Memorial inscriptions: St John's church

Cardiff Records: Volume 3. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1901.

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'Memorial inscriptions: St John's church', in Cardiff Records: Volume 3, (Cardiff, 1901) pp. 510-545. British History Online [accessed 19 April 2024]

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Memorial Inscriptions in Saint John's Church.

The Herbert Chapel.

The east end of the old north lean-to aisle of Saint John's church opens out into a chapel, somewhat wider than the aisle, and a few yards shorter than the chancel. This chapel, since the latter part of the sixteenth century, has been known as the Herbert Aisle, or Chapel; a name which is owing to the numerous interments of members of the Herbert family in the vaults beneath it. Like the modern chancel, it is raised one step higher than the body of the church, and its western end is in a line with that of the chancel. The Herbert Chapel is divided off by two arches from the chancel on the south, and by one from the old north aisle. These arches, with their piers and columns, are Perpendicular, and similar in character to those of the nave. The two windows in the north wall of the chapel are also Perpendicular, with tracery of a somewhat flamboyant type. The east window, restored, is Perpendicular with the ordinary form of tracery. The roof is new, and substantially constructed in oak, in character with the rest of the building. The floor is of plain modern tiles. At the south-east angle of the chapel, about four feet from the floor, is a plain but curious bracket carved in the stone of the easternmost arch-pier, between chapel and chancel. In the opposite northwest angle of the chapel, the east face of the west wall has been cut away square to a height of about five feet from the ground, and into the space a piece of the oak panelling has been fixed. A parclose screen of old oak encloses the chapel on its south and west sides. The framework of this screen is late Perpendicular; but the ornamental panelling is in part of Queen Mary's time, and in part of the reign of Charles I. The Perpendicular string-course bears the usual flowing carvings of vines and wheat, which appear also in the south and west doors of the screen. The panels, which are carved only on the sides facing inwards to the chapel, exhibit beautiful and intricate late Perpendicular geometrical designs, and also arabesques and foliage of the Renascence; but the most interesting are those which present various grotesque human figures. One medallion, surrounded by arabesque carving, contains the bust of a man in armour, wearing a helmet with the visor raised, and putting out his tongue. The face is bearded, and the breastplate is charged with the arms of Jerusalem, a Greek cross, or cross coupée, between four crosslets of like shape. Dos-à-dos to this, in a corresponding medallion, is a female bust, also with the tongue protruded. This figure wears a close frilled cap, and a bodice with a low neck, also frilled, shewing the breasts. She wears a crosslet suspended around her neck, and her cheek is marked with two spots or "patches." In spite of the crosses worn by this ill-favoured pair, they no doubt represent characters in the mediaeval legend of the Passion of our Lord, to wit, a Roman soldier, and the wife of the smith, who, when her husband humanely pretended he could not find nails for the Crucifixion, with cruel officiousness came forward with them herself. There is another pair of male and female heads, not grotesque. The man has a beard and wears a flat cap; the dress of the woman is very similar to that described above, but she wears no cross. There is also a female half-figure, in a dress of Mary Tudor's reign. This one wears a heart-shaped head-dress and a wide, stiff frilled collar. Her arms are crossed upon her bosom. Corresponding to this is a male half-figure, in a costume of the same period. The man is in trunk hose, and wears a peaked beard. These last two carvings are on the west side of the chapel; the Roman soldier and the smith's wife are on the south side. Another panel on the south represents a large bird (perhaps an eagle) holding, by a cord in its beak, a shield charged with the letter H. There are also carved garlands surrounding blank shields, and seahorses supporting a cartouche. Other panels have round arches with cable ornament. Under the east window of the Herbert Chapel is a bench of five armed seats with an ornamental back, carved early in the last century into a representation of Aaron, with loaves and pitcher, and a figure of a man armed, the whole embellished with vines and wheat. In the chapel are a number of chairs, of considerable age, particularly a high-backed fauteuil of the 17th century, with morocco seat and back. There is also a long priedieu of the 17th century, carved with nymphs, cupids, tritons and dolphins.

The most prominent object in this chapel is the Herbert monument, a fine and characteristic example of Jacobean sculpture. It consists of a sarcophagus of stone, marble and alabaster, standing against the north wall and backed by a high reredos of like materials, the whole being raised upon a stone platform of one step. Both sarcophagus and reredos are divided into two parts, each of which contains a central panel of a dark stone, marked with the inscription which I have translated below. On the top of the sarcophagus are recumbent effigies of two gentlemen, with their feet, of course, to the east. He on the outside, nearest the spectator, has a beard and is dressed in ruffled collar, buttoned jerkin, and trunk hose; over which is a barrister's gown. His shoes are ornamented with rosettes. Inside, next the wall, the other figure represents a gentleman clean shaven save for a small chin-tuft, wearing a ruffled collar and wrist bands, and armour of a late pattern. The reredos is sculptured with two cherubs, blowing bubbles out of conches; and at the apex is a rococo female bust, the head of which, in these utilitarian days, serves to support a gas bracket. The Latin epitaphs on this tomb will be found set out at the head of our sepulchral inscriptions, on a subsequent page; but this will be a convenient place to give the translation, which is as follows:—

"Sacred to Memory.

"In certain hope of rising again in Christ, here sleep two brothers, John and William Herbert of Swansey, knights. John, the younger, was Chief Secretary to Queen Elizabeth and King James. On account of his prudence and tried fidelity he was sent ambassador to Frederic the Second, King of Denmark, and Christian his son; to Sigismund, King of Poland; to the Confederate Orders; to Henry the Fourth, King of the Gauls, to treat . . . . . He took to wife Margaret, daughter and heir of William Morgan of Penyclawdh; by whom he begat an only daughter Mary, wife of William Dodington of Breamore, knight; who bore him William, Herbert, Henry, John and Edward, Mary, Christian, Margaret, Catherine, Frances and Ann.

"Sir John Herbert died 1617, aged 84.

"Sir William Herbert died x... August 1609, aged 76.

"To the best and dearest of husbands, his right sorrowful wife, in testimony of conjugal faith and love, and in memory of his brother, with tears erected this monument."

In 1684 the above tomb was inspected by the diligent antiquary who compiled the record of the "Duke of Beaufort's Progress through Wales" in that year. From his description we learn that even then the monument had begun to decay. These are his words:—

"Caerdiff Church is fair. Adjoining to the North Wall of the east end of the north Isle is seen the chiefest monument (almost gone to decay by ye Injury of time & by neglect) of two brothers Herberts. John Herbert . . . and Sr William Herbert of Swansey Knight, at whose quo'da' house there his Grace was entertein'd in this progress. This Tomb hath under a Canopy of white marble guilded and painted, held up by 4 Corinthian Pillars of black their Representac'ons in a kneeling [this is a flagrant mistake] praying posture, the one in civil in his gown, the other in military habit with the Inscripc'on following (as much as I was able to recover) on panes of black marble and Roman Capitall letters of Gold."

He then sets out the epitaphs more completely than they can now be read. He does not, however, give the inscriptions on the sarcophagus, and his copy contains a few slight errors which the present writer has been able to rectify. He goes on:—

"Above all, this monument is possest with the figure of Time, between two escocheons with various quarterings,"

but he does not particularise them. They are these:—

Shield I. Twelve quarterings.

1. Party per pale azure and gules, three lioncels rampant argent. (Herbert.)

2. Or, two choughs sable in pale.

3. Gules, two bands or.

4. Gules, a fess fusilly or.

5. Or, on a cross gules five mullets of the field.

6. Azure, three fleurs-de-lis or. (France modern.)

7. Or, a lion rampant sable crowned or.

8. Sable, three boar's heads or, between nine cross crosslets of the same, 3, 3, 3. (Cradock.)

9. Azure, a chevron between three fleurs-de-lis or.

10. Bendy invected of six, or and gules; a canton of the first.

11. Gules, three leopard's heads jessant-de-lis or (Cantilupe ?)

12. Gules, a chevron ermine between nine crosslets or, 4 over 2 in chief, and crosswise in base.

Shield II. Twelve quarterings.

