison of or seid Souraign lorde & to the vndoyng of yor seid Orator And not only that but the seid John Norrys, ll'en app Morgan, Will'm Giles, John Welym & dyu'se other of ther affinyte being wild & mysrulyd p'sons wt leke force & strenght dayly & contynually comyth vpon the p'misses braggyng manysshyng & threatenyng yor seid Orator his depute & srunts So that he nor his depute & srunts beyng in dowt of ther lyves darr nott nor can[n]ott quyettly occupy the same nor take ony p'ffet therof. In considerac'on wherof it may plese yor good mrship to graunt the kyngs most gracyous l'res of prvy Seale to be dyrectid to the seid John Norrys, ll'en ap Morgan, Will'm Giles & John Welym comaundyng them & eu'y of them by vrtue of the same p'sonally to appeire before yor good Mastrship in the Kyngs honorable Court of the Augmentac'on of the revenuys of his Crou[m] at Westmr at a crteyn day and upon a crteyn payn by yor seid Mastrship to be lymyted to aunswer to the prmissis And to abide suche farder order therin as yor seid m'ship shall think convenyent in this behalf accordyng to Justice And yor seid Orator shall dayly praye for the p'speryte of yor good Mast'rship long to indure.

The aunswer of John Norys to the byll of complaynt of John Whytte.

The sayd deff' saythe that the said byll of complaynt ys onlye contryvid and imaginid agen the said def' to thentent to put hym to vexac'on troble and expensis of his goods, and for declarac'on of the trowth the said def' saythe that abowts Michaellmas last past the sayd def' did bye an old house that was redy to falle that some tyme did p'teyne and belong to the grey fryers of cardyffe of one felyce will'm latte wyffe to one dauyd ap Jeuan wiche d'd ap Jeuan did beye the sayd ffryers and all suche hovses as p'teynyd to the said ffrers of those that where the kyngs comyssioners at the dissoluc'on of the said howse for the some of xvjli xviijs. xd. and not beyng meette to be kept for the farmor ther by forse whereof the said def' did take and caryed awaye crten tymber and tylle stones beyng vpon the said house as lawffully he myght doe w[ith]out that that this def' dothe manyssyche & thretnythe the sruaunts or deputies of the said compl' wherby they be lleayd or troblyd to occupie ther farme as vntrulye ys allegid in the said byll of compl', and wtoute that that any other thing materiall in the said bill of compl' to be aunsweryd nor confessed traursed & advoydid ys true all wich matter he ys redy to proue as this honorable court will awarde and preythe to be dissmyssed w[i]th his resonable costs in this behalfe susteynid.

The Replicac'on of John White to the Aunswer of John Norys.

The said compleynaunt seith that his said bill of Compleynt is true and not contryved nor Imagyned agenst the said defendaunt to put hym to vexac'on troble nor expencs of his goods and forther sayth for Replicac'on that the kynge or Sou'aigne lorde was seased of the said cite somtyme callyd the Grey ffryers in Kardyff in his demeane as of fee as in the right of his Crowne & so seased by his l'res pattents beryng date the iiijth daye of July in the xxxiijth yere of his moost Noble Reigne sealed vnder the seale of his honorable court of augmentac'on by the advise of his Counsell of the same Courte of the Revenouz of his Crowne graunted and dymisid to the said Compleynaunt the seyd Syte a garden thre chambers a kechyn a stabill wt other housys there specyfyed a barne a medowe too acres of londe a close callyd cowe close another close callyd grette ffryers close. To haue to the said compleynaunt from the fest of Seynt Michell tharch. last past before the date of the said l'res pattents to thende and trme of xxjth yeres then next insuyng & fully to be complete by force whereof the said compleynaunt was and ys laufully possessed of the prmissez, Accordingly, And by the same l'res pattents the said compleynaunt is bounde to Maynteyne & kepe the Reprac'on of certen houses and Chambr's p'cell of the said late ffryers the whiche house so taken downe and caryed awaye be the seid defendaunt ys p'cell therof Wtout that the said Davy ap Jevan bought the said house of the kyngs com[m]issionrs for xvjli xviijs. xd. havyng auctoryte or Com[m]yssyon from the kyng or Souraigne lorde or his Counsell of the saide Courte of Augmentac'on to make any suche Sale. But the said defendaunt of his owne frouwarde mynde & by his extort power toke downe and caryed awaye the seid house to his owne vse. And forasmoche as the said defendaunt by his aunswer hath confessyd the takyng downe and caryeng awey of the said house that he by this honorable Court maye be punysshed by the order of this Court & compellyd to make restituc'on for his Offences don agenst the kyng or souraigne lorde according as shalbe thought by yor seid mrships. All whiche matr the seid compleynaunt ys redy to prove as this honorable Court will awarde & prayeth as befor in his seid bill of Complaynt hath prayed.

