Acts: 1775

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Acts of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland 1638-1842. Originally published by Edinburgh Printing & Publishing Co, Edinburgh, 1843.

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The principal acts of the general assembly, convened at Edinburgh, May 25, 1775.

I. Sess. 1, May 25, 1775.—The King's Commission to Charles Lord Cathcart produced, and ordered to be recorded.

The General Assembly, &c.

II. Sess. 1, May 25, 1775.—The King's most gracious Letter to the General Assembly, presented to them by his Majesty's Commissioner.

George, R., &c.

III. Sess. 3, May 27, 1775.—The General Assembly's Answer to the King's most gracious Letter.

May it please your Majesty, &c.

IV. Sess. 5, May 30, 1775.—The General Assembly's Address of Condolence to his Majesty on the Death of the late Queen of Denmark.

May it please your Majesty,
We, your Majesty's most dutiful and loyal subjects, the ministers and elders met in the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, beg leave humbly to approach your Majesty with sentiments of respectful and sincere condolence, on occasion of the untimely death of your Majesty's royal sister, the late Queen of Denmark.

Attached to your sacred person, by affection no less than by duty, we are deeply interested in whatever affects our gracious Sovereign, and are most sincerely touched with and event, which, to the cares inseparable from royalty, adds the feeling of domestic affliction.

Possessed, as we are, with reverence and with gratitude towards the illustrious House of Hanover, to which, under God, the nation is indebted for that full enjoyment of the Protestant religion, and of public liberty, which our ancestors were solicitous to secure, when they called it to the British throne, every loss sustained by your Majesty in your august family fills us with the most sincere concern.

That the God of grace, and Father of mercies, may on this occasion pour into your royal heart those consolations which flow from sentiments of reverence for the Divine government, and of dutiful submission to the Divine will; that he may sanctify this national affliction, and, by graciously prolonging your valuable life, and that of our gracious Queen, and the lives of your royal offspring, may afford us the comfortable prospect of continuing to enjoy the many blessings by which we are distinguished from the nations around us, are the earnest prayers of,
May it please your Majesty, your Majesty's most faithful, most obedient, and most loyal subjects, the Ministers and Elders met in this National Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

Signed in our name, in our presence, and at our appointment, by
David Shaw, Moderator.

V. Sess. 9, June 3, 1775.—Commission to some Ministers and Ruling Elders for Reformation of the Highlands and Islands, and for managing his Majesty's Royal Bounty for that end.

The General Assembly, &c. (The same as last year.)

VI. Sess. 9, June 3, 1775.—Commission to some Ministers and Ruling Elders for discussing Affairs referred to them.

The General Assembly, &c.

VII. Sess. ult., June 5, 1775.—Act appointing the Diet of the next General Assembly.

The next General Assembly of this National Church is appointed to be held in this place, on Thursday, the 23d day of May, in the year 1776.

Collected and extracted from the Records of the General Assembly, by
George Wishart, Cls. Eccl. Scot.

Sess. 7, June 1, 1775.—Overture from the Presbytery of Edinburgh, anent Probationers being Licensed without the Bounds of the Church.


Sess. 7, June 1, 1775.—Overture anent the Age of Ruling Elders, and the electing them to represent Sessions in the Presbytery and Synod.