1. As 1 above. (Herbert.)

2. As 3, above.

3. As 4, above.

4. As 5, above.

5. As 6, above. (France modern.)

6. As 7, above.

7. Azure, a chevron between three pheons or.

8. Or, three cocks gules.

9. As 8 in Shield I.

As in Shield I.

Each shield is surmounted by a knight's helmet with mantlings, and below are scrolls bearing the respective mottoes:—

Kemero lle. (Welsh: "Let him take a place.")

Virtute et sanguine. (Latin: "By valour and blood.")

There is lying upon the tomb a rusty iron open helmet or morian, full of holes. It is in form a simple iron cap, with a crest raised along the top, from front to back, and the back bent outwards to protect the nape of the wearer's neck. Probably it is only a funeral trophy.

The painted glass (modern) in the westernmost window of the chapel's north wall displays a series of shields with the inscription: "The paternal arms of Sophia Hastings, Marchioness of Bute, who repaired this aisle A.D. 1855." As also "The arms of Sophia Hastings, Marchioness of Bute, Countess of Dumfries, Baroness Cardiff of Cardiff Castle,&c., who purchased this aisle A.D. 1852." There are in all 28 shields, and the Marchioness' lozenge in the centre. (The arms of this family are described below.)

The adjoining and more easterly window is filled with armorial bearings, therein described as "Arms of the families who have possessed Cardiff Castle from 1091 to 1814." The shields represented are those of Fitz Hamon and his long line of successors, Lords of Glamorgan and of the domain of Cardiff Castle and its dependencies, down to "The arms of John Patrick, 3rd Marquess of Bute, Earl of Dumfries, Baron Cardiff of Cardiff Castle,&c., &c.,&c., during whose minority this aisle was acquired, A.D. 1852." This lastmentioned shield occupies the centre of the window, and is blazoned thus:—

Quarterly. I. Counter-quarterly. 1. Or, a fess chequy argent and azure, within a double tressure flory counter-flory gules. (Stuart.) 2. Argent, a lion rampant azure. (Crichton.) II. Stuart, as above. III. Gules, a saltire argent between twelve crosslets or. (Windsor.) IV. Per pale azure and gules, three lioncels rampant argent. (Herbert.)

The spandrils of both the above windows are filled with whiterose branches on a blue background.

Inscriptions in the Church.

The oldest tomb remaining in Saint John's is the one, already architecturally described, in the Herbert chapel. The inscription on it reads as follows:—

On the western panel of the reredos of the monument.

Memoriæ Sacrum

Spe certa resurgendi in Christo

Hic obdormiunt duo fratres

Johannes et Guilhelmus Herberti De

Swansey milites Johannes minor natu fuit

Secretarius principalis

Elizabethæ Reginæ et Jacobo Regi

Ob prudentiam et

Fidem spectatam legatus missus ad

Fredericum secundum regem Daniæ et

Christianum eius filium ad Sigismundum

Regem Poloniæ ad Ordines Confederatos

Ad Henricum Quartum regem Galliarum

Ad tractand...........................

On the eastern panel of the reredos of the monument.

Memoriæ Sacrum

Duxit in uxorem Margaretam

Filiam et heredem Gulielmi Morgani de

Penyclawdh e qua progenuit

Unicam filiam Mariam uxorem Gulielmi

Dodington de Breamore militis

Quæ illi peperit Guilielmum Herbertum

Henricum Johannem et Edwardum

Mariam Christianam Margaretam

Catherinam Franciscam et Annam.

On the western panel of the front of the sarcophagus.

Dominus Johannes Herbertus

obiit............ MDCXVII

ætatis suæ 84.

Dominus Gulielmus Herbertus

obiit x...... Augusti MDCIX

ætatis suæ 76.

On the eastern panel of the front of the sarcophagus.

Optimo& charissimo marito uxor Mœstissima in coniugalis fidei Amorisq. testimonium& eius Fratri memoriam cum lachrimis Posuit. (fn. 1)

A block of freestone lying by the west window, in the tower.

I. B. M. Elizabethæ nuper [conjug]is charissimæ Rndi Thomæ Andrewes (Eccl. cath. Land. cancell. Et. hujus vicarij) vitam Ærumno jam in Fælice com[m]utavit se[m]pit[e]rno ide......... [MDC]XCIII (?) (fn. 2)

The following inscription was copied in the nave in the year 1684.

Here lyeth the body of Roger Williams Esquire Barrister of Grayes Inne who dyed at Graistock Castle in Cumberland the xxixnth day of September 166......

And this in the chancel:—

Here lyeth the body of Emanuel Jones of Cardiff who was slayn February xx, MDCXLV.

Which valiaunt Captaine of theis Townsmen boulde
Fought with hys sourd though 70 od years ould
For God and Kinge in fight hee lost his lyfe
And left behinde 9 Children and a wyfe
Whose name was Iohan his loyaull wife
And constante widdow dureing lyfe
Who on the first of August sixty eight did dye
And heer her corpse doeth with her husband lye.

[It appears that shields of arms figured on the last two tombs.]

Tablets on the east wall of the south aisle chapel.

To the memory of his attached friend Henry Yeomans, Senior Alderman of this town, who died 31 Decr 1780, aged 80; John, Marquess of Bute, Baron Cardiff, &c &c &c, dedicates this tablet.

Thomas Charles of this town, esq.; died 20 May 1835, aged 71. He was an Alderman of Cardiff 18 years, during which period he filled the office of Bailiff 10 times, and in possession of which honorable trust he died.

Also of Mary, his widow; died 25 May 1853, aged 89.

Alexander Purcel senior; died 12 Septr 1727, aged 89.

Alexander Purcel, son of the above, Senior Alderman of this Town; died 12 March 1748, aged 78.

Mary, daughter of the last abovenamed, wife of John Willson; died 21 October 1756, aged 53.

Jane, daughter of the second Alexander Purcel; died 7 Novr 1776, aged 62.

Elizabeth, wife of the latter Alexander Purcel; died 28 April 1780, aged 77.

Elizabeth, their daughter; died 21 Novr 1789, aged 79. Who caused this Monument to be erected out of Duty& Affection.

Also Alexander Wilson, son of the above Mary Wilson; Capital Burgess of this Town, and late Surveyor of His Majesty's Customs at this Port; died 22 April 1824, aged 87.

Mr Thomas Morgan, one of the Aldermen of this Town; died 22 March 1827, aged 77.

Mrs Elizabeth Morgan, relict of the above; died 4 April 1829, aged 74.

Elizabeth, their eldest daughter; died in the City of Llandaff, 29 June 1844, aged 68.

Captain Thomas Morgan, their eldest son, an Alderman of this Town; died 8 Septr 1868, aged 87.

Between the rood-stair doors.

Sancti Fagani situm est quod mortale fuit Elizabethae Edvardi Llewellin de Stockland et Elizabethae Turberville filiae generosae Ricardi Reece de Cardiff medici Soc. Antiquar. Socii spectatissimae maritae; ob. 13 Decr 1835, aet. 66.

Ricardus Reece maritus dedicavit. In cemeterio oppidi jacet sepultus. Obiit 15 Junii 1850, aetatis 77. (fn. 3)

[Surmounted by a shield of arms marshalled as under:—]

Crest: Griffin segreant.

Arms: Per pale: Baron: Quarterly: I. and IV.: Sable, a lion rampant argent. II.: Per pale, gules and azure, 3 lioncels rampant argent. III.: Argent, on a cross gules 5 mullets or. Femme: Quarterly: I. and IV.: Gules, 3 chevronels argent. II. and III.: Checquy or and gules, a fess ermine.

On the west face of the rood-stair turret.

Brass. In memory of certain named non-commissioned officers and men of the Welsh Regiment, who died at Mauritius, 1883—5.

Brass. William Done Bushell, Resident Director of the Taff Vale Railway, a constant worshipper in this church; died 8 February 1883, aged 75.

