House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 02 March 1624

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Martis, 2o Martii

James' Estate.


L. 1a. AN Act for the Confirming and Assuring of the Manors of New-Langporte, and Sevans, alias, Sephans, with their Appurtenances, and divers other Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, in the County of Kent, late being the Inheritance of Sir Hen. James, Knight, in a Praemunire convicted, unto Martin Lumley, now Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alice Woodroffe, Widow, and Edward Cropley, and their Heirs and Assigns for ever.

Member elected.

Mr. Sherfeild elected to serve for Salisbury.


Sir Walter Pye : - To have a Committee, for the Continuance and Repeal of Statutes. -

Committed to all the Lawyers of the House ; and all, that come, to have Voice: - Temple Hall, Saturday Afternoon.


Serjeant Hicham: - To have a new Day for the Bill of Concealments. - To-morrow Afternoon.


Bill for regulating Chancery, to be prepared.


Sir Edw. Gyles: - A Trial against Sir John Elliott, and his Man. - To have a Stay for both. - Ordered.

Bills in last Parliament.

Sir Wal. Earle: - To have a full Catalogue of all the Bills in the last Parliament.

Publick Bills.

To-morrow, and Thursday, from Nine a Clock, appointed to dispatch publick Bills.


Thursday, for the Privileges and Liberties of the House.

Cloth Trade.

Mr. Snelling prefers a Bill for true Making of Woollen Cloths.

Ld. Mountacue's Estate.

L. 1a. An Act for the Transferring of divers Manors, Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, heretofore assured by the now Lord Viscount Mountacue, for the Discharge of certain Trusts, to the late Lord Dormer, Sir Fran. Inglefeild Baronet, and Sir Jo. Dormer Knight, and their Heirs, upon Sir George Moore, and Sir John Walter, Knights, and Thomas Spencer Esquire, and their Heirs, for the Performance of the same Trusts.

Burlomacchi, &c, Nat.

Burlomacchi, and Van de Put, sworn in the House; and Certificates brought by them, for receiving the Communion.


L. 2. An Act for the Naturalizing of Philip Burlomacchi. -

Sir Arthur Ingram: - This Bill too general. - To be tender in giving Passage to Bills of this Nature. -

Upon Question, not to be committed.

To be ingrossed.

Van de Put's Nat.

L. 2. An Act for the Naturalizing of Giles Van de Put, of London, Merchant. -

Mr. Bateman: - These Two Men have as much by the King's Seal, as they desire. - Free Denizens. - To devise a third Oath, not to colour Strangers Goods.

Sir Edw. Coke: - Denizens are to pay Strangers Custom, by the Statute of Hen. IV. and are bound to the Statute of Employments; but, when naturalized, bound to neither.

Mr. Alford: - To have a Proviso added to the Bill, that, if any colour Strangers Goods, the Act to be void. -

Upon Question, not to be committed.

Ordered, To be ingrossed.

Northumberland Election.

Mr. Glandvile reports from the Committee of Privileges. - Divers Petitions. - Sir Will. Gray, chosen Knight for Northumberland, since made a Baron.

Southwark Election.

Next, the Case of the Borough of Southwarke. - Twenty to Twenty. One of the Committee mis-writ, so had not his Voice.

Agreed -

Three Persons agreed to be put in Election; Mingy, Yarrow, Bromfeild. - Yarrowd one, without Question. Some of the Burgesses. -

Two Indentures returned : Yarrowd in both. Question for other Two. All held this a void Return, for the In-certainty. For the Election, thus: Pretended, Mr. Mingy should use indirect Passages, by keeping out the Burgesses; but this not proved. Again said, the Indenture rased; but this appeared not neither. Mingy brought a Witness or Two, that he the most Voices, upon Oath : One Witness to the contrary; who said, Mingy most Voices at first, but after not, when a Course taken for Discovery, Mingy offered to give them Thanks : They cryed, " for nought;" and cryed, "No Mingy." - One Circumstance more: - Charged Mr. Bromfeild, that his Indenture antedated. - The Sense of the Committee, that, if the Election due, that no Misdemeanor. Bromfeild offered to relinquish to Mingy, but that not enough after he was chosen. - Leaves the Consideration of this to the House.

Agreed also [a], that a Man, after he is duly chosen, cannot relinquish.

Sir Edw. Coke . - Oath on both Sides. - To have a new Writ, and refer it to the Burgesses.

Ordered, That the Election and Return of Mr. Yarrow shall stand good, and that he shall sit in the House; and that a new Writ shall go down, for a new Election of another Burgess.


L. 1. An Act against Usury.

Wool Trade.

L. 1a. An Act for free Liberty of Buying and Selling of Wools, and Woollen Yarn.

Bills of last Parliament.

Mr. Bartlet: - Two other Bills read the last Parliament: 1. Against Exportation of Wools. 2. To enlarge the Trade of Cloth. - Staplers Bill, -

These to be prepared : And that, when this Bill hath his second Reading, they may also be read, and go hand in hand. - Ordered.

Negotiations, with Spain.

Sir Edw. Sandys reports from the Committee for the Treaties. - Have, resolved upon some few Heads.

Which were read.

