Records of the Cordwainers and Glovers: Company Proceedings, 1663-75

Pages 352-367

Cardiff Records: Volume 3. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1901.

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Fonmon Castle Muniments.

Quarto paper book bound in calf.

Proceedings of the Company of Cordwainers and Glovers, 1663 to 1737.

[c. 1670.]

ffrancis dones account begining the 18th of dece'ber I deliuer the

The names the Jurnamen paid theyr
ffrancis donne
Arthur Lewis, unpaid
Hew Jonnes
Edward Jones
Morgan Price
Jeffere Mulinges
Thomas Bowden
Hester Ettkines
Henry Abbey
Georg Dimon, unpaid
Mary Dimon, unpaid
Mary Nowell, unpaid
Mary Bowden, unpaid
William hares
Anthonie powell
Rice morgan
John Beuan
Willian pide
Evan John
John Phillip

Mr ffloyd

septr 29. /99. Reseued of James osborn 8d.
Nathaniell howell 8d.
theoffelis Pris 8d.
Will. Hodges 8d.
Arther yeomans 8d.
Robertt thomas Jorn. 4d.
Res Jones 4d.

Edward price's hand and

1630 Rich[ar]d Yeomans 17 Robin

Mr Robert Nowell of Cardiff his hand 1682.

Cradock Hodge (fn. 4) his hand & pen Jno. Yeomans, His hand.

Thomas Mayo Count of what he And his waren (fn. 5) ded Rec'ued of the masters incom[m]s 4d. ye Gurnimens incom[m]s 6d. in incoms 2s.

ye somm is 16s. 6d.
paid 13. 6.
Dewe 3. 0.

I Theophilius Price passed my accounts.

Cradock Nowell
Nath. Howell.
Nath. Wells.
Will. Phillip.
3 qr
July 26th
William Hodge Master
ffrances donn warden
Cost 2s. 10d.

The Oath of the Masters of the Companie of Shomakeres and Gloucres.

Yow shall dulie and trulie execute the ofice of A masters ffor the companey of Shoomakeres and Gloueres w[i]th in this Toune of cardiffe this present Yeare and to come also hatred and malice ffavoure Or yll will pot a part according to yowr ancientt And Laudabel grant and coustomes & also to be redie To deliver aney moneyes that is in yowr handes ore shall come into yowr handes ffor the Goods of the Companey: Likwise you shall deliver A Just accountt att the eand of the yeare of all such thing and thinges As is or shall come in to yowr handes unto ye new Masteres that then shall be chosen. in Like manar yow Shall deliver unto the Lord of this Towne all suche dewties as shall be dew unto him att the next oditte Houlden ffor him after yowr accontt so heap yow God And contents of that Booke &c.

The oath of the wardenes.

Yow shall dilligenttly and treulie execvte the ofice of wardnes this present year and to come under the masteres of the companey of cordwinderes and Gloues ffor the time being yow shall be redie for to gather diligently aney moneyes that shall be dew unto the companey as also to waren and sumon at the comand of masteres of of the companey as often as the accasion shall require and in Like maner at the eand of ye yeare to deliver up a Just and A trew account unto the Companey of all such moneyes as shall com into yowr Handes by reson of yowr office soe healp you God by And the conntents of that Booke.

The 18th of November 1667.

Receaued by me Cradocke Nowell master of the company of Glouers of Robert Green and James Osborne for theire freedome the sume of 6s. 8d.

Deliur to Jefera Mullings by the consent of the masters towards his relife the sume of 3s. 6d.

The 29 of September 1668.

It is conditioned and agreed betweene the masters of the companies that Phillip Wells is finded in 3s. 4d. for neglectinge of comeinge to the hall beinge lawfull summonsed by the Wardes. [Struck out.]

The 29 of September 1668.

Wee the masters of the company thinke fit to fine John mayo & Phillip Wells for not appeareinge to due summons in 3s. 4d. a pece accordinge to the order of our compossition.

Christopher Wells
Cradock Nowell

November the 23th 1663.

Memorandume that wee whose names are vnder written wear made free of the companies of Cordwiners and Glouers the day and yeare aboue written befor the said masters of the sd Companies Cristopher Wells and Thomas Mayo.

Arthur Yeoman paid 3s. 4d.
Cradocke Nowell 3 . 4
William Hodges 3 . 4
Dauid Jarret 3 . 4
Linard William
Roger Nowell 3 4

Jun the 27th 1664 Sherre Want was made free.

