First Parliament of George II: List of knights, commissioners, citizens & burgesses in Parliament

Pages 305-320

The History and Proceedings of the House of Commons: Volume 8, 1733-1734. Originally published by Chandler, London, 1742.

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AN EXACT LIST OF THE Knights and Commissioners of Shires, Citizens and Burgesses,

of the first Parliament of King George II. summoned to meet at Westminster on the 23d of January, 1727-8.

Bedfordshire. SIR Rowland Alston, Bart.
Hon. Pattee Byng, Esq; succeeded his Father as Viscount Torrington. In his Place
Charles Leigh, Esq;
Bedford. James Metcalf, Esq; deceased. In his Place
Sir Jer. Van Sambroke, Bart.
John Orlebar, Esq;
Berkshire. Sir John Stonehouse, Bart.
Robert Packer, Esq; deceased. In his Place
Winchcomb Howard Packer, Esq; Son to Robert Packer, Esq;
New Windsor. Lord Vere Beauclere, Lord Viscount Malpas, Knt. of the Bath; Son to the Earl of Cholmondeley, a Commissioner of the Admiralty, and Governor of Chester.
Reading. Richard Thompson, Esq;
Richard Pottinger, Esq; Recorder of this Borough.
Wallingford. William Hucks, Esq;
George Lewen, Esq;
Abington. Robert Hucks, Esq; Son to William Hucks, Esq; and a Trustee for the Colony of Georgia.
Buckinghamshire. Richard Hampden, Esq; deceased. In his Place
Sir William Stanhope, Knt. of the Bath, Brother to the Earl of Chesterfield.
Sir Thomas Lee, Bart.
Buckingham. Col. John Fane, Brother to the Earl of Westmoreland, and Col. 'of the first Troop of Grenadier-Guards, made Lord Catherlogh.
George Chamberlayne, Esq;
Chipping Wicomb. William Lee, Esq; Latin Secretary, one of the King's Council at Law, and Attorney-General to the Prince, made a Judge. In his Place
Sir Cherles Vernon, Knt.
Harry Waller, Esq;
Aylesbury. Edward Rudge, Esq; Son of John Rudge, Esq; Deputy-Governor of the South-Sea Company.
Thomas Ingoldesby, Esq;
Agmondesham. Montagu Garrard Drake, Esq; deceased. In his Place
Marmaduke Allington, Esq;
Thomas Lutwyche, Esq; one of his Majesty's Council at Law.
Wendover. Lord Viscount Limerick, of Ireland, one of the Trustees for the County of Georgia.
Ric. Hampden, Esq; dec. In his Place
John Hamilton, Esq;
Great-Marlow. Edmund Wallis, Esq;
John Clavering, Esq; made Groom of the Bed-chamber to his Majesty. In his Place
George Robinson, Esq; expelled the House on account of the Charitable Corporation. [See Vol. II. p. 241.] In his Place
Sir Thomas Hoby, Bart.
Cambridgeshire. Henry Bromley, Esq; Lord-Lieute nant of the County
Samuel Sheppeard, Esq;
University of Cambridge.
Hon. Edward Finch, Esq; Brother to the Earl of Winchelsea, and Plenipotentiary to the King of Poland
Hon. Thomas Townshend, Esq; second Son to the Lord Viscount Townshend, Under Secretary to his Lp, and a Teller of the Exchequer.
Cambridge. Sir John Hynde Cotton, Bart.
Thomas Sclater Bacon, Esq;
Cheshire. Charles Cholmondeley, Esq;
Sir Robert Salisbury Cotton, Bart. Lord Lieutenant and Custos-Rotulorum of the County.
Chester. Sir Richard Grovernor, Bart. deceased. In his Place
Sir Robert Grosve or, Bort.
Sir Thomas Grosvenor, Bart. dec. In his Place
Sir Charles Bunbury, Bart.
Cornmall. Sir William Carew, Bart.
Sir John St. Aubin, Bart.
Launceston. Hon. John King, Esq; Son to Lord-Chancellor King, Out-ranger and Verdurer of Windsor-Forest.
Arthur Tremayne, Esq;
Leskard. Thomas Clutterbuck, Esq;
John Cope, Esq; Lieutenant-Colonel of the second Troop of Grenadler-Guards.
Lestwithiel. Sir Orlando Bridgman, Bart. deceased In his Place
Sir Edward Knatchbull, Bart. dec. In his Place
Anthony Cracherode, Esq; Sollicitor to the Treasury
Dorrel Trelawney, Esq; daceased. In his Place
Edward Walpole, Esq; Joint-Secretary of the Treasury, and Collector Inwards of the Customs, and second Son of Sir Robert Walpole.
Truroe. Hon. Hugh Boscawen, Esq; Son to the Lord Viscount Falmouth.
Sidney Meadows, Esq; Son to Sir Philip, Knt. Marshal.
Bodmin. John Laroche, Esq; a Trustee for the Colony of Georgia.
Hon. Robert Booth, Esq; Nephew and Heir to the Earl of Warrington, dec. In his Place
Sir John Heathcote, Bart. Son to the late to Sir Gilbert Heathcote.
Helston. John Evelyn, Esq; Son to Sir John Evelyn, Commissioner of the Customs, and Groom of the Bedchamber to the Prince.
John Harris, Esq;
Saltash. Lord Viscount Glenorchy, Kt. of the Bath, Son to the Earl of Broadalbin, Envoy to the Court of Denmark, Master of the Horse to the three Eldest Princesses.