Augm. Proc. 12/96

To the ryght honerable Sr Rychard Ryche knyght Chauncelor of the kyngs corte of Augmentac'ons.

Moste humbly compleynynge shewt vnto yor good maystershippe yor dayly orator lewys Johns clerke that where Rob'te myles late mayster and provyncyall of the blake ffrers of kerdyffe in Wales wt the hole assent and consent of the covent of the same house vnder theyre covent sealle bearynge date the xijth day of octobre in the xv yere of the Reynge of or sovereynge lorde kynge henry the eyght dymysed graunted and to fferme lett to the seyd lewys Johns ffor terme of hys naturall lyffe a crteyn house which house in tymes paste was called theyr ffrater wythe a garden to the same house belongynge sett lyenge and beynge wtin the blake ffrers of kerdyffe afforseyd yeldynge and paynge therfore yerly crteyn Rent to the seyd mayster and covent and theyre successors as by the seyd lease more playnly hyt dothe and may appere. So hyt ys Ryght hon'able sr that one Johne lambert of kerdyffe afforseyd capper and one Jane lycheffelde of the same towne wydowe sythen the dyssoluc'on of the same house hathe not only broken and pluked downe the wales wyndowes and tymber of the same house called the ffrater afforseyd but also hathe caryed away the same and taken hyt to theyre owne p'per vses In consyderac'on wherof hyt may please yor good mrshipe to graunt the kyngs l'ers of prvy seall to be dyrected to the seyd Johne lambert and Jane lycheffeld comandynge theym and every of theym p'sonally to appere in the kyngs corte of Augmentac'ons of the revenyes of his crowne at a crteyn day and vnder a crteyn payne by you to be lemyttyd then and there to answere to the prmysses and also to abyde yor mrshyps order in the same and yor seyd orator shall pray for the good estate of yor mrshupe longe to endure.

Thaunswere of John Lambert and Jane lychefeld deffs. to the bill of complaynt of Lewes Johns clerke pl'.

The said deffendaunts sayen that the said bill of complaynt ffor dyurs causes therein conteynyd is Insufficient in the lawe to be aunswered vnto and by p'testac'on not knowyng of any suche leasse of the ffrater howse menc'oned in the said bill of complaynt to be made to the said complayn't by the said Robert Myles provinciall & the covent of the same howse of blacke ffryars as in the said bill is alledgid but if any suche leasse were made to the said complaynaunt as he hath supposed to be the said def' by p'testac'on sayen ffor dyurs apparaunt and manyfest mattrs therein conteynid that it is void in the lawe. Neurthelesse ffor aunswer they sayen that after the dissoluc'on & supprssion of the said howse of blacke ffryars menc'oned in the said bill oon Edward Gostwike & Edward Waters by his depute John Bullocke com[m]yssionrs to or sou'aign lord the kyng, appointed and auctorised oon Lewys blethyn to b'gayn & sell to the kyngs vse all the tymber stone glasse yron & tyle vppon the Churche dortor and cloyster of the said howse of blacke ffryars & all other placs of the said howse ffor suche Som[m]es of money and to suche p'sons as the said Lewys Blethyn shuld thinke convenyent, allway resruying a sufficient howse for the ffermor to dwell in, by vertue whereof the said lewys blethyn for the some of xli to hym by Thoms lychefeld of kardiff to the kyngs vse paid barganyd & sold to the said Thoms & his assignes all suche tymber stone glasse yron & tyle as was at the tyme of the said bargayn vppon the churche dortor ffrater and Cloyster of the said howse of black fryars. And our and besides all the prmyses sold, resruyd a sufficient howse for the ffermor to dwell in. And the deff's further sayen that after the said b'gayn the said lambert compounded wt the said lychefeld ffor the moytie of the said Tymber stone glasse yren and tyle aforsaid by fforce whereof the said Lambert and Jane executrix of the testament of the said Thom's lychefeld haue broken and pulled down the stone walles & wyndoes of the said Churche dortr ffratr & cloyster & the same hath taken prceved & convertid to their p'per vses and behofe as lawfull was for the[m] to do by vertue of there said b'gayne & waraunt. All whiche mattrs the said def's ar redy to averre & p've as this hon'able cort shall award. And praye to be dysmyssed wt there resonable costs & charges for ther wrongfull vexac'on & trouble in this behalf.