Disburst by vs for draving the cotofarmes (fn. 6) and stremars that hangeth in the cordwinders hal 1l 12s. 6d.

memorandu. that Roberte Green and James Osborne were made free of the societies and componies of the Glouers within this said town of Cardiff by the Consent and Assent of the Masters and Wardens of the said Company the xviijth day of November Anno dni. 1667.

Robert Greene 3s. 4d.
James Osborne 3s. 4d.

William Hodg his account begining his
yeare the 18th of december 1666 and did
deliuer his accountt the 26th of November.


Receved of Mr Yeomanes—00l 05s. 00d.
Receued of weekly moneyes paid by the said Masters of ye Companey 10s. 10d.
Receued of the Mrs ffor theyer quarterag 2s. 4d.
Incomes ffrom the Jurnamen 2s. 4d.
quartarag ffrom ye Jurnamen 3s. 4d.
The Just some Receued 1l 3s. 10d.
Moneyes Disbursed deliuered unto Hew Hew Jones 1s.
deliuvered to moris Taner 6d.
Paid ffor wood and cole 7d.
paid unto John mayo ffor half a barrll of alle 3s.
paid ffor this Booke 3s. 10d.
paid ffor a sheete of parchment 1s. 10d.
paid John Richards ffor half a barell of Ale 3s.
paid ffrancis donne warden 3s.
paid moris Taner 1s.
Disbursed in all 16s. 11d.

Memorandum that William Hodg did pas his account the 26th of november '67 and did pay The remainer that was due on the accountt which was 6s. 11d. Before the to New Masters Christor Weales and Cradock Nowell and It was alowed of.

Christopher uells Cradock Nowell.

Cradock Nouvel his account deliuered the 26th of december 1668.

Receued of Willian Hodg the some of 6s. 11d.
Receued ffor Rob Greene & James osbornes ffreadum 6s. 8d.
Receued of Incomes and quarteredg of Masteres & Jurnamen the som of 9s. 3d.
1. 2. 10.
disburced ffor Jefere mulinges when he was sik 3s. 6d.
mor disburced to the wardenes 4s.
mor ffor beare in the hall 3s.
mor disburced to Moris Tanor 5d.
mor to Mr Treharn 2s.
Paid unto My Lord of Pembrock 3s. 4d.
16s. 3d.

A true accompt deliuered by me Cradock Nowell vnto James osborne the 1d of Jun 1669 in the p'sents of the rest of the masters. Receaved by me James Osborne of the old master the sum of 6s. 7d.

James Osborne.
Arthur Yeomans.
William Hodges.
James Osborn pased his account ye 27th of novembe' unto Robert Greene.

Imprimis Receued of Cradock Nowell 6s.
Receued more of Lewis ffloyd being warden 7s. 7d.
ye Just some 14s. 2d.
Disburce by James Osborn ffor ye uce of ye Companey.
paid unto the cordiners in the ffirst place 5s.
paid ffor A halfe Barell of Ale 6s.
paid unto Moris ye Clarke 7d.
paid unto Edward Jones 2s.
paid unto Lewis ffloyd the time of his wardship 3s.
paid ffor carying the Barell of Aall 3d.
16s. 10d.

Dew unto James Osborne
one this accountt 2s. 8d.

this account pased and aloued as Aboue writen beffore the masters of ye Companey.

Robert Greene
Arthur Yeomans
Cradock Nowell
William Hodges

A true accompt pased by William Gaskine master of the company of cord'inars vnto Alexander Pursell, and Arthur Yeoman Ald' masters of the companies of cord'inars and Glouers the 26 of decemr Annoq. Dom. 1670.

Alexander Pursell
Arthur Yeomans

This is Agreed and allowed before all these masters heare at present beinge the 10. of December 1669.

and are all ffuly Resollued to stand to gether in anie sutes of Law what shall hearafter insew by Nathaniell Howell ffor it is A greed that he shall not be ffree wt out the ffull consent of all ye mastes Ingenerall vpone paiing the ffull penetie of ffiue pound, of Lawfull mones of England whearunto we putt our handes.