Edward Hughes Esq; deceased. In his Place
Thomas Corbett Esq; Under Secretary to the Admiralty.
Comelford. Thomas Hales, Esq; Clerk of the Green-cloth, and Son of Sir Thomas Hales, Bart.
John Pitt, Esq; Colonel in the first Regiment of Guards Aid-de-Camp, to his Majesty, and Vice-Admiral of the Summer Islands, and Brother to the Earl of Londonderry.
Westlow. Ed ward Trelawney Esq; made Commissioner of the Customs. In his Place
Thomas Walker Esq; Surveyor of the Crown Revenue.
John Willes Esq; Chief Justice of Chester.
Grampound. Philip Hawkins Esq;
Humphry Morice Esq; deceased Governor of the Bank. In his Place
Isaac Leheup, Esq;
Eastlow. Sir John Trelawney, Bart.
Charles Longueville Esq; Auditor to the Queen.
Penryn. Edvard Vernon, Esq;
Sir Cecil Bishop, Bart.
Tregony. John Goddard Esq; Commissioner to settle the Merchants Losses by the Spaniards.
Thomas Smith, Esq; Vice Chamberlain to the Queen's Houshold. In his Place
Hon. Matthew Ducie Morton, Esq; Son to the Lord Ducie Morton.
Bossiney. John Hedges, Esq; Treasurer to the Prince, and Envoy to the Court of Turin.
Hon. James Cholmondeley, Esq; Major of the Horse Guards, and Governor of Chester Castle.
St. Ives. Henry Knollys, Esq;
Sir Robert Rich, Bart. Colonel of Dragoons, Brigadier General of the Forces, and Groom of the Bedchamber to the King.
Fowey. Lord Viscount Fitz-Williams.
Jonathan Rashleigh, Esq;
St. Germaine. Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Knt. deceased, Director of the Bank, created a Baronet. In his Place
Dudley Rider, Esq; Sollicitor General.
Sidney Godolphin, Esq; dec. Auditor of the Principality of Wales, Governor of the Isle of Scilly, and of of Greenwich Hospital. In his Place
Richard Elliot, Esq; Auditor General to the Prince
St. Michael. Henry Kelsal, Esq;
Thomas Farrington, Esq; Receiver of the Revenue of Wales.
Newport. Hon. Thomas Herbert, Esq; Son to the Earl of Pembroke, and Captain in the Guards.
Sir William Morrice, Bart.
St. Maws. Hon. Henry Vane, Esq; Son to the Lord Barnard.
John Knight, Esq; deceased. In his Place
William East, Esq;
Kellington. Thomas Copleston, Esq;
Sir John Coryton, Bart.
Cumberland. Gilfrid Lawson, Esq;
James Lowther, Esq;
Carlisle. Charles Howard, Esq; youngest Son to the Earl of Carlisle, Lieutenant Governor of the City and Castle and Col. in the second Regiment of Foot-Guards.
John Hylton, Esq;
Cockermouth. Sir Wilfrid Lawson, Bart.
Hon. William Finch, Esq;
Derbyshire. Sir Nathaniel Curzon, Bart.
Godfrey Clarke, Esq;
Derby. Lord James Cavendish.
Charles Stanhope, Esq; Brother to the Earl of Chesterfield.
Devonshire. Sir William Courteney, Bart.
Henry Rolle, Esq;
Exeter. Francis Drew, Esq;
Samuel Molyneux, Esq; one of the Lords of the Admiralty, dec. In his Place
John Belfield, Serjeant at Law.
Totness. Sir Charles Willes, Kt. of the Bath.
Exton Sayer, L. L. D. dec. Advocate of the Admiralty, Surveyor of the King's Land Revenue, and Chancellor of Durham. In his Place
Sir Henry Gough, Bart.
Plymouth. Hon. Robert Byng, Esq; Brother to Lord Torrington, first Joint-Receiver-General of the Admiralty, and then a Commissioner of the Navy.
Arthur Stert, Esq; a Commissioner to settle the Merchants Losses by the Spaniards.
Okehampton. William Northmore, Esq;
Thomas Pitt, Esq; Grandson of Governor Pitt, of Fort St. George.
Barnstable. Richard Coffin, Esq;
Hon. Theophilus Fortescue, Esq; Brother to Lord Clinton.
Plympton. Richard Edgecumbe, Esq; Custos Rotulorum of Cornwall.
John Fuller, Esq;
Honiton. Sir William Yonge, Bart. Knt. of the Bath.
James Shepheard, Esq; dec. Recorder of this Borough. In his Place
Sir William Pole, Bart.
Tavistock. Sir Fran Hen. Drake, Bart.
Sir Humphrey Monnoux, Bart.
Ashburton. Richard Reynell, Esq;
Roger Tuckfield, Esq;
Dartmouth. George Treby, Esq; Master of the Houshold.
Walter Carey, Esq; one of the Lords of Trade-extraordinary, Clerk of the Council, and Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
Boralston. Sir Archer Croft, Bart. a Commissioner of Trade.
Henry Lord Walden, by the Death of his Father, became Earl of Suffolk. In his Place
William Morden, Esq;
Tiverton. Arthur Arscott, Esq;
James Nelthorp, Esq;
Dorsetshire. George Chaffin, Esq;
Edm. Morton Pleydell,Esq;
Poole. George Trenchard, Esq;
Dennis Bond, Esq; Recorder of this Town, and of Wareham, and Carrier of his Majesty's Post-Letters, expelled the House on account of the fraudulent Sale of the late Earl of Derwentwater's Estate. [See Vol. II p. 238.] In his Place
Thomas Wyndham, Esq;
Dorchester. Sir William Chaple, Knt.
