Acts and Proceedings: 1589, June

Pages 745-746

Acts and Proceedings of the General Assemblies of the Kirk of Scotland, 1560-1618. Originally published by [s.n.], Edinburgh, 1839.

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The General Assembly conveened upon Tuesday the 17 of June. [James Melvin is chosen Moderator. P.]

Upon Friday the 20, the King had a speech to the Assembly, and promised to hold hand to discipline. All the Commissioners of Countries were changed, except the Laird of Dun. The King would needs have Mr Patrick Galloway to be his Minister.

[The Assembly by the mouth of the Moderator rendereth his Majesty humble thanks for the beginnings he had made in suppressing the enemies of religion. They entreat to prosecute the business, and made offer of their humble service to the uttermost of their power. As for that he craves, they acknowledge his Majesty may command any Minister within the realme, to attend himself and his Court.

It is appointed, that at the conveening and loosing of every Assembly, the roll of Commissioners shall be called, and all absents be censured.

Universall tryall shall be made of all the Ministers within every Presbytery; and the tryall to be of their life and doctrine, especially of simony, if any be suspect to have entered that way. The tryall shall be by questions and preaching; and where any shall be found unqualified, he shall be deposed without respect of age or other condition: and this tryall shall be concluded before the next Provinciall Synod, which is appointed to be September 3; as every Presbytery will answer unto God and his Church.

It is appointed, that in every Presbytery they shall dispute concerning the marriage of adulterers; and report their judgement unto the next Assembly.

The Act made in the last Assembly concerning the giving of admission upon the presentation of laik patrons, shall stand untill the next Assembly; with this addition, That the person who shall admit shall incurr the censure of the Church.

Violaters of the Sabbath (under which are comprehended parishoners absenting themselves from the sermons of their own parish, without a just cause), and blasphemers of God, are ordained to be tryed and censured by the particular Sessions of the parish: and who shall be convict of these offences, shall be denied of the benefits of the Church. With further censure, as the Word of God will allow.

The aged and weel meriting in the Ministry should be preferred to young men cæteris paribus, being found qualified by the presbyteries where churches are vaiking, and they agreeing with the Congregation.

The Presbytery of Edinburgh having received commission from the former Assembly to call Patrick Adamson before them for solemnizing the marriage of Huntly, now deliver their process, shewing that for his contumacy in not compearing after citations, they had deprived him from all function in the Church. The Assembly judgeth the process formall, ratifieth their sentence, and ordaines it with other sentences that were pronounced against him, to be published in all the churches. P.]