William X Gaskines
Robert Greene

This is Agreadd and allowed by the masters here at present being the 10th of December 1669.

we masters are all Agreed to withstand Nathaniell howell in aney sutes of Law what he shall inpnt [?] against vs ffor we are All agreeed that he shall not be made ffree with out the consent of all the masteres In generall of Both companeys and Who soe ever of vs doe giue Aney consent one w[i]th out the consent of all the Rest is to fforfett the ffull penalltie of ffiue pounds of Lawffull moneyes of Engaland whear unto we haue putt our hands.

William Gaskine
his X marke
Robert Greene
Phi. Wells
Thomas Mayo
Alexander Pursell
William Hodges
James Osborne

The tenth Day of December 1669.

Memorand. that Nathaniell Hower gave to the Mrs of the Company of Cordwynrs and Glovers towards his freedome of these Company the Som[m]e of twelve pound tenne shillings that is to say seaven pound tenne shillinges towards the stock of thesd Company and the other ffive pound to be parted bitweene the Lord and the sd Company. Of w[hi]ch 12li 10s thomas yeoman hath taken 10li at use, and have given bond w[i]th security vizt Ralph Lewis and James Osburne.

William Gaskinge
his X marke
Robert Greene

December 1669.

memorandum that I Robert Greene of Cardiff in the countie of Glamorg. Glouer hath in my hand the some of to pound ten shillings of Lawffull moneyes of England and ame to pay in may day nex with the intrest of itt to the vse of the company whearunto I haue putt my hand.

Robert Greene.

Receaued by Robert Greene of morgan Price the sume of three shillings foure pence for his freedome of the company of Glouers, w[hi]ch remaines in his hand vnaccomptable.

29 sep. '73. Receaued of Tho. Yeoman 6s for the use of the bond.

vjto die Maij 1670.

Whereas it appeareth unto us Wm Gaskin Master of the Company of Shoomakers and the rest of that ye Company that John Mayo & Nathaniel Howell Masters of the sd company have been sumoned to appeare at a Hall now called, and have neglected to give their p'sonall appearance & attendance accordingly Wee therefore by Virtue of & according to our Composic'on have by the generall assent and consent of the sd companies ffined the defaulters aforesaid to three shillings four pence a piece. signed.

Wm WG Gaskin
Arthur Yeomans
Phillip Wells
Chr. Wells
Thomas Mayo
Alexander Pursell
Cradock Nowell
William Hodges
James Osborne
Morgan Price
Edward Thomas
Wm Richards master
Thomas Edwards master.

29 sept. '73.

Villa ss.

At a Hall called in the sd Towne the Sixt day of May Anno R's Caroli s'c'di Angl' &c; Vicesimo s'c'do Annoq' d'ni 1670 By the generall assent & consent of the Company of Cordiners & Glovers it is ordered & agreed as followeth

Whereas there are Suites depending at the Exchequer at Westmr Betweene ye sd company of cordiners at the Suite of the coblers of Newport in the county of Monmoth wherein the Liberties & Priviledges of the said Companies are concerned & questioned, And whereas there is a Stock of tenne pounds of currt English money belonging to the said companys now in hands of Thomas Yeomans of cardiff aforesd by Bond, W[hi]ch moneys are not payable vntill ye xxixth day of September next ensueing And Whereas alsoe for the prosecuc'on & answering of the said suites and defraying the costs & charges of the same That Alexander Purcell and Thomas Mayo of the said Towne of cardiff cordiners, have agreed to dispurse & lay out their owne money for the answering of the said Suites It is therefore ordered concluded condiscended and agreed upon by the said companies of cordiners and Glovers That the said Alexander Pursell & Thomas mayo shall make an Accompt of their disbursemts before the said companies and in the sd companies Hall on the sd xxixth day of September w[hi]ch they shall lay out for the aunswering of the said Suites And further that they the said Alexander Pursell & Thomas Mayo shall be reimbursed of all such sum[m]e or sum[m]es of money as they shall lay out in answering the suites aforesd by the Masters of the companies aforesd for the time being at or upon the last day of october next ensueing Wittnesse our hands the day and yeare abovesaid

William X Gaskine Mr

William Hodges Arthur Yeomans
James Osborne Phillip Wells
Morgan Price Chr. Wells
Cradock Nowell

The 29 of november 1670

a Distresse made vpon four paire of old shoes from the Translaters (fn. 7) of newport beinge praised to 2s.

