Index: Additions and corrections

Pages 57-61

Acts and Proceedings of the General Assemblies of the Kirk of Scotland, 1560-1618. Originally published by [s.n.], Edinburgh, 1839.

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Aberbrothock, Preachers in, for 990, read 998.

Aberchirder, kirk of, 672.

Abercrombie, John, insert of Scone.

Abercrombie, (St Monance,) minister of, v. Forsyth.

Abercrombie, Wm., for 826, read 825.

Aberdalgie, dele 672.

Aberdeen, dele Mass in, 902.

Aberdeen, Friars of, dele 3.

Aberdource, dele 5, Ramsay.

Aberdoure and Tyrie, (in Buchan,) minister of, v. Ramsay.

Abernethie, minister of, v. Moncrieff.

Abernethie, Alex., for Tashindrum, read Lessendrum.

Adair, v. Kinhilt.

Adamson, Pat., for 458, 464– read 453, 464.

Adultery, for 766, 825, read 746, 937.

Aird, William, insert minister of St Cuthberts.

Alford, minister of, add Guthrie.

Allan, Robert, minister, add Newlands.

Alves, add minister of, v. Balfour.

Anderson, Andrew, College of Aberdeen, 141–43.

Anderson, John, 394 transposed.

Annand, Alexander, insert of Auchterellan.

Annand, James, for 410, read 416.

Anstruther, minister of, for Davie, read Durie.

Apostates, for 430, read 431,— dele 489,—transpose from Apostate Lords, 851, 853.

Apostate Lords, for 917, 923, 928, read 917–923, 929.

Arbuthot, Alex., Principal, for 391–409, read 391, 398, 409.

Arbuthnot, minister of, v. Ramsay.

Argyle, Archibald Earl, add 300, 314.

Articles, by Synod of Fife, for 945, read 994, 995.

Articles proposed by the Kirk, dele 684.

Assembly, translation of, for 182, read 184.

Assembly, meetings of, insert 744.

Assembly, yearly, for 801, read 807.

Assignations, for 125, read 126.

Auchinmoutie, William, minister in Teviotdaill, read of Hawick.

Auchterderran, minister of, v. Boswell.

Auchtermowtie, read Auchtermuchtie.

Ayr, sheriffdome of, 648, 724, dele 397.


Balfour, James, minister of Guthrie, insert and Idvie.

Balfour, Patrick, for in Murray, read of Alves.

Balfour, William, minister of Kelso.

Ballandane, v. Ruthen.

Ballingown, Balnagown, v. Ross.

Balmaine, Balmany, add Bowmaine, v. Ramsay.

Balmerino, minister of, insert Douglas.

Balnaves, Alexander, for Tippermure, read Tibbermure.

Balquhidder, minister of, v. Burdoun.

Bassanden, minister of, v. Walker.

Benefices, transpose 155, to demission of, — dele 273,— for 739, read 733.

Bennet, James, minister, insert Ormistoun.

Beza, for 999, read 992.

Bible, for 970, read 992.

Bills, for 806, read 896.

Birnie, William, read 1090, 1092;—of Ayr.

Birse, read Birsa.

Bishops, deprivation of, 559;—responsible, 413.

Bishops, titles of, 162, 491, 492.

Bisset, Thomas, minister, insert Drummelzier.

Blackwood, Peter, insert minister, Saline.

Bolton, add minister of, v. Duncansone.

Boswell, George, insert of Auchterderran.

Boyd, Lord, after 589, insert Thomas.

Branxholme, v. Scott.

Brechin, Diocie of, ministers in, 998, 1086, dele 778.

Burdoun, James, for in Strathern, read Balquhidder.

Burne, John, messenger, 559.

Burne, John, minister, dele 559.

Burne, Nicol, insert professor, St Andrews.

Burntisland, (Wester Kinghorn,) minister of, v. Mitchelsone.

Burtisland, dele 834, v. Kinghorn.

Bursars, for 226–8, read 228–230.


Caithness, for Earl of, read ministry of, 762.

Caldcleuche, John, minister, insert of Abdie,—for 1036, read 1037.

Campbell, Colin and Duncan, v. Glenurquhy.

Campsy, for 522, read 572.

