Glamorgan Plea Rolls: 1542-72

Pages 53-68

Cardiff Records: Volume 3. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1901.

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R.O. Glamorgan Plea Rolls. 1542–1830.

A series of bundles of long rolls of parchment, written on both sides and united at the head.

Spring. 33 Hen. VIII. 1542.

[The roll begins with a capital P elaborately texted, within the circle of which is a cleverly executed pen-and-ink drawing of the King seated on his throne, crowned and holding the orb and sceptre.]

"Glam. Pl'ita apud Cardyff corā Joh'e pakyngton Armigro Justic' d'ni Regis Com' Glamorgan' ad magnam Sessionem d'c'i d'ni Regis Com' p'd'c'i tent' apud Cardyff p'd'c'am die lune videl't xxiij° die marcij an[n] Regni Regis Henrici octaui post conq'm tricesimo tercio.



Glamorgan. Pleas at Cardyff before John Pakyngton, Esquire, our lord the King's Justice of the County of Glamorgan at our said lord the King's Great Session of the County aforesaid holden at Cardyff aforesaid on Monday, to wit, the 23rd day of March in the thirty-third year of the reign of King Henry the Eighth after the Conquest. Lennard [Clerk of the Court.]

Thomas Mathewe of Canton in the lordship of Llandaff, gent., was summoned to answer unto George Mathewe of Rader, esq., in a plea of debt of 3l.

John Wylliams of Cardyff, gent., cousin and heir of Ieuan ap Thomas ap Griffyth Dee, was summoned to answer unto Edward Vanne and Joan his wife, executors of the Will of Lewis ap Thomas ap Llewelyn Vaghan, concerning a plea of debt of 100 marks, arising out of Testator's lands at Whitechurche, Cardyff, Roth and Landaff.

Morgan ap Mathewe, Matthew ap Mathewe, Thomas ap Mathewe, William ap Mathewe, Robert ap Morgan, Maurice ap Jamys, Edward ap Jamys and John ap Jamys, by Roger Williams their attorney, pray a Writ according to the Statute of Ruthlan, against Robert Morgan, in respect of messuages and lands in Pentyrgh and Llantrissent.

Edward Carne, knight, and Ann his wife (late the wife of John Raglan, knight) against Thomas Raglan, esq., in a plea that he render to them a reasonable dower of the said Ann out of the freehold which the said John Raglan, her late husband, had in Seynt ffagans, Seynt Mighell supr Eley, Seynt Georgis, Lantwytt, Talavan, Llanblethian, Landaff, Pentirgh and Taleyegarne.

Lewis Robarde, of Kerdiff, tucker, was summoned to answer unto Henry Morgan, clerk, Canon of the church of Llandaff, in a plea of 3l 6s. 8d.

Deed Poll by Miles Mathewe of the town of Landaff, esq., son and heir of Christopher Mathewe, late of Llandaff, esq. Grant to Lewis Thomas John, of the same town, franklin, of 2¼ acres of arable, pasture and meadow lands, in Llandaff Fields. Part of the said lands lies along the high road and land of the said Lewis Thomas John on one side, and land of the said Lewis on the other side. One end abuts on land belonging to the Treasurer of Llandaff Cathedral on one side, and the other end abuts on lands there called Kay Kenoll on the other side. Other part of the said lands lies lengthways by land late of John Raglan, knight, on one side, and lands belonging to the Cathedral on the other. Other part lies along the lane or highroad called Coppyd Lane on one side, and land belonging to David Mathewe's Chantry in the said cathedral church of Llandaff on the other; and lengthways along the road or lane leading from Landaff to Rader.

Autumn. 33 Hen. VIII. 1542.

[The title of this roll is ornamented in the same way as the former; and it is to be noted that the title to each succeeding roll is similarly worded.]

"Glam. ss. Edwardus lewys & matheus ap Rys ychan dant d'no Regi decem solid' p' licens' concordand' cum Rob'to ffabyan & Ieneta ux'e eius de pl'ito convenc'onis de duob's mes' & octoginta acris t're cum p'tin' in Dynaspowys Et h'et Cirr' p' pacem admiss' coram Iustic' &c."