Mr Caborn dyd take there awnswere.

The Replecasion of Lewys Joons Clark vnto the answer of John lamb't & Jhan lytchefeld.

The sayd co[m]plante sayth that theis sayd byll of co[m]plant is sarten and suffecyant in the lawe to be ansueryd vnto & aurethe eury thyng & matr in hys sayd byll of co[m]plant co[m]taned to be true in soche manr & forme as in the sayd byll of co[m]plant is more at lardg declared & expressed wt owt yt the kyngs co[m]yssynars mensyned in the sayd answer dyd at eny tyme awetoryce lewys blethen to bargan & sell eny p't of yt glasse yarn tymbr ston & tylle being vppon or wtin the sayd tenant somtym callyd the frater of the howes of blake fryars of kardyffe as in the sayd answer is vntruly a legyd, for the sayd defendant saythe yt the sayd comyssynars wold not soffer eny p't of th byldyng of the sayd tenement to be prasyd or sold for yt that before the desolusyon of the sayd fryars the said plantyfe had obtanyd a lafull lese of the same tene't bothe of the p'vynsyall & of the covent of the sayd fryars & had pesabyll keping of the sayd tenant & well & trulye kep all th cou'ants in the lese tyll the dyssolusyon of the fryars & more the sayd plantyfe hathe & dothe paye yerly Rent vnto the kyng sence the dysolusyon vntyll thys tyme for the w[hi]ch the sayd plantefe had neur in hys kepying sens the dysolusyon of the howes nor was not abyll of pore [sic] to sue for it vntyll the tyme yt the sayd plaintefe was ffetchyd vp wt a prevy sell to paye the Rent of the tenentre & as than the plantefe was co[m]pelled to paye the Rent & had a byll dowen from the awedeters to have had possessyon the w[hi]ch byll was not Regardyd but at the syght of the byll the forsayd lambard dyd spowell & poll dowen the gretyst prt of the howes & wold have pollyd dowen all bot that ye screfe of the scher com[m]andyn hym to poll dowen no mor thyll that it wer tryen in the onorabyll cort of agmentasyon & so he left & so the sayd plantefe dothe yerly paye the Rent & can[n]ot have possession but is wytheholdyn wt forse from hym aganst all ryght & consyans & wtowt yt ony otr thyng in the sayd answer contanyd w[hi]ch in this Replecasyon hertofor is not soffesyently co[n]fessyd & avoydyd travarsyd & replyed vnto ys true or materyall to be Replyed vnto. all the w[hi]chch matters the sayd co[m]plant is Redy to au're & prove as thys Ryght honorabyll cort schall award wher vppon the sayd co[m]plant prayth in eury be half as he be for hathe prayd in hys sayd byll of co[m]plant.

Aug. Misc. Books. Vol. 19. fo. 30.

Complaint of the Clerk of the Treasury. The King had demised unto Thomas Lichefelde two of his Grace's watermills with houses there edified, under his Highness' Castle of Cardife, called the Castell Milles, with ponds, rivers, and all other profits to the same mills belonging, within the Lordship of Glamorgeyn and Morgannockes, parcel of the lands of Jasper, late Duke of Bedford, in Wales. The said Thomas Lichefelde, and Jane, his widow and executrix, are both now deceased; and one John Joens, of Cardiff in the said county of Glamorgein, being a man of evil behaviour and a disturber of his neighbour, hath wrongfully occupied the said mills and taken the profits of the same. The Complainant craves redress.

The Defendant answers that he claims under the King's prior lease to John Howell, baker.

Aug. Misc. Books. Vol. 19. fo. 31.

Complaint of a Clerk of the Court of Augmentations. Thomas Lychefeld, of Cardyf in the county of Glamorgan, was seised in his demesne as of fee of and in one half burgage lying in Cardyf aforesaid, which Town of Cardyf is parcel of the possessions of the late Dukedom of Bedforde, now belonging unto the King's Majesty; and being so seised, demised the premises to one Margery Browne. Richard Hewis, the present occupier, refuses to pay rent to the Orator, who commanded Richard Boyer, his Bailey, to distrain a horse of grey colour for a year's rent in arrear. The Defendant Richard Hewes hath signed a Replevin, and hath declared before John Whyte and David Roberts, being the King's Bailiffs of the Town of Cardiff, that the said horse was taken wrongfully. "The whyche John Whyte & Davyd Roberts lytyll or nothynge regardynge the Admynystracyon of Justice concernynge the seyd matter before them dependynge, but enclynynge onely to the parte of the seyd Hewys, beynge an inhabyter & dweller wythin the seyd Towne of Cardyf, & so then to be gretly frendyd aswell wyth the offecers of the Courte there as wyth other mynysters of the same," have denied to do unto the Orator justice within the said Court of Cardyf.