Carmichael, Jameses, are one, transfer 863, to

Carmichael, John, of Kinneuchar.

Carnbee, minister of, add v. Hunter.

Carnell, Carnwall, insert Karnall.

Cassills, Tutor of, v. Kennedy.

Cautions, Caveats, insert against Bishops.

Channons, Canons, add Monks and Friars.

Chein, James, insert Kildrymmie.

Cheyne, Walter, for 825, read 824.

Chisholme, Alexander, minister, Muthill.

Christieson, William, for 646, read 649.

Clark, William, for 331, read 531.

Clayhills, Archibald, err. for Andrew, 796.

Cleish, minister of, insert Myles.

Cliddisdaill, dele 5,—over ward, for 391, read 390.

Cliddisdaill, George, insert minister in Clydesdale.

Closeburn, add minister of, v. Ramsay.

Collation, 704, read 702.

Collectory, insert 118.

Colville, Alexander, dele Abbot or,— also 49.

Colville, Harry, minister, insert in Orkney.

Colville, Robert, insert minister in West Lothian.

Commission by Presbytery of Edinburgh, 909;—St. Andrews, 1009;—by Synod of Fyfe, 908.

Commission, gėneral, for 972, read 971.

Commissions, copies of, insert 908, 909, 109.

Conference, privy, dele 750, 755.

Conference at Falkland, for 1609,) 1609–78, read 1609,) 1069–1078.

Confession of Zurich, v. Zurich.

Contribution for the French exiles, insert 379.

Cornwall, Nicoll, for 764, read 765.

Cornwall, Robert, insert minister of Linlithgow.

Council, Secret, insert 755,— for 146, read 147,— add Johnston.

Couper, minister of, add, Scott.

Cowper, William, for 1089, read 1092.

Craig, John, minister, Edinburgh, for 576, read 577.

Craig, John, appearand of Ramuscraig, read of Ravinscraig.

Craig, Thomas, err. for Greig.

Craigie, insert in Stratherne.

Craigie, in Kyle, minister of, v. Inglis.

Craigings, insert Craigence, Craigends.

Cramond, minister of, insert Lundie.

Cranstoun, William, insert minister of Lathrisk.

Crawfurd, for Captain, read Captain of.

Crichton, teinds of, add minister of, v. Johnston.

Crimen Ambitus, 864, 989.

Culross, Abbot of, (William), 49.

Culsamond, add Mason, Spens.

Cunningham, Samuel, insert minister of South Ferry.

Cunningham, William, read John, 1005.

Cupar, v. Couper.

Cushny, add Laitd of, v. Lumsden.


Daill, for in Lothian, read Stentoun.

Dairsie, Laird of, v. Learmonth.

Dalgleish, Nicol, minister of Pittenweem, add and St Cuthberts.

Dalkeith, Robert, insert minister, Hamilton.

Dalyel, Ninian, insert in Nithsdaill.

Davidson, John, in Auchterarder Presbytery, 764, 1037.

Davidson, John, minister, Hamilton, dele 764, 1037.

Davidson, John, Regent, &c., dele 1037.

Davidson, Patrick, collector, dele 667.

Davidson, Patrick, minister, 667.

Diocie, for 16, read 14.

Discipline, First Book of, insert 15.

Disobedience, for 162, read 142.

Doctors, (professors,) for 959, read 958.

Doddis, James, minister, insert Kirkcudbright.

Douglas of Lochlevin, v. Lochlevin.

Douglas, Alexander, dele 1102.

Douglas, Archibald, person, dele 567.

Douglas, Archibald, minister, insert 567.

Douglas, James, minister, insert in Angus, 763.

Douglas, James, 4, of Torthorwald, 756.

Douglas, James, minister, insert in Angus.

Douglas, John, Rector, &c., for 55, read 58.

Douglas, Patrick, for 421, read Chantour, 421.

Dowart, laird of, v. M'Lean.

Drummelzier, minister, of, v. Bisset.

Drummond, Robert, insert minister.

Duff, James, insert minister in Banffshire.

Dumbennan, minister of, insert v. Philp.

Dumbennan, presbytery, insert moderator of, add v. Chalmers, Kay.

