House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 21 May 1572

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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'House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 21 May 1572', in Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629, (London, 1802) pp. . British History Online [accessed 4 March 2024]

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Mercurii, vicesimo primo Maii, 1572

Chatterton. &c.

The Bill between Chatterton and Chatterton, read; and committed unto Sir Nicholas Arnold, Sir Hen. Gates, Sir George Penrudock, Sir Henry Wallop, and Mr. Crumwell; to meet here, To-morrow Morning, at Six of the Clock.

E. of Kente.

1. The Bill for the Earl of Kente. - The first Reading.

Member to go on Queen's Service.

Francis Harington Esquire, being One of this House, is appointed, by the Queen's Majesty's Most honourable Privy Council, to repair forthwith to the Town of Stam-ford, or thereabouts, for her Majesty's Service, as by his Commission, for Taking of Post-horses, bearing Date the twentieth of this Month, doth and may appear; which

Mr. Speaker commanded to be set down, and noted accordingly.

E. of Kent.

The Bill for the Earl of Kent is committed unto Mr. Attorney of the Duchy, Mr. Popham, Mr. Bedell, Mr. Sands, Mr. Fenner, Mr. Dalton, Mr. Shute, and Mr. Mathew Dale; by Opinion to the House, to leave out the general Clause contained in the said Bill.

Rites, &c.

1. nova. The Bill for Rites and Ceremonies. - The first Reading.

Timber, &c.

2. The Bill for Preservation of Timber and Fuel. - The second Reading; and ordered to be ingrossed.


3. The Bill for Tales de circumstantibus. - The third Reading. - Jud'm.

Message to Lords.

The Three last Bills passed were sent to the Lords by Mr. Treasurer and others, with further Order of this House, to make Declaration unto the Lords of the Choice, made by this House, upon Monday last, in the great Cause; and also to desire to understand their Lordships Liking of the same Choice; and further to pray their good Advice and Pleasure, for further Proceeding therein.


2. The Bill touching Presentations by Lapse. - The second Reading; and ordered to be ingrossed.

Foreign Coin.

LL. 2. The Bill against Counterfeiting of foreign Coin, not current within this Realm. - The second Reading.

Queen of Scotts and Duke of Norfolk.

Mr. Treasurer, and the Residue, returning from the Lords; Mr. Treasurer made Report of their Message, done to the Lords; and declared, that the Lords resolving in the great Cause among themselves, much to the like Effect of the former Choice, made by this House; and that their Lordships, for the better and more speedy Proceeding therein, do pray present Conference with the former Committees of this House; who are by the House appointed to attend their Lordships presently for that Purpose : And further Commission also is granted to the said Committees, to impart unto the Lords Committees, the Opinion of this House to be, that, for her Majesty's better Safety, present Execution be done upon the Duke; and the rather, by reason of the Tract of Time, which of Necessity must arise, by Occasion of proceeding against the Queen of Scotts, by way of charging her, in proper Person, and hearing of her personal Answer: And further, that this Opinion of this House shall be delivered to the Lords of the Higher House, in the Name of all this House, either by the said Lords Committees, or else by some of this House, if the said Lords Committees shall so advise and think good.


1. The Bill for the Town of Woodstocke. - The first Reading.

Ledburie Hospital.

1. The Bill for the Hospital of Ledburie. - The first Reading.


1. The Bill against Hunting and Killing of Conies. - The first Reading; and rejected.