House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 23 April 1624

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Veneris, 23 Aprilis, 1624

Burneby's Estate.

L. 1. AN Act to enable Sir Rich. Burneby to sell the Manors of Watford -

Rivers', &c. Estate.

L. 1. An Act for the Altering of the Tenure and Custom of the Lands of Thomas Potter, and of Sir John Rivers, Knight.

Somerville's Estate.

L. 1. An Act for Settling and Establishing of the Inheritance of Sir Will, Somervile, Knight, deceased.

Murrey's Nat.

L. 1. An Act for the Naturalizing of Jane Murrey Widow, and William Murrey, Esquire.

Young's Nat.

L. 1. An Act for the Naturalizing of John Young.

Vanloore's Estate.

L. 1. An Act for the Settling of the Manor of Little Munden in the County of Hertford.

Sheriffs Accounts.

L. 2. An Act that Sheriffs, their Heirs, Executors, and Administrators, having their Quietus est, shall be absolutely discharged of their Accounts : - Committed to Sir Guy Palmes, Sir Chr. Hilliard, Sir Rob. Moore, Sir Eub. Theloall, Sir Will. Cope : All that will come to have Voice: - To-morrow in the Afternoon, Star-Chamber. The King's Officers to be called to it.

Foule's Patent.

Committee for Foules, to meet To-morrow Afternoon.

And the Committee have Power to send for any Witnesses to inform them.

Bonnington's Estate.

L. 2. Mr. Bonnington his Bill: - Committed to Attorney Wards, Sir Hen. Poole, Sir Will. Fleetwood, Sir Geo. Moore, Sir Jo. Savyle, Sir Tho. Grimes, Sir James Perrot, Sir Tho. Midleton, Mr. Pym, Mr. Wentworth, Sir Tho. Estecourt, Sir Jo. Stradling, Sir Natha. Rich ; Monday Two Clock, Court of Wards.

Norwich Weavers.

L. 2. An Act to restrain the Worsted-weavers, of the County and City of Norwich, from using any other Wool, or Yarn, than of Norfolke Growth. -

Sir Edw. Cooke : - To have it rejected.

Upon Question not to be committed.

Upon Question, not to be ingrossed.

Fees in Chancery.

Sir Tho. Hoby ; - A Member of this House, that hath got a Patent, that is an Increase of Fees in the Chancery : - Mr. Myn, Clerk of the Hamper. -

Ordered, To be brought into the Committee of Grievances, this Afternoon.

General Issue.

The Amendments of the Bill, to admit the Subject to plead the General Issue, which came down from the Lords -

The Amendments committed to Sir Edw. Cooke, Mr. Noy, Attorney Wards: - Presently, Committee Chamber.


L. 3. - Hallamshire Knives. - Upon Question, passed.

General Issue.

Sir Edw. Coke reports the Amendments of the Bill for General Issue in Informations of Intrusion. - Passed, with these Amendments.


Sir Edwyn Sandys reports from the Committee of Trade. 1. Concerning the great Trade of Cloth. - (At their last Meeting made Answer to the Three Popositions made unto them. Committee did them that Honour, as to crave their Advice ; which)Yesterday they delivered in Writing. - 1. Refuse the Buying of all the Cloth of the Kingdom, as a Thing unreasonable : Were content, that other Merchants should come into their Company, upon Two Conditions: That they might pay a round Fine ; and their Charter confirmed by Act of Parliament. - 1800 of their own Company trade not; therefore they think, no Need of any new Merchants. They presented some Grievances on their Trade : 1. The Licence Money laid by the Arch-duchess; 24s. on every Cloth; which they say to be against the ancient League with the House of Burgundy, newly revived; and only 2d. Flemish, to be paid on every Cloth. (Exhibited also a Negociation, lately passed, between the Merchants and the Arch-duchess' Ambassador. This he hath read over: Finds it of very strange Strain, and Language : A great deal of Bitterness. - ) These read. - :