Glamorgan, to wit. Edward Lewys and Matthew ap Rys Ychan give unto our lord the King ten shillings for licence of agreeing with Robert ffabyan and Jenet his wife concerning a plea of covenant of two messuages and eighty acres of land, with the appurtenances, in Dynaspowys. And he hath a writing for the peace, admitted before the Justice, &c.

Robert Thomas lloide, with Christopher Chamber and Agnes his wife, and Gwilym Thomas ap Hoell and Matilda his wife; a similar proceeding about a house and lands at Llantryssen.

Thomas John Vaughan, of Landaff, tailor, was attached to answer unto Anne vergh Thomas Gwyn, widow, for a trespass upon her lands at Cabalua Yessa.

John ap Gryffyth of Coubrige, gent., was summoned to answer unto Robert ap William Mathew of Castle Moneghe, gent., for a debt of 10 marks.

Thomas Robenet, burgess of the town of Kerdiff, was summoned to answer unto John ap Jevan, for a debt of 40 shillings.

Thomas Mathewe of Canton, gent., was summoned to answer unto George Herberte, esq., in a debt of 40l, under a bond by the said Thomas Mathewe and his abettors that they would keep the peace against Gwenllian Howell and John Howell.

David Gos, of Cogan, yeoman, was indicted for that he, together with John Thomas Willym, William David, Thomas Jones alias Sayre, all of Kaerdyffe, yeomen, and William James Parker, of Christchurch in Carlyon, yeomen, at Sully in the county aforesaid assaulted John Carne, gent., and that the said John Thomas Willym mortally wounded him with a "gleyve" of the value of 12 pence, by giving him therewith a mortal blow or wound on the head. The Jury found the said David Gos guilty of the aforesaid felony and murder, and that he had no lands, tenements or chattels. The convict was thereupon sentenced to be hanged.

Spring. 34 Hen. VIII. 1543.

Edward Lewes, esq., and David ap Richard, gent., Final Concord with Morgan Mathewe of Sweldon, gent., for lands in Eglosyeland.

Edward Carne, knight, gives unto our lord the King three pounds for licence of agreement with John Arnold, esquire, and Isabel his wife, concerning a plea of covenant of the manor of Llystalbont with the appurtenances, and forty messuages, two burgages, five hundred acres of land, a hundred acres of meadow, five hundred acres of pasture, a hundred acres of wood, one water grist-mill, one water fulling-mill and twenty pence of rent, with the appurtenances, in Llistalbont, Llanyssen, Llysvayne, Rothe, Kebor and Cardiff. And he hath writing for the agreement admitted before the Justice &c.

Autumn. 34 Hen. VIII. 1543.

[The King's picture in the capital P at the head of this roll is very nicely coloured.]

Enrolment of Deed Poll. Grant by Miles Mathewe of Llandaff, esq., unto Henry Dyo Rece, of the parish of Llandaff, husbandman, of All that messuage, barn and garden and six acres of land and meadow, called Pencysle Yssa, lying in the parish of Llandaff, now in the hands of Matilda late wife of Dyo Rece, of Canton, between the common of Landaff on the south, the street called Grenewey on the north, the lands called Kay Chancelor on the east, and lands of the Bishop of Llandaff, now in the hands of John Greff, on the west.

Autumn. 36 Hen. VIII. 1545.

Richard Boner, Bishop, Commissioner of our lord the King, seeks against John Loveday, of the town of Kerdiff, Alderman, concerning a plea of debt on demand of 20 marks, on a bond obligatory.

Walter Vaughan was summoned to answer unto William ap Robert and Maurice ap James Mathewe, concerning a plea that whereas the said William and Maurice jointly hold the Manor of Kayre, with the appurtenances, with the same Walter, the latter refuses to make partition. The said William saith that whereas he and Maurice jointly hold the aforesaid tenement with the aforesaid Walter, by the assignment of Stephen Mallyfaunt, who held that manor with one Thomas Mallyfant his brother; whence they the said William and Maurice hold one moiety of the said manor in severalty, and the said Walter holds the other moiety similarly: The said Walter refuses to make partition according to the form of the Statute, whereby the said William has suffered damage to the amount of forty pounds.