Sir Rob. Philips: - These Reasons make him approve that Opinion, that Princes seldom find good Effects, where they seek. - Approves of these Reasons, as they stand. For the last Part, of the Palatinate, thinks, it may be enlarged by some demonstrative Particulars. Observed, that when first the Minister of Spaine, Spinola, raised his Forces, we were persuaded, that it was to pass for Bohemia, to assist Bohemia: At same Time, we had a Proposition from Spaine, that our King should join with Spaine against the Turkish Pirates. As soon as our Navy was gone, Spinola goes into the Palatinate, and seizes it. This Demonstration enough, to discern the Intention of all their Treaties. Our King after sent to the Arch-duchess; who first discovered, and gave the first Hint. When he came there, found Cause to hope a Cessation from Arms: In the mean time, take Heidelberg and Manheim: - Imperial Forces and Spanish Forces together; Gonsales, and Tilly: - Lost, even when they had our Prince with them. He hoped to keep the Electorate from Bavaria; yet then the Electorate

transferred on Bavaria, and approved on by Spaine. - Now to meet the Lords. - If we resolve, this Afternoon, obliged to send a Message. - Thinks, it may be. - 1. May be, the Lords will declare what they have done in their Treaties : 2. Will descend to give us their Reasons: 3. Will tell us, if theirs satisfy us, they are glad of it. -

May be, we may occur in Reason: If we differ, we must give them Reasons. - To deliver no Reasons in writing.

Sir Hen. Mildmay: - To put on the Resolution of a resolute Roman. - Non jam, quid dicendum, sed quid agendum, consulendum. - To meet them this Afternoon. To send a Message to the Lords presently.

The Committee for this Business sent away to the Lords. Sir Edw. Cooke to deliver the Message. -

That this House, willing to expedite the great Business, have accepted of the Time, and Place, propounded by the Lords Yesterday.

Mr. Alford: - To have these Reasons allowed by the House. To have these Committees to be the Men to confer at the Conference with the Lords.

Sir Dud. Diggs: - Something they had not Power to do. - What will follow this -

Likely, the Lords will declare the Resolution of their House, to break off the Treaties. - To have an Addition. To have Thanks given to the Lords, for their Desire of good Correspondence with, and then to desire them to join with us, to give Thanks to the Prince; and to desire him to give Thanks to his Father, for calling this Parliament; and to desire him also, that publick Thanks may be given to God by the whole Kingdom.

Sir Edw. Gyles: - To have some Remembrance had of the inveterate Malice Spaine bears to this Kingdom.

Sir Edw. Cooke reports from the Lords. - Delivered the Message. - Commanded by Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses, - that the great Committee of the whole House would give their Lordships Meeting this Afternoon, at the Time and Place appointed. - Prince excepted against him, because he omitted, " House of Commons." -

Aliquid desideratur. - Ever look to the End. - When we meet with the Lords, thinks we shall agree. - To add One Thing more : That it will please their Lordships to join in Petition to his Majesty, that, seeing he hath had the Advice of his whole Kingdom, that he will publish his Royal Determination hereupon. - This will be a Guide to our subsequent Business, and give us great Alacrity to proceed in our other Business - Never saw any Petition from the Lords and us, but the King granted it.

Mr. Pym: - To have the Committee have in Charge, to give Thanks to the Prince his Highness. - Revives Sir Dud. Digs' Motion.

Sir Dud. Diggs to deliver this himself at the Conference.

Sir Nath. Rich: - To desire the King to declare himself presently. - The sudden Doing of it advantageous.

Mr. Currington : - Not to limit the King; but to desire that Expedition, that, in his princely Wisdom, he shall think fit. - Agreed.

Sir Simeon Steward: - To have these Heads referred to several Men.

Mr. Treasurer: - Something to be added to these Reasons ; and directed that these Gentlemen shall be silent upon them, if the Lords forestall us in them. - Not of that Mind. - A more orderly Proceeding, to proceed gradatim with them, - To deliver our Reasons as fully too.

This approved of, and the Committee trusted with this.

Sir Rob. Philips: - May be, the Lords will think it necessary to appoint a Sub-committee, to digest these Reasons, and make them fit for the King. - To give Authority to some.

Mr. Glanvyle: - Consider the End of this Meeting. - The Lords say, they and we should join in a Representation of our Advice to his Majesty. This must be by the Speaker of the Lords House. If we give Power to a Sub-committee, necessary to send a Message to the Lords, that they will give Power to some of their House, as a Sub-committee, to this End.

Agreed, upon Question, that, if the Lords, at the Conference this Afternoon, shall desire a Sub-committee of both Houses, to digest these Reasons, and make them ready for the King, that then this Committee shall have Power to appoint a Sub-committee for this Purpose.

Agreed, upon Question, that these Reasons, delivered in by the Committee, shall be enforced by the Committee this Afternoon, as Occasion serves.

Sir Nath. Rich: - To have some to report from this Conference; and to have some trusted to manage the Conference.

Agreed, that these Committees shall agree among themselves.

Mr. Treasurer added by the House to this Committee,

Mr. Treasurer and Comptroller to take the same Order, there was the same Time: And every Man to bring his Name in Writing.

Mr. Treasurer, Sir Edw. Cooke, Sir Edwin Sandys, Sir Robert Philips, Sir Nath. Rich, Solicitor, Recorder, Sir Dud. Diggs: These are appointed to manage the Business at the Conference; and to agree among themselves, who shall make the Report.