Miscellanea: Ecclesiastical documents

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Cardiff Records: Volume 4. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1903.

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B.M. Harl. MSS.

595. 69d. No. 10. [c. 1558.]

Bishop Kitchin's Report of the Diocese of Llandaff.

THE p'ochiall church of landaff hath two vicares viz. John Singer clerke and myles Griffith clerke w[i]th one Chappell of ease belonging to the same called Whitchurche w[hi]ch hath neyther christenyng nor buryall.

The towne of cardyfe hath a parishe church called Ste maryes, w[i]th a chappell annexed to the same in the sayd towune called Ste Johns w[hi]ch hath christenyng and buriall as the parishe church hathe and one John pyll clerke bacheler in the Lawe Vicare there, and hath also a chappell of ease called Rothe wthowte christenyng or buryall.

St fagans being a p'och' churche and Will'm Evans bacheler in the lawe p'son there, having a chappell of ease called llanellterne wthowte christenyng and buryall; and is Resydent vpon his sayd p'sonage.

Porthkerye. being a p'och church and Will'm Wilkynes clerke p'son there having a chappell therevnto annexet called barry w[hi]ch hath a chappell annexed both chrystening &; burying.

Lanederne. being a p'och church and David Lewis clerke vicare there who serveth the same and is Resident at his vicarage of Ste melans in the said dioc:

Cogan. being a p'och churche and John gebon clerke p'son there, who is Resident vpon his p'sonage and hath a chappell called lavernoke annexed who hathe bothe christenyng and buryinge.

Penarth. being a p'och church and John gebon clerke p'son there who serveth both p'sonages.

Lecwth being a p'och church and Sr Lewis Adams Vicar there and hath a chappell annexed called landoghe who hath bothe christenynge and buriall as a parishe churche.

Cayrey. being a p'och church, and hugh prichard curate there.
Lanesen. being a p'och church and Sr morga' Gwine curate there.
Liswayne. being a p'och churche and morga' Gwine curate there.
Rader. being a p'och church and Lewis Johns curate there.
Pentyrghe. being a p'och churche and David thomas vicare there.

Llantoid maior. being a p'och churche and John philpote clerke vicare there and is Resident at his sayd vicarage, and hath a chappell annexed called lliswronethe. Who hath christenyng and burying and other Deuyne s'vis as a parishe churche.

Newporte. being a p'och church situated in the toune of newporte, being a market towne and John price clerke Vicare there and is Resydent, vpon his vicarage and hath a chappell of ease vnto it called bettowes w[hi]ch hath neyther christenynge nor buryinge.

Marsfyld. beyi'g a p'och churche and John d'd clerke Vicare there and one harry mirike clerke curate there.

Ste melens. beyng a p'och churche, and David Lewis clerke vicare there and is Resydente vpon his vicarage.

Rompneye. beyng a p'och churche and phelipp powell clerke Vicare there and is Resydente vpon his vicarage.

[Coedcernyw had no minister. Llantilio Cressinny had a chapel called Penrose. Caerleon had a chapel called Capel Gwenog, without the town.]

Anthony landaffe.


To the Ryght honorables the Ducke of norfokes grace The Erle of penbroke my Lord Robert Dudley and mr. Secretary Cysyll, fowre of the Quenes mats most honorable prevei cowncell theis be Delyvered w[i]th speade.

No. 2 in the same volume is a statement as to Vicarages and Curacies in the Counties of Monmouth and Glamorgan, 1603:—

"Rumny Vic: The Impp. (fn. 1) belongeth to the Chapter of Bristoll, and is held by Katherine Morgan Widow; val. p. annu' xxli.

"Cardiff Vic: St Johns and St Maries. The Impp. is held by Anthony Maunsell Esquior vnder the Chapter of Gloucr Val. p. Annu' cli Vic. val. lli p. annu.'"

(Pentyrch was held under the Chapter of Llandaff.
Penarth was held under the Chapter of Bristol.)

Add. MSS.

604. No. 162. (circa 1580.)

"The severalle p'cells of the chaunterye
Lands founded in Landaffe."

TENT w[i]th thappts. lyeing at Eley w[i]thin the Lordship of Llandaff" &; 37a. meadow, late in the tenure of Lewis Morgan and "geven to the mayntenn'ce of an obite of Lewellyn ap Rymebolde wthin the cathedrall churche of Landaffe." [Margin] "Llewellyn ap Rymebolds chaunterye."

Certain lands, tenements, profits and hereditaments called
"Thom's lande lyeing neare kardiffe," and 2a. land and meadow
"in the Moore of Eley," and 18a. land and meadow in the Lordship of
Llandaff "w[hi]ch Mr clement somtymes helde," in tenure of William Mathewe, "late belonging to the chaunterye founded in the cathedrall churche of Landaffe by Will'm Breus somtymes Bisshopp there." (Bishop Breos' Chantry.)

All messuages, mills, lands, tenements, meadows, commons, waters, profits of "cowrte lete" and view of frankpledge, fines, rents, services &c, late belonging to "the late chaunterye or service of the blessed St Mary founded in the said cathedrall churche of Landaffe."

All messuages, mills, lands &;c. &;c. in tenure of Myles Mathewe, esq., and others, lately belonging to the chantry called David Mathew's Service, in Llandaff cathedral.

"Instrucc'ons to be enquired of touching
the Chaunteryes in Glamorganshier
graunted to Thomas Morgan gent:

ffirst whether the Lease was made to Thomas Morgan now dwellinge at Landaffe, or to thother Thom's Morgan at this p'sent in ffraunce.

This lease was made to Thomas Morgan of greyes in nowe dewlinge at Saint fagans w[i]th a brother of his."

[Other minute enquiries as to the nature and tenancy of the chantry lands, but nothing of special interest. The date seems to be circa 1580.]

Cardiff Library MS.

John Penry."

An exhortation unto ye gouernours &
people of her maiesties cou'trie of Wales
to labour earnestly to have ye preachinge
of ye gospell planted amonge them."

A Puritan sermon, written 1588, and addressed to the Earl of Pembroke, Lord President of Wales.

THAT it essentially belongeth vnto your callinge, to see all wt in Wales taught by ye word preached, is p'ued, by reason yt you ar gouernour over all . . . . because yt all whosoeuer are vnder any mans Jurisdiction, ought to kepe ye sabboth: so yt if any turke, papist or other pagan Idolatour remaine in any our cities or townes, he ought to be compelled to conforme himselfe to ye outward seruice of ye true god, or, expelled; this is shewed by ye practise of Nehemias."

He exhorts the Lord President not to let another year pass over his head, until Wales of a daughter of wrath be made an heir of mercy.

Addressing the Bishops, whom he stigmatises as "blind guides," the preacher says " let not ye wicked papists haue any more cause to vpbraide ye ignorance of our people, as they haue done in yt pamphlet, w[hi]ch they threw abroad ye last yeare, to seduce our simple people—ye confutatio' whereof (if legendary fables wherewt yt skroule is fraught, ye translation of som pt of R. P. (fn. 2) his resolution, of didacus stella, dionisius Carthus. (fn. 3) deserueth a confutatio') I shal publishe when ye lord shal giue opertunitie."

Abounds in violent abuse of Catholics and Anglicans alike, whom it calls "Idolatrous Popish dogges," &;c.


  • 1. Impropriation.
  • 2. Robert Parsons, the famous Jesuit, author of "The Book of Resolution," the Welsh version of which has gone through many editions.
  • 3. Denis MacCarthy, a Catholic priest.