John Brown, Esq; Barrister at Law, and Standing Council to the East-India Company.
Lyme-Regis. Hon. Holt Henley, Esq; Clerk of the Pipe.
Henry Drax, Esq;
Weymouth. Edward Tucker, Esq;
Thomas Pearse, Esq;
Melcomb-Regis. Sir James Thornhill, Kt.
George Doddington, Esq;
Bridport. William Bowles, Esq; Merchant of London, and Director of the South-Sea Company.
John Jewkes, Esq;
Shaftesbury. Sir Edward Desbouverie, Bart.
Stephen Fox, Esq;
Wareham. Nathaniel Gould Esq;
Thomas Towers, Esq;
Corfe Castle. John Banks, Esq;
John Bond, Esq; Brother to Dennis Bond, Esq;
County of Durham. John Hedworth, Esq;
George Bowes, Esq;
Durham. Charles Talbot, Esq; Created a Peer, and made Lord Chancellor. In his Place
Henry Lambton, Esq;
Robert Shaftoe, Esq; dec. In his Place
John Shaftoe, Esq;
Essex. Lord Viscount Castlemain, Created Earl of Tilney of Ireland.
Sir Robert Abdy, Bart.
Colchester. Stamp Brooksbank, Esq;
Samuel Tuffnel, Esq; a Commissioner for Settling Commerce.
Malden. Thomas Bramston, Esq;
Henry Parsons, Esq; Surveyor of Chelsea College.
Harwich. Sir Philip Parker Long, Bart.
John Viscount Percival, and Earl of Egmond in Ireland, Recorder of this Borough.
Slocestershire. Hon. Henry Berkeley Esq;
Sir John Dutton Bart.
Gloucester. Col. John Selwyn, Equery to the Queen.
Benjamin Bathurst Esq; Youngest Brother to the Lord Bathurst.
Cirencester. Thomas Maisters Esq;
Peter Bathurst, Esq; first Brother to the Lord Bathurst.
Tewkesbury. Thomas Lord Viscount Gage.
George Reade Esq; Colonel of the Foot Guards, and Brother to Sir Thomas Reade Bart.
Herefordshire. Velters Cornewal Esq;
Edward Harley Esq; eldest Son of Auditor Harley, Auditor of the Imprest.
Hereford. Marquis of Caernarvan, Son to James Duke of Chandos.
Thomas Geers Winford, Esq;
Leominster. Sir George Caswall, Kt.
Lord Viscount Beteman of Ireland.
Weobly. John Birch, Esq; expelled the House on account of the fraudulent Sale of the late Earl of Derwenwater's Estate. [See Vol. II. p. 238] In his Place
Uvedale Price, Esq; Son of Judge Price.
James Cornewall Esq; Captain of a Man of War.
Hertfordshire. Sir Thomas Saunders Sebright, Bart.
Charles Cæsar, Esq;
St. Albans. Lord Viscount Grimstone.
Thomas Gape, Esq; deceased. In his Place
John Merril, Esq;
Hertford. Sir Thomas Clerke, Esq;
George Harrison, Esq;
Huntingdonshire. Robert Piggot, Esq;
John Bigg, Esq;
Huntingdon. Edward Wortley Montagu, Esq;
Roger Handaside, Esq; Col. of a Regiment of Foot, and Governor of Fort-Philip in Minorca.
Kent. Sir Roger Meredith, Bart. Recorder of Maidstone.
Sir Robert Furnese, Bart. deceased. In his Place
Sir Edward Dering, Bart.
Canterbury. Sir Thomas Hales, Bart.
Sir William Hardres, Bart.
Rochester. Sir John Jennings, Knt. House-keeper to the Royal Palace at Greenwich.
David Polhil, Esq; Keeper of the Records in the Tower.
Maidstone. Hon. John Finch, Esq;
Thomas Hope, Esq;
Queenborough. Sprig Manesty, Esq; deceased. Commissioner of the Victualling, and Auditor of the African Company. In his Place
Sir George Saunders, Knt. a Commissioner of the Navy.
John Crowley, Esq; deceased. Alderman of London. In his Place
Richard Evans, Esq; Deputy-Governor of Sheerness, and Captain of Dragoons.
Lancashire. Sir Edward Stanley, Bart.
Richard Shuttleworth, Esq;
Preston. Sir Henry Houghton, Bart. Judge-Advocate
Nicholas Fazakerley, Esq; Counsellor at Law.
Lancaster. Sir Thomas Lowther, Bart.
Christopher Towers, Esq;
Newtown. William Shippen, Esq;
Legh Master, Esq;
Wigan. Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Bart.
Peter Bond, Esq;
Clithero. Thomas Lister, Esq;
Lord Viscount Gallway of Ireland
Leverpool. Thomas Bootle, Esq;
Sir Thomas Aston, Bart.
Leicestershire. Lord William Manners.
Sir Cloberly Noel, Bart.
Leicester. Sir George Beaumont, Bart.
George Wright, Esq;
Lincolnshire. Robert Vyner, Esq;
Sir Thomas Lumley Saunderson, Knt. of the Bath, Brother to the Earl of Scarborough.
Lincoln. Sir John Tyrwhit, Bart.
Charles Hall, Esq;
Boston. Sir Richard Ellis, Bart.
