House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 19 May 1624

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Mercurii, 19 Maii, 1624


L. 1. AN Act to enable Toby Palavisine, Esquire, to sell Lands for Payment -


L. 1. An Act for the Confirmation and Continuance of Hospitals and Free Schools.

Bishop of Norwich.

The Committee sent up to the Lords, about the Conference, concerning the Bishop of Norwich.

E. of Midlesex's Debts.

L. 1. An Act to make the Lands of Lionell Earl of Midlesex subject to the Payment of his Debts,

Yorke House, &c.

L. 1. An Act for the Assuring of a Messuage, called Yorke House, and of divers other Messuages and Tenements, Part of the Possessions of the Archbishop of Yorke, situate in the Parish of St. Martin's in the Fields, in the County of Middlesex, unto the King's most excellent Majesty, his Heirs, Successors, and Assigns, and of the Manors or Lordships of Brighton, Acombe -

Anstruther's, Nat.

L. 3. An Act for the Naturalizing of Sir Will. Anstrother, Walter Balcanquall, and Patrick Abercromy: - Upon Question, passed.

Mountacue's Book.

Sir James Perrott: - According to the Order of this House, he, and the rest, did attend the Lord Archbishop, about the Book of Doctor Mountacue. - He returns great Thanks to this House, for their great Care; and will take such Order in it, as shall give this House Satisfaction.

Palavisine's Estate.

L. 2. An Act to enable Toby Palavisine to sell Lands : - Committed to Sir Edw. Peyton, Sir Cha. Mountacu, Sir Will. Pooley, Sir Pet. Mutton, Mr. Will. Fanshaw, Sir Alex. St. John, Mr. Whitaker, Sir Dud. Digs, Sir Tho. Holland, Mr. Wallys, Sir Will. Spencer, Sir Rob. Hatton, Knights, Burgesses Huntington, Cambridge, London, Sir Ar. Harris, Mr. Weare, Mr. Ducke, Mr. Litton, Mr. Herris: - This Afternoon, Court of Wards, Two Clock.


L. 2. An Act for Confirmation and Continuance of Hospitals and Free Schools: - Committed to Mr. Alford, Mr. Weare, Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Ducke, Mr. Tho. Fanshaw, Sir Tho. Haslerig, Sir Geo. Moore, Sir Jo. Savyle, Sir Lewys Watson, Sir Tho. Wentworth, Knights, Burgesses London, Sir Hen. Wallop, Mr. Mallory, Sir Fra. Popham, Chancellor Duchy, Sir Edward Peyton, Sir Will. Pit, Sir Fra. Brandling: All to have Voice : - To-morrow, Two Clock, Court of Wards.

Yorke Gaol Patent, &c.

Mr. Mallory moveth, to have a Committee, to take into Consideration the Patent for the Gaol of Yorke, Mr. Brackin to be required to attend ; and Counsel to be heard. - Ordered.

Mr. Mallory, Sir Guy Palmes, Sir Tho. Wentworth, Sir Jo. Savyle, Knights, Burgesses of Cambridge, Yorke, Lancaster, and Nottingham, Chancellor Duchy.

The like for Lancaster and Woster Gaols. - The Patents to be brought to this Committee.


L. 2. An Act concerning Brewhouses about London and Westminster. - Committed to Knights, Burgesses London, Westminster, and Southwarke, Mr. Rich. Spencer, Sir Will. Pit, Chancellor Duchy, Sir Fra. Crane, Mr. Wainsford, Sir Fra. Godolphin, Mr. Carvyle, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Glenham, Sir Edm. Bowyer, Sir Jo. Danvers, Sir Pet. Mutton, Sir Fra. Cottington, Mr. Jerrard, Mr. Louther, Sir Rowland Egerton, Sir Jo. Savyle, Mr. Lively, Mr. Wentworth, Mr. Duke: - To-morrow, Two Clock, Court of Wards, Exchequer Chamber [a]: And the Brewers to be heard by their Counsel, if they will.


