Acts and Proceedings: 1593, April

Acts and Proceedings of the General Assemblies of the Kirk of Scotland, 1560-1618. Originally published by [s.n.], Edinburgh, 1839.

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Maitland Club, 'Acts and Proceedings: 1593, April', in Acts and Proceedings of the General Assemblies of the Kirk of Scotland, 1560-1618( Edinburgh, 1839), British History Online [accessed 14 July 2024].

Maitland Club, 'Acts and Proceedings: 1593, April', in Acts and Proceedings of the General Assemblies of the Kirk of Scotland, 1560-1618( Edinburgh, 1839), British History Online, accessed July 14, 2024,

Maitland Club. "Acts and Proceedings: 1593, April". Acts and Proceedings of the General Assemblies of the Kirk of Scotland, 1560-1618. (Edinburgh, 1839), , British History Online. Web. 14 July 2024.

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The Generall Assemblie of the Kirk of Scotland, convenit at Dundie the xxiiij day of Apryle 1593.

Exhortatioun being maid be Mr Robert Bruce, Moderatour of the last Assemblie; in respect of the raritie of the brether convenit, it was thought meit the electioun of ane Moderatour sould be continewit quhill efter nvne, quhane the number will be mair frequent.

Acta Sessione Secunda, Eodem die.

The Assemblie, according to thair ordour, proceiding to the electioun of ane Moderatour, during this Conventioun, appointit and delytis Mr Dauid Lyndefay, Mr James Balfour, Mr Johne Nicholsoun, Mr Andro Meluill, Mr Patrick Sympsoun; and, be pluralitie of voitis, the said Mr Dauid was chossin Moderatour hac vice.

The hours of conventioun, ilk day dureing the Assemblie, war appointit the accustomeit hours.

And to the effect that all the actiouns to be intreitit at this tyme may be mair convenientlie and ordourlie handlit, and mair reddelie dispecht, the Kirk nominat thair bretherne vnderwritin, they ar to say, the Lairds of Cammo, Abottishall, Powrie, Ogilvy, commissioners of Edenburgh and Lyth, Mr Robert Pont, Mr John M' kenyie, Mr Alexander Dowglas, Mr Gilbert Gairdin, Mr Peter Blackburne, Alexander Keyth, William Crystesoun, Mr James Nicolfoun, Johne Dury, Mr Archibald Meluill, Mr Nicol Dalgleishe, Mr Thomas Buchannane, Dauid Fergusoun, Mr James Meluill, Mr William Rynd, Mr Patrick Symsoun, Mr Robert Bruce, Mr Robert Hepburne, Mr Johne Spoittiswod, Mr William Methwen, Mr Archibald Clayhills, Mr Johne Cowper, Mr Dauid Barclay, Mr Matho Wyllie, Mr Alexander Wreytoun, Mr William Edmestoun, to convine daylie with Moderatour in the rewestrie of the kirk, at aucht hours in the morning and tua ester nvne of the preauching dayis, and immediatlie ester the sermone in the preaching dayis, to gif thair adwyse and counsell in proceiding in materis of this Assemblie.

Acta Sessione Tertia, vigesimo quinto Aprilis 1593.

Foralsemikill as ther is ane Conventioun of the Nobilitie appointit be his Majestie in Edenburgh, the xxvij day of this instant, quher it is thocht meit that certane of the Kirk be present, to propone sick articlis and petitionis as for the tyme salbe thocht meit: Thairfor the Kirk and Assemblie present hes thocht meit to condiscend vpoun sic articles, quhairof ane breif recitle followis, quhilk heirefter ar to be brocht and reduceit in sum guid forme.

First, It is thocht meit to be craveit that all Papeistis within this realme may be pvnishit according to the lawis of God and of the realme.

Item, That the act of Parliament of ipso sacto may strake vpoun all maner of men landit and vnlandit, constitut in office or vtherwayis, als weill as the samyn is speciallie consawit aganis benefeicit persouns.

Item, That ane declaratour be cravit aganis Jesueits and traficking Papists aganis the trew religioun professit within the realme, quherby thay may be declairit tratours, to this effect the ressateris of thame may be pvneift according to the act of Parliament: and sicklyke that ane reformatioun may be of the thrie dayis contenit in the said act.

Item, That all sick persouns as the Kirk sall find and declair publeclie to be obstinat Papeisitis, althocht thay be not excummvnicat, be debarit frome bruiking of ony office within the realme, as alfua from acces to his Majesteis companie, and from inioying of ony banefeit of the lawis of the realme; as alsua that the pane of horning and vther ciuell paines may follow vpon the said declaratour, siclyk as alreddie followis vpon the sen tence of excummvnicatioun: and that ane act of Counsall presentlie may be maid and publishit thervpon, quhill the nixt Parliament, quher the samyn may be establishit in ane law.

Ordanes the bretherne of the haill Presbiteris quhilks ar present, to gif in the names of all maner of persouns excummvnicat for quhatsumever crime, as als of professing Papeiftis, the morne to the full Assemblie.

The Generall Assemblie of the Kirk gevis full power and commissioun to the brether of the Presbiteres of Glasgow and Hammiltoun, or sa mony of thame as guidlie can be convenit togidder, to summond Mr Mvrheid to compeir befor thame, with all expedient deligence, at the first dyet within the Toun of Glasgow, to ansuer for the defectioun of the ministrie, and to proceid according to the tryell and proces led befor thame; and in caice of ma dyetis nor ane, the plaice to be mvtuallie interchangit efter thair assembling; and to report thair proceiding to the nixt Generall Assemblie of the Kirk.

Anent the commissiouns gevin in the last Assemblie to the Presbitreis of Brichen and Arbrothe; fick brether adioynit to thame concerning Mr Walter Lyndesay and his collegeis.

Item to the Presbetrie of Hadingtoun concerning Mr George Ker; To the Presbeterie of Dalkeyth concerning the Laird of Rosling; To the Presbeterie of Edenburgh concerning Mr George Semple; as the particular commissiouns beris. Ane particular report of thair deligence being hard, the saids haill commissiouns wer found to be execute.

Anent the commissious gevin to the Presbiteris of Stirling and Dumblane concerning the complaint of the parochiners of Eglishame: The proceidingis in the mater being presentit in writ be Mr Patrik Symsoun, Minister in Stirling, in respect thay have remittit sum thingis to be considderit be the haill Kirk, to do ferder ressolutioun therin is superceidit quhill materis remitit to this Assemblie be proponit.

Anent the commissioun gevin in the laft Assemblie to certane bretherne, to tak vp the deidlie seid betuix the Lairds of Craigmyller and Edmestoun: In respect the said brether hes taken already travells therin, the Assemblie hes willit thame to prosecuit forder that purpos, and to report to the nixt Assemblie.