In the tower, on the north and south walls, above the first floor, are a number of tablets, taken from the old north and south aisle and chancel walls, when the new outer aisles were added. Some of these are fixed so high up, that it is exceedingly difficult to read the inscriptions; and in two cases the lettering is altogether invisible. The following are short particulars of the epitaphs.

Jeremiah Box Stockdale, who for 34 years held the appointment of Superintendent of Police in the Borough of Cardiff, and died 21 August 1870, aged 64. Erected by public subscription.

John Meggison Rochester, aged 27, and Frederick Vavasseur, aged 26, both of this town, who perished on the 15th of August 1860 by a fall from a precipice, whilst descending the Col du Geant, Mont Blanc, and are buried in the Protestant Cemetery at Cormayeur, Savoy. This tablet was erected by a few friends.

Mary Ann, wife of John Wood, an Alderman of this Town; died 9 July 1820.

Sarah, wife of William Glascott of this Town, Currier, and daughter of James Malcott of the City of Bristol, Brass Founder; died 7 Decr 1762, aged 35.

Brass erected 1883 to members of the Elliott family.

Jane, wife of William Prichard; died 17 Decr 1780, aged 35.

Mary Sweet, sister to the above; died 1787, aged 41.

Jane, wife of Joseph Davies and daughter of William Prichard; died 1821, aged 43.

William Prichard; died 27 March 1839, aged 88. He was a most active Magistrate of this Town upwards of 40 years.

Robert William Leake, esqre; died 15 June 1788, aged 38.

Slate. Mr Robert Williams; died 17—.

Richard Wyndham Williams, esqre, of this town; died 1836, aged 36 (?). And relatives.

William Tait, esqre, of the Dowlais Iron Works; died at Cardiff 20 Novr 1815, aged 67.

Frances Bridges, wife of John Wood. (c. 1820.)

Elizabeth Ballard. 1800.

Mrs Grace Williams, wife of Daniel Williams. (c. 1830.)

Mary Evans, eldest sister of Thomas Charles, esqre, and widow of Mr Lewis Evans, both late of this town; died 1837 (?), aged 77. Also Margaret, her sister, wife of William Bowen, late of this town.

Nicholas Priest; died 10 April 1786, aged 41. Also Sarah, his wife, died 1776, aged 23. Also Sarah Ann Minnitt, their granddaughter; died 1827, aged 24. Also Ann Acraman, their daughter; died 1803, aged 28. And Richard Priest, their son; "who was unfortunately depriv'd of Life" 1809, aged 35. And Sarah Minnitt, daughter of Nicholas and Sarah Priest, and wife of Francis Minnit; died 1833, aged 60. Also Francis Minnitt; died 16 July 1833, aged 61.

John Lloyd; died 8 Septr 1865, aged 68. And Martha Ann, his widow; died 1889, aged 83. Also Eliza Ann Minnitt, sister of the above Mrs Lloyd; died 25 Novr 1893, aged 89.

Mr John Bird, Senior Alderman of this town; died 27 June 1840, aged 79. Erected by the Marquis of Bute.

Brass. John Bateman Woods, 48 years Governor of Cardiff Gaol; died 17 Jany 1872, aged 80. Also William Woods, his son, many years Warden of this church; died 25 April 1871, aged 56. (fn. 4)

John Wood, of Cardiff, Attorney at Law; died 27 April 1817, aged 62. And others of the same family.

Mary Ann, relict of James Flint, esqre, of Kent; died 1801, aged 52.

John Priest, of this town; died 26 Jany 1785, aged 70. Also his wife Dorothy, and their daughter.

Daniel Claus, esqre, 1787.

Richard Hill; died 1816. Also Margaret his wife; and relatives.

Mr Charles Grevill Ruddock, Surgeon, of Bristol, a practitioner in this town; drowned while bathing in the Taff, 6 June 1835, aged 24.

John Richards, George Richards,&c.; circa 1800.

Bloom Williams, esqre; died 1802. Also Eleanor, his wife, daughter of Mr Lewis of Newhouse in Llanishen.

James Fraser; died 1826. Also Eliza, his wife; died 1807.

Edward Whiteing; Joan, his wife; and their twelve children. Erected by Joan, surviving child, in 1819. The lastnamed Joan died 1830.

Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Nicholas Pryce, esqre, of Pontypandy; died 1766, aged 27. Erected by William Richards, esqre, the younger, "as a small testimony of gratitude& from a most sincere regard."

William Richards, of the Corner House (fn. 5) in this Town, Esqe; died 6 February 1780, aged 34. Also Mary, wife of John Richards, esqe,& 4th daughter of Peter Birt, esqe, of Wenvoe Castle; died 1790. Also John Richards; died 19 December 1824, aged 78.

The Churchyard.

". . . in the precincts of the chapel-yard, Among the cold Hic Jacets of the dead."

(Merlin and Vivien).

The Churchyard of Saint John Baptist now comprises about three-quarters of an acre, (fn. 6) and extends from Saint John's Square on the north to the Free Library on the south. It is bounded on the east (on which side its frontage has twice been shifted westwards) by Working Street, and on the west by Trinity Street. The church stands at the north end of the yard.

Near the south porch stands the base and lower part of the shaft of the ancient cross, upon which a storied Calvary has lately been erected. The remains of the old cross are of simple and usual Decorated type. A considerable heap of stones around the base was all that until lately marked the site of the original steps.

Close to the cross is a small broken piece of white stone, bearing, rudely lettered, the inscription "Here lyeth the Body of A. W. Ihon. 1616." This is by far the oldest epitaph now existing in the churchyard.

There has been a terrible havoc wrought at sundry times among the tombstones. About a hundred years ago all the headstones were laid flat, in regular rows, and an incalculable number were broken to mend the paths. Many have been laid down as a pavement, with their inscribed sides undermost, so that the epitaphs are invisible. Some have been cracked or effaced by the workmen who enlarged the church. Others have been removed on the widening of Working Street. Nearly all that remain are suffering severely from the weather, causing the surfaces to peel off. In another ten years' time few will be legible; and very great difficulty was met in deciphering a large proportion of them for the purposes of this record. The following are notes of the inscriptions taken by the Archivist in 1895, beginning with those around the cross:—

Evan Williams. 1786. Fragment.

John Gainer; died 1811, aged 51. Sarah, his widow; died 1843.

George Bevan; died 1864, aged 58. And family.

Mary Epton, wife of William Allen; 1815.

Llewellyn Yorath; died 1850, aged 65. And relatives.

David Evans; died 27 April 1839, aged 59. For fifteen years Chief Constable of this Town. Also Margaret, his wife; died 1857, aged 80. Also William, their son.

John Collins; died 1808, aged 80. Also Eleanor, his wife; died 1816.

John Nicholas; died 1796, aged 50. Ann his wife, died 1808.

Infant son of James Bowden, of Cardiff Glass-works; died 1828.

Thomas Lake, of Yarmouth; died 1801, aged 26.

Thomas Williams, died 1756. Fragment.

Daughter of Henry Lewis; died 1811. Fragment.

William Jenkins, of Ely Farm in the parish of Landaff; died 17 September 1752, aged 57. Also Thomas Jenkins, of Ely Farm, son of the above William Jenkins; died 27 August 1807, aged 67.

William Lewis, Sergeant, Royal Glamorganshire Militia; died circa 1830.

James Parry, architect; died 1832, aged 59.

Mary Jones; died 1789, aged 72. Also Lewis Thomas, died 1827, aged 72.

James Freake; died 1819, aged 40. And relatives.

Thomas Griffiths, Elizabeth Griffiths, and others; circa 1820.

Mary, wife of Christopher French, of the Globe Inn; died circa 1835, aged 37.

Richard Price, and relatives.

William Mathews. Also Sarah, his widow; died 1831, aged 81.

Also Margaret, daughter of Thomas Mathews, carpenter; died 1761.

John Harris; died 1817, aged 70. Also Rachel, his widow; died 1825.

Thomas Roberts; died 1783, aged 70. And relatives.

Infant son of William Hounsfield, draper; died 1844.

