Council Minutes: 1835-43

Pages 417-428

Cardiff Records: Volume 4. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1903.

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Cardiff Council Minutes 1835–1843.

Cardiff Borough to Wit
AT a Meeting of the Councillors of the said Borough, held at the Guildhall in the said Borough on Thursday the 31st day of December 1835, for the purpose of electing Aldermen for the said Borough pursuant to the directions of the Municipal Corporation Act.

All the Councillors were present, and Mr. Walter Coffin was elected to the Chair.

The following were elected Aldermen :—

William Prichard
John Bird
William Towgood
Thomas Revel Guestv
Walter Coffin
Charles Crofts Williams.

(Signed) Walter Coffin, Chairman.

The Chairman having left the Chair, it was proposed by Mr. Henry Morgan, and seconded by Mr. James Lewis, that the thanks of this Meeting be given him for his conduct in the Chair.

Cardiff Borough to Wit
At a Meeting of the Council of the said Borough, held at the Guildhall within the said Borough on Friday the first day of January 1836. Richard Wyndham Williams in the Chair.

It was Resolved that Thomas Revel Guest, esq., be elected Mayor of the said Borough for the ensuing year.

It was also Ordered that the Mayor be requested to take the Chair.

Thomas Revel Guest, esq., the Mayor Elect, having taken the Chair, it was Resolved unanimously that the Mayor for the time being be the Judge of the Court of Record for the Borough.

It was also Resolved that Quarterly Meetings be held by the Mayor, Aldermen and Councillors for the transaction of business under the Municipal Corporation Act, viz., the 1st day of March, the first Monday in June, and the first Monday in September 1836, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon.

Six gentlemen were appointed a Committee for taking into consideration the Police of the Borough, preparatory to the appointment of a Watch Committee.

The same gentlemen, in conjunction with Mr. Richard Tredwen, were appointed " a Committee to report on the duties of Water Bailiff and Conservation of the River Taff, particularly with reference to the necessary buoys to be placed or preserved outside the Sea Lock."

1836 Jan. 15 Friday. Committee of six appointed "to investigate the funds and Estates of the Corporation and to prepare such a Record of the Property as may be placed in the Minute Book for future reference."

Watch Committee of four appointed to consider the propriety of engaging the services of "a London Police Man."

(The Rental of 1835 was entered accordingly. It was also printed for circulation among the members of the Corporation.)

Messrs. William Jenkins and Nathaniel French the elder, Common Attorneys, have their accounts set out in a schedule.

Present apparent Income. Jan. 1836.

Rental as per Roll 142. 15. 7
Harbour Dues produced last year, clear of deductions 501. 1 6
Tolls on Slates 7. 5. 2
Supposed produce of Market Stallage 450. 0. 0
£1100. 2. 3.

This year the Corporation paid the " Marquess of Bute for Tolls £5. 13. 7½d."

1836 Feb. 1 Friday. William Pettigrew appointed Water Bailiff at 20s. per week, the office to be held from week to week.

March 1. A letter having been laid before this Meeting by Mr. William Jenkins, Deputy Town Clerk, informing him of the death of Mr. Nicholl Wood, late Town Clerk of Cardiff, at Calais:

Ordered, that Mr. Edward Priest Richards be appointed Town Clerk, with the accustomed fees.

Ordered, that John Hussey be appointed Town Crier for this Borough, and that he be directed to wear such badge as the Mayor may appoint.

£2. 10s. to be given Alexander Wilson, late Water Bailiff, in full discharge for his services.

£2. 6. 0 paid J. Stockdale, Officer of Police, for his expenses in coming from London to be appointed Superintendent of Police of this Borough.

5s. paid Ann David, her quarter's salary for locking up Crockherbtown pump.

6s. 6d. paid William Llewellyn, his quarter's salary for locking up the pump near the Town Hall.

Joseph Davies, Bute Street, agent, and Thomas Herne, High Street, painter, appointed Auditors for the Borough.

Two Assessors were appointed for the North and South Wards.

April 4 Monday. (Entries are now in the handwriting of Mr. E. P. Richards.)

