List of officials: Post-Reformation clergy and church officials

Pages 548-556

Cardiff Records: Volume 5. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1905.

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[N.B.—William Dawkyn was perpetual vicar of Saint Mary's in 1546, and John Pyll, B.L., circa 1558. At that time Saint Mary's was the premier parish church of Cardiff, with Saint John's and Roath under it. The living of Saint Mary's still subsisted in 1663, when William Erbery was the vicar, and the yet more famous Walter Cradock his curate—both ejected for Nonconformity.]

1669. Theodoret Price, Vicar.

1674. William Evans, Vicar.

1679. Thomas Andrews, Vicar. Wren, Curate.

1718. Thomas Colrick, Vicar. [William Williams, Curate?]

1734. Nathaniel Wells, Curate.

1716. Owen Jenkins, Vicar. Richard Evans, Minister.
James Thomas, Minister.
Christopher Wells, Curate.

1808. John Jones, Vicar.


c. 1538. John Moyer.

c. 1540. Roger Lewis& John Yoman.

1558. John Pill. (Apparently also Perpetual Vicar, and Parish Clerk.)

1710. Evan Jones& Christopher Hugh.

1711. [John New& Christopher Hugh?]

1712. [William Richards& Robert Keer ?]

1715. [Henry Williams ?]

1736. William Brewer junior& William Purcel.

1737. Richard Bevan& John James.

1738. John Jenkins& John Howse.

1739. Isaac Rosser& Gabriel Evans.

1740. William Evans& Marmaduke Watkin.

1741. William Brewer junior& John Watkins.

1742. Isaac Rosser& Thomas Lewis.

1743. John Watkin& John James.

1744. John Watkin& Thomas Lewis.

1745. Michael Richards& William Richards.

1746. William Richards& Thomas Lewis.

1747. Richard Bevan& John Watkins.

1748. Richard Bevan& Thomas Lewis.

1749. William Richards& John Watkins.

1750. William Richards& Thomas Lewis.

1751. John Watkin& John Howell.

1752. William Richards& Thomas Lewis.

1753. John Watkin& William Thomas.

1754. Thomas Lewis& Isaac Rosser.

1755. John Watkins& John Howells.

1756. Isaac Griffiths& John Watkins.

1757. John Howell& Hezekiah Hopkins.

1758. Isaac Rosser& Jacob Rosser.

1759. John Howell& Hezekiah Hopkins.

1760. William Morgan& Evan Richard.

1761. do.

1762. Hezekiah Hopkins& John Bird.

1763. William James& Jacob Rosser.

1764. William Bird& John Jones.

1765. William Rees& William Morgan.

1766. William Morgan& Hezekiah Hopkins.

1767. William Richards senior& William Richards junior.

1768. Evan Evans& James James.

1769. do.

1770. Jacob Rosser& William Rees.

1771. James James& William Rees.

1772. James James& Abraham Leggatt.

1773. Hezekiah Hopkins& William Sunfield.


1775. William Richards& James James.

1776. do.

1777. William Richards& James James.

1778. William Rees& Henry Charles.

1779. Thomas William Bowen& Lewis Philpot.

1780. Thomas Roberts& Lewis Philpot.

1781. Thomas Roberts& Thomas Williams.

1782. Thomas Roberts& Rees David.

1783. William Rees& Edward Thomas.

1784. James James& Henry Charles.

1785. Thomas Williams& Henry Charles.

1786. Hezekiah Hopkins& Thomas Jones.

1787. John Roberts& Hezekiah Hopkins.


1789. Henry Charles& Daniel Jones.


1791. James James& Edward Thomas.

1792. Thomas Morgan& Lionel Stibbs.

1793. Charles Jones& Thomas Rees.

1794. Thomas Morgan& Lionel Stibbs.


1796. William Brewer& Thomas Lewis.

1797. John Richards& Thomas Bourne.

1798. do.

1799. Thomas Morgan& Charles Jones.

1800. Thomas Morgan& John Whiteing.

1801. do.

1802. Thomas Morgan& Charles Jones.

1803. Thomas Charles& Lewis Evans.

1804. do.

1805. John Pride& John Davies.

1806. William Wood& Daniel Hooper.

1807. George Lyndon& Robert Eyre.

1808. William Wood& Daniel Hooper.

[This year the parishes of Saint Mary and Saint John were united under the name of the latter, and no further Churchwardens were appointed for Saint Mary's.]


1669. Alexander Pursell.

1676. George Williams.

1687. Lewis Shear& Charles Davies.

1696. William Seward& William Hunt.

1697. George Mower& John Hamond.

1698. Arthur Yeomans.

1702. Henry Hammond.

1707. George Stephens.

1711. Richard Jones& George Stephens.

1712. George Stephens& Nathaniel Wells.

1713. William Jones& Edward Jenkins.

1714. William Hiely& John Morgan.

1715. Alexander Purcel& Pethuel Sheres.


1717. William Mathews& Arthur Yeomans.

1718. David Owen& Nathaniel Wells.

1719. David Owen& William Mathews.

1720. William Mathew& Francis Jones.

1721. John Thomas& Francis Jones.

1722. William Lambert& Edward Morgan.

1723. Richard Jenkins& Thomas Meredith.

1724. Richard Jenkins& John Cornish.

1725. Cradock Nowell& William Cornish.

1725. Nicholas Brewer& Arthur Williams.

1726. James Williams& William Mathews.

1727. Thomas Mathews& Charles Gibbon.

1728. John Tanner& Charles Gibbon.

1729. John Tanner& Charles Gibbon.

1730. Philip Stephens& George Lewis.

1731. John Oakey& William Lambert.

1732. Alexander Pursel senior& George Watkins.

1733. [No election recorded.]