Lord Colerain of Ireland.
Grimsby, George Monson, Esq; Brother to Lord Monson.
John Page, Esq;
Stamford. William Noel, Esq;
Hon. Robert Shirley, Esq; Brother to Earl Ferrers.
Grantham. Lord Viscount Tyrconnel, Knight of the Bath.
Sir Michael Newton, Knight of Bath.
Middleser. Hon. James Bertie, Esq;
Sir Francis Child, Knt. Alderman of London.
Westminster. Lord Charles Cavendish, Brother to the Duke of Devonshire, and Lord of the Bed-chamber to the Prince.
William Clayton, Esq; Commissioner of the Treasury.
London. Sir John Eyles, Bart. Sub-governor of the South-Sea Company. [See Vol. II. p. 239.]
John Barnard, Esq; Alderman of London.
Humphrey Parsons, Esq; (ibid.)
Micajah Perry, Esq;
Monmouthshire Sir William Morgan, Knt. of the Bath, dec. In his Place
Lord Charles Noel Somerset, Brother to the Duke of Beaufort.
John Hanbury, Esq;
Monmouth. Edward Kemeys, Esq;
Norfolk. Sir Thomas Coke, Knt. of the Bath, created Lord Lovel. In his Place
Sir Edmond Bacon, Bart.
Sir John Hobart, Knt, of the Bath. Treasurer of his Majesty's Chamber, and Vice-Admiral of the County, created Lord Hobart. In his Place
Harbord Harbord, Esq;
Norwich. Waller Bacon, Esq; Commissioner of the Victualling-Office, and afterwards of the Musters and Stores in Minorca.
Robert Brittiffe, Esq; Counsellor at Law.
Lynn-Regis. Sir Charles Turner, Bart. Teller of the Exchequer.
Sir Robert Walpole, Knt. of the Garter, first Lord-Commissioner of the Treasury, and then of the Exchequer.
Yarmouth. Hon. William Townshend, Aid de Camp to his Majesty, and Captain of Horse.
Horatio Walpole, Esq; Cofferer of the Houshold.
Thetford. Sir Edmund Bacon, Bart.
Robert Jacombe, Esq; Deputy Paymaster of the Forces, deceased. In his Place
Charles Fitzroy, Esq; Cornet of Horse, and Master of the Tennis Court.
Castlerising. Col. Charles Churchill, Groom of the Bedchamber to the King.
Earl of Mountrath, of Ireland.
Northamptonshire. Sir Justinian Isham, Bart.
Thomas Cartwright, Esq;
Peterborough. Sir Charles Gunter Nicholl, Knt. of the Bath.
Joseph Banks, Esq;
Northampton. Hon. Edward Montagu, Esq; Governor of Hull.
Hon. George Compton, Esq;
Brackley. Sir Paul Methuen, Knt of the Bath.
Hon. William Egerton, Esq; deceased. Col. of a Regiment of Foot. In his Place
George Lee, L. L. D. Brother to Sir Thomas Lee, Knt. of the Shire for Bucks.
Higham-Ferrers. Hon. John Finch, Esq;
Northumberland. Sir William Middleton, Bart.
Ralph Jennison, Esq;
Newcastle upon Tyne. William Carr, Esq;
Nicholas Fenwick, Esq;
Morpeth. Henry Viscount Morpeth.
Sir Thomas Robinson, Bart.
Berwick upon Tweed. George Lyddel, Esq;
Joseph Saolne, Esq; Lieutenant General, Governor of Berwick, and Colonel of the Royal Regiment of Welsh Fuzileers.
Nottinghamshire. Sir Robert Getion, Knt. of the Bath, expelled the House on Account of the Charitable Corporation. [See Vol. II. p. 244.] In his Place
William Levinz, Esq;
Lord Viscount Howe, made Governor of Barbadoes, In his Place
Thomas Bennet, Esq;
Nottingham. Borlace Warren, Esq;
Hon. John Stanhope, Esq; Brother to the Earl of Chesterfield, and Secretary to the Embassy at the Hague.
East-Retford. Thomas White, Esq; deceased. In his Place
John White, Esq;
Sir Robert Cliston, Knt. of the Bath.
Newark upon Trent. Brigadier General Sutton, Governor of Guernsey.
James Pelham, Esq; Secretary to the Prince, and to the Lord Chamberlain.
Oxon. Sir William Stapleton, Bart.
Henry Perrot, Esq;
University of Oxford. George Clark, L. L. D.
William Bromley, Esq; deceased. In his Place
Lord Viscount Cornbury, Son of the Earl of Clarendon and Rochester.
City of Oxford. Thomas Rowney, Esq;
Francis Knollys, Esq;
Woodstock. Samuel Trotman, Esq;
Marquis of Blandford, deceased. In his Place
Hon. John Spencer, Esq; Brother to the Duke of Marlborough.
Banbury. Hon. Francis North, Esq; succeeded his Father as Lord Guilford.
Toby Chauncy, Esq; deceased. In his Place
Lord Viscount Wallingford, Son to the Earl of Banbury, whose Claim to the Title is disallowed by the House of Peers.
Rutlandshire. Daniel Lord Finch, by his Father's Death Earl of Winchelsea and Nottingham. In his Place
William Burton, Esq;
Hon. Thomas Noel, Esq; Uncle to the Earl of Gainsborough.
Shrepshire. John Walcot, Esq;
William Lacon Child, Esq;
Shrewsbury. Sir John Astley, Bart.