William Stibbs; died 1845, aged 45. Also Esther, his wife, and their infant children.

Herbert Rees; died 1803, aged 47. Also Elizabeth, his widow.

Mary, wife of Jenkin Morgan, Sexton of this church; died 1786, aged 54.

Katherine Fraser, wife of John Paxton, Supervisor of Excise; died 1830, aged 42.

John Allen, master mariner; died 1847, aged 51. Also Mary, his wife.

John Evans; died 1837, aged 74.

Barbara, wife of William Warwick, of Seaford, Sussex, mariner; died 1809, aged 39.

Charles Rosser; died 1830, aged 63. And his two wives.

John Davies; died 1796, aged 33. And his infant children.

Hannah, wife of Matthew Joseph; died 1818.

John Thomas; died 1835, aged 82. And relatives.

Christopher French; died 1879, aged 81.

Wife and infant children of Robert Roberts. She died 1844.

John Jenkin, glazier; died 1763.

Watkin Williams Wynn; died 1832, aged 61. And Charles, his infant son.

A plain slab, inscribed lengthways with only a half-legible Welsh verse; circa 1830.

Wife and infant children of John George, mason. She died 1794.

Ann, wife of Richard Down, carpenter, of South Molton, Devonshire; died 1822, aged 27. Also Grace, their daughter; died 1822.

Samuel Hicks; died 1842, aged 65. Also his wife and children.

A railed vault, with new granite monument. John Davies, gent:, Comptroller of Customs in this port; died 1822, aged 48. Also various members of his family.

Richard Tollman; died 1805, aged 49. Also his wife.

William, son of William Hopkin; died 1821. And other children.

William Evans, master of the "Maria and Eliza" of Cardiff; died 1851, aged 43. Also his wife; died 1876, aged 82.

William Thomas; died 1842, aged 59. And relatives.

Ann, wife of John Stone, mariner; died 1768, aged 46:—

"Grieve not, my Husband dear,
Grieve not for me that I am here,
Nor for me no Sorrow take,
But love my Children for my sake."

[Much cracked and almost illegible.]

Mary, wife of John Davies, builder; died 1810, aged 53.

Timothy Clint; died 1809, aged 27. Also Mary Clint; died 1833, aged 76.

William Roberts; died 1838. And relatives.

John Evans; died 1844, aged 65. Also his wife.

Thomas Lewis; died 1818, aged 30. Also his children:—

"In perfect health from home I whent,
I little thought my Life was spent;
But on the Road most sudenly
God Call'd me to Eternity."

Richard Mason; died 1845, aged 56. Also his wife and daughter.

William Ray, Captain and Adjutant, Royal Glamorganshire Militia; died 8 September 1827, aged 54. Also Horatio Ray Ray, son of the above; died 1843, aged 30. Also Jane, relict of the above Captain Ray; died 1850, aged 74.

Sarah, wife of John Pirks; died 1828, aged 21. And relatives.

Wife and infant children of John John, 1827.

Ann Jenkins, died 1866, aged 48.

William Lewis; died 1846, aged 52.

Thomas Christopher, for twenty years master of Cardiff Charity School; died 1839, aged 62. Also his wife.

Eleanor, daughter of Robert Humphrey, Wesleyan minister; died 1829, aged 13.

William Edmunds; died 1746, aged 72. Also Nicholas, his son; died 1766, aged 44. Also Catherine, wife of the above William Edmunds; died 1771, aged 75. Erected by Thomas Lewis, of Bristoll, in memory of Mary, daughter of the above William and Catherine Edmunds, and widow of the late Thomas Lewis, of Bristoll. She died 1818, aged 82.

William Woodman; died 1864, aged 68. Also his wife.

Edward Woodman; died 1845, aged 74. Also his wife and son.

[cross] Abina, daughter of John and Mary O'Connell; died 1840, aged 4:—

"The Lord took back but what he gave,
And took it early to the grave,
Out of this World; He knew it best
To take it to a place of rest."

Also Edward Shallow; died 1845, aged 32. May his soul rest in peace. Amen. Also Mary O'Connell, wife of the above John; died 1849, aged 42.

[cross] Michael Molony; died 1859, aged 60. Requiescat in pace. Also his infant children John and Hanora.

[cross] Mary, Daniel and Cornelius, children of Cornelius Reily, 1836 etc.

William Thomas, auctioneer; died 1836, aged 40. Also his daughter.

William Casswell; died 1821, aged 56. Also two children of his daughter Elizabeth Watts.

William Jones; died 1864, aged 68. Also his wife, died 1820, and children:—

"Nine Infants pure lies buried here,
Unto their Parents they was most dear;
God took them hence, as He thought best,
That they may live in peace and rest."

Philip Lewis; died 1831, aged 55. Also Elizabeth, his wife, 1830; and daughter Elizabeth, 1833.

John Winstone; died 1853, aged 80. Also his son Frederick, died 1813; daughter Elizabeth, died 1813; Matilda, died 1817; and his widow, Matilda Winstone, died 1864, aged 81.

[cross] "Cornelius Donovan, ship master, departed this life June the . . . 1815, as he was on his Passage from his own home, Kinsale, in Ireland, bound to this Port; aged 27 Years; much Regreted by his Wife and Children and all his Relations. Pray God have mercy on his Soul. Amen."

Frances, daughter of James and Matilda Chapman; died 1813, aged 1 year.

Henry Jones; died 1815, aged 58.

Samuel Dimond; died 1827, aged 62. Also his wife Sarah.

Charles Jeffries; died 1846, aged 31. Also his daughter.

David James; died 1869, aged 82. Also Ann, his daughter, died 1813, aged 3 days; and Ann, his daughter, died 1820, aged 7 months; and John, his son, died 1848, aged 29:—

"Cofia, ddyn, wrth fyned heibio,
Fel 'rwyt ti minnau fuo,
Fel 'rwyf finnau tithau ddeui;
Cofia, ddyn, mai marw fyddi." (fn. 7)

Also Margaret, wife of the above David James. She died 1854, aged 76.

Thomas Dalton, gent.; died 1818, aged 75. Also Mary, his wife; died 1840, aged 70. And his son Thomas; died 1878, aged 80. And other children.

Tomb. Mary, wife of Thomas Vinson Hagon, Officer of Excise, daughter of the late Charles Lake, of Holkham Steith, Norfolk; died 1844, aged 28. Also Edward Lake Hagon, their son; died 1844, infant.

Sarah Stonehewer Bird, daughter of William and Margaret Bird; died 1854, aged 29.

Emma, wife of Henry Whitty; died 1824, aged 27.

[The next 11 gravestones form a pavement from west to east along the north side of the Public Library.]

Ann, wife of Lewis Davies; died 1801.

. . . daughter of E . . . D . . . (circa 1830.)

Mary, wife of Edmund Mathews, currier; died 1836, aged 73.

Also the abovenamed Edmund Mathews; died 1837, aged 65.

William Minchin, Commander in the Royal Navy; born 1792, died 1845. Also his wife.

Mary, daughter of John and Sarah . . . . .; died 1772.

Mary, wife of Thomas Lewis, victualler; died 1836, aged 39.

Ann, wife of David Lewis, builder; died 1835, aged 55.

Emma Sweet; died 1835, aged 61.

William, son of William and Louisa Morgan mariner, of Newport in Penbrock; died 1830. Also three other children, infants:—

"Ni fydd arnynt na newyn mwyach, na syched mwyach; ni ddisgyn arnynt na'r haul, na dim gwres." (fn. 8)

Wife and infant son of Isaac Griffiths. She died 1841.

Charles Vachell; died 1862, aged 77. Also Elizabeth his wife.

John Smith; died 1840, aged 70. Also his wife and children, and other relatives.

Ann Jane Bloom; died 1841, aged 22.

William Williams, mason; died 1856, aged 68. Also his wife Gwenllian; died 1812, aged 26. And other relatives.

Infant children of James Jones; the first deceased 1825.

Wife and infant son of Richard Leyshon; died 1839 and 1834 respectively.

