Parochial Records: Registers of Roath, 1731-1845

Cardiff Records: Volume 3. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1901.

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'Parochial Records: Registers of Roath, 1731-1845', in Cardiff Records: Volume 3, (Cardiff, 1901) pp. 499-506. British History Online [accessed 11 April 2024]

Roath Parish Registers.

The earliest portions in the possession of the Vicar, the Rev. F. J. Beck, M.A., are some loose leaves, held within a separate cover. The earliest entry is this:—

"Xber 4: 17312 Ann the Daughter of David Jenkin by Mary his Wife was Baptisd."

The entries on these leaves are very much mixed up together, so that it is difficult to maintain these extracts in chronological order. On the back of the same leaf are these signatures:

"William Thomas 1732."

"Edward William Morgan."

"William Morgan."

And on another page:—

"The Names of all those who gave Moneys towards the Repairing of Landaff Church in the Year 1732."

Moses Morgan of Splott 2s. 6d.

Morgan Howell 6d

Lewelyn Thomas 3d.

Morgan William 6d.

Joseph Robert 6d.

Thomas Miles 6d.

Jenkin Howard 6d.

William Stephen 6d.

David Jenkin 6d.

Edward William 6d.

James William 6d.

Rees Howell 6d.

George William 6d.

Thomas David 6d.

Catherine William 6d.

William John 6d.

Tot. 0.9.9

Births in the year 1732.

Henry the Son of Henry Thomas Baptizd Mai 19.

John William Son of John wm by Amellia his wife Mai 21

Juan the Dr of George Thomas March 8.

Morgan the Dr [sic] of Morgan Tho: David March 27.

Meriag in the year 1740.

John Meredith & Catherin william were marrid.

Edward the Son of Morgan meredith was Baptised Jenewary the 11 year 1740.

June the 25: 1732. William the Son of Thomas David of lower Splott was Baptis'd.

Birth in the Year 1741.

Marget the daughter morgan Gamage was Baptised Apprel the 12.

Ann the davghter of John Meredith was Baptised Apprel the 19, 1741.

Ivan the dater of david davids was Baptised May 17.

Mary the davghter of Josaf meredith was Baptised Avggest the 16, 1741.

Margat the davghter of George david was Baptised September the 13 year 1741.

John the Son of Morgan John was Baptised November the I: 1741.

November 26, 1741. John william An Ivan Morgan were married.

Death in the year 1747.

Alse the wife of Morgan Meredith did July ye 21.

Mary the davghter of Morgan Gamage did November 8.

1745. Morgan Gamage did May the 20.

Marget Gamage did December the 12.

Mills Meredith did December the 29.

John Morgan did March the 10.

July 11: 1732. Rees Howell & Joan John were married.

Elickcander John did July the 29, 1741.

Cathrin the davghter of thomas Meredith Whomdecaid (fn. 1) September the 14 year 1741.

Salamon David decaid October 12 year 1741.

Elisabeth the davghter of Henry Lewis did November 29, 1741.

David Jenkin & Anne meredith ware marid in may 8 year 1743.

Sisel the davghter of thomas Arther Baptid September 11, 1743.

Morgan Gamage did may the 20, 1745.

Margat Gamage did December the 12, 1745.

Mills Meredith did December the 29, 1745.

John Morgan did March the 10, 1745.

Susana an Juhana both tweens an daughters of William Morgan was baptised Jenewary 26 year 1747.

thomas Lewis did december 17 year 1747.

Susanna the daughter of William Morgan did Jenery 03.

Johana the daughter of William Morgan did ffebrewary 11.

George Lewis did ffebrey the 19 year 1747.

Sisell Hawart dyed March ye 11 year 1747.

thomas the Son of William Morgan of Pengam was Baptised march the 20 year 1749.

1748. florance Gamage dyde december ye 7.

Joseph an Elzabeth both Son an davghter of Joseph Meredith was baptised November 16 year 1751.

Elzabeth Gamage dyd September the 2 year 1751.

John Gibon dyd November the 1 year 1751.

Blains the davghter of Edward William dyed May the 3, 1752.

Sherra thomas dyed July the 7, 1752.

Ammab Robart dyed July the 26, 1752.

1753. Olliffart the Son of Rees Howell was Baptised Jvly 7.

John williams an Floranc Brver married Avgest the 26.

1754. Ofelis Moris an Mary Hoges Maried Jenewary the 3 year 1754.

mary the wife of feofilvs moris dyed October the 9 ye 1754.

1758. William the Son of Levis Kox by Jvan his wife was Baptised Avgest the Six year 1758.

Sislye the wife of george David dyed Jvly the 9 year 1758.

1761. Olifart the Son of Rees Howell by Marget his wife dyed mrch the 18 year 1761.

Margt the wife of Rees Howell dyed Apprel the 11 year 1761.

Rees Howell dyed Apprel the 12 year 1761.

1762. Rees Howell Senior dyed Jenewary the first year 1762.

Rachel Robathan dyed December the 29 in the year 1762.

1763. George the Son of James David by Anne his wife dyed Jenewary the 5 in the year 1763.

Harry Levis of the Splot dyed October 12 year 1763.

