House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 06 December 1555

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Page 46

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Veneris, 6o Decembris


L. 2. The Bill for Continuance of divers Statutes.

Dutchy of Lancastre.

Q. 3. The Bill for the Duchy of Lancastre; with a Proviso. - Jud 'm.

Marsh Land.

L. 3. The Bill for Powdike in Marsh Land, the old Act to be revived. - Jud'm.


3. The Bill for a Melius inquirendum upon Offices. - Jud'm.

The Three last Bills passed sent to the Lords by Mr. Comptroller.

Duchess of Suffolk, &c.

L. 3. The Bill against the Duchess of Suffolk and other, contemptuously gone over Seas. - Vacat super Quaestione, per Divisionem Domus.


It is Ordered, That Mr. Comptroller, with other of the House, shall declare to the Lords, that their Opinion is, that their Privilege is broken ; for that Gabrell Pledall, a Member of this House, was bound in a Recognizance in the Star-chamber to appear before the Council within Twelve Days after the End of this Parliament:

Whereupon Mr. Comptroller, from the Lords, said, that they would send Answer thereof to the House :

Mr. Marten and Mr. Lewes from the Lords, said, they required Six of the House to confer with the Lords, for that Cause; and Mr. Comptroller, Mr. S. Petre, with Four other, went up.

And they reported, that the Chief Justices, Master of the Rolls, and Serjeants, do clearly affirm, that the Recognizance is no Breach of the Privilege.

Nevell's Restitution.

The Bill for the Restitution of the Heirs Males of Sir E. Nevell, brought from the Lords by Mr. Serjeant Browne.

Q. L. 1. The Bill tying certain Lands, and the Barony of the Lord Bergeveny, in Remainder to Edward Nevell, Esquire.