Dumblane, Bishopric of, dele 754, 757;—minister of, insert Montgomery.

Dumbreck, insert of Wrtoun, Urtane.

Dumfries, minister of, add Watson.

Dunbar, Presbytery of, for 484, read 486.

Duncan, Henry, insert minister, Muirhous.

Duncansone, John, dele 646.

Duncansone, Thomas, for, Bowden, read Bolton ?

Dundas, James, minister, insert Forres.

Dundas, Patrick and Thomas, ministers, insert in Moray.

Dundee—preachers, are under the clause Presbytery.

Dundonald, add minister of, v. Mylne.

Dunfermline, Earl of, for 759, read, 750.

Dunkeld, Diocie of, for 282, read 283.

Dunnone, insert in Orkney.

Dunnyveg, laird of, v. M'Conneill.

Dunse, (and Edrom,) after 223, insert v. Gates.

Dunskelly, laird of, v. Johnstone.

Durie, Simeon, insert minister, Forgan.

Dysart, for Murray, read Hogg, Murray, Scott.


Eccles, minister of, v. Frenshe.

Edinburgh Magistrates, &c., for 731, read 720.

Edinburgh, Ministers of, for 256, read 259,—add v. Balcanquall, Balfour, Bruce, Cowper, Craig, Durie, Galloway, Hall, Hewat, Knox, Lawson, Rollock, Watson.

Edinburgh, Presbytery, for 593–7, read 593, 597,—for 720, read 731.

Edmonstone, John, minister, insert Tillieboill.

Edmonstone, William, transpose 531, from Duntreath, to William, minister.

Edrom, Edrem, minister of, v. Gates.

Eglisgreg, minister of, insert v. Gudefallow.

Elibank, v. Murray.

Elliot, James, minister, insert of Forfar, before 1086.

Erskine of Dun, for 255, read 355.

Essie, read Essie and Nevay.

Essilton, minister of, v. Daes.

Exercise, for 50, read 57,— for 1105, read 1107,—transpose 692, after Presbytery.


Falkland, alias Kilgour.

Family of the King, for 484, read 464.

Fife, for 615,—, read 615,— for 655, 656, read 655–657.

Fingask, dele Kingask,— for Hay, read Forbes.

Forbes, Auchanachie, for 826, read 825.

Forbes of Pitsligo, 824.

Forbes, Thomas, father and son, Aberdeen, 1017.

Forbes, William, of Barnes, dele 828.

Forbes, William, of Corsindea, 825.

Fordoun, add minister of, v. Pallady kirk.

Forfar, insert minister of, v. Elliot, Fullerton.

Forfest, insert Forsyth.

Forgan, minister of, v. Dury, Lindsay, Marche.

Forgundie, minister of, v. Ross.

Forres, minister of, insert Dundas.

Foulden, add Storie.

Foulis, minister of, v. Galloway.

Foulis, laird of, v. Munro.

Foulis, James, insert Dunkeld.

Fraser, Alexander, insert of Dorris.

Fraser, Andrew, in Tyry, 825.

Fraser, v. Phillorth.

Fraser, Paul, minister of Strathcathro, for 345, read 545.

Fraser, Thomas, 824, dele minister of Strathcathro.

Fullerton, John, of Sanquhar, dele 757, 763.

Fullerton, John, minister in Angus, 757, 763.


Galloway, Patrick, minister, insert of Foullis.

Galloway, Bishoprie of, 223, dele (Glasgow ?)

Garden, Gilbert, insert 355.

Gartly, minister of, v. Nicolson.

Gates, Patrick, for Edrom, read Dunse and Edrom,—dele 7.

Gilmour, insert in West Lothian.

Gladstanes, Dr Alexander, insert Archdean, St Andrews.

Glasgow, Archbishop of, for 690, 603, read William Erskine, 690, 693.

Glasgow, Presbytery of, for 523, 771, read 524, 773.

Glenurquhair, for 1093, read 1091.

Gordon, Alexander, for 30, read 301.

Gowrie, William, Earl, for 570, read 571,—add v. Ruthven.

Graham, David, of Fintry, for 529, read 526.

Graham, John, advocate, insert one of the Lords of Session.

Guthrie, Alexander, minister, insert Alford.