Richard Lyster, Esq;
Bridgenorth. John Weaver, Esq;
St. John Charlton, Esq;
Ludlow. Hon. Arthur Herbert, Esq; Lord Lieutenant of the County.
Richard Herbert, Esq;
Great Wenlock. Samuel Edwards, Esq;
John Sambrook, Esq; Gentleman of the Privy-chamber.
Bishop's-Castle. Robert Moore, Esq;
John Plumtree, Esq; Treasurer and Pay-Master of the Ordnance.
Somersetshire. Sir William Wyndham, Bart.
Thomas Strangeways Horner, Esq;
Bristol. Sir Abraham Elton, Bart.
John Scrope, Esq; Joint-Secretary of the Treasury with Horace Walpole, Esq;
Bath. General George Wade, Commander in Chief of the Land Forces in Scotland, and Governor of Fort William in the Highlands.
Robert Gay, Esq; Surgeon to St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
Wells. Thomas Edwards, Esq;
William Piers, Esq;
Taunton. George Speke, Esq;
Francis Fane, Esq; one of his Majesty's Council at Law, Sollicitor General to the Queen, and Council to the Board of Trade.
Bridgwater. George Bubb Doddington, Esq;
Halswell. Sir Halswel Tynte, Bart. deceased. In his Place
Thomas Palmer, Esq;
Minehead. Francis Whitworth, Esq; Surveyor of his Majesty's Woods.
Alexander Lutterel, Esq;
Ilehester. Charles Lockyer, Esq; Gentleman of the Privy-chamber, and Chief Accomptant to the South-Sea Company.
Thomas Crispe, Esq;
Milbourn Port. Michael Harvey, Esq;
Thomas Medlicott, Esq; Commissioner of the Revenue in Ireland.
Southamptonshire. Lord Harry Paulet, a Commissioner of the Admiralty.
Sir John Cope, Bart:
Winchester. George Bridges, Esq;
Lord William Paulet, deceased. In his Place
Norton Paulet, jun. Esq;
Southampton. Robert Eyre, Esq; Son of the Lord Chief Justice Eyre, made a Commissioner of the Excise. In his Place
Sir William Heathcote, Bart.
Anthony Henley, Esq;
Portsmouth. Sir John Norris, Admiral of the Blue, one of the Lords of the Admiralty. and Deputy Governor of Dover Castle.
Sir Charles Wager, Knt. made first Lord of the Admiralty, and rechose. Yarmouth in the Isle of Wight.
Maurice Morgan, Esq;
Paul Burrard, Esq; Agent for Taxes.
Petersfield. Joseph Taylor, Esq;
Norton Paulet, Esq;
Newport. George Huxley, Esq; Commissary General of the Musters.
William Fortescue, Esq; Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Stockbridge. Martin Bladen, Esq;
John Chetwynd, Esq; second Brother of the Lord Viscount Chetwynd, made a Commissioner of Trade and Plantations.
New-town. Charles Armand Paulet, Esq; Lieutenant Colonel of Horse Grenadiers.
Sir John Barrington, Bart.
Christ-Church. Charles Withers, Esq; deceased. Surveyor of his Majesty's Woods North and South of Trent. In his Place
Philip Lloyd, Esq; Capt. of Dragoons.
Joseph Hinxman, Esq; Woodward of New-Forest.
Lymington. Lord Nassau Paulet, Knt. of the Bath.
Anthony Morgan, Esq; deceased. In his Place
William Paulet, Esq;
Whitchurch. John Conduit, Esq;
John Selwyn, Esq; Treasurer to the Queen.
Andover. Hon. James Brudenel, Esq; a Commissioner of Trade, and Groom of the Bed-chamber.
Lord Viscount Melsington, Son to the Earl of Portmore, by whose Death be succeeded to the Title. In his Place
William Guidott, Esq;
Staffordshire. Hon. William Leveson Gower, Esq;
Sir Walter Wagstaffe Bagot, Bart.
Lichfield. Richard Plummer, Esq;
Walter Chetwynd, Esq; deceased. In his Place
George Venables Vernon, Esq;
Stafford. Walter Viscount Chetwynd of Ireland, High Steward of this Borough.
Joseph Gascoigne Nightingale, Esq;
Newcastle under Line. Hon. Baptist Leveson Gower, Esq; youngest Brother to Lord Gover.
John Ward, Esq;
Tamworth. William Earl of Inchiquin of Ireland.
Hon. Thomas Willoughby, Esq; second Son to the Lord Middleton.
Suffolk. Sir Jermyn Davers, Bart.
Sir William Barker, Bart. deceased. In his Place
Sir Robert Kemp, Bart.
Ipswich. Sir William Thompson, Knt. made a Baron of the Exchequer. In his Place
Philip Broke, Esq;
Francis Negus, Esq; deceased, Master of his Majesty's Buck Hounds.
William Wollaston, Esq;
Dunwich. Sir George Downing, Bart. Knt. of the Bath.
Thomas Wyndham, Esq; Auditor of the South Part of the Duchy of Lancaster.
Orford. Hon. Pryce Devereux, Esq; made his Election for Montgomeryshire. In his Place
William Acton, Esq;
Hon. Dudley North, Esq; deceased. In his Place
Robert Kemp, Esq; Son of Sir Robert.
Aldborough. Samuel Lowe, Esq; deceas'd. In his Place
George Purvis, Esq; Captain in the Navy.