The said Walter answers that long before the said Stephen and Thomas anything had in the aforesaid manor, one Henry Mallifunt was thereof seised in his demesne as of fee; at whose death the same descended to the aforesaid Thomas Mallyfaunt as his son and heir; at whose death the said manor descended to the said Walter Vaghan as cousin and heir of the aforesaid Thomas, to wit, as son of Ann the daughter of John the son of Thomas the son of John the son of John the son of John the son of Isabel the sister of John the father of Margaret the mother of the aforesaid Henry the father of the aforesaid Thomas.

When this action came on for trial at Cardiff, the Defendant Walter Vaghan challenged the Jury on the ground of their having been impanelled by George Mathewe, esq., Sheriff; he being a cousin of the aforesaid William, one of the Plaintiffs, to wit, a son of William the son of Thomas the son of David the brother of Robert the father of William the father of Robert the brother of the said William, one of the Plaintiffs.

Gaol Delivery at the
Session aforesaid.

William James alias Pope, of Kerdyff, brewer, was indicted for that he, at Kerdyff aforesaid, publicly uttered these English words:— "The kyng's grace longe tyme here before made the Scotts [King] that last died heyer apparant to the Crowne & Realme of England and he was an Enheritor to the Crowne and Realme of England by Just & trewe title of Enheritaunce. The Kyng's grace dyd make the Marques of Exeter & Erle of Devonshere heyer apparant to the Realme & crowne of England after the Kynge of Scotts & the Duke "of Bokynham and he contynued heyer apparant tyl a prynce was borne that nowe is. The seid Marques by reason of hys mother hadd as good right to the crowne of England to be kynge as the kyng hath hym selfe thereto savyng only the possessyon that he kepith by strenght." The accused was acquitted.

Fines and Amerciaments, as also
Chattels forfeit to the Session abovesaid.

Of John Louedaye, of Cardyff, for a fine by reason that he keeps unlawful houses wherein unlawful vagabonds do frequent, against the form of the statute &c, as by a certain inquisition of the town of Cardyff. And he thereof has put himself in the grace of our lord the King, by the pourparler of Thomas White. 2s.

Of William Yoman, of the same place, for the like, 2s.

Of Matilda vergh David, of Landaff, spinster, for certain trespasses and affray whereof she is indicted, 3s.

Of Morgan Mathewe, for certain trespasses and contempts against the form of the Statute concerning the tanning of horsehides, 2s.

Of Nicholas Hawkyn, for the like, 2s.

Spring. 37 Hen. VIII. 1546.

John Lovedaye, of Cardyff, alderman, was summoned to answer unto John Scory and William Pryce, executors of the Will of Richard late Bishop of Dover, otherwise called "Maister John Scory one of the Kyng's Prechers in Canterbury and William Pryce my servaunte," in a plea of debt of 20 marks, under a bond.

William Dawkyn, clerk, perpetual vicar of the church of Saint Mary in Cardif, was summoned to answer unto Thomas Madocke, in a plea of debt of 10l, under a bond.

Autumn. 37 Hen. VIII. 1546.

Fine on Roger Ver, of Cardiff, for making woollen cloth of flax, against the form of the statute. 2s.

Autumn. I Ed. VI. 1547.

Thomas Mathewe of Llandaff, gent., and John ap John Mathewe, of Saynt Bride's, yeoman, were summoned to answer unto John Nicholas, Samuell ap John and Dorothy vergh Rychard, in a plea of trespass concerning Plaintiffs' lands at Canton.

Spring. 5 Ed. VI. 1552.

John Pollard, esq., Justice.

Roberte Danyell, vicar of Pennarthe, was summoned to answer unto John Roo in a plea of debt of 40l under a bond, according to an award made by the Bishop of Saint David's concerning the tithes called "thaltbreche" belonging to the said parish of Pennarthe and demanded by the said John Roo in the name of the Warden and Fellows of All Souls' College in Oxforde, proprietaries there, and in the right of their parsonage of Pennarth aforesaid.

Gaol Delivery.

Hoell Dio Melyn, of Cayre, yeoman, was indicted for that he by force and with arms, at the "cawsey" of Eley in the parish of Llandaff, on the highroad there, assaulted Thomas Mathewe, gent., by stabbing him in the belly with a dagger, giving him thereby a mortal wound whereof he died, and so feloniously did kill and murder the said Thomas Mathewe, against the peace of our lord the King, his Crown and dignity. The accused was found guilty, and sentenced to be hanged.