Richard Hewes answers simply that the Bill of Complaint is insufficient in law.

Aug. Proc. 8/95

Complaint of George Gyffard, esquire. The late King Henry VIII. by letters patent granted unto Sir Matthew Cradock, knight, deceased, all those his lands and tenements in Cornerswell, with the wood called Byttlewood, in Glamorgan, within the Manor of Cogan, for a term of 99 years. The Lady Catheryn, wife of the said Sir Matthew Cradock, occupied the premises as his executrix; who after took to husband one Christopher Asheby, gentleman, who sold the lease to Complainant, who lately let the premises to James Button for a term of 40 years. George Harbard, esquire, hath now forceably entered into the premises, and hath discharged the said Button, now farmer there, of any further manuring or occupying of a parcel of mead, parcel of the premises, containing about five acres. "Therfore and forasmoche as the said George Harbard ys in thos p'ties a man of moche fforce & powr, and yor said besecher being a Straunger right like to be wtout any Remedye," he craves a Writ of Privy Seal to the said George Harbard commanding him to desist.

To the Ryght Worschipfull S r
Richerd Sakvile knyght Chaunceller
of the kyngs Ma[jes]ties corte of aug-
menttacyon and Revenues of hys

In moste humble wise besechith yor good mrschip yor pore orator John Pyle late syngyngman wtin The churche of Saint mary in Cardyf in the Countye of Glamorgan in Southe wales who hathe srued in the said churche of Saint Mary by the space of thies vij yers past having The yerely Wages or fee iiijor marks by the yere paiable ovte of certan Chauntry landes belongyng to the sayd churche. So it ys that yor pore orator by Reason of the negligense of the Chorche Wardens there, yor pore orator was vnpresented wherby he is leke to losse hys penc'on It may therfor please yor Mrschipe of yor accustomed goodnes and clemency in respecte of yor orators myserable estate To graunte the Kyngs Ma'tyes Com[m]issyon vnder the Seile fore the sayd orator to the bailyffs or other offycers of the sayd Towne of Cardyf wherby They may make true certifycate of and apon the premisses as welle for the kynge as for the parte. and yower sayd orator schall dayly pray to god for the prsruacyon of yor mastrschip longe to endure at the plessure of god amen.

Make a' comyssyon vnto John basset esquyer and to William yoman and John white bayleffs of Cardyff & to morgan mathew gent' to Inquier of ye prmysses viz. eis iijbz vel ij (fn. 1) of whome John basset to be one returnable mēse pasc' (fn. 2) next.

Ry. Sakevyle.

The Writ follows, and bears date 22 February 4 Edw. VI

Aug. Misc. Books. Vol. 116. fo. 142.

The deposissions takyn at kardyff the xxvj daye of aprill in thes prsent iiijth yere of the kings majesties Raigne by forse of the kings highnes most honorable l'res of comyssion & vt dyrectu[m] (fn. 3) in & vpon the contents & articles mencyonid in the bill of compleynt of John pylle late on' of the clerks srving in the prishe churche of or lady othewyse callid Saint marys church in kardyff in the com' of glamorgan.

Nycholas Johns of the age of xlviij yeres sworn & examynid saythe that theseid John Pylle was payd by the hands of the proctours of theseid prishe ffor hys yrly wags oute of the wole lands prteynyng to the said churche ffoure marks strling at the tyme of the Survey of the seyd lands and thre yeres space & more beffore wiche lands the kings maiest' now hathe.

Will'm kew of the age of lv yeres sworn & examynid sayth as thesayd fformor deponent hath seyd.

Will'm thoms Johns of the age of liiij yeres depossyd sworn & examynid sayth as the fforseid nicholas Johns hath sayd.

John Moyer of the age of xxx yeres sworn & examynid sayth that he beyng one of the churche wardens to yeres beffore theseid Survey paid the seid John pille yerly theseid ffoure marks duryng hys said office beyng churchwardens & ffurther saythe as theseid nicholas Johns hath seid.

Roger lewys of the age of xxxvj yeres & John yoman of the age of xliiij yeres sworn & examynid sayth that they beyng churche wardens the yere beffore the Survey and in thesame yere of the Survey payd theseid John pille yerely thesaid iiij mrks duryng ther seid offic' and ffurther saith as theseid nicholas John hath seid.