Ordered, that Mr. William Jenkins be appointed Treasurer and Collector of the Rents of the Corporation, until the 9th day of November next, on the same terms heretofore paid the Common Attorneys.

June 6 Monday. Ordered, that the Town Clerk prepare a table of the fees taken by him as Registrar and by the officers of the Court of Record for this Borough, that a Table of Fees may be made and settled by the Council of the Borough, to be submitted to one of the Secretaries of State pursuant to 5 & 6 W. 4, c. 76, s. 124.

Mr. Whiting having proposed to this Meeting to sell his house in Angel Street: Ordered, that Messrs. C. C. Williams, R. Reece and W. Bird be a Committee to value the same and to report thereon to the next Meeting.

23 Thursday. Messrs. Williams, Reece and Bird having reported to this Meeting that Mr. Whiteing's house in Angel Street is worth £250 and that it would be a very desirable purchase for the improvement of the Town, and Mr. Whiteing having attended this Meeting and offered to sell the premises for such sum, the same to remain on Mortgage for three years at 4 per cent, from the 24th day of June instant when possession is to be given. (fn. 1)

Arthur Whiteing.

Witness, Jno. Lloyd.

Ordered : That such offer be accepted and that the Town Clerk prepare the necessary Conveyance.

£50 is to be spent in repairing the Corporation's cottage and buildings on the Great Heath.

Ordered, that the Corporation attend Divine Service at Cardiff Church on the last Sunday in each month, and that the Serjeants at Mace attend and give notice to the Members of the Council as heretofore.

Septr. 5 Monday. Mr. William Bird purchased of the Corporation, for £120, that part of Mr. Whiteing's late premises not required for the widening of the corner of Angel Street.

No Assessors for the Borough having been appointed on 1 March last, and doubts being entertained by whom the List of Burgesses should be revised: Ordered, that a Case be prepared by the Town Clerk and Counsel's Opinion taken thereon.

October 3 Monday. The Corporation petitioned the Lord Chancellor for the appointment of Trustees to Wells' Charity.

Annual sum of £52. 10. 0 is to be allowed the Mayor for the time being, to enable him to continue the charitable benefactions; such as £21 to the Cardiff Dispensary, £10 to the Cardiff School, and ten guineas towards the evening lectures in Cardiff church.

Committee appointed to treat for purchase of the gateway leading into the Workhouse Garden and yard adjoining the King's Head public house and houses and premises adjoining, with Hooper's Yard.

31 Monday. Committee appointed to repair the buoys in the river, and to place new buoys where required.

November 9 Wednesday. Alderman Charles Crofts Williams elected Mayor and appointed Judge of the Court of Record.

(Henceforward it is the custom for a vote of thanks to be accorded to the outgoing Mayor.)

William Jenkins appointed Collector of Rents, at 5 per cent, commission.

Nathaniel French, shopkeeper, and William Williams, accountant, elected Serjeants at Mace. Salary £7. 10s.

The duties of Serjeants at Mace are to act as Criers of the Court of Record and to serve Process of such Court and to summon Juries. Also to deliver notices and letters to the Aldermen and Councillors, when required by the Town Clerk. To attend the Mayor when required, and also the Council on all public occasions.

(The above formula is henceforth annually repeated.)

An Alderman appointed to the North and South Wards respectively, to preside at elections of Councillors and Assessors, and for other purposes within such Wards during the ensuing year.

Committee appointed to examine all bills or claims on the Council.

John Hussey appointed Town Crier for the ensuing year; the Mayor is requested to provide for him a similar dress to that worn by him at present. (This provision recurs annually henceforth.)

Committee henceforth annually appointed to repair damage done to the buoys or the navigation of the river.

The King's Head and other property in Saint Mary Street is to be purchased of Mr. Griffith Lloyd for £2150.

The Mayor is to be ex officio a Member of all Committees.

Committee appointed to prepare a Memorial to the Bristol authorities to allow this Council the appointment of pilots to vessels trading from foreign parts to this Port.