Jenkyn Dio, of Cardyff, labourer, was sentenced to be hanged for stealing 18 cheeses, of the value of 26s. 8d., and one jarful of honey, of the value of 20d., the goods and chattels of Howell ap Morgan, from the house of the said Howell at Saint George's.

Autumn. 6 Ed. VI. 1553.

Gwenllian vergh Griffith was summoned to answer unto Amabill vergh Llewelyn concerning a plea why she took one horse of the said Amabill and wrongfully detained it. The Plaintiff, by Lleison Yeuans, her attorney, avers that the Defendant took the said horse at Llantrissent, in a certain place there called Tyre Gitto ap Eynon. The aforesaid Gwenllian, by Michael Nasshe, her attorney, justifies the taking of the said horse. It was grazing on part of her lands. She is seised of one messuage and eight acres of land, with the appurtenances, in Llantrissent, in her demesne as of fee. The Plaintiff says that, long before the Defendant anything had in the premises, one Eynon Tellett was seised of the said tenements, and of other four acres of land in Llantrissent, and of six acres in Pentirghe, in his demesne as of fee, and thereof died seised. The said lands were from time immemorial of the tenure and nature of gavelkind; and all the lands and tenements in the county of Glamorgan are of that tenure and nature, and have always been portionable among heirs males. The said lands descended to Griffith ap Eynon and Jenkyn ap Eynon, as sons and heirs of the aforesaid Eynon Tellett, and the said Gwenllian is a daughter of the said Griffith ap Eynon. The said Jenkyn ap Eynon demised all his part of those tenements unto the said Amabill, for a term of years.

The Assise came to acknowledge whether John William Gwyn, Hoell ap Rees and George Edmonde wrongfully disseised Anthony, Bishop of Llandaff, of his freehold in Llandaff and Canton, within thirty years now last past &c. And whence the said Bishop, by Lleison Yeuans, his attorney, complains that they have disseised him of two messuages, twenty acres of land, ten acres of meadow, thirty acres of pasture and ten acres of wood, with the appurtenances. And be it known that the original Writ of the aforesaid Assise was returned here on Thursday in that same Session &c. [Fictitious suit, to effect a conveyance of the premises by the Bishop.]

Spring. 1 & 2 Philip and Mary. 1554.

George Mathew of Radier in the lordship of Miskyn, esquire, was summoned to answer unto Edward Lewes ap Richard, esquire, in a plea of debt of 200l under a bond, concerning all those houses, grange, pasture and meadow, and twenty kine, with the appurtenances, set, lying and being between the water of Tofe on the east party and the water of Eleye on the south party.

Rice Mericke of Saynt ffagans, gent., administrator of the goods and chattels which were of John Williams late of Lysdelabon, gent., deceased, was summoned to answer unto Thomas Harbo of Aradier, yeoman, in a plea of debt of 40l under a bond. The Defendant replies that he has fully administered the goods of the said deceased.

David fflemyng and Jane his wife, Hoskin Thomas and Margery his wife, and Jenet Manxell, widow, by Edward Brogden, their attorney, pray a Writ of our lady the Queen, of the form of a gift in le descendere at the Common Law, according to the Statute of Ruthlan, and seek against Jacket Maunxell, widow, two messuages, 100 acres of land, 10 acres of meadow, 20 acres of pasture and 20 acres of wood, with the appurtenances, in Pennarth, as the heritage of the said Jane, Margery and Jenet, and whereof the said Jacket has deforced them, &c; and which Jenkyn Turbyll and William ap Rees Lloid gave unto David Maunxell and Elionore his wife, and to the heirs of their bodies lawfully begotten; and which, after the death of the aforesaid David and Elionore, ought to descend unto them the said Jane, Margery and Jenet, as daughters and coheirs of the said David Maunxell and Elionore, by the form of the gift aforesaid, &c.