John Bassett [the document is in his handwriting].

Morgan Mathew.

Wyllyāyomā Bailiffs ther.
Jhon White

Aug. Misc. Books. Vol. 122. fo. 29.

Complaint of Miles Mathewe, of the county of Glamorgan, esquire. He was seised of lands and tenements within the said county. John Bussell, the King's Particular Surveyor within the said county, certified to the King that the said lands were chantry lands; whereby the Complainant was subjected to much vexation at the hands of the King's officers. He craves redress.

Writ bears date 25 October 6 Edw. VI.

Depositions taken before Sir George
Herbert, Sir Rees Maunxell and Sir
Edward Carn, knights.

John gryffythe, of the parish of Llandaf, aged about 52 years, deposed as follows:—The said lands were the freehold of the said Miles Mathew and of his ancestors time out of mind. This Deponent holdeth parcel of the said lands, by virtue of a Lease from the Complainant to William Thomas ap Merricke.

John Singer, clerk, aged about 55 years, saith that "he was one that did prsente aboutes viij or ix yeres paste before the kings Coomissyonrs a Certeine service called d'd Mathewes chaunterie in the Churche of llandaf. And that the said Myles Mathewe & his ffather before him did fynde a preste to sing & Celebrate such services as were wonte to be don in those daies, vppon suche wages as theie cowlde agree with the preste. And farther seiethe that John Bassett in the byll mencyoned did Certyfie in the Cowrte of thaugmentac'on that this deponent was Chauntrie prest in the said prtended Chauntrie at the tyme of the said certyficatt making by the said John Bassett, where he was never so. And therevppon declared to this deponent that he hadd gote hym owt a patente of vli of pention in considerac'on of the said chauntry."

Lewys Thomas John, of the parish of Llandaf, aged about 50 years, saith that he, as tenant of the said lands, paid rent to the Complainant; and that before that time one Sir John ap Jenkyn, clerk, received the rents of the said lands during his life, as of the gift of Christopher Mathewe.

John Phillippe, of the parish of Landaf, aged about 60 years, saith that the said Miles and his father were always lords and owners of the lands and tenements in the Bill mentioned.

Thomas John Eghan, of the parish of Llandaff, aged about 58 years, saith that the said John Bassett, late Surveyor, was displeased with him and certain others that were sworn to present the chantry lands in Landaf, for that they did not present the said lands in traverse; which he could not do, because the said Miles Mathewe was seised thereof long before in his demesne as of fee.

William Dio Gryffythe, of the parish of Landaf, aged about 31 years, saith that he being married to the late wife of one Dayo Will'm, alias baghe, who held a tenement parcel of the said lands, knows that the rents were always paid to the said Miles Mathewe.

John Powell, of the parish of Landaf, aged about 30 years, saith that his father took a lease for 70 years of Christopher Mathewe, father unto the said Miles Mathew, upon a tenement parcel of the said lands, and always paid rent to the said Miles Mathew.

Aug. Misc. Books. Vol. 122. fo. 32.

To the Right Worshipfull Sr Richard
Sackvile knyght, Chauncellor of the
kings maMa[jes]ties honorable Corte of Augmen-
tac'ons and Revenewes of his Crowne and
Generall Srvayer of the same.