Survey of Coals, to be heard by the Committee of Grievances To-morrow in the Afternoon, in the House ;


and the Committee of Trade to sit after.

L. 2. An Act - [b].

Charge against Bp. of Norwich.

Sir Edw. Cooke reports from the Lords, about the Bishop of Norwich. Have related the whole Charge to the Lords, consisting of Six Heads : 1. Putting down of Preaching : 2. Setting up of Images: 3. Praying to the East: 4. Punishing some for coining to hear their own Minister, after Evening Prayer, catechise, and sing Psalms: 5. Extorting of undue Fees: 6. Not registering Institutions and Inductions. - Answer was, that they would take such Order herein, as should appertain to Justice, and our Satisfaction.

Grand Committees.

Sir Edwyn Sandys : - To have an Account given to the House, from the Three grand Committees, how the Business stands.


Sir Edw. Cooke : - Will give Account of his Part. - Have found Eight Grievances; Seven of Right, the Eighth of Grace : 1. Sir Ferdinando Gorge his Patent. 2. The Gold-wire-drawers of London: 3. Sir Jo. Townsend's Patent: 4. Briefs : 5. The Patent of the Apothecaries :

6. Sir John Mildrum's Patent, for Wintertonnesse Light:

7. Sir Simon Harvy his many Abuses : 8. Of Grace, for the Court of Wards; that the new Instructions may be revoked, and the former amended.

Sir Will. Spencer: - One great Grievance, fit to be put in ; Matter of Benevolence, against a Statute Law.

Sea Coals.

Sir Fra. Brandling moveth, the Owners of Sea coals, may be admitted into the Company of the Ostmen of Newcastle.

Petition to the King, to prolong the Session.

Resolved, In regard we have spent extraordinary much Time in the Bill of Subsidy, by reason of the new Frame of it, and in respect of the great Business of Trade now in Hand, we desire the Lords to join with us in Petition to the King, for a Week's longer Time.

Sir Edwyn Sandys sent up to the Lords with this Message.

Business to be done.

Ordered, That no new Matter shall be entertained in any private Cause; but to proceed with that Business, which the House is already possessed of.

Ld. Mountacue's Estate.

The Committee for my Lord Mountacue his Bill, to consider, whether there be the same Reason for a Letter to be written to the Lord Mountacue, in the behalf of Sir Francis Englefeild, for the Discharge of the 1,000 l. as for the 500 l. and to report their Opinions to the House.


Sir Tho. Hoby presents to the House the Petition, to be presented to the King, for removing those from any Place of Charge or Trust, that are Recusants, or justly suspected. - Read.

Lord Viscount Purbecke to be spared.

The Petition, and the Names, allowed by the House.

Petition to the King, to prolong the Session.

Sir Edwyn Sandys reports from the Lords. - Delivered his Message : Had this Answer: Their House did much desire all good Correspondence with this House : Had well weighed our Reasons, found them weighty; but, having received a peremptory Message from his Majesty, to make an End on Saturday next, they could give us little Hope; notwithstanding, they had desired the Prince his Highness to inform his Father of our Desire, and our Reasons. - Desired us to have the Business of the Commonwealth as much speeded, as may be.

Courts of Justice.

Sir Rob. Philips: - Since our Time so short, will give an Account of the Businesses of the Committee for Courts of Justice.


Mr. Alford:- - To have a Committee, to take the Petitions into Consideration, that have not been yet handled; that we leave not Suitors in worse Case, than they were before.

Sir Rob. Philips to make his Report To-morrow Morning.