The free tickets for the Theatre are this season to be at the disposal of the Mayor, but in future they are to be sold.

December 5 Monday. William Pettigrew appointed Water Bailiff for the ensuing year; salary £1 per week.

1837 March 1 Wednesday. John French appointed Serjeant at Mace, in the room of Nathaniel French deceased.

The Treasurer is directed to take possession of the piece of waste occupied by Mr. William Jones opposite his timber-yard, and also of the strip of ground leading from the Canal Bridge to the lime-kiln on the eastern side of the Canal.

May 1 Monday. Committee appointed to examine the old Rentals of the Corporation, to ascertain if they have any claim to the land on the east side of the Canal, south of the Custom House Bridge, as shewn on the Corporation Map of 1829.

The piece of open ground in Saint Mary Street, near the little Steam Mill, on which Mr. William Jones is in the habit of depositing timber &c., is to be thrown open and kept clear for the use and accommodation of the public by improving and widening the thoroughfare. Mr. Richards is to take immediate steps to enforce this Resolution, by requesting all persons depositing timber or other materials on the ground to remove the same.

29th Monday. Mayor's Salary £26. 5. 0, to allow his subscribing towards the Cardiff Races, and for ringing the bells on the King and Queen's Birth Day and on public occasions.

The Town Clerk is to be allowed £50 per annum for performing the following duties :—

Attending Council Meetings, taking down and entering Minutes, and giving Notices on the Town Hall door.
Attending Committee Meetings, and making Minutes of the proceedings.
Assisting at Ward Elections.
Attending the Mayor and Council on public occasions.
Attending Courts of Record as Registrar every alternate Thursday.

August 28 Monday. The Committee appointed on 1 May to enquire into the rights of the land on the east side of the Wharf, have made every enquiry respecting it and are of opinion that the Corporation have not parted with their right since it was first put down on the map produced to the Committee at a previous Meeting.
Mr. Thos. Dalton is to be requested professionally to enquir into the Corporation's title to the land opposite the ironmaster's field below the Custom House, and to report what steps can be taken for the recovery of the same.

Committee appointed to report generally on the present state of the Corporation Property, to examine all Deeds &c. in the Town Clerk's Office, prior to a correct Rental being prepared.

October 9. Moved by James Lewis and seconded by Thomas Dalton: That every Motion and Amendment put by any Member be always inserted in the Minute Book of the Meeting, with the names of the Members who have voted on either side.

November 9 Thursday. Alderman Henry Morgan elected Mayor and appointed Judge of the Court of Record.
Mr. Thomas Dalton verbally reported that from the inquiries made by him he considered the Corporation could not make out any title to the land opposite the ironmaster's field below the Customhouse.
An arrangement was about this time made with Mr. Robert Daw for collection of the Harbour Dues at 5 per cent.

1838 February 5. Memorandum to be presented to Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State, and Petitions to the Houses of Parliament, praying that Borough Justices may be invested with the same authority and powers at the Court of Quarter Sessions as the County Magistrates, notwithstanding the Municipal Corporation Act.

The Marquess of Bute to be requested to present the Petition to the Lords.

May 7. Ordered that a Clerk and Inspector of Markets be appointed at a salary of £13 per annum, and that the person so appointed understand the Welsh and English languages, and that notice be given of such appointment.

14. David Gregory received the above appointment.

November 9 Friday. Charles Crofts Williams, alderman, elected Mayor and appointed Judge of the Court of Record.
The thanks of the Meeting are given to the late Mayor, Henry Morgan, esq., for his kind invitation to dinner on this day. The Councillors, however, decline to accept such invitation, that it may not be drawn into a precedent that the Mayor is expected to invite the Council annually to dinner with him.

Resolved, that on this day and every 9th of November annually, it is expected the Council will dine together at their own individual expence at 5 o'clock, and that the Mayor (if present) be requested to take the Chair.

December 10. A plan is to be made of the Town Wall adjoining to the Mason's Arms in Crockherbtown ; of which part of the Wall the Town Clerk is, if necessary, to recover possession by ejectment.
The Finance Committee are to let the houses at the Old Quay and the rooms under the Town Hall not used as Prison rooms.