2. Complaint against the States of the United Provinces, for laying an Imposition of 32 s. Sterling upon a fine Cloth, and so proportionably ; which makes their Cloth cheap, and ours dear. (They think, now a fit Opportunity offered to redress this, in regard of the great Favour this House hath done them in Subsidies.) Another Grief is, Matter of Tare. (By a late Order, this made at the Merchant-buyer's own Home; at 28 several Places ; whereas before but in One. They desire this Remedy.- - The Statute of tentering of Cloth upon the lower Bar : - To have this put in Execution ; and to have Two or Three Pounds more allowed, for Length and Breadth) - A fourth Grief. 33 Hen. VIII. Transportation of all white Cloth forbidden to be transported, above 4l. a Cloth. - A Dispensation with this Statute : A Licence, to transport 30,000 a Year, above this Value. George Earl of Cumberland had this Licence, to dispense for a greater Quantity. For this at first paid 2s. 2d. upon a Cloth ; after, 6d. more. This Licence almost out. A Reversion granted of this: to the late Duke of Lennox, for 21 Years more. This they are much afraid of. 5. Pretermitted Customs : Which they much complain. Lastly, of the Officers Fees. -

First, for the Matter of Imposition ; the Committee thought it not fit to have it any longer continued. (Unjust in the very Original. This Gift either voluntary, or not voluntary : If voluntary, why laid on the Subject? If involuntary, dangerous in Precedent. - )

To give them some Content, they thought fit to do somewhat: To take off all the other Burthens; the Archduchess, the Hollanders, the Abolishing of the Statutes, the pretermitted Customs, the Abating of the Officers Fees. This will be a good Recompence for their Loss. The Committee not of Opinion, to admit others into the Company of the Merchant Adventurers. First to have them have the sole Trade of white Cloths, and other Merchants to have Trade of dyed Cloths, Kersies, and new Manufactures. This thought a reasonable Reconciliation between both. Committee thought fit to have a Sub-committee, of few, to treat with a Number of the Merchant Adventurers, to reconcile all Differences, and accommodate this Business. - He names Mr. Comptroller.

Resolved, upon Question, That the Patent of the Merchant Adventures shall be brought to the Committee of Grievances, to be viewed, and considered of, by them, at their next Sitting.

Resolved, There shall be a select Committee named, to be attended by some of the Merchant Adventurers, to accommodate this Business: - Number, Twelve. -

Mr. Comptroller, Mr. Secretary Calvert, Sir Jo. Savyle, Sir Du. Digs, Sir Will. Spencer, Sir Tho. Wentworth, Mr. Bartlet, Sir Hu. May, Sir Edwyn Sandys, Sir Fra. Nethersoll, Sir Pet. Hayman, Lord Cavendish : These are appointed to meet To-morrow Afternoon, Two Clock, Star-chamber, and some of the Merchant Adventurers to attend them; to accommodate the Business concerning their Transportation of white Cloths, and the other Merchants the dyed and dressed Cloths, Kersies, and the new Manufactures : And have Power to send for such Merchants of London, or any other, to inform them. And this Committee to attend this Service, all other Business set aside; And have Power to consider of the Grievances complained of by the Merchant Adventurers.


Sir Edwyn Sandys goes on with his Report. - A great many Petitions preferred to this Committee; One, against the Office of the Alnager: Three Petitions from Northampton. - The Desire of the Committee, that John Carpenter; and Robert, his Son, and Nicolas Bayly, may attend the Committee of Trade on Tuesday next. Committee desire the House to enlarge their Authority ; that they may have Power to send for any that they shall think fit. Ordered, That John Carpenter, and Robert, his Son, and Nicolas Bayly, shall attend the Committee of Trade on Tuesday next.

Ordered, That the Committee of Trade shall have Power to send for any that they shall think fit, that may concern Matter of Trade.

Impost on Hops.

A Petition from divers Merchants, against the new Impost on Hops. Referred to the Sub-committee for Trade, To-morrow.

Whetonhall's Lectures.

L. 3. An Act for establishing of Three Lectures in Divinity :- - Upon Question, passed.


Mr. Currington desires his Privilege, to stay a Suit in Chancery : - Ordered, He shall.

Persons to attend.

A Warrant to be made, for the Post-masters of Warwicke to attend the Committee of Grievances.


Mr. Solicitor, Attorney Duchy, added to the Committee for Wolferston's Bill.


Mr. Staughton to have Privilege for his Man.