Anent the commissioun gevin to the Presbitrie of Irwing, to try the Presbitrie of Hamiltoun, and to report conforme to the tenour of the last Assemblie: In respect is vnderstand to the said Assemblie, not as ȝit the said commissioun is not execut, thairfor of new the said Kirk hes renewit the said commissioun to the brether appointit therin of befor, and ordaines thame to execute the samyn betuix and the nixt Assemblie, as thay will ansuer.

For reiding of bills and questiouns presentit in this Assemblie: The Kirk hes nominat Mr James Nicolsoun, Mr Nicol Dalgleische, Mr James Meluill, Mr Gilbert Gairdin, to conveine euerie day at tua hours in the Kirk, and to sycht the bills quhilks ar pertinent to the Assemblie, for remiting sic as be pertinent to the full Assemblie.

The Kirk and Commissioners present hes gevin full power and commissioun to thair rycht honorabill and thair lovit bretherne vnderwritin, thay ar to say, the Lairds of Abotishall, Wedderburne, and Merchestoun, Johne Arnot, William Lytill, sumtyme Provestis of Edenburgh, and Clement Ker, burges, sumtyme Baillie therof, to present to his Majestie and Nobilitie now appointit to conveine at Edenburgh, the xxvij day of this instant, the articles and petitiouns of the Kirk, and to crave and travel that the samyn may be grantit; and gif neid beis, to ressoune and confer thervpoun, or quhat beis done herin to report to the nixt Generall Assemblie.

Sessio 4a. 25 Aprile.

The Commissioners vnderwrytin presentit thir Articles following to his Maiestie and Counsell, viz. the Lairds of Abbotshall, Wedderburne, and Merchestoun, John Arnot and William Litle, sometyme Provests of Edenburgh, and Clement Car, Mrs Robert Bruce, Patrick Galloway, James Nicolsoun, and Walter Balcanquell.

Followis the tenour of the said articles.

First, Seing the increase of Papistrie is daylie within this realme, it is craveit of his Majestie, that all Papists within the same may be punishit according to the laws of God and the realme.

Item, That the act of Parliament ipso facto may strike vpon all maner of men, landit and vnlandit, constitute in office or vtherwayes, of quhat sort [soever] they be, as weill as the samen is provydit to strike aganis beneficit persons.

Item, That ane declaratour may be givin against Jesuites, Seminarie Preists, and traffiquing Papists, declaring them culpable of treason and lese Majestie, quherby the receipters of such persons may be punischit according to the act of Parliament; and that reformation may be had of the said act in that pairt, quher the samein is only extendit against such persons as receipts them be the space of three dayes; and that the penaltie of the act may be inslictit against any receipters without any condition of dayes.

Item, That all sick persons as the Kirk sall find and declare [publickly] to be Papists, although they be not excommunicat, be debarrit from brooking any office within the realme, as also from having accesse to his Majesties companie, and from injoying any benefite of the lawis; as also that the paine of horning, and vther civil paines, may follow vpon the said declaratour, sicklyke as presentlie followis vpon the sentence of excommunicatioun; and that ane act of Councell presentlie be made and publischit thervpon, quhill the nixt Parliament, quher the samen may be established in ane law.

Item, That his Majestie will considder the great prejudice done to the haill Kirk be erecting of the teinds of diverse Prelacies in temporalitie, as of the Abbay of Paisly and sundrie [others,] be the quhilk the planting of Kirks is greatlie prejudgeit; and that, therfor, ane substaqntial ordour be tane for remeid therof.

Ordaines derectour of Sanct Androis, Mr Robert Wylkie, Mr Robert Pont, Mr Thomas Buchannane, and Mr Johne Johnestoun, or ony thrie of thame, to vesit the tennour of the foundatioun of the new College to be erectit be the Erle Marischell in Aberdeine, and to gif thair oppvnioun of the same to the bretherne, that the said fundatioun may be ratefeit be the said haill Assemblie, being fund meit and expedient.

Ordanes Mr Robert Hepburne, Mr James Meluill, and Mr Peter Blackburne, to vesit and sycht the buik of vesitatioun of the boundis of Orknay, presentit be Mr Robert Pont, and to gif thair oppvnioun to the Assemblie befor thay dissolue.

Foralsmeikill as the numberis of the Presbitereis within this realme and thair places wald be knawin, the names therof being inquyrit, the full Assemblie and nvmber of the same wer gevin vp as follows, viz.

Ane Presbiterrie in Ʒetland callit Tingwall: In Orknay, ane, to wvt, Kirkwall: In Kaithnes, ane, viz. Thurso: In Sutherland, ane, viz. Dornoch: In Ros, tua, Tane and the Channonrie: In Murray, four, viz. Inuernes, Forres, Elgine, and Ruthven: In Aberdeine, fyve, viz. Bamf, Deir, Inuerowrie, Aberdene, Kincardin: In Mernes, ane, Couwat: In Angus, four, viz. Brechen, Arbroth, Megill, Dundie: In Dunkeld, ane, viz. Dunkeld: In Perth, Sanct Johnestoun, Dumblane: In Fyfe, four, viz. Sanct Androis, Cowper, Dumsermline, Kirkcaldy: In Stirling, ane, Lythgow: In Lowdiane, four, viz. Edenburgh, Dalkeyth, Haddingtoun, Dunbar: In Tueddall, Peblis: In Mers, tua, Chirnesyd, Duns: In Teuiotdaill, tua, Jedburt, Melros: In Nethisdail, ane, Drumsreis: In Galloway, tua, Kirkcudbryt, Wigtoun: In the Schirefdome of Air, tua, viz. Air, and Irwing: In Renfrew, Paislay: In Lennox Shyre, ane, Dumbartane: In Cliddisdaill, thrie, viz. Glasgow, Hamiltoun, Lanerk.