1766. Even Levis dyed September the 24 year 1766 who was Searvant with James James in Roath.

1767. Morgan Meredith dyed febrewary the 12 year 1767.

1768. David Rees Servant of Rovlant James of Splot dyed Sptmber the 22 year 1768. [End of the above handwriting.]

1772. Miles the Son of Miles Mredith Gent: by Dorothy his wife chrd Novr the 12, 1772.

Grace the wife of John Cradoc of the Town of Cardiff was burd October 3rd 1772.

1773 January 12. John Mredith of the Parish of Rumney in the County of Monmouth was buried.

March 2. Lot Seabrook of the Town of Cardiff was buried.

1797 November 30. Baptised Margaret Dautr of Ditfield (fn. 2) William & John Thomas a Bastard Child.

March 17. Buried John Jones Tynycue.

1805 December 1. Evan & Charlotte (illeg. Twins) of Margt Richards.

1781 December the tenth. Buried the Wife of Lewis Cox un paid.

1740 March 1. Edward Williams of Pengam did.

The presentment of Reignold James Church Warden of the Parish of Lanishen in the County of Glamorgan Exhibited at the Chancellors Easter Visitation Holden at the Cathedral Church of Landaff on Tuesday the ninth day of April 1782 before the Revd Mr Hale Surrogate.

The presentment of James Howard Church Warden of the Parish of Lysvane [&c., as above.] Haveing nothing else Presentable at this Visitation to the best of our Knowledge as Witness our Hands the Day and year above written.

John Jones Clk:

1784 June 11. "Examined and the Duty Received thus far by James Whiteing Collector."

1776 July 7. Thomas Meredith, Son of Miles and Dorothy, was buried in the Parish Church.

1777 Octr 3. Buried Edward Gamage.

1778 Jany 1., John Turbervill.
Septr 4. " Miles Meredith.

1780 April 2. " Mallt (fn. 3) William.
1781 March 15. " Miles Meredith.

1796 May 29. Baptised Gwenllian da. of John William by Ann his wife.

1794 May 12. Buried Charlot Prist.

1787 Feby 2. Buried Joseph Meredith.

April 10. " William Haries, Splot.

Octr 3. " Hanna Morgan, Pengam.

"Evan Rosser's his hand. April 4th 1784."

"The Bodies or Corpses of the most noble Charlotte Jane late Marchioness of Bute, of the Right Honble John Lord Viscount Mountstuart and the Honble Elizabeth Stuart, were deposited in a Vault or buryingplace adjoining the north side of the chancel of Roath in the county of Glamorgan on the 5th day of September 1800.

D. Davies, Vicar."

"The Body or Corpse of Emily Stuart was deposited in a Vault or buryingplace adjoining the north side of the Chancel of Roath in the County of Glamorgan on the 1st day of September 1809.

David Davies, Curate."

1805 Decr 1. Buried Fanny Henrietta Parris (an Infant.)

1809 Septr 1. Buried Lord Henry Stuart.

" 8. " Lady Gertrude Amelia Stuart.

" 13. " Anne Mackintosh.

1813. Burials.

Septr 7. Sarah Jones of Little Longcross, aged 18.

Dec.16. William Lewis of Corsham, Wilts, 57.

1814 May 5. Anne Turberville of Cardiff, 60.

Dec. 20. Marquess of Bute, of Cardiff Castle, 70.

1815 May 12. John Turberville of Cardiff, 70.

1822 Jany 28. Elizabeth Penelope Crichton Stuart, of Whitehall, London, 3.

1826 March 30. Jane Elizabeth Dawson, of Roath Court, 22.

1831 Aug. 10. John Head Deacon, Longcross, Roath, 5.

1832 Novr 24. Frances, Dowager Marchioness of Bute (Relict of John, first Marquis of Bute) of Petersham, Kent, 59.

1836 Feb. 12. Mary Humberston, (fn. 4) of Ty-gwyn, Roath, 78.

1837 Novr 19. Catherine Meredith, of Spital, Cardiff, 78.

1838 Jan. 26. Thomas John, of Penylan, Roath, 79.

Mch. 21. Henry Morgan, of Pengam, Roath, 50.

July 29. Ann Brooks, of West Gate, Cardiff, 23.

1844 Septr 30. David Hopkins, of Tynycue, 44.

Decr 31. Harriet Gale, Red House, Roath, 18.

1845 Jany 2. Mary Williams, of Weddel, Llandaff, 29.

March 4. Joseph Richards, of Kingcoed, Llanishen, 58.

[About the year 1845 Roath church was a little old-fashioned building, whitewashed inside and out. The parson used to vest behind a piece of green baize in the chancel. The choir consisted of an old man and his daughter, who used to walk over from Cardiff— he with a flute in several pieces in his pocket. With this instrument he set the key-note, and he and the girl led the singing.]


  • 1. Who deceased.
  • 2. Tydfil (female).
  • 3. Mallt is the Welsh form of Maud.
  • 4. This is a Lincolnshire surname. The family had been settled in the neighbourhood of Roath and Llanedern for several generations, since the first of them came as Bailiff to one of the land-owners of this district. The family of Robotham, of Cardiff, had, I believe, a similar history.