In most Humble wise besechen and prayen yor mastershipp yor Dayly Orators aswell the Mayer baylyffes and com[m]onalte of the towne of Cardiff in the Countie of Glamorgan in Wales, as John White, John Roberts, John Hengate, William Colchestr', John Tanner and Roger Williams certen of thenhabitants of the said Towne of Cardiffe, for and in the name and behallfe of the corporac'on, and of all the inhabitants of the said towne of Cardyffe, That whereas the sayd towne of Cardiffe standith vppon the se side, and is greatly charged and burdeyned w[i]th reparac'on billding and amending of ij greate Brydges over the water there, conteyning above xx peeres, Vnder the which the water there dayly ebbeth & floweth. And allso w[it]h the Reparac'ons, byllding and amending of certen Wawles against the se, made of the lenketh of vij or viij hundreth yardes. And allso of one keye, w[it]hin the haven of the same Towne, w[i]th dyvers Wayres there made for the deffens of the water from the said Towne. w[hi]ch reparac'ons and yerely billding theroff, haue bene yerely very chargeable to the sayd inhabitants and corporac'on tyme out of mynde. And in considerac'on theroff yt hath bene vsed prceyvyd and taken by thappointment of the sayd Corporac'on and inhabitants by procters Appointed for the same purpose towards the said Reparac'ons, billding and charges of the Revenewes issewes and proffitts of the landes tenements and hereditaments apprteyning to the late Churches or Chanteries or stipendarie pryest of Seintt Johans and Saint Maries in the said towne of Cardyffe, the yeerely Som[m] or rent of xli issewynge out of the said late chaunteryes of seynt Johans & seint maries. And sometyme there hath bene more taken and prceyved as occasion srvid, that is to say, some yeres xxli and Some yeres xxx or xlli yerely, as nede required of tyme of which memorie doth not rone to the contrarie. In considerac'on wheroff vppon the survey made by John Bassett and John Phillipp Morgan esquiers and other Com[m]yssioners to or Sov'eigne Lorde the kings Ma[jes]tietie for the survey of Colledges and Chaunteries in the said Countie by vertew of the statute of Chaunteries, made in the first yere of his highnesses reigne, It was by the said Com[m]yssioners appointed and Assigned to the sayd corporac'on and inhabytants towardes the sayd charges, and in recompens of such proffitts as they haue had & resceyvid by the procters of the Churches of Seint Johans and Seint Maries afforesaid the Some of xli yerely to be prceyvid out of the lands, tents, rents or revenewes of the said late Chaunteries or Churches of seint Johans and Saint Maries in the sayd towne. vppon w[hi]chch Assigment, and by the certifficat made by the sayd Com[m]yssioners, the sayd xli was and is prceyvid, enioyed and taken by the said corporac'on and inhabitants, to the vses and intents afforesayd. And thervppon whereas there was in the Awdytors book a respect made for the same, vntill ffarther order was taken by this honorable Corte it was after putt in allowans that the sayd xli yeerely shold be allowed and no farther to be put in respect, whervppon the said xli hath bene allowed accordingly. that notwthstanding, pleasith yt yor mastershipp, proces ys awarded by the kings Ma[jes]tiesties Comyssioners against yor sayd Orators, for to Answer vnto the kinges Ma[jes]tietie for and concerning the resceyt of xxxvli by them resceyved of the said xli before allowed, by iij yeres and a halffe. And, forasmuch as by the sayd Com[m]yssioners vppon ye declarac'on of the prmisses the order of this matter is referryd vnto this honorable Corte, And for that the premisses be trew as is beffore alledgid: It may therfore please yor Mastershipp, the premisses consideryd, to graunt to yor sayd Petycyoners the kings most gracyous Writt of Com[m]yssion to be dyrectid to certen worshipfull gentillmen Inhabiting in thos partes of Glamorgan shere, gyving them Auctorite by the same aswell to cawle beffore them and to examyn all such p'sons as shall to them be thowght mete, for the declarac'on of the troth of the prmisses, as allso to vewe the said towne and thestate theroff, and to serch and se all such evydence and proffe as is to be hadd concerning the prmisses, and to certiffie into this honorable corte at a certen day by yor Mastershipp to be lymytted, all and eury thing that they shall haue done concerning the prmisses. And yor said besecheres shall dayly pray to Allmighty god for the prsruac'on of yor Mastershipp long to endewer.


July 1553.

The Writ bears date at Westminster, 7 November, 6 Edw. VI.

Pleasith it yor mastrschippes to be adurtised that we haue Receuid the kings majesties most honorable letters off Com[m]ission vnto vs addressed w[i]th crtayne introgatories & articles thervnto an[n]exid ffor & concrninge the reprac'ons off the walles, Gates, haven, Kays and wears off the towne off Cardiffe and the decayes off the same. Wherupon according vnto the tenore off the seid letters of com[m]ission, wee haue impanellid & Sworne crtayne honest & substantiall men off the seide towne and the same we dyd chardge vppon the seide articles & introgatories, whoos deposic'ons and sayings we do send vnto yor seid mastrschyppes herevnto an[n]exid. And ffurther more we haue vewid crtayne prcells off the seid walles & do prceve the same to be att this prsent Ruinent & in decaye according as itt ys declarid in their seide deposic'ons & sayings. And thus we being allways in a redines to accompleshe the further Com[m]andme[n]t off yor mastrshippes do com[m]itte the same to the tuic'on off God whoo prsrve yor mastrchippes in longe lyffe. Datid att llandaff the xxvjth day off novembre 1552.

George Herbertt.

George Morgan.

W. Wightman.

Will'm basset.