"Our lord the King and lady the Queen sent unto the Mayor and Bailiffs of their Town of Cardiff their close Writ in these words: Philip and Mary, by the grace of God King and Queen of England, France, Naples, Jerusalem and Ireland; Defenders of the Faith; Princes of the Spains and Sicily; Archdukes of Austria; Dukes of Milan, Burgundy and Brabant; Counts of Haspurg, Flanders and the Tyrol, unto the Mayor and Bailiffs of Our Town of Cardiff, greeting. Whereas in record and process and also in a return of judgment on an allegation of deceipt which is in the Court of Our Town aforesaid, between David ap Griffith Ichan, Plaintiff, and Thomas ap Jankyn, of Llantrissent in the county of Glamorgan, husbandman, Defendant, without Our Writ according to the custom of the aforesaid Town, a manifest error has crept in, to the grave damage of him the said Thomas, as We have learned by his complaint: We, willing now duly to correct the error (if there was one), and that full and speedy justice be done unto the parties aforesaid in this behalf, command you that, if judgment be given therein, then record and process of the speech aforesaid, with all things them concerning, to Our Justice of Our county of Glamorgan under your seals be sent clearly and openly, and this Writ; so that you may have them (ea) before Our aforesaid Justice on Thursday in Our next Great Session to be holden in Our county aforesaid, wheresoever it may happen to be holden in the county aforesaid; that, the aforesaid record and process having been inspected by Our aforesaid Justice, you may lastly cause to be therein done that which shall be fitting concerning the matter and according to the law and custom of Our Kingdom of England. And lastly We command you, if the said Thomas shall find you a sufficient security of satisfaction as well unto Us concerning that which to Us in that behalf pertains, as to the aforesaid David of arrears and damages to him in that behalf adjudged if the first judgment shall be affirmed, to do further and to receive what Our Court has considered in that behalf, then to do execution of the prior judgment pending in Our Court [&c.] . . . . . . Witness Ourselves at Brecon, the 27th day of March in the first and second years of Our reign. And the second tenour of the record and process whence the aforesaid Writ issued follows in these words: Cardiff town, to wit. Plaint raised the 8th day of February in the first and second year of the reign of Philip and Mary [&c], before John Roberts and William Colchester, Bailiffs. To wit, David ap Grono Ychan seeks against Thomas ap Jenkyn in a plea of deceit of pledge by the suit of John Do, Richard Ro. And whence he the said Plaintiff, by Thomas Spencer, his attorney, cometh and saith that whereas the aforesaid Defendant on the 20th day of May in the 6th year of the reign of Edward the Sixth, late King of England, for the consideration of a certain sum of money unto him by John Tanner, of the town of Cardiff aforesaid, Alderman, in hand paid, had sold unto the said John 4,000 'plooks' and 702 'waterseamys' of 'waterwoodfore,' to be delivered by the aforesaid Defendant unto him the said John Tanner on the banks of the mill-pond of Kerdif aforesaid, by that mill, within the space of three years thence next ensuing; And further he saith that the aforesaid Defendant, here at Kerdiffe within the jurisdiction of this Court, on the 10th day of November in the first and second years of the reigns of Philip and Mary, the now King and Queen, took upon himself and faithfully promised to the aforesaid Plaintiff that he the Defendant would, within the space of three days thence next ensuing, deliver unto the aforesaid Plaintiff, at the place called Glan Rodne, 2740 'plocks' as aforesaid and 44 of the aforesaid 'watersemys of waterwood,' and further that he the said Defendant would save harmless the aforesaid Griffith against the aforesaid John Tanner while the aforesaid Griffith would exonerate and fully acquit the aforesaid Defendant against the aforesaid John Tanner concerning the aforesaid 4000" &c. Failure to hold harmless, consequent loss. Trial by Jury: Lewis Robert, William Joys, Walter Capper, John Long, Thomas Pyres and John Lewis; who say upon their oath that the Defendant deceived the aforesaid Plaintiff in manner and form as the aforesaid Plaintiff has above narrated, and assess the damages at 54s. 8d.

Autumn. 2 Philip and Mary. 1555.

Thomas Raglan of Lysworney, gent., was summoned to answer unto Thomas Kemes of Cardyff, gent., for a debt of 100 marks under a bond. The said Thomas Kemes held for a term of years, by the demise of Francis Wrenche, a burgage in Cardyff aforesaid, called the Great Hostry, with twelve acres of meadow thereto adjoining, in Robertscrofte, within the franchise of the town of Cardyff, which premises were theretofore in the occupation of David Thomas ap Merike.