Robert Tredgold; died 1839, aged 61.

Catherine, daughter of Lewis and Mary Williams; died 1836, aged one year. Also the above Mary Williams; died 1848, aged 66.

James Mitchell; died 1860, aged 62. And relatives.

Elizabeth and Sarah Ann . . . . 1823.

Margaret, wife of Thomas Griffiths, plumber; died 1844. And relatives.

Wife of George Watson; died 1836, aged 50. Also their children.

Anthony Jenkins; died 1852, aged 79. And relatives.

John, son of John Grant; died 1821, infant.

William Powell, died 1841, aged 45. Also his wife and children.

Edward, son of Evan and Ann Jones; died 1822, aged 7. Also their daughter.

Jane, wife of William Morgan, porter of the Castle; died 1759, aged 33.

William, son of William and Pheabey Sellwood; died 1824, aged 2. Also an infant daughter.

Three infant children of William and Mary Morgan; the first died 1808.

Mr James Pipon, late Captain of the Royal Jersey Troop of Horse; died 1815, aged 47.

Evan Jones; died 1859, aged 81. Also Ann Jones; died 1878, aged 83.

Richard South[well?] and others of his family, circa 1820.

John Williams; died 1819, aged 54. Also his daughter Elizabeth; died 1793, aged 1 year; and other children.

Thomas Steele, of this town, master mariner; died 1864, aged 50. Also his wife; died 1851, aged 37; and their children.

Thomas, son of Thomas and Margaret Griffiths; died 1835, infant. Also two infant daughters.

William, son of Evan and Hannah Jenkins; died 1822, infant. And relatives.

David Walters, mason; died 1850, aged 63. Also his wife; died 1826, aged 31.

Thomas Deere; died 1782, aged 68. Also his wife Priscilla; died 1746, aged 28.

Thomas Roberts, builder; died 1785, aged 70.

Henry Price; died 1840, aged 25. Also Revenia, his daughter; died 1844. And relatives.

Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel French junior; circa 1830.

Thomas Rowland; died 1808, aged 24. Also Mary Steel; died 1837, aged 66.

John David, maltster; died 1813, aged 85.

Hannah James; died 1847, aged 67.

Thomas Rees, Serjeant Major in the Royal Glamorganshire Militia; died 1830, aged 62. And relatives.

John Monger junior; died 1770, aged 34. Also Susanna, widow of the above; died 1797, aged 60. And relatives.

Elizabeth, daughter of John Jenkins; died 1747, aged 70.

Elizabeth, wife of William Wilson, of the town of Cardiff but formerly of Barwick upon Tees in the county of York, gentleman; died 1826, aged 57.

Philip Howells, cooper; died 175 . . And relatives.

Wife and child of Phillip John; she died 1820, aged 77.

Thomas Rees, carpenter; died 1797, aged 40. Also his wife and children.

Elizabeth, daughter of John and Mary Steel; died 1798, infant.

Wife and daughter of William Jones. She died 1795.

Family Vault. John Thomas, of the Three Cranes in this town; died 1842, aged 45.

Wife and child of Evan John, 1825.

Mrs Price; died 1827, aged 67.

William Holder Colding; died 1854, aged 33.

David Rowland; died 1809, aged 55. And relatives.

John Evans; died 1804, aged 67. Also Christian his wife, and other relatives.

John Davies; died 1828, aged 33.

James Thomas; died 1867, aged 72. Also Mary his wife, and other relatives.

Mary, wife of Richard Rees, gardener; died 1841, aged 43. And relatives.

Ann Saunders; died 1843, aged 90. Also Elizabeth Davies, her daughter; died 1862.

John Davis, builder; died 1832, aged 45.

Thomas, son of the Revd W. James, Dissenting Minister at Womanby Chapel in this town; died 1833, aged 39.

Family Vault. David Harris; died 1835, aged 39. And relatives.

Catherine, wife of William Jenkins; died 1846.

W. Lemuel Jenkins, (fn. 9) late of Her Majesty's Customs, son of William and Catherine Jenkins; died 1884, aged 66.

William Jenkins; died 1864, aged 72.

Children of Richard Watts Parry, ship broker.

Evan Evans, Sergeant Major in the Royal Glamorganshire Militia; died 1853, aged 80. Also Mary his wife.

William Thomas; died 1821, aged 25. And relatives.

Joseph Bennett; died 1865, aged 66. And family.

Vault. Lewis Rees; died 1819, aged 57. And family.

John Hussey, Alderman of this town; died 1801, aged 65. Also his wife and children.

Another gravestone of the lastnamed family.

Richard Davis, cabinet maker; died 1847, aged 66. Also his wife and children.

James Meyrick; died 1825, aged 46. Also his children.

[cross] Margaret and James, children of John and Elizabeth Hawksworth; died 1836. [This gravestone is just west of the churchyard cross.]

Henry Bird; died 1801, aged 36. Also Jane his wife, died 1825. (Inscription cut by W. Williams, Monmouth.)

[Just east of the churchyard cross are two very old stones, one marked D.L.]

Wife and ten children of Thomas Davis, farrier. 1837.

William Williams; died 1863, aged 61. Also his wife.

John Jenkins; died 1835, aged 60. Also his wife and daughter.

William Childs; died 1845, aged 45. And relatives.

Wife and son of Andrew Powell. 1819.

Hannah, relict of John James, of Great Dinham in Monmouthshire; died 1834, aged 84.

Thomas Davis, of Quay Street; died 1831, aged 54. And family.

Ann William; died 1804, aged 50. Also John Rowland, mason; died 1816, aged 51.

[cross] John, son of John McCarthy; died 1838, aged 1 year. Also Patrick; died 17 March 1840, aged 1 year. Also Catherine Verling; died 1 January 1841, aged 30.

John, son of Daniel Williams, of New Quay, mariner; died 1811, aged 18.

William Harris; died 1860, aged 75. Also his wife.

David Richards; died 1853, aged 77. Also his wife.

Henry Pace, Supervisor; died 1780, aged 74. Also his wife and children.

David Storm; died 1838, aged 33. Also his wife and children.

Thomas Richards; died 1806, aged 72. Also his wife and children.

Charlot Richards, infant daughter of John and Rachel Richards. And others of the same family.

The wife of Jacob Thomas; died 1830. And relatives.

Daniel Brown; died 1840, aged 41. Also his wife and children.

Jane Williams; died 1812, infant. Also other infants.

Robert Smith; died 1814.

Emily, daughter of George and Abigail Bond; died 1844, infant.

Two sons of John and Mary Phillpott. 1808.

Thomas Williams; died 1832, aged 49. Also his wife and children.

Railed vault. Richard Priest; died 1775, aged 60. Also Ann his wife, died 1787. Also John Lloyd; died 1865, aged 68; and his widow. Also Nicholas Priest; died 1785, aged 41; and his wife and children.

Esther, wife of William Griffiths, Lieutt R.N., and third daughter of the late Mark Morgan, esquire, of Milford Haven; died 1842, aged 65.

Edward Bird; died 1835, aged 67. Also his wife and infant son.

Thomas Minnitt; died 1842, aged 68. Also his brother, William Minnitt; died 1851, aged 75.

Mary Ann, daughter of Isaac and Mary Davies, ship-wright, of the town of Newport; died 1820, aged 3.

James Thomas; died 1820, aged 55.

Nicholas and Catherine Rimbron, of the parish of Leckwith, and children. 1862.

Robert Bassett, son of Lockhart and Ann Hannah; died 1846, infant. Also an infant daughter.

Richard Watts Parry; died 1875, aged 62.

Henry Hockstoff junior; died 1836, aged 21. Also Henry Hockstoff senior; died 1841, aged 57. Also the latter's wife.

Edward Williams, of North Street; died 1882, aged 75.

Thomas Lewis, mason; died 1788, aged 58. And relatives.

Joan Jones; died 1811, aged 96. Also John Richards, her grandson, of the First Regiment third battalion of Grenadier Guards, in which Company he served 22 years. Died 1836, aged 47:—

"Billeted here by Death,
With Orders to Remain
Till the last Trumpet sound;
Then rise and march again."

