Addenda to Volume 1: Chancery Proceedings, 1605-7

Pages 87-89

Cardiff Records: Volume 4. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1903.

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Chancery Proceedings.

Jac. I. Monm. V. 3. 61. 11 February 1605.

[Two sheets of parchment.]

Complaint of Andrew Vaien, clerk, Archdeacon of Brechon. He is Prebendary of the Prebend of Warthacome (fn. 1) within the cathedral church of Llandath within the diocese of Landaffe, and is therefore seised in his demesne as of fee of and in threescore acres of lands arable, meadow, pasture and wood situate in the parishes of Llandaff and Whitchurch in the county of Glamorgan, and also in the parishes of Langome, Llambeder and Llandevaud in the county of Monmoth, to the [said] prebend belonging and appertaining; and also of and in certain tithes of all kind of corn, grain and pease, and the personal and mixed tithes called Warthacome, happening within the said parishes of Llambeder and Llandevaude, to the said prebend likewise belonging and appertaining. One Morgan William of Car[d]iff in the said county of Glamorgan, gentleman, Thomas Morgan, of Llangome, clerk, and Walter Meiricke, of Llangeby within the said county of Monmoth, yeoman, have wrongfully disseised Complainant of the said lands, tenements and tithes. He craves redress.

Answer of the Defendant Morgan Williams. Longtime before Complainant was incumbent of the said prebend, one Lewis Jones was the Prebendary of Warthacombe aforesaid, and, by Indenture dated in the third year of the late King Edward VI., demised unto Richard David, late of Whitchurch aforesaid, yeoman, All that his foresaid Prebend of Warthacombe, with all and singular lands, tenements, messuages, churches, chapels, . . . . gs, offerings, "petycom[m]ys" and portions whatsoever, to the said Prebend belonging, being in the counties of Momothe and Glamorgan or elsewhere: To hold same for the term of 99 years under the rent therein mentioned; which Lease was confirmed by the Bishop of Llandaff, then Ordinary of the same place, and the Dean and Chapter there, under the common seal. And the said Richard David afterwards, by Indenture dated 20 June anno 2 Eliz. (1560), made between him the said Richard David on the one part and John Roberts of the town of Cardiff, alderman, on the other part, demised unto the said John Roberts all the messuages, lands, meadows, "leasnes," woods and pastures, with the appurtenances, belonging to the foresaid Prebend of Warthacombe and being as parcel, member and branch thereof and situate in the said parish of Whitchurch, in these closes following, that is to say: Two closes of arable lands and pasture, and one mead near the Plucke Halog, containing 8 acres, next the lands of the said John Roberts on the east, and the lands of Lewis ap Morgan on the south and west, and the common way leading from Landaff bridge to Treada, on the north. And the messuage and 2 closes containing 16 acres of lands lying next the lane called Hewle Rywr Kirff (fn. 2) on the west, and the lands of Edward ap Richard on the east and south, and between as ample and the like mears and marks as one Lydnard (fn. 3) Rosser the same heretofore held and enjoyed, possessed, manured and occupied. To hold same for the term of 88 years under the rent therein mentioned. And the said John Roberts, by his last Will and testament appointed one David Roberts of Cardiff aforesaid, gentleman, his sole executor, and afterwards died. The said David Roberts, by deed in writing dated 4 April anno 34 Eliz. (1592), bargained and sold the premises unto Marmaduke Mathewe of Cardiff aforesaid, gentleman, to hold the same during the remainder of the said term. The said Marmaduke Mathew, by deed dated 10 December anno 38 Eliz. (1596), did bargain and sell the premises unto Thomas Hughes, of Cardiff aforesaid, merchant, for the unexpired residue of the said term. Upon the death of the said Thomas Hughes intestate, Mary his widow administered his effects, and is lawfully possessed of the said premises in Whitchurch. The said Mary is now the wife of this Defendant, who therefore holds the said premises lawfully, in her right.

Chancery Proceedings.

Jac. I. Glam. B. 16. 32. 30 April 1607.

Complaint of Henry Billingsley of Syston in the county of Glocester, knight. He happened to take to wife a near kinswoman of one Edmond Mathew of Radir in the county of Glamorgan, esquire; by reason of which marriage there did grow great liking, friendship and familiarity between Complainant and the said Edmond Mathew. About the first year of the present King's reign Complainant, in his mere love to the said Edmond Mathew and at his special instance and entreaty, did, with one Rice Phillipps of Llanphey in the county of Pembroke, gentleman, become bound as surety for the said Edmond Mathew for 4000l. For security the said Edmond Mathew executed and enrolled a deed dated 20 June anno 1 Jac. (1603), whereby he conveyed unto Complainant and his co-surety certain manors, messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments in the county of Glamorgan. And for that the said Edmond Mathew did carelessly neglect to discharge or save harmless the Complainant, who was forced to pay the bond and penalties, the Complainant suffered great loss in satisfying the creditors of the said Edmond Mathew, to the amount of 8000l. or more. For this sum the said Edmond Mathew agreed to convey to Complainant the Lordship, Castle and Manors of Landaffe, Merthermawr, Worlton, and Bushopston in Gower, and the fishing of Toffe, with divers messuages, lands, tenements, parks, mills, fishings, forges, iron works, coal mines and other hereditaments, situate within the parishes, towns, hamlets and fields of Landaffe, Radyr, Whitchurch, Cardiffe, Lanwonno, Lantryssen, Pentirch, Worlton, Merthermawr, Bishopston in Gower, and Lantwit Vay[r]dre, all within the county of Glamorgan. The said Rice Phillipps agreed to resign his claim against the debtor's estate. Accordingly the said Edmond Mathew conveyed the said premises to Complainant by fine and recovery in the Court of Great Sessions for Glamorgan. The said Edmond Mathew also promised to assign unto Complainant certain leasehold premises in the said county of Glamorgan. This he now refuses to do, and hath confederated with one Morgan Gybbon, George Mathew and Harry Rymbron, who pretend to the inheritance of the lastmentioned premises, or to hold same in trust for the said Edmond Mathew, his wife and children. Complainant craves redress.

Answer of Defendant George Mathew. He saith that William Mathewe and Harry Mathewe, eldest brothers to the Defendant Edmond Mathew, settled the Manor of Landaffe upon Edmond "for better continuance thereof in their name."

Answer of Defendant Morgan Gybons. The premises in dispute were settled as a jointure for Jane, wife of the said Edmond Mathew, and for the advancement of their children.

Writ directed to Roger Bathern and Henry Williams, esquires, Robert Mathew and David Lloid, gentlemen, Commissioners.

Answer of Defendant Harry Rymbron. The said Edmond Mathew inherited the premises under an entail, on the death of Henry Mathew without issue.


  • 1. Warthacwm is Llangwm Isaf in the county of Monmouth, the tithes whereof were given by an ancient grant to the see of landaff.
  • 2. Heol Rhiw'r Cyrph, "the Lane of the Slope of Corpses."
  • 3. Leonard.