The names of the praisars
John morgan
Arthur Lewis
Morris Tanner

The 29 of septem. 1670

Receaued of Thomas Yeoman for the vse of the bond that is vpon him the sume of 9s.

The 26th of decem. 1670

Receaued of Cradocke Wells Ald. the sume of one pound Ten shillings beinge rent due to the company endinge at michell. last past

Receaued by me, Alexander Pursell

The 29 of septem. 1671

Receaued of Thomas Yeoman for the vse of the bond the sume of 12s.

by vs Alex. Pursell
Arthur Yeomans

novembr the 19th

the Accompt of Arthur Yeomans being on of the
master of the compani of cordinars and gloucrs as
followeth for the year 1671.

Receued of Arthur Lewis warden for a distres mad on fower paier
of ould shoues 1s. 8d.

Receued for the quarterag of Masters & Jorneymen 5s.
sume 6s. 9d.

paid for Robertt Green for a fine due to my Lord pembrok 10s. 10d.
paid Arthur Lewis warden for his se......4s. [Struck out.]

The 17th of nouember 1671

The Accompt of Alexander Pursell on of the
Masters of ye company of shoomakars &
Glovers Deliuered unto the sucsesiue Mastars
for ye yeare following in ye Presents of ye rest
of the bretheren As followeth

The Money Reseued the 17th of nouember '71
Imprimis of william Gaskine At ye deliueringe of his Acompt 2d.
My brother wells his rent which was 1l 10s.
The Incoms And quarteregs came to 16s. 3d.
by Me Alex. Pursell 2. 6. 5
An acoumpt of ye Money Dispursed the 17th of nouember '71.
Imprimis to Moris taner 2d.
my brother wells was Alowed 9d.
More paide cristopher wells our now Mastar of Money which he Laide oute in Goinge to newport 2s. 6d.
More paide for Edward thomas's fredome 8d.
And paide Alonge with Mr yeamans unto My Lords Auditurs 10d.
february ye 11th thomas Richard by consente had 6d.
Andrew Jones by consente had At 2 seuarall times 2s.
March ye 21 Morgan Lishan by consent 6d.
July ye 15 Richard browne by consente had 1s. 6d.
september ye first paide the tiler for 8 dayes work for himsellfe & his boys And for laths As by his note Apeareth 17s.
More for 8 sacks of Lime vnto Mrs woolluine 2s 8d.
More for beare bestowed on ye tiler had of william Gaskins wife 5d.
More paide unto ye baylife of munmathshere 4s.
More John Morgan Laide oute for all (fn. 8) tobacko pips & candells & six pence John Mayo had 1s. 11d.
More Moris taner had for writinge this year 1s. 6d.
More ould Lewis Jones by consent had 1s. 6d.
More John Morgan had for seruinge his wardone shipe 4s.
More paide william Morton for tille 1s. 3d.
by Me Alex. Pursell 2. 4. 8.

more layd out towards Dispursement besids 1s. 9d.

this Acount past And Alloued wittnes our hands

chr. Wells
Cradock Nowell

The 17th of nouembr 1671

The Accounpt of Arthur Yeomans the other
Master of the said Compani of showmakers
and glovers due to the new masters and the
year aboue written as ffolloweth—

Receued of Thomas Yeomans for the vse of tenn pound witch is in his hand of the companis monis the 29th of septembr 12s.
Receued of Arthur Lewis warden for a distres made on fower paier of ould shiwes 1s. 8d.
Receued ofor the quartrage of the masters and Jorney men 5s. 1d.
Somme Receued 18s. 9d
monis dispurst
paid the 29th of septemb. to John Mayo for a barrell of alle 12s.
paid my Lord a pembroks officers for morgan Price his ffredom witch Robertt green Receued 10d.
paid Arthur Lewis for saruing his wardenship 4s.
paid in monis to Cradok nowell the 17th march [?] 1s.11d.
Somme paid 18s. 9d.

This Acount past And Allowed of
Wittnes our hands

Chr. Wells
Cradock Nowell

The 29th of December 1672

Receaued then of Christopher wells the sume of six Pence beinge in full of all demaunds to this daie I said Rece'd 6d.

The 29th of Decem. '72

Receaued then of Cradocke Nowell the sume of to shillings six pence beinge in full of all demaunds to this daie I said receaued by me 2s. 6d. [Struck out.]

Villa ss.