Forsameikill as the visitatioun of the Presbitries vniversallie throughout the haill realme, is thocht ane thing verry necessar, and fra diuers Assemblies commissiouns hes beine gevin to that effect; nottheles ane necessitie ȝit remaneing quhilk craveit the continewing of the said commissioun, the Kirk, therfor, and Commissioneris present hes gevin power and commissioun to thair louit bretherne vunderwritin, within the particular boundis respectiué following, that is to say, For Zetland, Thomas Swyntoun: For Orknay, Mr Robert Pont: For Sutherland, and Kaithnes, Mr Robert Pont and Mr William Pap coniunctlie: For Ros and the Channonrie, Mr Alexander Dowglas; For Murray, Mr George Monro, Mr Andro Crumby, Mr Johne Robesoun: For Aberdeine, Mr Alexander Forbes, Mr Robert Arburthnet, Mr Andro Wyllie: For Mernis, John Durie, Mr Andro Keithe: For Angus, Mr Robert Bruce, Mr Andro Meluill, and Mr James Meluill: For Perth, Dunkeld, Dumblane, and Stirling, Mr James Nicolson, Mr Nicoll Dalgleishe: For Fyfe, Mr Dauid Lyndesay, Mr Robert Hepburne, and Mr Patrick Symsoun: For Lowthiane, Mr Andro Moncreif, Mr Dauid Spence, Mr Andro Lamb: For Mers, Mr Adame Johnstoun, Mr James Carmichell: For Tiviottdaill, Mr William Methven, Johne Clappertoun: For Nithesdaill, James Hammiltoun, Mr William Hammiltoun: For Galloway, Johne Porterseild, Mr Dauid Barclay: For the Schiresdome of Air, Mr Johne Yong, Andro Knox: For Dumbartalne, Renfrew, Glasgow, Hamiltoun, and Lanerk, Mr Henrie Levingstoun, Mr Robert Wylkie, Mr Alexander Wreitoun: to viset and try the doctrine, lyse and conversation, deligence and fidelitie, of the Pas touris within the saids Presbiteries; and sicklyke to try gif ther be any of the beneficit number within the samein, not making residence, having no reasonable caus to purge the samein; gif ther be any that hes dilapidat thair benefices, sett tackis, and made vther dispositiouns therof, by the consent of the Generall Kirk; ony slanderous person vnmeit to ferue in the Kirk of God, and vnhable and vnqualifiet to teach and edifie; and, with advys of the Presbytrie within the quhilk the saidis persons ar, to proceid agains them according to the qualitie of the offence, or vndispositiouns of thair offices, according to the acts of the Kirk: And that this visitatioun, tryell and examination be compleit betuix and Michelmes nixt to cum, recommending to euerie Presbeterie, for shortning of the saidis Commissioners travells, ane diligent tryall amangis thame selfis be takin befor the Commissioners cuming, quherin thay may vnderstand and note the abuses quhilk wald be correctit; commanding alsua the Presbytries within the quhilks the faidis Commissioners remaines, to provyde for the faidis Commissioners flockis in thair absence in the said visitatioun.

Acta Sessione quinta, vigesimo sexto Aprilis 1593.

The Kirk and Commissioners present ordaines the parochineris of Sanet Androis to landwart, to big and edifie to themselves ane paroche kirk, in sick ane part as the faidis parochineris and Presbytries aggrei vpon, narrest the middis of the paroche, betuix and Lambes cum ane ȝeir, according to thair suite maid to Parliament, and sicklyk to the Assemblie; certifieing thame and they failzie, thay falbe debarrit fra ony benefeit of the Kirk of Sanet Androis.

Anent the Kirkis in Orknay and Zetland: In respect it is considderit that for the nvmber of Illis ther, and that there is not stipend to everie particular kirk, quherby the pluralitie of kirkis serveing may be eschewit: thairfor the Kirk quhill the nixt Assemblie ordaines the saidis kirkis to be fervet as thay ar presentlie, in respect of the present necessitie, and diuers vtheris impedimentis.

Ane supplicatioun to be gevin in to Parliament to reforme the delapidatioun of the leving foundit in the gramer scoole of Kirkwa, ordaining in the meane tyme the Commissioner, quha is appointit to vesit the Presbiterie ther, with adwse of the same, to deprive the persoun quha hes delapidat the same, in caice he restore not agane the said leving to the awin integretie.

The Generall Assemblie of the Kirk gevis full commissioun and power to the bretherne of the Presbiterie of Edenburgh, to call befor thame Adame Bishope of Orknay, and to charge him with the demolishing of the kirk of Birsa, to try gif he demolishit the same: And in caice he be found fa to have done, to charge him to repair the same, that the flok be not destitut of ane kirk; vtherwayis to proceid aganis him, and to report thair proceidingis to the nixt Generall Assemblie.

Eodem die. Sessio sexta.

The Generall Assemblie of the Kirk haveing committit the sycht, reiding and considderatioun, of ane new foundatioun of ane Collidge to be erectit in Aberdeine be the Erle of Marischell, to certane lernit brether of the Assemblie maist expert in sick caisses, and vnderstanding of thame that the said foundatioun and erectioun in substance is very guid and commendable: thairfor, and efter sum ressoning also in the matter, hes allowit, approwin and assermeit the same, according to the tennour therof in all thingis; and ordanes this thair approbatioun to be gevin out, and act to be maid thervpon.

Memorandum. To insert the supplicatioun of the Laird of Grenok quhilk is lyand in the pok.

Names of excommunicat persouns gevin vp be the brether.

Allexander Ramsay, brother to the Laird of Dalhowsie; Alexander Creychtoun of Newhall, elder, bayth within the Presbiterie of Dalkeyth; In Leinyar parochin, Thomas Donaldsoun, for dowbill adultrie; In Campsie parochin, William Aikin, for adultrie; In Levingstoun, Andro Stirling, for slauchter of vmquhile Johne Adame; Thomas Kincaid, for slauchter of vmquhile Luk Sterling in Cadder; Thomas Blar in Boctay, for thriefald fornicatioun and dissobedience, lyand vnder the sentence of excommunicatioun thir four ȝeiris by gane; In Glasgow, Matho Heriot, for slauchter of vmquhile Andro Ros; Gilbert Inglis, for slauchter of vmquhile Samuell Hamiltoun, fone to the Laird of Prestoun; Archibald Vduart for the slauchter of vmquhile Dauid Ramsay, potter, and Adame Ramsay, his sone; Archibald Hegate, for dowbill apostasie, efter he had first put handis in ane Minister, sua thrise excommunicat; Sir Henrie Oswald, within the parochin of Strageith, excommunicat for papestrie, be Mr James Burtoun in Peblis, the fourt of Marche 1592; Sir William Blakwod in Dumblane, excommvnicat for papestrie; Robert Clerk in Ochterardour, excommunicat for incest with Elspet Scot, be Mr Johne Bondronne, Superintendent of Fyff; Hew Barklay, Laird of Ladieland, apostat; James Mcquirrtie, Vicar of Kinkarth in Boit, excommwnicat apostat.

Names of Kirkis vacand in Angus and Merns:

Inchstoir, Abernyt, Innergourie, Logedundie, Lundy, Streikmarteine, Inneratitie, Bendoquhy, Ruthven, Glenyla, Glamis, Esse, Cloday, Lyntrathin, Athie, Methie, Tannardais, Aldbar, Inchbraik, Newdesk.

Kirks within the Synodall of Glasgow vnprovydit:

Kilmaronnok, Killarne, Balfrone, Strablane, Cardros, Inchcalzell, Baldernock, Paislay.

The Kirks provydit with men, bot wanting stipend be vertew of the lait rectioun of the teindis of the Abbacie of Paislay in temporaliteis:

Hammiltoun, Glassurd, Stennous, Blantyre, Schottis, Dalserff, Lanrick, Pettenone, Tankertoun, Robertoun, Bigger, Crawfurd Johne, Crawfurd Lyndsay, Dolphingtoun, Covingtoun.