Also Jane, his wife; died 1851.

Ann, wife of John Davies, of St Dogmells; died 1837, aged 54.

Richard Kidman, gent.; died 1835, aged 65.

Edmund Rees; died 1813, aged 40. Also two infant children.

Edward Morgan; died 1846, aged 32.

John Howells, draper; died 1847, aged 50.

Robert Owen of Newport, Mon., gent., third son of John Owen of Fachlwyd in the county of Denbigh, gent.; died 1816, aged 43.

Thomas John; died 1836, aged 60.

Two infant children of a Mr. Lewis, of Carmarthen. 1838.

Samuel Ricks Barnett; died 1847, aged 24. Also relatives named Thomas.

Elizabeth, daughter of William and Maria Williams; circa 1840.

Family vault. David Davies, master mariner; died 1858, aged 66.

John Phillpott, builder; died 1817, aged 58. Also his wife and children.

John Griffiths; died 1856, aged 59. Also his widow.

George Sherrin, of Church Street in this town; died 1882, aged 69. Also his wife and children.

John Robotham; born 1779, died 1854. Also his wife and children.

William Hadley; died 1864. Also his wife and children.

James James; died 1837, aged 64. Also his infant son.

Charles Milner, gent., of Mathern in the county of Monmouth; died 1842, aged 70. Also a relative.

John Hopkin; died 1822, aged 60. Also his widow.

Richard Mayzey; died 1873, aged 52. Also Ann, his wife; died 1845, aged 28.

Jesse Thomas; died 1842, aged 59.

John Nicholas, died 1842, aged 28.

Elizabeth, wife of Isaac Manchip; died 1817, aged 22. Also an infant daughter.

Robert Manchip; died 1820, aged 67. And relatives.

Michael Brewer; died 1786. And his wife Elizabeth. "Also their grandson Nicholas Brewer, Burgess of this Town, Master Mariner, who unfortunately Perished together with his only surviving Son Frederick, in the Bristol Channel"; 1842, aged 62.

John Owen; died 1818, aged 80. Also his wife and infant.

John Holt; died 1821, aged 40. Also his wife, and relatives.

Three children of Archibald and Margaret Sinclair. The eldest died 1788. Another, Elizabeth, wife of William Rugg, died 1814.

Mathew Pride, merchant; died 1843, aged 62.

William Rugg, merchant; died 1825, aged 50. And his family.

Jeffery Hancock Hooper; died 1887, aged 87. And his family.

Matthew Hooper; died 1808, aged 37. And relatives.

John Watkins, carpenter; died 1762, aged 42. Also Ann his wife, and other relatives.

William Rees; died 1842, aged 37.

William Price; died 1891, aged 82. Also his wife and children.

John Lucas, of Her Majesty's Customs; died 1839, aged 64. Also his wife and children.

Roger Evans, of the Royal Glamorganshire Militia; died 1834, aged 49. Also Margaret, relict of David Hughes, late Quarter Master Sergeant of the Glamorganshire Militia, and formerly wife of Roger Evans aforesaid; she died 1872, aged 84.

William Jenkins, baker; died 1816, aged 61.

Thomas, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Williams; died 1859, aged 45.

John Guy; died 1800, aged 39. Also his wife, and relatives.

Thomas Progers; died 1846, aged 49. Also his wife.

John Robinson, of Little Park in the parish of Landaff; died 1803, aged 53. And relatives.

Children of Matthew and Mary Evans. The first died 1835.

Hugh, son of Hugh and Mary Stonehewer, of Carmarthen; died 1806, aged 17. And relatives.

Two wives of John Jones; the first died 1846.

Children of David and Sarah Thomas. The first died 1838.

David John; died 1850, aged 60. Also his wife and children.

. . . . Morgan. [This almost illegible stone is close to the wall and rail on the west side of the churchyard.]

Emma, wife of Thomas Watly; died 1824.

George Morris, master of the sloop Hero, of Carmarthen; died 1834, aged 30.

Robert Shields, of Sunderland, builder of the Cardiff Glass Works; died 1826.

Lewis Thomas; died 1844, aged 28. And relatives.

Hannah, wife of Edward David; died 1830. And infant children.

Morgan Richards, died 1793, aged 30. Also his wife and children.

"E. W. Robertson, master of the Barbara, of Sunderland. He was drowned in going off to his vessel in Penarth Roads, 26 May 1834, aged 36."

Ralph Pouchee, of the parish of Billingford, Norfolk, gent.; died 1835, aged 43. Also Louis John, his son; died 1837, aged 6. And Mary Ann, his daughter; died 1837, aged 4.

Children of David and Mary Thomas. The first died 1837.

Thomas Leyson, Quarter Master Sergeant, Royal Glamorganshire Militia; died 1826, aged 73.

John Evans; died 1844, aged 63. Also his wife.

Thomas Lewis; died 1818, aged 30. Also his infant children.

Wife and children of John Lewis. 1838&c.

David Mendus, who was drowned off Aberthaw, 9 August 1860, aged 24. Also David, son of Thomas and Rachel Mendus:— "Y llygad a'm gwelodd ni'm gwel mwyach: Dy lygaid sydd arnaf ac nid ydwyf." (fn. 10)

Also others of the same family.

Frederick, son of John and Ann Lewis; died 1838, aged 1 year. Also Amelia, infant daughter. Also the said Ann Lewis.

Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel and Jane Jones; died 1841, aged 1 day. And others of the same family.

Richard Owen; died 1818, aged 43.

Two wives of Thomas Jenkins, mason. The first, Jane, died 1814.

David Thomas, ropemaker; died 1823, aged 57. Also Margaret his widow, died 1824.

Thomas Rosser; died 1851, aged 84. Also his wife Ann, died 1845.

Choice, (fn. 11) daughter of William and Mary Jones; died aged 1 year and 9 months. Also David, infant son.

Alexander Bevan; died 1831, aged 67. Also Anne his widow, died 1840.

Henry Charles; died 1799, aged 65. Also Edward, his infant son; died 1775, aged 2 years. Also Jane, his relict; died 1803. And Thomas, their son; died 1835, aged 71. And Mary, wife of the said Thomas Charles; died 1853, aged 89.

William, son of Richard and Sarah Giles; died 1837, aged 3. Also two other infant sons.

Catherine, wife of William Hogg; died 1818, aged 33. And relatives.

William, son of Thomas and Jane Thomas; died 1828, aged 2 weeks.

Jane, daughter of H. and P. Treganowan, of Devoran, Cornwall; died 1841, aged 5.

John Mathews, tailor; died 1844, aged 73.

Edward Thomas, tiler; died 1823, aged 70. Also Elizabeth, his relict; died 1831, aged 72. And James, their son; died 1856, aged 66. And other relatives.

Captain George Lewis, of this town; died 1878, aged 78. Also William Wallace Lewis, son of the above; died 1884, aged 33.

Thomas, son of John and Sarah Thomas; died 1836. Also two other infant children.

John Stibbs; died 1837, aged 76.

Mr Alexander Kirkwood, nephew of William Taitt, Esqe; died 1814, aged 29.

Thomas Evans; died 1829, aged 48. And two infant children.

Mary Ann, daughter of William and Ann Lewies; died 1839, aged 3.

Elizabeth, daughter of Richard and Elianor Daniel; died circa 1813, aged 3. Also Eleanor, widow of Thomas Lewis, and mother of the above Elizabeth Daniel; died 1813, aged 86. And other relatives.

Mary Cornock; died 1792, aged 71. And relatives.

Mary Ann, daughter of John James and Mary West; died 1835, aged 3 years and 6 months. And relatives.

Anne, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Morgan; died 1798, aged 17. Also Sarah, another daughter.

Mary Ann, daughter of John and Mary Lewis, plasterer; died 1822, aged 9. Also the said Mary Lewis; died 1824, aged 36. Also Moses and Aaron, sons of the above John Lewis by a second wife.

