Acts and Proceedings: 1568, December

Pages 132-133

Acts and Proceedings of the General Assemblies of the Kirk of Scotland, 1560-1618. Originally published by [s.n.], Edinburgh, 1839.

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The Generall Assemblie of the Kirk haldin in Edinburgh, in the Neither Counsell-house, the 25 of December 1568: In the quhilk were assemblit the Superintendents, Ministers, and Comissioners of Townes and Kirks: Thanks being givin, and invocatioun for the assistance of the Holy Spirit, be Mr Johne Knox, Minister of Edinburgh.

Anent the lettre receivit fra my Lord of Glencarne, daitit at Glasgow the xxi day of December instant, bearing in effect the great zeale his Lordship beares to the glorie of God, the mantaining of the commoun cause, and instant necessitie of the ministers of Chrysts evangell, for support wherof his Lordship hes put the Kirk in possession of the thrids of the bishoprick of Glasgow, more regarding the mantaining of the ministrie nor his Lordships awin profite or commoditie, shewing his Lordships great desyre to have been at this present Assemblie, if the urgent cause of the commoun weill now in hands, and als the distance of the place now impedit, promiseing quhatsoever beis in this Assemblie godlie concludit on, his Lordship will sett fordward the same at the uttermost of his power; requesting also for the placeing of Mr Johne Porterfield, now banischt from Dumbartan, as in lyke manner for ane godlie learned Inglischman, and for their reasonable stipends, off the quhilk his Lordship godlie zeale and benefite bestowit on the Kirk, as also the earnest carefulnes for supporting the pastours of Chrysts flocke. The haill brethren assemblit unfainedly praises God, and thanks his Lordship most heartlie, not doubting but the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Chryst will strenthen his Lordship to the end. As to the twa brethren requeistit for be his Lordship, the brethren assemblit hes givin commission to Mr Andro Hay to place and appoint them according to his conscience.

Because of the rarenes of this Assemblie, the 25 day of Feberwar nixt was appointit to conveine on, and lettres of advertisement was ordained to be send to every superintendent; whose tenour followes.

The haill brethren presentlie assemblit, having consideratioun not only of the brute and seiknes within this brugh, albeit, God be praised, ther is no occasioun of feare therof, bot also the great tempest and storme of weather thoght to be universallie within this realme, as weill in the north as in the south; That throw the feare of the ane, and impediment of the uther, the brethren, superintendents of Angus, Mernes, and Fyffe, ministers and commissioners, and uthers, asweill of these parts as of the west and south, might not compeir at this Assemblie, according to the appointment therof in the last session of the Assemblie haldin in July last, was thoght meit to continue all actiouns quhatsoever unreasonit and undecydit quhill the 25 day of Februar nixt to come, and then to have the haill brethren forsaids to conveine in Edinburgh be themselves; or if any thing chances in the meane tyme, wherthrow justlie they are impedit, their commissioners sufficientlie authorized, if the said day and place please not the haill brethren, or maist part therof, To reason and conclude all actions pertaining to the ministrie; to condiscend and appoint some uther day and place, not only convenient for the ministers, and commissioners of townes and kirks; but also apt for resorting of the nobilitie and Privie Counsell, whose presence is verie requisite for setting fordward the affaires of the Kirk; and therfor exhortit the saids brethern, Superintendents of Angus and Fyfe, to advertise their uther brethren, ministers, and commissioners of townes and kirks, within their bounds respective, as was appointit in the last Assemblie; To convene in Edinburgh the said 25 day of Februar nixt to come, as the brethren of west and south sall be in like manner warnit therto. Given in the Generall Assemblie and first sessioun therof, subscryvit be the clerk, of the same day, yeir, and place forsaids.