The names of the Kirks vnplantit within the bounds of the Mers:

Lammertoun, Fischirwiche, Swintoune, Symprene, Hourden, Fogo, Greindlay, Stitchell, Nenthorne, Hwme, Bassenden, Ednem, Cranschewis, Ellem.

Kirkis vacand within the Presbiterie of Dumblane:

Abirfuill, Kilmahuge, Callendar, Leny, Port, Kilbryd, Balquhidder, Comrie, Tullicheddilly, Sowan, Monivard, Stragethe, Kinkell, Abirruthven.

Kirks vnplantit within the Presbietrie of Dunkeld:

Straphillan, Killin, Ardrum, Inchechadden, Vemis, Pitcharene alias Grantilly Kirk, Brenmore, Kilchonnane, Murtrigan, Rannoch, Strowand, Blair in Atholl, Ludeskil, Manenok, Fos, Muline, Finlarg, Mennoche, Doualie.

In the laich land: Logybryd, Ochtirgawin, Kinclevin, Capeth, Lochindy, Blair in Gowrie, Glenschie.

Kirks vacand in Cathnes: Thurso, Wick.

In Orknay: the Southamtoun Kirk, North Rannaldsy.

In Ʒetland: Auchindenrie, Burra, Bressy, Nesting, Lunasting, Olnafirth.

Names of the persouns quhilks ar to enter in the Ministrie.

Mr Andro Mortoun, Mr James Spalding, Mr Dauid Balcome, Mr Dauid Lyndsay, Mr James Eliot, Mr Johne Ʒoung, Mr Bartcle Robertsoun, Mr John Dwrie, Mr Johne Ogilbie, Mr Charles Walwod, Mr George Vishard, Mr Adame Walker, Mr William Simsone.

Anent the summonds direct be the brether of the Presbiteries of Glasgow aganis Claud Commendatour of Paislay and his Laidy, to compeir in this Assemblie this day, with continuatioun of dayis, to ansuer for the sacriligious bereving of the Kirk in erecting of the haill rents alsweill teinds as vther in ane temporalitie, as the summonds dewlie execute beirs; quhilk being callit afor and efter noone, name compering, the Kirk supersedit thair proceiding this day, quhill thay sie gif ony ȝit compeirs to ansuer.

Acta Sessio 7a. 27 Aprilis 1593.

In presence of the haill Assemblie, compeirit Schir James Meluill of Halhill, ane of the Commissioneris specialie direct be his Majestie to compeir in his Hienes name as commissioner, and presentit his Majesties missiue direct to that effect, with certane articles, and ane act of Parliament for instructing therof, quhilk the Assemblie thocht meit priuatlie to be considerit be certane brether, quha wer appointit to confer with his Majesties Commissioner, and to that effect wer depeschit out of the Assemblie to advyse and gif thair opinioun at thair returne, to witt, Mr Robert Bruce, Mr. Robert Pont, Mr Andro Meluill, Mr James Nicolson, Mr Peter Blackburne, Mr James Meluill, the Laird of Cammo, and Commissioners of Edenburgh:

Quha returning, red the articles and thair ansuers, quhilk the Kirk approuit; ordaining the saids articles, ansuers therto, and act of Parliament to be registrat in the Register of the Kirk; quherof the tenour herin is sett down as followis:

The Articles proponit in his Majesties name to the Generall Assemblie, presentlie conveinit at Dundie.

His Majestie declares, that in respect he cannot of honour sie the priveledge of his crowne hurt, thersor he will have regard to have the act of his last Parliament keipit concerning the conveining of Generall Assemblies be his Majesties appointment; willing them heirfor, befor thair skailing, to direct two or their of thair number vnto him, to desyre him to appoint the day and place of their nixt conveining.

Secondlie, His Majestie desyres them to make ane Act of thair Assemblie, prohibiteing all and everie ane of the Ministrie, vnder the paine of deprivatioun, to declaime against his Majestie or Counsells proceidings, in pulpitt, not only in respect of his Majesties knawin good intentioun for the furth setting of pietie and justice, bot lykeways because his Majestie at all tymes gives readie accesse and loving eare to sundrie of the Ministers, to informe, dilait or complaine, either in their awin name or in the name of any of the rest of the brether.

Thirdlie, His Majestie desyres them to appoint and put on leit, fyve or sixe of the discreitest of the Ministrie, that his Majestie may make choise of twa of them to serve in his house, in respect of Mr Craig his decripit age.

Fourthlie, Seeing that the standing of the religioun and the weilfare of his Majesties person are so vnseparablie joynit, as quhosoevir are enemies to the ane are comoun enemies to both; so his Majestie desyres, that through all the Presbitries of this countrey, ther salbe some appointit to advertise and informe his Majestie heirafter, with diligence, for the more speidy remedie, not only of quhatfumevir practises they can learne, in any wayes, of Papists and Spanisch factiouns, but also of the receipts and practises of Bothwell, quherof they can have any knowledge; whose heale courses, as they are directly agains his Majesties persone, so whollie they tend to the subversioun of the whole religioun: With directioun also to them to informe the haill Barrons, and honest men most tenderers of his Majesties welfare, to give ever such faithfull intelligence of the saids practises as they can learne from tyme to tyme.

Fystlie, His Majestie desyres, that through all the countrey, quher ther is any ports or landing places, that ther be some of the brether speciallie appointit to deale so with the burghes, that they may take good and sufficient tryall, according to his Majesties law made theranent, of all these quho sall heirafter come in, or passe furth of this countrey, quhersra they are come, or quherto they are bound; quhat is thair trasique and intertioun to doe: and fwa after good and sufficient tryall, if ther be any thing of weght and importance, that they on na wayis faile to make his Majestie acquaint therwithall, to the effect his Majestie may the more easilie discover quhatsumevir forraine or civill practises is or salbe in heid aganis the present state of the religioun: And this he craves to be done so faithfullie, as he hes good opinioun of ȝour earnest affectioun, no less in the preservatioun of his Majesties awin person as in the desence of the comoun cause; as also he promises to aide and assist ȝow in all [and] quhatsumevir ȝour good resolutiouns, that may tend to the furtherance of peace and quyetnes; with the advancement and mainteinance of the religioun presentlie profest in this realme.

Humble ansuers of the General Assemblie to the Articles proponit be his Majesties Commissioners to the same, at Dundie the 27 day of Apryle.

First, The Article concerning the conveining of the said Generall Assemblie is aggried vnto, according to the tenour of the act of Parliament presentit with the saids Articles.

As twiching the second Article, It is ordainit be the haill Kirk, that no Minister within this realme vtter from pulpitt any resch or vnreverent speaches aganis his Majestie or Counsell, or thair proceidings; but that all thair [publick] admonitiouns proceid vpon just and necessar causes and sufficient warrand, in all feare, love and reverence, vnder the paine of deposing such as dois in the contrair, from thair functioun and office in the Ministrie.