1839 February 4. William Edmunds, of the Mason's Arms, having encroached on the Town Wall near the Crockherbtown Lock, by building part of a cottage thereon: Ordered, that he be required to pay a guinea per annum as tenant for such encroachment.
John Rees, of the Unicorn public house, Crockherbtown, having taken down part of the Town Wall between his premises and the Canal: Ordered, that he be required to pay one guinea per annum as tenant at will of the opening and thoroughfare so made.
John Nicholl, esq., of Coedriglan writes, on behalf of the Court of Quarter Sessions for the County, asking the Corporation to allow the County to construct cells under the Town Hall, for prisoners awaiting trial at Assizes and Sessions.
His request is to be complied with, subject to the Corporation's being allowed the joint use of the cells.

May 6. Jeremiah Stockdale appointed Keeper of the Borough Prison, in the room of David Evans deceased, without any additional salary to that now paid him as Superintendent of Police.
John Evans is appointed Hall Keeper in the room of David Evans deceased.
(The Cymreigyddion Society at this time met at the Town Hall.)

June 3. Leave granted the Cardiff Streets Commissioners to houses the fire engines under the Town Hall, at an annual rent of 2s. 6d.

August 5. Resolved, that on the day when the Bute Ship Canal is to be opened, the Members of this Corporation do meet as a body corporate, with the Serjeants at Mace, and offer their services to attend the Marquess of Bute to witness the entrance of the first ship into the Bason.
Ordered, that the old cottages now standing on the west side of Womanby Street be pulled down, and slaughter houses erected on the site.

November 9 Saturday. Alderman Richard Reece elected Mayor and appointed Judge of the Court of Record.
Ordered, that the sum of twenty pounds be allowed the late Mayor and Mr. Henry Morgan towards the expences attendant on calling out Special Constables, pensioners &c. during the late expected attack by the Chartists from the neighbourhood of Newbridge.

The following Members of Council attended :—
Charles Crofts Williams, Mayor.

Henry Morgan
John Bird
Richard Reece
David Evans

William Jones Richard Tredwen
Joseph Davis
Daniel W. Davis
Anthony Alsop
John James Watkins
William Head Deacon
William J. Watson
John Moore
James Lewis
William Prichard
Thomas Morgan
William Vachell
William Bird
William Williams
George Bird
Richard J. Todd.
(E. P. Richards, Town Clerk.)

December 9. Mr. Todd having promised to have the door of the New Market Tavern altered from Trinity Street to Church Street, which he has not done: Ordered, that a wall be built to enclose the Corporation property in Trinity Street.
Resolved unanimously, that the sincere and cordial thanks of this Council are due to Thomas Phillips, esquire, late Mayor of Newport, for the communications made by him to the Town Clerk of this Borough on the 3rd day of November last, in anticipation of the rising of the Chartists, and for the judicious and determined conduct displayed by him on occasion of the unprovoked and traiterous attack of the Chartists on the following day, and that a Copy of this Resolution be transmitted by the Town Clerk to Mr. Phillips.

1840 March 9. Petition to be presented to the House of Commons, that power be given for appointing pilots for the Port of Cardiff.
Resolved that all goods purchased in Cardiff Market be weighed without any charge either to vendor or purchaser.

June 15. Addresses of Congratulation to Her Majesty the Queen and to His Royal Highness Prince Albert, on their providential escape from the traiterous attempts made on their lives by an assassin.

July 6. Resolved, that permission be granted to the Marquis of Bute to place a tablet to the memory of the late Mr. Alderman Bird in the Aldermens' Aisle, Saint John's church, Cardiff, as requested by his Lordship.

Novr. 9 Monday. David Evans, alderman, is elected Mayor and appointed Judge of the Court of Record.
Ordered, that the Town Clerk take the necessary steps for procuring an Act of Parliament for appointing and regulating the pilots and others connected with the Port of Cardiff, and for the general regulation of the Port and conservating the river.
Ordered, that the contract for keeping the Town Hall clock in repair or regulating the same be suspended, and that it be referred to a Committee (named) to take into consideration the state of the clock and to make such Orders as they may think necessary until they can make a Report.