Mr. Alford, Sir Hen. Poole, Sir Fra. Seymor, Sir Will. Fleetwood, Sir Jo. Savyle, Sir Guy Palmes, Sir Peter Hayman, Sir Tho. Wentworth, Sir Will. Spencer, Sir Tho. Estecourt, Sir Jo. Danvors, Sir Tho. Hoby, Chancellor Duchy, Mr. Noy, Sir Wal. Earle: This Committee is to take into Consideration of all the Petitions exhibited, not yet examined. A Catalogue to be made of them ; and to be all

delivered in to the Clerk, to be kept to the next Session : Friday, Seven Clock, Court of Wards.


Sir Edwyn Sandys to make his Report, for Trade, this Afternoon. The Speaker to be here; and Nicholson to attend this Afternoon, with his Patent.

Pretermitted Customs.

The Lawyers of the House to draw a Preamble for the Petition of Right, of the pretermitted Customs: Mr. Rolles to take the Care of it: And to meet To-morrow Morning, Seven Clock.

Mercurii, 19 Maii - post Meridiem


L. 3. AN Act for Relief of the Master, Wardens, and Commonalty, of the Art or Mystery of Feltmakers of London, against a Decree made in the High Court of Chancery, at the Suit of Christopher Warwicke, Gentleman : - Upon Question, passed.

Stewart, &c. Nat.

L. 3. An Act for the Naturalizing of Sir Francis Stewart, Walter Stewart, James Maxwell, William Carre, and James Levingston: - Upon Question, passed.

Customers Extortions.

L. 3. An Act to avoid the Extortions and Exactions of Customers, Comptrollers, Surveyors, Collectors, Searchers, Waiters, Clerks, and other Officers or Persons, employed in or about the Customs and Subsidies of our sovereign Lord the King: - Upon Question, passed.

Edwards' Decree.

L. 3. An Act to reverse a Decree, made in the Court of Whitehall, commonly called the Court of Requests, between John Edwards the elder, Esquire, Complainant, and John Edwards the younger, Son and Heir apparent of the said John Edwards the elder, and Rich. Sherborne, Defendants, bearing Date the 2d Day of July now last past; and for the making void of certain Provisoes, comprized in an Indenture tripartite, made for the Settling of the Lands of the said John Edwards the elder: -

Upon Question, Resolved, as the Opinion of the House, That, if the Merchant Adventurers buy not up the white Cloths, within a Month after they come up, then other Merchants should have Liberty to buy and transport them. The Merchant Strangers to have no Benefit by this, but to be in the same State they were before.

Merchant Adventurers.

The Patent of the Merchant Adventurers to be presented to his Majesty, in a Petition of Grievance; with Desire of a Proclamation, for Declaration of all these Particulars agreed on by the House.

Resolved, To have a Petition exhibited to his Majesty, concerning the foreign Impositions on our Cloth, by the Archduchess, and the States.

His Majesty likewise to be petitioned, to give Licence to the Merchant Adventurers for transporting 50,000 Cloths a Year; and, if the Merchant Adventurers buy not within the Month, then other Merchants to have the Benefit of it.

Customers Fees.

The King to be petitioned about the exacted Fees of the Customers, and other Officers.

Sir Edwyn Sandys and Mr. Ferrar to draw up this Petition, to be preferred to the King, concerning this Particular.


Egerton's Bill, - Friday, Two Clock, Court of Wards.

Nicholson's Patent.

Nicholson, called in, delivereth in his Patent.

Mr. Noy, Mr. Banks, Mr. Louther, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Whitfeild, Mr. Glanvill, to consider of this Patent, and of what is fit to be done to Nicholson, the Projector; who is enjoined to attend the House de die in diem. This Committee to search Precedents for Punishment of such Offenders. This to be brought into the House upon Friday next.


L. 3. An Act made for Continuance of the Statute, made in the 7th Year of the King's Majesty's Reign, against Burning of Ling and Heath, and other Moor-burnings, in the County of York, Durham, Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmerland, Lancaster, Darby, Nottingham, Lester, and Wales, at unseasonable Times of the Year; and for some Addition to be made thereunto. - Upon Question, rejected.