As to the 3 Article, The Kirk aggries therto, and speciallie anent the provisioun of Ministers ane or mae to his Majestie; that certaine be nominat be the Commissioners direct to his Grace be his advyce, of quhom his Majestie may make choise: and the brethren to be lykit of his Majestie, to be placit and admittit be the Presbytrie quher his Grace salbe resident for the tyme.

As concerning the 4 and 5 Articles, The samein are condiscendit to and ordour takin, as his Majestie salbe particularlie informit be the saids Commissioners.

Follows the tenour of the Act of Parliament.

In the Parliament haldin at Edenburgh, the 5 day of Junij 1592 ȝeirs, our Souerane Lord and Estaittis of this present Parliament, following the lovable and gude example of thair predicessouris, Hes ratifiet and apprevit, and be the tennour of this present act, ratifies and apprevis all liberties, priuileges, immvnities and fredomes quhatsumeuir, gevin and grantit be his Hienes, his Regentis in his name, or onie of his predicessouris, to the trew and hally Kirk presentlie establishit within this realme; and declairit in the first Act of his Hienes Parliament, the twentie day of October, the ȝeir of God ane thousand, five hundreth, three-scoir ninetene ȝieris; and all and whatsumeuir actis of Parliament, and statutes maid of befoir, be his Hienes and his Regentis, anent the libertie and fredome of the said Kirk: and speciallie the first act of the Parliament halden at Edinburgh, the twentie foure day of October, the ȝeir of God ane thousand, five hundreth, and four scoir ane ȝieres, with the haill particulare actis thairin mentionat, Quhilk sall be als sufficient as gif the samyn wer herin exprest; and all vther actis of Parliament maid sensyne, in favouris of the trew Kirk; And siklyk, ratifies and apprevis the Generall Assemblies appoynted be the said Kirk; and declairis, that it salbe lauchfull to the Kirk and Ministrie everilk ȝeir, at the leist, and ofter pro re nata, as occasioun and necessitie sall require, to hald and keip Generall Assemblies: Providing that the Kingis Majestie, or his Commissioner with thame to be appoyntit be his Hienes, be present at ilk Generall Assemblie befor the dissolving thairof, nominat and appoint tyme and place, quhen and quhair the nixt Generall Assemblie salbe haldin: and in caise nather his Majestie, nor his said Commissioner, beis present for the tyme in that toun, quhair the said Generall Assemblie beis haldin, Than, and in that caise, it salbe lesum to the said Generall Assemblie, be themselffis, to nominat and appoynt tyme and place, quhair the nixt Generall Assemblie of the Kirk salbe keipit and haldin, as they haif bene in vse to do thir tymes bypast. And als ratifies and apprevis the Sinodall and Provinciall Assemblies, to be haldin be the said Kirk and Ministrie, twyis ilk ȝeir, as they haif bene, and ar presentlie in vse to do, within euery Province of this realme; And ratifeis and apprevis the Presbyteries, and particulare Sessionis, appoyntit be the said Kirk, with the haill iurisdictioun and discipline of the same Kirk, aggreit vpon be his Majestie, in conference had be his Hienes with certane of the ministrie convenit to that effect: of the Quhilkis Articles the tennour followis.

Materis to be intreatit in Provinciall Assemblies: Thir Assemblies ar constitute for wechtie materis, necessar to be intreatit be mutuall confent and assistance of brethrene within the Province, as neid requyris. This Assemblie hes power to handle, ordour, and redresse, all thingis omittit or done amisse in the particulare Assemblies. It has power to depole the office beraris of that Province, for gude and just causeis deserving deprivatioun: And, generallie, thir Assemblies hes the haill power of the particulare Elderschippis, quhairof they ar collectit.

Materis to be intreatit in the Presbiteries: The power of the Presbiteries is to give diligent laubouris in the boundis committed to their charige, That the Kirkis be kepit in gudde ordour; To enquire diligentlie of nauchtie and vngodlie personis, and to travell to bring thame in the way agane be admonitionun, or threatning of Goddis jugementis, or be correctioun. It appertenis to the Elderschip, to tak heid that the Word of God be puirlie preachit within thair boundis, the Sacramentis richtlie ministrat, the Discipline intertenyit, and the Ecclesiasticall guidis vncorruptlie distributit. It belangis to this kynd of Assembleis, to caus the ordinances maid be the Assembleis, Provinciallis, Nationallis, and Generallis, to be kepit and put in execution; to mak constitutionis, quhilkis concernis [to prepon] in the Kirk, for decent ordour in the particulare kirk quhair they governe; Provyding that thay alter na rewlis maid be the Provinciall or Generall Assemblies: And that they sall mak the Provinciall Assemblies foirsaidis, privie of the rewlis that they fall mak, and to abolishe constitutionis tending to the hurt of the same. It hes power to excommunicat the obstinat, formale proces being led, and dew intervall of tymes obseruit.

Anent Particulare Kirkis, Gif they be lauchfullie rewlit be sufficient ministeris and seffioun, they haif power and jurisdictioun in their awin Congregatioun, in materis Ecclesiasticall. And decernis and declairis the said Assemblieis, Presbiteries, and Sessiounes, Jurisdictioun and Discipline thairof foirsaid, to be in all tymes cuming, maist iust, gude, and godlie in the selff, Notwithstanding of quhatsumeuir Statutis, Actis, Cannon, Ciuile, or Municipall Lawes, maid in the contrair; To the quhilkis and every ane of thame, thir presentis fall mak expres derogatioun:

And becaus thair ar diuers Actis of Parliament, maid in favour of the Papisticall Kirk, tending to the preiudice of the libertie of the trew Kirk of God, presentile professit within this realme, jurisdictioun, and discipline thairof, quhilk stands ȝit in the buikis of the actis of Parliament, not abrogat nor annullit: Thairfoir his Heines and Estaittis soirsaids hes abrogat, cassit, and annullit, and be the tennor heirof, abrogatis, caffis, and annullis all Actis of Parliament maid be one of his Hienes Predecessouris, for mantenance of superstitioun and idolatrie, with all and quhatsumeuir Actis, Lawes, and Statutes, maid at one tyme, befoir the day and dait hereof, agains the libertie of the trew Kirk, Jurisdictioun, and discipline thairof, as the samyn is vsit and exerceisit within this realm.

And in speciall, that pairt of the sevint act of Parliament halden at [Streviling, the fourt day of November, ane thousand four hundredth, fourty three] ȝeiris, commanding obedience to be gevin to Eugin the Pape for the tyme.

The jc and xj act made be King James the thrid, in his Parliament haldin at Edinburgh the twenty fourth day of Februar, ane thousand, four hundreth, fourscor thrie ȝeirs; and all utheris actis quhairby the Paipis authoritie is establishit.

