House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 09 May 1606

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Page 307

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Veneris, 9o Die Maii, 1606


THE Bill of the Subsidy being offered to be read; Sir Antho. Cope and divers others opposed the Reading, until the Grievances were read. -

Capitulation with the King.

At last, a special Order to be entered, that the Subsidy should not pass up, until the Grievances were ready, and presented to the King.

Much Dispute, whether a Question should not be made for the Reading of the Subsidy ; but that thought to be without Precedent, and a very tender Question ; therefore forborn ; and, in respect of the former Order, the House satisfied; and the Subsidy thirdly read: And, by Sir Edwyn Sandys, a Proviso tendered, that the Exception, "Northumberland, &c. Newcastle, and Barwick," should be no Precedent hereafter: Which, being somewhat disputed, was at length agreed to be added, upon the Question.

Union with Scotland.

The Act declaratory, &c. touching Deferring of the Union, brought in from the Committee by Sir Fr. Bacon, with Amendments; which, with the Bill, being thirdly read, was, upon the Question, passed.

Attorneys, &c.

Mr. Hoskins bringeth in Two Bills; the One, to reform the Multitudes and Misdemeanors of Attorneys and Solicitors, &c. and another,


to avoid unnecessary Delays of Executions.

The Bill of Attorneys thrice read, and, upon the Question, passed,

The Bill for avoiding Delays of Executions, thrice read, and, upon the Question, passed.


The Bill for the better Election of Knights and Burgesses, thirdly read, and, upon the Question, passed.


The Bill to repeal the Clause of Bowling, in the Act 33 H. VIII. &c. thirdly read, and, upon the Question, passed.


3. Reading: - The Act for Restraint of Arrests on the Sabbaoth Day. -

Mr. Hackwill; - The absurdest Bill that ever passed from a Committee. -

Two Bodies; One fighting with the other.

Mr. Fuller, the Framer, spoke for it.

But, upon the Question, rejected.