Anthony, Bishop of Llandaff, and Henry Morgan, Canon of Llandaff, sue each other for debt.

Spring. 2 & 3 Philip and Mary. 1555.

Glamorgan, to wit. Leonard Lambert, of Cardyff, yeoman, was attached by his body to answer unto Jane, widow of Thomas Avanne, alias Thomas de Anne, together with Griffin James, of Llangrallo, yeoman; Hugh Williams, of Cardiff, tailor, and Ieuan ap John, of Cardyff, tailor, concerning the death and murder of the aforesaid Thomas Avanne, (fn. 1) and concerning the peace of our lord the King and lady the Queen now broken, wherefore she calls them, &c. And there are pledges for the aforesaid, to wit, John Ben and Richard Fen. Wherefore she the said Jane, by Michael Nasshe, her attorney, instantly calls the aforesaid Leonard Lambert for that, whereas the aforesaid Thomas Avanne was in the peace of God and of our lord the King and lady the Queen, on the 29th day of July last past, about the hour of three after noon on that day, at Cardyff in the county of Glamorgan aforesaid, then and there came as well the aforesaid Leonard Lambert, who now appears, as the aforesaid Griffin James, Hugh Williams and Ieuan ap John, who do not now appear, and feloniously waylaid the said Thomas Avanne, with malice aforethought; and the aforesaid Hugh Williams with a sword struck the said Thomas on the right thigh, giving him a wound whereof he instantly died. And the said Leonard Lambert, Griffin James and Ieuan ap John feloniously aided and abetted that murder, by instigating, helping and comforting the said Hugh.

The said Leonard answers that he is erroneously styled Lambert in the Indictment, his surname being Lambard; and that he is not guilty of the charge.

Thomas Ragland of Llesvron, gent.; John Llewelyn of Pendylloin; John Thomas David ap Hoell junior, and William Jenkyn of Avan, gentlemen, bail the said Leonard.

At the trial the Jury found Leonard not guilty.

Morgan Taylor, of Llysdelabon, husbandman, charged before William Herbert and James Button, esquires, Justices of the Peace, at Cardyff, for that he, at Landaff and Cardyff, on the bank of the river Tof, stole 200 blocks, of the goods and chattels of Thomas ap Jenkyn, was acquitted by the Jury.

William Ffloyd, of "Cardythe," shoemaker, was indicted for that he, together with John Roke, of Cardyff, shoemaker, broke into the house of William Hughes at Rothe, and stole three measures of corn, two of barley and one of rye. They were acquitted.

Thomas Baghe, of Pentirghe, labourer, was indicted for stealing from William Corre, at Cardyff, in a place there called the Longe Crosse, an ox of the value of twenty six shillings and eight pence, a cow valued at 20s., and a calf worth 20s. He was acquitted.

Autumn. 4 & 5 Philip and Mary. 1557.

Richard Hullyn, of Canton, was indicted for that he entered a boat of Robert Belfownder, at Cardiff, and stole therefrom a coffer, 12 pewter pots and two tin plates. He was acquitted.

Spring. 2 Eliz. July 1560.

John Gybon, esq., Doctor of Law, gives unto our lady the Queen ten shillings for licence of agreeing with Thomas Morgan and Ann his wife, and John ap Morgan and Joan his wife, concerning a plea of covenant of a fourth part of the manors of St. ffagans and Lleysvronith, with the appurtenances; as also of a fourth part of the advowson of the church of Saynt ffagans.

Barbara Mathewe, widow of George Mathewe, knight, by Roger Williams, her attorney, seeks against Hoell ap Jankyn a third part of one messuage and lands in Llantrissent, as her dower.

Autumn. 2 Eliz. 1560.

About this time appear further Writs of Error directed by the Crown to the Bailiffs of Cardiff, respecting judgments given in the Town Court of Cardiff, which is described under the title of "Hundred Court of the Lord William, Earl of Pembroke, holden in the Gildhalle of Cardyff." In this bundle there is such a Writ on behalf of William Herbert of Cogan Pill, esquire, against Thomas Bateman, in respect of a broken agreement about "2 sherts of mayle, a womans Cassag of sage color cloth, frenched aboute w[i]th a frenge of black silcke, a bed Cowrteynes of blewe sarsenett, 2 fyne sherts, 2 canvas dubletts fyne, a payre of black hosses [hose], 2 peyre of newe shoues, a fyne white quilted nyght cappe and a cappe case locke, beying very hevye." The description is in English in the original.