The 47 act of King James the third, in his Parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the [twenty day of November, ane thousand, four hundredth, three scor nine] ȝeiris, anent the Satterday and uther vigillis to be hally dayes from Evin sang to Evin sang.

Item, That pairt of the 31 act maid be the Quene Regent, in the Parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the first of Februar ane thousand, five hundredth, fifty ane ȝeiris, Geving specially licence for haldin of Pashe and ·ule.

Item, The Kingis Majestie and Estaittis foirsaidis declairis, that the secund Act of the Parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the xxij day of Maij, the ȝeir of God ane thousand, five hundredth, four scoir, four ȝeiris, sall naways be preiudiciall, nor derogat anything to the priuilege that God hes gevin to the spirituall office beraris in the Kirk, concerning headis of religioun, materis of heresie, excommunicatioun, collatioun or deprivatioun of ministeris, or one sik essential censouris, speciall groundit, and havand warrand of the word of God.

Item, Oure said Souerane Lord, and Estaittis of Parliament foirsaidis, abrogatis, cassis, and annullis, the XX act of the same Parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the said ȝeir, ane thousand, five hundredth, fourscoir, four ȝeiris, granting commission to bischoppis and vtheris iuges, constitute in ecclesiasticall causes, to ressaue his Hienis presentatioun to benefices, to gif collatioun thairvpon, and to put ordour in all causes ecclefiasticall: quhilk his Maiestie and Estaittis foresaidis, declairis to be expyrit in the self, and to be null in tyme cuming, and of nane availl, force, nor effect. And thairfoir ordainis all presentationis to benefices, to be direct to the particular Presbiteries, in all tyme cuming; with full power to thame to giff collationis thereupon; and to put ordour to all materis and causes ecclesiafticall, within thair boundis, according to the disicipline of the Kirk: Providing the foirsaidis Presbiteries be bund and astrictit to ressaue and admitt quhatsumeuir qualifiet minister presentit be his Maiestie, or vther laic patrounes.

Ordanis the Presbitries quhilk as ȝit hes not gottin in the voluntare contrubutiouns within thair bounds appointit for the Kingis grade to travell diligentlie therin, and quhat beis ressauit to caus be send to Edinburgh to Alexander Lawson, with the names of sik as refufis, and make not payment betuix and the last day of May nixtocum.

As to James Anderson xv merkis, his the Minister of Dundy xxiiij li., Mr Wm Methven for Dwns xxij li, and last ordans thame to caus the same be deliuerit to the said Alexander.

Anent the supplicatioun of the paroch of Dersy.
(Tak in the bill and ansuer.)

Ordaines supplicatioun to be maid in Parliament, that in all kirkis, alsweill Abbay and Cathedrall Kirks, as vtheris quhatsumever, quher ather the haill parochin is kirkland, or ane part therof onelie, and ther has beine nather manse nor gleib knawin to apperteine therto of auld, or gif ther hes beine ony, and the same nocht extendis to sowre aiker of land, That the Estaits of the Parliament mak the act afor concerning the designatioun of mansses and gleibis to be extendit to all the forsaid kirks, and that ther be four aiker of kirk land defignit and grantit to the Minister maist commodious and ewest the kirk, quhidder they hes beine na gleib ther or not, or ane part onelie, not extending to four aiker of land.

The Generall Assemblie of the Kirk gives full power to the rycht honorabill George Erle Marschell, the Laird of Doune, ȝounder, the Laird of Cors, elder and younger, the Provest of Aberdeine, Allexander Rutherfurde, Allexander Cullane, burgess ther, Mr Andro Meluill, Rector of Sanct Androis, Mr Robert Pont, Mr Dauid Lyndsay, Mr Peter Blackburne, Mr Dauid Cwnynghame, Mr Johne Johnestoun, Mr Thomas Buchannane, Mr Johne Spottiswod, Ministeris of the Evangell, Mr Robert Wylkie, Principall of Sanct Leonards, or to the maist part of the said bretherne, to conveine togidder, and visit the Colledge of Auld Aberdeine, ther to try and examine the doctreine, lyfe, and deligence of the Maisteris therof; discipline and ordour vsit be thame; as als the stait of the rent of the saids Colledges: And quher thay find abuis, fa far as thay may possiblie, to reforme; remittand to the Assemblie fick thingis as thay can not, to be takin ordour with be thame: and this tryell to begin the last day of August nixt; ordaining, in the meane tyme, that quhill thair cuming that na novatioun be maid ather be setting of new taks, confermeing of auld, or electioun of ony new Maister; and all things to stand ower in the estait thay ar in presentlie: firme and stable halding and for to hald all and quhatsumever the saids brether or maist part of thame in the premiffes laufullye to be done: and ordaines thair procedingis to be reportit to the nixt Generall Assemblie of the Kirk.

Acta Sessione octaus, Eodem die.

Anent the provisioun of the Kirk of Lucheris: In respect the haill Assemblie hes nominat Mr Johne Kynnier to be presentit to the saids parochineris be the Presbiterie of Sanct Androis to be thair Pastour, and to be tryit in doctrine, lyse and conversatioun; and gif the saids parochiners hes na just of his refuffall, to be admitit be the said Presbiterrie to the ministrie of the said kirk.

Anent Colledges and rentis therof: The Assemblie hes ordaneit that na dispositioun of the leving and rentis therof, be tak or vther titile, be maid without the adwyse and consent of the Assemblie Generall, vnder the pane of depositioun of the persouns doing in the contrair.

Anent the residence of Ministeris: For furthering of the residence of sik Pastours as for lack of manffes are not resident, it is resoluit and aggreit that every parochin, quher the Pastours manse is owther rowinous or altogither laikes, be ordainit to repare and build the samein manse vpon thair awin expenses, with stane, timber, and all vther materialls, workmanschip, cariage, and vther things neidfull for the repairing and bigging therof; quhilk if they failȝie and refuse to doe, being dewlie requyrit, they sall not only, so many as refuses, be haldin be the Kirk the haill cause of thair Pastours non residence, bot also it salbe laufull to the aires, executours and assignays of the Minister or Reider departing, or himselfe during his tyme, to retaine the possessioun of the manss buildit be him, in cace he build the samein vpon his awin expenssis after the refuseall of the parochiners, ay and quhill the [next] intrant Minister or Reidar refound to him, his aires, executours and assignayis, the haill expenssis made be him for repairing and building, at the leist so mikle therof as the parochin cannot be movit to refound; and that the Presbytrie, at the intrants admissioun, sall take ordour for the performance [heirof]; provyding that the expenssis [to] be made be the said Pastour or Reider exceid not foure hundreth marks; and that the Presbytrie, after the repairing or bigging of the said manss, tak the exact tryall and compt of his [said] expenssis, and give him thair allowance thervpon, to be registrat in thair bookes: And this act to extend to them asweill that are alyve and hes alreadie biggit, as to them that are to bigge and repaire heirafter. And lykewayes the second and thrid Minister or Reidar, and consequently the successours to the Ministers quher the manss is biggit, sall have the lyke title to crave of the intrant after him the saids expenssis, quhilk he hes depursit to his predecessours, ay and quhill the parochiners redeime and outquyte the said manss or biggings thereof, to be made frie thereafter to the intrant Minister or Reidar.