P. Will'm.


The prsentment of the Inqwest whose names and syngn's ys aparant vnto anexed sworen before the Right Worshipfull william wightman, George mathewe, Wm baset Esqwiars & Rogr Wm comishionrs apoyntid by owr souraing lord the kyng the xxvjth day of Novembre A[nn]o RRs. Ed (fn. 4) sexti sexto.

In prmis to the first Artickell we saye that Trewe It ys that the sayde Towne of Kerdyf in the suplicac'o[n] Mencioned standith wtin a mylle of the mayne sea so that the sea dothe bothe eb and flow apon the sowthe west syde of the sayd Town and apoo[n] highe Raging spryngs dothe beat a geynst the Walles & bancks of the sayd Town & farthr saythe that yer ys iij brigs our the west pte of the sayde Town wher of one bridge of stone stondithe w[ith]in the liberties of the sayd Town & that the Town hath allways bin chargid w[i]th meyntenans of the same brig a lxxx yards or thr abowts of lenght, & as for the othr two bridgs they stand w[ith]owt the libertis of the sayd Town co[n]t. xviij peeres of lenght the one & the othr two peeres & for that they ar so nesesary for Recours to the co[n]mo[n] welthe of the seyd towne the baylives w[i]th the com[m]ynalty of the sayd Towne hath allways maynteyned Repayred & allso of newe have made the sayd bridgs tyme owt of mynd.

It'm as to the second Article We saye that we do well Remēbr' that thr hath ben diurs tyms srtain som[m]es of moneyes bestowyd apo[n] the maynten' of the bridgs forsayd as yn som' yeres vjli xiijs. iiijd. in othrs xxi mrcks & nowe of late within this iiij° yeres hathe byn bestowyd yn one yere apoo[n] the mackyng of the sayd bridgs a lxxxli & that notwtstandyng thr ys licke yet to be bestowyd wthin short spase a xl mrcks in makyng of Weares for the assurens of the sayde bridgs.

It'm as to the third Article We saye that the sayd Towne was fully walled Rownd abowt & so beynge walled was a good Deffens to the sayd Town and yet yt ys savyng sartayne pesys on the sowthwest prte throf whiche ys in decay & Ruin by force of the Rage as well of the sallt watr as allso of freshe watr & furthr saithe that ef the sayd walls be not ageyn made othr (fn. 4) som othr deffens as to seye weares shortly to be prvyded that the sayd watr in short tyme wilbe the distruc'on throf And furthr saythe that ther hathe ben diurse weares made for the deffens throf The chargs wherof hath Rizen at sondry tymes [to] the valewe of xli, & som' othr time xxli as ned and ocazion did Reqwire & furthr saythe that thr ys an' vij° hondrethe yards othr more of the sayd walls fallen down & in decaye & the valewe of bylldyng throf agayn we cann[n]ot extend.

It'm as to the iiijth We saye that thr ys vje gatys belong' to the sayd Towne And two gate howsis the whiche gatis hathe byn fro[m] tyme to tyme Repayrid May[n]teynid by the com[m][a]ndement of the Balifs of the sayd Town and as twiching the chargs don apo[n] the same we saye that w[it]hin this iiij° yeres the mackyng of two of the sayd gatys cost xvli & bettr fforthr we saye that the Rezidewe of the gattis ys very nedeffull shortlye to be Repayred the chargs throf we thinck to be to the som' of xl mrcks.

It'm as to the vth We saye that wthin this xxx yeres thr hath ben diurs Weares made which hath coste two hondrethe Marcks othr more wher of thr ys at this prsent tyme six Weares in decaye Remaynynge w[hi]ch weares now standythe by estimac'o[n] iiij° C tayllor yards the whiche ys at this prsent the only savegard and Mayntenans as well of the sayd Town and bridgs as allso of the prishe church callyd sayncte Maris w[it]hin the sayde Towne & furthr we saye that great chargs ys Reqwyset nowe prsent to be bestowyd and for that the chargs of the Mayntenans of the sayd Weares & the Reparashion throf ys vnserteyn and what som's of moneye to be or shalbe yerlye othr othrwize Reqwysyt to be had & bestowyd apo[n] the prmysses we ar vncrtayn declarying fforthr the lacke of the mayntenans & Repayryng of the sayd weares shalbe the vter destruc'on & decaye of the sayd Town.