1734. Alexander Purcell junior& Henry Lewis.

1735. Alexander Purcel junior& Henry Lewis.

1736. Richard Jones& Henry Lewis.

1737. James Williams& William Mathews.

1738. Henry Llewellin& Alexander Purcell junior.

1739. William Richards& Richard Jenkins.

1740. William Richards junior& Llewellin Treharne.

1741. Michael Richards& William Richards.

1742. Roger Powell junior& Alexander Purcell junior.

1743. do.

1744. Henry Williams& George Williams.

1745. Alexander Purcell junior& Richard Jones.

1746. do.

1747. Arthur Tanner& Henry Lewis.

1748. Henry Lewis& Arthur Tanner.

1749. Arthur Tanner& Ralph Bowen.

1750. Henry Williams& Ralph Bowen.

1751. William Jones& Henry Williams.

1752. Richard Jones& William Jones.

1753. Richard Jones& Ralph Bowen.

1754. Henry Yeomans& Ralph Bowen.

1755. Howell Davies& Henry Yeomans.

1756. John Priest& Richard Jenkins.

1757. John Priest& Arthur Tanner.

1758. Arthur Tanner& Richard Priest.

1759. Richard Priest& Robert Savours.

1760. Robert Savours& Arthur Williams.

1761. Arthur Williams& David Prichard.

1762. David Prichard& Francis Minnit.

1763. Francis Minnitt& Thomas Waters.

1764. Thomas Deer& Michael Brewer.

1765. Henry Williams& Shadrach Williams.

1766. John Llewellin& Edmund Traherne.

1767. Edmund Traherne& John Llewellin.

1768. Edmund Traherne& William Lewis.

1769. William Richards& John Thomas.

1770. William Richards& John Thomas.

1771. Richard Jenkins& John Priest.

1772. Robert Savours& Francis Minnitt.

1773. Bloom Williams& William Williams.

1774. Bloom Williams& John Waters.

1775. Bloom Williams& Thomas French.

1776. William Sweet& Thomas Thomas.

1777. Thomas Thomas& Henry Williams.

1778. Thomas French& Thomas Thomas.

1779. Thomas Bennett& Bloom Williams.

1780. Thomas Bennett& Bloom Williams.

1781. William Pritchard& Edward Whiteing.

1782. Robert Stephenson& Thomas Thomas.

1783. Isaiah Verity& Jonathan Davy.

1784. William Glascott& William Olds.

1785. John Ovens& Hugh Whiteing.

1786. Thomas Stibbs& Charles Williams.

1787. John Hussey& Hugh Whiteing.

1788. Rickett Willett& William Lewis junior.

1789. William Wilson& Edward Thomas.

1790. Edward Morgan& John Blannin.

1791. Thomas Thomas& William Bew.

1792. John Bradley& Thomas Thomas.

1793. William Taitt& Thomas Thomas.

1794. William Priest& Thomas Thomas.

1795. Samuel Allen& Thomas Thomas.

1796. Thomas Dalton& Thomas Thomas.

1797. Thomas Guest& William Willson.

1798. Thomas Morgan& Thomas Dalton.

1799. William Williams& John Thackwell.

1800. Thomas Bourne& Samuel Diamond.

1801. William Perkins& Henry Williams.

1802. Richard Hill& Henry Jones.

1803. Edward Bird& Nathaniel French.

1804. Charlest Vachell& Richard Street.

1805. Thomas Lloyd& Richard Jenkins.

1806. John Bird junior& James Frazier.

1807. John Wood junior& William Taitt.

1808. William Taitt& John Wood junior.

This year the parishes of Saint Mary
and Saint John were united under
the name of the latter.

1809. William Taitt& John Wood junior.

1810. Thomas Charles& William Rees senior.

1811. Thomas Jones& Thomas Charles.


1813. William Stibbs& William John Vine.

1814. do.

1815. William Morgan& Robert Thomas.

1816. do.

1817. do.

1818. Philip Woolcott& Joseph Wheeler.

1819. Joseph Wheeler& Edward Bird.

1820. Edward Bird& Charles Vachell senior.


1735. Robert Jones& John Minnitt.

1738. William Evans& Robert Jones.

1739. Arthur Price& Edward Thomas.

1740. George Williams& John King.


1742. William Thomas& William Jones.

1743. do.

1744. John King& Edward Thomas.

1745. John King& Eustons Evans.


1747. John King& Eustons Evans

1748. do.

1749. do.

1750. do.

1751. do.

1752. John King& William Jones.


1754. William Jones& John King.

1755. John King& William Jones.

1756. do.

1757. do.

1758. do.

1759. do.

1760. do.

1761. [None appointed.]

1762. John King& William Jones.

1763. do.

1764. do.

1765. do.

1770. William Jones& John King.

1771. do.

1772. do.

1773. William Jones& Edward Stone.


1775. Edward Stone& John Roberts.

1776. [None appointed.]

1777. William Jones& Edward Stone.


1779. Edward Stone& John Roberts.

1780. do.


1548. Hugh Laine.

1731. Richard Leigh.

1732. Abraham Smalley.

1737. Philip Moutier.

1738. James Nooth.

1749. Henry Webber Chilcott.

1770. Samuel Mineard.

1773. James Moore.

1785. George C. Whatley junior.

1799. George Forster Cooke.

1801. Arnold Merrick.

1802. William Sweet.


1680. John Rathborne.

1686. Arthur Roberts.

1704. James Thomas.

1731. Richard Price.

1756. John Willson.

1763. Paul Price.


1714. Henry Williams.

1732. Henry Parry.

1750. John Willson (also Belfryman and Organ-blower.)

1801. Thomas Newton (appointed Sexton of the united Parishes of Saint Mary and Saint John.)

1814. George Kebbey.

Cardiff Boat.