Ordaines Mr Samell Chalmer to report the ansueris of the Kirk to his Hienes articles.

Anent the vistatioun of the buik of deligence produceit be Mr Robert Pont concerning his visitatioun of the bounds of Orknay, Ʒetland &c.: The bretherne appointit to sichting therof, reportit thay had found great deligence vsit be him, and all thingis orderlie proceidit in vsing his said commissioun; and therfor the said Assemblie approveit his saids labouris and all things done be him in the said visitatioun, and speciallie in deposing of the perfouns not making residence.

Anent the proces produceit be the Presbiterie of Stirling concerning the mater of the parochiners of Eglishame: The Kirk ordaines thair brether, Mr Robert Pont, Mr Andro Meluill, to visit the proces and gif thair judgement to the Assemblie the morne at meiting.

Ane writting being presentit in the behalf of my Lord Sempill, haveing creadit gevin to him therin: The Assemblie ordainit his creadit to be commwnicat to the brether of the Conferance the morne.

In respect the Kingis Majestie his Commissioner is to depart for certane adois, thairfor the Assemblie, in his presence, hes appointit thair nixt Generall Assemblie to be at Edinburgh the first Twysday of May cum ane zeir.

Acta Sessione nona, octauo Aprilis 1593.

Anent the supplicatioun presentit to the Assemblie be the Laird of Vrie, and Hary Drummond, burges of Aberdeine, desireing ane continewatioun of tyme to confer with bretherne, and to be resoluit with the heids of religioun, that thereafter thay may subscrybe the Confessioun of Fayth; and siclyk, anent the suite maid be Mr Thomas Menzeis, burges of Aberdeine, to ressave his confessioun and subscryptioun of the articles of religioun presentlie professit within this realme: The said Assemblie and Commissioneris present haveing advysit therwith, hes ordinet the saidis persouns to resort to the bretherne of the Presbiterie of Edenburgh, to confer and be resoluit in all doutis thay have concerning the said religioun; and being resoluit, to satisfie the said Presbiterie in all things, according to the ordour to be takin be thame, to quhome the Kirk gevis power to tak ordour theranent; and in caice thay fatisfie the said Presbiterie, as said is, that thay gif to thame ane testimoniall of thair satisfactioun; cautioun alwayis being first takin befor the Kings Majestie and his Counsell for performeing of sick thingis as thay sall promes and subscryve to do to the said bretherne: and that ane writing be direct frome this Assemblie, informand the Erle Merschell of thair proceidingis heirin.

Anent the proces deduceit be the Presbiterie of Stirling in the mater concerning the parochiners of Eglishame and Mr Andro Boyd: The Generall Assemblie of the Kirk hes ordinet and ordaines that thair brether John Porterfeild, and Mr Andro Knox travill ernestlie and effectiouslie, in name of the haill Kirk, with the Maister of Eglintoun in fauouris of the said Mr Andro, that, gif it be possible with his guid will and fauour, the said Mr Andro may serve at the Kirk of Eglishame, but trubill or impediment to be maid to him in ony sort, and that with all guid deligence: And in caice the Maister can not be moveit heirto, that the said breither mak intimatioun of his refussell to the bretherne of the Presbiterie of Edinburgh, to quhome the Kirk gevis power to tak ordour therin as thay sall find best for the weill of the Kirk and the glorie of God.

Forsamekill as ther is ane Parliament to be haldin shortlie in Junij next, quhervnto many thingis concerning the Kirk ar to be proponit, and that the full Assemblie can not be conveinit therto, in respect of the Assemblie now haldin; thairfor the haill Assemblie hes ordanit that ane broder or tua be direct from everie Presbiterie within this realme, to conveine the tyme of the Parliament in the place quher the same salbe haldin, to consult, treit, resone and conclud, vpon sik heids, articlis, petitiouns, and supplicatiouns, as thay sall think meitt to be craveit and concludit be consent of Parliament, for the glorie of God, and for the well and confort of his Generall Kirk within this realme: Quhilkis bretherne fall have the power of the said General Assemblie, and proceid as the same mycht do gif the haill number wer present.

The quhilk day, efter the reasouns war hard and discussit, contenit in the appellatioun presentit to the Generall Assemblie be Mr Andro ȝoung, Minister at Dumblane, the Generall Assemblie ordanes the Presbitrie of Dumblane to be transportit to Ochtirardour, with libertie to the bretherne of Dumblane appeiling to resort ather to Auchterardour or Stirling, as thay pleis; provyding alwayis, that in caice the gentill and nobill men quha hes subscryvit to assist the Presbitrie in Auchterardour, or vthers that sall happin to subscryve the same heirefter, gif instructioun to the bretherne to compleine of breking thair promeis; and forder, in caice the Kirk of Auchterardour be not repaird sussicientlie betuix and the nixt Generall Assemblie; or in caice ane sufficient stipend be not provydit for ane Minister, that he may mak residence at Auchterardour with manse, gleib: In thir caices or ony of thame, the Presbitrie salbe reestablishit in Dumblane; and ordanis the Presbiteris of Stirling and Perth to establishe the said Presbiterie in Auchterardour vpon Thursday cum xv dayis, and constitute the samyn of the kirks containit in the roll of the Synodall Assemblie; libertie being alwayis reseruit to the breder of Dumblane, quhidder thay will cheis to be of the Presbitrie of Auchterardour or Stirling.

Forsamekill as in the Synodall Assembleis the buiks of particular Presbi tereis are tryit and visitit; and heirtofor the buiks of Synodall Assembleis hes not beine tryit in the Generall, quhilk appeirit to the haill breder to be necessar: Thairfor it is concludit, that, in tyme cuming, to everie Generall Assemblie the buiks of the Synodall Assembleis salbe direct be the Synodollis, to be sychtit and considderit in the Generall Assemblie, for vnderstanding the better of thair proceidingis, vnder the pane of the senfour of the Kirk.

Anent the actis of the Kirk: That everie Presbitrie may be the better instructit therin, the Kirk hes ordinit Mr James Carmichell, quha hes alreddie tane sum paneis in correcting therof, to perfyte the work, and to present the same to the nixt Generall Assemblie of the Kirk.

The General Assemblie of the Kirk gevis libertie to transport Mr Henrie Guthrie fra the Kirk quher he serves to ony vther kirk within thair bounds quher his giftis may be best imployit; and in caice thay do not the same, gifis libertie to the Presbiterie of Angus and Mernes to transport him to ane kirk within thair bounds, with his awin advyse.