"In affectionate remembrance of Edward Spreckley, a native of Knipton, Leicestershire, a Midland County of England. He became a private in the Fourth Light Dragoons, and died whilst on detachment in this Town, 1844, aged 20."

John Roberts; died 1850, aged 63. Also his wife and infants.

David Williams; died 1875, aged 77. Also two infant children; the first died 1845.

John Henry Kington; died 1858, aged 44. Also his wife Ann, died 1844.

Bassett Jones; died 1847, aged 78. Also David, his son; died 1829, aged 13. Also Ann, his wife; died 1845. And relatives.

Ann, wife of Thomas Lewis; died 1837, aged 79.

John Griffiths, of the parish of Llandoch; died 1830, aged 36. Also his infant daughter.

[Ann, wife of?] William . . . . of the town of . . . . in the county of Monmouth; died 1829, aged 84.

Charles Bradhurst, master of the schooner St Austell, of the port of Fowey, Cornwall; died 1839, aged 28.

John Windo; died 1840, aged 1. Also Samuel Hutchings, his grandfather; died 1844, aged 82. And relatives.

William Bowen; died 1815, aged 51. Also his wife Margaret, died 1844, aged 83.

Mary, wife of Thomas Quelch; died 1834, aged 45. Also his children.

David Gregory senior; died 1851, aged 68. Also David Gregory junior; died 1862, aged 46.

John Davies; died 1841, aged 44. "He was Governor of Cardiff Union Workhouse."

Richard, son of Samuel and Martha Garrett; died 1843, aged 15.

Phillip John, of Placeturton in this parish; died 1835, aged 89.

Sarah, wife of John French; circa 1840. And relatives.

John Andrew; died 1864, aged 79. Also his wife and daughter.

"Joseph Bentley, a native of Manchester, who met his death in an accident on the Taff Vale Railway"; 1841, aged 26. Erected by mechanics in the Company's employ.

William Mallett, of the Cambrian Hotel; died 1842, aged 43.

Tomb-vault with masonic emblems, inscribed only at one end; to the memory of Mary, relict of John Jenkins; died 1859.

Edward, third son of John Strange; died 1818, aged 2. I.H.S. Also Jane, (fn. 12) wife of the said John Strange; died 1822, aged 49. Also the said John Strange [no date.]

[cross] To the memory of a kind and beloved brother, Stivin Stavrenchi; [circa 1840. No more legible.]

William Catleugh; born 1791, died 1851. Also James, his son; died 1842. Also Euphfame, his wife; died 1835.

Margaret and Marian, twin infant daughters of Thomas and Sarah Anthony. 1835.

David Richards, roper; died 1840, aged 53.

William Morgan; died 1842, aged 49. And his children.

Mary Searel; died 1838, aged 70. And relatives.

Benjamin Harris of Milford, master mariner "who was unfortunately drowned in this canal;" 1834, aged 57.

Thomas Edwards; died 1857, aged 75. Also his wife and son.

"Let this last Tribute in Peaceful silence guard the ashes of Thomas Lewis;" died 1767, aged 58. Also relatives, of the surname Daniel, down to 1823.

Margaret, wife of John Richards; died 1813, aged 86:—
"The old and young must all submit
To fatal Death, when God thinks fit;
Reader, boast not of thy small might,
We're here to-day and gone at night."

Also John Davies; died 1816, aged 52.

Thomas John; died 1835, aged 33. Also his wife and grandson.

Thomas Morse, of the parish of St Mary's; died 1841, aged 52. Also his wife.

Ann, wife of Donald Douglas; died 1831, aged 27. Also Nicholas Shriber; died 1839, aged 79. And the latter's wife.

Eliza Jane, daughter of William and Mary Williams; died 1830, infant.

William, son of William and Ann Abraham; died 1825, infant.

Lewis Evans, carpenter; died, 1829, aged 30.

William Lloyd, house and land agent; died 1843, aged 67.

William Thomas, auctioneer; died 1836, aged 40. Also his daughter.

James Rowland, shipwright; died 1837, aged 65. Also his wife, died 1828, aged 65.

Isaac Bevan; died 1868, aged 80. Also his wife and children.

Thomas Rees, of Her Majesty's Customs; died 1862, aged 72. Also his wife and daughter.

James Rees, examining officer of Her Majesty's Customs; born 1814, died 1879. Also his two children.

James Bishop; died 1849, aged 60. Also his two infant sons.

Rowland Bevan, Esqe, of Axwich Castle, Gower, P.C., (fn. 13) R.N.; died 1836, aged 81. Also Elizabeth Agnes Brown; died 1845, infant. And John Brown, a native of Bothwell, Lanarkshire; died at Parkhouse in this town, 1857, aged 39.

William McJennett; died 1837, aged 30.

James Bland, Esqe, of Derrygirin in the county Kerry; died 1834, aged 64.

John Kent; died 1874, aged 84. Also his daughter Frances; died 1833, aged 16.

James Fraser; born 1811, died 1892. Also his two infant sons.

Evan Lewis; died 1858, aged 90. Also John, his son; died 1834, aged 33. Also his wife and two daughters.

Thomas Davies, cabinet maker; died 1847, aged 68. Also his wife and daughter.

Richard Carn; died 1850, aged 37. Also his daughter.

Two infant daughters of Benjamin and Ann Evans; 1838:—
"Ni wnaether harddeg flodeu hyn
A gadd mor syn, er symyd,
Ond prin ymddangos pa mor hardd
Yw blodau gardd y bywyd." (fn. 14)

David Hughes, Sergeant Paymaster Clerk, Royal Glamorganshire Militia; died 1847, aged 77. Also his wife Margaret; died 1835.

Philip Woolcott; circa 1850. Also Philip, his son, died 1857, aged 13. Also Sarah, his wife; died 1860, aged 89.

Daniel Walter Davies, Surgeon; died 1846, aged 48. Also his wife and son.

Eliza Jane Harris; died 1827. Also Thomas Harris; died 1844, aged 79.

A curiously-shaped elevated tombstone. Lewis, son of George Bird; died 1840.

John Williams, sadler; died 1826, aged 40. Also William Williams, sadler; died 1830, aged 68.

Anne, wife of William Evan Scandrett, foreman of Bute Dock; died 1851, aged 42. Also his infant son.

A flat tombstone uninscribed.

Sibyl Eliza, wife of William Lewis, draper; died 1837, aged 44. Also Elizabeth, their daughter; died 1839, aged 19.

John Petherick; born at Guilford in Cornwall, 1757; died 1831. "He was a worthy man."

Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Jones; died 1829, aged 76. Also Samuel Jones; died 1840, aged 91. And relatives.

George, son of James and Mary Fraser; died 1826, infant.

Edward Thomas; died 18...... Also his sister; died 1853, aged 80.

John Davies; died 1852, aged 72. Also his wife Ann.

A flat tomb. Selina wife of . . . . name buried. Circa 1840.

James Rees; died 1864, aged 60. Also Joseph, son of Edward Price; died 1812, aged 7.

Agabus, son of William and Catherine Lewis; died 1826, aged 4. Also William Lewis; died 1855, aged 80. And Catherine Lewis.

John Channing; died 1848, aged 73. Also Elizabeth, his wife; died 1835, aged 58.

William Llewellin, late of Llawhaden, in the county of Pembroke; died 1840, aged 35. Also his niece Louisa; died 1841, aged 1.

Wife and infant sons of Thomas Evans; 1838.

Philip Hedges; died 1838, aged 45.

William John Vine; died 1827, aged 55.

Thomas Jones; circa 1840.

Infant son and daughter of Richard Davis; 1812.

Thomas James, son of Thomas Mitchell; died 1844, aged 15.

Rachel, wife of Richard Mayze; died 1847, aged 73.

David Rogers; died 1844, aged 44. Also his infant son.

Henry, son of Henry and Susan Moxley; died 1838, aged 2.

Caleb, son of William Morris; died 1847, aged 1. And relatives.