William Wyndham, Esq; deceas'd, Lieutenant-Governor of Chelsea Hospital. In his Place
Sir John Williams, Knt. Alderman of London.
Sudbury. Carteret Leathes, Esq;
John Knight, Esq; deceas'd. In his Place
Richard Jackson, Esq;
Eye. Hon. Stephen Cornwallis, Esq; Lieutenant-Colonel of a Regiment of Foot.
Hon. John Cornwallis, Esq; Equery to the Prince. Both Brothers to the Lord Cornwallis.
St. Edmund's Bury. John Lord Hervey, called up to the House of Peers. In his Place
Hon. Thomas Hervey, Esq; Equery to the Queen.
Col. Thomas Norton, Lieutenant Governor of Chelsea Hospital.
Surry. Thomas Scawen, Esq;
Arthur Onslow, Esq; Chancellor to the Queen, Recorder of Guildford, and Speaker to the House, also a Treasurer of the Navy.
Southwark. Sir Joseph Eyles Kt. Brother to Sir John Eyles, Bart.
Edmund Halsey, Esq; dec. In his Place
Thomas Inwen, Esq;
Blechingly. Sir Orl. Bridgman, Bart. a Commissioner of Trade and Plantations.
William Clayton, Esq;
Ryegate. Sir Joseph Jekyll, Kt. Master of the Rolls.
James Cocks, Esq; Nephew to the Master of the Rolls.
Guildford. Richard Onslow, Esq; Colonel of the Guards, and Brother to Arthur Onslow Esq;
Henry Vincent, Esq; Son of Sir Francis Vincent, Bart.
Gatton. William Newland, Esq;
Paul Docminique, Esq; a Commissionot of Trade.
Haslemere. James Oglethorp, Esq; one of the Trustees for the Colony of Georgia.
Peter Burrel, Esq; Sub-Governor of the South-Sea Company.
Sussex. Hon. Henry Pelham, Esq;
Sir Spencer Compton, Kt. of the Bath. Created Earl of Wilmington. In his Place
James Butler, Esq;
Chichester. Lord William Beauclere, dec. Vicechamberlain to the Queen. In his Place
Sir Thomas Pendergast, Bart.
Hon. Charles Lumley, Esq; deceased, Brother to the Earl of Scarborough. In his Place
Hon. James Lumley, Esq; his Brother.
Horsham. Charles Eversfield, Esq;
Hon. Henry Ingram, Esq; Commissary General of the Stores at Minorca.
Midhurst. Bulstrode Peachy Knight, Esq;
Sir Richard Mills, Bart.
Lewes. Thomas Pelham, Esq;
Thomas Pelham, Esq; of Stanmore, Secretary to the Embassy in France.
Shoreham Sir Nathaniel Gould, Kt. dec. In his Place
John Gould, Esq;
Francis Chamberlain, Esq; dec. In his Place
Samuel Ongley, Esq;
Bramber. Joseph d' Anvers, Esq;
Sir Richard Gough, Kt. dec. In his Place
James Hoste, Esq; jun.
Steyning. William Viscount Vane, of Ireland.
East Grinsted. Richard Viscount Shannon of Ireland, Captain of the fourth Troop of Guards.
Henry Viscount Palmerston of Ireland, Chief Remembrancer of the Court of Exchequer in that Kingdom.
Arundel. Hon. John Lumley, Esq; Brother to the Earl of Scarborough Avener and Clerk-Marshal to his Majesty.
Sir John Shelly, Bart.
Warmickshire. William Peytoe, Esq; deceased. In his Place
Sir Charles Mordaunt, Bart.
Hon. Edward Digby, Esq;
Coventry. Sir Adolphus Oughton, Bart.
John Neale, Esq; Comptroller of the Houshold to the three eldest Princesses.
Warwick. Sir William Keyt, Bart.
William Bromley, Esq; only Son of
William Bromley, Esq; late Speaker.
Westmorland. Hon. Henry Lowther, Esq; made a Commissioner of the Revenue in Ireland, and rechose.
Daniel Wilson, Esq;
Apulby. Hon. Sackville Tufton, Esq; succeeded his Uncle as Earl of Thanet. In his Place
Walter Plumer, Esq;
John Ramsden, Esq;
Wiltshire. John Ivory Talbot, Esq;
John Howe, Esq;
New Sarum. Anthony Duncombe, Esq;
Thomas Lewis, Esq;
Wilton. Hon. Robert Herbert, Esq; a Commissioner of the Revenue in Ireland.
Thomas Martin, Esq;
Downton. Giles Eyre, Esq; Serjeant at Law, and Recorder of Bath.
Hon. John Verney, Esq; youngest Son of Lord Willoughby of Broke, one of his Majesty's Council at Law, and one of the Welch Judges, made Chief Justice of Chester, and rechose.
Hindon. George Heathcote, Esq; Nephew to Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Kt. and Bart.
Townshend Andrews, Esq; Deputy Pay master of the Forces.
Heytesbury. Edward Ashe, Esq;
Hon. Horatio Townshend, Esq; Gentleman of the Privy-chamber, a Director of the Bank, and Brother to Lord Viscount Townshend.
Westbury. Francis Annesley, Esq;
John Hoskins Gifford, Esq;
Calne. William Ducket, Esq; Lieutenant-colonel of the Horse Grenadiers.
William Wardour, Esq;
Devizes. Benjamin Haskin Styles, Esq;
Francis Eyles, Esq; a Lieutenant of Dragoons.
Chippenham. Rogers Holland, Esq;
Gabriel Roberts, Esq; a Director of the South-Sea Company.