It'm to the vjth Article We saye that thr ys a haven belong' to the sayd Town and allso thr ys a Keye byllte w[i]th great stone and tymbre, whiche ys not only a Defens for one pte of the walles of the sayd town but allso a speciall com[m]yn wellthe as well to the cowntrey as to the town forsayd & furthr saythe that the sayd keye hathe ben made thre tymes w[it]hin this twentye yeres wher of w[it]hin this ij° yeres twentye mrckys hathe ben bestowyd & that notwthstandynge great chargs ys lycke yerelye to be Reqwysyd & as twichinge the los & hindrans that myght ensewe by the decaye of the sayd keye The trowthe ys that a greate prte of the com[m]on wellthe of the Town an coontreye Restythe [o]nelye in the Maintenans of the sayde keye.

It'm to the vijth Article We saye that dyurse & sondrye tymes ther hathe ben tacken sarteyn som's of moneys owt of the Reven[n]ues Issewis & proffits of the lands ten[n]aments Rents & srvycs late aprteyning to the chaunttries or stipendarie prstis of seynt Maris and seynt John[n]s in the sayd Towne by the com[m]andement of the baylyfs & the brethrn w[i]th the consent of the com[m]ynalltye of the sayd town towards the chargs as well for the Repairyng mendynge builldyng & mackynge of the keye walles weares bridgs gatys and all othr nessesarys belongynge to the sayd town and as twiching howe often the same sum[m]es of moneye hathe ben tacken Receyvyd or had and how miche hathe ben tacken Receyvd or had at one tyme more then att othr tymes and what hathe ben ys tyme owt of mynde tacken and had the trewth is owt of the foresayde chawntryes lands & stipendary lands somtyme thr hathe byn xx nobles by the yere somtym' xxe marcks & somt' xxli as yt was then Reqwysyd & nedefull & at suche tymes as the sayd som[m]es of moneye was tacken and had the bayllifs and theyre brethrn wth the assent of the com[m]ynalltye of the sayd town wolld for that yere discharge ffrom srvys one prste by the yere somtym' two prestys and allso iij as the RepeRac'ons & nessesaryes dyd then Reqwyre.

It'm as to the viijth Artyckell We saye as beffore ys sayde in the vijth Article.

It'm as to the ixth Article We saye that on' John Bassett esqwiar on' of the surveyors of owr sourayne lord the kyng ffor the surveye of chan[n]treye lands w[it]hin the cownteye of glamrgan did asygne xli by the yere owte of the forsayd lands of seynt Marys & seynt Johns of the Towne of kerdyf yn Respeckt of the Reperac'ons of the sayd keye, weares, walls, gatts and bridgs aforsayde as may appere in this booeckys.

The namys of the Enqueste.
John Tanner
Nycholas havkyns
Will'm colchester
John Wastall
Nycholas Johns
John Yoman
Will'm thomas Johns
Robt. Jamys
Will'm Kewe
Jeynckyng bimar
John nycholas hope
Thomas jones

[A few of their signatures follow, to wit, those of John tanner, Nycholas Hawkyns, Wm Colchestr, John yeman, tomas Jones, Wyllia[m] keu & Jeynckin Bimar, but the bottom of the skin is torn away. The concluding paragraph of the document is very faint in places.]

Aug. Proc. 31/23

Complaint of Robert Jones, otherwise called Robert Madok, priest. There was in the Cathedral Church of Landaffe in the county of Glamorgan in Southwals one chantry called David Mathew's Chauntrey, founded there by one Davyd Mathew, and divers lands and tenements given vnto the maintenance of the same amounting yearly to 5l 13s. 4d., the profits whereof the incumbents of the said chantry for the time being have used always heretofore to receive and take to their own uses, and have paid the tenth due unto the late King Henry VIII. for the same. The heirs of the said Dauid Mathew have used always to give the said chantry, when it is void, and to present their clerk unto the President and Chapter of the said Cathedral Church, who have always admitted such clerk to the same. By the resignation of one Hugh Jones, late incumbent there, one Miles Mathew, patron of the said chantry, did present the Complainant unto the said chantry, according to the foundation, and he was by the President and Chapter admitted to the same. The said Miles Mathew has entered into the lands and tenements belonging to the said chantry, and taken all the profits, allowing to the Complainant only 20s. per annum and meat and drink. By reason of the late Statute of the Dissolution of Colleges, Free Chapels and Chantries, the said lands ought to be in the hands of our Sovereign Lord the King's Majesty, and the Complainant ought to have a pension towards his living, of the same. He prays redress accordingly.

Aug. Parlars. for Grants. Eliz. No. 2444.

A place called Portmansmore in tenure of John Wastell, and 2½ acres of pasture in Howl Meade in tenure of John Haries, and a meadow lying nigh the West More in Sowdrey, all late belonging to the parish church of Saint Mary in the Town of Cardiff.


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