House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 28 April 1606

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Lunae, 28 Die Aprilis, 1606

Fees in Courts.

SIR John Parker bringeth in a new Bill against Fees of Copies in Courts of Record,


Purveyors Commissions: - Thursday, in Committee.

Sir H. Hobby.

Sir Edw. Hobby : - Thursday Morning.

Foulys' Nat.

Sir Robert Hitcham reporteth from the Committee, the Bill for the Naturalizing of Sir David Foulys Knight, &c. without Amendment.

Mr. Fuller offereth a Proviso, to exclude him from the Parliament.

Upon the Question, passed.


3. Reading: - B. For Restraints of Arrests on the Sabbaoth-day: - To be amended presently.


Thursday, the Calling of the House.

Sir John Crook and D. Hone bring from the Lords two Bills:


Skinners : -


Brewers. -

Free Trade.

That where a Conference, touching free Trade, heretofore, the same to be perfected on Wednesday, at Two a Clock: - The Merchants on both Sides to be there.

Agreed: - The former Committee to meet.

Lord Wyndsor's Estate.

3. Reading: - For the better Sale of the Lands of Henry late Lord Wyndsor; with Amendments and Additions : - Upon the Question, passed.

Bills sent to Lords.

Five Bills sent by Sir Fr. Hastings to the Lords :

Charges of Malefactors:

Sir David Fowlys: Lord Wyndsor:

Merrick :

Highway to Nonsuch.

Beer and Ale.

Sir Henry Hubbard bringeth in the Bill touching the Utterance of Beer and Ale, with Amendments; and, upon the Question to be ingrossed.

Writs of Error, &c.

Writs of Error; Attorneys and Solicitors : - Tomorrow.

Lunae, 28o Die Aprilis, 1606. Post meridiem.


Mr. Typper to be heard at the Committee. Mr. Hoskins, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Winch, to frame the Article against Mr. Typper, in Form, and to present it on Friday Morning; and Mr. Typper to be heard on Friday in the Afternoon, if he require it, by his Counsel.

Marshalsea Court.

Counsel, touching the Bill against the Abuses of the Marshalsea. -

with the Bill beginneth. Mr. Serjeant Altham, Mr. Goldsmyth,

against the Bill. Serjeant Harris, junior, Mr. Gerrard, junior,

- 25 H. VI. Pleas of Debt, Detinue, &c. - One of them, either Plaintiff, or Defendant, or of the Houshold. -

The Counsel withdrawn.

Because they were heard upon the Bill, when it was in the Committees Hands; and given only upon Request to the Clerk, and not reported ; it was disputed, whether, thereupon, they might proceed to Question upon the Bill,

Thought fit rather to commit it to the former Committee; and, upon their Report, to proceed. - Tomorrow, in the same Place.

Starch Monopoly.

Mr. Serjeant Altham, of Counsel with the Patentees for blue Starch.

Mr. Twynho, the chief Patentee, defendeth and excuseth the Patentees.

Mr. Fuller affirmeth it a Monopoly.

Mr. Moore: - It hath the true Rights of a Monopoly.