Malmesbury. Giles Erle, Esq;
William Rawlinson Erle, Esq; Clerk of the Deliveries to the Ordnance Office.
Cricklade. Sir Thomas Read, Bart.
Christopher Tilson, Esq; one of the Clerks of the Treasury.
Great-Bedwin. William Sloper, Esq; Deputy-cofferer, and High-steward of Newbury.
Francis Seymour, Esq;
Ludgershal. Borlace Richmond Webb, Esq;
Charles Boone, Esq; late Governor of Bombay.
Old-Sarum. Thomas Harrison, Esq;
Matthew Chitty St. Quintin, Esq; Brother to Sir William St. Quintin, Bart.
Wotton-Basset. Hon. John St. John, Esq; second Son of Lord Viscount St. John of Battersea.
John Crosse, Esq; Son of Sir Thomas Crosse, Bart.
Marlborough. Thomas Gibson, Esq;
Edward Lisle, Esq;
Worcestershire. Sir Thomas Lyttleton, Bart. one of the Lords of the Admiralty.
Sir Herbert Perrott Pakington, Bart.
Worcester. Samuel Sandys, Esq;
Sir Richard Lane, Kt.
Droitwich. Thomas Winnington, Esq;
Edward Foley, Esq;
Evesham. John Rudge, Esq;
Sir John Rushout, Bart.
Bewdly. William Crew Offley, Esq; Gentleman of the Privy-chamber.
porkshire. Sir Thomas Watson Wentworth, Knt. of the Bath, created Lord Malton. In his Place
Sir George Saville, Bart.
Cholmley Turner, Esq;
York. Sir William Milner, Bart.
Edward Thompson, Esq; a Commissioner of the Revenue in Ireland.
Kingston upon Hull. George Crowle, Esq; a Commissioner of the Victualling-Office.
Joseph Lord Viscount Micklethwaite, of Ireland, deceas'd. In his Place
Henry Maister, Esq;
Knaresborough. Hon. Richard Arundel, Esq, Surveyor-General of the Works.
Sir Henry Slingsby, Bart.
Scarborough. John Hungerford, Esq; deceas'd. In his Place
William Thompson, Esq; Commissioner of the Victualling-Office.
Sir William Strickland, Bart. Treasurer of the Queen's Houshold.
Rippon. William Aislabie, Esq; Son of John Aislabie, Esq;
William Aislsabie, Esq; Nephew of John Aislabie, Esq;
Richmond. John York, Esq;
Sir Conyers D'Arcy, Knt. of the Bath, made Comptroller of the Household, and rechosen.
Heydon. William Pulteney, Esq; made Cofferer of his Majesty's Houshold, and Ranger of Epping-Forest, and rechosen.
Henry Pulteney, Esq; his Brother, Colonel of the Guards, and Equery to the King.
Borough Bridge. Col. James Tyrrel.
George Gregory, Esq; Store-keeper of the Ordnance.
Malton. Hon. Henry Finch, Esq; Receiver General, and Collector of the Customs in Minorca.
Wardel George Westby, Esq; made a Commissioner of the Customs. In his Place
Sir William Wentworth, Bart.
Thirsk. Sir Thomas Frankland, Bart. made one of the Lords of the Admirelty, and re-chosen.
Thomas Robinson, Esq; Son of Sir William Robinson, Bart. and Secretary to Horace Walpole, Esq; Ambassador extraordinary in France.
Aldborough. William Jessop, Esq; made a Puisne Judge of Chester, and rechose.
Charles Stanhope, Esq; Treasurer of his Majesty's Chamber, Brother to Lord Harrington.
Beverly. Sir Charles Hotham, Bart.
Charles Pelham, Esq;
Northallerton. Leonard Smelt, Esq; Clerk of the Orduance.
Henry Peirse, Esq;
Poutefract. Sir William Lowther, Bart.
John Mordaunt, Esq; Col Guards.
Barons of the CINQUEPORTS.
Hastings. Sir William Ashburnham, Bart.
Thomas Pelham, Jun. Esq; Son of Thomas Pelham of Stammere, Esq; and Secretary of the British Embassy at the Congress of Soissons.
Dover. Hon. George Berkeley, Esq; Master of St. Catherine's Hospital.
Henry Furnese, Esq;
Sandwich. Sir George Oxenden, Bart. one of the Lords of the Treasury.
Josiah Burchet, Esq; Secretary to the Admiralty.
Hyeth. Sir Samuel Lennard, Bart. deceased. In his Place
William Glanville, Esq;
Capt. Hercules Baker.
New-Romney. David Papillon, Esq;
Sir Robert Austen, Bart.
Rye. Philip Gibbon, Esq;
John Norris, Esq; eldest Son of the Admiral, made Usher of the Custom House. In his Place
Matthew Norris, Esq; his Brother
Winchelsea. Robert Bristow, Esq; Clerk-Comptroller of the Green Cloth.
Peter Walter, Esq; Clerk of the Peace for Middlesex.
Seaford. Sir William Gage, Bart. Knt. of the Bath.
Sir Philip Yorke, Knt. created Lord Hardwicke, and made Lord-Chief Justice of the King's Bench. In his Place
William Haye, Esq;


anglesea. Hugh Williams, Esq;
Beaumaris. Lord Viscount Belkeley of Ireland.
Brecon. Wiliam Gwyn Vaughan, Esq;
Town of Brecon. Thomas Morgan, Esq;
Cardiganshire. John Viscount Lisburne of Ireland Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of this County.