Halket of Pitferran, 532.

Hamilton, Lord John, add 747.

Hamilton, James, in Dalry, add 532, 539, 567, 800.

Hamilton, James, of Libberton, dele 800.

Hamilton, James, of Kincavell, insert Sheriff of Linlithgow, and dele 532, 539, 567.

Hamilton, John, of Sanquhar, 292, 294.

Hamilton, Patrick, the Martyr, 36.

Hamilton, William, in Galloway, add 1047.

Hamilton, William, of Cambuskeith, dele 1047.

Harris, v. M'Leod.

Harvie, for Elricke, read Elke.

Hawick, insert minister of, v. Auchinmouty.

Hay, Robert, minister, insert in Dumbennan presbytery.

Hayning, v. Scott.

Hepburne, Robert, minister, insert Prestonkirk.

Hewat, Peter, for 1127, read 1128.

Holyroodhouse, minister of, for 206, read 204.

Home of North Berwick, transpose 1091 from Alexander to Sir John.

Home, Hume, George, v. Wedderburn.


Idolatry, for 25, read 23.

Idvie, minister of, v. Balfour, Ramsay.

Incest, for 154–6, read 152–4.

Innes, Alexander, insert Peathnick.

Innes, Robert, for Elreck, 826, read Elrick, 825.

Intrusion, for 482, read 492, 509.

Inveresk, v. Musselburgh.

Irvine, Presbytery of, for 549, read 550.

Isles, Bishop of, for 590, read 1091.


Jesuits, for 590, read 1091.

Jesuits, for 559, read 550.

Jure devoluto, for 869, read 863.


Kelso—105, insert minister of, v. Balfour.

Kemback, minister of, v. Monypenny.

Kennedy, Gilbert, monk, dele 6.

Kennedy, Quintin, Abbot of Corsraguell, 6.

Kilbride, minister of, insert Sharpe.

Kildrymmy, insert minister of, v. Cheyne.

Kilravock, v. Rose, Ross.

Kinkarth, insert Kingarth.

Kinnaird, Alexander, insert Cubin.

Kinninmonth, Patrick, insert of Callenge.

Kirkcaldy, minister of, insert Mitchelson.

Knox, John, minister of Lauder, insert or Melrose.


Labourers, for 47, 48, read 22,—add 874, v. Oppression, Poor, Teinds.

Langton, add minister of, v. Methven.

Lasswade, add v. Nicolson.

Lathrisk, minister of, insert Cranston.

Laud, Robert, read Robertland, [Cunningham of.]

Lauder, burgh, add minister of, v. Knox, Lawder.

Leask, Lesk, Thomas, add 825.

Lethington, v. Maitland.

Lindsay, David, Lyon herald, 290.

Lindsay, David, minister, Dundee, add 998.

Linlithgow, minister of insert Cornwall.

Livingston, Harie, minister, insert near Stirling.

Logie, (near Stirling,) minister of, v. Hume.

Lundie, George, minister, insert Dalmeny.


Mayboill, Presbytery of, add 648.

Melrose, minister of, insert Knox.

Merkinch, minister of, v. Watson.

Murray, Charles, of Cockpale, read of Cockpule, 756.

Musselburgh, insert Inveresk,—add Blackhall, Burne.


Newlands, minister of, v. Allan.

Newton, Laird of, add Oliphant.

Nithisdaill, for kirk, read kirks.


Oaths, add 1139.

Oppression, v. Labourers, Poor, Teinds.

Ormistoun, minister of, add Bennet.

Oswald—minister, insert in the Merse.


Petfoddels, v. Menzies.

Poor, add v. Labourers, Oppression, Teinds.

Prestonkirk, minister of, v. Hepburne.


Ramsay, for Bowman, read Bomaine.

Robertland, [Cunningham of,] 873.

Rig, James, add v. Carbarric.

Ruthen, v. Ruthven, William, of Bellindane.

Ruthven, for William, read William Lord,—add v. Gowrie, Earl of.


St Cuthberts, minister of, v. Aird, Harlaw, Pont.

St Marie's Isle, v. Lidderdale.

Sanderson, insert Tyningham before Whittingham.

Scott, William, transpose minister of Cupar, before 1037.