Anent contraverseis betuix the bretherne of the Ministerie: For vptakin therof, it is resoluit and concludit be the haill brether and Commissioneris present, that quher ony pley or contraversie arrysis betuix tua brether of the Ministerie, thoucht it be in ciuill materis, gif thay bayth be of ane Presbiterie, that thay elect breder of the said Presbiterie, to quhat nvmber thay think best, quha sall chose ane ouirman, and summerlie desyde and gif sentence in the mater, quhilk salbe irrevocabill, and na appellatioun to be interponit therfra: And gif thay be of diuerse Presbitereis, that thay lykwayis mak electioun of bretherne of ather of the Presbitereis in equall nvmber, as the saidis contendentis sall aggrie; quhilk breder sa electit sall cheis ane ouirman, and desyd and gif sentence, as said is, fra the quhilk na appellatioun salbe interponit; and gif ony border wilbe wilfull and resuis this sorme and submissioun, he salbe haldin be the Kirk contumax. And that this act be put in execution presentlie for decisioun of the contraversie betuix James Andersoun and Mr Henrie Guthrie.

The Generall Assemblie hes gevin commissioun and express command to the bretherne of the Presbiteries of Glasgow and Paislay, with all possible deligence, efter the disolwing of this present Assemblie, to charge Robert Lord Semple to separat and divyd fra him and out of his bounds, viz. out of Cunnynghame and the Schireffdome of Ranfrow, Helence Drummond, adultrix; and that in caice the said Lord be tryit to be fund in suspect place with the said Helene in ony tyme cuming, athir within or without his bounds, or scho not to be removet, as said is, the saids Presbitereis to proceid aganis the said Lord and Helene to excommunicatioun, and pronunce the said sentence aganis thame bayth, vpon their dissobedience, the samyn being tryit ordourlie befor the saids Presbitereis: as also that the saidis Presbitereis proceid in forder tryell of the saids Lords apostacie, and contempt of the Word; and fynding him giltie to injoyne sic discipline him as may remove the sklander, and to command him to obey and fulfull the same, or ellis vpon his refussell to excommunicat him.

Ordaines the Presbiterie of Perth to tak ordour for transporting of Mr James Row to sum vther kirk with his awin advyse, with the first opportunitie betuix and the nixt plat.

Anent the Ministerrie of Sanct Androis. Memorandum, The act is lyin in forme amang the rest, quhilk sould be registrat.

The Generall Assemblie of the Kirk, be the authoritie gevin to them be God &c. Momorandum, To insert the said act. It is lyin with the rest.

Forsameikill as in ansuering of billis gevin in vnto the Generall Assemblie often tymes for lack of knawledge of the stait of the complents, ansueris ar gevin thairto rekleslit to the preiudice of bretherne: thairfor for remeid therof in tyme cuming, that the Commissioners of tha parteis quherin the complents ar maid, gif they be present, be callit be the breder appointed to the ansuering of the bills, for thair better informatioun.

Anent the Ministrie of Sanct Androes: The Generall Assemblie ordaines and appoints Mr David Black, Minister of Sanct Androes, to discharge the duetie of a laufull ordinar Pastour therin, in preaching the Word, ministratioun of the sacraments, and exercise of discipline, so farre as he is able to doe, according to the measure of his gifts that God hes bestowit on him: And to the intent that the said Mr David may, with fruit and confort, travell in the said ministrie, the said Assemblie ordaines the said Mr David to give in to the Presbitrie ther such things as he wald have furtherit and brocht to passe for the weill of the said congregatioun and ministrie therof, to the performance quherof the said Presbitrie sall indevore themselves to thair vttermost, having besor thair eyes the honour of God, the weill of the peiple and towne, and the ease and peace of thair awin consciences; vnto the quhilk Presbitrie this [present] Assemblie grants and committs thair full power and authoritie for that effect. And because the said Mr David is not able to entir in that charge alone, the said Assemblie hes nominat Mr Robert Wallace, for the speciall meitt qualities they know to be in him, to be associat with the said Mr David, as ane fellow labourer in the ministrie forsaid; givant full commissioun to the Presbytrie to try the consent of the haill towne and Vniversitie of Sanct Androes, concerning thair lyking of the said Mr Robert to be associat in the ministrie, as said is; and finding no reasonable cause [alledgit and] verified againis the said Mr Robert, in lyse or doctrine, quherfor they sould not give thair consent and approbatioun to the said Mr Robert, for the cause mentionat, bot the most part of the towne and Vniversitie consenting to his resait, the Generall Assemblie ordaines [the said Presbitrie] to associat and place the said Mr Robert, fellow labourer in the ministrie of Sanct Androes, with the said Mr David Black; and the said towne of Sanct Androes to pay the said fellow labourer his stipend thankfullie, according to the promise made in Synodall and Generall Assemblies. And in cace the most part of the said Towne and Vnicersitie consent not to the receiving of the said Mr Robert, the Kirk gives libertie to the said Mr David, with the advyce of the [said] towne, to choose ane brother of quhom they may both have lyking: And to the intent this ordour takin with the Ministrie of Sanct Androes as is above sett downe, may be the better performit and settlit, the said Assemblie gives commissioun to Mrs Robert Bruce [and] David Lindsay, conjunctlie and severallie, as thair adois and occasiouns may permitt, to visite the said Kirk of Sanct Androes in thair returning from the Assemblie, and travell with the whole number of the said Kirk, for putting of thair ministrie to ane peaceable stay and ordour; as also to sie that quhilk is decernit in this Assemblie concerning the landwart, to be forderit and brocht to pas, and for quyeting the estate of the towne.

Mr William Cock, Commissioner, for the Proavest, Bailȝies, and Counsell of the towne, dissassentit from the nominatioun of Mr Robert Wallace.

The Generall Assemblie, be the authoritie givin to them of God, discharges all and every christian within the Kirk of Scotland, from repairing to any of the King of Spaine his dominiouns quher the tyrranie of Inquisitioun is vsed, for traffique with merchandice, negotiatioun, or exerce of sea fairing occupatioun, vntill the tyme the Kings Majestie, be the advyce of the Counsell, hes socht and obtainit speciall libertie and licence from the King of Spaine for all his liegis and subjects, to traffique in merchandize, and occupie within the haill pairts of the said King of Spaine his dominiouns, without any danger to thair persone or guds, for the cause of thair religioun or conscience, vnder the paine of incurring the censures of the Kirk, untill the last sentence of excommunicatioun. (fn. 1)


  • 1. The proceedings of this Assembly, with the exception of the two last articles, are printed from a Manuscript in the possession of the Very Reverend Principal Lee, which appears to be the original Minutes in the handwriting of one of the Clerks of the Church.