Cardigan. Fiancis Cornwallis, Esq; dec. In his Place
Richard Lloyd, Esq;
Caermarthenshire. Sir Nicholas Williams, Bart. Lord Lieutenant of the County.
Carmarthen. Arthur Beven, Esq; Recorder of this Town.
Caernarvanshire. John Griffith, Esq;
Caernarvan. Thomas Wynne, Esq; Clerk of the Green-cloth to the King.
Denbighshire. Watkin Williams Wynne, Esq;
Denbigh. Robert Middleton, Esq; dec. In his Place
Middleton Esq;
Flintshire. Sir Roger Mostyn Bart. Custos Rotulorum of the County.
Flint. Salsbury Lloyd, Esq;
Glamorgan. Sir Charles Keymis, Bart.
Cardiffe. Hon. Bussy Mansell, Esq;
merioneth. Richard Vaughan Esq;
Montgomery. Hon. Price Devereux, Esq;
Montgomery. William Corbett, Esq;
Dembrokeshire. John Campbell, Esq; of Stackpole Court.
Pembroke. William Owen, Esq;
Haverford-West. Erasmus Philips, Esq;
Radnor. Thomas Lewis, Esq;


Shire of Aberdeen. Sir Archibald Grant, Bart. expelled the House on account of the Charitable Corporation, [See Vol. II. p. 244.] In his Place
Sir Arthur Forbes, Bart.
Shire of Air. Hon. James Campbell, Esq; Colonel of a Regiment of Scotch Greys, Groom of the Bedchamber to his Majesty.
Shire of Argyle. Sir James Campbell, Bart. Commissary of the Musters in North-Britain.
Shire of Bamff. William Duffe, Esq;
Berwick. George Balie Esq;
Shires of Bute and Cathness.
Patrick Dunbar, Esq;
Shires of Cromartie and Nairn. Sir George Mackenzie, Bart.
Shires of Clackmannac and Kinross. Sir John Hope Bruce, Bart.
Shire of Dumbarton. Col. John Campbell, jun. Groom of the Bed-chamber to the King.
Shire of Dumfries. Charles Areskine, Esq;
Shire of Edinburgh. Robert Dundass, Esq;
Shire of Elgin. Alexander Brodie, Esq; Lyon King at Arms in Scotland.
Shire of Fife. Sir John Anstruther, Bart. Master of his Majesty's Works in Scotland.
Shire of Forfar. James Scot, jun. Esq;
Shire of Hadington. John Cockburn, Esq; one of the Lords of the Admiralty.
Shire of Inverness. James Grant, Esq;
Shire of Kincardin. James Scott, sen. Esq;
Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. Patrick Heron, Esq;
Shire of Lanerk. Lord Archibald Hamilton.
Linlithgow. Alexander Hamilton, Esq; Secretary to the Prince of Wales for Scotland.
Shire of Orkney and Zetland. Capt. Robert Douglas, Son of the Earl of Moreton.
Shire of Peebles. John Douglas, Esq; dec. In his Place
Sir James Nasmith, Bart.
Shire of Perth. John Drummond, Esq; Director of the East-India Company, and a Commissioner for settling Commerce.
Shire of Renfrew. Sir John Schaw, Bart.
Shire of Ross. Lieutenant-General Charles Ross, dec. Brother to Lord Ross. In his Place
John Monrow, Esq;
Shire of Roxburgh. William Douglas, jun. Esq;
Shire of Selkirk. James Rutherfurd, jun. Esq;
Shire of Stirling. Henry Cunningham, Esq; Commissary-General of the Musters in Scotland, made Governor of Jamaica.
Shire of Sutherland. William Lord Strathnaver, Grandson and Heir apparent to the Earl of Sutherland.
Shire of Wigtoun. Hon. William Dalrymple, Esq; second Brother to the Earl of Stair.


Edingburgh. John Campbell, Esq;
Kirkwall, Week, Taine, &c.
Sir Robert Monro, Bart.
Fortrose, Inverness, Nairn, &c.
Duncan Forbes, Esq; made Lord Advocate of Scotland, and rechosen.
Elgin, Cullen, Bamff, &c.
Peter Campbell, Esq; Groom of the Bed-chamber to the Prince, and Capt. in the Foot-Guards.
Aberdeen, Montrose, &c.
John Middleton, Esq; Colonel of Foot, and Deputy Governor of Tinmouth-Fort.
Forfar, Perth, Dundee, &c.
John Drummond, Esq;
Craill, Anstruther, Pettenweem, &c.
Philip Anstruther, Esq; made Colonel of a Regiment of Foot at Gibraltar, and rechosen.
Dysert, Kirkcaldie, &c.
James Sinclair, Esq; Major of the third Regiment of Foot Guards, and Lieutenant Governor of Berwick.
Innerkithen, Culcross, Stirling, &c.
Captain Thomas Erskine.
Glasgow, Renfrew, Dumbarton, &c.
Daniel Campbell, Esq;
Selkirk, Peebles, Lanerk, &c.
John Murray, Esq;
Hadington, Dunbarr, Jedburgh, &c.
Sir James Dalrymple, Bart.
Dumfries, Kirkcudbright, &c.
Archibald Douglass, Sen. Esq;
Wigtoun, New Galloway, &c.
Captain John Dalrymple.
Air, Irvin, Inverary, &c.
William Stuart, Esq; Pay-Master of the Pensions in England.