Another similar action between the same parties relates to "A fetherbed, a bolster, 2 pilowes, a peyre of Spanyshe blanketts, a bed testern of grene saten borded w[i]th golde & Curteynes of the same, a Canapie of grene Dornyx, 2 counterpoynts of tapesserye woorke, one Carpett of the same woorke, a shorte carpett of Nylde worke, one other old carpett, a hangynge for a chamber of grene sayes, hangyngs for a chamber of blewe & yelowe says, a table cloth of Canvas, a carpett of grene cloth, thre peces of peynted clothes, a sugr loffe not weyed, 2 paprs of Synomon not weyed, a bagge of peper not weyed, a bagge of dats not weyed, a paper of Gyngr not weyed, a papre of Cloes, a papr of macs & a papre of saffron all vnweyed."

3 Eliz. July 1561.

William Herbert of Swansey, esquire, son and heir of Matthew Herbert of Cogan Pyll, esquire, is summoned to answer unto Thomas Stradlyng, knight, in a plea of debt.

Autumn. 4 Eliz. September 1562.

There is a suit concerning lands called Alltydydwyll, in the parish of Llanedern, situate between lands of David Kemys, gentleman, on the west and east, and the river Rompney with the highroad leading from Llanedern church towards Cardyff, on the south.

5 Eliz. July 1563.

John Owen, of Llannissen in the county of Glamorgan, labourer, was sentenced to be hanged for the murder of his wife, Katherine vergh John, by pushing her off Llandaff bridge into the river Toffe.

William Wedope alias Colchester alias Scott, of Cardiff, yeoman, was sentenced to be hanged for stealing a grey mare belonging to Richard Thomas, at Saint Fagan's.

John Thomas and Thomas David, of Cogan, labourers, for stealing three "kershors," the property of Margaret Thomas, at Coston, were sentenced to stand for three hours in the pillory at the next Cardiff market, and afterwards to be whipped.

Autumn. 5 Eliz. October 1563.

The initial letter P of the title is beautifully ornamented in ink, with oak branches, scroll-work and arabesques.

Richard Wood, of Cardiff, shoemaker, was found guilty of burglariously stealing money from the house of Howell Thomas at Llanederne. He claimed benefit of clergy and was handed over to the representative of the Ordinary.

12 Eliz. September 1570.

David ap John Vachan prays a Writ of Entry upon Disseisin in le post at the Common Law, according to the form of the Statute of Ruthlan, against William Herbert of Swansey, esq., and Mary his wife, for the manors of Newton Nottage, Southe Cornely, Cogan, Landoghe, Rothe Teuxberye, Kybor and Cardiff, including lands, messuages and tenements in Cardiff and Landaffe, as also the free chapel of Rothe and the appropriate tithes in Rothe, as his right and inheritance. (Apparently a fictitious suit.)

14 Eliz. September 1572.

Action for defamation. Robert Grene versus Thomas Powell, of Cardiff, tanner. The words complained of were:—"Thowe, Robert Grene, art a thefe; for thow hast stollen half a dycker of my hydes, and here are two of them in thy pytts."

15 Eliz. June 1573.

Richard Thomas, of Swansey, tinker, indicted for stealing a bell from Barry church, claimed benefit of clergy and was delivered to the Ordinary.

15 Eliz. September 1573.

Thomas ap Hoell, of St. David's, was arrested at Cardiff and charged with being a sturdy vagrant having no visible means of subsistence. After a recital of the recent Act of Parliament in that behalf, he is accordingly sentenced to be burned with a hot iron through the gristle of the right ear, and to be afterwards whipped.

16 Eliz. September 1574.

Edmond Morgan of Basseleg, gent.; John Williams of Llystalebont, gent., and Rowland Morgan of Rothe, gent., are sureties that he said Edmond Morgan will keep the peace towards John Mathewe, gent.; Rimbron Mathewe, gent.; John Thomas, esq.; Thomas Bawdrippe, gent., and Henry James, gent.


  • 1. See ante, Vol. II., p. 153.