30. Town Clerk to take Counsel's opinion as to the Council's right to make a Borough or Watch Rate.
£1 reward to be offered to any person who shall procure the conviction of any butcher for slaughtering on his own premises within the Borough.

December 21. Watch Rate to be made, pursuant to the Opinion of Counsel Mr. E. V. Williams.

1841 February 1. John Owen, blockmaker, appointed Water Bailiff vice William Pettigrew deceased.
[From this date, for several years onward, the Minutes, besides being signed by the Mayor and Town Clerk as heretofore, are sealed with the small Tudor Rose seal, on a wafer, with paper stuck over it.]

May 3. Jeremiah Box Stockdale appointed Hall Keeper vice John Evans.
Ordered, that the roof and the steps in front of the Town Hall be repaired, and that the iron gates at the foot of the steps be so removed as to allow the fire engines to be taken in. (fn. 2)

Ordered, that permission be given to Mrs. Ward to place the shutters of her shop against that part of the Town Hall which forms a nook at the pine end of the Hall near the gas pipe, she paying one penny per annum for the same.

June 7. Ordered, that the Mayor be requested to call on Messrs. Hill & Co, and Mr. Wm. Jones and represent to them the dangerous state of the foot ways opposite their respective wharfs.

A Coroner's Inquest having been holden on Alexander Robertson, and a verdict of "Found drowned with marks of violence on his person" having been returned by the Jury: Ordered, that a reward of £50 be offered by the Mayor to any person (except an accomplice) who shall give such evidence as shall lead to the discovery and conviction of the person or persons who inflicted the same.

August 2. Ordered, that Mr. Strawson be ordered to map and survey the whole of the wastes from Longcross and Adamsdown to the Custom House.

Land in the Hayes purchased of David Lewis for £386, for street improvements.

November 9 Tuesday. James Lewis elected Mayor and appointed Judge of the Court of Record.

Mr. William Bird, ship agent, and Mr. James Lucas elected Serjeants at Mace, at a salary of £5 each.

Ordered, that Edward David be appointed Town Crier, and that the Mayor be requested to provide him a cocked hat and suitable dress similar to that worn by him at present.

1842 February 7. A letter from Mr. Napier, the Chief Constable of the Rural Police force, addressed to Alderman Richard Reece upon the subject of placing the Constabulary force of this Town under his control, having been placed before this Meeting: Resolved, that it is the opinion of this Meeting that it is unadvisable to do so, but that it is our incumbent duty to watch over the interests of the Town ourselves as heretofore.

Richard Lewis Reece, solicitor, elected Councillor for the North Ward, vice William Head Deacon deceased.

May 2. William Alexander Bradley elected Councillor for the North Ward, vice John James Watkins deceased.

May 30. £100 voted towards erecting a new bridge over the Canal in the Hayes leading towards Upper Bute Street.

July 18. Committee appointed to consider the erecting of a new Police Station for the more effectual watching of the Borough.

September 19. A watch box to be erected near the Wharf, for the convenience of the Police.
Ordered, that the Corporation dine together on the 9th of November; that the Auditors and Assessors be allowed to dine, and that the Marquess of Bute, Lord James Stuart and any of the Marquess' family who may then be resident in the Town be invited to dine with the Corporation.

November 9 Wednesday. Charles Crofts Williams, alderman, elected Mayor and appointed Judge of the Court of Record.

1843 Jan. 12. Ordered, that possession be taken of the premises adjoining the Old Quay, leased of Mr. E. P. Richards for 999 years at £15 per annum; and that the Mayor be authorized to pull down the premises and to dispose of the materials, except the stones.


  • 1. This was really Corporation property leased to the Whiteing family in 1737. In 1839 Arthur Whiteing conveyed the freehold to William Bird. In 1876 the Corporation bought the very same property at the price of £420, for street improvements.
  • 2. See the illustration facing p. 112 of Vol. II.