The following headstone, facing to Working Street, has carved upon it a pilot cutter, her mainsail marked with the letter C, denoting the port of Cardiff. (fn. 15) "William White, Cardiff pilot; drowned near Breaksea Point, 19 February 1855, aged 31. His body was found on the 11th of May following." Also Jane his wife, and four infant children.

Thomas Jones; died 1847, aged 75.

Esther Jacobs; died 1839, aged 57. And relatives.

Charlotte, daughter of Thomas John, of St Brides Major; died 1839.

John, son of John and Margaret Greenfill; died 1837, infant. And relatives.

Wife and infant son and daughter of William Williams; 1838.

John, son of James Richards; died 1839, aged 38. Also Mary his mother; died 1840, aged 84.

William Rose, Esqe; died 1838, aged 49. Also Mary his wife.

[There are many tomb-stones entirely illegible.]

Inscriptions on the Bells in the Tower of the Church of Saint John Baptist, Cardiff. 1825.

From a document in the Fonmon Castle Collection.

Little bell. 1604.

"Bell Martin is my proper Name, For Robert Martin gave the same."

1st. "To make us Eight Reece did propose, To second which John Wood arose."

2nd. "With Watkins, Prichard, Vachell, Morgan, And Bird who is the Parish Organ."

3rd. "Glory to God in the Highest. 1762."

4th. "Recast at Gloucester by Andrew Ruddall. 1768."

5th. "1762. Peace and Plenty to this good Neighbourhood."

6th. "1768. My Sound is sweet, my Shape is neat, 'Twas Bayley made us so complete."

7th. Nil.

8th. "Come when I call to serve God all, 'Twas Andrew Ruddall made us all. 1768."

This bell was broken 8 August 1825, recast by Mears, London, and rehung 19 May 1826. No inscription.

List of Benefactions on the Board in Saint John's Church, Cardiff.

Mrs Jane Herbert by her Will gave Five Hundred Pounds to be laid out in the purchasing of Freehold Lands and Tenements, in the first place for the Institution and Endowment of a Free School in this Town and afterwards for the settling of a Yearly Pension or Salary for the Master of the said School, for the Education of Fifteen Poor Boys of this Town.

The same Mrs Herbert gave Ten Pounds the Interest whereof is to be distributed in bread every Christmas-day and Whitsunday for ever.

Mr John Price (late Captain of Her Majesty's Ship Centurion) gave to this Town Two Hundred Pounds, to be laid out at Interest, the Interest of One Hundred Pounds is directed by him to be laid out in Bread to be distributed weekly to the Poor of this Town for ever, the Interest of the other Hundred Pounds is for settling Poor Boys Apprentices.

John Price (formerly of New York, but late of Peter Street, Westminster, Organist) Bequeathed to the Vicar and Churchwardens of the Town of Cardiff the sum of One Hundred Pounds now vested in the Navy 5 per Cent Annuities, the interest thereof to be distributed on the 31st day of July annually and for ever among the Poor of the said Town in Bread or in any other way the Vicar for the time being may think most proper.

Mrs [blank] of London left by her Will dated [blank] the sum of Ten Pounds the Interest of which to be distributed annually by the Minister of Cardiff for the time being among the Poor of the Parish of Saint John the Principal was Invested in the Cardiff Savings Bank Decr 3rd 1825 by the Revd T. Stacey Curate in the name of the Minister of Cardiff for the time being and further particulars may be learnt from an entry on the left hand of the "Vestry Book" of the Town of Cardiff 1820.

Mr William Thomas (late Town Clerk of this Town) by his Will gave Forty Pounds the Interest whereof is directed by him to be paid yearly to the Poor of this Town for ever.

The same Mr Thomas gave Ten Pounds towards the repair of the Alms House of this Town.

Cradock Wells Alderman devised the reversion of about Twelve Pounds per annum Freehold Lands and Tenements (which said Estate is to commence on the determination of Two Lives in his Will named) the Yearly Rents and Profits of which Lands are to be laid out towards the Education of so many poor Boys and Girls to read, write and cypher as his Trustees (the Aldermen of this Town for the time being) shall direct and appoint.

Mrs Elizabeth Purcel by her Will gave Ten Pounds to be put out at Interest and the Interest thereof to be distributed in Bread to the Poor on a Sunday beginning the first Sunday in Advent for ever. Novr 21st 1789.

Richard Budds (of London Esqre) gave out of his Rents in Cardiff the sum of Two Pounds and Twelve Shillings to be distributed in Bread every Sunday among the Poor.

William Herbert (of the White Fryers Esqre) and his Wife Mrs Jane Herbert gave Thirty Pounds for the relief of the Poor of this Town.

Nicholas Wastle (of Cardiff Alderman) gave a House, Bakehouse and Garden to the Poor.

James Galle (of Cardiff Alderman) gave a House, Bakehouse and Garden to the Poor.

Mr John Richards (Alderman four times Bailiff of this Town) gave Thirty Pounds towards building the Alms House for the Poor of this Town Twenty Pounds more to the Poor of the Parish of Saint John and Five Pounds to the Parish of Saint Mary.

The sum of Sixty-five Pounds the arrears of 26 Years of an annual sum of Fifty Shillings left by late Mr William Jones to the Poor of the Parish of Saint John and was Invested in the hands of The Most Hon: the Marquis of Bute, who has engaged to pay 5 per Cent for the use of the said Money. Particulars may be learned by reference to the left hand cover of the Parish Account Book March 1828.

Margaret Mathews (of this Town Spinster) by her Will dated 2nd Decr 1729 and proved at Doctors Commons 8th April 1731, bequeathed to Anthony Maddocks of Cefn Ydfa near Bridgend, Gent: Two Hundred Pounds Upon trust to lay the same out at Interest and to pay the Interest annually among the Poor of this Town for ever.

The said Anthony Maddocks by his Will dated 6th June 1761 and proved at Llandaff 21st June 1766 charged four closes of land near Bridgend and a Tenement called Gilvach Genol in the Parish of Langonoyd with the payment of the said Legacy and Interest thereon at the rate of Four Pounds per cent per annum on the 2nd of February yearly for ever.


  • 1. For translation, see ante, p. 512.
  • 2. To the blessed memory of Elizabeth, late most dear spouse of the Reverend Thomas Andrewes (Chancellor of the cathedral church of Llandaff, and Vicar of this), who changed her life for a happy eternity......1693.
  • 3. At Saint Fagan's is deposited what was mortal of Elizabeth, the well-born daughter of Edward Llewellin, of Stockland, and Elizabeth Turberville, and the very respected wife of Richard Reece, of Cardiff, physician, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries; died 13 Decr 1835, aged 66. Richard Reece, her husband, dedicated this monument. He lies buried in the cemetery of the town. He died 15 June 1850, aged 77.
  • 4. They are buried in Llandaff churchyard. See post.
  • 5. No. 1, Saint Mary Street, now occupied by Mr. Edwin Dobbin, bookseller and stationer. In Church Street, at the eastern end of this house, are the remains of an ornamental leaden water-pipe, on the head of which are the initials "W. R." The whole is work of the latter part of the 18th century.
  • 6. Until lately the churchyard was about an acre in extent.
  • 7. Welsh: "Remember, man, in going past, as thou art, I was; as I am, thyself wilt come to be. Remember, man, that thou shalt die."
  • 8. Welsh. "They shall no more hunger, nor thirst; the sun shall not descend upon them, nor any heat."
  • 9. Author of a short History of Cardiff.
  • 10. Welsh. "The eye which saw me shall see me no more: Thine eyes are upon me, and I am not."
  • 11. Joyce, Joyous; Latin Jocosa.
  • 12. Previous to 1835 or thereabouts, the sacred monogram, or a cross, on a gravestone, indicates the burial of a Catholic. The initials R.I.P. were confined to Catholic inscriptions until about 1860.
  • 13. Post Captain.
  • 14. Welsh. "These beautiful flowers which were so much admired, though they were removed, did but scarcely show how fair are the flowers of the garden of life."
  • 15. Removed 1899, at the widening of the street.