Ad Aula[m] ib'm convent' xxixo die decembris Anno R's Caroli s'c'di nunc Angl' &c; Vicesimo quinto Cora[m] Thom' Mayo et Morg'o Price cap't'lib's Mag'ris et al' Magistr' tunc ib'm pr'tib's.

Ph'us Wells vn' Magistr' de cordiner quia non comp'ruit ad hunc die[m] sup' Sumonic'oe[m] inde ei dat' s'c'd'm composic'oe[m] p' Contemptu suo inde p'd' Ph'us Wells in M'r'ia iijs. iiijd.


Cardiff Town, to wit. At a Hall there convened the 29th day of December in the twenty fifth year of the reign of Charles the Second, now of England &c. [1685], before Thomas Mayo and Morgan Price, chief Masters, and other Masters then and there present. Philip Wells, one of the Masters of the Cordwainers, because he did not appear this day upon summons thereof unto him given, according to the composition the aforesaid Philip Wells for his contempt therein is fined 3s. 4d.


A true and perfect accompt giuen by me Christopher Wells master of the company in the yeare at michell '71 vnto Thomas mayo now in the yeare '72 the sume of 6d. I said Receaued the 29th of decemr 6d.

Thomas Mayo


A true and perfect accompt giuen by me Cradocke Nowell master of the company in the Yeare at michell. '71 vnto Morgan Price now in the yeare '72 the sume of 2s. 6d. I said Receaued the 29 of Decemr 2s. 6d.
Morgan Price

Reseued by me Morgan Price master this 29 day being '72 from Cradock Nowell the som of 2s. 6d.
reseued of Thomas yeoman touest (fn. 9) part of the use 3s.
reseued of my brother Thomas Mayo the some of 10d.
The some 6s. 4d.

Desperst touest one hallfe barell of alle to John mayo this p'sent 6s.

the remainder
in my hand 4d.

xxix° die decembris 1673

Villa ss.

The Accompt of Thomas Mayo & Morgan Price Mrs of ye Company of cordiners & Glovers for the yeare last past.



Rec'd by Tho. Mayo for Rent due mich'as last 1l 15s.
More for Tho. Edwards ffreedome 3s. 4d.
Rec'd of Chr. Wells Mr for the last yeare upon the makeing up of his Accompt 6d.
More of Tho. Yeomans for Interest due 3s.
2l 1s. 10d.
It. more rec'd of quarterag money this yeare 14s.
soe yt ye hole recaite for this yeare comes to 2l 15s. 10d.

17th day 9ber. 1674

the Acoumpt of thomas Mayo Mr of
yc company for ye yeare last Past.

Rece'd in full for this yeare of rente & quarterage 1l 19s. 11d.
the hole charge rec'd for this 2 years past comes to 4l 5s. 9d.
this 17th 9ber. '74 dispurst in money & paide vpon the deliueringe this Acoumpt 4l 5s. 9d.

William Richards
Arthur Yeomans

charge. Morgan Price his Acoumpt ye 17th 9ber '74
Money rec'd this 2 years last past in All 16s. 10d.
of ye w[hi]ch dispurst As Apeareth vnto vs 19s.

William Richards
Arthur Yeomans

nouembr the 17th 1674

deliuered to Will. Richards mr from Thomas Mayo eighteen shillings seaven pence 18s. 7d.
more from Thomas Edwards 8d.

2° day 9ber 1675

the Acovmpt of william Richards & Arthur
yemans Mrs of ye company of shoomakers &
Glouers for ye year last past

Mr Wm Richards hole Recaipt came to 2l 17s. 3d.
of ye w[hi]ch sum he hath dispurst 2. 1. 5
& ye ouer pluch (fn. 10) he hath pd vnto ye now mr
2:9ber '75. Mr Tho. Edwards ye now mr hath receued in money 1l 2s. 3d.

Thomas Edwards

Mr Arthur yemans hole receipt comes to 10s. 6d.
Wharof he hath dispurst 8s. 2d
& ye ouer pluch he hath pd to ye now mr

Nathaniel NH. Howell


  • 4. Very faint.
  • 5. Warden.
  • 6. Probably the coats of arms were those of the two Crafts, emblazoned on separate banners, for use in processions. They seem to have been newly painted at this time.
  • 7. Cobblers.
  • 8. Ale.
  • 9. Towards.
  • 10. Overplus.